The Office: Shareholder Meeting, 6.11

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Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: Charles McDougall

Summary (NBC): Michael gets excited when he’s invited by David Wallace to be honored on stage at the Dunder Mifflin shareholder meeting in New York, and he brings Andy, Dwight and Oscar along for the ride. Meanwhile, Jim has a hard time getting Ryan to do work.

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In a poll conducted November 19-23, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.25/10

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The Office Shareholder Meeting quotes

Dwight: Recyclops will drown you in your overwatered lawns.

Dwight: Recyclops will have his revenge.

Dwight: Recyclops destroys!

Stanley: I thought you were killed by Polluticorn or something.

Jim: God bless you, Recyclops, and your cold robot heart.

Andy: Ladies and gentlemen, from Scranton, Pennsylvania, please welcome Michael “The Machine” Scott!

Pam: Don’t do the twirl.
Phyllis: Lose the twirl.
Dwight: Twirl sucks.
Kevin: Michael, I hated the twirl.
Andy: Hate the twirl.

Michael: It’s not even a twirl, it’s a spin. I might do the spin.

Michael: And in this case, I think we are celebrating me.

Erin: It’s like what high school kids take to prom on TV shows.

Michael: Hate to break it to you, Oscar, but some of us like boobs.

Dwight: Calves. Calves all the way.

Ryan: I’ll use it when you’re done.

Oscar: The Dunder Mifflin stock symbol is DMI. Do you know what that stands for? Dummies, morons, and idiots.

Michael: That’s bigger than my bed.

Michael: Say your name is Zamboni, and then I will say, “Well, we’re sort of on thin ice.”

Michael: Continue to call me Mr. Scott.

Dwight: I got a shirt guy.

Dwight: How is he gonna have grandkids?

Michael: What about Madonna? Obama twins?
Security guy: We’re not supposed to talk about it. Nelly Furtado.

Michael: This is not as much fun as I thought it would be.

Dwight: Oh I’m sorry, were you raised in a household with no consequences?

Dwight: If onlys and justs were candies and nuts, then every day would be Erntedankfest.

Phyllis: Bob took me to Capello’s. We got a little tipsy.

Phyllis: Sorry. I’m plastered.

Pam: Stuff gets around. I don’t participate.

Pam: I forgot I have to support him no matter what. Close one.

Andy: In high school, I organized a walk-out over standardized testing.

Andy: I feel lachrymose.

Ryan: Do you love her, or do you love the idea of her?

Jim: Well, that was apple picking day. There’s no need to yell that day.

Michael: It’s a 45-day, 45-point, one point per day, we get to 45 points, we’re back in business! And you can take that to the bank! And limo lady? We’re going completely carbon-neutral!

Michael: I love you, New York!

Ryan: Well I’m glad you’re finally being proactive, Jim.

Michael: He knows economics as well as he knows bullfighting.

Jim: For a job well done. Well … not done.

Jim: You’re a good kid. You know what, it’s gets bigger once you’re in there. Enjoy it!
Ryan (from closet): Is there Internet?

Michael: Well … that was a waste of a text.

Congressman: He’s our best manager? Where’s the off button on this moron?

Michael: I have personally won over 17 Dundie Awards. So I am not a moron.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a negative comment about the show on here — but that was probably the worst episode of The Office yet. The camera work and story lines were awful. I think I laughed once.

  2. I predict that Michael won’t be manager anymore, and they put Jim in charge.

    Michael really screwed up!

  3. It was nice finally getting to see some Jim and Pam interaction, although I didn’t like the comment Pam made about being forced to support him.

  4. Okay, that was awesome. It was the most realistic episode in a while. Not exactly hilarious, but not every episode has to be. And we had a wonderful Jam moment!

    LOVED it.

  5. jim stuffin’ ryan in the closet was pretty funny.

    the shareholder meeting was a little ridiculous.

    and michael looks way too classy these days.

  6. One of the best episodes of the year. I just cringed when Michael started to talk at the event.

  7. Not sure how I felt, it was not too funny or exciting.
    Although, I did lol at Jim’s story about the apple picking day…and the fact that he finally stuck up for himself.
    But the fact Michael isn’t fired for that stuff seems unrealistic…and where’d that CEO come from? Random.

  8. In this episode, Michael made me want to scoop out my eyeball with a still moist grapefruit spoon. I cringed so hard I think I may have pulled a muscle.

    Also, InCharge!Jim made me all swoon-y. Grr. The smiles, the talking head with Pam, the apple picking perfect day… GUH. SO cute!

  9. Fantastic. Best line DMI- Dummies, Morons and Idiots. Thank you Jim for putting Ryan in the closet (now all we need is a lock haha). I really loved Michael in this episode. Well done Justin.

  10. Holy FLIP, this season is just killing it in my opinion. The shareholder’s meeting was incredible- I’m so glad that Michael didn’t actually save the day, but I love that he still spun it to seem like a huge win. Also- prankster Jim merging with boss Jim… it was perfection. It was the first time Jim actually made the title his own rather than awkwardly playing the part. I thought manager Jim meant the end of fun, young, Jim, but they came together today in the best way possible.

  11. i really liked seeing season 2 jim and pam.

    jim’s solution for ryan was epic. WOW! i like that he found it funny, too.

    i really liked the episode. not the best, but not the worst. the dynamic kind of reminded me of “dwight’s speech”.

  12. “I’m so glad that Michael didn’t actually save the day, but I love that he still spun it to seem like a huge win.”

    Why? Michael is supposed to be a moron and childish but also really good at his job, certainly better than those morons in charge. I absolutely love it when he saves the day

  13. Well…it was realistic, but not very funny at all, especially compared to last week’s episode which was stellar. Probably one of the worst of the season so far.

  14. This week was great and of course it happens when they go back to the office formula – deal with real issues and office settings. The way it was written was the pinnacle of awkwardness that made prior seasons so great. Best moment had to be Jim dealing with Ryan, I was so looking forward to that. Michael finally being called out as at times an uncontrollable and kind of iffy manager was sort of satisfying. I think they set up a great premise for the next few episodes as corporate now got to see the real issues with Michael and they might challenge his position which should make for great development especially with Jim. Also I know some people are disappointed with the lack of JAM, but I’m enjoying it as the birth episode will then be much more special.

  15. I was really concerned for this episode because for me (besides Niagara) Season 6 has been really weak.

    But this week the show is back in business, and back to what the office is all about! Very ‘classic’ season 2 feel.

  16. I thought that was a really good episode. All of the limo scenes were so funny. Also I love how jim used his skill in being a prankster to be a good boss. Overall, great episode!

  17. Great episode, and probably one of the first ones to ever touch on a big issue current event. Showing a behind the scenes look at how corporate execs don’t care about the shareholders and workers was very poignant. Michael was confused because he actually cares and it seems that Wallace does too. Recyclops was great because of the prior seasons scene recreations. Jim putting Ryan in the closet was on-the-floor funny.

  18. With DMI nearing insolvency, Michael knew that he would not be fired (not to mention the fact that the Michael is the company’s best performer). So, he had free reign to do as he pleased, which led to some great and not-too-unrealistic moments. However, the episode seemed a little anti-climactic on two fronts. First, Jim hinted at his darker side, which would have been really nice to see (instead of the standard passive-aggressive Jim). Second, the episode seemed to end hastily, as neither Michael nor Oscar were able to offer helpful solutions, and they instead fled. I see this is as a thoroughly entertaining episode that I consider good, but that could have been great.

  19. I liked this episode, key word being liked. It wasn’t a phenomenal episode, but I thought it was solid and one of the best episodes recently. (I’ve stood in conflict with what most people liked this season: I hated Niagara, really didn’t care for The Lover, and absolutely loved Koi Pond)

    The Ryan-Jim story was pretty funny, and Michael at the stockholder meeting was perfectly cringeworthy without being so awkward that you yourself feel weird for watching it.

    I agree with what Ian (15) said… there’s definitely been a very season 2-vibe about this season. Hopefully the Office continues to turn out these great episodes.

  20. not the best episode, pretty on par for season 6 really, but a few really great moments scattered throughout.

    1 – michael saying “rock and roll!” and then greeted to unexpected booing gave me the chills.
    2 – the shot at the end (not of the tag) was just so smart in the way it was done.

    on the other hand, the episode wasn’t particularly that funny. the office stuff was really throwaway lame fluff. at least michael was super awkward and cringe inducing.

  21. @7

    Why is having a CEO random? Just because he hasn’t been seen doesn’t mean that it is random.

    And I have to agree that this season is killing it. Great storylines, funny jokes, and laugh out loud moments, all what made the office season two our favorite. I thought I couldn’t be impressed with an episode after watching the stellar episodes from Community and Parks and Recreation (Hunting Trip was great by the way) but “Shareholder Meeting” proved myself wrong. It was very realistic and funny and the background in the limo looked like it might be from Scranton. Little continuity details that make the office great. Dunder-Mifflin’s in trouble. I have one question–is this the end?

    Jim putting Ryan in the closet – priceless.

  22. Loved the storyline at the Office, liked the storyline at the meeting. I really felt left hanging by Oscar, I really thought it was going to be an epic moment for his character. I was really left disappointed after some tremendous buildup (which of course is what she said).

  23. Very strong! Loved seeing Michael out of his element and rise to the occasion… in his own way. Oh, Michael. :) I love the direction they’re taking Erin – does anyone else think the Andy-Erin ship is worth jumping aboard? :) Plus, the Jim-Ryan scene at the end was sh*t-my-pants funny.

  24. This episode had all the awkwardness I adored about the first season. When Michael kept coming back for more as the crowd cheered him, I was actually covering my face in embarrassment. And somehow the fact that people refuse to take Jim seriously makes me love him more.

  25. To 26
    No, the Erin-Andy ship is not worth jumping aboard, because they are not good for each other. Unless you want to jump aboard a ship that doesn’t make Andy happy!!

    Sorry…I’m just an Oscar/Andy shipper to the core, and this episode validated how good Andy would be for Oscar. XD

  26. I thought it was pretty good. Not as good as last week’s, which was seriously amazing, but solid. I liked both storylines and the shareholder meeting kind of reminded me of “Dwight’s Speech,” haha! Oh man, I have to go back and watch that one now. <3

  27. There were many things I loved about this episode from Dwight throughout (and I’ve found him annoying the past few episodes) to Michael’s speech as he was exiting the stage (and the twirl! perfectly timed!!!)

    Perhaps my favorite little moment though was when it flashed back to Dwight’s recyclops from 4 years ago and it showed season 2 Jim and Pam at the receptionist’s desk – what a cool little part they threw in there! it was like stepping back in time

  28. I thought this episode was great. It reminded me of Dwight’s Speed and Business Trip in the best possible ways. I love the Andy Oscar combo! I loved that Michael was awkward but really seemed to believe in the company and that he can rally people like that (even though it really kind of made things worse). It really reminded me of a season two episode.

  29. The reveal of Dunder-Mifflin’s higher-ups and their incompetence was incredibly welcome. Suddenly, so much makes sense.

  30. I liked this episode. My favorite moment had to be Michael’s response to the ex-congressmen calling him a moron.

  31. I just like the word “Recyclops.”

    And it was cool the way they filmed the “past” years of Dwight’s Recyclops – the old Jim and Pam in the background, bringing back Ronnie the temp receptionist. Fun!

  32. Was I the only one who found the plot of Jim finally growing a pair and standing up to everyone an incredible turn-on? LoL! I cheered when he stuck Ryan in that closet. And I love Pam’s “close one” line. Very true to a real husband/wife relationship.
    Michael’s running back out to the cheering time after time was almost too awkwardly painful to watch. I was really hoping to see Oscar stand up and tell the CEO and everyone his ideas. Nowhere near as great as last week’s episode but still solid.

  33. I seriously lost it when Phyllis came back drunk from lunch with Bob Vance. “I’m sorry…I’m plastered.”

  34. I’ve loved every single episode this season up until tonight. A lot bothered me. It felt rushed, the camera angles seemed all over the place. Why would they invite Michael to this meeting? Why didn’t they have a plan beforehand? Why didn’t I find it funny that Jim made Ryan work in a supply closet? It annoyed me that Pam wasn’t supportive of Jim.

    Like I said, I’ve loved this season so far, but tonight really didn’t do it for me. And oddly enough I’m in the minority too.

  35. Pretty good episode… I loved Jim throwing Ryan in the closet! I’ve missed his pranks… but seriously Michael? I knew he was gonna make a fool of himself as soon as I noticed there was a microphone sitting in front of him…

  36. Loved this episode. The middle of this season is shaping up so nicely. Jim was great for once (tired of mean, bossy Jim) and putting Ryan in the closet was hilarious. I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like.

  37. I loved this episode! I especially loved the throw-back to Jim & Pam circa Season 2 with the shaggy hair (on both Jim & Pam). So fun. There were so many scenes that made me laugh out loud. I loved that Michael did his spin when the audience decided they loved him. Too much fun.

  38. I actually yelled out during this episode, “He did the spin!” Priceless.

    Does anyone else hope that they have an episode with a long flashback to season 2? Maybe a lost footage type deal? Or, they’re trying to uncover some mystery and they have to look through a bunch of old tapes? Maybe Jim and Pam see themselves back then? That would make my life.

    It’s funny how we get so excited for season 2 Jim and Pam, like they are different characters who are dead now. But they are dead, in a way, because they’ve grown up. It’s like in the same sense that ten year old me is dead. I’m ten and a half.

  39. Yes! I second Brigette’s motion for a season 2 flashback. That would warm my heart. And I also yelled out, “He did the spin!” Brilliant minds think alike, Brigette. We’re in this together now.

    And I forgot to mention I loved Jim’s speech to Ryan about putting the rolodex on Outlook. And I loved Ryan in the closet.

  40. Compared to “Murder”, this was atrocious. I think I laughed once or twice throughout the whole thing – I’m hoping next week pulls it together.

  41. If Recyclops shows up during Earth Day, which is in April, why did he show up now?

    Also, if he shows up once a year, why did we see Pam, Ryan and Ronnie as receptionist? Wasn’t Ronnie only receptionist for a few weeks during July?

    I’ve only seen the cold open once so maybe I misheard some stuff. If not, it seems incredible no one caught that.

  42. Danielle:

    Michael was invited because he is actually one of the only successful aspects of the company right now. And they didn’t really have a plan because…well, it’s corporate america, where incompetence often runs wild. The higher ups just planned on BSing their way through the meeting.

  43. Is it just me or Jim’s “5 years ago…’ on the start reminiscent of his toast on their rehearsal dinner on Niagara?

  44. The tremendous buildup of Oscar insulting the company looked like it was going to end well, but the whole fleeing thing was just bad. I was looking for good things from Oscar, but no…

  45. Not a big fan of this one. Why wasn’t Jim invited to the meeting, considering he is supposed to be Michael’s “equal?”

  46. #44 Colin-
    The cold open was posted on here yesterday and a lot of people commented about how the time line wasn’t right. Even though the time line wasn’t right I still enjoyed the flashbacks…I also loved Andy’s talking head about the S.A.T.s. He is shining in this season.

  47. I’ve been down about the office being too crazy lately, and while this episode didn’t have me laughing, really- I appreciate the reality of it. If it were any other TV show, Oscar would have had his moment. But this was a rare callback to those painful truths; Oscar can’t solve DMI’s problems. If it were as simple as he says, wouldn’t someone else have come up with it? And can he really tell everyone to their face that they need to cut back on all the extravagance, and still walk away with his job? The truth is that everyone can gripe about the choices corporate America is making, but would it be so much better if the responsibility were resting on our shoulders?

    The funniest episode, maybe not- but where there was wit, it was subtle and it was sharp.

    [from tanster: nicely said!]

  48. #44 (Colin)
    The whole reason for the Recyclops thing is because NBC is doing some sort of “Green” week so they probably asked the writers to write something to go along with the theme.

  49. SwimmingTrunks, I agree about the subtlety. I kind of like when the humor is more subtle than laugh out loud. Two great subtle, easy-to-miss lines were Michael referencing the “Obama twins” and Erin talking about how limos on prom night were only for rich kids with TV shows.

  50. Not a funny episode. Jim-Ryan didn’t make me laugh at all. Somehow I can’t see Jim is capable of being a leader (smart-yes, good guy-yes, leadership-no) and he bored me with his suite. Ryan is getting more & more insignificant for the show. It’s almost half of the season & he barely did/said anything.

    Thank God we have Oscar. I got a crush on him (and I’m straight – I think).

  51. @49 – My guess is that because they are dual managers, they can now afford to leave one behind. Since Michael was the main reason behind the success of D-M: Scranton, it makes sense for him to go. To have both co-managers go on the trip would leave no leadership in the office and with people like Ryan, you could be sure people would have gone home earlier than they would have.

  52. This whole arc with the company going under could lead to an interesting situation. A shareholder revolt could see Michael and friends move up in the company, a final showdown with Charles, re-uniting with Holly, the Scranton Branch might spin off into a separate company to protect it from being shut down (they still make money).

    Or the Office finally shuts down for good. Michael, knowing the paper business could soldier on, Jim could get a new job in corporate America, everybody moves on with their lives.

    And as R. Kelly would have put it: “Now Ryan’s in the closet, Ryan’s in the closet too.”

  53. Ryan is finally where he belongs! I can’t wait to see Kelly squeezing into his “office” for a little quality time. And I love that Jim is standing up for himself, finally. I did want to see Oscar save the company, though.

  54. hmm. Sorry, not one of their best. There were a few laughs, certainly a smattering of smirks, but no “feel good” feeling like usual. Best moment: When Pam said she had to support Jim… Close one.
    Is it me or is Jim becoming as uncomfortable to watch as Michael??

  55. This was a good episode. It wasn’t great by any stretch of the term, but even Led Zeppelin’s epic Zoso IV album had filler. By far my favorite scene is Michael rousing the crowd at the board meeting. Especially when he ran back out the second time for his “curtain call”. I’ll give the episode a 8 out of 10 just for that scene alone!

  56. I absolutely loved how Jim solved the Ryan problem. It was very keeping with Jim’s personality and the behavior of the collective group – they behave like children so Jim resolves the issue with an appropriate response. Symbolic corner chair and dunce cap for Ryan. (Ryan’s “I’ll be good from now on” moment just emphasized this relationship.) Hilarious – great writing.

  57. I know this episode was important for plot development, but I thought it was just “meh”. I liked Michael amping the crowd up and the scenes with Jim & everyone else back at the office.

    I wonder if anyone will ever take Jim seriously as a manager? Even I (as a viewer) feel like he doesn’t have as much authority as Michael does (ie: firing people, reprimanding, delegating, etc.)

    Oh and by the way, where has Toby been??

  58. I’ve been pretty critical of a few episodes this season, but I thought they nailed this one. 2 great episodes in a row.

    Every episode doesn’t have to contain gimmicky LOL scenes for it to be successful. I think the show got back to its roots with funny situations and awkward humor.

    And another thing, people need to STOP with the comparisons to old seasons. Nothing will ever compare to the natural feel of before Jim and Pam got together. We can only hope the characters don’t lose their way too much.

  59. Weakest episode of the season and one of the weakest of the series. The “no respecting of Jim as a boss” story is so played out. Pam was really unlikable as well. The whole meeting plotline was neither funny or interesting.

  60. I have mixed emotions on this episode. I liked what was going on in the office, but am now paranoid about the company. I’m glad they are touching on real events, but when you are dealing with similar aspects on a daily basis, it’s not comedy anymore. Just my two cents.

  61. Typical Michael haha. Just can’t leave the stage like everyone else.

    I liked how Jim sorted out Ryan. Really put him in his place.

    I wonder if the writers are consciously making Jim a more competent manager so that when/if Steve Carell leaves to concentrate on his movies, he will be able to take over the office easily. But that wouldn’t be for a season or two yet I wouldn’t think.

  62. This may have been said but Isn’t David Wallace the CFO they didn’t refer to him as such in this episode.

  63. Well I REALLY liked this one. It was a bit more like a drama this week than a comedy but still very entertaining.

    I can understand that some people (myself included) have problems at work and with their companys so they want to escape when watching a comedy show but at the same time it’s about the real office environment (kinda!).

    Very interested to see what will happen with the company, michael and the co-manager part.

  64. #51 Swimming Trunks – couldn’t agree with you more! The company I work for is nearing bankruptcy too, because of dummies, morons and idiots who make greedy decisions. I really appreciated this episode and how everything was portrayed.

    I find myself not necessarily laughing out loud during the episode, but saying “awesome!” a lot. There should be a third category of fictional television – “Awesome.” It’s beyond comedy or drama, it’s “awesome.”

  65. Not really that funny, although funny parts undoubtedly. More of a plot development episode for sure..

    When the DM board came out to boos it was kind of a surreal moment. This company has always had its fair share of issues but the writers chose not to make them a huge deal, but now it’s really starting to crumble and it was just strange to see. Really interesting plot development, it was somewhat expected but still odd to see. A good odd. I think it’s obvious the company will come out of it ok because, well, the show still has another few seasons.

  66. Strong story-driven, arc-progressing ep. Not the funniest, but an important cog in the wheel that is Season Six. Everything felt extremely real, like SwimmingTrunks said, and Oscar (the actor, not the character) proved once again that if you give him the ball he’ll knock it out of the park (does that make sense? doesn’t he need the bat, not the ball, to knock it out of the park? oh well).

    I spent most of the cold open trying to figure out the continuity with the receptionist. It looks like Recyclops Day is not a set day because Ronnie was only employed for a few weeks over the summer of ’08. And either the Ryan-as-receptionist scene was shown out of order or it was taken during one of the times Pam was on vacation, which had to be January cos we know she waits as long as possible. ;)

    It’s crazy that a simple change in hairstyle makes Jim/John look five years younger.

  67. I’m pretty sure that BJ Novak wrote the episode, so he gave himself some of the scenes. I don’t like the part about DMI going bankrupt, that’s too stressful to watch.

    [from tanster: justin spitzer wrote this episode.]

  68. This was a great episode. It puts some tension in the office again without having to force it, and it was a lot more real than some of the other episodes. I’m still waiting for Jim’s big supermarket account to come through and shock everyone, though.
    I loved Jim in this episode. It reminded me of old Jim, and calling up Ryan and telling him to disregard the last message because he “obviously had [his] hands tied.” I just love how he handles situations, and makes people take him seriously. And I laughed so hard when he told Pam he had no idea if he could actually fire people. Awesome episode. Just for the realism.

  69. “Well, that was apple-picking day. There’s no need to yell that day. I was just excited to find the car. Perfect end to a perfect day.”

    Jim’s going to be the greatest dad. :)

  70. I loved this episode and Michael is always trying to be helpful. He called the smartest person he knows, Oscar of course. “the 45 day thing, we go with that. Day 45, company saved. day 44, go!” love it!!

  71. I agree 100% w/ DV and Liv. I thought this was the best episode since Niagara; it felt like everyone has finally hit their stride for Seas. 6, the writers included.

  72. I though this was a pretty good episode. The best part was Michael running back on stage for more applause. However, I feel that the biggest problem with this season has been the ending of the episodes and I feel that this episode was no exception. The first 17 minutes have been great and then it feels unresolved and shortchanged. I’ve noticed this in The Promotion, Mafia, and Double Date.

  73. Anyone notice that one of the people being escorted out onto the stage was also briefly visible during The Merger, but was never seen from again? Same guy/background actor- anyone know who he is?

  74. #77 Jules – You mentioned one of my favorite Michaelisms of this episode…when he said “Day 45, company saved. Day 44, go!” Leave it to Michael to throw out this 45-day/point plan idea in front of the crowd, then pick the easy “number” and expect everyone else to fill in the difficult blanks. Classic! It’s these little throwaway lines that make the show so special.

  75. Why is Michael not at the table in the tag ending? If Dwight, Andy, Oscar are still there, he can’t have left yet.

  76. Sticious: Jim wasn’t invited because he didn’t need to be there. The only manager in the entire company that was there was Michael, because his branch has somehow been successful for a while now. Jim just started co-managing recently.

    Collins: Wallace is the chief financial officer…the new character we saw was the chief executive officer.

  77. Loved the episode, but they really screwed up that recyclops bit in the beginning. They weren’t even close with the continuity in that.

  78. My shoulders hurt from cringing, but I really enjoyed this episode and thought Michael did far better than I’d imagined he would. When he stood up for himself when the congressman called him a moron, I was proud of him (even though he mentioned Dundies…an award he made up himself). I was surprised that none of the other DM suits would even entertain the idea of a 45 day plan, or explain that they’d already done that, or even try to break it down to a basic level for Michael or the shareholders. Things are dark and ominous for DM’s future!

    And Phyllis just stole the show with her “I’m plastered!” Too funny!

  79. Glenn- that bugs me too. It’s certainly understandable that Idris Elba may not be able to return due to scheduling conflicts, but I don’t understand why they haven’t explained his absence or mentioned him at all this season. That seems like a huge loose end, especially considering the significance of his storyline last season. (It’s not the biggest deal ever, just one of those little things that gets on my nerves.)

  80. This episode raised a question for me. Who is more incompetent the board who ran the company into the ground or Michael who is running the only successful branch. Michael came off better than the board he actually turned the hostile crowd around and a 45 day plan isn’t actually a bad idea.

  81. I enjoyed the episode. I am amazed at how The Office caters for such a diverse group of fans. Some love this episode, some not so much. And some episodes that are OK in my books, are absolutely loved by others. Loved Jim showing Ryan his new office, loved Michael and the gang making a quick get away so they could still ride in the limo, and Dwight’s speech – which looks like it could be so good – ends up discussing best ways to manage a queue. Great stuff.

  82. I don’t know if anyone has commented on this yet, but I love how Pam is always touching her belly now, it’s so cute! I love how The Office always includes these little details!

  83. I enjoyed the episode, especially the way that Jim took care of Ryan without making a big scene. Yelling to Ryan would have made Jim look out of control.
    Also, I wonder if the writers are going to ever show Dwight and his digital recording pen again? Seems like Dwight could steal a couple of Jim’s ideas for reviving D-M. Hope this doesn’t happen though – I want Jim to get all the credit!

  84. I LOVED how Jim took care of Ryan in such a TACTFUL way!! Jim RULES!!!!!!! :) And the DM meeting was hilarious..very funny episode!!

  85. This was my least favorite of the season. Obviously there were some funny moments peppered throughout – like Michael returning to the stage – but something felt off and kind of dark in this episode. It reminded me a bit of Business Trip, which is one of my least favorites of the series. Hopefully just a blip in what’s been a great season so far.

  86. Erntedankfest! Only Dwight would make a seasonally appropriate reference to the German Thanksgiving. How can you not love this show?

  87. My whole family has been spinning over this for days. Ryan’s line “Do you love her, or do you love the idea of her?” It’s from a movie isn’t it? I can’t remember what movie, but I know I’ve heard it before. Anyone know?

  88. I loved the Recyclops bit at the beginning and you get to see Jim and Pam from four years ago. Jim is so apathetic. Funny.

  89. I really loved this episode for a lot of reasons. Jim vs. Ryan was fantastic, and really shows how much he is growing as a person. It also shows what a good manager he actually is becoming. He’s starting to use his strengths to deal with things in a smart (and funny) way. I also have to admit that at first I was disappointed that Oscar didn’t have the guts to say what he wanted to say, but then I stepped back and realized that the fact that I care that much about him being brave only proves what a great show The Office really is. The characters have gotten to me and I actually care what happens in their lives. Even Recyclops was hilarious…mainly b/c of the other characters’ reactions. I’m very impressed with my favorite show! :)

  90. Just wonderful at the end where the ‘real’ workers got to reap the benefits for once in the limo. The script writers are crossing into some new corporate themes (no surprise, it is called The Office). The small details were clever – loved the ‘exhausted’ Recyclops drinking a soda.

  91. I loved this episode too. Wow, the writers have really been on par this season. There really hasn’t been one episode that I hated. I loved the Oscar thing, and the Jim-Pam “apple picking” exchange haha. The cold open wasn’t that funny, but I loved the changing receptionists over the years!!

  92. The one thing I did not like about this episode was that it was obviously not New York City.

    And, BTW, where are the comments. I guess some people did not know there was an episode because all shows were down this week in ratings; not just the office.

    Anyway, the little continuity error was okay, just I wish they could make it look more like NYC.

    Otherwise, Great episode. 9/10

  93. I loved the Recyclops opener where we saw all the old receptionists. That was hilarious!

  94. So, after watching it for the 3rd time…
    1. I LOVE how Kevin swings his elbows while running down the stairs to check out the limo. : )
    2. When Michael makes that “Mr Zamboni is on thin ice” comment, Oscar is in the foreground laughing and the look on his face is just blank joy. Wouldn’t he be more likely to be rolling his eyes or looking pained b/c his boss is so inept?
    3. Wouldn’t Michael have already met Dunder Mifflin’s CEO – esp if he has been with the company for over a decade, gotten involved in Jan’s lawsuit, etc???
    4. The Erntedankfest line…wow. FAVORITE line of the episode. nicely done!
    5. Ok I lied – maybe even MORE, I love Jim and Ryan’s discussion about how to deal with the fact that Ryan is a distracted perfectionist who can’t be bothered to work…and then he’s given the little closet office! Perfect!!! Love it.
    Great ep. Reminds of season 1!

  95. Liked it. Loved it. Want more of it. The crew is hitting their groove again. However, I have not liked the opening the past two shows. For me, Dwight is funniest in a supporting role in different scenes and not as some crazy and unrealistic “Recyclop”.

  96. What is the point of this insolvency storyline? I feel like Dunder mifflin going under is getting overused now, it was already used in seasons 1-3. Any ideas/theories on why they chose to revisit this story again?

  97. Post #68/Collins: *Sigh*, CFO and CEO are very different things (CFO is chief financial officer, CEO is chief executive officer), one of the new characters in the episode is the CEO, Wallace is still the CFO.

  98. All I have to say is that I love all the scenes involving Michael, Oscar, Dwight and Andy. Michael getting the crowd to cheer for him, and then standing up for himself against those corporate big wigs, and the finale of getting the other guys and making a getaway. We need to see more episodes with those four.

  99. I liked this episode. Although I noticed the continuity thing with the open, it really didn’t bother me much. And I loved that Pam almost forgot to support Jim. Great to see Jim put Ryan in his place (yummy) and LOVED Dwight’s comment about his shirt guy.
    I wanted to swing by the garment district…pick up a few crates of my shirts. I got a shirt guy.
    I heart Dwight and everything that he chooses to be.

  100. @ 98 Nick

    On “When Harry Met Sally”, a friend of Sally’s says…you don’t miss him at all? (after Sally’s break-up with Joe) and she says “I don’t, I really don’t. I think I just miss the idea of him.”

    That’s the only thing I could think of for a reference point for this line.

  101. I love how amidst the crazy behavior in the office there is an element of cold truth that many of us can relate to. Like Oscar talking about how to fix the company and then clamming up when he finally gets an opportunity to have his voice heard. Or Jim having to discpline a difficult employee. I can relate to both. This is why I love the show. It makes work relationships funny when in fact they are often stressful. I remain a devoted fan.

  102. I really liked this episode. I think they are revisiting the whole dunder miffilin in trouble thing because in all the seasons, there was downsizing, and multiple branches closing. Because of the bad economy, it is very believable that dunder mifflin is having major financial problems, considering they have had minor problems over the years.
    Overall a great episode!!!

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