1. okay, the second clip is hilarious beyond my wildest dreams.

    this day is bananas. b-a-n-a-n-a-s. i love mindy kaling.

  2. This looks like a GREAT episode! LOVED Kelly’s b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Press conference? Only Michael! I can’t wait!

  3. I admittedly tend to be rather negative on these boards, but only because Tough Love is the best love.

    That said, these are two funniest clips I have seen from the Office all year. I am at LEVEL MIDNIGHT in anticipation for what promises to be the best episode of the office. Please, please, please be supersized.

  4. I loved the reference to Michael’s screenplay and Kelly’s song.

    This looks like a really good episode – I can’t wait until next Thursday!!!

  5. The second one… I can’t wait! Hee hee… BTW, what the heck was Andy saying in his British accent? For the life of me, I couldn’t understand.

  6. I CAN’T WAIT!!! Clip2 was great; a twss, a fist-pump in the air from Dwight, and a reference to “Threat Level: Midnight.”
    My afternoon just got made.

  7. Kelly was excellent! Can’t wait for this one.

    “That’s what she said! NO TIME! But she did. NO TIME!” is a new favorite.

  8. Oh Michael…wow.

    No, no I need 2 men on this. That’s what she said. No time. But she did. No time!!

    It’s like he’s having 2 different conversations at the same time. Not sure what it meant but I guess it had something to do with Jan….

  9. ha! threat level midnight reference!!!
    love that they put in those small little touches.

  10. 11 – I believe Andy said something like, “Right-o, gov’ner, William Doolittle on the case — a/k/a Will Do”

    I don’t know if that’s a reference to anything or not.

  11. these preview clips are what tide me over til the next new episode. and boy, did those two do more than enough.

  12. This could potential be the funniest episode ever, based on Clip 2 alone! I can’t even count the number of times I laughed out loud.

  13. Oh…my….gosh….Jim as Dwight! CLASSIC…i CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS EPISODE! sooo hysterical!

  14. Well, I hope these clips are just the tip of the iceberg… and yeah, Kelly’s getting better and better every week, especially if deleted scene 4 from Safety Training would have been in the final episode

  15. This looks real promising. There were at least 5 great quotes in the second clip alone. Another classic conference room scene.

    This product recall could also be bad for the future of Dunder Mifflin.

  16. LOVE IT. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
    I really needed a laugh today.
    Thank you, Office!

  17. Did they just take the youtube video down? I can’t see it, it says the video is not available.

    Curses! I want to see Jim’s Dwight impression!

  18. Re: unavailability of the YouTube clip

    Hmmm. This is the same thing that happened to the video clip I posted of Angela’s “Watch This” appearance a few days ago. Give it some time and then check back. If you see a different link for it, though, please let me know! Thanks.

  19. “No time! No time!” You know it’s bad when Michale doesn’t have time to devote to a good TWSS joke ;)

    And Andy’s “a.k.a. Will Do” and Jim’s “Yeah, I’m definitely going alone” and Stanley’s “Don’t I sound upset?” and Kelly’s new song–yeah this episode is going to be awesome!

  20. Clip #2 is THE BEST! The return of the conference room and Threat Level Midnight = the best.

    Here’s another preview from NBC on YouTube not linked yet.

    That HAS to be the cold open, right? Too, too funny.

  21. TWOP poster Colette posted on the forum, the cold open.

    Hilarious! :D
    If you’re having a bad day, this definitely makes up for it!

  22. Man, clip two seriously brought the funny.

    “I need two men on this. That’s what she said. No time. But she did. No time!”

    Jam-packed with awesomeness. Seven days…

  23. The TV addict clip #1 won’t work for me. just says error on page. anyone else have this problem? you tube clip still not up as of 1:45.

  24. I wish this were on tonight! Looks like it’s going to be fun and fast-paced. This news conference idea is going to be so terrible I just know.

  25. Oh my goodness! Those were amazing! MIDNIGHT!!!

    This episode will be the best of the season. Call it Season 2 if you want (I won’t – season 3 is awesome). Call it whatever you want, this will be great.

    MIDNIGHT, Oscar!

  26. Sheesh.
    Dang job. I was at a stupid “meeting” when I could have watched that third clip. My boss’s priorities are SO screwed up.
    So was it different than the first two?

  27. So the picture of the video has returned to the BNC episode, but the link won’t actually work. I can see Jim dressed as Dwight!!! SO CLOSE! And yet so far away…

  28. Wow, Michael is actually being a good leader. But the best part of clip #2 was the Threat Level Midnight reference.

  29. To the person who said Michael displays actual leadership: I agree, and I like how they show us tiny little reasons why he hasn’t been fired (enough that we can cling to them in our own reality). :)

  30. Thanks for the link… that worked.
    Man, I want to see that bobblehead. It’s hard to see what it looks like, but it seems to have long hair.
    Another item for the NBC store? My Dwight needs somebody to keep him company.

  31. hahahahhaha! these clips are hilarious!!! i can’t wait for the episode, it’s shaping up to be a great one!

  32. omg that youtube clip is soooooooo great! i cannot wait!
    jim as dwight=absolute hilarity!

  33. Kelly is so awesome, like pink (the color).

    And Michael once again puts his foot on the table. I remember in the DVD commentary for “The Secret”, John K. says that it’s really painful, but it’s such a great touch.

  34. So I vowed a while back to stay away from previews.

    Pretty much I brought that vow in two seconds when I say these posted. And I must say, the forbidden fruit never tasted so good.

    I find it pretty hilarious that the watermark was on prom invites, seeing as my prom is coming up. What I wouldn’t GIVE for Andy and Jim to show up at my school! I would have paper marked with duck-on-mouse action any day!

    And Cara 61 thank you so much, because I finally got to see that Jim as Dwight clip and IT WAS A-FREAKING-MAZING. My favorite part is when Jim yells “Michael!” in that hilarious voice.

    I seriously cannot wait.

  35. This looks like the best episode of the season!!! As much as I love Jam it should be fun to see an episode where Jim is away from Karen and Pam (and with Andy/Drew of all people) You can tell this is gonna be zoppity!

  36. It looks like John Krasinski is doing a bit of his dork routine from “Smiley Face.” I wonder if he reheased the Dwight mannerisms and inflection with Rainn Wilson or if he studied them from video. Whichever way, that rehearsal would be fun to see.

  37. LMAO!!!!!!!!! That was the funniest thing ever! I wish I hadn’t spoiled myself… but I know I’d just do it again. I love it!

  38. huzzah!!! it finally worked! and it was so worth it. jim as dwight is quite probably the best clip i’ve seen all year. i love the attention to detail.

    identity theft is not a joke!

  39. “Best previews ever!” Love the Dwight imitation…that JK can really act. The bear discussion was priceless. I liked Pams reaction…I wonder if they will show Karen’s? Bet she won’t get it… Can’t wait for a NEW episode.

  40. Doesn’t it seem like this episode is going to be one of the best this season! I like how fast the pacing is…it feels like a lot is going to happen in this 20 minutes!

  41. The youtube clip is the funniest thing I’ve seen all season. I had to paus the clip and walk away b/c I was laughing so hard. I can’t wait!

  42. Oh man! The youtube video is so great!!! That ending made me laugh HARD! “Michael!” “Michael!”

  43. I somehow got so busy at work yesterday I missed this clip. Insanity.

    Jim’s impressions never cease to amaze. I hope that prank keeps going the rest of the day.

  44. I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. JKras and Rainn are FANTASTIC in that scene. I can’t wait!

  45. I just noticed that if John tried out for the role of Dwight, he’d soo pull it off

  46. Can’t…stop…eyes…from watering.

    “It’s kinda blurry. That’s better.”

    Love the touch that the bobblehead Jim pulls out is Ken from Street Fighter…a bobblehead once on the desk of one Dwight K. Schrute.

    Man, is it Thursday yet?

  47. haha yea John does a spot on Dwight…thats good acting right there.

  48. There really is a Dunmore Senior High School.Dunmore is a suburb north east of Scranton.I wonder if the kids at Dunmore HS are double checking their prom invitations.:)

  49. Jim as Dwight may go down in Office history as one of the top pranks. I declare it an instant classic.

  50. Jim as Dwight…I’ve never laughed that much at ANYTHING on this show. John’s (sorry-Jim’s) impression is quite amazing. From the tone of his voice to little things like head and mouth movements. CLASSIC. I think when all is said and done and everyone stops worrying about the lack of JAM, (which is still coming) this season will be right up there with season 2. Speaking of JAM…it was kind of sad to see Pam digging the prank so much but not really being able to let it out:-(

  51. AH HA HA HA HA!!!!! HA HA!! HA HA HA!!! *cough* *cough* *hack* HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    That was SOOO good. (That’s what she said.)

  52. Jim as Dwight that is the best prank yet.LOL,oh and did you see the gaze that was on pams face when jim walked in as dwight OMG.

  53. oh…my word. that is the worst thing i have ever seen! i mean worst as in, like… best. pam’s face was perfect… funny, but like, weirded out because jim is getting way to into it.

    the end… when jim calls michael and the so does dwight…LOVE it!

  54. Threat Level Midnight was the name of the screenplay Michael wrote in the season 2 episode ‘The Client’.

  55. I’ve been trying to not watch the spoiler clips but I just had to watch the third one since it was a “MUST SEE.”

    And I am so glad I did. J-Kras was spot-on. On the DVD it would be great to see outtakes from that. This is the caliber prank I’ve dreamt of pulling.

  56. I think the youtube clip is my absolute favorite. I bet it’s a cold open because it would be dead on and have me laughing again when I watch it.

  57. Sorry if this has already been asked, but in the Second Clip, what the hell is Andy saying in the British accent? All I get is something like ” well young Drewlittle at your service,aka will do”…and I’m assuming thats not it. Thanks.

  58. I think Andy was trying to do some sort of Doolittle impression a la My Fair Lady hence the Cockney accent. Having just been in the musical, there aren’t any lines remotely close to Andy’s statement, so my guess is it’s just another example of “Drew” acting up.

    Threat Level Midnight reference=priceless

  59. okay not going to lie…jim dressing up as dwight is pretty much the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while…”i saw these glasses at the drugstore for four dollars…” honestly, could john krasinski being any funnier/cuter?

  60. I wonder how many takes it took to get thru the Jim/Dwight scene. I think that if I worked there, I’d be fired for laughing and ruining the scenes. Absolutely hilarious! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  61. The Jim dressing up as Dwight….hilarious!

    But…did you guys notice Pam’s reaction to Jim as Dwight? I’m really surprised she didn’t laugh more…she hardly smiled. Am I over analizing? Because come on, Jim as Dwight is hilarious and Pam’s character would have cracked up about that. Did this strike anybody else as odd?

  62. Gretchen G. #111:

    I was wondering about Pam’s reaction too. But I figure she’s either trying not to give the whole thing away by laughing or she doesn’t quite know what’s coming yet.

    What I see in her face, especially in the beginning of the clip when the camera is focused on her, is an acknowledgement of his creativity and follow-through…and appreciating those qualities seems to be very much in-character for her right now.

  63. Gretchen G.: Yes, I noticed that too! Has our precious Pam lost her sense of humor for Jim’s awesome pranks?

  64. by the way, I recommend that anyone who wants to see more and hasn’t seen Rainn Wilson’s recent Leno appearance check that out … there’s a clip from Product Recall in it. and it’s actually funnier than all of these!

  65. Gretchen G,

    Perhaps she doesn’t want to draw attention to the fact that she’s noticing Jim. Especially with Karen around.

  66. #101 – Andy says “William Dolittle at your service, a.k.a., Will. Do.” Gotta love the fact he’s back on the show.

    One of the funniest lines I haven’t seen anyone bring up yet is Jim’s response right after – “Yeahh.. I’m definitely gonna go alone”. This show is really hittin its stride right now.

  67. Wow. I had the opposite reaction to the youtube clip.

    Is this all Jim does? Still? He has Andy to prank, he has Karen to dump.

    Gah, I kind of wish they hadn’t made Dwight so human, it’s hard to see him get pranked now.

  68. I agree with you – it is harder to see Dwight get pranked now – it makes Jim seem cruel at times, I have to keep reminding myself about the sale Dwight stole from Jim back in Diversity Day.

  69. Although i think this is funny, I think Jim has been kind of going overboard with the pranks as of late. Maybe it’s just because he’s not doing them with Pam. It seems nicer when he’s doing pranks with her for some reason.

    And again, although Jim dressing up as Dwight is highlarious, he really creeps me out as him. He does NOT look cute…but I guess that’s the point…just…yikes.

  70. I think it’s hilarious! Jim pranking Dwight is his way of showing his friendship…in a weird guy way. We know Jim likes Dwight…he confessed he missed Dwight in “The Return”, took him to the ER (and knew his middle name) in “The Injury” and tried his best to be nice to him after he saved him from Roy, however Dwight wasn’t having any of that. So Jim’s back to do what he does best pranking Dwight…and he does it with love :-)

  71. Jim = Dwight is one of the best cold openings yet. What was that bobblehead Jim took out of his briefcase?

  72. Give me a break. The pranks are funny. I think all they have done this year is show that Jim does care about Dwight, in a I-hate-my-brother kind of way. This is hilarious. Maybe once they FINALLY end the Jim/Pam drama you will enjoy these harmless pranks again.

  73. The pranks are funny, but what they need to do is more of a job of showing Dwight annoying Jim right beforehand to make it seem justifiable.

    I haven’t watched this clip because spoilers do spoil an episode for one, for real. So I’m talking in general about Jim/Dwight pranks.

  74. i love jim’s pranks. but i actually wanted the writers to let pam do some of the pranks. i kinda just want the writers to let her shine more. i loved the prank she played on dwight in the cold open of “The Merger”, but she should do more!

  75. 1) “yay” on being a tipster.
    2) you guys need to remember that Jim = Dwight is a HARMLESS prank. in fact, it’s not really even a prank. coming to work dressed as one of your co-workers and imitating him/her is, to me, just plain high-larious.

  76. 126 – There is a Pam prank in an upcoming episode

    I don’t view this as Jim being mean towards Dwigt either. Its completely harmless for Jim to dress up like him and not mean-spirited at all. If you want mean spirited check out Jim’s prank on Andy in The Return (he did deserve it though)

  77. Pam-casso (112)- I noticed that Pam sort of smirks at Jim when he walks in. It’s almost like she wants to catch his attention too…but I think she may have been holding back, either to prevent from ruining the joke or due to the awkwardness of the Karen/Jim/Pam triangle.

    Lindsey (113)- I seriously hope Pam hasn’t lost her sense of humor for Jim’s pranks. I doubt that Pam has lost her sense of humor though….she’s no Angela!

    Vish (115)- I agree, Pam may be trying to keep her distance right now from Jim because of the Roy incident. I figured they moved on from that though…so…hm. I really just can’t wait for the episode!

  78. Gretchen G. (129)-She is DEFINITELY no Angela! Although we do love our Angela, too. :)

  79. what I like is that it’s like a blatant disregard for what Karen said ( stop the pranks and make money so we can go on vacation or something). and as far as Pam’s look, I found it perfect. I mean, in that one look, it was just like, “Yes, this is Jim” . I mean in the (great) casino night, that subtle wink to Jim re:the coat hanger moving with the umbrella was classic and packed a punch.
    so although I’m the ultimate over analyzer, I think we may be over analyzing that small look.
    who knows, she may have a talking head after that also (ie when Andy sang to her, and Jim gave her a “LOOK”, also subtle but awesome, and she just said “Wow”, but it was an amazing interview. it made lots of things all better.

  80. Maybe Pam knew about Jim’s prank beforehand and that smirk is telling us that she was already expecting him to walk in like that….just a thought.

  81. I can’t help myself. I have watched the YouTube clip probably 10 times and laugh each time. Almost as funny as the actual prank is the TH; the voice and smile at the end – you know Jim thoroughly enjoyed the joke.

  82. Yes! I wasn’t going to watch the clips but really couldn’t help myself….it looks like The Office is back!

    I guess even being a JAM fan the show is better when it’s not centering on all that drama…

  83. OMG!!!!!

    I am so pumped about this weeks show. The clips are the best. Thursday is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!!

    Based on what I saw in the clips, this is going to be another classic “Office”.

    I love this show!!!!

  84. Re: the prank, I note that Pam’s eyes widen when she looks at Jim, and I think she’s surprised by it.

    Can’t wait for this episode!

  85. No clue Corporate, but this episode looks to be all sorts of hilarious. I can’t wait ^_^.

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