The Office Season 6 finale giveaway

David Koechner The Office

This is David in the annex making the phone call to Michael, in the Whistleblower cold open.

UPDATE: Here’s the answer and the winners for The Office Season 6 finale giveaway!

The question: Which Office actor or actress did I meet for the first time during my recent set visit?

The answer: David Koechner, who plays Michael Scott’s BFF, Todd Packer!

The winners: Exactly six people entered the correct answer. Of the six, I randomly picked Jules, attack readiness, and Mindy(mindysfavshow) as the winners, congratulations! Winners each receive a World’s Best Boss mug + either a BlackBerry or iPhone Dunder Mifflin case, your choice. Watch your inbox for an email from me. And thanks, everyone, for playing!

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  1. (I accidentally sent the last comment before I typed anything)

    Craig Robinson

  2. Given the information we know about this episode, I’m guessing Marcus York.

  3. Just realized having Amy Ryan in the finale is only wishful thinking (as we all know tanster was on last year’s finale as an audience member to Holly+Michael’s show)

  4. Any of you who say ellie kemper or kathy bates are good choices, but read the hint before you guess

  5. As soon as I heard Packer on the phone while watching the episode, I knew that had to be the answer to this question. Props to everyone who got it right! :)

  6. Congrats to the winners! Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t win since I don’t drink coffee and I don’t own a BlackBerry or iPhone..

  7. tanster, who were the other 2 actors you got to meet for the first time?

    [from tanster: kathy bates and zach woods. :) ]

  8. Hugh Dane & Nelson Franklin weren’t on the set the days you got to visit? Or have you met them before?

    [from tanster: no, neither were on set during the days i visited. and no, i haven’t met either of them.]

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