1. wow. was kate being on the phone and then interrupted by james who had a video camera? that’s really rude if this is real! rather confusing. not sure this is funny, even if it’s all just a joke!

    but i love kate anyways, she seems like such a lovely, hilarious person.

  2. If Urbaniak’s voice sounds familiar, it’s because he’s Dr Venture in The Venture Bros. Urbaniak is great at making creepy neurotic characters.

  3. Haha this is hilarious! “but it’s a great way to connect with people” ha, this is obviously a joke, come on guys.

  4. yeah guys it’s obviously staged. Kate wouldn’t really act like this. comedy actors tend to do comedy outside of their shows.

  5. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s staged.

    “But it’s a great way to connect with people!” LOL!

  6. haha, all I hear is Dr. Venture abusing Kate Flannery. So awesome, when’s he gonna be on the show again?

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