1. All of that makes me SOOOOOOO excited for thursday. My question is, does anyone know who wrote this episode?

  2. i’m really excited too…but also very nervous!! i just hope the “we sit close” comment, isn’t pam and jim.

  3. What a fantastic article! I love the analogy with the power hitter learning how to take bad pitches. Perfect.

    I’m actually so excited that I’m starting to get emotional about it. I’m with Barry… I’d really like to know who wrote this, because my expectations for this episode after reading this article are higher than they’ve been for any episode ever.

  4. Breathe, PWJ, breathe. :)

    I know, I’m getting excited, too! Sounds like it’s going to be utter destruction.

    I haven’t seen any information about who the episode’s writer is, but it’s usually in Jenna’s TV Guide blog (updated Thursday mornings).

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