The Office: The Farm promos

Two sneak peeks of The Office episode, The Farm, airing March 14, 2013.

[ video no longer available]

[ video no longer available]

And here’s a promo.

Sorry the beginning is cut off; I recorded the TV with my camera, and I didn’t whip it out in time. (That’s what she said.)


  1. The only thing that I’m sad about is that, since Dwight is away at the farm, we probably won’t get him interacting with Angela much. I really want to see how things are between them right now. But they have plenty of time to make it happen, and I’ve been waiting for this episode for too long of a time to make the lack of Dwangela upset me!

  2. Yes the pacman is back. I’ve been waiting all year for him to make a return. Started to think it wasn’t going to happen.

  3. Many thanks for whipping it out as quickly as you did!

    Have Andy and Kevin swapped clothes in those first few seconds?!

  4. Ugh…Todd Packer. Who has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer? This guy!

  5. Todd “F-Do you know what the F stands for?, Wacky Pac, Pac Man” Packer is back! I was hoping we hadn’t seen the last of him. I’m interested in the how and why Oscar of all people is accompanying Dwight to Schrute Farm. Surely this will be the last episode that leaves more questions asked, on all levels and for nearly every character, than answered? I would think that after the next (sigh) 2 week’s worth of reruns the real deal wind down begins. At least I hope so. I’m beginning to get very nervous that we’re going to have a bunch of arcs (and some crucial ones too boot) hastily resolved. I hate to say this, but as I look back on the season, there’s been more wasted time than I would’ve thought. Not that there was a wasted episode, but IMHO there’s been many a wasted opportunity in service of something not too relevant…at least not to the final season of such an important show. Fingers crossed this thing gets worked out properly!

  6. It’s amazing to see this episode. The major plot is about the Schrutes, specially Dwight. But it’s also awesome to see Packer again, invading the office for the last time.

  7. I think it looks like it’ll be a fun episode! Always love Schrute shenanigans; they’re always so clever and weird.

  8. “I would say she raised me but let’s not kid each other, I raised myself” CLASSIC Dwight line. Really excited for this episode, I hope it stay’s true to The Office.

  9. Dwight, in the second promo, reminds me so much of Peter Pan. He even says that he raised himself.

    There is this part of Dwight that’s a child forever. His elaborate rituals (with costumes), plots for revenge, gang of goofy friends, and weapon play. In ways, Dwight’s love for Angela. When I think about the show in this way, it’s like I’ve been watching a long running play on television.

  10. Given that Packer has only appeared in the promo and none of the promo pictures, I can’t help but wonder if he only appears in the cold open as a throwaway gag?

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