The Office: Whistleblower, 6.26

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The Office Whistleblower

Writers: Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan
Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): The press finds out that Sabre’s printers catch on fire. Jo (guest star Kathy Bates) shows up to the office in hopes of finding out who the whistleblower is. Everyone suspects Andy, who adamantly denies he leaked the information.

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In a poll conducted May 20-24, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.52/10

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The Office Whistleblower quotes

Michael: Michael Scott, as seen on TV.

Packer: I saw you on the news, and I want to pinch your tiny weiner.

Michael: We cannot let the pedophile win again.

Michael: Get it up. That’s what…

Michael: Really? A baby otter? Okay, count me in as “who cares?”

Phyllis: Put your hand up, Norma Rae.

Andy: The Bernards, for generations, have silenced whistleblowers. It’s how we made all our money.

Andy: Old Mr. Bernard, old Mr. Bernard, who have you silenced today?

Michael: We should give them a one-way ticket to Montego Bay. Where they keep all the Al-Qaeda.

Dwight: Apache persuasion hold, that’s the hell.

Kevin: Sometimes I run. I’m a runner.

Michael: And like I’m going to believe one of his spermed lovers.

Dwight: I don’t want to waste your time and I wouldn’t dare waste mine.

Jo: You turning that money into more money?
Dwight: Are you referring to alchemy?

Dwight: I’m not dumb. I’m smart.

Darryl: I think she could sense my sadness.

Darryl: She was a copy editor at the Trib.
Michael: Was she cute?
Darryl: No.

Michael: And if that is not poetic justice, I don’t know what is.

Toby: Write your own damn novel.

Jim: This is good. Let’s get all the bad ideas out now. Flush ’em out.

Michael: My mind is going a mile an hour.
Pam: That fast?

Pam: I weirdly know exactly what you’re saying to me.

Michael: We need to brainstorm. We need to get out of this. Brain hurricane.

Michael: Hey, hey, it’s as interesting as a morgue.

Kelly: I video chat, I Skype, I text, I tweet, I phone, I woof.

Erin: Ryan, you have a woof on line 1.

Michael: That’s just what we need, another black man in prison.

Dwight: Basement office? You mean like a lair?

Michael: I was up all lunch thinking about what we should do to this individual.

Jo: Michael Scott, what do you know?

Michael: Are you going to kill me?

Michael: I have an early dinner that I need to get to… with the chief of police.

Creed: I’m very relieved to learn it wasn’t you.

Gabe: What a rich timbre your voice has.

Michael: My favorite restaurant closed down. My new favorite restaurant sucks. BIG BIG

Michael: It’s not been a blockbuster year for me financially. My Blockbuster stock is down.

David: I am here to talk about “Suck It!”

Creed: I think we can all agree that it’s either Gabe or Angela.

Creed: It’s Angela. Get her, boys.

Nick: You guys have 15 parties a week. You can’t learn my name?

Dwight: Inner city kids use computers for two things: games and porn. So good luck wasting your life. Lurch.

Nick: Darryl, man, you’re on Facebook. Why have you been telling people you’re not on Facebook. People want to be your friend, man.

Jo: Oh honey, surely you don’t want that.
Michael: I surely do, and don’t call me honey. Airplane 2.

Dwight: Pretty soon, you will be on your feet. Like Buckingham Palace.

Michael: There will be no questions. Are there any questions?

Michael: Hey, you could transfer Holly back from Nashua.

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  1. i was not impressed with the episode, but the close literally made me jump out of my chair and fist pump like tiger woods.

    i can not wait for season 7.

  2. Loved the drama, not knowing who did it.
    Poor Andy!
    So I hear Holly is really gonna be back next season! Awesome!

  3. If Holly comes back I will be very excited! She was great. This episode was pretty good. I LOL’ed that it wasn’t a Blockbuster year for Michael–his blockbuster stock was down.

  4. This one was pretty good. All i can say is HOLLY! HOLLY! HOLLY! HOLLY! But i loved the Jim/Pam stuff and the Andy/ Erin stuff, which is nice to have back. And the IT guy was great. And so was Creed. We haven’t seen much of him lately, but that was amazing.I love Kelly and Ryan. i really hate Jo, but if she gets Holly back, i’ll hate her less. But still this episode was really weird. What’s gonna happen to Andy? and what about Kelly, Pam, and Darryl? ugh! And now we have to wait until September. i hate this.

  5. As episodes go, this one was quite solid. Had some great moments, I laughed out loud quite a few times. But as finales go, that was really awful. It just….didn’t leave me as satisfying and smiling as the finales normally do :(

    But the tag…..BRING BACK THE FLAX :)

  6. I actually started cheering at the end! HOLLY!!! He’s going to get his soup snake back!

  7. New favorite episode. Dwight’s real estate purchase, Packer, Wallace, WOOF, and a nice cliffhanger!

  8. Cool episode, but not finale worthy? Help me understand the lack of the finale “bang?”

  9. LOVED IT! What a good episode! Great ensemble piece–everyone was involved, Creed all the way to Nick :)

    Lots of set up for next season; Dwight owning the property (nice reference to Slough in the address!), Erin/Andy reunion, HOLLY! Going into the finale, I wasn’t exactly sure what there was to look forward to, but there was some nice development. Poignant. Subtle.

  10. DIdn’t feel very finale-y. As a regular episode, it was decent. As a finale, kind of disappointing. I miss the days of hour-long finales and I think this episode could have used that treatment. So many plot points with very few real resolutions. I don’t know, maybe I just need a re-watch.

  11. Wow…apparently I’m in the minority. I thought it was a decent episode, but really a pitiful finale. I wouldn’t get too excited about the Holly thing. We’ve been led to believe she would be brought back into the story at least a couple of other times, and nothing happened.

  12. First of all, @Danny Scarn, that’s what she said. Second, I actually really loved the episode. I laughed out loud so many times. Favorite line, “Are you referring to alchemy?” haha great :)

  13. Did not like that! If it was a middle of the season episode it would have been okay. However that was not “The Office” worthy season finale. I am very, very disappointed.

  14. As an episode alone, it was great. Yet, since it was a finale, it was just average. It had some hilarious moments, but it lacked the shocker season finales always have.


  15. David Wallace’s cameo in the “SUCK IT” hoodie was priceless for me!! I hope they find a way to include him next season. A great finale to a strong season!

  16. How did it actually end?! My tivo cut off the final scene and I feel like it must have been something huge.

  17. I think I need to watch this episode again…I didn’t get that finale feeling, but maybe that is what they were going for. I kinda predicted the Holly part at the end once Michael mentioned her to Jo. However, I’m super excited for next season…a lot to look forward to. Dwight and Angela possible baby drama. More Erin and Andy love. A reunion with Holly and Michael. And maybe some new Pam/Jim story line. Thanks for a great season!!

  18. I think this ep would have been better served as an hour long. So much happening. I thought it was a solid episode though. Not as cliffhanger-ish as past seasons. You could kind of sense something with Holly was afoot when the camera zoomed on Jo when Michael mentioned her. And then when the closing tag started w/ Michael in his office. I was never a Holly fan really, so I’m not excited as everyone else here. The ep had true Office form and humor though, something the show had been fading in and out with over the past two seasons. Here’s to Season 7!

  19. I’m underwhelmed… It’s good if it were a normal episode, but not good enough for a finale.

  20. It was OK… I liked seeing David Wallace again… and WOOF was funny… but that’s about it. I didn’t laugh out loud once! Thankfully “30 Rock” is my comedic salvation tonight….

  21. Great episode, but weaker than both Community and Parks and Recreations finales, because they left us with something. Other than the Holly thing, nothing to turn heads about. Decent episode and definitely some laughs (the IT guy and David Wallace!) but like others have said, not finale worthy.

  22. I thought it was a good episode, not season finale material, I agree.

    I just felt so bad for Andy. It’s not right that he’s taking the full blame when the other 3 told people too. We really don’t know who told first. I wonder what’s gonna happen to him? That was a nice moment between him and Erin at the end.

    And I hope they bring Holly back, that’d be awesome!

  23. I’m horribly disappointed in this season finale. If it were an episode in the middle of the season, it’d be fine. But that was not a finale. I must be the only one around that doesn’t like Holly. I’m just really disappointed. Too many quick cuts and it moved way too fast. I could go on but there’s a word limit.

  24. #11 Jeremy…
    we were also told that toby wouldn’t come back… hmm..
    and Jenna Fischer said something about Michael’s love interest sparking in this episode…


  25. Megan:

    The Office didn’t leave us with something? Dwight is trying to buy the building, we don’t know what will happen to Sabre, we don’t know what will happen to Michael and Holly, and we don’t know what will happen with Andy and Erin.

    On Community, the cliffhanger was who Jeff will choose, and on P&R there’s the Andy and April thing along with what will happen to the Parks Department. All three shows had a bunch of unsolved storylines.

  26. *banging head on coffee table* Make. The. Holly. Flax. Stop.

    Was actually enjoying this ep and this season until they invoked schmoopy Michael. Booooooooo. Please just don’t, Office. Seriously.

  27. YAYYYYY Holly!!!!! Has there been any offscreen discussions yet about signing Amy Ryan?

  28. I don’t even know this show anymore. I understand that characters change and whatnot, but I just can’t bear to watch it anymore. I watched “Performance Review” earlier today because TBS shows reruns, and I laughed so hard and I’ve seen that episode like 10 times.

    I hate to say it, but I hope next season is the last, especially since Steve is thinking about leaving. Who knows, maybe Michael and Holly will ride off into the sunset together and that will be the end of it.

  29. I thought this episode was TERRIBLE! I didn’t laugh one bit. I am beginning to worry about the office because I have been watching this show since I was about 11 years old and now I am 15 and ever since then I was always so excited for Thursday nights. But honestly, I haven’t gotten that feeling since last year and it is making me very worried….

  30. Very odd episode. It was good, but nothing finale about it. Even as a regular episode, it wouldn’t be normal. I’ll have to re-watch it, because the first time it was weird.

    I hope Holly will be back next season. I also hope that next season is the last season if Steve Carell leaves.

  31. @#26 Danielle! Sista I never knew! I just don’t get the appeal of the character. Huge what the what. And besides, didn’t she choose her job over Michael and immediately become engaged to someone else? I dunno. Not feelin it at all. Let her stay wherever she is.

  32. I’m not sure what happened, but that was not an Office finale. It had some funny moments, but there was no urgency or excitement at all. A teaser about Holly at the end doesn’t compensate for that; barring a change, Amy’s availability pretty much precludes anything substantial from happening until the series finale. Dwight’s potential purchase was uninteresting to me, and I honestly just want Sabre to end now. So disappointed by this episode.

  33. I’m actually really disappointed. I miss the old Office. We hardly even saw Jim and Pam in this episode and they always have such a big moment in the finale.

  34. Hilarious episode and very quick-paced too. Loved how it kept moving and never had a dull moment. However I don’t think it was really worthy of being the finale, except for the tag of course.

    I’m so excited for Holly to potentially be coming back, however it’s sad to note that they are probably doing that in prep for ending the show, so Michael has someone to end up with in the end. Still, I can’t wait for fall!

  35. Someone else already said the perfect word to describe my feelings after this episode: underwhelmed.

    What happened to the show I used to love so much? I think ending the show next season would be best, because then the writers could create real drama (and comedy) knowing when they will end.

  36. WOW! Looks like I’m in the minority, but, I LOVED this episode.

    1. WOOF
    2. Suck It
    3. Holly might come back.
    4. Darryl on Facebook


  37. I would normally say that they dropped the ball by not hyping up the sense of suspense for next season, but all of the NBC comedies tonight had lackluster “cliffhangers”, if you can even call them that.

    I am beyond pleased that this wasn’t yet another JAM-centric finale, but I do wish we got a little indication as to what finally happened with Andy, what Dwight’s future plans are for the building, etc. I guess Holly coming back is exciting, but there’s next to no chance she’ll become a regular, so what can come of that?

    Also, I need “Woof” in my life. Get on it, NBC!

  38. All I needed was the tag! The finale wasn’t anything huge (twss) but I have something to look forward to now. I hope September brings more Holly!

  39. This felt like half an episode. Nothing really got resolved. The Woof part was funny, but other than that it was very disappointing. Also, I thought Michael and Holly together were incredibly annoying in Season 5. If she returns, the writers better make her tolerable.

  40. Good season finale. Lots of cliffhangers. I’m excited that Holly might come back but what if she married AJ and they’re happy together? Can’t wait to see what the writers will come up with.

  41. Not much of a finale vibe to it. Are we supposed to believe that Andy might be in trouble because I didn’t get any sense of trouble at the end. The whole printer thing just sort of ended with Michael’s press conference.

    Unless Amy Ryan is actually going to make an appearance on the show I’m tired of hearing about her. She left the show in October 2008 except for the finale last year, so to keep dangling her as Michael’s love interest just seems manipulative.

  42. Can’t believe all the hostility towards this episode. I think years past of hour long finales have spoiled us. People last year didn’t think Company Picnic had a “finale feel” to it. Another half-hour finale.

  43. My favorite show has lost something. I think Ricky G. understood that this story concept only had so long, before it just gets dumb. Tonight felt like the beginning of the end, and that makes me sad.

  44. Was this really the finale? A week ago there was another episode listed after this one, and the countdown still says “1 episode left!” I felt like it was a good setup for a finale. Although I do have to say the plot felt more like something from a traditional sitcom than I’ve ever seen from The Office. I still enjoyed it.

  45. Wasn’t terrible, but what a let down – I was really looking forward to some serious finale material. It was fine, but not what I expected at all. :(

  46. I thought it was the worst season finale of the series
    with the exception of the appearance of David Wallace and the ending.

  47. This was an amazing episode!!!!! Still, I feel so bad about Andy, I can’t believe he took the blame about telling on TV about the printers. And it’s also incredible that Pam was the whistleblower too. I hope nothing bad ever happens to them, specially Andy, because it would be like he’s leaving the office for good, which he’s not. And Michael, I think he’s stepped out the line with telling Jo about Holly, and thinking about having her back from Nashua to Scranton. It looks like Dwight wants to buy the building. It’s also good to see Wallace again, and of course, to hear Packer again.

    Anyway, it was a good season, with the most important thing in the show: Jim and Pam. They’re married and they have a baby. I hope next season can show some more about Andy and Erin; because I loved that scene of her grabbing his leg, as a taught of affection. I don’t know what will happen with them.

    I’d wish the seventh season wouldn’t be Steve Carell’s last season of The Office. Because what would the show be without Michael Scott? He’s definitely The Office.

    See you next season!!!!! It’s gonna be in four months, as usual, I think.

  48. I thought it was a great episode! I was really nervous for much of the episode, and obviously super excited about Holly…I hope Amy Ryan is back! As for everyone who says this lacked “finale bang,” I thought it was about on par with Company Picnic. I still think the show is amazing, but I also realize that every season finale can’t be Casino Night…so I was very satisfied tonight (TWSS).

  49. Do you not realize that Michael is the nucleus of this show? Is not his happiness of any importance to you? He MUST end up with Holly. This episode was absolutely wonderful. I nearly fell out of my chair at Dwight’s ‘alchemy’ comment. Michael’s helpless face in Jo’s car as they drove off. Andy having hope with Erin. Woof… There was so much goodness. You know we’re probably only going to have one more season of this stellar show. Try to enjoy it, because there will never be anything else like it.

  50. This one didn’t have the feel of an Office finale. It all seemed anticlimatic. It’s always great to have Kathy Bates as part of the cast though. I hope she can come back next year.

  51. I enjoyed it. A couple of good set-ups for next year and I loved the IT guy and David Wallace. I didn’t find it the disappointment that others did. A good solid episode and a nice wrap for a great season. I just hope next year isn’t the last one.

  52. I thought it was refreshing for a change to not have any crazy, high drama during this episode. I think the Holly cliffhanger was enough for us to tide us over for next season. Very funny! I love Steve Carell! He really needs to get a darn emmy!

  53. Funny how they magically reopened the closed Nashua branch just so that Holly can come back next season. I love Holly though. She’s just what Michael needs. But I thought Scranton was the only branch that survived at one point. As for matters of discrepancy, why does Toby still have a job? I love Toby! I’m glad he’s staying on, but the N.Y. corporate office Toby reports to is closed. And Gabe is the Sabre corporate watchdog who reports to Tallahassee. So what does Toby do? And what’s up with Nashua?

  54. I think this episode really summarized the season: some funny moments here and there but overall not spectacular. I hope this Holly tease means the writers have a firm plan for next year, because this season it really felt like “let’s keep throwing stuff against the wall and see what sticks.” This year produced a lot of great and funny moments, but felt very choppy compared to the earlier seasons. The “will they or won’t they” JAM storyline was a real anchor for the show, and three seasons later they still haven’t found a suitable replacement for it.

    Call me sappy, but if next year is really going to be Michael Scott’s last stand, I’d love to see him finally come out a winner and end up with Holly. But for that to work Amy Ryan needs to be able to devote her time to the whole season, not just a couple of guest appearances here and there. Here’s hoping that season 7 is an awesome blossom with extra awesome!

  55. Also, I need to add, I get the feeling that people who are concerned about the fates of Andy, Pam, Darryl, etc, didn’t fully understand the scene between Steve Carell and Kathy Bates on the jet. He clearly bought immunity for his guilty employees in exchange for being the fall guy and giving the apology speech that Kathy Bates didn’t want to give.

  56. Awesome Holly tease at the end there, and if next season ends up being Steve Carell’s last they should just end the show. I can’t picture a better finale than one that ends with Holly and Michael back together and Andy and Erin (have we forgotten her real name is Kelly?) getting together for realsies.

  57. It was a GREAT finale–well written, directed and acted! I thought this was a really hilarious, sweet episode, and it wrapped up the season nicely. Loved the numerous whistle-blowers, Woof, poor Nick the IT guy, Darryl on Facebook, and a David Wallace cameo! Steve Carell deserves an emmy for his outstanding work this season! I’m going to miss this show–September’s a long way off!

  58. Yet again this show has let me down. I think Michael’s quote about 12 minutes being worth viewing pretty much sums up the entire season.
    The storyline was really weak and just lacked whatever it was that made the Office so great. I think season 7 should definitely be the last season.

    Can someone explain why Andy is made out to be the bad guy? Like he said, he didn’t want to see children die and whatnot. I’m very confused.

  59. Felt more like a regular episode and not like a Finale. It did not help that the episode was 30 minutes and would have liked a full hour better.

    But still an okay episode…with the bonus of Todd Packer’s voice!

    So the big cliff hanger is will she or won’t she (the Holly thing). If Steve Carell is not coming back after next season, it could be interesting how things play out.

    For me, Season 6 was more up than down but still an uneven season. The highlight was the Wedding episode, especially the last 10 mins.

  60. This episode was the perfect ending to what was easily the weakest season of the Office thus far. There was little to no storyline going into the episode, nothing that struck me as finale material, a weak attempt at a cliffhanger, and most of all, wasn’t too funny.

  61. That was the worst season finale ever… even less interesting (story-wise) than “Hot Girl” (and way less funny). Overall I enjoyed this season much more than season five, but this episode was just a big THUD. Very disappointing… and I agree that an hourlong would have served the storylines much better. I also agree that next season should be the last, especially (!) if Steve Carell is done.

  62. wait, pam’s painting is back? i thought erin ruined it! i know it was a deleted scene, but still.

  63. I don’t think that Nashua has magically reopened, I think Jo is going to find where Holly went after the branch closed.

  64. If Darryl is on facebook, i want to be his friend.

    Not the best episode, but still looking forward to September. The Office is the best, no matter what.

  65. I really don’t care for the expectation that we’ve come to put on season finales of any show for that matter. The expectation is so huge that they rarely live up to the hype. I for one am glad this felt like a normal episode. It was refreshing not to end a season with the same old Pam/Jim stuff. Is the show the same as it used to? Of course not. The characters have evolved. That’s not always a bad thing. It’s just different and unfortunately most people hate change. I for one enjoy the show for what it is…smart comedy. I’ll take the Office any day over another reality show (the beginning of the end of tv). That’s a whole other topic, though. :-)

  66. People, it doesn’t need to be a cliffhanger to be a finale!

    If anything, I think the lack of a “cliffhanger” shows the show’s maturity. They don’t need to leave us in suspense to get us back next year (at least, speaking for myself).

    It’s pretty much public knowledge by now Steve might leave after next season, so they need to move the show in that direction. The good guy reconnects with his long lost love, they get hitched, and everyone goes home happy.

  67. i think the finale was simple and to-the-point and was a good way to end the season because so many big and dramatic things have already happened. if we had a huge, suspenseful finale, i feel like it would just be too much, you know? and i just want to say, i really don’t appreciate the fact that everyone keeps complaining about the writing or how the show is “losing its magic.” i’m one of those people who have loved every single season because we’ve learned so many new things about all the characters and seen so many different sides of them that we originally didn’t see in seasons 1 and 2. this is my favorite show in the whole world and i will always think it’s one of the best things ever created and that includes ALL the seasons. and yeah, i understand that some episodes aren’t as funny and i agree. but it’s annoying when people bash on the writing every single week.

  68. I think the biggest problem is that The Office can’t always have a finale with Jim telling Pam (FINALLY!) that he loves her, or Jim coming back from his interview and finally asking Pam out. I think we all got very used to finales being over the top, when really, we should be appreciating the little moments in this ep that were hilarious.

  69. 64 Michelle – Andy hurt the company and sales by going directly to the media – makes them look bad, loses customers before they have a chance to remedy the situation on their own.

    I thought it was a great episode! I loved the whole IT guy bit (Angela saying “Nick” in quotes cracks me up), 3 bigmouths and it turns out to be Andy after all, Packer, DAVID WALLACE!! We want a “Suck it” sweatshirt too!

    Too bad it wasn’t an hour, but it was a very solid episode!

  70. I am a die-hard office fan and I could just CRY over last night’s episode. The highlights were Wallace, Woof & “Speak”. Other than that, it was just way off. I am hoping for a brighter Season 7!

  71. “Funny how they magically reopened the closed Nashua branch just so that Holly can come back next season.”

    It was never closed. This has been on the faux Sabre website since January:

    Dunder Mifflin has branches in Albany, Utica, Scranton, Akron, and Nashua.

    And I concur with #66 on everything else.

  72. Favorite part: When all of Ryan’s social networking notifications started popping up, printing, calling, etc!!!

  73. I don’t get everyone’s letdown with this episode, but everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Everyone seems disappointed that the show hasn’t developed in whatever specific way they might have done it, but I personally think it’s been perfect for six seasons and can’t wait to see what next year brings!

  74. I liked this episode. Much better than last year’s season finale. Not sure if I liked it because it was great or because I hated the Donna storyline so much that anything different was a breath of fresh air.

    I love The Office but I hope next season is the last season. It feels like the writers are running out of ideas. Actually I don’t think it has been the same since Michael Schur left to start ‘Parks & Recreation’.

  75. Well, I guess I’m going to go against the tide here, but I loved this episode and thought it was not only one of the best of the season (maybe *the* best). It was well written and very well directed. I just about died when Toby said “write your own damn novel” – perfect!
    P.S. When did they ever say they were closing all the branches of DM when they bought the company out? All I remember is that the corporate head honchos were getting the boot. And the Toby thing is exactly what happened at my last job when we were bought out and they kept the HR person – it’s absolutely legitimate.

  76. I loved Pam’s face when Jo stuck that article over her watercolor. So funny. Seeing David Wallace even for a second made me miss the old Dunder Mifflin before the buyout. I’m not into Jo, Gabe, selling printers, etc. I miss NY Corporate and life before Sabre. I realize that they’re trying to mix it up and keep it fresh, but I hope they don’t make too many more changes. Can’t wait for more Holly!

  77. Hated this finale. Only memorable thing was the end with the possibility of Holly coming back next season. I was let down

  78. Wait, wait, Nashua closed?? Where have i been, i thought it was just Buffalo that closed.

  79. I wonder what effect Dwight buying the building will have next season. Hmmm…Interesting.

  80. This was freaking brilliant! I didn’t know it was the season finale (watching from Australia) but it pulled everything together so beautifully! Holly! Erin & Andy! I’m just buzzing and excited for September. Steve plays Michael so well and although there wasn’t a heavy Jim & Dwight role tonight it was really sweet and funny. Would’ve been better as a double length! Looking forward to Season 7!!

  81. I think this was among my favorites for season finales.
    It’s up there with The Job finale, in my opinion. My favorite part had to be when Nick the IT guy told them off before he left.

  82. This finale was not that funny (compared to the other seasons), the only thing that was remotely interesting is the possibility of Holly coming back.
    I agree that this season was the weakest and The Office has been different since Michael Schur left for P & R. I am hopeful next season will be better.

  83. I really liked this episode.
    Michael being won over by the otter clip
    I love Jo’s dogs and I love how uncomfortable Gabe looks holding their leashes.
    I love that Ryan is still working in the janitor’s office…and that everyone was responsible for the leak in the end.
    I also think Dwight has been really awesome lately with buying a house because of the lair (basement office) and talking about alchemy.

  84. It was an okay episode, but a very disappointing season finale. The Office has had some truly amazing season finales over the years, and this ended the season not with a bang, but a whimper.

    Sure; there were some funny moments, mainly Ryan’s “Woof” idea and Dwight deciding to buy the building, and Michael’s 12 minute video was plain sad, but as for the rest? Where was the climax and the heartwarming/heartbreaking season finale moments that the show has done so well in the past? I sure hope the show will come back stronger in September.

  85. I agree that this episode didn’t have the “spark” of previous finales, but really, did it have to? The show is evolving, as it should, and it’s great that most/all of the characters had even a brief spot in the episode. Loved seeing Wallace again! And Packer — just letting us know he’s still around. There is no other show on TV like this one!!!!

  86. For people who are wondering what branches are still open, Scranton is the ONLY one, because it was the most profitable. David Wallace told Michael that over the phone as the company was being sold.

    Also, I thought this was a great episode. Jo actually showed her empathetic side, and she actually seemed like a human being.

    Did anyone else notice that the writers completely cut out the subplot in which Kevin was going to improve himself as an accountant? I remember seeing it in the distant previews from months ago, but nothing materialized. I’m guessing they had too much story to get through and not enough time.

  87. I enjoyed the episode, which perhaps puts me in the minority as I really didn’t like the past few episodes, since night out. Sure, not as good as previous finales, like Goodbye, Toby, but alright. Plus actually focused on office stuff. Stuff that could actually understandably happen.

  88. #94 This is exactly what David Wallace said:

    “They’re buying the company for the distribution. You guys are the only thing about this company that works. So congratulations.”

    Distribution being sales and shipping. All the branches were kept open. Wallace even said that only the execs will be losing their jobs.

  89. I thought it was a solid ending to a solid year and leaves plenty open for next season.

    [from tanster: thanks, typo fixed. :) ]

  90. It was a nice finale and I liked it, but it was nowhere near as funny as some of the other episodes this season and it didn’t really feel “finale-ish” a la Casino Night or The Job. It was enjoyable though – love the possibility of Holly coming back!

  91. I think this finale was a little…slow-moving? Wasn’t someone supposed to get in ACTUAL trouble? Nobody did! Anyway, I actually like that it wasn’t a total cliffhanger like last year when I almost had a heart attack! I caught some very funny lines after 1 viewing and I’m sure I’ll find more during re-viewings. One thing: didn’t Erin ruin Pam’s painting when she was cleaning during season 5?

  92. My least favorite finale yet…The best part was seeing Wallace, and Ryan’s Woof!

  93. A good episode but it didn’t feel like a season finale, especially compared to the fantastic Goodbye Toby. Liked seeing David Wallace again. Glad Holly may come back, but unless Jan comes back as well or the writers invent another obstacle, it has snooze potential. A completely happy in love Michael will make for a boring season.

  94. Why did Jo have her two great danes? I like Jo, she is really nice. :) I would be so happy if Holly comes back! I love her!

  95. I really liked this episode but for some reason it didn’t really feel like a season finale to me. Maybe it was because mostly they end the season with ‘celebrating’ something (Company Picnic, Goodbye Toby, Casino Night). I’m really happy that they’re probably bringing back Holly. It was really sad to see Michael so lonely during the jet scene. I agree with the people who say that next season should be the last season, how sad it may be. Without Steve Carell it can only go downhill. I think that the series should end with Michael ending up with Holly. Overall I think this season was very funny, better than season 4 and 5. We had some great episodes like Niagara, The Lover, Murder, Secret Santa, Night Out etc

  96. For me, the second half of Season 6 was better than Seasons 4 and 5 because it toned down Michael, gave everyone in the cast at least one funny line, and just in general brought more funny and less cringe.

    This episode continued that trend, well done! I hope carries on into next season.

  97. Folks – this finale didn’t have a “cliffhanger” because the Jim and Pam “will they won’t they” is done. Every season finale in the past has revolved around Jim and Pam. So now they have to finale around something else.

    I though the episode was hilarious… Can’t wait for September!!!

  98. Nashua never closed. Like someone already said, there are 5 branches open and listed on the Sabre “website”. The execs were fired, and Sabre kept the branches for distribution.

  99. I don’t quite know what people were expecting with the finale this year. We knew that nothing extreme was going to happen. There can’t be a Jam secret revealed with every passing year and this episode kept with the mood of season six quite well.

    Bottom line is that it was an enjoyable episode and they might bring Holly back! That’s really exciting to me. Hooray for Amy Ryan and the dorky yet fantastic chemistry between Holly & Michael!

  100. I’m not sure if this has been said, and I know it’s a bit dark, but if the coming season is going to be the last season…
    The last we saw of Toby, he was holding up a vending machine, correct? What if Michael Scott’s dreams came true, and in an oddly ironic and very surprising dark twist, Toby was crushed under the vending machine. Not saying he would have to die, but perhaps he unexpectedly mentally snaps and his job is left open…which would leave a space for a worthy Nashua candidate….he’s always complaining about radon, so he would never have seen this coming! Just a thought. And this would be hard because I love Toby!

  101. I thought this episode was funny however a little unrealistic…I understand that it’s a TV show but I was expecting someone such as Oscar to speak up. Andy probably would have been given whistleblower status since more than likely his own personal investigation was given to some sort of authorities (some sort of federal agency). I was waiting for Oscar to tell him that employer retaliation would be illegal and the story arc would end. I don’t know…I still thought the episode was funny and I look forward to season 7.

  102. Nobody mentioned that Dunder Mifflin is apparently located on “Slough” Ave. Slough of course being the city where the British Office was located. I loved it. Also. loved the revenge of David Wallace and Woof.

  103. I liked this season finale. It was better than all the others, which to me seemed overly dramatic, and this was just calm and quiet. “Write your own damn novel!”

  104. Not the most hilarious episode (the comedic timing PALES dramatically to seasons past and, especially, finales past) and the only thing that saved the episode was the ambiguous ending which may amount to nothing.

    Easily the least impressed I’ve been with a finale. “The Job” still takes the cake for me.

  105. Also, I do feel finales are to be treated as events, just like premieres, because whether it’s fair or not, that’s what fans expect, want, and deserve. Granted, it’s not going to be JAM anymore, but that’s where crafty writing comes in. Season 3’s biggest WOW moment for me was Ryan taking the corporate job (an element I still think that was tempered by the writer’s strike)

  106. I thought this season finale felt less like a finale to me compared to all the other season finales before it. Maybe I’m expecting too much or they came up short but I just left wanting more. Ryan’s “WOOF” was okay and David’s “Suck it” was actually funny but the best part was the IT guy’s goodbye that scene imo saved the episode from being a tad boring.

  107. Nick, the IT guy, had the best exit ever for a semi-cast member. “Darryl, man, you’re on Facebook. Why have you been telling people you’re not on Facebook? People want to be your friend, man.” Awesome.

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