‘The Office’ not in Paley Fest this year

The Paley Center for Media (formerly the Museum of Television and Radio) has announced its 2008 Paley Fest schedule, and ‘The Office’ is not in the lineup this year.

Paley Fest is a series of panel discussions with popular TV shows, where “during each evening, the audience views episodes or highlights of the featured work and has the opportunity to ask questions of the cast and creative team or the individual involved in its production.”

‘The Office’ event at last year’s Paley Fest was wildly popular. I don’t know why I assumed our beloved show would be part of this year’s lineup; I guess it was just wishful thinking.

Perhaps the best bet for this year is The Comedy World of Judd Apatow and Friends on Monday, March 17th. No panelists have been announced for this event yet, but there are plenty of Office connections to choose from — Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (“Year One”), Jenna Fischer and Craig Robinson (“Walk Hard”), Steve Carell (“The 40-Year Old Virgin”), to name a few …

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  1. What a huge disappointment. I will host a festival just for The Office in my living room. Any cast and crew are welcome to attend.

  2. I’m a tad disappointed too, but I’m happy to see Pushing Daisies there…it’s a cute show!

  3. Yeah, they usually don’t do repeats of show casts. If they did, I’d love to catch 24, House and even Heroes (which I missed last year).

  4. I didn’t think that they ever did a Paley Fest panel more than once per show. Hm, guess I’m wrong? The Apatow panel sounds great, though. Too bad I don’t live in CA.

  5. Brad is correct. The Paley Festival honors different shows every year. The Office was last year and as much as I would love to live that night over again, Paley doesn’t have repeat performances.

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