OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 2

The OfficeWe’ve got some time to kill before April 10th, so let’s play Survivor Season 2 — vote one episode off the island every few days, until we’re left with the most popular episode as the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR!

Status: ‘Casino Night’ tops the list! Thanks for playing Survivor Season 2!

Final rankings after the jump.

The Office Season 2 Survivor rankings, Final

  1. Casino Night
  2. The Dundies
  3. The Injury
  4. Drug Testing
  5. Booze Cruise
  6. Christmas Party
  7. The Client
  8. Email Surveillance
  9. Office Olympics
  10. The Fire
  11. The Secret
  12. Michael’s Birthday
  13. Conflict Resolution
  14. Performance Review
  15. Sexual Harassment
  16. The Fight
  17. Halloween
  18. Valentine’s Day
  19. Boys and Girls
  20. Take Your Daughter to Work Day
  21. The Carpet
  22. Dwight’s Speech

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  1. I can’t vote! I feel blasphemous thinking about an episode of season 2 that could possibly be classified as “the worst” anything

  2. Yeah, these are all really good. I think the crew were at their peak during season 2 and into season 3.

  3. Looking at that full list of episodes I’m reminded of what a brilliant TV season that was. It was special.

  4. i agree season 3 was the funniest. season 3 was more about the drama. season4 is more about the storylines.

  5. This is gonna be a tough one! I’d say the weakest episodes of season 2 are: Office olympics, Dwight’s speech & Valentine’s day.

    I can guess that The Injury or Casino Night will make it to the top, but my personal favorites are: Conflict Resolution, Take Your Daughter, Christmas Party & The Fire.

  6. wow that was wicked hard seeing as though, none of them are my least favorite. i can’t imagine who i’m going to boot off when it comes down to like..ten!

  7. I’m straining my brain thinking of one to eliminate, think i’m going with Michael’s Birthday. The mood, I thought, was too sad during the episode.

  8. I was seriously going down the list saying loved it, loved it, loved it. That was an unbelievable season. It will be hard to vote any off.

  9. Season 2 is great. Some of my favorate eps are on this season. However, season 3 is the best season. When the time comes for that survivor, things will be really hard… “That’s what she said”

  10. This is probably the episode that I would skip over on the DVD when I’m having an Office marathon. Still has its good parts, though.

  11. Heh… the first Office episode I ever watched at TYDTWD and I hated it so much that I didn’t watch the show against until someone showed me The Pilot which for some reason, got me hooked. ;) I vote off TYDTWD.

  12. I know. Season 2 I feel is their Sgt. Pepper’s year. It’s when everything came into place to create something truly incredible.

    If I were to go with the worst episode of the bunch, it would have to be “Sexual Harrasment” It’s the one ep of season 2 I watched the least, and while it’s cringing, it’s not in a good way. It has to do with Todd Packer, I think. Just the most vile, unredeemable character in the entire series, although I love the William L. Hung joke.

  13. Sexual Harrassment must go. The Secret, by the way, is the perfect episode of The Office … the holy grail of episodes.

  14. Ok, this is already hard (twss). I mean, I know I have my favorites from Season 2, but trying to decide which one is my least favorite??? Ummmm. . . . I may have to just close my eyes and click.

  15. It’s gonna be like voting one of my children off the island. If I had children. Are we going to do a series survivor with all the winners from every season? Oh, by the way people- The Dundies should be the winner for season 2. Not just because of the wall-to-wall funny, but because it pretty much defined the American version of the show.

  16. This will be the hardest Survivor. But I already know my most fave since it is my fave of the whole series….”The INJURY”. “Vietnam noises”. That’s all I’m saying.

  17. After this poll, we should have a All-Stars poll between the winners from seasons 1 and 3. This way, we could choose the best Office episode EVER!

    … well, those that are on DVD, of course. :)

  18. I never really understood why The Injury was such a popular episode. I don’t doubt it will go far on this list even though it is the one episode I didn’t 100% care for.

    It was still good, just not as super-awesome like the rest of Season 2.

  19. Would it be possible to have the episode titles link to the episode summaries? It would be nice to remind ourselves of more than just the titles.

    Also, today I came across a real name: Dr. Proctor. How Dentist Crentist is that?

    [from tanster: linking titles to summaries is a bit of work. here’s the season 2 archive]

  20. I forgot about the Dundies!! It was the first episode of The Office I ever watched. It is classic!! Michael is wonderful and I love “drunk” Pam

  21. I voted “Dwight’s Speech” first, which was easy for me–I think it’s all right, but not that funny and not really rewatchable. It’ll be tough after this round, though.

  22. I agree – this is so difficult for Season 2. There is one I tend to re-watch less often than the others from that season but after that I don’t know how I’ll decide! It will definitely be interesting to see how this poll goes.

  23. I voted off Dwight’s Speech. It liked it all right, but something about it just didn’t do it for me. That’s what she said. Drug Testing is my favorite episode of all time… I guess I’m in the minority on not liking The Injury. Oh well.

  24. No offense to anyone, but I absolutely hate these survivor polls and refuse to vote in them. I noticed a lot of folks are saying that this time it’s going to be hard (not gonna do it) but I think they’re all hard (still not gonna do it). I just love the show too much to nitpick at it like that. I feel like it doesn’t deserve it.

    Maybe that’s just me.

  25. Whether it wins or not The Injury for me is head and shoulders the best episode of The Office. S2 was indeed the golden age of the show.

  26. Wow… Season 2. It’s like TV gold or platinium or whatever is better than platinium!

    I voted off Boys and Girls. That is the one episode that I don’t watch that often. Drug Testing however is my favorite episode of all time! The mere fact that the word ‘urine’ was used as many times as it was in that episode is reason enough for me to see it through to the very end!


  27. Wow this will be hard (that’s what she said), I consider season 2 to be the best season of any TV show ever. The only episodes I don’t love are Dwight’s Speech and The Carpet…and Carpet is alright, it’s just gross to see Pam and Roy all lovey-dovey. So I’ve got to go with Dwight’s Speech, it just doesn’t “fit” with the rest of the season. Drug Testing #1! Doubt many agree with me there.

  28. I voted off Take Your Daughter To Work Day. I always seem to skip over it to the better stuff at the end of the season.

    The Client is my all time favorite episode! Jim and Pam’s first “date”, Michael and Jan kiss? Agent Michael Scarn? Nothing better.

  29. I voted off Performance Review. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing episode, but it’s a little less amazing than all the others.

    Drug Testing is my favorite of season 2. It’s hilarious, and there’s such a great Jim and Pam plotline. Gotta love it!

  30. The Injury was def. my favorite from season 2. They are all great but come on…go back and watch that episode and tell me you disagree! Dwight’s concussion, Michael burning his foot on the George Foreman grill, it’s hysterical.

  31. This is next to impossible! Season 2 is the best season of anything, for realsies. I picked Performance Review only because it was the episode I couldn’t quote as much as the others!

    My favorite all-time is The Injury; it’s almost too hilarious to be on television. Almost.

  32. Why is it that “Dwight’s Speech” isn’t a beloved episode? That was one of my favorite episodes of season 2 and one of the best Dwight moments ever. Just thought it was a great satire of fascism.


  33. Season 2 is unbelievable, but I had to vote off Boys and Girls, Michael was too much for me in this one

  34. This is why I miss The Office:

    When I watched “the injury” episode, l was still laughing 20 minutes later in my car by myself.

    Steve and Rainn at their best.

  35. I’m with #57, the Jim/Pam storyline in Drug Testing is one of my all-time favorites!

    My favorite Office episode of all the seasons is The Dundies…I could watch it everyday and still laugh when Pam falls off the stool.

  36. Injury is my all-time favorite, but I think Rainn knocked it out of the park with the speech. And it’s so hilarious to watch him not only read the fascist speech and get such a response from the crowd, but to see him act out all the body language Jim told him to use. This was the best season!

  37. The Injury and Dundies top the list, but I gotta say, I think Michael’s Birthday is one of the most underrated episodes of all time. I laugh so hard every time I watch it.

    “I bet Luke Perry’s friends don’t treat him like this.”

    And the way Dwight is the only one singing “Happy Birthday” at the end, his voice, and his creepy smile… oh man, amazing episode.

  38. I was waiting for this survivor! But then I realized this will be the hardest to do because there are sooo many amazing episodes this season.


  39. I cannot believe people voted Performance Review off! What about when Stanley says, “Sometimes women say more in their pauses then they do in their words. Let’s listen again, and this time really listen to the pauses.” LOL!! In the end, I voted “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”. I think it’s especially hard to vote an episode off that has an amazing cold open…something to think about. I’m betting on Drug Testing or The Injury to make it to the end…

  40. I didn’t realize just how amazing season 2 was. It actually took me a few minutes to think about it. I voted off Take Your Daughter…, I love it, but I just couldn’t vote for any of the others.

  41. Wow that was hard(TWSS). Season 2 is great from top to bottom. Had to start with Michael’s Birthday

  42. This is impossible! There isn’t an episode I don’t like. I picked Halloween though. I guess its the one I re-watch the least.

  43. Yes, I’ve been waiting for this…but such a hard choice! I think I’m going to go with Dwight’s Speech. Funny, but a little lackluster compared to the others… although that football cold open cracks me up every time!

  44. Totally disagree with the people who said Season 3 was the best/funniest. Season 2 is by far the best season.

    For me, this vote was easy. Dwight’s Speech must go. it’s the only episode I intentionally skip over when I’m putting the office dvd’s on just before I fall asleep.

  45. I voted off The Carpet, though I had to admit, it was hard to pick. I mean, really hard. (TWSS)! Season 2 was all-around fantastic.

  46. that was difficult [swift dodging of a TWSS!]
    I voted off The Fight. I still love that episode…just not as much as the others :]
    I don’t know, that’s just the episode that I stuck out the least in my mind… except for when Pam gets mad at Jim for picking her up :'(

  47. not to be a negative nancy, but i think Casino night should be taken off because everyone knows that episode is most likely to win it all. C’mon, its the ultimate JAM moment!! (of season two, that is)

    and the next best would be drug testing. of course.

  48. I went ahead and voted off “Dwight’s Speech”. Don’t know why, but I just don’t like that one.

    The Injury is my all time fave. I’m pulling for it to edge out Casino Night.

  49. I just read most of the comments and I have two observations: 1. the lack of love for Dwight’s Speech! That is one of the best episodes of all time. “We are Warriors!!!” perfect. 2. Too many ‘that’s what she said’ jokes. LOL.

    Thanks for bringing this back, Tanster! Something to keep me busy until April 10th!

  50. Yowza, this will be tough. I voted off Take Your Daughter to Work Day, even though it has that fabulous moment between Stanley and Ryan. But, something’s gotta go and I don’t believe children are the future, so…

  51. Are you kidding? I voted for “The Client”, but it was VERY HARD. (That’s what she said.)

  52. conflict resolution…phenomenal episode, the listing of Jims pranks and the oscar angela feud

  53. This is way too hard! Season 2 is so classic and each episode is just wonderful in its own way, so it’s sad to have one at the bottom of list. I’m reluctantly voting for The Fight, because the aftermath of Jim picking Pam up is such a bummer.

  54. Tell me you DIDN’T vote for the Client! C’mon! Jim & Pam on the roof? Michael and Jan? That’s the episode that got me obsessed with this show!

  55. Season 2 is my favorite season, so it was really hard. But i picked Take your daughter to work day. I hope the Dundies wins!

  56. Had to go with “the carpet” ..I loved them all but it was probably my least if I have to pick one

  57. I vote for Dwight’s Speech. Pam’s talking head about how she doesn’t want to offend “Angela… or somebody” was totally wrong. Pam’s not supposed to know that Jim has a crush on her until Casino Night, right???

    Drug Testing is a much better and funnier Dwight-centric episode anyway. But I did LOL at “I’m public speaking! Stop public interrupting me!”

  58. I voted ‘take your daughter to work day.’

    This poll is going to be hard, Season 2 is so awesome.

  59. I have a lot of favorites from season 2… I voted for Take your daughter… Think I will go with Boys and Girls next…

  60. Ok, this is extremely difficult. Season 2 is such an amazing season, how can we vote any episode off?

  61. I voted off Conflict Resolution. I didn’t like the atmosphere of everybody hating everybody.

  62. Dwight’s Speech. I mean, come on. Although I do quote “do their pizzas play dvds?” sometimes.

    That episode was really lacking a good B story to make all the speech stuff more tolerable. Jim taking a trip and being annoyed with wedding stuff really wasn’t all that interesting. There wasn’t enough fun in the episode.

  63. Gosh, this is the best season. It’s gonna be hard. As a whole, I didn’t like “The Carpet” but there were still some great scenes. I think I’m gonna pick “Boys & Girls” for the first one.

  64. This was too hard. I loved all the episodes. But I picked “Booze Cruise”, not because I think it was bad, but because I think it’s depressing. A very GOOD depressing.

  65. Hey, i think take your daughter to work day is the worst because the jokes are repetitive and boring. However, it is still a fun episode to watch.
    oh, and my fav is michael’s birthday

  66. #102: Jim telling Dwight that he has to wave his arms around and pound your fists many times to emphasize your point, and then Dwight channeling all of history’s famous dictators in front of a crowd of salesmen wasn’t fun for you?

    That was one of the funniest moments in the entire series.

  67. This is too hard. (That’s what she said.) There are far too many good episodes, but I voted off the Carpet. I’m predicting The Injury for the win. We read it today in English and everyone, even my non-office obsessed friends loved it.

  68. I’m kind of surprised by Dwight’s Speech being voted off first.

    I definitely thing The Carpet should be the next to go. That episode was pretty funny at some points, but overall it just seemed to drift aimlessly. Not as strong of an episode as some of the other ones this season.

  69. I loved Dwight’s Speech. I’m voting out The Fire – it was alright but seemed like a first draft.

  70. Okay, I take a week of holidays and come back to “Dwight’s Speech” being voted off – that’s one of my favourites of any season! I think my next vote goes to “Take Your Daughter to Work.”
    The Injury is my fave, but I also hold a place in my heart for Office Olympics (probably the episode that got me hooked). My guess, people will be torn between The Injury and Casino Night.

  71. “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” is my next vote. After that, it’s gonna get hard… (TWSS)

  72. I voted off Take Your Daughter to Work Day this week. All of season two is good, but this one just doesn’t pack the laughs some of the others do. This season is going to be tough, but I do know which episodes I hope make it to the end (The Dundies, how I love thee)!

  73. I’m curious to see what the bottom three were. I’m voting off Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Again. I loved Stanley yelling at Ryan, but other than that, it wasn’t a strong episode for me.

    [from tanster: sorry, not going to publish ‘bottom 3’ anymore …]

  74. Awh, Take Your Daughter to Work has lots of fun moments: Dwight and the recorder and scary book top it off for me.

    I went with Halloween this time. The whole firing thing was just kinda “eh.”

  75. ‘The Carpet’ is one of my least favorite episodes but the ending when Jim listens to the voicemails Pam left him all day is probably my favorite ending of any episode.

  76. Wow – I can’t believe the lack of love for Take Your Daughter to Work Day! That’s probably in my top 10 favorite episodes of all time. But I also understand the difficulty of this poll. I’ll probably vote for The Fight next. Michael and Dwight’s “fight” was funny, but Jim and Pam’s kinda put a damper on the ep for me.

  77. This is tough! I love Take Your Daughter to Work Day but it’s probably my least favorite out of all of them.

  78. “Performance Review.” Nice episode, but not great. Second choice would be “The Carpet.”

  79. Booze Cruise. Seriously depressing. And Michael at his most annoying, IMO. It was a brilliantly written and acted episode but its high up on my list of Office episodes I would avoid watching at all costs b/c of how sad it made me. Kind of like Phyllis’ Wedding. Annoying Michael + Angsty, Soapy, Emo Jam = BOOO for me.

  80. THE CARPET must be voted off! Dwight’s Speech was definitely in my bottom five but not the worst.

  81. I voted for “Dwight’s Speech”. I always skip it on the DVD.

    I predict “The Carpet” will go next.

  82. @ 130:
    Shari, isn’t it funny how preferences are so different between people? Booze Cruise is one of my all-time favorite episodes – the scene with Michael dancing never fails to make me fall off my couch with laughter. I agree that it has some darker moments, but they only make it the comedy all the more richer in my opinion. As for what to vote off, down with Halloween!

  83. This will be exceptionally hard (twss) because Season two has an almost holy status to it. To rank it like this is, in some ways, to give it the illusion of something with faults. Which for the most part, I can’t agree to.

  84. Ooh, what next? I’m going for The Carpet. It’s funny, I guess, but who wants to watch Pam and Roy being happy? The ending is cute, but in the words of Dwight, “Good not great.”

  85. I voted halloween, it’s just not all that funny with the firing. Plus, it has a few awkward Jim/Pam moments which I hate because it’s obviously so much better when they’re getting along! :)

  86. Oh I am so surprised that The Speech was voted off first. I die laughing every time Dwight screams, “Blood alone moves the wheels of history!” Loved that one! But I didn’t so much like the Carpet, so I’m voting for that, again.

  87. I loved The Carpet. Yes it was gross but Michael’s paranoia was hilarious, and I loved the end when Jim is checking his messages and they’re all from Pam. It was a subtle insight into their relationship, I loved it. I also loved Boys and Girls.

  88. #140 – You’re not alone. That’s an ep I usually skip when going through season 2. While there may be some funny individual bits, it just seems really off and just awful to watch at times due to the unpleasant nature of the episode. While uncomfortableness is this shows bread and butter, it goes beyond that into mean spiritedness at times.

    In contrast, “Dwight’s Speech” was a breath of fresh air in seeing Dwight squirm and Jim’s prank on Dwight morph into something else completely.

  89. I agreed with Dwight’s Speech as first to go. I found his speech more strange and surreal than funny. And the Jim vacation subplot wasn’t one of my favorites. I went with Take Your Daughter to Work Day for my next pick. While I love this episode, its one of the sadder, less fun episodes and I have to pick something. Ugh, this is hard.

  90. I’m voting for The Carpet. I never really liked that ep.

    I’m hoping Drug Testing gets number 1 or close to it–one of my favorites of all time!!

  91. I vote for Sexual Harassment next. Decent episode, but not my favorite. Loved Kevin’s “Milf” comment though.

  92. This is impossible, season 2 was the best season of television ever. Season 3 was way easier to pick off the worse episodes. All I can decide is that The Secret is the best.

  93. I’ll make an early pitch for The Client to take at least top five honors.

    – For JAM lovers, Jim and Pam on the roof/listening to ipod
    – For Michael lovers, first development of Jan and Michael at Chilis (and the morning after!)
    – Threat Level Midnight
    – Tim Meadows
    – First sign of Michael showing some competence
    – Dwight sleeping overnight at DM

    Just a great, whimsical, classic Office episode that combines all the elements of what makes the show good.

  94. I agree, I absolutely LOVE The Client. For all the reasons you mentioned, and also for “May we have an Awesome Blossom? Extra Awesome?” Every time I go to Chili’s I ponder ordering one like that.

  95. #158

    Thank you! The Client is my favorite episode in the history of the show and you summed it up perfectly! Let’s hope it makes it Top 5, and at least Top 10. Anything else would just be wrong!

  96. i love conflict resolution, come on michael listing off all of jims pranks on dwight…priceless!

  97. Vote for “Sexual Harassment.” It’s not bad, but come on, this isn’t classic Office. There’s a reason no other episodes have the viewer discretion advised.

  98. Booze Cruise is definitely my favorite, followed closely by Christmas Party and the Dundies. And then after that, I would pick the Injury, Michael’s Birthday and Casino night. I’ve been rewatching season 2 with a friend of mine, and I definitely have to express that Take Your Daughter to Work Day is my least favorite.

  99. So long, Carpet. I’m going to keep voting for Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

    Tanster, you’re not telling us the bottom three this time. Do you believe it influenced votes? I’m just curious.

  100. I voted “Sexual Harassment” this time. It’s funny, but only like once every two months funny.

  101. I will still NEVER understand how ‘Dwight’s Speech’ is at the bottom of the list. It’s one of the best episodes EVER. For shame.

  102. I think probably my least favourites are Take Your Daughter to Work, Boys and Girls and The Fight. I hate even saying that – it sounds like I don’t like those episodes, when I really do. I just don’t like them as much as some of the others. Plus, there were some important elements in each that helped me understand the characters better, especially Pam in Boys and Girls. Everything that happened in that episode flows right into Season 3. Oh, goodness, I’m talking myself out of voting it off now!

  103. The Carpet?! Nooooo… It’s where Kelly and Ryan first start. Darryl and Roy making fun of Michael’s dancing. Toby being allergic to the desk. Michael’s true feelings about Ed Truck. “Monkey kidney.” And last, but certainly not least, Pam’s voicemails left for Jim.

    Oh, my life.

  104. okay, I don’t think I’ll be able to vote any more off. I just want The Injury to win, kthnx.

  105. Sorry, but I had to vote for Booze Cruise. It was a very difficult decision, but I think it had something to do with the whole Katy storyline (the character came off as bland, which was purposeful I’d imagine, but didn’t endear her to me past the point of “eh.”) Also, I wanted to rank episodes that take place within the actual office environment higher as I think the show really is its strongest when they’re all together in the actual office.

  106. I want to vote for Drug Testing because Jim didn’t talk that much, but when he did it was fantastic, I’m losing sleep over this decision.

  107. I hope The Injury makes it to the end! To me, it’s the best episode in Season 2. If I met someone who never watched The Office, I’d show that episode

  108. This is unbelievable. The carpet is fantastic. Somebody tell me how Valentine’s Day is better than either Dwight’s speech or the Carpet?

  109. Tobyfan you named exactly the three episodes I debated as the three bottom episodes for this round. Boys and Girls I like more than the other two generally but I cringe when Jan tells the warehouse workers that the branch would be shut down if they formed a union which is a blatant illegal violation of federal labor laws. The Fight is down there because I felt dissatisfied with the Jam situation after Jim gets a little too physical at the dojo, and I thought the fight itself wasn’t all that funny. But I voted for Take Your Daughter to Work Day because even though its a nice change of pace episode, it was the least funny and for me and that carries the day.

  110. I know, The Carpet is one of my all time favorites. Not only is the storyline funny, Michael is generally toned down AND it has one of the best Jim/Pam moments ever with her messages to him at the end. Awwwww, I LOVE that moment!!!

  111. What to vote off next? They are all so good! I’m reluctantly voting for Halloween, even though that scene of Michael handing out candy at the end of the evening is my favorite Michael moment ever. It’s so heartbreaking how he’s home alone in that minimally furnished place, just watching tv, and you get the feeling every evening is like that, and then he’s so nice to the kids. Awwwwwwwww.

  112. Sexual Harassment has got to go. I hardly laughed at all. What’s with the lack of love for Take Your Daughter to Work Day? Michael & Dwight singing CSNY at the end was hilarious! Booze Cruise & Casino Night are overrated b/c of the JAM stuff.

    Top 3: Office Olympics, The Dundies, The Injury

  113. I’m also surprised that The Carpet was next off the list! It wasn’t my favorite of the season but I did like it a bit more than a couple of the other episodes. I have so many faves of Season 2 that I know it will be especially difficult choosing once we get down to a handful of episodes.

  114. You can really tell how great this season was from the mixed opinions. Even the episodes that are getting voted off are ones that everyone loves! Next I’m going with TYDTWD…even though Michael and Dwight’s performance at the end is totally classic.

  115. What? Dwight’s Speech is one of the best episodes ever! I still laugh hysterically when I watch him pounding his fists on the podium.

  116. Conflict Resolution off next. i know everything had to come to a head for Casino Night to work, but most of the show was unpleasant and painful, not joyous. it does have the reoccurence of the scary baby poster and the glorious list of Jim on Dwight pranks, but all of that Jam tension…I gotta vote it off.

  117. Please save Take Your Daughter to Work Day! Some of the best lines are from that episode. Two words: Fundle Bundle. C’mon, that was sheer gold. All I can say is that I hope that Drug Testing is #1. It deserves that place in my book.

    Top three: Drug Testing, The Dundies, The Injury

  118. My favorite 3 episodes of season 2. Drug Testing, Casino Night, and The Fight.
    I hope those get into the top 3.

  119. This poll is actually kind of going my way this time….kind of nice to see. “Dwight’s Speech” and “The Carpet” were the only imperfections to a perfect season, IMO. The last two minutes of “The Carpet” are perfect, but the rest of the episode? Let’s just say I found the writing to be very obvious and it did not come across well.

    I voted off “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” this time. It’s funny because I like the episode, but it would have been better with the inclusion of the deleted scenes, which I found stronger than the material placed in the episode.

  120. Performance Review should win just for the cold open. Dwight on that fitness orb is classic!

  121. Take Your Daughter to Work Day seriously needs to go. I’m being serious when I say I don’t remember anything about that episode. It was an average episode in a season full of above average episodes.

  122. I can’t believe all the hate that Take Your Daughter to Work Day is getting. It’s in my Top Five Office episodes ever!! If I had to nitpick, I think they made Meredith’s kid out to be way too much of a stereotypical burnout. They made the same mistake later on with the pizza boy in Launch Party.

  123. Whoa! Boys and Girls was one of the top episodes, “definitely in my top 5, so suck it”. It has one of the best non-comedic lines in the series, “You gotta take a chance on something, sometime, Pam. I mean do you wanna be a receptionist here, always?”

    So far these episodes are falling out how i have been voting. Halloween, Take Your Daughter, and Valentine’s Day are the 3 I’m looking to see go next. Boys and Girls is a very underrated episode by people. I mean Michael destroys the whole warehouse…COME ON!!

  124. Although I don’t disagree with “The Carpet” going this early, it still has one of my favorite moments of the show. It’s the point where Creed walks in as everyone is staring at Michael’s office and he cheerfully pipes up with “Hey, somebody making soup?”

  125. This is why Take Your Daughter to Work Day was awesome, because apparently you guys need awesome lessons:

    “Boy, have you lost your mind, ’cause I’ll help ya find it!…Jesus could come through that door, he’s not gon’ help you if you don’t stop sniffin’ after my child!”

    “I want to be married and have a hundred kids, so I can have a hundred friends, and no one can say no to being my friend.”

    “Who likes Dane Cook?!” (all the kids raise their hands, even Sasha the 4 year old)

    Also, the deleted scenes for this were awesome, and should totally be taken into consideration for each episode. They were written, directed, acted, and shot for the episode and were only edited out. Still counts.

  126. What was so great about the last two minutes of the carpet? I watched it and it was just Jim listening to voicemails from Pam. The Injury is on of the best episodes of any comedy show in the history of television. I think it’s probably favorite. Michael, Dwight and Jim in the minivan was classic. Sometimes there were two or three funny things going on at once. It was just terrific.

  127. I just rewatched Boys and Girls and I have to say that maybe I was wrong for voting it off so early in the game. One of my all-time favorite quotes of Dwight’s is in this episode, “They’re always asking you to drive them to chruch, like gas ain’t free!” LOL. Everytime I watch that, I lose it.


  128. the fight should go solely because of that horrible awkward moment between jim and pam when he picks her up and she gets mad b/c phyllis sees them! it’s soooooo uncomfortable!!!!

  129. What? “The FIght” has “Stop Pam-MSing”!! And “Since I’m probably going to have to stay late, could you ask Dwight to stay late too so he can walk me to my car?”!!

  130. I love drug testing, sexual harrasment, but my favorite is the fire. i love when dwight sings “ryan started the fire…” and jim and pam have a sweet moment.

  131. 208: Totally with you on The Fight. That awkward Jim/Pam moment at the karate place has to be my least favorite of the entire series. And honestly, that episode was (comparatively) short on funny moments anyway.

  132. Booze Cruise is the best episode of any series of all time! Funny yet incredibly poignant.

    Best moments: Dwight’s stuff in the vending machine, relating the office to the sinking of the Titanic, Michael’s role call getting on the boat, Michael’s dancing, Pam making fun of Katie, The Silence, Ryan trying to do his homework on the boat, Michael telling Jim to never give up, Dwight steering on the fake wheel.

    All in 20 minutes. C’mon folks, this is TV at its finest.

    Besides, I love Amy Adams. The look she gives Jim after the breakup is priceless.

  133. I voted off “Halloween.” Essentially it’s gonna be a hard choice from here on out, but aside from “QUIET YOU!” and 3-Hole Punch Version of Jim, that ep has fewer memorable moments than the others on the list.

  134. Valentine’s Day should be next. The only good part was Dwight getting his Bobble head. The rest was just blah.

  135. It’s time for Booze Cruise to set sail! The only two good things were in it: 1) Katy’s exit and 2) Jim gets slapped in the face with the reality that Pam could get married and she wouldn’t know how he felt about her. Michael is absolutely awful in this episode and there aren’t any Jim/Dwight scenes.

  136. Awww.. I love Take Your Daughter To Work Day! That Sasha was just so darn cute. Too bad.

  137. I think I’ll go for Valentine’s Day next. But I would be ok with The Fight (just because of the sheer awkwardness of the Jim Pam moment) or Boys and Girls.

    The Client, Booze Cruise or Dundies for the win :D

  138. I cant believe Take your daughter to work day is gone! That is one of the best from all seasons!

  139. I don’t even know which to vote for. The only season 2 episode that I really don’t like has already been voted off. I love all the others!!

  140. i voted for Boys and Girls. I hate that Roy doesn’t support Pam’s dreams. And Pam doesn’t stand up for herself. I’m so glad she’s grown.

  141. I vote “Performance Review” this time. No real reason anymore since I love all thr remaining episodes. This is a lot harder than season 1 and 3, that’s for sure.

  142. boys and girls. IT’s not deserving enough to be in it still. (is that harsh?)

  143. This has gotten really hard. I think I’m going to go with Halloween, even though I LOVE Jim pretending to be Michael…but it’s time for it to go.

  144. Conflict Resoltion. come on, what makes it deserve to stay?

    boys and girls was great for all the different character things we got to see from the ensemble, and Pam’s first crying scene. and for “do black people like pizza?”

  145. I think conflict resolution should stay… we got to see some of the brilliant pranks Jim has pulled on Dwight…

  146. IMO the next few to go should be Halloween, Performance Review (although I love that Angela likes to be judged) and The Fight, probably Valentine’s Day next and after that, I will start having a problem choosing…

  147. Definitely halloween or valentine’s day next! I think there’s much better episodes than those! I’m sad to see the carpet go, I quite like it…I also loved Michael’s Birthday but that’s still in thank God!

  148. I loved Take Your Daughter to work Day! Fundle Bundle people! FUNDLE… BUNDLE!!! Ah… well… halloween is probably the next to go for me. Boy and Girls next, simply because Dwight’s quote about Angela was just to funny. “Gas ain’t free!” LOL.

    DRUG TESTING #1!!!!

  149. Sexual Harassment is my least favorite this season.. I liked it but I just happen to like the other episodes more. Office Olympics seemed to try a little too hard with the ‘olympics’ but I loved Michael and Dwight side of that episode.

  150. I just rewatched Take Your Daughter to Work Day and it is so great! The line when Michael says Superman lives in Gotham City and Dwight AND JIM simultaneously correct him? – so funny! Poor Jim have a moment of unison with Dwight. And Stanley yelling, “Boy have you lost your mind? Because I’ll help you find it!” Awesome. I don’t love BJ Novak as an actor, but he looked positively terrified.

  151. You know, it’s obviously very hard to pick any episode from this season, but I finally made my decision and it’s Christmas episode. Michael’s attitude and actions during the gift exchange are often just too much for me to enjoy the episode.

  152. It’s unfortunate that Boys and Girls was voted off, although I understand why. As a tribute, I’d just like to say that it has one of my favorite Jim and Pam moments ever, when he’s challenging her to pursue her dreams. I think that episode shows a LOT of Pam’s character, and for that, it’s really a great episode.

  153. I agree with BenA! I love Boys and Girls. We get to see a glimpse of who Pam really is and we get to see the different ways that Roy and Jim see her. I would have much rather seen Valentine’s Day go. Now I’m just depressed

  154. Boys and Girls deserved more love. That was a very solid episode. … I can’t handle Season 2 Survivor because I feel very emotional about this, the perfect season of The Office. And to me The Secret was the best episode (even though the overrated episode The Injury will win this).

  155. Happy with the Boys & Girls choice…but Sexual Harassment NEEDS to go. By far one of the worst episodes.

  156. agreed. . . i understand why this episode went, but I also love that Jim and Pam moment. . . I vote The Fire next.

  157. I picked The Fight next. Basically right now I’m just thinking about who I want to “protect” – The Injury, Drug Testing, Office Olympics.
    P.S. I laughed about the person who said they hated Todd Packer and the Sexual Harassment episode – I feel the same way, but that’s why I think the episode is great – I used to work with a Todd Packer, and the flashbacks I had watching that episode were all too real!

  158. I agree with the person who said that The Injury is overrated. I was just tired of Michael by the time the episode was over. I’d still vote off Halloween next though. It’s just not that memorable. Season 2 is a tough one…

  159. The episode I’ve been voting off the last few polls still is in the mix – guess a lot more people liked it than me! That’s what’s fun about the poll, though, especially for Season 2.

  160. wow, boys & girls and take your daughter to work day are two of the best episodes ever.

  161. Still voting Halloween…and still surprised to read that people didn’t like The Fight. I loved it! I regularly rewatch Michael hopping around the dojo mat in his socks and crack up.

  162. Halloween needs to go. It was a fun episode, but the JAM tension in that episode was a bit awkward, and not at all heartbreaking. The firing on Halloween was funny, but I still don’t get the “Three Hole Punch Jim” joke.

  163. Every decision I agree with so far…

    except boys and girls, that episode is great! Hilarious and very emotional between Jim and Pam

  164. I’m voting for The Fight now. It was a little much with Michael and Dwight. Not driving into the lake much, mind you, but enough to get my vote.

  165. Samuel L. Chang, I agree with you! The Secret is my favorite episode as well! Michael trying to be like Jim is SO great. “He is in love with a girl he works with who’s engaged.” “I found out something about Oscar today……..he wasn’t sick at ALL.”

    For me, Office Olympics is a clear choice to go. I know the idea is classic, but really it’s just not that funny when compared to any other episode. You can also easily skip it when observing character development through the season. Sorry, it’s just not compelling.

  166. I’m ok with Halloween going next, but I really think it should be Valentine’s day. If not this time, hopefully next time.

    The Fire I think should stay a little longer, but I have learned from these Survivor Polls that I have the exact opposite opinion of everyone else :D

  167. I love “Boys and Girls”–such great insight into Pam’s character. Lots of funny lines, too.

    I voted for “Conflict Resolution” next, but I wouldn’t be too sorry to see “The Fight” go. Some funny parts, but too sitcommy for me.

  168. I agree with the 4 episodes but Valentine’s Day has to go next. I’m always thinking one step ahead like a carpenter who makes stairs so protect The Dundies, Office Olympics, and Conflict Resolution.

  169. I like Boys and Girls. I too think Valentine’s Day should go. I have voted for it to go every time… but of course all the episodes are great!! I love Booze Cruise and of course Casino Night, and Michael’s Birthday is good too.

  170. Can we get rid of The Fight already? It should’ve been voted off after The Carpet.

  171. I’m still voting Sexual Harassment. I agree with whoever said they are surprised that people aren’t showing more love to “The Fight”. Everytime Jim and Pam follow Michael to the kitchen doing the “when you’re a Jet” snapping, it kills me.

  172. But “Sexual Harassment” has “I’m gettin’ a boner”!! And the best-ever “That’s What She Said” joke!! And “Oh my God! Put on a shirt!” And “He said WHAT?”!!

  173. It’s sad that a lot of the episodes people want voted off are BJ Novak episodes.

  174. Conflict Resolution is so forgettable you guys are forgetting to vote it off.

  175. what could be funnier than dwight asking toby about the anatomy of the female reproductive organ

  176. Paul Lieberstein is my favorite writer on the show. Also Jen Celotta, yet, two of his episodes are in the bottom two. For shame! Goodbye, Valentine’s Day!

  177. I went with Sexual Harassment this round with some hesitation. I could have also gone for The Fight or Conflict Resolution, but I think with the exception of a few hilarious moments like the boner line, the episode is a little bit more mean-spirited than others and Michael is more crass than just naive. But those are the next three I’d go for in any particular order.

  178. How is it that people are leveling the accusation of “too sitcommy” at any episode more than The Injury? Come on, the “character gets hit in the head and starts acting funny” trope is the first sign on any sitcom that writers are running out of ideas. (The second, by the way, is the “accidental Hitler moustache,” which thankfully has yet to hit The Office.)

    I’m not at all saying that the rest of the season is unimaginative or anything short of brilliant (and overall one of the best seasons of any American sitcom ever broadcast). Highlights for me are:
    -E-mail Surveillance
    -The Fire (how anyone could consider voting this off now is beyond me…Michael is perfect)
    -Drug Testing

  179. #271- Great to know someone shares my appreciation for Email Surveillance! And we have to be nit-picky about each episode, because this is all about Survivor. I still love the show, and it’s hard to choose one to vote off.

    Also, the Hitler mustache HAS hit The Office. Women’s Appreciation, anyone? Dwight looks in the mirror to see a mustache at the end. But that was pretty funny.

  180. Voted for “The Fight” this time. Disappointed “Valentine’s Day” is gone. I loved the video Michael made and showed at corporate. I also found the writing to be particularly effective inside the office with Pam helping Dwight give the perfect gift for Angela. It was nice to see her explain to Dwight that it is not exactly what the present is, but what it means to the other person. Kind of paralleling Jim’s funny card featuring Dwight versus Roy’s night of amazing sex. I also thought it was smart not to have any big Pam and Jim moments. It was kind of heartbreaking just having the two of them saying goodbye to each other at the end of the day. Plus, Jenna looked so purrty in this episode. :)

  181. “The Injury” and “The Fire” have to stay! It has converted many a Office fan!

  182. I’m still voting for Halloween. And I love Sexual Harassment! I think it’s hilarious how much the writers pushed this episode to the edge. You meet Todd Packer, AND Michael tells Phyllis he has a boner?! Classic. Vote off Halloween for the abundant Devon screen time, when no one knew who he was.

  183. What? No love for “Valentine’s Day”? That was one of my top 5 episodes of season 2. Tons of funny stuff, along with Michael being both an idiot and noble.

    I’m just hoping “Sexual Harrasment” will be gone soon to make up for this and “Dwight’s Speech” being voted off.

  184. It’s a toss up between Halloween and Sexual Harassment.

    I love the scene in Halloween between Dwight and Michael where Dwight is telling Michael’s papier mache head not to fire him.

    But Sexual Harassment has one of my favorite Jim/Pam moments ever. That smile Jim gets when he realizes Pam has spoken a lot about him to her mother is the best.

  185. Ha I knew Valentine’s Day was going. Ok next to go has to be The Secret. I love it but the Pam and Jim stuff was just not the office to me not to mention it was sad. So sorry The Secret but I think the tribe has spoken. Sexual Harassment has to stay. See ya The Secret

  186. What? I have voted for Sexual Harassment EVERY TIME. I watched that episode with my parents (who had never seen the show before)…yikes. Lets just say, they don’t watch anymore. :o\

    I found it pretty uncomfortable to watch.

  187. Halloween needs to go next!! Then Sexual Harassment, after that, it will start getting really difficult for me to pick… I love The Dundies and The Fire!!!!

  188. This is seriously difficult! It’s practically impossible to choose, every single episode that’s left is awesome! It took me almost 5 minutes to choose, and even now I’m not even sure I made the right choice :D

  189. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how anyone could vote “The Client” off this early. The guest star who plays “Christian” is amazing. What about all the “jibberish” Michael resorts to when Jan says they don’t need a code word. I laugh so hard when I think of him singing the “Baby back ribs” song. And, “The Client” is where we meet Agent Michael Scarn…Dwigt.! Too, too, too funny. Jim and Pam have a date on the roof! Pam lights a candle, Jim’s “bugs love my famous grilled cheese sandwich”, and “I can’t remember the last time someone made me dinner.” Wow. “The Client” has got to stick around to around 5, I think.

  190. Halloween next! The firing of Devon was not funny. I agree that the Dwight-Michael-paper mache head exchange was great though. I hope Office Olympics wins it all.

  191. Oh, definitely conflict resolution, I mean the Jim prank list is making it hard but beyond that it just can’t compare to the overall excellence of the second season.

  192. Come on people… Performance Review is still there? No plot and little Jam interaction to redeem it.

    And The Secret has to be my all-time favorite episode of the series. I love the Jim/Pam scene in the kitchen when Jim tries to lie to Pam about his feelings and Pam’s body language totally changes. One of the best scenes between them ever. It’s so hard to believe they’re acting. And I also love clueless Dwight’s quest to uncover Oscar’s malfeasance (for malfeasance’s sake). And who couldn’t love Michael’s attempt to be like Jim? Messing up his hair and rolling up his sleeves. Too funny!

  193. conflict resolution is great…jim making dwight a security threat, his middle name fart, and the id huge…also how come the bathrooms are whites only??? comedic genius

  194. I agree with Kates about The Secret. Especially for the scene when Jim is “organizing” the supply shelf and he and Dwight keep playing tag with the stickie note. Very funny. Also, Michael tries the Tony the Tiger line about the grape soda. Nay, The Secret stays. The scene in the kitchen where Jim comes clean is heartwrenching…I love it when he mutters under his breath, “so stupid” about having to explain that he “confided in the world’s worst confidant”…aw… I think The Fire or The Fight should go next.

  195. ok, I just re-watched The Fight. Maybe I’ll have to watch Halloween again, because I don’t know if I can eliminate The Fight. I don’t like the climax at the Dojo, and it’s a little slow. But it has one of my favorite cold opens ever–the prank where Jim puts Dwight’s desk in the mens room, then calls and asks for a price from the notebook. “Wash your hands, Kevin.” Also, Jim says, “And it absolutely is a toy. Arigato.” And it’s the classic shot of Michael through the blinds of his office as he calls Ryan’s cell phone and looks out to see if he’s answering.

  196. Ok, I have been silent for a long time, because I don’t really think that these posts really influence how people vote. But I must clear my conscience and say it anyway. Why is Office Olympics still in this? I enjoy the Michael buying condo story line to a fault, but name one funny line from the olympics besides “Flonkerton”.

    All the episodes left are way better than Office Olympics. Please vote wisely.

  197. woah there BenA! what about when Dwight asks all those questions in the condo? “Question: where can I put my terrarium?” And of COURSE Dwight’s talking head- Dwight: I have been Michael’s #2 guy for about 5 years. And we make a great team. We’re like one of those classic famous teams. He’s like Mozart, and I’m like Mozart’s friend. No. I’m like Butch Cassidy, and Michael is like Mozart. You try and hurt Mozart; you’re going to get a bullet in your head courtesy of Butch Cassidy.

    plus so much more! so great!!

  198. The next ones to go should be: Conflict Resolution, Michael’s Birthday, and Performance Review.

    Casino Night for the win! I love that whole Afghanistani’s with AIDS bit, and where would we be without dinkin flicka. And of course, the ending…

  199. my favorite episodes are being voted off… well…
    I love the afghanistananis too. I just need to remember John saying that to laugh

  200. Benny boy, Office Olympics is a pivotal episode as far as character revelation. We see Pam’s dedication to Jim, that Dwight is at least somewhat faking his dedication to Michael and Jim’s true potential.

    But if it’s only funny quotes that interest you, here’s a few:

    Michael: I’m an early bird… And, I’m a night owl. So I’m wise, and, I have worms…

    Michael: Why are you playing the National Anthem?
    Jim: Um…because your condo’s in America

    Michael: No one likes beets, Dwight. Why don’t you grow something everybody likes? Why don’t you grow candy? God, I could go for some candy right now. Not a beet.

    And many more…

  201. Wow, some of my favorite eps are getting voted off! I love “Boys and Girls,” “Valentine’s Day,” and “Halloween”–I think the latter is one of the most underrated episodes.

  202. I’m still voting Sexual Harassment. I like every episode left better than that one.

  203. Surprisingly, I really don’t agree with any of these so far. “Performance Review” has to go, I’ve been voting for it every week.

  204. This poll is way too difficult! Also I’m tied for The Fire and The Injury as #1, then #2 The Dundies, #3 Email Surveillance (that cold open kills me… “are we in danger?.. shh, should I call the cops? while Kevin keeps talking loudly..haha!)

  205. Halloween. . . ok i guess that was fair, I’m still voting for The Fire, I think it is being overlooked and although I love all episodes this is not one of the best of season 2.

  206. Performance Review has got to go. The last two polls people have listened to me, so I think I might be lucky :). Performance Review is funny (Dwight’s exercise ball and Angela’s beauty pageant days), but it’s time for it to go. It’s just not as funny as some of the other episodes.

  207. I like Casino Night and the Booze Cruise, but I don’t like them nearly as much as some of the others so I think they should go soon. Dundies for the win!!

  208. I loved Halloween but I’m ok it’s gone. The next to go is Sexual Harassment. I know it had priceless lines like Todd Packer: What has two thumbs and likes to bone your mom? This guy! Or Jim Halpert: Hey, um, what has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer? This guy! And even Michael Scott: Jim?
    Jim Halpert: No thanks, I’m good.
    Michael Scott: That’s what she said. Pam?
    Pam Beesly: Um, my mother’s coming.
    Michael Scott: That’s what she said … um no.
    It’s hard to say goodbye to any office episode but goodbye to Sexual Harassment.

  209. I’ve heard so much love for the secret lately(great episode) and everyone is saying it’s so underrated, but if everyone likes it I don’t think it is. The most underrated, and one of the best episodes of season 2 is The Client. It was cool to see that Michael isn’t just a complete idiot and was actually good at his job he just has the wrong job. Plus the screenplay thing is comic gold.

  210. I’ve found it painful to vote in this poll because I love the whole season, but now you voted off my all-time fave at #17!

    Dwight talking to Michael’s fake head still makes me roll on the floor – ‘Quiet, YOU!’.

    I’m going to kill myself, and it’s your fault.

  211. Yeah no kidding~!! I loved halloween! it’s getting harder and harder (that’s what she said) to pick off an episode when you love them all so much!!

  212. I really hope “Performance Review” goes. I’m a little sad that we had to say goodbye to “Halloween” so soon… it’s one of my favorites of the season. As for winners… I’m hoping the top five is:
    1) The Injury
    2) Casino Night
    3) Booze Cruise
    4) The Secret
    5) The Dundies
    I find The Injury the most entertaining episode of the season – and the funniest. But the others are all well written. It’s a hard choice!

  213. For the most part, I agree with mifflinite on the top 5. I’d switch it up a little though:

    1. Casino Night
    2. Booze Cruise
    3. The Fire
    4. The Dundies
    5. The Secret

  214. Sad to see Halloween go before “The Fight” or “The Fire”. Jim’s imitation of Michael *Gary* Scott is amazing. And the JAM remote high five… not too mention “Quiet, you.” to Michael’s 2nd head.

    I’m pretty sure these are my top three, not necessarily in this order: Drug Testing, The Injury, Casino Night

  215. This poll is making me sad. Every single episode of Season 2 is gold! It’s fascinating to hear everyone’s varying opinions on the episodes, though. It’s almost as hard to pick a favorite as it is to pick a least favorite, but I think I’d go for Drug Testing for the win. But oh, how I love Casino Night … and The Secret … and Email Surveillance! ARGH! *brain explodes*

  216. I hope Casino Night takes the top spot! Best episode ever!! I would rank Booze Cruise #2. Who doesn’t love Amy Adams?

  217. I’m pulling for the Dundies. It has Drunk Pam who is quite endearing plus it showed PB&J’s first kiss (so often overlooked).

  218. My top three:

    1)The Dundies (those perfect Jam moments)
    2)The Client (Michael showing his sales skills, sweet!)
    3)Email Surveillance (Dwangela, enough said)

    But it’s so hard. Season 2 is just so good; how do we choose?

  219. The second season is the best collection of episodes any season of any TV show has or will ever have. I have watched this season a ridiculous amount of times. I was glad to see Halloween finally go. It is the most boring of the episodes, besides the few highlights that others have mentioned countless times(I think there are 3 maybe 4 good moments altogether).

    Performance Review should be next. From there, The Fight, Michael’s Birthday, and Conflict Resolution in any order. I am in no way trying to sway the vote, but honestly this is how it should go.

    It is pointless to try and change anybody’s mind now, so don’t reference me and say,”No, not that episode, I love that one.”

    Every episode has a reason to stay. At this point, you have to sort out which ones have more of a reason to stay.

  220. Seing as it’s a trend:

    1. Drug Testing (Dwight in his uniform! Nuff said.)
    2. The Dundies (Hottest in the office, Drunk Pam)
    3. The Injury (Dwight and Angela)
    4. Email Surveillance (Dwight and Angela… again)
    5. Casino Night (Jim and Pam… doy!)

    Next one to go… The Fight. Love that episode but it’s gotta go!


  221. The Dundies better win this poll! :D With Casino Night coming in, in a close 2nd!

    Season 2 was just so brilliant its so hard to vote off the episodes. I loved them all!

  222. Gotta vote for the Booze Cruise. While funny, the Jim/Pam development is a bummer. I like the reveal to Michael at the end tho.

  223. Oh no! I just saw that i totally copied Spontaneous Dental Hydroplosion’s name! Sorry! I feel like Michael did on the interview when he was wearing the same MISSterious suit as that lady…. hehe

  224. My top 3…

    The Injury (Best cold open in the history of The Office)
    The Dundies (You have won a tiny dundie)
    Conflict Resolution (My middle name is Kurt, NOT fart)

    I’m still pushing for Sexual Harassment to go next…because who has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer? This guy (referring to me, not Jim haha).

  225. My Top Five:

    5) Conflict Resolution [Way underrated, some of the funniest lines in the show’s history: Jim’s list of pranks, Angela calling Pam a “hussy”, etc.

    4) Booze Cruise [I love Michael’s awkwardness around Captain Jack and the JAM moments]

    3) The Dundies [Drunk Pam is hysterical! Also gotta love Michael’s song renditions]

    2) Casino Night [JAM. ‘Nuff said.]

    1) The Client [I’ve grown to love this episode, and I know I’m a little quirky for loving it this much, seeing as I know it’s not going to win, but I love Christian and Michael/Jan’s moments. Not to mention the JAM date!]

    The Injury
    Email Surveillance
    The Secret

  226. I went with performance review. I can’t believe Boys and Girls got voted off so early. I love that ep. The girls ganging up on Jan and the Jim and Pam internship stuff. Oh well. I just hope my favorite Drug Testing does well.

  227. “You got Dwight sucking the funny out of the room.” I guess I’ll have to put the Dundies in my top 5. This is too hard. (TWSS)(no time)(but she did)

  228. This poll is fun just for the love of the names of all the people posting. Someone using the name “Which one is Pam?” made me laugh so hard. On the commentary JK says that that line of Creed’s is his favorite of all lines of the season.

    I also like the person who simply uses “Once”…which, I’m pretty sure, must be referring to when Jim says, “…but I needed you to hear it, once.” Am I right?

  229. Yeah, I agree with 332! Some of these names are hilarious. I like WhichOneIsPam, and FancyNewBeesly is a good one too. Mine is confusing, especially since my name is not Pam Scherbatsky, but it’s a combination of The Office/How I Met Your Mother names [Beesly and Robin, respectively]. I stole the idea from Jim Mosby, but I thought it would be kinda funny.

  230. I agree with Cher is Bonto. “Gas ain’t free!” is one of my all time favorite lines from Dwight. Cracks me up every time.

  231. Wow, it’s getting really difficult to pick now. Aside from Halloween and The Carpet, I agree so far with the ones voted off.

    With the episodes that remain, I honestly could watch any of them over and over. I keep going over the list trying to pick one that I don’t like and there just aren’t any left. That speaks to the awesomeness that was Season 2 :)

  232. Wow, I am in shock. I thought most people loved The Fight. It isn’t my favorite, but there is so much good stuff. Even the tag was good, when Michael says something about wanting people to fear how much they love him.

    Come on people, vote for sexual harassment. Or if you like that kind of humor, at least vote for performance review or conflict resolution.

  233. OMG!!! Not the Fight!!!! I love that episode!! NO!!!!!!! Are you people crazy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  234. The Fight? The FIGHT??? I honestly can’t ever look at this poll again. It’s emotionally damaging.

  235. It’s sooo hard to pick now. :( I’m actually rewatching Season 2 right now just so I can decide!

    Seriously, best season of ANY show. EVER.

  236. Email Surveillance better not go anywhere…that has to be the best cold open of that season…when he thinks the IT guy is a terrorist and he turns the lights off and hides….omg that makes me laugh so much.

  237. The Fight?!?! You have GOT to be kidding me. That one is in my ALL-TIME top 5.

  238. I usually don’t complain about the episodes that are voted off- but come on! The Fight?! That episode is hilarious!

  239. The fight was a pretty good ep, and I didn’t think it would go that quick. Sexual harassment does need to go next. Conflict resolution is not ready to go yet, that was a great episode, needed to put that tension between Pam and Jim, to set up for his leaving. And then Casino night finished it. That ep needs to win. So much grief and tears in that one. It is a powerful episode and should win.

  240. I know I said I wouldn’t be back…but I have to fight for Sexual Harassment. Maybe because it’s the first episode of The Office I ever saw. But I remember never laughing so hard by myself watching a tv show ever. Especially when Michael said his “The only thing I am worried about…” line. Sexual Harassment is everything The Office is supposed to be: dark, uncomfortable, edgy. Lately people think The Office is some family-friendly romantic comedy, but it’s really SUPPOSED to make you cringe, and Sexual harassment has more of those moments than other episode.

  241. Laundry and Betrayal… totally agree. One of the best lines Michael ever said was in that episode. And Pam’s close was perfect. Keep Sexual Harassment around for a few more rounds…

    I gotta vote off The Fire. I love Michael and Dwight but Roy just annoyed the crap outta me.


  242. I’m quite shocked to see The Fight go so soon…I thought it was a top-half episode for sure.
    Sexual Harassment PLEASE!

  243. vote off Booze cruise. 26 seconds of silence, yeah great, but overall not as great as the rest of the remaining episodes

  244. Well, that’s it – I can no longer vote. I just cannot pick from among the remaining episodes. And again, I sit in utter amazement at the sheer brilliance that is Season 2.

  245. From someone that voted off The Fight–I actually would have preferred for it to leave earlier. I don’t know what it was, but there was something lacking. I do like it, but I find other Gene & Lee episodes better.

    This time….voting off Performance Review.

  246. Come on guys. The Fight before Performance Review? I loved that episode! But us fans mustn’t forget that the episodes aren’t actually GONE, they’re just voted off the “island”. They are still existent and still brilliant. But Performance Review has to go next.


  247. I agree with Laundry that The Office is supposed to be dark, uncomfortable, and edgy. I also agree that Sexual Harassment should stay at least a few more rounds. It reminds me of Diversity Day in the way that it pushes boundaries and makes social commentary.

    As far as voting of The Fight, don’t be afraid of the uncomfortable moments like the Jim and Pam thing at the Dojo. The show is supposed to be uncomfortable, and it also shows the writers’ commitment to the show being real. We all like the moments when Pam falls asleep in Jim’s shoulder, or when they eat grilled cheese sandwiches on the roof, but it needs to be mixed it with some other moments like awkwardness in front of co-workers to be real.

    The Fight may not even make my Top 10 of this dawesome season, but I hope it wasn’t voted off just because of the uncomfortable moment.

    P.S. – Please don’t vote off Booze Cruise!

  248. I thought by all the comments begging for Sexual H. to go next that it wouldn’t have stayed. I’m surprised The Fight went before The Fire.

    It’s so hard–do I vote off the ones I watch the least, or do I try to really think objectively by some rubrick and logically pick the one that should go? Because I’ll watch Email Surv. before Michael’s Birthday anyday, but I’d have to say Michael’s Birthday was better, in a logic way. Heart or head?

  249. Duh. I meant to say The Fire next. No question. But after that, I’m really stumped.

  250. I completely, 100% disagree with The Fight being voted off. It never used to be one of my favorites, but I’ve been really into it lately. I think part of why it’s so underrated is that the part people remember, the actual fight, isn’t the funniest part of the episode. It’s the stuff in the office leading up to the fight that’s really funny. Sexual Harassment needs to go.

  251. 352
    Me too. It was my least favorite of the season and very low for the series as a whole. I could never sit through it all. I’m usually into an episode whenever I watch it, but not for this one.

    Office Olympics has to go next.

  252. The Fight is finally off! I’ve wanted it off from the beginning. The awkwardness between Jim and Pam is awful and the actual fight between Michael and Dwight is not very amusing. I’m wondering what people like about it so much?

  253. I’ve been voting for The Fight ever since TYDTWD stopped needing my votes. I agree with those who think it just wasn’t up to par–Michael and Dwight weren’t funny enough. Not sure why, but I’m not sad it’s gone.

    I’ll be voting for Conflict Resolution and Performance Review next. After that, it will break my heart to vote for anything! One thing’s for certain: Email Surveillance will never get my vote. It’s a perfect episode (funny, awkward, sad, touching). I hope it stays around awhile.

  254. I just rewatched ‘Halloween’. Amazing episode!!! It should have lasted longer than ‘The Fight’. Michael’s two heads, Sith Lord Dwight and Jim’s talking head about who was getting fired was probably some of the best stuff that season. “And therein lies the true essence of his chrisma.” Classic.

    Anyway, I just hope that Drug Testing takes the cake! It is totally deserved. “That is the law according to the rules!”


  255. It has to be official and it has to be urine. If Drug Testing makes it to #1, I could be very happy. The jinxed Jim is an amazing secondary plot line…and the kitchen table scene where Pam says, “jim, you can tell me anything..” His face is to die for.

    “hookah is not illegal…it can be mixed with fruit and other flavors.”

  256. I find it funny, yet intriguing that some of my favorite episodes of Season 2 and as well as the entire series have been voted off already.

    I am not a real big fan of Conflict Resolution or Drug Testing, and a lot of people seem to enjoy those.

    I love being a part of this diverse TallyNation.

    [from tanster: TallyNation — love it!]

  257. I have to say after watching it again last night I am rooting for Michael’s Birthday as a dark horse candidate. All sorts of great stuff packed into that episode.

  258. This is the best season ever!! My favorites are “Drug Testing” and “Email Surveillance.” But that’s not even considering Casino Night which is in its own category because it’s just plain classic!

  259. I picked “The Secret” this time; it’s good, but compared to the other candidates, it’s at the bottom of my list.

    I’ll be a little disappointed if CN wins; while it’s a brilliant and pivotal episode, I think there are others that are a little funnier and more representative of the show itself (“Drug Testing” and “Michael’s Birthday” come to mind). I’m just happy that one of my series favorites, “The Client,” is still in the race.

  260. Finally. Adios Sexual Harassment. I don’t even know what to vote for now.

  261. The ice skating is great. Michael’s hidden talent, all the awkward couples holding hands skating, Oscar’s flair for it, and meanwhile at Rite Aid, “Jim Halpert, price check on fabric softener?”

  262. This has gotten SO hard! As much as it pains me, I’m going to have to vote for Performance Review.

  263. Come on. Sexual Harassment? Hilarious episode! I find that I am the only one who likes it on here, though. I’m still voting for Performance Review. After that, The Fire.


  264. FINALLY. Sexual Harassment should have been voted off a long time ago. I voted for The Secret…great episode, but probably the worst of the remaining ones.

  265. Performance Review is still here? I like the episode, but I love the other ones that are left. It should have been gone before Sexual Harassment.

    “Maybe you should look in the smart part of your brain.”

  266. This is so hard, but i’m gonna have to vote for Booze Cruise next. I would love to see The Client or the The Dundies to win!

  267. the injury is by far the funniest. especially when dwight vomits on his firebird and then michael tries to stick his foot into the cat-scan at the same time. ROTFL
    plus it provides a kick-ass segue to the bachelor party in S3. i almost grilled my own foot to feel like a part of the office.

  268. I’m voting The Fire off. Strong at the beginning, with Dwangela shouting out evacuation instructions, but then fizzled out for me. Email surveillance: HYSTERICAL! Michael mistaking a Sikh IT guy for a terrorist? What other show on TV could get away with that?! And at Jim’s party, “Come on! THAT guy? (pause, to camera) Good guy, not a terrorist.” Laughed til I cried.

  269. The Injury is in the top 3. The Fight should go next. Email S. stays. But The Injury is as good as TV gets.
    “Don’t send Dwight.” “Why is Tom Hanks up there twice?” “Ryan’s kindness [aspirin] healed my foot.”
    What are you doing? “Making Vietnam sounds.”
    “You can’t fire me; I don’t work in this van!”

  270. #385 – That’s one of my favorite, if not my favorite parts of The Fire. Angela’s, “Arms at your sides, arms at your sides.” Followed by Dwight’s, “DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!?!?”

  271. I am debating between conflict resolution and performance review. My favorite part of CR was hearing about all of Jim’s pranks, and my favorite part of PR was Dwight thinking it was Friday instead of Thursday.

    After these two, I love them all equally.

  272. Wow, was I the only one who didn’t like Christmas Party? I thought most of the episode was average Office stuff at best, yet no one else seems to be pitching for it to get voted off…

  273. I’m still waiting for “The Client” to be voted off. I love the scene with Jim and Pam on the roof as much as possible, but the meeting between Michael, Jan, and the Tim Meadows character is hard to watch.

  274. waiting for the secret to go! i’ve been voting for it three times in a row!
    eeek! it’s my least favourite ep. all season!

  275. I decided to vote off Office Olympics this round. Great episode…but the stuff at Michael’s condo was slightly less hilarious than remaining episodes.

    I think I might cry if people vote off The Secret or Booze Cruise too soon.

  276. Goodbye, “The Secret.”
    Aside from Michael trying to look like Jim, there’s not too much that’s memorable (though Pam’s little glance at Jim in the end is pretty money).

  277. I can’t believe sexual harassment got kicked off so early. Tis my favorite episode ever! You are all nuts!

  278. I think ‘Conflict Resolution’ should be the next to go. The main funny thing there was the list of Jim’s pranks, but it’s not as strong an episode as the others that are left.

  279. I found Office Olympics to be almost entirely unfunny. What are the favorite moments people are seeing in that one?

  280. This is the first one I’ve been upset about. There are definitely episodes that should have gone before Performance Review.

    I’ve been voting Michael’s Birthday. I think it should have gone a long time ago. I mean I love it, but it’s a very forgettable episode.

    Client for the win!

  281. While I’m glad to see “Sexual Harrasment” go, I really liked “Performance Review” It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite moment from the episode since so much of it was perfect. Although I think Dwight psyching himself up in the stairwell was hilarious.

    “The very least you could do is keep my salary consistent with inflation. HACKAAAAHHAAAAHHHHH!!!!!”

  282. The Client is top five at least. That scene is classic. The chemistry between Meadows and Carrell is perfect. Then, on top of it all you have a great ensemble storyline back at the office. Good episode. NO! Great episode.

  283. I voted Conflict Resolution. I have voted for it from the beginning! It is my least favorite ep. of all the seasons–too angsty, I guess.

  284. Finally! Performance Review is gone. Now it gets really hard (TWSS) but I’ll have to go with The Fire.

  285. Really!? Performance Review got voted off? COME ON! Has anyone noticed that “Michael’s Birthday” still has not been voted off? I mean it has its good moments (i.e. Pam and Jim at Rite Aid shopping and hockey mentions) but it is not better than the last 3 episodes voted off. So lets see this episode go next.

  286. it is definitely time for the fire to hit the road. only shining moment in the episode is when dwight is crying in his car.

  287. I voted for Conflict Resolution. I don’t know why. Don’t ask. I have no clue at this point. I was going to vote for Michael’s Birthday and then I remembered Jim and Pam’s shopping trip.

  288. oh NO! my favorite season 2 episode is the fire. not only does dwight cry in his car, but they play the who would you do game, theres lots of jim and pam moments, and dwight sings”ryan started the Fire!!” best one that season

  289. Hmm, I’m thinking it’s time to go for “Michael’s Birthday”. It was funny and all, but it’s just the proper time for it to leave. I thought it was hard 5 rounds ago, but this is getting really tough. That’s what she said.


  290. This is getting tough, but The Fire had to go. Got to get The Secret to the top ten because of Creed responding to Kevin with “which one is Pam?”

  291. I agree. Conflict Resolution or Drug Testing should be out next.

    Conflict Resolution seemed a little too contrived with Michael’s negotiator’s tool chest, and Dwight’s act in Drug Testing was a little over the top. Both great episodes, just not on the same level as the remaining classics.

  292. I voted off The Client.

    I’m actually really hoping Michael’s Birthday wins. You wouldn’t expect it, and I think that episode was brill.

  293. Great job everyone this week voting off Performance Review. I love all the episodes from here on out but I think Conflict Resolution has to go next even though the Jim Dwight moments are hilarious.

  294. Stop the presses! Drug Testing is by far the best episode of the series, period.

    I just had to get that off my chest. I beg you, wonderful fans of the Office, do not kick this episode off the island. Rewatch it, and you’ll come to find that this episode gave every character a fantastic moment. This was a true ensemble episode. And isn’t that why we love the show so much… for the ensemble. Make the right choice people!


  295. Someone asked what we are loving about Office Olympics:

    Phyllis coyly saying “I’ll do it.” (Flonkerton)
    Kevin: “Hateball. Because of how much Angela hates it.”
    Oscar on Jim’s side, “You should get Toby to teach you Dunderball.”
    Sour Angela “Sometimes I dangle things in front of my cats. But not at work.” (Pam pong)

    I think there’s the spirit of “what if” between Jim and Pam in that episode–what if we could have fun and be together like this all the time?

  296. Go #413! Down with The Fire! Please, put The Fire out. (pun) Certainly before O.O. Certainly before The Client. Certainly before The Secret. (Obviously the rest of them stay.)

  297. aah, I love performance review! I’m not a big fan of christmas party, though.

  298. The Fire needs to go. Most of it contains irrelevant idle conversation. In order to compete in a global economy, we americans must learn to speak concisely and directly.

  299. I think its time for Drug Testing to go. It’s really only half of a great episode, the second half is very weak. The rest are too good.

    The Client is the best!!

  300. The Fire needs to go. Most of that episode involves irrelevant idle conversation. A modern workplace has no room for that. In order to compete in a global economy, we americans need to learn to speak concisely and directly.

  301. Noooooo! Someone rally to me! Drug Testing is one of my favorite episodes ever, if only for the Jim/Pam, and Jim questioning Dwight. Come on guys, let Drug Testing stay for a while longer.

    PS-My vote for the ultimate survivor will be either the Dundies or Casino Night.

  302. I voted for Michael’s Birthday. I doubt it will be the one voted off, but it’s probably the one I’d pick to watch last of all that are left, despite its JAMmy goodness.

  303. Disappointed to see Conflict go…”My middle name is Kurt, NOT fart.” Classic…haha.

    The Secret should go next…it’s a fairly boring episode.

  304. Ahhh all of my favorites are left! I don’t know how I am going to be able to choose. This has been a difficult decision from the beginning!

  305. WHY did Conflict Resolution get out? It’s seriously underrated, and I love the drama! Well, I’m still voting for Michael’s Birthday. I’d be okay if The Fire gets out too.


  306. The Injury is also priceless… Dwight’s strange behavior, the scene where Jim is trying to prevent Dwight from drinking the booze in the minivan by spraying water on Michael and Dwight is hilarious!

  307. For me after michael’s birthday gets voted off, it is just impossible to choose!! can we just have 11 number one episodes?

  308. Okay, this is officially difficult now. I don’t want to vote off anything. I’m deciding between The Fire and Office Olympics. I think.

    I also want to share the love of Drug Testing. Apart from being wickedly funny, it contains my favorite Jim/Pam scene ever: the end of the jinx. The mutual smiles and simple “hi” from Jim encapsulates everything I love about them together, John and Jenna as actors, and the efficiency and heart of the writers.

  309. When will The Fire go?? I like O.O. and C.R. so much more than those. Go Fire, Go.

  310. I’m honestly shocked, I would have thought Conflict Resolution would have been top 5 easily.

  311. the client or casino night must goooo!

    casino night was great because of jim and pam kissing :) but not my all-time favorite…

    and the client, although there is much i like about it, i just love all the other episodes so much better…

  312. Michael’s Birthday needs to go…it was hilarious as all of them are, but compared to the others, its not in the top five

  313. This is horribly difficult, but I think I will have to vote off Email Surveillance. As much as I love Jim and Michael singing Islands in the Stream, and seeing Jim’s room, Michael’s improv class is too painful to watch time and time again.

  314. I agree about Booze Cruise being a little overrated. I mean, yes, it’s great and heartbreaking and plot active; I was on the edge of my seat the first time. But it’s not one that I watch over and over and over. (Like so many others.)

    BTW: Has anyone else seen the actor who plays the captain (the real ship captain, not Michael)in those beer commercials? I wouldn’t have recognized him right away, but his voice caught my attention. I think it’s bud light…some lager, anyway.

  315. Mintdwight – the Captain from the Booze Cruise who is in Budweiser commercials now is also a regular on The Daily Show. His name is Rob Riggle and he’s hilarious!

  316. I hate having to choose! I had to vote for The Client. As much as I love all the scenes from the office, the ones at Chili’s just didn’t have enough to keep me interested.

  317. Far away – I feel the exact same way! This list right now are my favourites of s2 – and out of them, email surveillance is one where i skip over parts. and that does NOT make an ultimate survivor :)

  318. Can we at least get rid of “The Dundies” or “Office Olympics”? I don’t understand why these two weak episodes are still here while “Performance Review”, “Conflict Resolution” and “Michael’s Birthday” (three of my favorite episodes) are gone.

  319. Wasn’t the guy who played the captain in Booze Cruise Rob Riggle (from The Daily Show)? And I think I’ve seen him in beer commercials, too!

  320. Why is the Client still on there??? I have been trying to vote that one off since the beginning.

  321. PERSONALLY I think the best episodes have some VERY funny moments but ALSO help develop the plot.

    I know a lot of people like The Injury, but personally it is one I tend to skip over when watching the DVDs. It’s funny, sure, but the comedy is really broad… I tend to like the more subtle stuff. And (besides the introduction to Michael’s mom, who apparently we could be seeing soon!) doesn’t do much in terms of the plot of the show.

  322. I don’t know if I’m the only one out there, but I think Christmas Party should go next.

    As a die hard Phyllis fan, you can only guess at how upset I get with Michael while he’s trying to pawn her oven mitt. My friends always make fun of me because I find myself yelling “Don’t be mean to Phyllis!!”

    As I have stated many times before, The Client for the win!

  323. What?!? NO! I love Michael’s Birthday! That episode has so much funny stuff in it, plus Jim and Pam’s adorable trip to Rite Aid…oh man, I’m sad that episode got voted off. This is indeed getting hard though (that’s what she said)…all the remaining episodes are SO good. But I think The Client’s gotta go next.

  324. Not surprised to see “Michael’s Birthday” leave. It had a good run and it’s placement is a good one on this list.

    I voted for “The Fire” this time with no real reason. I love the episode with the little games outside and Dwight wanting to please Michael. It is an indication of the strength of episodes left for wanting this one out next.

  325. #454:

    Actor Rob Riggle. Yes, that’s him. He is also a correspondent for The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

  326. Time for Drug Testing to go. As many people have mentioned there are a bunch of great moments in the episode. I just feel Dwight in smaller, less dramatic doses works best, and Dwight was too over the top in this episode.

    After that, the last ten episodes are almost impossible to choose between. The Client, Casino Night, and The Dundies probably get my top three.

  327. that’s rob riggle.

    and he’s amazing.
    check him out on the daily show or human giant sometimes.

    he’s also in blackballed with ed helms.

  328. I’ve been without a computer the last few days, and apparently since the world has gone crazy. reginaroadie , I completely agree with you. Conflict Resolution AND Michael’s birthday are both amazing episodes that should have made it farther than Office Olympics. I feel like I’ve hated on that episode a little too much, but I’ve been voting for it since the beginning of this, and each time I am shocked to see it beat these other great episodes. Oi, please, don’t get rid of any great episode like The Secret and say bye-bye to Office Olympics.

  329. The Client is there for Threat Level Midnight, the start of Jan/Michael, Michael being competent, and what Jim considers his and Pam’s first date. Just to name a few things.

    “I don’t understand. You want to see other people. Only other people.”

    I’ve been voting for Michael’s birthday, because I was kinda mad at Michael for being so mean to Kevin. Now I don’t know what to vote for.

  330. I like The Client! Hello, Agent Michael Scarn!! Samuel L. Chang! DWIGT!! How can you top that?!

  331. The Client is actually pretty good because of the Awesomeblossom-through-the-nose and the proctologist jokes. also jan is getting drunk in the background. that’s as good as the office gets, LOL. only the slapstick of Injury is better.

  332. 458
    The Dundies is staying. Period. I will guard it with my life. However, I’ve been wanting to get rid of Office Olympics for a while.

  333. The Client was great. It showed Michael being a skilled salesman which helped his character not be so annoying.

  334. Booze Cruise is over rated. 26 seconds of silence can’t keep this episode afloat forever. It needs to be sent to the bottom of Lake Scranton, because it should have run aground already.

  335. Michael’s Birthday is probably the only episode of the entire series so far that was close to the UK’s humor. It was clever and irreverent… Michael skating up to Kevin when he got the phone call is one of the funniest things ever…come on!

  336. Thanks to all who helped me with the Rob Riggle ID!

    Still canvassing for The Fire to be off next. I thought it would have gone before Michael’s B-Day, for sure. I can understand why people wanted Conflict R. out, but I didn’t want it to go this soon, especially before The Fire.

    I need The Fire to go next, or “I’m gonna lose, my freakin’ mind! (kicks trash)”

  337. FINALLY…Michael’s Birthday got voted off. Now it is hard to choose episodes to vote off because th rest are all faves.

  338. The rest of this is really difficult. I think this is the order I’d like to see:

    11. Email Surveillance
    10. The Secret
    9. The Fire
    8. Christmas Party
    7. The Client
    6. Office Olympics
    5. Booze Cruise
    4. The Dundies
    3. Drug Testing
    2. Casino Night
    1. The Injury

    I love all of these episodes, but I think that’s the right order for me, from a lot of love down to the absolute most love.

  339. I think The Dundies was one of my favorites. Michael dressing up and doing awful stereotypical comic bits was priceless.

    And the JAM kiss…unforgettable.

    I think my favorite part was when Stanley goes “That’s my wife,” and Dwight presses that button and it goes “OH YEEEAH.” Comedy gold.

  340. In my mind, there are only three “flawed” episodes left here:
    1. Office Olympics (the Olympics plotline is just way too cutesy and more laugh-along-with-the-gang than this show should ever get)
    2. Christmas Party (this one is kind of problematic in the other direction…Michael is a jerk beyond rational explanation, and his consumerism gets one-note)
    3. The Injury (Nobody with a concussion actually undergoes that kind of personality change. And, like I said before “getting hit in the head and acting funny” is a lame fall-back.)
    The rest are spectacular.

  341. Office Olympics next. The Olympics were cool, and Dwight had that great line…”Man throws his wife against the wall…”

    But I always find myself skipping this one on DVD for some reason.

  342. wtb2612: I know what you mean about Dwight’s comments in the condo checking the walls. I didn’t catch it all at first, but the cello practicing next door as he says, “…man, these babies are thin.” So funny.

  343. At 477/Garbage: Yep, absolutely. I’m sick of the idea that if an episode has a “Jam moment”, then it immediately becomes better than other, far superior episodes. Booze Cruise was one of the weakest episodes of the season. It’s nice to see someone else who is unblinded by JAM love, Garbage, and can see an episode for what it is! I always feel that all discussions of the Office involve too much JAM talk, and not enough on the other spectacular and amazing characters and the plots that they’re involved in. Just my two cents, though! :)

  344. I voted for e-mail surveillance. Can’t give you a good reason – just throwing it out there as an alternative to voting off Office Olympics.

  345. In tribute to The Secret, – my favorite episode of The Office ever – I would like to sample just a few quotes and situations.
    “Just go to his house, I could have done this investigation in like 20 minutes.”
    “Including prep time?”

    “I found out something about Oscar today. …He wasn’t sick at ALL.”

    “He is in love with a girl he works with that’s engaged so just cut me some slack.”

    “So did you watch the game last night?”
    “Which one?”
    “I dunno. Any of them.”

  346. the secret… really, people. that is definitely one of my favorites.
    i’ve been voting for office olympics for the past 3 or 4 rounds and it gets my vote again this time.

  347. I love every single episode of this season, but The Secret is definitely in my top 3, so suck it. ;) Seriously – I would’ve expected both it and Conflict Resolution to be top 5. This poll is breaking my heart and completely fascinating me at the same time.

  348. I’m actually going with Casino Night…not one of my favorites…

    But it is SUPER hard to pick one at this point, they’re all so spectacular.

  349. Office Olympics was what got me hooked. Sentimental reasons cause me to turn to The Client.

  350. This is like trying to choose between my children…I have to say its going to be the Fire, I thought this one is awesome, but not as awesome as the others.

    Is it April 10th yet?

  351. Dang, Michael’s Birthday and The Secret back-to-back is a cruel blow. Especially with The Fire still there.

  352. Wow… this actually surprised me. Everyone was ditching The Fire, including me, pretty badly and now ‘The Secret’ is off. Interesting.

    Well… I have to wonder, since we are approaching the top ten, what will the poll look like. I have to say, I was really disappointed by the placements of TYDTWD and Conflict Resolution, which were in my top five. And Dwight’s Speech, being at the bottom of the list still baffles me, but per usual, I see how the poll is voted by.

    Well… I will end my rant by saying that if one episode out of the remaining ten should be the winner, it should be Drug Testing. It was an ensemble episode and a great storyline for JAM and some great Dwangela moments too. My favorite episode of all time!


  353. As much as i love it, I think The Client has got to go. It’s an episode that I can’t watch over and over, unlike the others left.

  354. To paraphrase Angela (in reference to Kevin’s engagement status):

    I cannot believe The Fire is still here. I cannot.

  355. The Fire is a great ensemble episode. It shows the versatility of the cast, as do eps like Office Olympics, The Client, and Casino Night.

    An episode that lacks such exhibition of what the cast can do is Booze Cruise. It starts out well, but then only focuses on the main four characters throughout the rest of it.

    It’s time to abandon ship. My vote is for Booze Cruise.

  356. I think email surveillance for the title!
    It’s so good… I’ve watched it so many times
    and it never gets old! I love Michael’s absolute
    determination for Jim to invite him to the party!
    and I love the improv. class bits!
    “Shut Up!”

    I don’t think the fire should go yet… I thought it was
    a great ep.!
    I’m thinking the Client next, as much as I love it!
    and then probably the injury!

    I’m betting though that Casino Night will win!

  357. Aww, I loved “The Secret.” That would have made my top five from this season. I think either “The Fire,” “Office Olympics,” or “The Clinet” should be next. I’ll go with “The Fire.”

    In the end, I hope “The Dundies” or “The Injury” win this poll. Those were the two episodes that originally hooked me into the series, so I have a deep appreciation for them.

  358. I’m shocked The Secret is gone. I’m voting for The Fire again. I don’t even have a good reason, other than I won’t be devastated to see it go. Now, if Email Surveillance or Drug Testing go bye-bye, I’ll be moaning and drooling like Dwight (gotta love how that man cries).

    Speaking of Dwight: #483, I had a concussion three years ago. My extreme personality change was the main way my doctor diagnosed me, so it’s not accurate to say that no one experiences personality changes. I happen to be nice (usually) but became very paranoid and angry. Dwight is a little paranoid and (we’ll call it) cranky usually, so he became his opposite–nice. I found it totally believable. Oh, and the vomiting was accurate, too! ; )

  359. I’m going to continue voting Casino Night (shock!) because I really don’t think it’s that good, other than the last 3 minutes.

  360. No, really! Why is the Fire still there. The Secret was a much better episode. The Fire has to go next. Come on people!

  361. Since this is my favorite season of television of all time, I feel compelled to rank the last ten:
    10)Drug Testing
    9)Office Olympics
    8)The Injury
    7)Booze Cruise
    6)The Fire
    5)Email Surveillance
    4)Christmas Party
    3)Casino Night
    2)The Dundies
    1)The Client- Client for the win! Funny, whimsical, significant, and angsty all at once. Watch it again.

  362. #505, I agree with your list except I would switch The Fire with Drug Testing. I think The Fire is the weakest episode of the last 10.

  363. Honestly, every time I try to eliminate The Fire, you make it not. that. way.

  364. I honestly have no idea what to eliminate now. I love all the episodes that are left. Wow, this is painful.

  365. the client should have been gone so long ago. the injury should definitely win this, and i’m hoping casino night specifically doesn’t win just because overall i thought it was one of the weaker episodes of the season. i’m going on laughs not whether or not there’s a pivotal JAM scene.

  366. Ok kids, let’s rally and say bye-bye to Christmas Party. Seriously, who can stand how mean Michael is to Phyllis? I know I can’t. Poor Phyllis!

    I know it’s getting tight, but c’mon, keep the Client in! There are others that should go before it!

  367. Ouch. Last three eliminations were brutal. My top three of ALL TIME are The Secret, Michael’s B-Day, and The Fire.

  368. I’d like to see The Client stick around. As well as The Dundies and The Injury. They’re all Top 5 material. Basically if you have “The” in your title I’m for it!

    The Client is great! It gave us Agent Michael Scarn. Jin and Pam on the roof. Dwigt. Fireworks. Tim Meadows Michael defending Jan’s honor. And the Look Dwight gives the camera when he sees Jan. “Did you do her?”

    I could go on and on but I fear I’m hitting the 200 word limit.

  369. This poll is unbelievable. The Secret AND The Fire went before Booze Cruise??? I think the last time some people watched these episodes were when they first aired.

    But I think I understand the problem. Season Three Suvivor went down the way it was pretty much supposed to because everybody had already been watching The Office. Season Two was when a lot of people were just getting hooked. It wasn’t appointment television yet. Now, none of us miss a single second of an episode.

    We all still have those sentimental feeling for those Season Two eps that now have us watching every Thursday.

  370. #517, that’s EXACTLY why I find “Christmas Party” difficult to watch.

    Keep “Office Olympics” around. It’s genius: it gave us Flonkerton! Pam’s homemade yogurt lid-and-paper-clip medals! Gay-friendly neighborhoods! Closing ceremonies with paper cranes on a pulley! Pam-pong!

    Kevin: “It smells like cookies.”
    Jim: “Yes it does. Yes it does, my friend.”

  371. the dundies is pretty good…. i mean how can you vote against ching haha…. christmas party has got to go…. its getting really tough though

  372. I voted for Office Olympics, which pained me greatly because “Flonkerton” finds its way into my conversations quite frequently.

  373. I think the best episode is the client. the most perfect 30 minutes in the history of time. I think think email survailance should be the next to go.

  374. I voted Casino Night off this time. It’s a mixed bag of an episode. The dramatic moments near the end were of course very well done. But the comedy and the first half in general was not among the best of season 2.

  375. I’m voting Booze Cruise next. Michael being a tad too obnoxious decides it for me, though I did laugh at his dancing (“dancing”). I am pulling for Office Olympics to get the win. Question: Where can I put my terrarium? Hahahahahaha.

  376. The only episode I don’t really care for now is the Christmas Party. It has some good moments, but Michael is so mean! I think The Client might be my favorite, just because of Threat Level Midnight.

  377. The Secret is much better than The Fire, but this is getting really tough, The Client had to go.

  378. Aw…buh bye to The Fire. :( That shoulda been top 5 material just for the fact that Dwight took the water jug out of the water cooler and hurled it into the kitchen!

  379. Still keeping my fingers crossed for The Client or The Dundies. The Client is probably a more important episode for character development for Michael, but I just love The Dundies. I could watch it over and over. Drunk Pam ftw!

  380. 1. Casino Night

    a) Dwight’s tux
    b) Jim’s mind control prank (Pam/umbrella)
    c) Michael saying greatest Office quote of all time: to Toby, “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.”
    d) Michael telling Jan she is the “Eva Peron to my Cesar Chavez” which causes her to slightly laugh
    e) Jim, “Guys, the Afghanistananies.”
    f) Michael, “And I hope to someday live in a world where a person could tell a hilarious AIDS joke. It’s one of my dreams.”
    g) Jim and Pam watching band videos (Kevin/Scrantonicity)
    h) Dinkin flicka
    i) Dwight attempting to use telekinesis to make his Dwight bobblehead bobble
    j) Pam giving Michael “practice-runs” on the phone with Carol and Jan
    k) Michael “I am going to drop a deuce on everybody”
    l) Creed stealing
    m) Toby, “Gonna chase that feeling.”
    n) Angela slapping Dwight (he kisses her cheek after winning in craps)
    o) JAM playing cards
    p) Ryan, “One beer and one Seven and Seven with eight maraschino cherries, sugar on the rim, blended if you can.”
    q) And lastly, Jim telling Pam he is in love with her…the subsequent kiss…the cliffhanger… (198 words?)

  381. How are people considering voting off Office Olympics? Flonkerton? Michael & Dwight condo & car hilarity? CLOSING CEREMONIES??? It was hilarious and awkward and moving all at once. SAVE OFFICE OLYMPICS!

  382. My top favs of season 2.

    casino night, drug testing, the dundies, and the client.

    i hope those make the top 4.

  383. 533: Thanks for tallying great moments of Casino Night. I don’t mind if it doesn’t win the #1 spot, but I don’t think it should be in the middle of the pack. Even without “the tear” and “the kiss” the ep is awesome, for the reasons you listed.

  384. I’m not convinced Casino Night will win – I think The Injury might take it (or is this just wishful thinking). Although I really did like Casino Night (great list Adam!) and The Dundies and The Client – put them together with Office Olympics and you have my top five.

  385. 533: THANK YOU for reminding us about this:

    f) Michael, “And I hope to someday live in a world where a person could tell a hilarious AIDS joke. It’s one of my dreams.”

    Classic. You just brightened my day.

  386. I voted off “Office Olympics” this time. It’s so tough…I love all these episodes a great deal.

  387. The Christmas Party was the first episode I started showing to non-Office fans. The idea of switching from Secret Santa to White Elephant (or Yankee Swap) midway through is brilliant. Great moments from the party planning committee, well-played JAM moments (especially when Jim removes the card at the end), Dwight using the teapot to drain his nostrils, and Michael capturing Meredith’s reveal on film.

  388. I just re-watched Casino Night and was reminded how much I love it. Thanks for your list of Casino Night highlights Adam. I was making a mental list of all of those myself. But I have to say Creed’s “Thanks, I’ve never owned a refrigerator” should be on that list. And I have to agree that Michael’s line “I hate so much about the things that you choose to be” is the best Office line ever.

    And even more, I love the forshadowing of Jim and Pam’s poker game. Jim takes a gamble and loses. Brilliant writing, imo.

  389. You know, I have to say that while Drug Testing is MY personal all-time fave and I’d love to see it win, Casino Night may be one of the best office episodes ever. I’ll tell you why: it’s HILARIOUS from start to finish – there is SO much good stuff in here and its rapid fire and never stops (thanks for the recap Adam!). But even more so, every single cast member plays a role in this ep: the big peripheral ones like Jan and Carol and smaller ones (Bob Vance, the office park manager, etc). It’s like they wanted everyone to have a part in the story and for me, that’s what makes this show what it is – the whole office.
    I’ve tried to hook people with other eps and it’s CN that usually gets them! I would not mind at all if it wins (JAM moments and all).

  390. I think I’m going with the Client, but this is a tough choice. All the rest are great.

  391. Extremely hard to choose at this point–it was between Email Surveillance and Booze Cruise. I can’t even remember which one I finally chose?

  392. While I do think Booze Cruise is great, it should be the next to go. I felt that it didn’t spend enough time in the office. I’m interested to see which episode will be #1 because I don’t think I can predict it at this point.

  393. Suggestion: Given all the praises for Adam’s (533) list, and how most agree the last to go are going to be very close, maybe various interested individuals could “Adamize” the rest of the episodes, and make our voting more informed. A renewed sense of just how many great items are in each ep might make the voting easier. If not, at least we can have the enjoyment of a tally for each. I volunteer myself to do one.

  394. I come back from a week in Vegas to find Office Olympics out? Come on people. Christmas Party needs to go.


  395. Having seen the entire season over the last couple of days, I have say that the top three should be: Drug Testing, The Dundies, and Casino Night. All three episode were amazing in the sense of comedy, plot and substance.

    1. Drug Testing: There was more development of Dwight. There was hilarity with the investigation and questioning. And Jim and Pam had the most honest conversation they ever had, just Jim was silent.

    2. The Dundies: There was development with the character of Michael and Pam. You saw Pam let loose and relax, and JIm and Pam’s first kiss, which I’m thinking a lot of people are forgetting.

    3. Casino Night: Please see Adam’s comment for more info.

    These three episodes could all take the top spot and I would never complain. But if it were up to me…


  396. I’m with Pam. It is past time for Christmas Party to go. I can’t believe Office Olympics went before Christmas Party.

  397. Here’s the order I would put the 8 episodes left in:

    8) Christmas Party

    7) Booze Cruise

    6) Email Surveillance

    5) The Injury

    4) Drug Testing

    3) Casino Night

    2) The Dundies

    1) The Client

    I noticed The Client has been getting much more love lately, along with some hate. But although The Injury is great, it doesn’t deserve the title. I’d be happy with #4, 3, or 2 taking the title as well. But don’t forget about The Dundies. No one has any opinions about it!

    BE UNIQUE: THE CLIENT FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  398. This next round was tough. I’m voting off “The Client” this time. It had a nice run and eighth place is solid.

  399. “The Dundies” and/or “E-Mail Surveillance” should be the next to go since they were more awkward than actually funny. After that, it’s an embarrassment of riches for some of the best episodes of the series. Booze Cruise and Casino night should be up at the top for their gravitas and The Injury and Christmas Party are just the most purely funny of the bunch.

  400. Gah, it was painful but I had to go for Email Surveillance.

    After that, I honestly don’t know what to choose.

  401. Oh wow, The Secret was always my favorite. I don’t know, I loved everyone rallying for Jim, and I thought Michael was beyond hilarious. It had its sweet moments, but it was honestly a really funny episode about Michael’s incapability to be normal, and Jim didn’t even mind, because it was what he expected.

    Oh well, Casino Night’s gonna win. That’s a great episode too for so many reasons, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

  402. Email Surveillance? Really? That’s one of my all-time favorites. Drug Testing has to go!

  403. I think we can all assume Casino Night will be number one. All of the JAM people out there will vote for it last because of the kiss.

    Although I will vote to keep it purely because Michael “dropped a deuce on everybody”

  404. I actually thought Booze Cruise was cuter than Casino Night with regards to Jam. Maybe that’s because I’ve watched Casino Night WAY too many times and am now kind of sick of it. :)

  405. ES?! Really? That’s surprising, and also sad because I love that episode. That’s our first glimpse into Angela and Dwight and I love it!

    Ok, I’m begging you guys, save The Client!! It’s time for Christmas Party to go!

  406. Email Surveillance? Whoa. Come on guys, 7th is good for Christmas Party. It’s gotta go.


  407. I’ll be disappointed if CN wins. It just seems like a cliche for the finale to win. And I know saying it sounds cliche, sounds cliche… Maybe I’m being cliche. I don’t care.

    I’m pulling for “The Client.” And I agree that “Christmas Party” needs to head on out.

  408. #533, EXACTLY. That episode is classic and perfect. Not just because of all the Jim/Pam stuff. It’s amazing from every angle. I swear, I’ve watched that episode a billion times and it never gets old.

  409. Finding out Email Surveillance is gone was not a good way to start my morning. Guess I’ll be wearing my cranky pants today…

    I just voted for The Injury. That hurt. Now I’m feeling a little fussy and may need an aspirin.

  410. The Injury is my all-time favorite, but Casino Night is kind of taking over.. I think CN should win. Yes, it was the finale, but the finale episode of any show has to be amazing. And CN just wrapped up Season 2’s awesomeness in one super-sized episode!

  411. I’m going to have to say Christmas Party to go next.I love this episode but I don’t know what else to do.:(

  412. Wow… I thought for sure that EM would be top five. Hmm… me thinks Drug Testing is in danger.


  413. I am VERY disappointed that The Fire is not in the top 3. It’s in my top 3 and Tanster I hope it’s in yours!

    [from tanster: ‘the fire’ is what turned me on to the office. it is definitely one of my sentimental favorites. :) ]

  414. Nooo I love email surveillance! Especially when michael and jim sing Islands in the Stream. I don’t know why christmas party is still here, either.

  415. I love E-mail Surveillance, oh well. Season Two is awesome and it’s hard to pick a favorite. I am torn between Drug Testing and Booze Cruise are like my favorite episodes from that season so I am glad they are still in the running.

  416. I’m sad that Office Olympics is already gone! I’m watching Christmas Party right now and I definitely think it could go soon, but personally The Injury is probably my least favorite ep of The Office so I’m voting for that.

  417. I think I have to go with Drug Testing…it’s one of the episodes that I can’t remember anything big.

    It’s so hard to pick, though!

  418. #567- Drug Testing CAN NOT be in danger! You DO realize that that is one of the funniest episodes of the series, and, in my opinion, John Krasinski’s sexiest episode? Tallyheads, keep it in for the long haul!


  419. I think I have to say Dundies for the win!
    It’s so good, you learn so much more about the
    characters! I love it! But I’d be happy with any of the others
    but Dundies is a favourite! Sad to see Email Surveillance
    go though =[ One of my favourite eps for sure!

  420. Okay this is bad. Email Surveillance probably should have been sixth. Because I now fear that Booze Cruise might make top five and oust one of the greatest episodes, I am going to make a list for The Client when I have more time. It is top three at least. I expect this list to be two comments.

  421. It looks like Casino Night is the current favorite…but I’m all with those who think The Client for the win. I think this is generally an underrated episode, but it’s one of my favorites.

    1. Tim Meadows as Christian – completely hilarious. Especially his line after Jan talks about her divorce during Truth or Dare: “You said ‘World, this is my blood!…'”

    2. Threat Level Midnight – classic. Dwigt!

    3. The original rooftop picnic – Such a sweet, poignant scene. It’s painfully obvious how good they would be together…and Jim FINALLY says what we’re all thinking, “At least I didn’t leave you at a high school hockey game.”

    4. The first time we see Michael as a competent salesperson. This is the first time that Michael’s position is believable and we can see why he still works for DM.

    5. The OTHER legendary kiss…the Jichael kiss that started it all.

    Give The Client a chance!

  422. Emily (and other), I completely agree, I’m pushing for The Client. I also love:

    – Dwight’s fireworks and then him sleeping at DM
    – Michael having Pam get some “data” for him
    – At the very end, Jim and Michael giving each other a knowing look after getting turned down. Great moment.

    Drug Testing or Booze Cruise should go…I’m just not clear what the love is for Drug Testing. It’s way over the top compared with the rest.

  423. Casino Night’s time is up.

    Well, it probably isn’t. I’m pretty sure it’s going to win, but I can hope.

  424. Oh yay! I’m so excited to finally find other people who think The Client is the greatest of Season 2! Remember The Client!

    1. I just love Office scenes where the whole cast is involved in the dialogue exchange, and Threat Level Midnight is one of the best. And it looks like they are having so much fun filming in that scene, as actors playing non-actors trying to act.

    2. Michael’s jeans! (the episode intro) – Standing in the doorway lifting weights, galloping around with trashcans on his feet…so random, sooo funny to me.

    3. So many quick, brilliant lines throughout the episode that are some of my favorites to quote!
    (“May we have an awesome blossom please, extra awesome?”). And I agree, Emily, Tim Meadows is so hilarious here. (my fave, in addition to the blood quote: “Oh my God! That’s funny! I almost had awesome blossom coming out of my nose!”)

  425. Sarah, Jon, and Emily- Awesome to see other people pushing for The Client! It’s automatically the episode I show first to non-Office-viewers, and it’s tried and true- it gets them hooked. But it’s also the kind of episode you can watch over and over again. So I’m hoping for a Client win. Come on guys, vote off Christmas Party (and Booze Cruise next)!

    And since pulling for The Client isn’t so unique anymore, I have a new signature:


  426. I think I’m ready to see The Client go, even though it had great moments (Michael’s ‘brown Probe’ joke gets me every time) but I just don’t re-watch it as much as the others. I’m crossing my fingers that Drug Testing wins, but I’d be satisfied & smiling with Casino Night as well.

  427. Very sad to see The Client go. I would’ve liked to see it get into the top 3 or 4. I made an “Adam’s List” of Drug Testing, one of my very favorites, and realized it doesn’t really beat The Injury or Casino Night after all. I’ll try to post it later when I get a chance.

  428. Christmas Party and Drug Testing are no where near as funny as The Dundies. Come on now people!

  429. I can’t believe this. There was finally going to be a Survivor Poll that made sense to me, but not anymore.

    The Client is the best episode in Season 2 and I can’t believe no one could see that.

    I guess I’ll have to switch over to Dundies for the win…

  430. Wow! Very surprised to see The Client go before Christmas Party. Still holding out for The Injury.

  431. Ouch. After all the support for The Client on the boards it’s a little disappointing to see it go before Booze Cruise and Drug Testing.

    Final favorite quote from The Client (RIP):

    “They just don’t get very much work done when I’m not here. That’s not true, I know how to delegate, and they do MORE work when I’m not here…not more, the same amount of work is done whether I am here or not.”

    — Michael Scott

  432. The Client? Really, people? This is egregious! I think everyone needs a Season 2 refresher course. I’m voting off Christmas Party for the 5th time.

  433. Sad! I love the Client! I’m voting off Christmas Party, then Injury (although I know it’s a favorite among this crowd)…still hoping my all-time favorite Dundies will win!

  434. Christmas Party needs to go folks. It should have gone 11th, and is still hanging in there. Come on people lets get that one off the list.

  435. You gotta be kidding me. The Client’s gone? I was sure it was in here for a while. Hmm, hmm. Christmas Party has got to go, kids.

    THE DUNDIES FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  436. Ahh, I LOVED The Client! The order of episodes to be voted off in order:
    Christmas Party,
    The Dundies,
    Booze Cruise,
    Casino Night,(this episode better not win…the only good part was the surpirse JAM ending but the rest was clearly unfunny)
    Drug Testing, and finally for the WIN….
    THE INJURY!!! (I was on the floor cracking up for hours over this episode and every time I watch it, it is still hilarious!! No one on this planet could ever burn their foot on a George Foreman Grill, seriously.)
    Go The Injury!!!!!!

  437. It is difficult to believe people already voted off The Client…it should have been 3rd or maybe even 2nd. If you truly want to match these shows up against each other, then sit down, watch the episodes and list the memorable/hilarious/etc. parts of the shows that are in question…once this is done, it should be fairly easy to see that Casino Night stacks up against the other great episodes, if not clearly outdoing them. Should I post “comment #533” again?

  438. It seems all the episodes left, with the exception of “The Injury,” are heavy on Jim-Pam content. I think “Christmas Party” is a good episode, but no way it would still be on here if not for the teapot.

  439. Oh darn, I was hoping The Client being voted off would be an April Fool’s joke too. Oh well. Congratulations universe, you win.

  440. The client was the best episode in season 2. What are you guys thinking. I am very disappointed. Awesome Blossom!!!

  441. There is NO WAY that Booze Cruise is funnier than The Client. Have people forgotten that The Client gave us Threat Level Midnight? What were you guys thinking?!

    Booze Cruise MUST go!

  442. I know that Casino Night tends to stick in our minds as just a JAM story. But I watched it again last night and was reminded of that hilarious scene where Toby lists all the reasons not to have boy scouts at the party,
    and Michael’s charity, “Afghanastanis with Aids”,
    and Creed’s kleptomania,
    and Michael’s serendipitous two dates,
    and Dwight in his dead grandfather’s tuxedo….
    That is one laugh packed episode with some JAM love to round it out!

  443. I completely agree with Liana. I just rewatched Booze Cruise and there’s plot development there but it is really weak on the jokes once it gets past the cold open of Dwight having to buy his stuff back from the vending machine. That is hilarious, yes, but the rest is not great. Michael talking endlessly about leadership and fighting with Captain Jack for who gets to talk? Roy proposing to Pam and her accepting? These moments were not really so funny.

  444. I have to agree that there is no way that Booze Cruise is better than The Client.

    I do love the way Meredith says “All…RIGHT!” when Michael announces the outing.

    In a way, I’ll be glad when all this surviving is over; it’s a little stressful. (I know, get a life.) But for realsies, the end of this voting off of great things means that we’re that much closer to Dinner Party. I can’t wait to get my Office on.

  445. What! Who out there was not persuaded by our well-crafted army of posts on the sheer genius of The Client? The news of this poll result made me sick. And while I eventually puked my guts out, I never puked my heart out. And I’m very, very proud of that.

    And I’m very, very proud of everyone else whose heart was with me on The Client — we had a dream, put it out there, and said, “World, this is my blood. It’s red, just like yours. So love me.”

  446. One of these things is not like the others. Drug Testing needs to go. It needed to go about 5 episodes ago. It does not belong in the top 5 with Casino Night, The Dundies, The Injury, and Booze Cruise. It does have involvement from the whole cast, but so does The Client, which is a much better episode. I’m sad to see many other good episodes go before this middle of the pack episode. Drug Testing is outta here.

  447. Everyone’s predicting Casino Night will win. We should be more unpredictable than that. Everyone vote for it please.

  448. The Dundies FTW (only cause that’s my favorite episode of all time)! With The Injury in a close second…you can’t beat Dwight smashing into the pole then puking across his back window…and when he’s in the van and Jim keeps spraying him with the water bottle.

  449. #617 – Agreed. Love the cold open and all, but at the end of the day, it just wasn’t the better episode. Vote Booze Cruise!

  450. What? “Christmas Party” one of the crown jewels of season 2 is out and “The Dundies” is still in? Blasphemy.

  451. I’m so sad that Christmas Party got voted off – that was the episode that put me over the edge into becoming an Office fanatic and I’ve never been the same since. ;) Oh well – this poll has had a few surprises but most of the ones still left are my favorites.

  452. Just voted off Booze Cruise, although it is a particular favourite of mine. Perhaps because I went on a booze cruise once with my office. Trust me, the one The Office folks took was waaay better. Once Booze Cruise is gone, I’m actually probably voting for Casino Night next. At this point, all the episodes (or at least the people who wrote them) should be proud – to be in the top five of one of the best seasons of television ever ain’t too shabby!

    Why? Because it’s so classically Dwight-heavy!
    Dwight: “Mine was green.”
    Dwight: “No. (sigh) It’s marijuana.”
    Dwight: “What prescription drugs are you taking, besides Rogaine?”
    Dwight: “He’s a potential drug mule.”
    Dwight: “It has to be official, and it has to be urine.”
    For me, this epi was another example of just how well The Office pushes the envelope. Pure genius.

  454. I’m voting Booze Cruise…
    And I’m so sad to see Christmas Party to go…fantastic episode.

  455. I literally cannot choose! How does one pick their favorite child?

  456. Drug Testing for the win!

    Dwight: [drinking a large glass of water]
    Angela: Do you want to give Michael your urine?
    Dwight: I want him to have all the urine he needs.
    Angela: You’re not going to get my permission on this.
    Dwight: I know that! [storms off] Don’t you think I know that?!

  457. One Dwight line puts ‘Drug Testing’ above the rest.

    “Have you ever pooped a balloon?”

    Oscar’s walking out is also the perfect sell for that line.

  458. I can’t do this. It’s too hard. There’s no way to choose from among these episodes. They are all perfect.

  459. I think The Dundies deserves it. It’s such a transition from the experimental/somewhat disastrous season 1. You literally could start watching The Office with The Dundies and hardly miss a thing. And better yet, it’s funny — Phyllis’ award for bushiest beaver, Pam drunk, Michael and Dwight as a tag karaoke team, The Office’s first appearance in Chili’s, and of course, Jim and Pam’s first kiss.

  460. I can’t believe Office Olympics is gone so fast, it’s my favorite episode ever (though The Dundies, Safety Training, and Health Care are favorites too).

  461. God this is getting hard! (TWSS)

    I simply can’t choose anymore? I had to go with Booze Cruise because although it is a favorite of mine, I can’t put it above the others listed. Can’t wait for April 10th. I love the Office!

  462. Bye bye, Booze Cruise. Good episode, but in no way does it compare to the other 4 left.

    THE DUNDIES FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  463. “You can’t fire me — I don’t work in this van!” is one of my very very favorite lines. So I couldn’t vote The Injury off. “Please don’t send Dwight.” And The Dundies can’t go, Casino Night can’t go, and Drug Testing beats Booze Cruise.

    So, I voted Booze Cruise off. I LOVE the cold open, “…cuz you know the vending machine guy…”

    The rest could almost tie for first place. And I have to say, THE CLIENT should be in the top 5. Very hard to let that go. twss.

  464. This is like picking a favorite child… I’m gonna have to go with drug testing though. Dundies has to win… Pam drunk and thanking God is hilarious!

  465. OMG, WHY is the injury still in? I love Mindy Kaling, but come on… not as good as some of the ones that were voted off.

  466. I had to vote off Casino Night. As much as I love the confession/kiss (who doesn’t?), the rest of it just doesn’t beat the other episodes. If it comes down to it, I’m going to have a crazy hard time voting between The Dundies, Drug Testing, and The Injury.

  467. If it comes down to the injury and the dundies, i don’t think i’ll vote. i cannot choose between them.

  468. My top 4 episodes of S2 are still in! (Dundies, Booze Cruise, Injury, & Casino Night).

  469. Sink Booze Cruise, seriously. I don’t care how many seconds of silence were in it. It wasn’t great, and it definitely doesn’t deserve Top 4 anyway.

  470. Gooooooooooooooooo Drug Testing!!!!!
    Finally my favorite episode gets some of the love it deserves. #631, 635, and 636 recap a few highlights…but there are just so many gems to chose from.
    Like Hank the security guy, who totally makes this scene:
    Dwight: Can I have a gun?
    Hank: No, I don’t have a gun.
    Dwight: Okay, I’ll have to bring in my bow staff.
    Hank: I don’t think so.

    And for you JAM fans? I think the coke can scene is almost better than Casino Night (ducks the garbage being thrown at me).

    Priceless. All of it. Drug Testing for the win!!!!!

  471. 1. Casino Night

    a) Dwight’s tux
    b) Jim’s mind control prank (Pam/umbrella)
    c) Michael saying greatest Office quote of all time: to Toby, “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.”
    d) Michael telling Jan she is the “Eva Peron to my Cesar Chavez” which causes her to slightly laugh
    e) Jim, “Guys, the Afghanistananies.”
    f) Michael, “And I hope to someday live in a world where a person could tell a hilarious AIDS joke. It’s one of my dreams.”
    g) Jim and Pam watching band videos (Kevin/Scrantonicity)
    h) Dinkin flicka
    i) Dwight attempting to use telekinesis to make his Dwight bobblehead bobble
    j) Pam giving Michael “practice-runs” on the phone with Carol and Jan
    k) Michael “I am going to drop a deuce on everybody”
    l) Creed stealing
    m) Toby, “Gonna chase that feeling.”
    n) Angela slapping Dwight (he kisses her cheek after winning in craps)
    o) JAM playing cards
    p) Ryan, “One beer and one Seven and Seven with eight maraschino cherries, sugar on the rim, blended if you can.”
    q) And lastly, Jim telling Pam he is in love with her…the subsequent kiss…the cliffhanger… (198 words?)

  472. So hard!! I personally, think “The Secret” was a wonderful episode. So many different secrets in there, and some awesome JAM stuff.
    “Casino Night,” while Jim’s heartfelt confession (the tear!!) and the kiss (mmm) were both amazing, the rest of the episode bored me.
    “The Dundies” incorporated everything we love about this show. Michael being silly and offensive, plenty of adorable JAM moments (I love the scene when she falls off the chair, and the one outside when she almost tells him how she feels) and the ridiculousness that is Chili’s.
    “Drug Testing” I think is one of John Krasinski’s best episodes. The “Jim, you can tell me anything..” and then his eyes falling, and Pam seeing it. And the “hi, hey” is too freaking cute.


  473. I’m voting off Booze Cruise. That should have been gone a long time ago, IMO.

    After that, I will have no idea which episode to choose. They are all so awesome!

    Dinkin’ Flicka!

  474. I certainly agree with the call for the Booze Cruise to take a hike. If it were to beat any of the other four left, I’d be much disappointed. Lots of “angst factor” which I love in fanfic, but no so much on the show.

  475. Thank God. I have been campaigning for Drug testing to win from day one. Yay for the underdog!!!

    I’ve seen some highlights and I thought I would give a list of some more:

    1. Kevin being called dull and slow-moving.
    2. Jim being called a girl.
    3. Dwight having no friends at the station.
    4. The interrogation of Oscar, Creed and Jim.
    5. Michael smoking clove cigarettes.
    6. Pam’s pink sweater and her bouncing
    7. Jim’s fake crying.
    8. The conference room scene/intervention (My personal favorite)
    9. Pretty much anything Dwight said during the entire episode.
    10. Linda the Drug Tester. (You wanna work at the urinalysis lab?)
    11. Jim and Pam’s jinx game… the best storyline of them to date.
    12. Jim’s sad eyes.
    13. Dwight’s spud gun and bow staff
    14. Hank the security guard. (I don’t think so.)

    And plenty of other little moments that make this episode just amazing. I hope all of you make the right decision and keep it until the very end.


  476. I’m with the Dundies #1 crowd! It’s the best of the best. That one beat look at the camera by Jim at the very end is what convinced me that John Krasinski could play the role I loved so much from the British version of the show.

  477. Awesome. Next up for expulsion is Casino Night. Take it out! Seriously, if we end up with The Dundies, The Injury and Drug Testing as the final three, we have done our jobs.

    PS: The Dundies for the win.

  478. This is an almost impossible decision…but I’m going to have to vote off The Dundies. I can’t vote for Drug Testing, in my opinion either it or Casino Night should be #1!

  479. I have to go with what I am sure is the general opinion, and say THE INJURY for the win.

  480. Casino Night had a good run. It’s time to go. I’d also be okay if The Injury got out. But guys, you can’t argue The Dundies or Drug Testing is the best. No doubt.

    THE DUNDIES FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  481. Good. Booze Cruise out. I had to vote Drug Testing off. I know that I’ve watched it as many times or more than any other one, but since I followed Adam’s methodical process of making a list, things have changed. I’ve seen the light about Casino Night, which I wasn’t going to put first at the beginning of this game.

    When I made the itemized list, The Dundies, The Injury, and Casino Night beat Drug Testing.

    Whatever happens now, I can rejoice that MY top four made it THE top four. My fifth would have been The Client…no, The Secret, no, the…

  482. Please Casino Night for the win! The whole episode is amazing and I’m not just talking about the kiss scene. The whole thing, from Jim “moving” a coat rack to seeing Jan throw her bag in the back seat because she can’t stay with Michael!
    i abosoultly love it!
    also drug testing for #2!
    the dundies for #3 and the injury for #4.

  483. I had to vote of The Injury. I really didn’t want to but even if I voted for Casino Night, it wouldn’t matter because it was the amazing finale.

  484. I’m impressed The Dundies has made it this far. It does strike me as a “classic” Office episode, but I’m, sorry, it can’t stand with these other three.

    I’m SO happy Drug Testing is still here. Casino Night is a genius episode mostly because of the shock of JAM at the end. But just think, that ending wouldn’t have been even close to as moving if not for the tension that built up over the season. That’s why I think Drug Testing should win. The jinx storyline is the most endearing Jim and Pam moment to date. Plus, literally every line Dwight says in it makes me laugh. Great episode! I’m for Casino Night nabbing number 2, but Drug Testing for #1!

  485. Of course these are all amazing episodes, but I had to vote off The Dundies. It was a hard decision, but Drug Testing was the episode that first got me hooked, so it holds a special place in my heart. The Injury better win though, it is no doubt the very best of what the office is really meant to be. If every episode were so chock full of JAM, the show wouldn’t be as good as it is. The Injury NEEDS to win.

  486. Kudos to whoever’s name is “I’ve seen over 200 of them.” I laughed out loud so hard remembering!

    Also, whoever is “seconDrink”–that names always cracks me up too.

    I think I play this game to see what little quotes people will throw in; either as their name or in the post. It’s so much fun.

  487. Makes me sad to see Booze Cruise go… seeing Michael dancing like that makes me laugh EVERY time. Also Jim’s awkward break up is just classic! “what do you do with a drunkin’ sailor?” Sigh… Oh well The Dundies FTW!

  488. I said I was done with this poll, but Booze Cruise is finally gone. Top five? What a travesty. The top four is right at least. I literally can’t pick which one to go next though.

    It’s a fight between Casino Night and The Injury for first anyway.

  489. Jim’s 30 seconds of silence in booze cruise is quite possibly my favorite scene in the entire series, exceptional acting on his part. I think drug testing should be next, I have a few problems with that episode. How did Creed pass his test? lol

  490. “Booze Cruise” made it far. It was a good episode and fifth position is quite solid. I voted off *shock* “Casino Night” next. I love it but the competition is getting tighter with each round.


    why doesn’t anyone agree that the injury has to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  492. i can’t believe i had to chose between those 4! i voted the dundies….if only cuz DT and CN are just two of the best episodes ever and, well, the injury cracks me up every time and it is THE episode i use to get people hooked.
    but the dundies..oh! i’m sorry dundies!!! i love you too! classic classic office episode. i’m sorry drunk pam….

  493. This must be the biggest decision of my life…Now that Booze Cruise is gone, I’m going to sadly have to vote off drug testing. Oh well, you had a good run.

    DUNDIES FOR THE WIN! (Come on, how can you vote against drunk Pam?)

  494. I’m with you, Michelle. The Injury needs to leave. And while I love the kiss in Casino Night (who wouldn’t?!) it just wasn’t that… funny. And funny is why I love the office. Drug Testing has everything, in my opinion.

  495. Talk about the hardest choice ever. As much as I love it, I’ve got to vote off Drug Testing. :(

  496. The Injury is DEFINITELY the best episode of the season. Actually, I think it’s the best epsiode ever. So don’t vote it off!

  497. Oooh, Dundies has got to go, I think. Casino Night can stay solely for the fact that Nancy Walls guest stars. Drug Testing… can stay for the little scene where Dwight goes up to Ryan and tells him, “The Hard Way,” of doing things. Dundies? Good episode, but not the best. Not as good as episodes that have already been voted out, anyway.

  498. I honestly think the client should have been in the top five, but the past is past.
    I understand how everyone remembers CN for the kiss/tear/etc., and although it is the first thing to pop up in the viewers mind when remembering the episode, it is not what makes it a great episode. It is dangerously brilliant, in fact. Written by Steve Carell himself, Casino Night gave us some of the most classic quotes and classic scenes of the entire series (I believe it was the pinnacle of the entire show’s story arc).
    If you do not believe me, check out comment #653. It provides a comprehensive list of the show’s best moments. Compare it to a similar list of The Injury’s best moments (comment #657), which was written by a different Tallyhead other than myself. CN surpasses it by far…in comedy and love/plot development. (151 words?)

  499. Correction: In my last post, I made a mistake and wrote “The Injury” instead of “Drug Testing” when referring to comment #657.

    Either way, CN outdoes them in all dimensions of the show. I think I wrote The Injury because that is the show I voted off.

  500. I’m currently watching Drug Testing to try to figure out why everyone loves it so much. It has it’s funny parts, (You’re not..on..anything? Jim fake crying.) but it’s not even a top 10 episodes. What gives?
    DT needs to go.

  501. I absolutely agree with post #653. There are so many great things about Casino Night other than the Jam ending (not that I don’t love the Jam ending). I mean, “I hate so much about the things that you choose to be” is the BEST quote ever.
    Ugh, but these last 4 are going to be hard (TWSS) to choose from.

  502. CN is unstoppable and the list in that comment proves it. The JAM scene at the end is more like a cherry on top rather than the whole cake. Oh, and thank you dorky dancer for actually reading the 3 comments to make sense of what i said, lol…

  503. I have to agree about CN being unstoppable. I didn’t want it to win because that’s so expected.

    But other things like “I would never ever serve you, not in a million, billion, years” make me laugh every time. And the awkwardness between Jim and Jan outside, which I don’t think made Adam’s list, is great. Jan talking to herself and Jim says, “Yeah, why did you?” And he’s trying to be nice but still keep it real.

    And someone (sorry I’m not going back to page whatever to find who) said it was great writing to have Jim and Pam at the poker table prior to the tear/kiss, where he “goes all in” and she “takes him down”. I never noticed that amazing foreshadowing, or parallel, or whatever.

    In conclusion, CN for the win. With all odds. :)

  504. I am curious as to what people’s personal lists are. We should post our own lists and compare those, too.
    Mine would probably be: #22 Sexual Harassment (it has some really funny lines I just think that it was too crude), #21 Office Olympics, #20 The Fire, #19 Valentine’s Day, #18 Dwight’s Speech, #17 Halloween, #16 Take Your Daughter to Work Day, #15 Boys and Girls, #14 Drug Testing, #13 Performance Review, #12 The Client, #11 The Fight, #10 The Carpet, #9 Christmas Party, #8 Michaels Birthday, #7 E-mail Surveillance, #6 The Secret, #5 Booze Cruise, #4 The Injury, #3 Conflict Resolution, #2 Casino Night, #1 THE DUNDIES!

  505. The Injury all the way!!! “Dwight! You forgot your bumper!” And Drug testing 2nd, and 3rd The Dundies..I can’t believe Office Olympics wasn’t closer to the end..ah yogurt lid medal…you will play a much bigger part in some peoples future than you may now believe…That’s one of my favorite episodes!

  506. the injury is the best episode ever. When you are showing your friends the show for the first time, what episode do you pick? I always pick the injury and they love it

  507. I can’t believe “Dundies” has made it this far. It is one of my LEAST favorite eps and I have voted against it every single time so far! What am I missing…? “Drug Testing” and “The Injury” still paralyze me w/laughter…I still cry along w/Jim in CN…as for “Dundies”, the funniest moment in my opinion is Ryan’s TH after winning. Drunk Pam? *shrug* Nothing beats the JAM moments in DT!!!

  508. The real way to decide these things is through the Deleted Scenes. And the ones for Drug Testing has Pam saying “I took a bong hit from my Bong Water with my pimp.”

    Therefore, it is the greatest Office episode of all time.

  509. At this point, I’ll be happy with whatever wins (though I’m pulling for Drug Testing or The Dundies). If Casino Night wins, I’ll be okay because I adore it too. For the record, I love CN because it’s hilariously well-written episode and includes the whole cast, not just for the Jim/Pam stuff. Hating on CN just for the JAM stuff is a silly as loving CN just for the JAM stuff.

  510. Black Cat has it 100% right saying, “Hating on CN just for the JAM stuff is a silly as loving CN just for the JAM stuff.”

    Comment #653 has a comprehensive list of most of the hilarious moments in CN, such as Dwight’s tux, Jim’s mind control prank, Michael saying to Toby, “I hate, so much about the things you choose to be,” as well as many, many more moments. CN is much more than just the JAM scenes…

  511. The Dundies got the boot. Well, my boot. I know some people think The Injury is over the top, but I love it all the same.

    And the canvassing for CN has swayed my decision–now I really do want it to take the cake.

  512. The final 3 in order: #3 The Dundies, #2 Casino Night, #1 The Injury!

    Jim: “Dwight, you forgot your bumper!”
    Pam: “No, I didn’t mention that you cooked your foot.”
    Michael: “Tell Ryan to bring toilet paper.”
    Michael: “Pam, please. I have Country Crock.”
    Pam: “Oh my God, Dwight’s kind of my friend!”
    Creed: “When I was a teenager, I was in an iron lung.”

  513. I’m glad to hear that Mintdwight has changed her mind about CN.

    I will continue the campaign.

  514. I voted off the Dundies next. There are tons of jokes in it that I love, especially the film of Michael in a previous Dundie year where it looks as if he’s wearing tuxedo pjs, but in all honesty, I did not love drunk Pam. Then again, Dwight’s Speech would definitely have made my top 10, so I am clearly in the minority in more than one way. I am pulling for Casino Night for the win. Toby’s snarky delivery of his list of why Boy Scouts were not invited to attend the event is great!

  515. Mindy Kaling must be feeling pretty good about now – with 2 of the top 3 fan favorites written by her! I was sad to see “Drug Testing” go, though.

    As much as the last few minutes of “Casino Night” were absolutely incredible, it got my vote today. If I consider straight-up humor, the other two remaining episodes stand taller, imo.

  516. I gotta go with the Injury for the win…

    you burned YOUR foot on a foreman grill?

    Dwight, you forgot your bumper!

    and of course…

    You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van!

    Laughing all the way through, let’s go Injury!

  517. And now the choice is completely impossible for me! I loved all three of these eps left and go back and forth between which one I loved most from this season. I am glad that these three made it to the top of the poll, though.

  518. These…. are my three favorite episodes… possibly ever. I think I’m gonna have to vote off Casino Night :( Sorry Dwight’s tuxedo, family heirloom in which his grandfather was buried.

  519. The Injury is very funny in a slapstick sort of way, but I think The Dundies better captures what The Office is about…a mix of subtle, angtsy, ensemble comedy (with opportunity for Steve Carell to showcase) that pushes forward plot without being overly plot heavy (e.g. Casino Night).

    Therefore, The Dundies for the win (since The Client was voted off)…I just realized my two favorite episodes both heavily involve Chili’s. Weird.

  520. :( I’m afraid I’ve got to vote off The Dundies. That was tough. *sigh*

  521. Had to vote off Casino Night. Yeah, Jim and Pam kissed, and it had some funny moments, but it doesn’t compare to the Injury or Dundies.

  522. I disagree with Joshua. Casino Night already IS in the top three. And it rightfully belongs there.

    Moreover, now that Adam steers the ships of those who listen to lists and litanys, it’s clear I too now must do the cliche thing and vote CN for the win.

    I know it’s cliche, and saying it sounds cliche, sounds cliche, but I don’t care.

    From here:
    3. The Dundies, 2. The Injury, 1. Casino Night

  523. The Injury still remains my favorite despite any list. Casino Night is a great episode, but I see The Injury as flawless.

  524. I’ve always thought that Casino Night and The Injury were the two best episodes of Season Two and would be satisfied if either of these two is voted the best episode. The Dundies is slightly below these two, though it is still a very good episode.

    The Injury has so many classic lines that people in our office still quote today and like others have commented, it is one of the episodes that I tell people to watch to convert them into regular viewers. So I would have to give it a slight edge over Casino Night.

    Chocolate chip or Rocky Road? Doesn’t matter – the important thing is you are eating ice cream! Love the Office!

  525. Okay… I gotta vote. I say goodbye to The Injury, but up to this point, it’s just up to taste. I prefer the quietly funny moments, like in The Dundies when Michael asks where Stanley’s wife is. The Injury is brilliant as well, so I’d be happy seeing any of them win! I gotta go for The Dundies. Who DOESN’T like to root for the underdog? (or updog)

  526. lol! To 730: I agree! “It’s this person whose hand I’m holding” is one of the funniest moments.

    I really may need a new line by line comparison of The Dundies and The Injury. Although, like people have said before, they are each almost different genres within the show.

    The Dundies is a transition from so dry/deadpan uncomfortable to more colorful, good natured-ness. And it is gold.

    The Injury is far-out incredulous imagination at its best. “…making Vietnam sounds.” And it too is gold.

    To sum up, two golds.

  527. Casino Night and The Injury are both fantastic episodes. I’m voting The Dundies for now, and, by a small margin, am pulling for The Injury to take it all. It’s my all-time favorite, and one that my friends and I watch everytime we have an Office night, no matter what.

  528. Oooooh…. I was going for The Injury. Bit of a shame, as neither of the remaining episodes deserve to come first. Casino Night: Written by Steve Carell, guest starring Nancy Walls… only two things going for it. Still a massively overrated episode. So it’s gonna have to be Dundies, me thinks!

  529. Casino Night! “I hate so much about the things that you choose to be…” I mean come on. That is GOLD! Yeah, I’m over the Jim/Pam stuff (blah), but it was a well written episode that would please most fans. And Steve Carell’s wife was in it!

  530. There is absolutely no way The Injury should be 3rd. The only reason you guys are leaving The Dundies and Casino Night as 1 and 2 is because of about 2 minutes Jam stuff. Shame on you all!

  531. I always thought it was cool that Jim confessed his love for Pam on casino night or in other words, “took a gamble”.

  532. NOOOOOO! The injury is my favorite episode of the office. I’m real sad to see it go. Casino night is my second fav. so I guess I would like to see that win now.

  533. Casino Night for the win!

    “Two Queens on casino night… I’m going to drop a deuce on everyone.”
    “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.”
    “Love triangle drama!”

    And we get to see everyone dressed up nice in their fancy clothes. My favorite Office episode ever.

  534. I can’t believe the injury was voted off! “Don’t send Dwight!”… Dundies for the win!

  535. i can’t believe “the injury” was voted off either! holy crap… that’s definitely my all-time favorite episode!

  536. I was so appalled The Injury got voted off I’m not sure who I just voted for!! I hope it was the Dundies ;)


    “I’m going to drop a deuce on everyone.”
    “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.”
    “I’m not having fire-eaters in my warehouse.”
    “Guys, the Afghanistananis.”
    “I just love stealing things.”
    “Michael says we must deceive them. And in deceiving them, we honor them.”

  538. Are you serious? The Dundies is the best episode ever, and will probably not be outdone in the near future, if at all.

    “The waitress tripped on the cord.”
    “Now I know how Bob Hope felt.”

    And Pam drunk. How can you seriously vote against this eposide?

  539. wow…this is so hard. I’m going to have to go with Casino Night just because I love JAM! But The Dundies is definitely a classic.

  540. The Dundies and Casino Night are my 2 favorite episodes from any season…tough for me to choose between them.

    “I hate so much about the things that you choose to be” has to be one of my all time favorite lines.

  541. I’m in shock. Dundies better than the Injury? WHAT????
    First Drug Testing is gone and now the Injury?
    “i don’t believe you. Continue.”
    Well, tis no contest for me. Sorry Dundies, sorry drunk Pam (adorable as you are), sorry Ping…I love you, I really do but Casino Night is a supersized stroke of brilliance and NOT because of the JAM. All you doubters – go watch it again, skip the JAM moments if you want -you cannot tell me it isn’t hilarious! Go ahead – fleece it out!

  542. suck! The Injury is my favorite ep of all. This just reinforces the fact that I have really bad taste. I’m just gonna go cry now . . .

  543. You’re all insane. The Injury is the best episode on any sitcom ever.


  544. I loved the injury but michael is just a little TOO much for me. Dundies FTW! Nothing beats pam falling off that chair and the thanking God in her acceptance speech.

  545. This situation saddens me. “The Dundies” is absolutely hilarious and was a great new beginning for the show as it entered its first full season. “Casino Night” is also hilarious (Two queens on casino night. I am going to drop a deuce on everybody.) and gave everyone what they were hoping for with Jim’s confession to Pam.

    With that said, I would put “The Injury” and “Drug Testing above both of them. To me, these two episodes have everything that makes The Office great in them. Not only are they Dwight-centric, but they show the relationship dynamic between Jim and Pam as well as Michael and Dwight.

    But with those gone, I definitely want The Dundies to win it all.

  546. Is it ironic that the first episode of the second season and the last episode of the second season are going head to head?

  547. This poll can’t be true. I don’t see how you people voted in this thing. It’d be impossible.

  548. I recently rewatched the Injury and it was even funnier than I remembered. I’m sorry to see it go, particularly before the Dundies. Casino Night for the Win!

  549. If you want to vote based on Jim/Pam moments, consider this: On the DVD commentary for “The Dundies” John Krasinski himself says that the kiss in that episode is more meaningful to him than the one in “Casino Night,” because it’s their first.

    If you aren’t voting based on Jim/Pam moments, remember that Steve Carell gives a great performance as the host of The Dundies, drunk Pam is hilarious, and the rest of the cast members give solid, funny performances, as well.

    “Casino Night” is a great episode, but I think “The Dundies” should win!

  550. I can’t believe The Injury is number 3!!!? I’m totally shocked, I had Injury for the win, then Dundies, then Casino Night… :(

  551. Who is voting in this thing? Did you all forget that “The Injury” was hilarious?

    And the fact that “Booze Cruise” made it all the way to #5 made me a little queasy. (sigh)

  552. Thanks a lot. This decision sucked but I had to pick Casino Night because of Jim’s confession to Pam. Maybe the best scene I have ever watched on tv. (And yes I did cry)

  553. Wow .. the premier and the finale battling it out.

    I’m goin’ with Casino Night.

  554. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! THE INJURY WAS THE BEST EPISODE EVER!!! “Pam can you rub my foot? I have country crock.”
    I now have to go for The Dundies for the win.

  555. Just a reminder to please be respectful of other people’s opinions in your comments. There is no right or wrong way to vote. Thanks! :)

  556. Both are episodes where there was a JAM kiss. Coincidence? I think not. :)

  557. Yeah, my pick was 4. Drug Testing 3. Dundies 2. Injury and 1. Casino Night.

    I just watched both Casino Night, the Injury, and the Dundies came on TV recently.

    Casino night is my vote HANDS DOWN. Do you remember how perfect the 40 minute episode was? Everything breathed, there were great funny moments (like when Pam let Michael have a “practice run” on answer calls), and all the side stories with Toby (I hate so much about the way you choose to be/stealing money from Michael). Kevin got the invite for RAM’s wedding for Scrantonicity, Creed stole stuff and stuffed his sleeves with chips, and Dwight planted one on Angela’s cheek that made her react SO HILARIOUSLY! And I don’t even have to mention the kiss, which truly set this show apart from the British version.


  558. wow. The Injury IS the best episode of season 2. I thought everyone loved it.

  559. It’s not just the Jim/Pam stuff that makes this a spectacular episode. These are two episodes which allow the entire cast to shine. Big events with the whole cast involved? Automatic win.

    I’m going for Casino Night, though. Just because I feel it’s sliiiiightly more perfect than The Dundies. Heh.

  560. All the reasons to vote for The Dundies:
    -Michael’s “TMI, too much information”
    -Michael’s tsunami relief fundraiser which somehow lost a lot of money and his 5-5-05 party
    -Dwight saying “having a bathroom is a privilege”
    -Michael giving Ryan “Sexiest in the office”
    -Pam getting uncharactistically drunk
    -Pam and Jim’s FIRST kiss!
    -Pam about to tell Jim something(!) and then realizes that the camera is watching her
    -Pam never being allowed in a Chiles again


  561. Aw I’m sad to see The Injury go.

    Casino Night is my favorite of the season though, and it’s more than just the Jim/Pam. The entire Afghanistinanis conversation, Dwight’s try at telekinesis, “I hate so much about the things that you choose to be,” Creed stealing things, Angela slapping Dwight, dinkin’ flicka. It’s perfect.

  562. Now that The Injury is gone… I’m going to have to go with Casino Night.

    The Injury was the best episode of Season 2, but my second place goes to Casino Night.

  563. Nooooooooo! Not, The Injury! I am so sad I’m going to mix some aspirin in my chocolate pudding to make the pain go away.

  564. I must be crazy. Dundies advances over The Injury and Drug Testing? I never coulda guessed it. Those 2 are so funny I cannot drink a beverage and watch them at the same time…Casino Night for the win!!!

  565. Casino Night

    a) Dwight’s tux
    b) Jim’s mind control prank (Pam/umbrella)
    c) Michael saying greatest Office quote of all time: to Toby, “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.”
    d) Michael telling Jan she is the “Eva Peron to my Cesar Chavez” which causes her to slightly laugh
    e) Jim, “Guys, the Afghanistananies.”
    f) Michael, “And I hope to someday live in a world where a person could tell a hilarious AIDS joke. It’s one of my dreams.”
    g) Jim and Pam watching band videos (Kevin/Scrantonicity)
    h) Dinkin flicka
    i) Dwight attempting to use telekinesis to make his Dwight bobblehead bobble
    j) Pam giving Michael “practice-runs” on the phone with Carol and Jan
    k) Michael “I am going to drop a deuce on everybody”
    l) Creed stealing
    m) Toby, “Gonna chase that feeling.”
    n) Angela slapping Dwight (he kisses her cheek after winning in craps)
    o) JAM playing cards
    p) Ryan, “One beer and one Seven and Seven with eight maraschino cherries, sugar on the rim, blended if you can.”
    q) And lastly, Jim telling Pam he is in love with her…the subsequent kiss…the cliffhanger… (198 words?)

  566. A final push for The Dundies (how can I explain it?):

    “Next thing you know, employee smells something terrible coming from the neighbors house…neighbor’s hanged himself, due to lack of recognition.”

    THE DUNDIES (are about the best in every one of us):

    Phyllis: Bus(h)iest Beaver (you don’t have to display that)
    Ryan: Hottest in the Office (I believe in Miracles)
    Angela: Tight ass (So, come on down… No.)
    Kelly: Spicy Curry (not everything means something)
    Kevin: Don’t go in there after me award (woohoo, for Kevin for stinking up the bathroom)
    Stanley: Fine work (at least I didn’t get smelliest bowel movement)
    Pam: Whitest Sneakers (I want to thank God, because God gave me this Dundie)

    I just want to say that this was the BEST DUNDIES EVER! More Dundies! Dundies, Dundies, Dundies!

  567. I’m disappointed The Injury didn’t win! Thats my favorite episode to date and actually the first episode I ever saw. It was a great introduction to a great show.

  568. the injury and drug testing should have been 1 and 2 respectfully!!!
    i wish i hadn’t missed all the voting…

    Go Dundies!!!

    “You are so drunk!”

  569. I love both episodes, but I have to go with the dundies….. nonstop hilarity (as with casino night too), but the dundies is just perfect.

  570. There is something indefinably hilarious about Michael in a hoody that gives the Dundies the edge.


  571. Question: Which episode is best?

    False. The Injury is best.

    The Injury, Drug Testing, Battlestar Galactica.

  572. I was really disappointed the carpet went so fast, its such an underrated episode. There are so many funny moments with Michael at Jim’s desk and Jim having to deal with Kelly in the back. Michael and Dwight interacting is classic, especially when they decide to “send up accounting.”

  573. Pretty good list! This was fun… as soon as Season 4 ends, let’s do this again!

  574. Ah well. I’m happy my all-time fave, Drug Testing made it to fourth place! Casino Night was an amazing episode, just the drama at the end kinda went south for me.

    Until we meet again… hope everyone enjoys the rest of Season 4. I know I am!

  575. The Dundies should be at the top, the writing in that episode has not been repeated in any other season.

  576. okay, my list at first pass (subject to minor switching around but will remain pretty close to this):
    22. sexual harassment
    21. halloween
    20. take you daughter to work day
    19. valentines day
    18. michael’s birthday
    17. conflict resolution
    16. the fire
    15. performance review
    14. the secret
    13. booze cruise
    12. boys and girls
    11. the fight
    10. dwight’s speech
    9. christmas party
    8. the carpet (so underrated!)
    7. email surveillance
    6. dug testing
    5. office olympics
    4. the dundies
    3. the injury
    2. casino night
    1. the client (i LOVE this episode)

    i re-watched the whole season again in order before figuring out this list and there were a lot of episodes that i had not given enough credit to before.

  577. WHAT?!?! How did Office Olympics go so fast. Favorite episode of mine. I want to play flonkerton!

  578. i can’t believe Dwight’s Speech was last! That was definitely the best episode of the season.

  579. Top Five
    1) The Injury
    2) The Dundies
    3) Christmas Party
    4) Booze Cruise
    5) Office Olympics

    Bottom Five
    5) Take Your Daughter To Work Day
    4) Halloween
    3) Sexual Harassment
    2) The Fight
    1) Dwight’s Speech

  580. My Top Five:

    1) Casino Night. Not just for the Jim/Pam thing. Seriously. The whole episode was crazy hilarious. The Toby hatred, Michael dropping a duece on everyone, Creed stealing things, Scrantonicity, Dwight’s suit, Jim’s telekinesis (sp?) It also gave us one of the best Office quotes ever… “Why are you the way that you are? Every time I try to make something fun you make it… NOT that way. I hate… so much about the things you choose to be.”
    2) Drug Testing. “That’s northern lights, cannabis indiga.” “No. It’s Marijuana.”
    3) Christmas Party. Yankee Swap!
    4) Booze Cruise. 27 seconds of silence? Brave and brilliant.
    5) I like “Office Olympics.” Cute and fun.

    The Dundies and The Injury are great, too. You guys seemed to like Email Surveillance a lot more than I did.

    Bottom Five: (Favorite to Least Favorite)

    1) The Secret.
    2) Email Surveillance.
    3) The Carpet.
    4) Dwight’s Speech.
    5) Valentine’s Day.

    Those were all pretty good episodes. Wow. Season Two was awesome! But we already knew that.

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