The Office: Pizza delivery guy

The Office Kevin McHale Glee

Character Name

Pizza delivery guy

Played by

Kevin McHale


When Michael gets into a dispute with the Pizza By Alfredo delivery guy over the cost of the pizza order, Michael takes him hostage and locks him in the conference room.

Episode appearances


  • In The Office Season 4 episode Launch Party, Kevin McHale plays the pizza delivery boy. He would later join the FOX show Glee.
  • In The Office Season 7 episode Viewing Party, Michael states that “the invalid” is his favorite Glee character. He is referring to a character named “Artie,” who is played by Kevin McHale!
  • Here’s The Office Glee mashup.

The Office Kevin McHale Glee

The Office Kevin McHale Glee

The Office Kevin McHale Glee


  1. that was my first reaction when i saw a glee ad! i saw it and went “hey, it’s the pizza kid!”

  2. I’m really glad they made a reference about it, I was hoping they would mention it but didn’t know how. Nicely done!

  3. This actor was also in the first season of True Blood! When I first saw him there I was like that is the pizza kid that Michael kidnaps! It’s really cool how so many actors that appeared on The Office have gone on to really awesome things. Oh, and the reference was awesome and funny!

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