1. I think its worth it to mention that I put up this episodes recap at my blog, The Dundies. (click on my name) Thanks!

  2. I agree with Chuck…Dwight is the main reason I watch the show. More of Dwight (especially in this scene between Dwight and Michael) would have made ‘The Convict’ all that more better than it already was. The interview portion where he’s talking about being cool is great. Thanks for the post!

  3. I think that Dwight talking head should have been included. It feels like Andy is taking all the prime Dwight spots on the show. Jim should be playing pranks on Dwight not Andy. Just doesn’t sit well for me.

  4. If 2 of the 3 deleted scenes weren’t cut from this episode, I would have rated it 8/10 instead of 7/10. I loved the Dwight/Andy one and the Michael/Dwight new one. I think the lack of Dwight hurt the episode for me. It’s not that Dwight can make or break an episode, it’s just that he felt very minor in this one and so it lacked balance. Prison Mike was too long and not that funny. The balance was just off this time.

  5. Is it just me, or can anyone else see Dwight going to grade school in a one room school building with Hansel and Grettle?

  6. I totally agree that Prison Mike was too long and not that funny. They could have just settled in on the Dementors joke and left it at that.

  7. I liked this deleted scene but have no problem with it having been cut. If they had included one of the deleted scenes I wish they had included the Andy/Dwight face off with X-nerd/Current nerd.

  8. I liked prison Mike for the dementors joke and most of all for Jim/Pam/others screwing with him. I would have been sad if they’d cut that part out, because it was wonderful and it felt so much like the old dynamic (like coaxing him into a TWSS).

  9. Those are some good deleted scenes, too bad every week can’t be supersized.

    My original comment got lost, but I received my Dwight bobblehead in the mail yesterday, and his capa was detated from his head!

  10. I think every week SHOULD be supersized… that seems like just the right amount of time to fit in all the minor details that the half-hour version can’t fit. I’m looking forward to seeing how the hour-long version works out next week.

  11. I agree Meredith. 30 minutes not counting commercials, seems about right for this show. And as it is NBC’s top rated comedy, why not.

  12. I hate that all Meredith’s scenes get cut! That sixth scene with Martin, Angela and Dwight was hilarious.

  13. The 6th deleted scene is hilarious! I loved Dwight crawling out of the back of Martins car. I hate that so many Dwight scenes were cut this week.

  14. The sixth scene really had me cracking up, especially when Dwight got out of the car and said “he caught me.” I liked seeing Dwight and Angela sort of scheming together in that one, it was cute in a sad way

  15. When did Dwight get in the car??? And how??? The car was locked.

  16. In the 6th deleted scene, Merideth says she has to go to the tire shop in… where? It sounds like “Linman.” As a native Scrantonian, this is not ringing any bells. Can any other locals clear this up for me? I love it when they drop obscure names like “Dickson City” and “Carbondale.” This one is too obscure for me.

  17. It definitely makes more sense that Martin quit, now that I see all of the antagonizing that Dwight and Angela did.

  18. Oh my god! The ninth clip with Kelly and the baby. I normally don’t like Ryan, but I felt REALLY bad for him. Psychopath….

  19. Oh my god, she doesn’t take her birth control pills on purpose. So hilarious. I wonder if that issue is going to make an appearance this season.

  20. Hahaha oh my god. The Ryan/Kelly scene was amazing. I think the best part about it is the fact that Ryan knows that she does this. Most guys kind of leave it up to their girlfriend and don’t even pay attention. I can seriously picture him going through her things and making sure that she’s taking them.

  21. I need a Ryan centric episode which explains to me why he is the way he is. Forget Kelly, she’s insanely needed. But Ryan could break it off. He seems the type to have done it before. He knows what she wants and is leading her on.

  22. The Ryan scene may have been the best of all the deleted scenes. His talking head was hysterical and just shows that BJ created one funny dude.

    AAL–I agree with you. I think we need an episode to explain why Ryan is as crazy as he is. And, why he continues to eat ketchup, embody Zach Braff, and hook up with Kelly, all the while cancel plans and generally hate his situtation in life!

  23. OMG … the Ryan & Kelly scene! Definetely very spoilerish, but oh so great! It’ll be interesting to see if this is ever brought up again!

  24. Spoiler confirmed, eh?

    Any transcript or detailed description of this forbidden scene for those of us who didn’t see it?

  25. Is no one else bothered by the endless stream of deleted scenes that are not only trickled out as though they are precious little gems, but so hard to find that most of us leave the searching to experts like tanster? Let alone the fact that most of them — certainly not all — were deleted for a good reason AND the confusion of how to incorporate these scenes with the “real” show? Am I all alone here?

  26. haha NSpector i think you ARE the only one. No, but i kind of agree with you, the way the do it seems a little “sleezy”-ok thats not the right word, but whatever.

    yeah most aren’t funny, but that’s usually how deleted scenes are. although compared to most shows, i’ve found these to be a LITTLE better than other horrible ones i’ve seen.

    Some of these are so bizzare, though. Like the Kelly one…uhh yeah.

  27. I’m not bothered by the deleted scenes at all. I love them, actually. First of all, they really aren’t hard to find… at all. Second of all, I’m sure that the deleted scenes that they post have only been cut because of time, not because they don’t work with the story. I’ve always thought that they were supposed to be taken as canon.

    If you don’t like the deleted scenes, it’s simple: Don’t watch them. But you’ll be missing out.

  28. And to “God” I’m not sure what you mean by “sleezy.” How is it sleezy for them to give their fans extra material? It’s one of the only shows on tv that does this, and I think that we should be grateful that they go through the trouble at all.

  29. The extra content is just that: extra. It’s stuff that we, as such a loyal fan base, are being treated to for said loyalty. It would be another thing entirely if these scenes were being sold on itunes or traded for survey responses or newsletter sign-ups, but they’re not.

  30. The deleted scenes make me laugh and help curb the cravings between new episodes. Keep them coming!

  31. I definitely like having the deleted scenes and i think it’s really cool that they give them to us. Just something about how there’s so many & they put them up at different times and then sometimes theyre not there or something…it all seems very weird.

  32. I can’t not watch them. :( That’s the thing . .. .

    I DO think some of them are great, like so great that they should have been in the episode and I wish they just were.

    But I think a lot of them are either subpar, or redundant and were cut for the right reasons.

    And, though maybe sleazy isn’t quite the right word, I know what God (that is weird, to be calling someone God!) means. It feels a little overplayed, a little desperate, like they want to get people to come to the website over and over to get more numbers for the ads. I don’t begrudge them that at all; I understand they need to make money or there’s no show at all. I just feel like maybe fewer, more at once, and on the same page as the other Office stuff would be better.

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