1. Andy Buckley! I noticed him when I saw the trailer a few days ago. LOL, awesome.

  2. Also, pretty sure I saw Ron Riggle – aka Captain Jack – in an office scene at the beginning of the trailer.

  3. HAHA Jane… Maybe “Suck It” isn’t taking off as fast as he thought it would?

  4. Of course the guy who jumped from the building looks like David Wallace (Andy Buckley).

  5. Captain Jack and David Wallace!

    Andy Buckley TOTALLY sounded like Michael Scott!!

  6. When I saw Andy Buckley, I immediately thought “Wow, he sounds just like Michael Scott!” Too funny!

  7. Guys, our beloved former CFO just jumped off a building. Should we really be laughing?


  8. Awesome!

    (And Mark Walberg and The Rock? There’s a shirtless scene right??)

  9. okay okay totally heard Jenna on the intercom!!! that had to be her! anyone else catch that? and i could have sworn that Andy Buckley sounded just like Michael just then! oh it looks so funny!

  10. Buckley and Riggle! Looks like it’ll be a good movie. Jenna’s movie looks really good too.

  11. The casting is by Allison Jones, who basically does everything attached to Judd Apatow, so there are even more people who have been featured on The Office, like Rob Huebel (A.J., Holly’s new boyfriend) and Zach Woods (Gabe).

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