1. @1 Nathan: I agree. It’s sad (I am very much in love with Mose), but it makes sense. Michael Schur was never going to be a part of “The Farm” as a series…

  2. Oh dear, I can already tell this is going to be one of those episodes I pretend never happened

  3. Did they ever say for sure that the spin-off was supposed to be filmed in a documentary-style like The Office? Or more like Parks and Recreation?

    The only reason I’m curious is just would placing the pilot within the actual show look in-sync with the entire show?

  4. @10 sean

    Isn’t that Zeke standing there? We saw him as Mose’s brother in “Junior Salesman.”

  5. @10 That is not Mose in #8, but the guy from Breaking Bad they brought on for the pilot, Matt Jones.

  6. sean (@10), That’s not Mose in number 8. That’s Dwight’s cousin Zeke, played by Matt Jones; we saw him on Junior Salesman.

  7. @sean that’s not Michael Schur (Mose), that’s Matt Jones (Dwight’s other cousin Zeke). Unless that’s him standing behind Dwight in the blue overalls…

  8. The preview clip released by NBC revealed it’s Dwight’s aunt Shirley who died.

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