Chicago Tribune reviews ‘A Benihana Christmas’

the office a benihana christmas 2006

Our friend Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has posted a hilarious review of this week’s episode, ‘A Benihana Christmas.’

SPOILER WARNING! Normally, I would include a few excerpts here, but Mo’s review is so chockful of delicious quotes from the episode, that I must abstain.

Just go read On Comet, on Cupid! On Dunder! On Mifflin! And to all a good night.

The OT quote randomizer is gonna be really happy this week … :)

Photo courtesy of NBC.


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!
    is it Thursday yet? I can’t freakin take this anymore
    I need to see Benihana Xmas ASAP….

  2. That photo is a metaphor for how things OUGHT to be: Pam, front and center; Karen way in the background so that we can barely distinguish her.

    Am I right:? Who’s got me up high?

    Anyone? Anyone?

  3. I feel like a compelte idiot for asking, but Ed Helms ISN’T in the picture, right? At the end of the article, Maureen Ryan adds this:

    “Bonus brain teaser: Find Ed Helms in the picture and win a lifetime supply of Nagasakis.”

    I swear he’s not in it…or is he? It’s driving me crazy!

  4. the article has this at the bottom:
    “Bonus brain teaser: Find Ed Helms in the picture and win a lifetime supply of Nagasakis.”

    Where is he? In santa? SPOILER:
    The spoilers section talked about how someone quits (we assume dwight temporarily). Andy can’t quit, can he?

  5. In the promo I remember seeing someone’s feet poking out from behind Pam’s desk. Maybe Andy is trashed and sleeping it off in reception. ;)

  6. Man, I cannot wait to start saying, “she’s not your ho no mo.”

    It’s going to be great.

    I bet Andy or Karen quits. I can’t understand why people think Dwight quits, just because he was “seen working at Staples.”

    Why on earth would they have Joe Cool quit???

    Cousin Mose, you hit the nail on the head.

  7. I sorta am loving the fact that this picture is just of the regular, pre-stamford merger DM employees. greattt, even though Karen is randomly in the back.

    Can’t wait until thursday!!!!!

  8. I think Andy is behind the Santa because if you look above Phylis’ head you can see like a black coat sticking out from behind the Santa…that or its just a coat from the coat rack…

    And Cousin Mose, you are so right! I’m giving you an air high five as we speak!

  9. i believe that andy is either in the picture on the christmas tree (it kinda looks like someone with khaki pants) or in the reflection on the green picture, bc it almost looks like someone is playing a banjo in the reflection…anyone else see that..?

  10. I was thinking the same thing, Angie. It also doesn’t mean that the person who quits wouldn’t end up being convinced to come back… It makes sense that Dwight would quit, especially since Michael seems to like Andy so much…

  11. I’m guessing that Oscar comes back in Jan, then quits a couple of episodes later. I think he wants to do something different (acting wise)

  12. why is Karen sitting @ Angela’s desk?
    Angela would freak if she saw Karen sitting there

  13. I keep hearing that about Dwight and staples. Where did you guys see that? How did I miss that?

  14. Cousin Mose, you are so right on! Karen knows her place!

    I can’t wait until Thursday, if just the article made me laugh out loud I know that the actual episode is going to have me rolling on the floor!

  15. Sigh. I didn’t want to read it-I was supposed to remain spoiler-free for this ep. But somehow, the link was clicked and there was no going back. Although, the article did pretty much rock so I don’t mind.

  16. the Santa looks like an inflatable balloon, so I doubt its Andy.

    But I see what BigTuna means about the reflection in the green picture…

  17. Mo was pranking us about Andy being in the picture:

    Sorry, sorry. I was messing with you guys. Ed Helms is not in the picture. Not that I could see. And no Karen!

    Anyhoo, the brain teaser was just my Michael Scott-esque non-funny Christmas joke for you all.

    Mo won’t make you look for Ed no mo’.

  18. Well, you guys certainly had some creative theories as to where Andy was hiding. Remind me never to challenge any of you to a game of “Where’s Waldo!” :)

  19. its funny how everyone is so secreative of their office romances (Dwight + Angela, and Jim + Karen), but Kelly is so open about her relationship with Ryan. This pic cracks me up, cause she’s all over him

  20. I just used my camera phone to take a picture of the photograph featured in the article and now it’s my cell phone’s wallpaper. Hooray.

  21. Well I don’t see Andy (Ed Helms) anywhere, but that looks like that is probably Karen (Rashida Jones) sitting back at Angela’s desk.

    And what??? No “JAM” tidbits??!! :(

  22. I can’t wait for the episode tonight… only a few more hours! :) In the mean time, check this out

    It’s an Office/Charlie Brown Christmas teaser for tonight’s ep.

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