1. My heart is very full at this moment. :)

    GO CLOCKWISE! Best DMI Regional Manager ever!

  2. I totally agree with these winners. Especially the hot tub one. I thought about doing that scene and there’s no way I would have come close to that awesomenesss. Congrats winners. How did you make the water?

  3. Good job, you guys, and congrats, Clockwise! Yours totally deserved to win! I am also curious as to how that water was made….

  4. Clockwise! Nicely Done! Congratulations!

    [from tanster: yes, this is the real andy buckley (“david wallace”). never thought you would be peepified, huh? ;) ]

  5. There is just not much in the world that makes me grin like these peeps do. Great job!

  6. Hey! Same as a few others said…the three I voted for ended up as the 3 winners! Congrats, you guys! Awesome job!

  7. Congratulations! Those were my 3 favorites!

    I think the chest hair on the David Wallace peep was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long time. :)

  8. once again, the Office fandom proves we are the most creative, awesome amazing group of fans on the planet…. great job to ALL!!!

    [from tanster: seriously, right? it’s too bad we can’t do an office artists exhibition like they did for ‘lost’!]

  9. I can’t believe Hot Tub Wallace got first place! And I can’t believe Andy Buckley saw it and commented on it – thank you Mr. Buckley! All the entries were fantastic and so, so funny! Thanks to everyone who voted for Hot Tub Wallace and thanks to my friend Heather (aka chublearuble) for suggesting the scene. This was a really fun contest tanster, I’m so happy that you decided to do it again!

    If anyone is curious about how I made my Peep diorama (Peeporama?), I did a write-up about it on my blog. The link is in my username at the top of this comment. :D

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