1. Oh my goodness, EVERY entry is absolutely incredible! I could have never created anything like that. It will be very hard picking just one. Office fans are so creative!

  2. I don’t have enough room for me to talk about how much I love these! Great job, everyone!

  3. these are hilarious! made my day. everyone is so creative and the attention to detail is INSANE!

  4. The two most heavily entered scenes were ‘Office Olympics’ and ‘Safety Training.’ I was really surprised!

    I was expecting a few talking head entries, but didn’t receive a single one. It would have been fun to see a peepified Jim and the blow-up doll. :)

  5. I love them all, but my vote has to go to number 4. There is so much hand made detail in that one. I can easily tell who each peep is. The hair, clothes, and office props are all spot on.

  6. These are all great! My favorite is #5, from Beach Games. Great lighting and I love the Dwight Peep lying on the coals :)

  7. Vote for Office Olympeeps! It is really creative!! I love it!!

    Great job to all!

  8. All the entries are great! Just looking at them made me remember the actual episodes which made me smile goofily at my desk so coworkers wonder what is the deal. I bet there were a lot of “sticky fingers” after working with the peeps in such great detail. Awesome job, everyone! And thanks to OfficeTally for the contest to begin with. Woot!

  9. I love them all! I can’t decide between 5, 8, and 15. The lighting is great in 5; 8 just cracks me up; and I love how the Peeps seem to be interacting with each other in 15. Great job, guys!

  10. I would have normally refrained from voting for one depicted multiple times, but sorano916’s Closing Ceremonies rocked the party. I’m a stickler for little details and there’s just SO MUCH going on there it’s epic.

    Cat, your Billy Merchant was awesome, too.

    Well done, everyone.

  11. I thought mine was good until I saw these. Love the one of Dwight attempting the coal walk face down.

  12. OMG! these are hilarious! The Diversity Day one is really funny! It matches up perfectly with the episode! haha the coal walking one is great too! Great Job everyone!

  13. These are all fantastic, it’s so hard to vote for the best. My favourites were the Beach Games scene (no.5) for re-creating the ambience so well, The Branch Wars scene for the LOL factor, and the Office Olympic scene with the doves (no.14), for the detail!

  14. Wow, these are amazing! I definitely had my butt handed to me. 5 is great. I hope we do this again next year, it was so much fun.

  15. My goodness, I wanted to make one of a Dwight peep talking head or something but I got lazy, but I don’t think that there is ANY way I would’ve even come CLOSE to any of these peep creations that the others have put up here. GREAT job everybody.


  16. Wow! these are all fantastic! they really made my day – thanks everyone and thanks Tanstar for posting a notice on the Office message boards about it.
    If I ever have an Office party, I’m making one of these!

  17. An amazing job by all! This really made my day and I hope the real Office cast gets a chance to see all of your hard work.

  18. Great job everyone! I’m really amazed at how all these came out – this really is going to be a tough choice.

    And many thanks to Tanster for hosting the contest, we really had fun making it and brainstorming ideas (Simon and I submitted #5 together).

  19. Taylor, how do you think of all your ideas. I have seen you come up with so many over the years. Designing your families Christmas cards since you were little, and now this. GO Man!!!!!!!

    Aunt bea

  20. I really had fun making my peep scene. I spent hours with my TV on pause painting the background to my scene. I really hope mine wins, but I have seen all of the other entry’s and they are great.
    Number 7

  21. Number 3 gets my vote! Sooo funny! Everyone else’s was amazing too! And if you had one that didn’t get into the final 20, you should post it so we can still enjoy the peepified officeness!

  22. I would just like to add to the praise being piled upon these artists and the work they’ve created here. These are amazing – I don’t even know how to begin to pick a favorite! Very well-done, everyone.

  23. 2, 5, and 21 are my personal favorites though everyone did a fantastic job. Such a great contest with so many brillant results! Kudos to everyone! Wouldn’t have had enough patience to create anything like that myself. Awesome!

  24. Oh, please, please, please make this an annual event, Tanster! I’m going to start now for next year. :-)

  25. OMG these are all adorable! I’m voting for #6 just because I’m in love with Three-Hole-Punch Jim :D

  26. They are ALL amazing! I got a good chuckle going through all the entries. good luck everyone :)

  27. Here’s mine that didn’t make it to the finals:


    It represents this scene from Grief Counseling:


    I didn’t really do clothes, but Dwight has a recorder and the box is really on fire!!

    Great job, finalists! It will be fun to vote for a winner. Thanks for putting this together, Tanster! :)

  28. @#35 Christy,

    I was actually gonna do that scene, but due to time constraints my friend and I just submitted one entry…we thought it was a good scene to do as well.

    You did a fantastic job with it, sorry it didn’t get picked!

  29. I just want to let all the finalists, and the folks who didn’t make it to the finals, know that I appreciate your dedication to The Office and all the time and creativity it took to make these scenes! I loved looking them all over, and really admire the detailed ones that took so much time. In the end, I voted for one of the “simpler” ones, just because it made me laugh out loud! Great job, everyone!

  30. BRANCH WARS! Oh my, that was hysterical! Course, doesn’t hurt that it’s my absolute favorite episode of all seasons…

  31. I had the hardest time choosing one to vote for. Every single entry made me smile. Thank you to all who took the time to make these!

  32. These are all amazing!! My husband and I tried to make our own scenes, and I cannot believe how much detail all the finalists put into making their scenes and decorating their peeps!! I am so impressed I want to vote for ALL the entries.

    Thanks for an awesome contest Tanster and to everyone that participated!

  33. Thanks, Tanster, for choosing mine as one of the finalists. I put a lot of time and effort into it as I see in everyone else’s. Congrats to all the finalists and to those who weren’t chosen, I’m sure that they’re really good as well (thanks to those who posted theirs). Huzzah! to everyone. :)

  34. I can’t eat anymore peeps! I bought a pack which had like 20 peeps in it, as I wasn’t exactly sure on what scene I was going to do. As it turned out I only needed to use one peep, now I have 14 left (okay, I ate a few). Would anyone like to eat my leftover peeps??

  35. Haha, us too Michelle. We were actually able to return a pack that we hadn’t even opened yet since we bought so many. I’ll be happy if I don’t see another marshmallow peep for a long time…well, at least until the 2nd annual Office Peep Contest ;) – hint hint.

    (right tanster?)

    [from tanster: you guys want to do this again? ;) ]

  36. These entries made my day! Fantastic job, everyone! I love the level of detail (and the lighting) of #5!

  37. Did anyone else notice that the person who created #9 (Michael takes Jim to Hooters) put buggly eyes on the peep that LOOK like Jim’s eyes? That is so awesome!

  38. Although some have funnier scenes, I think the ones with more detail on the actual peeps are funnier because they actually look like the characters! i.e. number 19

  39. i love the detail in #3. you can really see everyone’s personalities in that one. I like how stanley is a blue peep instead of a yellow one like the rest haha

  40. Kudos to everyone submitted an entry – they’re all great! I burst out laughing when I saw the Peep lying on the coals at “Beach Day” – classic!

  41. #5 (Beach Games by Simon) is now my desktop background at work. Great job!!!

  42. Diversity Day (#3) made me laugh out loud. What a GREAT idea, Tanster. Keep up the FAB web-site. You are my ONLY link to all that is The Office.

  43. Great job everyone, these were so fun to look at! I really wanted to do one but had no time..I had such big dreams for it…it was going to be of Jim proposing to Pam, complete with fake rain – just no time to do it! But good luck, they were all hilarious!

  44. These entries look great!
    I was sooo sad because I misread the deadline and didn’t get to enter, even after working on mine for three days! Hopefully this contest will happen again soon!

  45. All of these are hilarious and great! I now feel for Tanster. It must have been near impossible to sort through all of them and find a top 20.
    I won’t disclose who I voted for, but it was a tough choice and congrats everyone for creating fun tributes to The Office and to Tanster for hosting this awesome contest!

  46. I had to vote for Caitie’s, #20, because everything is set up perfectly. I love the angle of behind the Michael peep, and the watermelon smashed on the car in the background.

  47. Had to vote for #5. That Peep laying there is just so funny. Great job on the lighting!

  48. The teapot is up Peep’s (Dwight’s) nose in #18, that is hilarious. The glasses are a nice touch too.

  49. These were all great…tough choice, but I had to go with #5. Love how the roasted marshmallow/Dwight is funny on a couple levels. Great use of peeps.

  50. Number 16 is the best, followed closely by number 8! How can you go wrong with a peep in a sumo costume?

  51. #17 is so the funniest! The simplicity, the instant recognition, the artsy reflection angle… It’s the only one that made me giggle out loud, so I had to vote for it. Kudos! Or zippity-do-dah!

  52. WOW! This decision was TOUGH. I had a very hard time picking just one- I feel for you tanster! FABULOUS job to EVERYONE!

  53. These were great, but it was one of those instances where only certain scenes were able to be captured well in a peep diorama. Simple was better here. I voted for #5 because of the realism, use of light, and the melting Dwight :). But I liked the sumo scene, the olympics with the photo background, and a few others. Can’t believe some people spent SO much time on this! Great job though!

  54. Great job to everyone who entered. Some were just fantastic but #16 stood out for me. Peeps look great in sumo costumes as did Dwight!

  55. You’re posted on Bestweekever.tv
    I vote for #14, Fifer. It was a tough choice though, so many cute ones.

  56. #5 is good but I laughed hardest at #3 and had to vote for that one hahahaha

  57. Wow these are amazing. Kudos, Tanster. As soon as I saw this I ran to the store and bought two boxes of chick peeps, and then I read the rules stating that it was only for the US. lol :( Drat.

    I’m going to be eating marshmallow peeps for the rest of my life, at least I’ll associate them with The Office now. :)

    I especially love the one when Dwight was putting the teapot up his nose. Truly epic, no pun intended.

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