Diwali tonight after SOTU

The Office on a Tuesday? Say what?

Yes, Diwali is scheduled to air at 10:30pm tonight, after the State of the Union Address.

Not sure what this means for us non-East Coasters, though … nope, this isn’t showing up on the West Coast schedule. Oh snap!

Update: It is on the west coast! Right now! 9pm! (Thanks, Matt!)


  1. I’m on the east coast, but when I clicked on the pacific time zone schedule on the nbc website, it says Diwali will air at 9:00 PM out there. So maybe you guys out on the west coast will be able to see it.

  2. They’d better! After hearing Bush talk about how great the founder of the Baby Einstein company is, we deserve a little Office!

  3. I second that Elspeth. This is like my own little reward for being politically conscious. :)

  4. Yeah…missed it. That sucks. Esp since I’ve been sitting here with the TV on and muted.

    Well, I am watching the DIWALI song as we speak, so that’s something.

  5. Diwali was great surprise tonight! I was flipping channels after Bush’s State of the Union and there was Michael! Yes! I laughed just as hard at Jim falling off his bike as I did the first time!
    Tonight was a bit of a throwback to Season 1 and half of season 2 when The Office was on Tuesdays.

  6. aw, boo I missed it…but I have it on DVR from the first time! I love how we’re more excited about a current-season Office rerun than the state of the union address; the union is so depressing :(

  7. I was still muttering to myself for Jim to pick up the phone and this was at least my 5th time viewing this episode

  8. well, dang it. didnt get to watch it cause i didnt hear about it in time. but its awesome how they’re gonna be putting reruns on this week. doesnt make up for not having a new episode, but some office is better than none.

    also…wanted to say that i’ve just recently found your site. and thanks! i absolutely love the show and this is such a useful and amazing site to get all the office information i need. otherwise i’d be kinda clueless about things. so thanks for all the hard work and i’ll keep checking back!

  9. missed it because i check out the Office Forum that i just joined yesterday. in fact, i’m from the East Coast.

  10. I went to bed about an hour before it came on. But when I read this this morning, I had some extra time so I watched my recording of it.

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