The Office: Secret Santa, 6.13

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Writer : Mindy Kaling, Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Michael is outraged when Jim allows Phyllis to be Santa at the office Christmas party. Jim and Dwight try to get everyone into the holiday spirit despite the uncertainty with Dunder Mifflin. Meanwhile, Oscar has a secret crush.

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  • From an April 2011 interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Office writer/producer Mindy Kaling chooses Secret Santa as her favorite Michael Scott episode: “My favorite moment is a scene in ‘Secret Santa’ (season 6), where Kevin sits on Michael’s lap. Michael has been angry and hurt all day that Phyllis got to be Santa, so against everyone’s wishes, he dresses up as a competitive Santa. Forget that Kevin, a grown man, is earnestly telling Santa all the toys he wants — it’s Steve’s reaction. When Kevin unburdens himself on Michael’s lap, Steve’s voice changed to this distressed, guttural mumble, showing the instantaneous agony he was in. This was literally a laugh out loud moment, because you can see me laughing in the background, completely breaking character.”

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In a poll conducted December 10-14, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.567/10

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The Office Secret Santa quotes

Dwight: My diabolical plot is on hold for Christmas. My heart just melts with the sound of children singing.

Dwight: I’m just tired. The days are short. I don’t know. Maybe I’m depressed.

Dwight: We are unveiling an artificial tree. That will never die. Like the spirit of Christmas.

Stanley: We’re supposed to applaud you for taking a giant diaper off a fake tree?

Dwight: This was a successful unveiling! Go back to work!

Erin: My cat killed a turtle dove. The French hens have started pulling out my hair to make a nest.

Andy: Is it my fault that the first eight days there’s basically thirty birds?

Phyllis: I believe I have the right temperament and the figure to do the job well.

Phyllis: It’s been a long journey … but … I’m Santa Claus!

Creed: What if you’ve been really, really bad? More “evil” than strictly “wrong”?

Dwight: I had the exact same idea for catching Osama Bin Laden.

Dwight: He would assemble it to find himself … in jail!

Pam: Is it funny? I thought it was more interesting … than funny.

Pam: Oscar and the warehouse guy. Go Oscar! Go gay warehouse guy!

Michael: It’s insane! A woman Santa? Where does it stop?

Michael: I have a bunch of letters cut out of magazines in my desk. You can use those.

Michael: It’s a good thing Russia doesn’t exist anymore.

Michael: Why pay more to sit next to old Tranny Claus over there when you can on my lap?

Michael: Sit down on my lap and there will be no doubt! No, it’s not, like penis-wise.

Michael: I am so sorry that Phyllis hates you. And hates your body.

Kevin: Nobody’s ever let me sit on their lap before.

Michael: Okay, you know what you get? You get a thousand helium balloons attached to you so Santa doesn’t have to go through this again.
Kevin: Awesome.

Phyllis: Don’t make me get Bob involved.

Jim: You can’t yell out “I need this, I need this” as you pin down an employee on your lap.

Michael: With two Santas in the room, things get ruthless.

Kevin: Michael, I had you. I just want to try Phyllis.

Stanley: Well, unless the missing piece is a gun, you don’t have a gun.

Michael: It’s not like I’m asking people to buy me diamonds and broach pendants.

Michael: When you need my help because I am ruining everything, don’t look at me.

Pam: Oscar’s pâté is great. I could eat it all day, every day. How come the good ones are never straight, right?

Pam: Yes, they’re the only two gay guys I know. But they should be together.

Dwight: We don’t have a North Pole branch. Idiot.

Michael: It’s space garbage. Dwight’s going to be able to build himself a friend.

Michael: You’re going to h-e-l-l, double hockey sticks.

Michael: That’s fantastic. You can make another dress that goes past your feet.

Michael: His last name is Christ. He has the power of flight. He can heal leopards.

Michael: Phyllis, a woman, has uslurped my role as Santa.

Michael: Earlier today, this office needed a Santa. And then it needed a second Santa. And then it needed a Jesus. And now, it needs a Michael. And that’s one suit Phyllis cannot fit into.

Michael: That was a different guy. That was Jesus. Jesus sort of ruined the party. Hurt, petulant Jesus.

Michael: It’s fun to stay at the …
Dwight: Where. Holiday Inn.

Michael: You know what. Christmas isn’t about Santa or Jesus. It’s about the workplace.

Michael: And Stanley … you’re our mailman.

Michael: It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where Meredith Palmer keeps her job but David Wallace does not.

Michael: I use my little girl voice. Bada bing, bada boom.

Meredith: How about us? It’s Meredith. By the way, your wife is a very lucky woman.

Dwight: I can use this for so many nuts! Macadamias, brazil nuts, pecans, almonds, clams, snails.

Michael: I would like an Xbox and a TV that’s compatible with an Xbox. And I’m sorry.

Michael: Oh god. Get a room, Santas.

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  1. If there is no more David Wallace on the show, I will cry. Real tears. He’s my corporate crush :(

  2. Excellent episode, however I will say R.I.P David Wallace, I really like his character. I assume the takeover will quietly happen over the winter break, and plenty of new drama for the second half of the season. Happy holidays everyone!

  3. 10!!!

    It started slow, but then exploded into a firework of laughs. I had high expectations for this episode because I felt disappointment with too many episodes this season. It was fantastic clear through with just the right mix of charm, laughs, and drama.

    So many memorable moments! Kevin sitting on Michael’s lap, “uslurped,” Michael as Jesus, Kelly’s “New Moon” poster — fantastic!

    And was that not the cutest ending ever?

    A big thank you to the cast and crew of The Office!

  4. Loved it. As always. Great episode. Phyllis was great in it, too. I love it when she gets some spotlight.


    Michael as bitter Jesus was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Also, nice save by Andy.

  6. Great Christmas ep! Thankfully, not the downer last year’s was, although I’m sad to think we’ve seen the last of David Wallace. Plenty of laughs in this one (if not quite enough Jam), and so many great little moments. I can’t wait to rewatch, as I’m sure I missed plenty of subtleties.

  7. Good episode. I love Michael as Jesus. But no David Wallace? Hmmm… Also, does that mean no more Charles Minor?

  8. One word: AWESOME!!! Honestly, that was the best of the season next to Niagara and Murder in my opinion. Loved it and can’t wait to watch it again! Soo many hilarious visuals, great lines, and… just everything about it was AWESOME!!

    Happy Holidays everybody!! :)

  9. Second best Christmas episode after “Christmas Party.” Just great. It felt festive and was very, very funny. All the characters got a chance to shine and it was excellent. David Wallace being fired was interesting. I know we haven’t heard the last of him and insolvency for that matter.

    Phyllis literally crying over being Santa was one of the best parts of the episode, and there were too many of them to write here.

    Much better than “Moroccan Christmas,” which I liked.

  10. Great development in the Dunder Mifflin goes bankrupt plotline. We may not have seen the last of David Wallace.

  11. I loved this episode. The best part was Andy’s cymbal dance.
    The Office + Green Day = WIN

  12. I propose that we start a Save CFO David Wallace campaign on Twitter!! Andy Buckley is too awesome to lose!


  13. Jim giving Kelly the Edward poster was hilarious! I also loved Oscar’s part in this. I hope we see more of Matt!

  14. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Enjoyable from start to finish.

    Having said that, would it kill the writers to write some Jim and Pam scenes. Those promo shots had me believing the two of them would actually interact like in years past. I’m confused by the writing of those two this year.

    This will definitely get many a re-watch.

  15. LOVED this episode. Any idea on the buyer? Perhaps Jan married a really rich older guy and convinced him to buy Dunder Mifflin as payback? Or Bob Vance bought the company? :)

  16. This is my favorite episode of the whole season. It was hilarious AND had a plot! Absolutely loved Andy’s secret santa gifts. I can’t wait for the two of them to get together! And Oscar!!

  17. Toby is the ANTI CHRIST! haha… Michael as Jesus was the funniest thing ever! Loved that!

    This was a great episode overall, but I really hope that David Wallace somehow stays around. He is one of my favorite characters, and I like how he always tries to help Michael out and appeal to his stupid needs.

  18. yeah another feel-good episode! I thought it was really sweet! Despite the lack of JAM (i was kinda expecting lol), I gotta say it’s one of my favorite episodes this season! :) I laughed so hard, I woke up the people sleeping on the couch hahaha

  19. I loved it; totally redeemed last week’s. So many things made me laugh, especially the sight of a very happy Kevin on Michael’s lap. It was strangely adorable!

  20. That was an awesome episode! Can’t wait for Andy to leave Erin for Oscar (after they’re together). Don’t worry! Erin can have Matt!

  21. So Angela is getting with Darryl. Not cool, when is Dwangela coming back? And it was so nice to see a not-evil Dwight for a change. But they’re meant to be together.

  22. Loved it. My favorite part was when Bob came in. I also really liked how Dwight tried to make his gift into a gun.

  23. OK! I live in Cleveland and because the Browns were playing, there was no Office! Anyone know when it might be shown here????

    [from tanster: michelle, i just checked with nbc, ‘secret santa’ will be re-run on 12/30.]

  24. Wow, that was so much better than last year. It was also better than any episodes this season. Of course, just my opinion. Loved Michael’s line about how Jesus saves “leopards.” I’m glad we got a few Angela moments, although we need more!

    I couldn’t stop smiling during the ending, but I miss the days when The Office was more subtle — I think the viewers could have figured out the “12 drummers drumming” part without Pam telling us.

    All in all, a great way to end before the long hiatus.

  25. I loved the thing with Andy and Erin. So awkward and adorable.

    Sad about David Wallace and glad for the Scranton Branch.

    I like Pam trying to set up Oscar and Matt because they are the only Gay guys she knows.

  26. As a lot of people are saying, one of the best of the season, and my second favorite Christmas episode behind Christmas party. I loved Michael as Jesus, that was one of the funniest things they have done in a while!

  27. Awesome episode! Much better than last year’s! It’s sad that David Wallace is leaving. Hope he doesn’t leave permanently!

    Favorite moments: Michael as Jesus, Kevin sitting on Michael’s lap, and Kelly being all happy about that New Moon poster!

  28. LOVED this episode, aside from the lack of Jim and Pam. Andy’s dancing was simply amazing. And Michael can heal leopards. I loved how the banner said “Santa Hates Tears!” I definitely just tweeted to save David Wallace; let’s do it people!

  29. NOOOOOOOOO! I’m gonna miss you David!

    On a lighter note, this was a pretty good episode. Oscar had some romance, Jim and Pam actually hugged (they’re actually starting to act like a married couple), but to top it all off, Jim gave Kelly a poster of ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing at her reaction it, was priceless! One more thing, I love how Pam keeps touching her stomach, hard to believe the baby is coming in a few months!

  30. There’s a blizzard up here and the weatherman kept cutting off the office : (
    But from what I saw it was a great episode. I loved the geese in Erin’s car and Kelly’s Twilight poster. Erin’s so sweet, she and Andy would be so awesome together!

  31. Michael “casting out” Toby, Dwight kicking the tree in a fit of rage, Michael griping while he confidently changes into Jesus, Michael trying to get Ryan on his lap, Michael crowd surfing because he got the attention he wanted = best parts to me!!

    The first two Christmas episodes of the series and this one are all ties for me. Each classic in their own right, but this was def. awesome!! (Hard to beat mark on the arm)

    By the way, I loved last week’s episode.

  32. All in all I liked the episode, but I wish there was more Jam. I guess I was expecting more with the picture we got, and I was waiting for a scene of just them. I just hope there’s a deleted scene or something…

  33. Dear Mindy Kaling,
    This episode like all your others proves why you are awesome. Thanks for another awesome episode.~Mindy

    I really loved Pam following Oscar around, Kevin sitting on Michael’s lap and Andy with 12 drummers drumming.

    #SaveDavidWallaceCFO (I’m with you all)

  34. I said it once before and I’ll say it again…I love Andy Bernard! He’s so precious and I hope him and Erin get together soon.

    I really liked this episode. So many great moments and it actually made me laugh. :) Michael as Jesus sitting there making comments about the presents was hysterical. I feel bad David is out, but I’m glad Scranton is still kickin!

    Oh and Kevin singing “Oh Christmas Tree”…that’s Office GOLD right there! :)

  35. Jonas:
    I think Dwangela will come back after Angela and Darryl. All the best couples on the show have some obstacles. JAM had Karen and Roy. Andy/Oscar have Matt/Erin, and Dwangela will have Darryl/???. YES that is how it will go!!!! And Michael has Holly’s dude (what’s his name?) but it will work out in the end! And David Wallace will not be fired!!

  36. I certainly liked it, but I am really missing Jim and Pam interaction. There’s hardly a glimpse of them being close anymore. Just isn’t the same…

    I’m also not overly fond of the fact that Andy and Erin seem to kinda be the new JAM.. cause they’re no JAM! I guess there maybe aren’t THAT many parallels, and it makes sense, but I just don’t like seeing Andy always over at reception in a Jim-esque fashion! Is nothing sacred?! ;)

    Great Dwight in this episode. Especially after all the very down diabolicalness.

  37. loved tonight! did anyone else notice the throwbacks to past year’s christmas episodes with dwight and the karaoke machine, and exchanging secret santa gifts? and dwight’s “non-spock” elf ears are back too! i’m also loving the awkwardness of andy and erin’s relationship and how hard he tries to be liked. and michael never fails to try to steal attention but i’m glad it culminated showing his sensitivity in his gift to dwight. all in all, it reminded me of the office we all love.

  38. So how about we start a Twitter campaign to get more JAM b/c it’s been sorely lacking this season. Anyone up for the challenge?

  39. I really enjoyed this episode with Michael as Santa and changing into “Jesus Christ”, I thought Pam looked cute in her red maternity outfit! And Dwight trying to assemble his gift and figure out what it is, Kelly squeeing over her Twilight poster and hugged Jim tight. I agree with the lack of JAM and their interactions but overall, it was a good episode!

  40. Nice job! Really fun show. I loved that Dwight decided to take a holiday break from his Diabolical Plan and I enjoyed seeing sweet Phyllis instead of mean Phyllis. Jim’s reaction to Michael “needing” Ryan to sit on his lap was hilarious. I will admit, I was disappointed that we didn’t get a small mistletoe moment with JAM. I’ve read that office romance would not be the primary focus this season, but after five seasons of Jim and Pam moments, this specific relationship has become a big part of the show. I really miss seeing them interact with each other, and their (usually) sane reactions to everyone else. Otherwise, GREAT show!

  41. A great episode, but I’m confused about where the Oscar/Matt story went. Maybe I missed something, because I didn’t get why he was being cold to him at the end. Did he just not like him? Is Matt even gay? Confused, and possibly ignorant.

    Angela and Kelly were both priceless tonight. They need Emmys, ATAS.

    Ack, I can’t remember my favorite line from the episode. I’ll have to rewatch it or hope it shows up in quotes.

  42. I love how david announced he was fired, but that everyone else would be fine, and they all started celebrating…”It’s A Christmas Miracle!!!” just ignoring him.

  43. Dirk:
    Oscar likes Matt, he’s just trying to play it cool. Or something. And I’m pretty sure Matt is gay. Maybe we’ll get more info in the deleted scenes?!

  44. I agree, you guys, I want me some JAM! It’s almost like the writers are afraid we’ll get sick of them or they’ll over-do it, so they don’t do much with them sometimes. This saddens me. Also, Andy and Erin flirting at the reception desk was super cute, but also kind of like… umm…. that space belongs to Jim and Pam!

    Best parts: how Michael’s beard moved with his mouth (I wonder how many times they broke shooting that), and when Andy did the running man with the 12 drummers. I’m developing quite the crush on Ed Helms!

  45. When is this season going to start a Dwangela story arc? I think Dwight had her for secret santa. And I agree about the lack of JAM. That was a little disappointing. But Mindy’s not big on mushy romantic stuff…

  46. So much good stuff in this episode…I keep thinking of things after the fact. Phyllis tearing up over her “journey” to be Santa was great, and Michael jumping off his desk on to everyone was classic Michael.

  47. This episode was so bad. The “Anti-Christ” line was hilarious, and the last scene was adorable. But other than that this may have been my least favorite episode ever.

  48. Best episode of the season EASILY. Actually a great Office episode in general. However, I’m kind of sad about David Wallace. He’s a great guy.

  49. Definitely in the bottom five episodes ever. Flat from start to finish for me. I didn’t see any of the charm in the characters that I like so much.

  50. awesome episode, it just felt so right and had plenty of good laughs, the reveal that michael was changing to jesus was very well done and very funny/unexpected.
    to those complaining about lack of jam, i think it makes sense now that they are married and all to try and keep their work life and personal life separate. beforehand the only interactions they could have with each other is at work, now is not the case, so it makes sense
    all in all just a great office episode

  51. In my opinion, this was a fantastic Christmas episode. I loved how the writers brought back the whole Secret Santa ordeal! Hands down, best moment was when Kelly unwrapped the Twilight poster. It is SO fitting to her character… just genius!

    I’m interested to see the Oscar plot unravel, and I like how Pam was acting like a little spy. It was sweet of her to introduce Oscar to Matt :)

    Only complaint- more Jam please! Come on, it’s the Christmas episode… we’ve gotta get something here. This season has definitely been lacking in the romantic sense, but it’s definitely an intentional move by the writers. I wonder what their reason is.

    Last note: Go Andy! Whoooo

  52. all I have to say is ANDY & ERIN!! Really great episode, I love all of the Andy & Erin moments…I can’t wait till they get together!!!!!!!

  53. My DVR cut off the end of the office! What did Andy do with the 12 drummers?! What did Erin say??

  54. So much Oscar!! I was quite pleased. I also liked that, unlike the Kirsten (?) spoilers would have us believe, there wasn’t any emphasis on any kind of age difference between Oscar and Matt. The term “male cougar” was used, I think, and it really bugged me! Because Oscar Nunez looks FANTASTIC.
    I hope we get more Oscar/Matt in the next episodes! All the other characters have exhausted their relationship story lines– I want some new stuff.

  55. “you can’t yell down I need this, I need this as you pin down an employee on your lap…” hahahahahaha

  56. Fun episode with some classic Michael lines! As for the Jim and Pam saga…I’m completely ok with there being next to no interaction between them because, guess what? There are about 10 other characters on this show, like Phyllis and Oscar who got great stories tonight. And Jim and Pam are having a baby at the end of the season, so everything is coming up roses for the JAM fans soon enough.

  57. Anyone else seeing the parallels between Erin/Andy and Pam/Jim in this ep?

    In “Christmas Party”, Jim was uber-excited to get Pam as the object of his Secret Santa. He arranged an elaborate gift (teapot), which Pam initially didn’t want, but later came to appreciate when she saw how much thought Jim put into it. And then there’s the obvious flirting between the salesman and the receptionist.

    In “Secret Santa”, Andy is uber-excited and trades to get Erin as the object of his Secret Santa. He arranges an elaborate gift that Erin doesn’t like at first (The 12 Days of Christmas), but comes to appreciate when she sees how much thought Andy put into it. And then there’s the obvious flirting between the salesman and the receptionist.

    Andy and Erin and are the more cracked-out version of Jim and Pam! And this was definitely a companion episode to “Christmas Party”!

  58. Good, not great. I felt like it was juggling too many plot points and came across as a bit disjointed in the process. Honestly, I feel like this season as a whole is juggling too many plot points, which is making it a very hit-or-miss season with me. Kevin sitting on Michael’s lap was brilliant, Michael as Jesus dragged on for too long (but was worth it for the “Toby is the Anti-Christ” bit), the Oscar romance and the Wallace firing felt tacked on, and the Andy/Erin ending was sweet.

    As for JAM, they’re together 24/7…they work together and they live together, and they’ve been a couple for a long time now. They don’t need to be making googly eyes at each other and flirting all the time. Plus Jim is still learning to be a good manager and Pam is working on being a good saleswoman, so unlike the earlier seasons they actually have to concentrate on their work. Seeing fewer JAM moments is more realistic in my opinion…they’re probably more romantic on evenings and weekends.

  59. Did anyone else catch Mindy breaking when kevin sits on michael’s lap? Also no JAM is great, I love Erandy.

  60. The way Michael’s Santa beard’s mouth opening moved when he talked had me laughing my head off! I don’t know if it was glued to his lips or what, but it was hilarious. Kevin on his lap, with his swinging feet and legendary slowness…too funny. Loved Jesus vs. Tranny Claus duel,bitter Michael emceeing the gift opening, Kelly’s reaction to the Twilight poster, Dwight running through all the different nuts, and the kite and Kite Runner gift combo (ha ha!). The drummers at the end were really awesome. Wonderful Christmas episode.

  61. I loved it. It even made me cry a little – the drummers! It very much makes up for last year’s Christmas episode which is one of my least favourite episodes, ever.

    But please, let this not be the end of David Wallace! I agree with Meredith – his wife is a lucky woman.

    (And obviously, I have been imbibing in waaaaay too much Christmas cheer myself.)

  62. I found this one delightful and it definitely brought many smiles to my face. LOVED Angela in this episode, with her reactions to Jesus, Kelly and the Twilight poster and Erin & Andy. Oh and Dwight’s gift was the perfect opposite to Michael’s really insensitive behavior in this episode, and I thought it was great to see how much he really cares about Dwight.

  63. Almost every line that came out of Michael’s mouth was hilarious – pure gold. Way to go Mindy! Great job.

  64. As a Christian, I was extremely offended at the portrayal of Jesus in this episode. The Office may lose a very loyal fan over this episode.

  65. I think it is official that this was an awesome episode, as evidenced by the many, many fab quotes that tanster put up!

  66. #71 Tentojuan – Yes! I did see Mindy breaking during that part. That cracked me up!

    I’m also in the camp that it’s ok if we didn’t see any JAM for this episode. There are other stories to focus on and other characters. Don’t get me wrong, I like their interaction when it happens but the spotlight was on them when they got married and they will have it again when the baby is born.

  67. Omg another favorite moment…Michael’s pin number. “It’s fun to stay at the…” “what, Holiday Inn?” hahahaha For a moment I thought Holiday Inn too and then I was like, OHHHH!!!!

  68. This was probably my favorite episode of the season so far, but I still didn’t get that feeling that I was watching a future classic for the first time like I did with “Christmas Party” and “Benihana Christmas”. I miss that feeling.

  69. How come Kevin’s “I wasn’t expecting you to ask that?” (what he wanted for Christmas) didn’t make the favorite quotes list? I laughed out loud over that one!

  70. I liked this episode a lot and thought it had a ton of laughs, but I can’t lie. The “Jesus” story arc really, really bothered me. Look, I’m a Christian and I’m not “uptight” the way we are sometimes portrayed to be. I can get behind a good joke just like anyone else. But that was unnecessary, especially the line about the holiday “not being about Jesus”. I know that not everyone is a believer, but still.

    They say there are two subjects you shouldn’t touch, those being politics and religion. I’d rather my favorite show in the world stick to that philosophy. With all that aside, I still give this episode a solid 9/10.

  71. Loved the entire episode, really great work. The only part that troubled me was that Michael didn’t know that Phyllis was going to be Santa. It’s a little hard to believe that Jim wouldn’t have discussed this with Michael beforehand. I understand why they went this way, it’s great comedy to see Michael’s reaction, but it’s just a little unrealistic. (I know…I know, realism is not necessarily what we’re after, but still – I had to leap.)

  72. as soon as kelly had the poster in her hand i KNEW it was a twilight poster… i laughed SOOO hard at her reaction and i loved jim so much for buying it for her. i really enjoyed this episode. it felt a lot longer than it was (but in a good way)

  73. Great episode, much better than last year’s. But I agree with the lack of Jim and Pam. The show is really missing something when we don’t get them.

    To those people saying, “yeah, but they are married now, they don’t need to do stuff at the Office;” well, that might be true from a realistic sense, but this is a tv show. We want to see it. They don’t add much realism to the other aspects of the show, why do they have to add it to JAM?

    Most people who want to see more Jim and Pam aren’t asking for googly eyes or anything; they just want to see them INTERACTING like they did the first 3-and-a-half seasons.

    Still, great episode.

  74. Much much better than Moroccan. But so super sad for Wallace! You can’t let David go … unless he’s gonna come work in Scranton :) .

    Oh, btw, how did Pam know that Matt is gay? Just because Oscar is crushing on him doesn’t make it so.

  75. angela applauding michael’s jesus was great. lap sitting was funny. cold open was solid too with the unveiling of the tree, and dwight announcing that perhaps he’s depressed.

    oscar/matt definitely felt forced and likely unnecessary.

  76. Stanley is going to “H-E-L-L-double hockey sticks”…LOL!

    And Angela was primetime last night. “That’s so offensive!” and clapping when Michael said he waas bringing back the real reason for Christmas. I love that she was so happy getting drab grey cloth for a gift. Whoever said that they think Dwight was her Secret Santa, I agree with you! Although Angela and Darrell would be a hilarious few weeks of a speedbump on the way to getting back to the meant-to-be Dwangela!

    And Kelly…”Oh, Jim…Oh, Jim…”. Saw Robert Pattison coming as soon as I saw that the gift was a poster and it was of course hilarious!

    Once again – excellent writing Mindy!

  77. I love Andy and Erin! They are so cute! I loved that the whole cast was involved in this episode and I laughed out loud so many times. “Tranny Claus” was probably my favorite line!
    RE:#71…I thought it looked like she was laughing. That made Kevin on Michael’s lap even better!

  78. Good episode but not my favorite Xmas show.

    Loved Angry Jesus and Andy’s gift at the end – seeing him dance makes me laugh so hard (TWSS).

    I enjoy when more of the back-office characters get more air time. The cast is so talented that 30 minutes an episode is not enough time.

    I would hope David Wallace comes back in some fashion.
    Interesting how last week David and Jim were still on for dinner with no Michael. Hmmmmmmmm

    Also, wish this Xmas episode had Jim and Pam under some mistletoe. Cheesy I know – but I am a sucker for cheese.

  79. did anyone else notice that the frame was adjusted in dwight’s talking heads to include all of his elf hat? that cracked me up so much i missed everything he said in them!

    i also missed what happened with darryl and angela. what happened?

    and i must add that as a christian, i was not offended by michael’s portrayal of jesus. i thought the humor in it was the contrast between michael’s behavior and the character he represented. so that’s funny, not disrespectful. just my thought.

  80. Loved, loved, loved this. And I’m a Christian and I was not offended. Michael is like an 11-year-old. He has no clue what is appropriate and what isn’t. We’ve known that for years!

    Brilliant episode.

  81. Best scene for me was Kelly receiving the Twilight poster from Jim, it was hilarious! I love any scene with Jim and Kelly, it always revolves around pop culture and Jim understands Kelly so well, love it! And finally got to see that Jim smile again that’s been missing for awhile!

    Good episode. Phyllis shined in this episode, she’s so cute. And go Andy! The ending was the best. I hope Oscar and Matt get together :)

  82. When did dressing as Santa become such an important tradition in the office?

  83. Ah, thank Jesus/Michael for tanster and favorite quotes. It’s been a while since I laughed as hard as I did at “And Stanley…is our mailman”.

  84. I’m also a Christian and I was not at all offended my Michael as Jesus. I thought angry Jesus was one of the best parts of the episode.

    I enjoy Michael acting ridiculous and going over the line on things. That’s just how Michael Scott is, and I think the writers were dead on with this one – that is something that Michael Scott would do! haha

  85. Every week I fall exponentially more in love with Andy Bernard. I used to be in a drumline, so I was pretty excited when I saw the “twelve drummers drumming”. . . But, then Andy came out playing the cymbals and I nearly died laughing! (I played cymbals in the marching band for two years. Yes, I am a geek and proudly admit it.) The Nard-Dog totally nailed the spirit of a cymbal player! (Dorky and highly visual.)

  86. I really like this one. Lots of great moments for all of them. I like so many others are very frustrated though with the lack of JAM interaction. Just because they are married now doesn’t mean they can’t talk to each other anymore.

  87. @MalonesCones- I’m not going to tell you shouldn’t be bothered as that is personal, but the show has always been rather subversive about religion (not so much about politics IMO) and doesn’t seem to have ever had a philosophy of being safely non-offensive. Michael’s constant failed attempts to embrace religious diversity, the tech guy who was Sikh, Kelly’s explanation of Diwali, and Angela’s (uptight) Christianity and her hypocrisy? I think these add humour and flavour to the show, so I would argue that they are indeed necessary! :)

  88. This episode was excellent!!!!! It’s all about proving who’s the best Santa, Michael or Phyllis?, Michael as an angry Jesus, Oscar’s new crush, Andy & Erin talking about Secret Santa, the future of Dunder Mifflin, and the drummers marching for the entire office (including Erin). And the sweet Pam is back, except she’s always been sweet and still is.

  89. Andy and Pam really nailed it this year. Andy’s gift for Erin was awesome. And Pam setting Oscar up with Matt (the warehouse guy) was pretty funny, just like when she sets Andy up with Erin. Nailed it!

  90. I loved this episode. It was heartwarming, yet chock-full of hilarious moments. As someone else mentioned, the way the camera was focused to include Dwight’s entire elf hat in his TH made me laugh so hard. I also noticed Mindy breaking when Kevin was on Michael’s lap. Loved the look on Michael’s face when Dwight happily realized the purpose of his gift.

    I could go on and on – there are too many great moments to mention! Excellent job, Mindy. :)

  91. Oh God! So much to love! I usually have to watch an episode a few times to appreciate it all, but this was fun and brilliant from start to finish!
    -Was that Madge from the warehouse helping Meredith pick up the Christmas tree? (If so, love that they bring back actors for tiny parts. But we didn’t even see her face or hear her speak. Deleted scene maybe?)

    -RE: #85 megan “it felt a lot longer than it was (but in a good way)” TWSS!!

    -Loved Michael as angry Jesus doing play by play on the presents. Honestly, I think Jesus is smiling on The Office right now.

  92. Oh! And when Michael was Santa, I laughed too at the way his beard moved when he talked! And when he was telling David he was dressed as Jesus and said he has the “power of flight” and he cured the leopards. Comedy platinum!

  93. Just watched it, absolutely amazing! Thanks so much to Mindy for writing an episode that encapsulates everything that is great about our show (we all know what these things are). The tone is perfect and the efficiency of this script is so damn good that it feels like an hour episode because every word counts. And Mindy could not look cuter to boot(whatever “to boot” means).

    I guess ultimately what I am trying to say is that this episode really sucked (and indeed that is what she said).

  94. A wonderful episode all around – loved every minute of it (but worried about David Wallace – we love him – don’t send him away!!). Phyllis was awesome – and Kevin’s moment with Michael was priceless. And Creed’s line about being evil had me in tears! So I guess what I’m saying is I love that everyone had their moment to shine. Great, great episode.

  95. I think Ricky Gervais would be the perfect actor to play the part of the person who bought the company.

  96. @104 Katherine

    I can see your argument, I really can. Looking back, maybe I’m being a bit too harsh. With the exception of the “Christmas isn’t about Jesus” line, I guess it wasn’t that bad. I still wish they had not said that.

  97. I also loved the editing in the end where Dwight & Andy were singing “Boulevard of Broken Dreams…” I don’t know, I guess I find it emotional/symbolic?(in a good way) hahaha… I keep on rewinding that part =)

  98. Something my brother and I noticed after the 3rd viewing: In the tag when you start to hear the drummers Dwight yelled “Get down!” …like the revolutionary war LOL
    Excellent episode, although I agree I was disappointed there was little to no JAM. but hey, the episode was great!

  99. David Wallace deserves to lose his job. How many times has he told Michael (!) something in confidence and Michael has blabbed? Does the guy never learn? I’ll be sad not to see his handsome face any more, but Kevin’s smarter than that guy!

  100. I loved the little moments in this episode (Kelly’s poster, Michael grabbing Ryan’s butt, Dwight’s gift, the tag with the drums, etc.)! This Christmas episode did not disappoint.

    Did I see Madge from the warehouse in a party scene?

  101. I liked this episode a lot! And this is the episode that sold me on the whole Andy/Erin thing. I wasn’t feeling it before, but I get it now. They’re cute. ^___^

  102. I need to watch this episode again…I didn’t like it a lot the first time around.

  103. I liked this episode. To me, the less JAM there is, the better. E+A is the new JAM and the Nard-dog has become my favorite character on the show. BTW, Creed sitting on Phyllis’s lap = AWESOME. Glad the warehouse guys are back…we need more Darryl.

  104. I was just wondering what it would look like for Andy to send Erin ten lords leaping or nine maids milking . . .

  105. This episode was amazing. I hate when people say stuff like this, but it really did seem like it came from season 2 or 3. The Edward Cullen poster, the Jesus part, it was all SO GOOD. Good job writers and actors!

  106. Everyone was great in this episode, especially Pam and Phyllis. Loved Michael as Jesus and the tag with Andy dancing. On the subject of Wallace being fired, let’s face it: he wasn’t a good CFO. After all, he hired Ryan to be VP, remember?

  107. not bad, but there have been better christmas episodes of the office. at least it wasn’t as bad as last year’s!

    also, oscar’s crush = cute story there. and loved everything with erin and andy.

  108. I liked this episode much more than last year’s Christmas episode. I loved how every person had their moment to shine. I do agree with others that the lack of JAM is getting a bit weary. We haven’t had any cute moments with them since the double date they went on with Helene and Michael. I’m even more sad that we’re going to miss some weeks of The Office because of the Olympics :(

  109. Someone might have already mentioned this, but I have a secret hope…that Dunder Mifflin is purchased by an overseas paper chain…maybe Wernham Hogg is looking to expand?

  110. @ 113 MalonesCones

    I’m a Christian too, and I don’t have really any problems with that line, or any lines on the show in general. I think the whole irony thing makes the joke work without actually being blasphemous or what have you. Also, it helps to know, as I discovered a few months ago, that Steve Carell is a devout Catholic. :-)

  111. I loved this beyond description. I feel stupid because just last week I was complaining about characters becoming one-dimensional…boom roasted! The entire cast got to shine in small, unexpected moments.
    I had a momentary horrifying misunderstanding in this episode- when David Wallace said it was a really bad time and then asked Stephanie to hop off- I immediately thought he was cheating on his wife in his office with some girl named Stephanie! Mind in the gutter, I guess.

  112. I just wanted to say to all the people who didn’t like Moroccan Christmas, that I loved that episode. Every episode of the show warrants at least 2 viewings, (then maybe a 3rd and a commentary track), to truly appreciate it. I’m definitely going to watch Secret Santa again because my first reaction was that it was funny, but I wasn’t looking for nuances so they went over my head. The second viewing is a totally different experience. You can’t really love the show unless you watch it many times.

  113. Do the writers ever take a look at what we say about the episodes? I wish they did, because they would see how much we love our JAM moments! Yes, we all want our JAM, but I feel that when the baby comes, we will get what we’ve been waiting for. At least I’m hoping for that! :) I do miss their little interactions though.

    This episode was pretty great overall, but I feel terrible for David Wallace. What about Jim’s supermarket sale???

    OH NO….I just had an idea of what Dwight’s diabolical plan will end up focusing on…Oh, Jim, catch Dwight and Ryan before it’s too late!

    Anyway, loved this episode! Yay Christmas at the office!

  114. LOVED everything about this episode!

    Whenever Michael spoke with the beard on. The way it moved with his mouth for some reason cracked me up. :)

  115. So upon re-watching this I realized that I’m pretty sure John Krasinski’s giggling after Michael puts his hat in the punch. I wonder if Steve improvised that.

  116. Fabulous episode–loved it so much I watched it twice in a row. The drummers at the end had me wiping a tear off my cheek, and nasty Jesus was hilarious.

  117. “The Office” has lost the support of my wife and I. We won’t be watching it again based on Michael playing Jesus. It was offensive and unnecessary. You can be funny without scraping the bottom of the barrel like that. There’s no respect for Christ or Christianity any more (even from many Christians).

  118. So much for the $20 limit on the secret santa gifts. To give the 12 days of Christmas this year would cost $87,403 (do a search and you will see).

    Loved the massive scar on Erin’s face. It is deep and long (twss).

    [from tanster: omg, so it was a scar! i thought it was the Subtle Sexuality tatoo lol!]

  119. This episode was not offensive to me and I’m also a Christian. Great episode. Re-watching it always makes it so much better.

    I give it a 9.7!

  120. so this episode was good but come on – no jam?! we haven’t had cute jim and pam, let alone basic interaction, since the wedding! I’m all for more comedy but the office used to be so good at combining both funny and romantic.

    little bit disappointed. i want more jam!

  121. Man, I’m Christian, too, but I wasn’t offended by this episode. I mean, it would have been offensive if they meant for us to take it all seriously, but c’mon. It’s Michael. He’s too stupid to know the line between offensive and funny. Besides, when he said “he can heal leopards” me and my girlfriend had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.

    It was a great episode.

    (ps- I love how Angela applauded Michael when he came out as Jesus. That was so great.)

  122. i love so much about what this episode chose to be….

    just about everything michael said was hilarious. “uslurped”? oh man i fell off the couch laughing.
    phyllis’ tears of joy. aw.
    michael as jesus. my family was trying to guess what he was trying to be when he was getting in costume: white santa? ghost of christmas past? someone jewish? (my guess. i won.)
    angela applauding michael as jesus
    michael as jesus heckling santa.
    kevin singing “o christmas tree” in that deep voice… oh man.
    “What’s up sweetie?” “It’s not sweetie, it’s michael!”
    12 drummers drumming (aw!)
    etc. etc. ad nauseum.

    and michael’s gift to dwight… yep. that’s certainly a dwight-style nutcracker. perfect!

    i really hope there are some developments between oscar and matt.

  123. Great Christmas episode…but I agree… MORE JAM!!!! I miss the sweet interaction…comedy is GREAT but that’s why I LOVE the Office..they do BOTH!!! :)

  124. Since Michael and Jim being co-managers was Wallace’s idea, do you think the new board of directors will let it continue or will there be a change? Also, I noticed that, like in Christmas Party, Ryan had Toby for secret santa and gave him a book. I really enjoyed that moment.

  125. I watched it 3 times, and it gets better each time! Really a great holiday episode! Definitely better than Moroccan Christmas. I loved Phyllis as Santa, and having the warehouse crew in the office, and basically the general spirit of everyone – specially in Michael’s office. The togetherness was great, I missed that! And can I just mention how awesome the Christmas decorations were?! The office looked great :) Kudos to the cast & crew for a fantastic episode. I don’t know how we’re all gonna make it until February to find out what’s happening at DM…I’d hate to see Wallace go!

  126. Not trying to be a wet blanket but I found this episode to be empty and shallow. I like Mindy Kaling and some of the other shows she has written but not this one.

  127. So I just tonight got around to watching this episode online because my DVR didn’t record it on Thurs. night. Let me just say – WELL worth the wait!! Quite possibly my favorite Christmas episode of the series! Every character contributed amazingly. I think Erin showed some character development in this episode -she actually got frustrated and a bit weirded out by Andy’s gifts and confronted him about it. But the ending…very cute :) Loved Michael as Jesus, Pam’s ever growing belly, Michael’s salty attitude during present opening, him spilling the bad news (a Michael Scott classic), everyone’s moment of celebration in Michael’s office, Kelly’s reaction to her New Moon poster (laughed out loud – my mom is a Twihard), Dwight and his toy, Green Day karaoke – I loved how they used a random GreenDay song as background music for cute little moments and it just worked somehow….ahhh just everything! This is a great episode to leave off on until January :) I’d give this episode a solid A, but “I forgot there was a such thing as an A-plus-plus.” :)

  128. I LOVED this episode! It’s so fun to have another great Christmas episode. Moroccan Christmas was okay, but I missed the whole Christmas vibe from previous seasons. So this was refreshing.

    I loved Dwight’s line about having the same idea for Osama Bin Laden and how he’d piece together his gift to find himself in jail. I laughed out loud several times in this episode. It reminded me of seasons past, which is always a good thing.

  129. To 133 “nv”.

    HA! I thought the same thing for a bout a split second! So glad I’m not the only one with a pervy mind. Office, what have you done to me?!

    I couldn’t even comment on my niece’s first band photo in which she’s holding her trumpet without thinking of a TWSS moment. My comment to her photo went as follows:
    “Aw, such memories. There’s a photo of me just like this at age 11 except that I’m holding a french horn in my hand. (That’s what she said).”

  130. Finally had time to watch the episode…worth the wait. What I need now are screen grabs. The Christmas episodes have a reputation for some sly set dressing. Who can forget the two blue ornaments hanging from Jim’s desk lamp from Christmas past?

    I want to know why the Merry Christmas banner got tagged with “Santa hates tears.” Also, something looked odd about the stuffed Santa in Michael’s office. Did anyone else notice any visual gags?

    On an unrelated note, for those of you unfamiliar with the origin of the old expression “loose as a goose,” let’s just say Erin’s car would be a mess.

  131. I loved it when Angela applauded Michael for dressing up as Jesus because I had started to applaud him a few seconds before when he said Jesus was the real meaning of Christmas(being a Christian I was thrilled . . . .until he said Jesus ruined the party, to which I complained a few moments before Anglea. . . .scary, Angela and I thinking alike, oooh, shudder. :)

  132. I too was completely offended at Michael portraying Jesus and am glad to see I wasn’t the only one. I’m afraid you lost another fan with this episode. I can respect that people have different beliefs but I don’t go around making fun of them. To me, Jesus Christ is someone I take very seriously and I hope that The Office writers will consider that portraying Him in any form can be offensive to Christians.

  133. I don’t know if you can see it in the actual episode, but the Christmas card from Benihana Christmas (where Michael superimposed his face over Carol’s husband’s) is on Erin’s desk. I thought that was a nice touch. :)

  134. Great having a funny Christmas episode. I also liked having some shock value added back into the show, in the form of clueless Michael playing Jesus. Lately the show had lost some of its edge for me, in having moments where my mouth literally falls open. Bravo Mindy Kaling!

  135. This episode was fantastic. I loved that everyone received appropriate gifts (except for maybe Erin) and there were so many great lines. I agree with those who say that we needed a break from Jam anyway…loving Arin. Am I allowed to call Andy and Erin that haha

  136. Michael declaring Toby as the Antichrist was absolutely priceless. This, in addition to Phyllis’ threatening remark made to Jim, were among my favorite moments.

    I was surprised to read that many viewers did not care for this episode. I personally found it to be refreshing, particularly as we now have a bit of an idea in regards to the future of Dunder Mifflin and a change in its corporate structure.

  137. Yeah, so I was a like a week late on this episode due to a business trip, but it was well worth the wait. So many quality moments and it ended on happy note. I love awkward Office, but this had a nice overall Christmas vibe to it. Also I had 12 years of Catholic school and I thought Michael’s petulant Jesus was hilarious! And “he heals leopards.”LOL. Also, for those who were upset about the lack of JAM, I figure they have been going light on JAM recently since Pam is due in February. Obviously, the few episodes leading up to and including the birth of JAM baby will be JAM heavy, and on the gooey “oh my gosh we’re having a baby” stuff too. I think it’s good they tried to give it a bit of break at the right time in the season.

  138. Loved the episode! Not offensive at all and full of laughs. I see a romance brewing between Angela and Darryl. And Andy was awesome at the end, won over Erin for sure! Can’t wait to see the new owners and what their characters are like. Good job keeping us guessing for this long amount of time how things are going to develop. Can’t wait!

  139. -Asturd, Hey! You noticed the subtle Darryl/Angela moments, too? That’s a relief, I thought I might be reading into it too much, but if more than one person noticed it, then who knows?

  140. Yes, Angela/Darryl FTW! I loved that they were being all cuddly at the end. I think it’s adorable. I hope they get together.

  141. Did anyone else notice that when Michael says “So we’re not fired?” David replied, “No, NOT congratulations…” and trails off? The first time I watched it all I heard was the congratulations part, but when I saw the producers cut I heard what he said and thought, “Wait, what? What is that all about?!” I can’t wait to see where all this goes!

  142. Did David really say, No, NOT congratulations. If so, then this arc could be different than most of us thought.

  143. The way I understood it, when David says “No, NOT, congratulations” he’s saying that no, the branch wasn’t canned, and congratulations that they still had jobs.

  144. Hmm, I didn’t hear that, I’ll have to watch this episode again. Though, it does sound like David was just saying No, NOT(as in not fired) and then congratulations. But, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  145. i was re-watching this episode recently and during the part where kevin is sitting on michael’s lap, the whole cast is trying so hard not to laugh lol

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