The Office: PDA videos

Here are five video clips of The Office episode PDA, airing February 10, 2011.

Promo 1

Promo 2

Source: Erin at The Office LiveJournal

A still of Jim and Pam from promo 2:
The Office PDA

Sneak peek 1

Michael and Holly’s PDA rub some people the wrong way.
[ video no longer available]

Sneak peek 2

People share their Valentine’s Day plans.
[ video no longer available]

Sneak peek 3

Holly describes the things that make Michael so sexy.
[ video no longer available]


  1. Is anyone besides me more excited to see drunken Jim and Pam trying not to be drunk? :)

  2. I’m much more excited to see drunken Jim and Pam trying to play it cool. I do hope the PDA title is also somewhat referring to them. Since we’ve never seen them like that before.

  3. Just that one shot of them and my heart is soaring. I can’t wait for a drunk Jim and Pam.

  4. Oh no. I hope it’s not too much of Michael and Holly making out…I just can’t imagine Holly thinking that’s appropriate. I mean, she’s in HR.

  5. their hair looks completely disheveled… i wonder if they got caught getting frisky!

  6. Hope you guys are right about Jim and Pam. I’m a tad concerned that there is a 2 second clip of them. That doesn’t give me much hope. Definitely looking forward to some great JAM moments…hopefully…

  7. So much JAM love going on here. Love it! Yes it’s time the writers brought back that aspect of the show.

  8. I think Jim got as much face time in those two promos as he has in the last two episodes.

  9. Although I love me some Jam, I’ve been waiting forever for Molly to happen ! they’re so cute together ! show the love people

  10. I agree with Theofficefan. I love Jim and Pam, but I am really excited about finally seeing Michael and Holly together. They are just so adorable!

  11. I honestly can’t contain my excitement for drunk Jim and Pam! :) I’m loving all of the JAM love on this board!

  12. Was it just me or in the third video does the PDA on the whiteboard keep changing?

  13. Love the last clip. BOOM! Gabe’s right though, lately you would never know Jim and Pam were even married, clearly they recognize that, now it’s time to change it.

  14. Drunk Jim and Pam is the best thing EVER!
    “Look at Jim and Pam.”
    “YEAH…what? us?”

  15. The conference room scene better not be the extent of all Jim and Pam in this one. Drunk Jam IS the best thing ever! Could easily watch a whole episode of just them acting like that.

  16. Ahahahaha! John totally breaks when Kevin says, “Boobie-honking” I am going to love this episode!

  17. “Did it, love it, keep it going.”

    Loud, random comments and uncontrollable giggling and laughing. Drunk Pam is awesome. Drunk JAM? Perfect.

  18. “All the honkings” might be in my top 5 favorite phrases ever from the show. Hilarious!! Can’t wait for tomorrow night!!

  19. I literally almost started crying I was laughing so hard at Kevin’s ‘boobie-honking’. Then I saw Krasinski laughing in the back. JAM totally awesome in that clip. Already a classic scene!!

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