The Office Peeps Contest 2010: Finalists

The Office Peeps Contest 2010 Finalists

Here are the finalists of The Office Peeps Contest 2010, which was open for entries
April 2-17, 2010.

I decided to make every entry a finalist this year. :) There are 26 in all.

As was the case last year, I am absolutely in awe of the creativity and cleverness of these entries. Enjoy, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

The top three vote-getters will receive Amazon gift certificates:
1st place $30, 2nd place $15, and 3rd place $10!

The Office Peeps Contest – PRIZEWINNERS

The Office Peeps Contest

The poll is closed, and your votes have been counted.

Here are the three prizewinners of The Office Peeps Contest!

I want to say thank you again to every single person who participated, and please check out the 20 finalists to see some dazzling Peep-istry.

Lastly, I want you to know that when I visited the Parks and Recreation set this past week, I showed your entries to executive producers Greg Daniels and Mike Schur. They were amazed!

And now, on to the winners.

The Office Peeps Contest – FINALISTS

The Office Peeps Contest

Here are the 20 finalists of The Office Peeps Contest 2009, which was open for entries March 15-28.

It was terribly difficult picking my favorite 20 entries, and it actually took me a few hours. I was really struck with how funny and poignant Peeps can be, even in the simplest of scenes.

In any case, I hope you enjoy these Office Peeps as much as I did! Here they are, in no particular order. And thanks to all you peepologists for the care and detail you put into your creations!

Links: View the entries on pages 2-21 | Vote for your favorite

The top three vote-getters will receive prizes; the 1st place winner will receive an autographed mug signed by The Office cast!

P.S. In the interest of time, I had to make a judgement call and decided not to check each entry against video. The original rules still held up, though, I think.

The Office Peeps Contest

The Office Peeps Contest
Banner: Matt Collins

It’s about time we had another cool, creative contest, right?

First off, I must say, this idea is totally swiped from The Washington Post’s magnificent Peeps Diorama Contest (check out last year’s entries). When I saw those amazing creations, I knew I had found our next OfficeTally contest!

Your task: depict a scene from ‘The Office’ using Peeps, for a chance to win a $30 gift certificate and a cast-autographed mug from ‘The Office’!

UPDATE: the 20 finalists have been selected!

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