1. It’s not on this preview but in another is a girl sitting at Dwight’s desk. Who is she?

  2. 2 Mary. I saw her. Kinda looked like the intern, but I don’t think so.. well maybe

  3. haha, agreed that the pam doing the juggling is going to be so funny. i hope that the new girl isn’t going to be really annoying :/
    i’m guessing that Deangelo’s inner circle will be the majority of males/all of the males of the group.

  4. Am I the only one who thought it sounded like there was an audience laughing in the second promo?

  5. I’m sorry on the first clip, is that an audience i hear???

  6. the clip was shown during mindy kaling’s visit to the craig ferguson show; hence the audience laughter heard at the beginning.

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