‘The Office’ on TV Guide cover, April 14-20

The Office

SPOILER WARNING! Article and comments posted here may contain spoiler discussion.

‘The Office’ is featured on the cover of TV Guide for the week of April 14-20.

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UPDATE: here are scans of the complete article. Also, I heard from Jenna, who says: “just to end the debate … that is Rainn’s hand on my shoulder.”

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  1. You’re killing me here! I’m in dire need of anything spoilery…. even though only 6 days!

  2. Oooooh! I will keep my eyes open.

    “Big-time spoilery…” does that mean something really big is going to happen?

  3. Okay, I thought about it, and I’m becoming surer and surer that there’s an engagement (!) coming. By reading the spoilers and all.

    Why can’t I control myself?

  4. Now you have me all excited!! Only 6 more days!!!!!! Oh the happiness I feel right now!!! :D

  5. Tanster, you know that’s wrong! Keeping us on the edge of our seat like that. hehe. Can’t wait for the scoop!

  6. I’m also becoming surer and surer an engagement for Jim and Pam is coming up!!

  7. Wow, I can’t believe they can get away with putting a pretty big spoiler right on the cover! But I have no will-power when it comes to spoilers, so whatever it is, I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  8. Tanster, will letting the others in on a little ‘inside’ info get you in trouble? I know where your comments are going but don’t want to divulge anything that might get you in hot water.

  9. Oh, tantser, how you play with my emotions!

    When does the issue hit news stands? This Sunday or not until next Friday?

  10. You’re killing me, Tanster. This is pure, exquisite torture. But I know you’ll pay a price lest you should give the spoiler away. Michael Schur and Jen Celotta would send TV Guide staff with torches and pitchforks to your door, ordering you to give up your Mac. So, I understand the confidentiality. But, hell, woman…why do you do this us?

  11. I really hope it’s not an engagement. I feel we’d be jipped out of a lot of really GOOD stuff with jim and pam. Not to mention, I can’t see Pam being confident with a long engagement. If they got engaged, I would think they’d have to get married real fast and she’d need lots of confidence build up from Jim… As much as I want them together, I’m just not a huge fan.

    On the other hand–Andy and Angela engaged. Now THAT would be something that would crack me up. Oh the comic relief.

  12. AAAAH
    I need to know this!!!
    And I’m with pretty much everyone else… I DO NOT WANT AN ENGAGEMENT.
    THat would be big-time jippage.

  13. Now I hope it’s an engagement. It is way too soon, but last night I swear I had a nightmare that they broke up. I’m serious, it was not good. I’d rather it be good news than bad news.

  14. Didn’t Jenna say in her blog that she, John and Rainn are on the cover?? I wonder if the text has nothing or something to do with one,two or all three of them or if it’s just an general Office spoiler.

    Not sure I’m going to be able to wait and yet I don’t want to be spoiled. Grrr.

  15. Oh, yes! I’m a big time TV Guide reader, and I can’t wait for the cover in my mail on Monday! :)

  16. Threat Level Engagement. I fear it’s real, people. Remember that after “Dinner Party” we are jumping forward in time, as if there had been no strike.

    Anything could be happening. Maybe engagement (for whoever) is too obvious or expected? Tanster you are so mean! The hand stikes and gives a flower. She won’t say.

  17. I’m not crazy about an engagement either, but at least if they get married that means they can’t break up! Cause the thought of that is very, very scary.

  18. Better an engagement than them broken up which is what I keep thinking when I watched the clip and saw them on opposite sides of the room.

  19. I think Pam might be pregnant. If you look closely at one of those promos, you can see that everyone but her (and Angela, but we know how she is) has a wine glass. So… just speculation and I might be wrong but I don’t know…

  20. I’m curious about the spoiler. I wonder if people that speculate about the show every day will find it surprising or just those that don’t really follow spoiler-y things. I was really excited to see the cover before, but now I’m even more intrigued.

  21. Hmmm…That TV Guide’s going to be for the week leading up to the second episode back. Didn’t Jenna say she was surprised by what the writers came up with in the second episode back?

    I’m scared.

  22. I don’t know about Pam being pregnant. During the Leatherheads promo stuff, whenever anyone would ask John about what’s in store for Jim & Pam, he would always say something about babies. I think if a pregnancy was really in store for Jim & Pam, he wouldn’t be saying anything about babies….right?

  23. Oh please tell us, or at least hint it? Maybe sway us towards what couple it involves?? At least then it’s not technically telling us. Now all this big build up is just going to drive me crazy!!

  24. I don’t think they’re “getting away” with posting a spoiler. I assume it’s something that will be revealed in the April 10 episode.

  25. After years of angst, if the writer’s break them up after just a few episodes of happiness, I will be peeved. An engagement would definitely be preferable.

  26. Pam pregnant? Juicy. JAN pregnant? Juicier. I think Michael and Jan eloped in Sandals. Now that’s juicy.

  27. From what I hear, the only people that are on the cover of TVGuide are Jim, Pam, and Dwight…

    I believe Jenna’s blog says something to that effect.

    You can make your own assumptions as to what the spoilery caption says now…

  28. Pam is pregnant with Dwight’s baby.

    Nah, just made that up.

    It’d be funny, though.

  29. many things are going through my mind.
    it’s either an engagement or they’re broken up for some reason. something about pam’s past, right?

  30. Can’t think of something Pam could have done in her past that would cause a breakup now. Kill someone, maybe? Besides, we’ve seen Jim deal with his girlfriend’s past before. In ‘Cocktail Party,’ in response to Karen:

    Jim: No, it was before I knew you so, its fine.

    (Thanks OfficeQuotes)

  31. Oops… sorry. The episode is called ‘Cocktails.’ Don’t know why I always make that mistake.

  32. Do we know for sure if the second episode back from the strike will be written as if the strike really did happen and 4-5 (ish) months have gone by?

    If so, I think a Jam engagement would make a ton of sense as the “curveball” Jenna said the writers threw into the script. If not…not so much?

  33. Ohh, never mind! March 10th WWK confirmed that the second episode DOES jump ahead in time several months.

  34. I’m sure they will break Jim and Pam up just to anger everyone. If they do I’m done.

  35. Omg, all this anticipation is KILLING me?
    When will the issue actually be coming out? My college bookstore better have it or I’m throwing a fit!

  36. I just just hope that was a good “wowzer” and not a bad one. I am seriously questioning my ability to survive until we know.

  37. Maybe Pam’s secret was that she once went out with Dwight. It makes no sense but I’m just guessing (based on Jim, Pam, and Dwight being on the TV Guide cover). I can’t imagine what this thing about Pam’s past is. I’m assuming it isn’t good though.

    Not sure if this was mentioned but could the curveball be that JIM AND PAM MOVE IN TOGETHER? Not quite as big as an engagement or pregnancy but still big.

  38. I know what happens guys…

    Jim runs over Pam’s dog.
    Pam, distraught, breaks up with him.
    To cheer her up, Dwight offers Pam a stray puppy he finds on the beet farm.
    Jump ahead a few months = Pam is pregnant.

    Hence the tvguide cover with Dwight, Jim and Pam.


  39. Please don’t let it be anything involving babies or an engagement if it’s about Jim and Pam! I’m not worried about that too much, though, because I’m sure the writers are smarter than that! I believe something involving Phyllis and Bob Vance or Jan and Michael would make more sense at this point.

  40. I was watching a promo for the Office that just came on tv and I noticed something. When Michael does that little toast thing when they’re all in the living room – the only two not drinking are Angela and Pam. All the other ones have wine. I don’t know??? Maybe a clue here?..or maybe she’s just the designated driver. Just an observation

  41. Well, I try to stay objective and love all characters equally when a spoiler is teased, but my JAM-loving heart is all discombob-vance-ulated!! I really don’t think the writers would have Jim and Pam move in together, since Pam lived with Roy and that might seem uneventful. I do have to respectfully disagree with #44 and say that I don’t think an engagement would be soap opera-ey. As my beloved JKras said, something to the effect of if he were waiting for a girl that long he’d be ready to give her a ring. At any rate, as always I trust the writers and can’t wait for ‘Dinner Party’… and the TV Guide cover… and ‘Parking’. Gah! Me loves me some Office!

    P.S. Just saw Leatherheads tonight. I loved it, and the boyfriend did as well. Good date movie, and John was fantastic!

  42. I heard rumors that Dwight might move on with another girlfriend after his breakup with Angela. I hope it’s not Pam! Jim will do more than God knows what if so.

    However, I do wonder if Jim and Pam will move their relationship to the next level, or if they’ll breakup.

    “You don’t want to miss the second episode back,” Jenna Fischer hints at Entertainment Weekly. “Big stuff happens for Jim and Pam.” Also ahead for America’s favorite paper pushers: Pam will set Michael up on a date — perhaps Bob Vance has a spinster sister? — and on May 1, “you find out something new and big about Pam that you have never known.” She adds, “The writers totally surprised me,” she said. “It’s a big curveball.”

    I doubt that big surprise is the engagement, wedding, pregnancy, etc.

    BTW, is this “curveball” probably leading towards “The Office” spin-off plot?

  43. Lord, beer me strength. At least until the new TVG comes out. That’s all I ask.

  44. This is killing me. Seriously. How will I live until I know this information? I’m so excited. And so scared.

    This is such cruelty.

  45. I don’t know what to think, because either an engagement or a breakup would upset me, because I’d feel cheated. We only JUST got to see them get together, we missed the first 2 months, now we are going to be missing another 6 months, its not fair if they break up already, or if they get engaged (which would not be unrealistic, since the time frame will be at almost a year they’ve been together now) Sigh… Tanster, you are evil.

  46. I don’t think it would be an engagement, simply because curveball doesn’t really describe it. If I were to watch TO and see Pam and Jim get engaged, I wouldn’t think ‘ohhhhh, what a curveball!’. It just wouldn’t make sense to call it that.

    There are a number of things the writers could come up with that wouldn’t involve an engagement. Maybe, if people are correct in speculating this, Ryan gets fired or something to that effect and Wallace offers Jim the job (maybe for the second time). Now THAT would be a curveball.

  47. NBC sitcoms seem to generally introduce pregnancy/marriage storylines during the fourth season. In fact it’s SO common on their shows, I’m starting to think it’s something grey-hairs who’s heyday was the 1980’s demand in contracts. If either of these things happen to Jim or Pam then it will be irrefutable proof. For me, at least. :)

  48. I totally agree with #64, Teach. If it is an engagement, the writers are not doing anything that wouldn’t happen in real life under those circumstances. Even John Krasinski said so. I hope they don’t break them up and I hope Pam’s big thing isn’t something bad. Tanster…any hints, hmm???

  49. Watch Karen return and she’s pregnant with Jim’s baby. Now that’d be a curveball…but also put the Office into soap opera territory.

  50. I don’t think Karen could be preggers, the baby would already be here and she would have really been showing when Jim came to Utica. Maybe Jim asks Pam to move in with him and she says no. That would create some tension!

    Or i’d love it if Pam has been secretly applying for art/design/animation jobs, and she accepted an offer. That would certainly mix up things in their relationship!

  51. For some reason, I don’t see the “curveball” being a break-up. Not unless there’s a huge fight or something in an upcoming episode.

  52. wow. this is honestly kiling me. i just have to know. I keep checking this site to see if there has been any links or pictures to this Tv guide cover!!! like every hour!!

  53. Oh boy–This is too much for us rabid, Office starved fans. Can you give us a hint and tell us if that is a good WOWZERS, or a bad one, or a little of both? Shoot, I’ve got to stop looking at spoilers and just watch and enjoy (or *sniff* despair over) the surprises. Otherwise I’ll be all squirmy. Like I am right now!

  54. I keep refreshing this page, hoping that there will be some hint. I personally think that the big spoiler might be Pam wanting to persue her art more, and her perhaps leaving scranton for a little while, i mean her character will still be on the show, but she will be off doing things she really wants to do, and jim having to deal with it

    i’m so excited i can’t wait!!!!!!!

  55. If it were a Jim and Pam engagement or pregnancy, you’d think the writers would wait until the season finale, not in the middle of a season. It seems likely that it’s about Jim, Pam, or Dwight since they’re on the cover. Let’s hope it’s not about Dwight leaving for a spin off. I also think it might be about Pam possibly leaving to pursue her art.

  56. I totally disagree bob_vance! If we’re going to get an engagement or pregnancy or something of the sort, I’d much rather have it in the middle of the season! That’s the problem with this real-time concept: the really good stuff (casino night, the job) happens in the season finales and we don’t pick up the story until months later, and we miss seeing it play out. In my opinion, that is the biggest flaw in an otherwise flawless show. And it’s getting really old really fast.

  57. Maybe Jim and Pam are already married by the time they come back for the second show and it’s six months in the future. They’ve already known each other for, what…five years now? Maybe more?

    Actually, I think it’s probably some off-the-wall surprise that the writers come up with. Engagments, pregnancies…kind of boring. The Office wouldn’t be so predictable.

  58. one quick question. how did you get a sneak peek at the cover. i know you have good connections, but how do we know you aren’t pulling our legs? again.

  59. So I’m thinking about skipping my afternoon class tomorrow, just to run home and check my mail for the TV Guide. That’s sensible, right?

  60. Haha maybe the surprise is that Pam’s pregnant…with the sextuplets JKras always mentions in interviews. Pretty sure sextuplets is out of the question – but i’m not ruling out a JAM baby on the way. If anyone watched some of the previews for thursday’s episode – Pam, along with Angela were the only two people in the room not drinking wine. Clue??

  61. I’ve been thinking about this. Something new, something from Pam’s past that we don’t know. A curveball. Maybe Pam confesses to having cheated on Roy? That would be a curveball, right? Something we wouldn’t think Pam is capable of doing. That would certainly give Jim something to think about, right? Create a little tension; maybe not break them up, but give them something to work through (ie, create some storylines).

    Now, I don’t mean to sully Pam’s reputation here; I’m just thinking of things that might be in “curveball” territory. It’s all Tanster’s fault, really, for posting this blasted teaser! Curse you, Tanster! (said in jest, of course–we all love you, even though you torment us).

    By the way, I hope I’m wrong!

  62. OMG I FOUND OUT WHO IS ON THE COVER!!!!! Ok. I went to Jenna’s myspace blog like I always do. And she said, ” Also, Look for me, Rainn and John on the cover of TV Guide next week.” So, the cover definitely has Pam, Jim and Dwight, but what are they doing and why is it so secret?

  63. Now that I think about it some more, I would be more likely to believe that the “something” we don’t know about Pam is that she got pregnant when she was with Roy, and because of pressure from him, decided not to go through with it. Now, that’s a bigger issue than I think The Office would try to tackle, but at this point, anything is a possibility.

  64. I’m dying to know what this is! In the eight years I worked in the post office, I think this is the only time I’m looking forward to going in! I gotta get a hold of the TV guides!
    Everybody has great ideas to what it could be. My favorite scenario is Pam getting an internship for an art job. Jim has to let her go or he ends up looking like Roy. This may lead to a Jim proposal at the season finale in which Pam has to reply “yes” or it will be two season enders in where she broke Jim’s heart.

    I can’t wait for the 10th!!

  65. I have a feeling this curveball has to do with pregnancy, but not that anyone is pregnant if that makes sense. I think perhaps either Jim or Pam doesn’t want to have kids while the other does. Something about Pam we didn’t know could be that she has had a miscarriage or can’t have children or something. This would lead to “big decisions” for the couple…

  66. I don’t think it’ll be Pam getting an art internship. It needs to be something short, catchy, and attention-getting for a TV Guide cover blurb, and “Pam gets the art internship!” isn’t interesting for anyone who doesn’t watch the show. “Pam’s secret love child with Dwight!”, though? Well. ;)

  67. Well, in the chat, Jenna said the “something” is a “cool little fun fact”. Doesn’t sound like cheating, pregnancy, or worse. Ah, the mystery deepens…

    Also, what’s this tanster–you can’t wait to see the TV Guide? I thought you already got a sneak peek (at least at the cover)? Oh, and does it come out today?

  68. We just got the TV Guide in the mail here at the office I work at. The cover hints at Jim proposing. Whether it’s an actual spoiler or a general ‘what if?’…I have no idea.

  69. Look at the description for the May 1st episode, “Did I Stutter?” I assume that the curveball is not about them breaking up!

  70. OMG, “Will Jim propose?” Ahhhhhhh.
    Are there any other spoilerish tidbits inside the cover?

  71. Wow! I can’t wait to read the actual article. “Will Jim propose?” WOW! Haha, and Rainn/Dwight looks so funny just standing there right behind them. Can’t wait til this comes out!

  72. That’s it… this tells me nothing, they are just fooling with us folks. Either way… its not them breaking up so yahooo!

  73. OOOH! I just had a thought. What if Jim does actually propose, but Pam turns him down for now, saying she doesn’t want to rush into an engagement again… dunDunDUH! And this causes a possible rif, which will ultimately lead to them being fine. :)

  74. The “Did I Stutter?” is really making me think Jim proposes on a whim, or something equally as drastic… but maybe Pam doesn’t accept right away?

    This is killing me!

  75. Is this a picture of the new tableau at Mme. Tussaud’s?

    All 3 looking right waxy.

  76. HOLY GOD. That apprehensive look on her face scares me. PLEASE SAY YES PAM!

  77. If Jim does propose, I could see Pam wanting to wait awhile. But I really can’t see her flat out ejecting the proposal.

  78. Ugh, I don’t know that I can wait for Thursday. Between this cover and *cough* other episode descriptions, I might explode.
    But John/Jenna and/or Jim/Pam would have some gorgeous little babies. ;D

  79. Ok.

    Jenna said that the news about Pam was a “fun little fact.” To me, this does not appeal as anything related to pregnancy or engagement.

    However, she also said that the writers hadn’t planned to do much with JAM since there were so few episodes left. She then went onto saying that there is indeed a ‘curveball’ and that at a table read she ended up thinking ” So much for doing nothing with Jim and Pam! ”

    I for one would be dissapointed if they ended up getting engaged before we got to see any kind of tiff between JAM..

    So, in conclusion, anything’s possible! & The cover is SUCH a tease.

    3 more days!

  80. Just noticed that Jenna, John, and Rainn are all wearing the same color lipstick! Woohoo! ;D

  81. That photo isn’t even from the episode, so I don’t think it’s anything to get in a tizzy about. I think Pam just looks shocked more than anything.

  82. Maybe it’s Dwight’s hand on Pam’s arm. Could be why she has that expression on her face. I’d be a little bewildered myself!

  83. Also, the hand on Pam’s arm looks like 5 wrinkly wax hot dogs.

    [from tanster: that is the funniest thing i’ve read today!]

  84. They look so weird! Reminds me of the photoshoot John just did where he ended up looking like plastic.

    Engagement drama ahead! Exciting! Scary!

    Exclamation points!

  85. I’m still not convinced that the look on her face is a bad thing. She mostly just looks taken aback. She might not be expecting a proposal.

  86. They all look like dolls… hmmm. It’s freaking me out a little. I REALLY hope Jim doesn’t propose. They have been dating for what? Eight episodes? I think that would be moving WAY too fast even though it wouldn’t be that fast in real time.

  87. “They have been dating for what? Eight episodes? ”

    -But in the show it’s been something like 11 months (May-April) so it’s plausible. Plus, Jim has been in love with her for so long.

    I was expecting the cover to have some spoilery facts not more questions that we already have.

    I can’t wait for my show to be back!

  88. I can’t fathom why they decided to touch up the photo to that degree. It’s like the graphic artist received his “My First Airbrush” kit in the mail.

  89. That’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. And no, I’m not talking about the words. Ick.

    Why would they make already beautiful people look like THAT? I feel bad for them…

  90. Ooooh… very intriguing indeed. Can’t wait until Thrusday! And by the way… I think Pam is looking that way because Dwight is touching her. Nuff said.

  91. I’m scared. I’m really really scared. I’m scared of the Rainn, John, and Jenna zombies trying to eat me, and I’m scared of what the TV Guide says. If JAM break up, I don’t know if I can still watch…

  92. Does anybody know what the article says. Are there really any secrets revealed? Also, John kinda looks like the character he voiced in Shrek the Third, no?

  93. I really want to know whether the answer to one or more of these questions is “yes”.
    If they have Jim propose and Pam say no, I’ll be somewhat very pissed.

    The cover is too airbrushed for my taste- these people are beautiful/handsome in real life- why make them look like that?

    I cannot wait for new episodes- the wait is over *soon*.

  94. 137-Gina,

    I’ve read the inside. I believe the proposing blurb on the cover comes from John’s suggesting in the article that since they are so perfect for each other he would like to see a proposal therefore I don’t think it’s a literal spoiler.

  95. I’m not even going to comment on the questions that this cover brings up because it’s all just a *little* bit too much for my brain to handle.
    Although I will say that I love the eyeshadow that Jenna is wearing. And I know that they touched it up just a tad (Okay, a lot) but I still like it.

  96. I’m okay with Pam turning down Jim’s proposal. She just got out of a 10 year relationship. I don’t want them to split up – not in the least – but having Pam wanting to enjoy their relationship a little longer is realistic to me.

    I can see why that would be great drama for them, as a *couple*

  97. Perhaps I’m behind, but is this issue out today or next Monday? I never know with magazines when they release dates.

  98. Oh yeah maybe it is Dwight’s hand. So that’s the potential spoiler? C’mon TV Guide you can do better than that teasing us with things that might happen! I’m sure the NBC promos will be of the “very special Office” variety, and then it’ll be a relatively non-eventful episode. An awesome episode of course, but no big drama.

  99. Between hot dog fingers, matching lipstick, wax museum features, and walking zombies, these are the funniest comments I’ve ever seen.

    Moderating is fun today. :)

  100. I predict that Jim proposes and Pam tells him she’s leaving for a graphic design internship/job or something along those lines. I am not saying she would leave forever, just a while. Just a wild guess.

  101. I don’t know what to think about Jim proposing. But it wouldn’t be THAT surprising. I mean, he’s been in love with her for so long. And I think it’s definitely somewhere down the line, but I don’t know if Pam will be ready for it.

  102. P.S. Whatever happens, um, I just want to say…Jim is not allowed to cry. Okay, writers? I think I might need therapy if that happens.

  103. I can’t wait to get my hands on this issue! Even if the cover is just made up hype, it sure is nice to see something about The Office since that strike.

  104. I don’t think Jim would propose. It just doesn’t seem like a realistic move so early in the relationship. My theory: Pam gets annoyed at Jim for a little thing about an inconvenience by staying at Jim’s for the night… Jim deals with Pam being mad at him and then at the end of the day/episode Jim asks her to move in with him.
    I would just love that and I think the writers have always proven to be more creative than other shows and not just having Jim purpose.
    It could also have to do with Jim moving forward with his career, like a new job offer or something, but based on the episode description, I would say it’s probably not the latter.

  105. OMG! The photo is creepy. Is that seriously the cover? (we get a different tv guide in Canada…)

    OK so I don’t think Jim will propose. It’s all about hype and we’re all falling into it. I Think the writters should leave Jim and Pam alone, give us a little kissy kissy once and a while, but leave the drama out! I’ve had enough JAM angst, thank you very much!

    Give me some Dwight angst. Maybe he goes insane and decides to leave DM??

    Tanster….any word on when the article will appear on OT??

  106. The “unexpected inconvenience” thing…when Jim returned to Scranton, did he move back in with his roommate? Maybe that annoys her. But would that be unexpected? Maybe they have to babysit Jim’s brother’s baby. Although I would think that would be pleasing to her, not inconvenient. It may be something really small…when relationships get closer you find out little quirks that bother you. Maybe he takes a long time in the bathroom, or uses a shampoo she doesn’t like. I have no idea and am starting to get totally crazy with my wonderings, as you guys can probably tell. With all this speculation on here I think my head is going to explode. But, hey, at least we have something to look forward to, right?

  107. I’m actually kind of digging the cover! I think it’s just going for the whole retro-old-school-type style. And I don’t care how much you Photoshop him, Jim is always perfect.

    I guess the writers know what they’re doing. If they want him to propose, then fine- I could see her both accepting and declining, depending on the circumstances. The only way I’ll be pissed is if their relationship totally levels off and gets stale after the possible marriage happens.

  108. I am so excited for Thursday, but this cover looks really interesting too! They do look like wax but I like it. And that has to be Dwight’s hand!

  109. These comments have been very entertaining today. I wish I had something funny to contribute. I must say when I first saw the pic, I was totally thinking they look like wax figures! It would be so cool if that were to happen someday. ;) And who’s hand is that? Am I to believe it’s Jim’s? I think it may be Dwight.

  110. Not to worry for those who worry. I think we can assume that Pam accepts, because in upcoming episode, “Did I Stutter?”, the synopsis includes the storyline: Pam deals with an unexpected inconvenience after spending the night at Jim’s. Pam would not be spending the night at Jim’s if she did not accept the proposal. Love is in the air!

  111. wow! i think everyone’s pretty much covered everything in their comments lol. so i’m just going to say i can’t wait to buy this and…

    3 MORE DAYS!!!!

  112. Maybe Jim snores, and some of the things that Jim does annoys her and they end up taking a break from each other. Seems realistic that couples would do that. I mean, I’m just reading one of the episode releases that says that Pam deals with an unexpected inconvenience after spending the night at Jim’s. So maybe that’s it. The old Pam would have just dealt with some of that stuff, where new Pam would say that she doesn’t like it. OH, maybe Meredith’s pregnant with Creed’s love child. That would be kinda shocking and a little disgusting.


  113. poor john…he looks really bad in this pic!
    but i love him anyway!

  114. WOW. Goodness gracious. What a crazy cover picture! I’m stunned with the details and pray that we get a “HELL YES” out of Pan – I mean, Pam.

  115. Okay, this cover is hilariously AWESOME!! And who else is totally pumped that the greatest show in the history of television is coming on in 3 days?!!!! That is what’s getting me through this week! Here’s my guess at what’s going to happen: I doubt that Jim will propose in these next couple of episodes (m/b on the season finale); If, on the off chance Jim does propose, I don’t think that Pam would accept (she had a bad experience with the last proposal), and I’d be okay with that just as long as it didn’t ruin their relationship (which I don’t think the writers would let that happen b/c I have complete faith in them). Let’s face it, the writers have done a FANTASTIC job with the Jim and Pam relationship thus far, and they will continue to do so…or else they will have an angry mob of people carrying fire and pitchforks! Anywhoozle, I can’t wait ’til these eps!!

  116. Come on ladies, we all know the “unexpected inconvenience” has to be the toilet seat being left up.Yes, even Jim has his faults. Three More Days

  117. That cover is scary… and definitely not our old Office friends! Jim looks sleepy and a little chubby. Is he wearing a tux? And please, I want dorky Pam back! No more of this Photoshopped hot girl stuff. She looks too much like a diva with the gold eye shadow and “ew, get your hands off me!” expression. Bring back the curls, the Keds, and the striped shirts, please, NBC!

  118. Okay I honestly don’t believe that Jim is going to propose and that the front cover simply has to do with what John said in an interview. With that said if he does propose Pam would not say yes she would not be ready for that but she would not out right say no…. right?

  119. Agreed! These comments are hysterical. The more I look at the picture the more I’m thinking that ‘hot dog fingers’ is Dwight.

  120. Whenever I think that I couldn’t possibly live through more Jam angst, I think about the original Office in the UK and how Tim and Dawn didn’t get together until the LAST EPISODE and then I am extremely grateful that the US Office writers showed us some mercy and let us in on the Jim/Pam relationship. So, I will endure a little more angst if that’s what’s coming (but I won’t be happy about it! Haha)

  121. I don’t think Jim proposes. Maybe asks Pam to move in but definitely not to marry him. I was thinking that in “Did I stutter?” the complication Pam faces is that she didn’t have a change of clothes after she spent the night at Jim’s? I don’t know. I probably over-thinking it.

  122. Okay, so it has been about 5 minutes since my last post, but I’ve thought of something else! Maybe on the second episode back, Jim asks Pam to move in with him. Then on the 4th episode back they finally do. And Pam figures out all the little annoying things about Jim that only someone living with him would know (Maybe he leaves the toilet lid up, maybe he’s a pig and the new thing that we learn about Pam is that she has serious OCD, I don’t know) Anyways, these are just some possibilities that have been going through me head as I’ve been trying to study for my history test (fun…)!

  123. Gee the TV guide photo crew really did some damage to the pancake makeup supply.

  124. Well if he’s proposing around the time of April 14-20th, she’s at least still spending the night at his house in the Did I Stutter episode…So there’s that I guess.

  125. Wow, that cover looks photoshopped/airbrushed. And I don’t think that’s Jim’s hand, it looks weird…

  126. NBC has a history of cryptic promos for upcoming episodes, especially when they are related to JAM. Last season’s promo for Phyllis’s Wedding asked “Will Pam fight for love.” We got all excited only to find she left the wedding with Roy. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if this cover is meant to sway us towards one possible outcome, so they can really surprise us with something completely different. Plus, putting “Will Jim propose?” on the cover will sell magazines, plain and simple!

    I think I’ll just sit back and wait for the magic the writers have in store for us. They’ve surprised us more than once with incredible twists and turns. I have no doubt they will give us something we never expected. Furthermore, I doubt they’d let something this big grace the cover of TV Guide unless they had something up their sleeves.

  127. It’s a fun picture but I’m not really enthusiastic about Pam’s hair and makeup. I guess that must be Rainn’s hand. :)

  128. That cover is so funny! It’s comic book-meets-Rocky Horror Picture Show-style campiness is great. I seriously think they are just yanking our chains.

  129. You know what? I bet that’s actually ROY’S hand, reaching in form offscreen to snatch Pam back.

    Ha. Totally kidding.

  130. Is fancy new Beesly getting even fancier?? I’ve been a getting-dolled-up enthusiast a lot longer than Pam has, and even my eyeshadow is not that masterfully applied.

    I have to say, I dig the weirdly airbrushed cover. With the dramatic headline, it kind of reminds me of an old movie poster.

  131. So, here’s a storyline for you: Jim and Pam will be pressured into breaking up (for pretend) for the sake of working together. They didn’t sign their “love contract”, afterall. Then that will open the door for Dwight to make a move on Pam. Talk about awkward!

  132. Yeah, I think that that might just be Rainn’s hand. Maybe Dwight asks Pam out!

  133. Somebody please put a blanket on the three of them…they look cold!

    Three days people!!!!

  134. I’ve looked at the picture again and their hair looks fake, like really fake. I thought John wore a wig last year. Hmm… Still can’t wait til Thrusady and sadly, I’ll still get this TV Guide, regardless of the unnatural air-brushing and freakish digits on Pam’s arm.

  135. That looks like Rainn’s hand. But that doesn’t matter to me, Jenna looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  136. Shun. Unshun. How to know what to take in about it all? This weird-hot “other timely” cover that looks like the Stepford Office. Secrets, curveballs, spin-offs, Dwight, Jim, Pam. Writers, NBC, Tallyheads. THEY BROKE MY BRAIN!

    I’m going to hide in a corner and not come out until Thursday at 9. Hold all my calls I’m really going underground.

  137. iKras is right…there has to be some sort of JAM conflict before they get engaged. As sad as that is to say, I think it’s true.

    Speculation is so frustrating! How can we possibly wait 72 more hours?!

  138. I don’t think it would be necessarily too early for Jim to propose…. I mean in “office world” they have been dating for almost a year, even though we have only seen a few episodes. Maybe that’s too quick for some but, well, they have known each other for what? 5 years or something?

    I would not be opposed…. not predicting a proposal, just justifying it

  139. Hello beautiful people, have you met my good friend Photoshop? LOVELY!

    I really think that even if Jim and Pam are in love (OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE AND IT IS AWESOME) she would not be okay with getting engaged so early especially since she has just gained some momentum in her Fancy New Beesly ways.

  140. First of all, Tanster – you really do have your work cut out with this thread!

    Good grief, I can’t believe how bad I am wanting as many spoilers as I can lay eyes on! Trying to figure out all the little clues! It seems like a pregnancy would be too obvious (also a bit funny to word as an inconvenience) but then there’s the stuff about finding out something about Pam that we never knew… she’s a virgin? a loud snorer? a space alien? The suspense is killing me!

  141. That has to be Dwight’s hand, but I hope we get to see the original picture, because as of now it looks rather odd.
    I think the article and the cover are just trying to create hype for the show. It’s NBC; they’re bound to make numerous ads for a “Very Dramatic Episode” even when an episode is not dramatic in the least. After all, it’s sweeps. I can see Jim wanting to propose to Pam in order to show her that he’s not anything like Roy, but I don’t see it happening, to be perfectly honest. It’s too soon for them. Perhaps they’ll end the season by trying to decide whether they should move in together, but I really don’t think there will be a proposal before the summer hiatus.

  142. All I can say is, “Jenna looks BEAUTIFUL.” I know they keep Pam as real as possible but it is great to see Jenna getting to show off what a beautiful woman she actually is. Her hair looks great and boy I’d love to have that makeup artist for a day.

    Oh and about the JAM engagement I agree that this isn’t a spoiler. I seem to remember TV guide doing this type of thing regularly during the X-Files run.

  143. What’s wrong with Jim and Pam getting engaged? That would set up for an awesome “Absolutely I do” wedding episode. I wonder if Michael is a minister from some website online? (Just in case something went wrong at Phyllis’ wedding and she needed a back up minister)…Besides, marriage is the end for Shakespearean comedies, not modern day TV.

  144. You guys!!! You are missing the most important thing from the TV Guide cover!

    The most dangerous Survivor EVER!


    BTW…the hot dog fingers clearly belong to the Crypt Keeper.

  145. Not that I am opposed to a JAM engagement, but looking at the plot of the episode I think that Pam will reveal that she was a catalog model once or something along those lines.

  146. They all look great, of course, but if they’re going to discuss the characters and not the actors in the text, it would have made more sense to show them in their Pam-and-Jim looks, rather than as Jenna and John.

  147. Thank you for posting this, Tanster! The picture is not what I was expecting, but Jenna looks amazing! I agree with #198, EV. I think an engagement would be excellent! It would take the show to a whole new plot level. However, I do think that if they break up, one would leave (my guess would be Jim, especially if he is shot down again) to leave Dunder Mifflin altogether…and unfortunately, Jenna did say a series regular was leaving. Too many questions! Thanks again, Tanster!

  148. #199: LOLOL That’s what I noticed too!

    Dude, these magazines need to realize that we KNOW what they look like without airbrushing, and give their graphic artists a break every once in a while… they look almost gross from all the touch-ups.

  149. Remember that Second Life avatar that Jim showed to Pam? It was “Philly Jim” with his guitar and his sports-writer life in Philadelphia. Maybe Jim is moving to Philly to fulfill his dream. Didn’t Jenna hint that one of the cast regulars would be leaving the office at the end of the season?

  150. This is mere speculation after reading just about everything I can…
    I’m pretty sure that Jenna looks weirded out because that is Dwight’s hand. Since he may or may not “lose it” according to the cover, could Dwight want to upset Angela by going after Pam?
    Also, Jenna said that one of the regulars will be leaving the show at the end of the season…with Michael and Jan looking to break up could we be losing Melora?
    As for the engagement, I agree with most of the comments. We’re gonna see a little tiff between JAM for an episode or two because Jim will move too fast. But I wouldn’t count on them breaking up. That relationship has lead Jim and Pam’s characters for 4 seasons; NBC isn’t dumb enough to ruin that now.

  151. Oh, and I would also like to add that I don’t care how much they PhotoShop John Krasinski and put pancake makeup on him. It doesn’t wreck my daydreams about him at all.

    He is hot. That is all.

  152. I suspect the atrocious cover is a deliberate reference to an older TV Guide cover with stars from some classic sitcom that I never watched.

  153. Curveball?

    What if Pam proposes to Jim? Or suggests they move in together.

  154. I think it’s Dwight’s hand–see how his other shoulder is raised? I think Dwight has his arms around both Jim and Pam; the other side of Jim is cutoff, and I bet Dwight’s hand is there.

    Thursday needs to get here soon–I’ve reached new levels of patheticism.

  155. Maybe this has been mentioned before, but did Dwight have an epiphany about his hair and decide to change it???

  156. I think that JAM might move in together. I mean, the plot summary for “Did I Stutter?” says that “Pam has to deal with an unexpected inconvenience after spending the night at Jim’s”… i don’t know.

    But I think it JAM moving in together would come first before an engagement.

  157. I am a huge fan of Rainn Wilson and I have great respect for him. I have seen pictures of him and he looks normal and handsome. But in that picture, he looks like a dead fish.

  158. #205: I am horrified that you would even THINK to suggest Jim leaving the show! NO WAY. I think if that happened you would have thousands of deranged women storming NBC headquarters. I would probably be one of them;-) I love Jim/John!

  159. When I was sorting through my mail a little while ago I stopped breathing for a second when I saw it in the pile. Then I started say Oh My God. Oh My God. Oh My God. The pictures on the inside are even better than the cover. I’m reading the article and I just got to the SPOILER’S SECTION!!!!! i can’t wait until Thursday. I need The Office now!!!!!

  160. Does anyone know exactly which day this issue hits newsstands? Or am I idiotic to not assume its April 14th? (Sorry if this was already answered in other comments.)

  161. OK, here’s my speculation. I think either Meredith or Dwight leaves at the end of the season (Rehab for M or Mental Institution for D).
    I think Pam’s surprise is that she wears glasses and has to come into work with them the day after staying at Jim’s because she forgets her contacts stuff. Or, she comes in with the same outfit on from the day before because she slept in and couldn’t go home to change. Hence, the finale when they move in together! Anyone want to place bets?

  162. I am now 80% sure that that is Dwight’s hand on Pam and not Jim’s. Why? Cause that’d be funny. :P

    Nyyyyyyhhhhhh two more days. D:

  163. RE: #198–EV

    I love your wedding episode title–“Absolutely I Do”!


  164. jenna and john look great in the pic. rainn looks like a creep and judging the way jenna is looking at the hand, it has to be rainn’s because she wouldn look at jims like that. I hope they get engaged, I had heard a rumor that karen was coming back, so who knows, ahhhw! I hate waiting!!!!

  165. I’ve read several comments about the worry that if Jim and Pam got engaged, it would be too fast. Well… contrary to popular belief, fast engagements aren’t the worst thing in the world. My parents were engaged within a month of knowing each other and got married eight months later. They have been happily married for 24 years so…

    Either way, I’m too jazzed about the return of our beloved desk jockeys!

  166. Hmm..this may be out there but what if…

    Pam spends the night at Jim’s house and they “do the deed” and are unprotected, which then results in a pregnancy? Unexpected and a curveball. I don’t know, there’s sooooo many possibilities

  167. In one of the jkras interviews I read in the weekend tally, he talked about how he would stick around at the office as long as they would keep him. So, I don’t think he’s leaving anytime soon.

  168. I think Jim will kind of blurt out a proposal, spur of the moment, because of something that happens at work (like the big kiss in Money). Pam will be taken aback and stutter, and then someone will interrupt them so Jim will think she was going to turn him down. Temporary angst will ensue as Jim will tell Pam that he didn’t really mean it, obviously it is too soon, etc. That creates some tension in the relationship without them breaking up.

    Or maybe Pam was a stripper.

  169. Congrats, Office writers, on keeping us frothing-at-the-mouth-frantic for every episode left the entire season. Between Dinner Party being the cast’s favorite episode EVER so far, the ‘big JAM curveball’ comment by Jenna, and the ‘departure of a regular cast member’ in the finale, I am beside myself. It’s hilarious.

    For the record, & I don’t know if anyone else has wondered this, but I think Phyllis will leave DM. Somebody (Greg Daniels, maybe?) mentioned regretting that her character’s main storyline peaked so soon, and there have been few noteworthy moments for her this season. I think it could tie in to a spinoff involving Vance Refrigeration as NBC’s new series. o

  170. Found it! In the conference call he did w/Rainn:

    “Greg: Well the problem is that we started off, you know, with Phyllis just being one of the salespeople and we’ve kind of peaked too early by marrying her off to Bob Vance.”

    Possibly they are willing to let her go?

  171. Far Away (#227), I love both of your guesses about the JAM curveball but I could see the first being more plausible. Can’t wait until Thursday.

  172. well I wonder if the who is leaving The Office is Jan. Maybe Mike and Jan have a fight and she moves out. It might be Steve Carell. He has a big movie career now. I don’t know. I want everyone to stay.

  173. No really enlightening spoilers that aren’t already on this fine site…which didn’t even get mentioned in the article! Bummer!

  174. this article was pretty good. but i have one important thing to say. john krasinski looks stunning in that vest and blue shirt!!!!!

  175. Hey guys, A proposal is not too soon at all. They have been best friends for nearly seven years. They both know exactly what they want and they know one another very well. I think it makes perfect sense!

  176. I really hope they get engaged. If they do break up, it’s somewhat assumed they’ll get together again, but I just want everyone to be happy.

    Ahh. I can’t wait! This is killing me!

  177. Jenna and Jim look adorable on the cover and Dwight’s at his creepy best! Maybe the spoiler has to do with the Dwight portion of the tag and not the Jam stuff–but they just wanted to get us all riled up. I don’t want any of the cast to leave (not even the plague! ;)) but now that Jan’s character has gone from top exec to Michael’s unemployed girlfriend, she’s probably the most obvious one. Maybe something happens during “Dinner Party” and he dumps her?

  178. I love that Jenna is aware that a debate over whose hand that is is even going on. Glad to hear she cleared up the confusion for us.

  179. I just found out that I have to work on Thursday until 10PM! Our company has an annual smooze fest that happens to be on April 10. Say it ain’t so! Thank God for DVR.

    I am so worried that everyone is building us up for an awesome JAM engagement, but the “curveball” will be they break up and Pam leaves Dunder Mifflin. I am so worried and cannot wait for Thursday. Thank you, Tanster, for all of the articles and scans! I love this site and appreciate all your time and hard work!

  180. Wow, Jenna looks amazing in that picture. But that raises the question: When does Jenna ever NOT look amazing?

  181. I love that there’s a bear in the office. It just seems to fit, you know? And I’m so glad that Jenna confirmed the fingers. I was right!

  182. oh man that picture on the inside is so great!! John looks amaaazing and Jenna is stunning. I cannot wait for the golf-outing episode. Of course, when I read that I immediately pictured the “Just Friends” and the “Sharp Schruters” haha.


  183. Maybe the inconvenience is Dwight has turned to Jim for comfort so Jim and Pam’s overnight becomes crowded by an unexpected guest. Or it could also be something with not getting time in the bathroom in the morning because of a roommate. I don’t know that it could be a pregnancy because I could imagine someone describing that as an inconvenience.

  184. number 227 i LOVE your theory!!! the first one that is….:)

  185. That article was a bit of a disappointment. No “wowzer” spoilers for me! Just teasers, most likely.

  186. My first hope would be that Jim & Pam get married and adopt Dwight. That’ll be the long shot plot idea. Maybe, Jim wants Pam to move in but Dwight is crashing at Jim’s place instead? Shoot, if I was Pam, living in the same space as Dwight would be a deal breaker.

  187. I agree that it’s not so ‘Office-y’ anymore since it’s moving outside and focusing on the characters lives outside the office, but c’mon – there’s really only so much you can do inside an office. I think adding the dimension of their outside lives is interesting and also an important piece for people to see another dimension of any character – because most people are different outside of their workplace. I like it and don’t mind the change.

  188. Hey I wanted to bring something up. Does anyone know if the cover we see above will be on sale at stores/ to the general public. The Ausiello link on tv guide right now mentions that the cover will be for subscribers…. and the TV Guide Magazine Home site shows Katherine Heigl on the cover with John, Jenna and Rainn cast off into the corner….. Basically I am asking if the office cover is only for subscribers

  189. I think the Office cover is only for subscribers. I just bought it, and the cover photo we see here of John, Jenna and Rainn is shrunken down to size and placed on the upper right hand of the cover. Katherine Heigl is indeed on the main cover. I just picked this up today. I’m a bit disappointed.

  190. no kidding about disappointment! I was really looking forward to grabbing my copy today…and well I just decided to read it in the store instead of buying it b/c the cover was different. bleh

  191. I just got my copy today from Walmart, and I’m so disappointed. I walked past it once, because I was looking for them to be the main focus, but then I saw John’s head in the upper corner.
    I guess Grey’s fans will be happy, but as an office fan, I’m bummed.

  192. It’s annoying that The Office wasn’t really the focus of the cover, we were shunned and left to reside at the right upper part of it, soooo small. Argh. I had my friend buy it for me and was very much disappointed upon getting my copy and seeing the cover. I thought it was going to be like this ^ !

  193. My speculations:
    Jim proposes to Pam, who gets scared b/c it’s too soon, and breaks up w/ him.
    Toby comforts Pam after her break-up w/ Jim and tries to put the moves on her.
    Ryan gets arrested and sent to rehab b/c of his drug problem, so Jim moves to NY to take his spot, since he is broken up w/ Pam. OR Jim finds out about Ryan’s drug habit and tries to help him out, but Ryan tries to have him fired instead.
    Relationship/plotting between Jan/Ryan to get back at Jim/Corporate.
    Jan gets sent to a psych ward. Michael takes time off to help her out after her release.
    Karen moves back to Scranton to fill in for Michael.
    Angela reveals she is pregnant w/ a kid (Dwight’s) and Andy is confused as to whose it is.
    Hunter dies.

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