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Sneak peek #2 of The Office episode Pam’s Replacement, airing November 10, 2011:

Robert California is impressed by the band in the warehouse.
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A promo:

Sneak peek #1:
Pam looks for one honest man to unravel a lie — and she finds it in Dwight.
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Here’s the previously posted shorter version of the promo.


  1. I believe this is Jenna’s last episode until she returns from her maternity leave. I am so excited to watch her shine. For me she has been the highlight of this show from the very beginning. I love the journey of Pam she has taken us on.

  2. Jim Halpert possibly attracted to a girl named Kathie? It’s the OFFICE dream I’ve been waiting for. Oh wait…all the quotes will probably have Jim denying his love for Kathie. My life is ruined. HA HA!

    [ from tanster: hi kath! :) ]

  3. Honestly, Pam is the reason I still watch this show. She is, hands down, the greatest character after Michael Scott and Jenna Fischer deserves to be recognized for it. I hope Jenna comes back as soon as possible because episodes without her won’t be the same.

  4. I hope this is not a serious disagreement between Jim and Pam. If it’s something like she says that the new girl’s pretty and Jim says she isn’t and Pam just wants him to admit he’s wrong then that’s ok. But so help me if the new girl legitimately interferes with them. A married man and a father can say that someone’s attractive, but I absolutely refuse to believe that Jim would ever acknowledge more than an aesthetic beauty in anyone else but Pam.

  5. I’m actually very excited about this episode. I always wanted to see Jim and Pam’s relationship tested. Hopefully there will be a cute Jam moment in the end! I heart Jenna and John!

  6. Pam is sort of speaking for all of us here. Don’t we all need some classic Dwight in our lives?

  7. WOW, I haven’t laughed out loud in a long time, that felt good. I cannot *wait* for this episode.

  8. I don’t think the writers have the guts to allow anyone to seriously interfere with Jim and Pam’s relationship. Imo, I believe that some interfere is good because after the marriage, they’ve been pretty boring. That aside, the previews are hilarious! Did anyone notice Pam behind Creed’s desk? Hopefully there’s a Creed moment. He hasn’t had any all year.

  9. O my gosh, these are the two scenes we got to help edit during our set visit! This episode is hilarious!

  10. “Honestly, Pam is the reason I still watch this show. She is, hands down, the greatest character after Michael Scott and Jenna Fischer deserves to be recognized for it. I hope Jenna comes back as soon as possible because episodes without her won’t be the same.” I CAN NOT AGREE MORE <3

  11. Aw I’m gonna miss Pam :( Does this mean we won’t see her in the Christmas Episode?? This is all too much for me to handle haha. I’m not too worried about Jim..I’m sure all of the speculation will just lead up to a cute JAM moment, which I love. And please, no more Andy singing.

  12. The band thing = unrealistic thing to do in the middle of a workday. I wish they would stop trying to force Andy on us. I thought they said the new boss wasn’t going to be the star? Pretty sure I’m going to love the Halperts’ storyline.

  13. Can’t wait for the Jim and Pam storyline. Looks hilarious with great potential for a sweet Jim/Pam moment. I watch the show for Dwight/Jim/Pam. Those 3 together? The best.

    And let me echo the others with no more singing comment. A little here and there sure, but this is getting a tad excessive. Which means – it ain’t funny anymore.

  14. I’m going to have to agree with the no more singing or band stuff. There’s plenty of other stories we’d love to see!

  15. The new no-nonsense CEO visits the troubled branch office, and stumbles upon the regional manager and his employees blatantly wasting time in the middle of the workday… and he goes to get his harmonica to join the band. This sounds like a TV sitcom!

  16. Does anyone else feel Jim and Pam shouldn’t have that moment in this episode?

    Let’s think about this, let them get some huge turmoil, let them get dirty. Let us see the humanity in these characters again. Part of the problem they’ve become so boring is because they’ve been too perfect and unrealistic.

    They were so great in the beginning because they felt like real people. A real couple isn’t going to have a PERFECT LOVE.

    I say this storyline should go like this:

    Pam notices Jim seems attracted by this new girl. She gets dwight to find out, and she does find out that he really thinks shes pretty. She tells Jim look I know you think shes attractive you don’t ever have to lie to me. I trust you, you are allowed think someones cute without acting on it.

    Making you think Pam is very mature about the whole situation and isn’t really bothered by it, it was more the lying but then at the very end of the episode cut to her on cam crying.

  17. Jim and Pam’s relationship, and the characters themselves, are far from perfect. I really don’t get that. Since when do they have a perfect love? I think they’ve done a good job showing us they argue and have disagreements like any couple. There simply hasn’t been any major drama, because it hasn’t been necessary. A normal loving relationship doesn’t have to be like that.

    @19 Why would Pam cry over that? Because he finds someone else good looking? I’m sure she does too. She’s not 16.

  18. @DG – That’s definitely a realistic scenario, but it seems more along the lines of what Pam would have done in earlier seasons – these days, she’s a lot more assertive and direct, and probably wouldn’t be able to hide her disappointment from Jim. But whichever way this ep goes, J/P haven’t really seemed to get along as well this season, and have some issues they need to start working out, whether or not this silly teaser of “another woman” is developed into a broader arc.

  19. who are the people that Robert California jam with? Are they supposed to be local musicians or are they famous? just wondering…

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