1. @1 Nathan: I agree. It’s sad (I am very much in love with Mose), but it makes sense. Michael Schur was never going to be a part of “The Farm” as a series…

  2. Oh dear, I can already tell this is going to be one of those episodes I pretend never happened

  3. Did they ever say for sure that the spin-off was supposed to be filmed in a documentary-style like The Office? Or more like Parks and Recreation?

    The only reason I’m curious is just would placing the pilot within the actual show look in-sync with the entire show?

  4. @10 sean

    Isn’t that Zeke standing there? We saw him as Mose’s brother in “Junior Salesman.”

  5. @10 That is not Mose in #8, but the guy from Breaking Bad they brought on for the pilot, Matt Jones.

  6. sean (@10), That’s not Mose in number 8. That’s Dwight’s cousin Zeke, played by Matt Jones; we saw him on Junior Salesman.

  7. @sean that’s not Michael Schur (Mose), that’s Matt Jones (Dwight’s other cousin Zeke). Unless that’s him standing behind Dwight in the blue overalls…

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