The Office Set Visit 2009: Day 4

The Office Set Visit 2009

Buffalo group shot. We look pretty happy, considering we just got axed!

Andy Buckley flanked by sound guys Brian and Nick.

The Office Set Visit 2009

This is my favorite behind-the-scenes photo of the whole week. This is the scene where Michael and Holly critique their performance in the disastrous SlumDunder Mifflinaire skit.

Director Ken Kwapis is sitting onstage with Amy and Michael. Director of photography Randall Einhorn stands in front of them. On the right is Veda (script supervisor), Jen (writer/producer), Paul Feig (producer), and Brian holding the boom.

This is also the scene when executive producer Jen Celotta made me cry.

When this scene was being set up, Jen comes up to me and says, “Hey tanster, come watch this on the monitors!” So I walk over to the monitors, put on the headphones, and watch.

I don’t know if it was the beautiful lighting in Holly’s hair, or the way Michael looked at her with that awkward and painful longing, but when Michael finally says to her, “we have a lot of good material for next year’s sketch,” and Holly replies “I can’t wait,” with practically tears in her eyes, I completely lost it.

By the end of the third or fourth take, my eyes were red and I could hardly talk. Jen walks over to me, looks at my swollen face, grins and says, “Oh good. That was the reaction I was going for.”

When I saw Steve and Amy later, I walked up to them and said, “You made me cry!” Steve laughed and said, “Yeah, we heard.”

Their chemistry is absolutely electric, and it was such a treat to watch them work. I sure hope Amy returns in Season 6!


  1. Another amazing set report! You’re one lucky girl Tanster! I love Andy Buckley and was really happy David Wallace was featured quite a lot this past season and I hope he continues to be featured! And I too cried watching the Michael and Holly scene on tv when she says “I can’t wait.” So sad. I really hope she comes back.

    [from tanster: andy is an amazing guy and a terrific actor. i also loved his prominent role in season 5. here’s to even more of david wallace in season 6!]

  2. Every time I read one of these, it brightens up my day and renews my immense interest in The Office, especially during the dry summer months.

    I think it’s just awesome that you got to do this. And what’s more, you had a cameo in the episode! Forever and ever, your priceless expression will live on in this classic show. People will watch this show forever and I’m so happy for you that you got to actually be a PART of it!

    I can’t wait until the final installment!

    [from tanster: awwww, thanks Matt! i take my set visit reporting very seriously. i love capturing all the details on what goes on behind the scenes!]

  3. Yay, another behind-the-scenes report! Thank you so much! I love how Andy Buckley entertained the extras between takes – and was also kind enough to snap a few pics for you! I just love that guy.

    My sympathies on the day job, btw. I’m in the same situation myself right now. Oh well – better to be busy now than during the new season, I suppose! :) Thanks again for the excellent report!

    [from tanster: andy was such a gentleman during the shooting of SlumDunder Mifflinaire. it was a treat to be able to sit in the front row!]

  4. i totally got phyllis and pam’s rings right!!!

    also… that ring is soooo something jim would pick out. (that’s weird that i can tell that right?)

  5. That’s such a sweet story about you watching the Holly Michael scene being shot. I got teary eyes while watching as well. I LOVE these set reports!!

  6. Yet another great recap–so fun to read, and the photos are fantastic. We would have forgiven you for not finishing–but thanks so much for updating in spite of a crazy work schedule.

    The idea of the van being full of smoke with Meredith’s son inside—ha ha ha! Wish he hadn’t been cut out, but it was so nice to hear what he’s been up to. So cool that Andy Buckley is not only a terrific actor (okay, I can’t resist: and totally handsome), but such a wonderful person too! The care and huge effort that goes into each episode is amazing.

    Finally, BRRR…everyone looks like they’re freezing in some of those shots. You’d have to be desperately cold to snuggle a cup of hot water for warmth!

    [from tanster: i can’t tell you how woefully unprepared i was. all the professional extras were smart and brought their own winter coats and gear. :) ]

  7. Amazing! I felt like I was right there on the set with you. Thank you once again, Tanster, for letting us live vicariously through you. :-)

  8. Another awesome report, Tanster!! It’s been a dream of mine to visit the set, and I feel as if I just finished visiting after reading your reports! Can’t wait for the last one!!

  9. This shows that this is an incredible website. There are not that many on the internet nowadays. What a great report; it was very interesting. It’s been a boring summer (already), but this helps a little.

  10. I love that you asked Spencer Daniels about the spitting in Charlie’s face on it’s always sunny. He was fantastic in that! Too bad he didn’t make it in the final cut of The Office.

  11. Nick was a sound guy on Away We Go, too. I remember him!

    Thanks for the updates, tanster!

  12. This is the best thing I read on the internet.
    This is better than any professional TV piece or magazine article.
    Thank you for your hard work

  13. Yeah! I’ve been checking every day for the next installment! Always a great read. Thanks, Tanster!

  14. Seriously – you are sooo lucky I almost can’t believe it.
    How did you even get in touch with these guys?

  15. Thank you again for the insight to how the show is put together. I am so happy that the crew and stars all like being involved with my favorite show.

    You do a great job with this site and I appreciate all the hard work that you do for us fans!

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