The Office: The Job, 3.24-25

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The Office The Job

Writers: Paul Lieberstein and Michael Schur
Director: Ken Kwapis

Summary (NBC): A job opening in Corporate pits coworker against coworker as Michael, Jim, and Karen all head to New York for final interviews. In Scranton, Dwight’s new regime institutes sweeping reforms. One hour, 8-9pm.

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Michael: I have got it made in the shade. I know this company. The other branch managers are total morons. (On phone) Hey, Pam, yeah. I forgot what day the interview was, and I drove to New York accidentally. Be, like, three hours late.

Kevin: What’s different about you? You look worse.

Meredith: He got a haircut. It’s sexy hot.

Andy: What’s up, Big Haircut? You are no longer Big Tuna. From henceforth, you shall be known as Big Haircut.

Jim: Karen suggested that I get a haircut. For the interview tomorrow. So that I could look presentable. And not, as she so lovingly puts it, homeless.

Pam: After I had my little outburst at the beach, Jim was really nice about it. He just basically said that, he missed my friendship, too, and I would always mean a lot to him, and I understand where he’s coming from. For the record, I am not embarrassed at all. It needed to be said, and I said it. And it only took me three years to summon the courage. So … (bows) thank you.

Michael: Please hand this letter of congratulations to Dwight K. Schrute.
Dwight: But that’s my name. (Reads letter) “Dwight, congratulations, a-wipe. Don’t screw the pooch.”

Michael: Stop crying.

Pam: Um, about the beach.
Karen: It’s okay. We all say things without thinking.
Pam: Oh no, it’s not that. I’ve actually been thinking that for a long time. And I’m glad I said it. I just, I’m sorry if it made you feel weird.
Karen: Oh. Okay.

Karen: Pam is … kind of a bitch.

Jim: So I was wondering if Karen and I could get off a few hours early, ’cause we want to spend the night in the city.
Michael: Why, so you could do it?
Jim: Whoops.

Michael: Convoys are really fun. Pull up next to each other. Give each other the finger. Moon each other.

Karen: Um, how would you moon us if you were driving?
Michael: Cruise control.
Karen: Oh.

Kevin: So Jim, who do you think is hotter, Pam or Karen?
Jim: Yeah, I’m not going to talk about this now.
Kevin: Pam is taller.
Jim: You sure?
Kevin: Yes. She has bigger breasts, too.
Jim: Wow.
Kevin: But I think Karen has a prettier face.
Jim: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. What else?
Kevin: Well, I mean, Pam’s face is really pretty too. It’s a very tough call.
Jim: Really tough call.
Kevin: Yeah.
Jim: You know what? Why don’t you take the rest of the day, figure it out, and then come back, and tell me what you got.
Kevin: Will do.
Jim: All right.
Kevin: Yes.

Oscar: Hey Pam? I’ve been meaning to say something to you. I really miss our friendship.
Pam: Ha, ha, that’s very funny.
Stanley: I’ve never heard you talk that much. I thought it was Kelly.
Kelly: Are you kidding? I would never have done that. It was patheticville. No offense, Pam.
Meredith: You know what? Don’t even worry about it. Everyone was so drunk, I bet no one even remembers what you said.
Creed: I remember. I blogged the whole thing.

Creed:\creedthoughts. Check it out.

Ryan: Last year, Creed ask me how to set up a blog. Wanting to protect the world from being exposed to Creed’s brain, I opened up a Word document on his computer, and put an address at the top. I’ve read some of it. Even for the Internet, it’s … pretty shocking.

Michael: There they are. The accounting department. I shall miss your humility and your promptly printed checks.

Michael: I sold it on eBay. The buyer was very motivated, as was I. It went for 80% of what I paid. Sold in record time.

Dwight: How would you like to spend the night with the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton?
Angela: No, Dwight, I don’t care if that’s how they consolidated power in ancient Rome.
Dwight: No no, not Michael. Me. I’m taking his job.
Angela: Not now. (Smiles to herself) Goodbye, Kelly Kapoor.

Dwight: Jim, Jim, Jim. Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim.
Jim: Oh, hey, Dwight.
Dwight: I’m going to be your new boss. It’s my greatest dream come true. Welcome to the Hotel Hell. Check-in time is now. Check-out time is never.
Jim: Does my room have cable?
Dwight: No. And the sheets are made of fire!
Jim: Can I change rooms?
Dwight: Sorry, we’re all booked up. Hell convention in town.
Jim: Can I have a late check-out?
Dwight: I’ll have to talk to the manager.
Jim: You’re not the manager? Even in your own fantasy?
Dwight: I’m the owner. The co-owner. With Satan.
Jim: Okay, just so I understand it. In your wildest fantasy, you are in hell. And you are co-running a bed and breakfast with the devil.
Dwight: Yeah, but I haven’t told you my salary yet.
Jim: Go.
Dwight: $80,000 a year.

Dwight: Once I’m officially regional manager, my first order of business will be to demote Jim Halpert. So I will need a new number two. My ideal choice? Jack Bauer. But he is unavailable. Fictional. And overqualified.

Michael: How are you, Janet? It’s good to see you.

Michael: Pam, DEFCON 10, Houston, we have a problem.
Pam: What do you want me to do?
Michael: Uh, I may need some immediate assistance. If you would slowly and quietly gather the ladies in the conference room. Phyllis, Angela, Karen.
Pam: What about Meredith?
Michael: No. She’s an alternate.

Jan: I tried calling, but I kept getting voicemail.
Michael: Weird, yeah. I didn’t get both of your messages.

Pam: I really hope you get the job.

Pam: No, it’s fine. I’m sure it must have been weird for Jim when Roy and I were joking around. That one time.

Meredith: I would never do that. Waste of money. In my experience, guys are way more attracted to the back of you than to the front.

Kevin: I love fake boobs. Often times you find them on strippers.

Creed: I find it offensive. Au naturelle, baby. That’s how I like ’em. Swing low, sweet chariots.

Michael: That would be shallow. And this is the opposite of shallow. This is emotionally magnificent.

Pam: I’m happy for him. I hope he gets the job. I really just want him to be happy. And I know that sounds cliche, and I know saying it sounds cliche sounds cliche. Maybe I’m being cliche, I don’t care. ‘Cause I am what I am. (Thinks about it) That’s Popeye.

Dwight: How do you make a table?
Andy: You make a chair, but you don’t sit on it.

Andy: I am a great interviewee. Why? Because I have something no one else has. My brain. Which I use to my advantage, when advantageous.

Michael: Your advice was good, but Jan’s was bigger.

Michael: Love is a mystery.

Karen: I think you’re really going to enjoy this, Adult Jim.

Michael: Good night. And good luck.

Dwight: Who’s ready to work?

Karen: We don’t have a future in Scranton. There’s one too many people there.
Jim: You mean Kevin?

Jim: Who’s that?
Michael: That is Beardie.

Michael: Daddy is the best actor around. Daddy is Meryl Streep.

Andy: Three months ago, I was nowhere. I was just a Cornell grad in anger management. Look where I am now. Not bad.

Michael: Just say, “I want to squeeze them.” It’s code, she’ll know what it means.

Pam: So you would be the regional manager, and the assistant regional manager, Andy is your number two, I would be the secret assistant regional manager.
Dwight: Mmm, let’s call it secret assistant to the regional manager.
Pam: Mm-hmm.
Dwight: Do you accept?
Pam: Absolutely I do.

Michael: Well, my weaknesses are actually strengths.

Dwight: When you have done something good, you will receive one Schrute buck. One thousand Schrute bucks equals an extra five minutes for lunch.

Dwight: Just zip your lid.

Dwight: There’s a new sheriff here in these offices. And his name is me.

Pam: I literally cannot wait until I see what Dwight has planned. And I wish Jim were here.

Michael: It is always a treat when our paths cross.

Dwight: Don’t you want to earn Schrute bucks?
Stanley: No. In fact, I’ll give you a billion Stanley nickels if you never talk to me again.
Dwight: What’s the ratio of Stanley nickels to Schrute bucks?
Stanley: The same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.

Pam: Hey, c’mon! Let’s listen to Dwight’s presentation.

Michael: Let’s just run away to Jamaica, live in a bungalow.

David: Your behavior in the last two years has been completely erratic.

David: You are clearly unstable.
Michael: Hey, you’re unstable.
Jan: Yeah.
Michael: No. We’re all unstable.

Andy: It’s like I’m staring into my soul when I look at this wall.
Dwight: It’s like outer space without the stars, it’s so black.

Dwight: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Jan: Good luck with your band. Don’t let them change you.

Jan: So long, [bleep].

Michael: I don’t think I could take my girlfriend’s job. That’s not being a good boyfriend.

Karen: Wow. That was some serious, hardcore, self-destruction.

Michael: Well, I guess you could come and stay at my condo. I think I could back out of the sale. Probably get some negative feedback on my eBay profile.

Jan: I could wear stretch pants and wait for you to come home at 5:15.

Michael: I’m back. For goooooood. Kevin Nealon.

Michael: Why is my office black?
Dwight: To intimidate my subordinates.
Michael: That’s stupid.
Dwight: It was Andy’s idea.
Michael: You shouldn’t have taken it.

Michael: Ryan, coffee.
Ryan: I don’t do that stuff anymore.
Michael: No, it’s for me, bimbo. Kids.

Michael: So I’m back. And I am never, ever, going to leave. I am going nowhere.

Dwight: You served the office with great dignity.

Pam: No, I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m optimistic. And I had fun goofing around with Dwight today. Jim and I are just too similar. Maybe one day I’ll find my own Karen. But, you, that is a, um, you know, not … a man. A man version. But uh, until then, I can hold my head up. I’m not gay.

Jim: So is the question how’d I get to be so awesome?

Jim: How are your feet?
Pam: Medium rare. Thanks.
Jim: The real reason that I went to Stamford was because I wanted to be … not here.
Pam: I know.
Jim: And even though I came back, I just feel like I’ve never really come back.
Pam: Well I wish you would.

Pam: I haven’t heard anything. But I bet Jim got the job. I mean, why wouldn’t he? He’s totally qualified, and smart, everyone loves him. And if he never comes back again, that’s okay. We’re friends. And I’m sure we’ll stay friends. We just … we never got the timing right. You know? I shot him down, and then he did the same to me, but you know what? It’s okay. I am totally fine. Everything is going to be totally …
Jim: Pam. (To camera) Sorry. Um, are you free for dinner tonight?
Pam: Yes.
Jim: All right. Then it’s a date.
Pam: I’m sorry, what was the question?

Kelly: Who was that?
Ryan: Nobody. You and I are done.
Kelly: What?!

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  1. oh my goddd, my mouth dropped like 45245 times.


  2. Wow. Just Wow.
    I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time because of a TV show. Yes.
    Awesome. Just awesome.
    And Ryan? Wow.

  3. Great episode. Hilarious, good drama, nothing too crazy. Interesting to see what happens with Ryan, Jan, Jim and Pam.

  4. Woo hoo!!!! I am so excited for next season! Oh, and what about Ryan?? That’s crazy!

    Go Jim and Pam!

  5. Perfect! Pam’s face at the end, where she was starting to cry — AWESOME.

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I was literally jumping up and down, clapping and screaming at the end! God, how will I make it through the summer??

  7. that ending was genius, i cannot wait for ryan to be michael’s boss net season!

  8. OMG!!! I cannot believe what just happened!! I literaly screamed, I think I lost my voice.

  9. OMG!!! Did not see that coming. Ryan is awesome..


  10. Sweet JAM!!!!! Love this finale!! And Ryan got the job! So unexpected!!

  11. THAT was made of AWESOME.

    The choice of Michael’s new boss couldn’t be better. AHAHAHAAHA!!

  12. what a gorgeous episode. the end was SO touching and it managed to totally surprise and totally satisfy me at the same time.

  13. YES!!!!! JAM LIVES!!!! And, “Goodbye Kelly Kepur!” She will just die without The Temp……

  14. ……
    Holy crap. I am blown away. And blindsided. And lots of other metaphors for being overwhelmed.
    Kudos to you, writing staff of the Office. You are much smarter than me and I am in love with each and every one of you.
    Season 4, baby!

  15. Thank you to the writers for the best episode ever. It is going to be a happy happy summer!

  16. wow…i can’t even begin to start…when it cut to commercials after jim walked in, i couldn’t help but yell…

    too bad we have to wait until september for more!

  17. RYAN!?!? RYAN GOT THE JOB!??!?!

    Oh man, and Jim going to dinner with Pam??? And Michael and Jan in their (sold) condo?


    Now that I’ve settled down….man, that was a great twist at the end…was not expecting that…luckily they didn’t cut it off before we found out, but wow….great episode….

    :( and now it’s all over

  18. Omg great show i cant wate for next session go JAM and ryan hahah that was a cool twist!

  19. I love that Jim just LEFT Karen in New York! I hope he didn’t even tell her he was leaving!!

    I thought I was going to wet myself when he opened the door!

  20. Awesome! Thank you Greg Daniels…it could not have been better. Oh and I can’t believe he totally ditched her in NY. That was hilarious!

  21. Oh my gosh – I am SOOO freaking out. It was SO good. Like the best season finale ever!!! We can never doubt the writers again – everyone made it seem like nothing JAM was going to happen!! I can’t think I’m so…so….freaking out!!

  22. Uhm, Karen is still going to be in Scranton, but she finally made it official that she hates Pam.

    I’m really happy JAM is finally together, but Karen was supposed to pick Jim up after the interview… so that’s probably a conflict that’s going to be resolved in the 4th season.

    Ryan cracked me up to no end. “Nobody. We’re done.”

    Haha, amazing finale. I’m kind of glad I stayed away from the real spoilers.

  23. i never thought they could top “casino night” but the season three drought has come to an end. amen. “office olympics” has always been my favorite episode. that yogurt lid was a stroke of genius. fantastic episode. i was screaming in my living room!!!!!!

  24. AWESOME. Happy summer everyone! This cliffhanger ROCKED!!!!!!! Last year I was in tears because of her saying no. BUT! This year! WAHOOO!!!

  25. AMAZING episode! Don’t know how I’m going to wait until September…But question, ahhh: what did Pam’s note say?? I missed it!

  26. as many of us have said — Jim hasn’t been Jim this year and even HE admits it

  27. Fancy new Beesley is great. And fancy new Beesley plus Jim is even better.

    Was Angela just going to have Dwight fire Kelly or did I miss something?

  28. sorry. must comment again. did u see those tears of joy in pam/jenna’s eyes. that was amazing. seriously. oh and i totally jumped off my bed when jim came in. he said it so nonchalantly too.

  29. Ryan as Michael’s boss. Wow. Did not see that coming.

    And poor Jan is officially off her rocker.

  30. I’m with Sarah (#44), throw us a bone here! We still have 2 more hours until it airs! What happened? I can gather a little from the comments .. but still … someone piece it together for us! :)

  31. Oh wow.

    I totally cried at the end.

    It was incredible.

    I’m satisfied until next season for sure!!

  32. Now we know why Mindy and the other writers were watching the British version’s Christmas special. Pam’s talking head at the end was almost exactly the same as Tim’s talking head at the end of the Christmas special, right down to being superimposed over images of their beloved (apparently) heading away.

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

    A call-back to Office Olympics. I’m just…wow.

  33. Did anyone notice that Wallace told Jim that he’d like everyone there at corporate except for this HR guy, who he said was the “worst” just like Michael and Toby (where was Toby in this episode anyways?)

  34. -There was not a dull moment and I think that this was probably the best episode ever.
    -I love that there was really a double surprise ending with Jim asking Pam out and with Ryan getting the job.
    -Also, I’m glad that there wasn’t another JAM cliffhanger. Everything was just perfect.

  35. SO CUTE!! I’m not much of a Jammer but that ending even had me squeeing… And i love how Jim just left Karen in New York, she deserves it especially after saying those things about Pam!

  36. the part that made me gasp was not jim and pam, but ryan at the end.

    PS. did anyone think that pam’s little speech at the end was exactly like tim’s in the series finale of the british version?

    also.. are pam and jim like… together? that easily? i cant imagine what next season will be like.

  37. Pam’s note said:
    Don’t forget us when you’re famous!

    And it had that yogurt lid medal thing from ‘Office Olympics’

  38. I agree it was kinda jerky when jim left Karen in NY.. but she was too concerned about her friends to even consider waiting for him at the interview…

    plus, she was a b* when she said that about pam.. and then she bad mouthed jan…

  39. just like the British ending, only they switched around who wrote the note!

  40. It’s about time Ryan will finally be a big character in the series, he said in an interview that they are going to corporate next season, though it is cliche, but how is he going to come back to Scranton. Temp to Sales Rep to Boss of the manager! OMG! I still can’t believe THIS happened!

  41. Ryan already knew about the job when Michael asked him for coffee, and Ryan answered that he doesn’t do that anymore.

  42. I was so excited when the the note with the yogurt lid fell out of jim’s quarterly reports…what did the note say that pam wrote him?

  43. I didnt think they could top the season two finale, but that was all my wildest dreams come true. I dont understand what happened to Jan, but she went insane. It should be interesting next year

  44. I loved how they wove in “Beach Day” clips and “Office Olympics” references. So beautiful, and they did this in a way that the Jim/Pam relationship can develop but not too fast (like Derek/Meredith on “Grey’s” last year; they pushed that too quickly).
    September can’t come fast enough, but watching this episode over and over and over again will be more than satisfactory.
    Wonderful, Office writers/producers/actors. You couldn’t have done it better, and I’m so happy to say that I love you. Well done, well done.

  45. Perfection!!! I couldn’t have asked for anything more from this show. The ending made me laugh and brought me almost to tears. The reconciliation of Jim and Pam was simple and adorable, just like them…no stupid drama. And GO RYAN GO!!! :) Thank you writers of the The Office. You have done a great thing.

  46. Oh my god, that was amazing. I just sat there in awe.

    “It’s a date”.

  47. Yeh I completely agree with a lot of you below.

    This episode was one of their best by far. SO much plot. So many great, memorable moments.

    and yes, for the record I teared up and squealed.

    and then hysterically lost it during the phone call at the end. TOO PERFECT. I absolutely failed to see that one coming. It was so obvious too.

  48. I think my heart stopped….I love Jim and Pam!! Ryan got his MBA??

  49. Absolutely amazing. I’m speechless. Such a simple and perfect way to bring Pam and Jim together. Everything the writers have done throughout the season led us here, and it honestly couldn’t have been better. Such a simple and real scene. Perfect . . . just perfect.

  50. *gasp* That was un-freaking-believable. When I saw that it was written by Paul L. and Michael Schur I knew we were in for something amazing and I was not disappointed. HOORAY!

  51. wow. this was the greatest episode I can remember. is it september yet?

  52. By the way, Pam’s reaction to Jim making the date, is the reason I love this show so much. Not for the Jim/Pam aspect but how REALISTIC her reaction is. She just turns to the camera, has a huge surprised smile on her face and bites her lip, while smiling and is so caught off guard she asks, “What was the question?”

    Everyone working on this show is brilliant, the show is perfectly cast, best comedy writing on TV, and great directors and crew. GREAT SEASON!! Is it September yet?


    this leaves everything in the dust. IN THE DUST.

    …there are quite literally no words.

  54. I feel like nothing else matters in the entire world now that Jim and Pam are (almost) together. Wow…I love this show…

  55. perfect ending to a perfect season. Next year… one else should say that the writers are losing their touch. Everything they did this season was for a reason and it paid off BIG!!

  56. They could end the series now and I’d be happy. The writers did it again! Best…Episode…Ever

  57. Is there any chance that the job that Ryan got was different from the one that Michael/Jim/Karen were applying for?!?

  58. OK so me and my family are debating….Are Jim and Pam together or are they working out their friendship? I think they are together since Jim said “its a date then.” I don’t know though, I guess its possible that they are just good friends, but I am leaning more towards a couple. And now what the hell happens to Karen? Jim drove home without her. Is she still going to work in Scranton? And how did Ryan get the job? So many questions!!!!!!!!

  59. OMFG.


    PAM > KAREN.





    It’s too true.

  60. The note Pam wrote was “Don’t Forget Us When You’re Famous”

    I think Michael Schrur is the best writer hands down. Gene and Lee do pretty good work and Paul is close as well, but look at his track record: Christmas Party, Valentine’s Day, Branch Closing, The Negotiation, The Job among others.

  61. oh oh , Melora Hardin is an AMAZING actress. this episode for her was just wow.

  62. From BJ/Greg blog – they did film 2 endings, but the only thing that differed was the way it happened, NOT the actual ending.


    So. Happy.

  63. Oh good lands that was GREAT! I always thought when Pam was talking about her and Jim being “just friends, we’re too much alike” blah blah, she was still trying to convince herself of what she was saying.

    What a great way to end the season! I thought to myself “FINALLY!” It’s a date! And Pam looked so happy.

    Should be an interesting Season 4 with Ryan in NY. Anyone have a transcript of what the first part of the phone call was? I walked back into the room when he was saying “An MBA…” etc.

  64. Pam is the cutest ever and this episode and this show … such total greatness.

  65. BRILLIANT!!! Hey Karen – there’s an opening in the warehouse. I think you and Pudge would really hit it off.

    And I’m sure this will be highly debated, but I don’t think Jim just jumped in the car and left Karen without having a conversation with her. My guess is we’ll see that chat in flashback form in season 4.

    BEST FINALE EVER! I can’t believe they topped Casino Night, but they nailed it. Writers, I apologize for the evil thoughts I’ve had about you for most of this season.

  66. Re:104 I don’t think they’re “together” yet, but this is definitely well on the way. I always thought Jim and Pam would take things slowly, and a “first date” is just the way to do it. I think he’s done with Karen (aka Karen Scissor-Forcer) and things are open for them now.

  67. I would really like to hear Pam actually admit she is in love with Jim. Maybe next season finale they will get engaged (and then Dwight and Angela will actually get married and then she’ll finally be an honest woman…) AHHHHH!!!!

  68. Dementia AL, that’s what I was thinking, too. It would make sense for Karen to have Jan’s job with Rashida’s pilot having been picked up by Fox. And having both Ryan and Karen in NYC would justify seeing more of corporate next year, as we’ve been told.

    Also, don’t you think it’s possible that Jim talked to Karen before he left NYC (and didn’t just ditch her there), and the documentary crew just didn’t film it/show us?

  69. Wow, that was amazing. Great one-hour show – it didn’t even feel like a long one. So great. Loved the ending with Pam and Jim. I was getting worried that they were going to leave it with no conclusion, but they made my day!! Can’t wait to see JAM in September!

  70. what an episode!!! I can’t believe it!! Hands down my favorite office episode of all time!!

  71. I am so happy right now. Literally, I’m grinning. And it’s all for a television series. :)

  72. Didn’t they say Kevin was pivotal in helping Jim decide? I guess it was a teaser. Funny scene though.

  73. Wow. Just wow. Beautifully done. Just what most of us hoped to see. Oh Pam…you’re awesome,

  74. I love Ryan getting the job. Totally a corporate move too, hiring a person based solely off of their degree. It should make for a great dynamic with Michael/Jim/Dwight next year. And I can’t wait until Kelly sees Ryan for the first time after their breakup.

    Also Jim leaving Karen in New York would certainly be enough to make Karen break up with Jim and thus she would have no reason to stay in Scranton. I can’t see Karen continuing to work with Jim and Pam while they are dating.

    The British office had less episodes then a single season of the American version. I can’t imagine Tim and Dawn not eventually getting together had that show run 50+ episodes.

    Also It looks like the writers are trying to shift the sexual tension in a completely different direction. This could be a good thing. The “will they or won’t they” started to hurt the creative direction of Friends, so they changed the dynamic. Friends did it by introducing a new couple but The Office has changed the dynamic none the less by putting their two main couples together. Other shows have died because they couldn’t overcome the death of their sexual tension. I like seeing the writers try and manage it a little more proactively.

  75. #102 – remember when David Wallace told Michael something like he thought they would move in a different direction now? That makes me wonder if Ryan didn’t really get Jan’s position…

  76. My brother hasn’t watched it yet and I have no one to talk to about it… I may scream… again…

  77. Pammyyyyyy I can’t stop laughing I am so happy. I am so so so so so so HAPPY!

    I can’t even describe.

    Any news on Jenna’s condition? She was amazing tonight.

  78. Fantastic end to the season. I loved how, pre-episode, the cast and writers really kept a lid on the main plot of the finale so as not to spill the beans — ie putting the emphasis on Jan’s “big” news (haha… SO glad they avoided a pregnancy plotline… way to keep this a COMEDY!) over the Jam situation. Also, the comments on filming different endings to make us think they hadn’t decided on a conclusion yet. Good way to keep people guessing.

    Can’t wait to see the inevitable Ryan/Michael wars next season. Book smarts vs. uh, I don’t even know what you call what Michael has…!! Wouldn’t be surprised to see a bit of a Neil Godwin parallel in Ryan’s new role, although I’m sure BJ will make it his own.

  79. Completely and entirely awesome way to end the season of angst. My faith is fully restored in JAM.

  80. I just realized that if ryan and karen are both in NYC they will probably hook up again

  81. just had to add that i loved loved loved the ending and cannot wait till next season! I can’t wait to see JAM finally a reality and Ryan as Michael’s boss will be hilarious. I’m sure he hasn’t gotten rid of Kelly as easily as he thinks either!

  82. When Pam teared up at the end… oh gosh. This summer will be so long.

  83. re: #127

    you’re totally right about promoting Ryan being a totally corporate move. Think about it…he knows the least about actual sales and he will everyone’s boss…such clever writing yet so sadly true in real-life

  84. Why?!?! Pam was so right when she was talking about the timing of things! In reality, it’s not smooth like butta…

  85. this reminded me so much of tim and dawn. except opposite cuz tim left dawn a little note like that and it made her go back.

  86. I can see a Ryan/Karen vs. Jim/Pam feud brewing. Obviously Karen hates both of them, and Ryan had this unfounded anger towards Pam and Jim. This could get interesting.

  87. Here’s a thought…maybe Karen got Jan’s job and Ryan got Hunter’s job…or the other way around….

  88. Loved it! Too bad Jim had to get his hair cut, but that’s probably the last thing Karen will make him do! Ironic she would do this to Jim (thinking she was helping him) when Phyllis had Karen get a goofy hairdo in an earlier episode. I buy the idea that Karen will take Jan’s job and we WILL see her more next year in NYC.

    Happy summer, all! Let’s hope for another great webisode series to keep us going until September!!

    Thanks for all your hard work on OT, Jennie!

  89. We need screencaps of Pam’s note, that amazingly incredible yogurt lid, Jan’s boobs (and no, like Pam, I’m not gay; they were just hilarious), and Creed’s face while explaining his blog (which is at “.gov” I might add–awesome!)


    Everyone was so good in this episode. Stanley: AWESOME!
    Angela was actually kind of adorable and Pam should TOTALLY BE RUNNING THE BRANCH. I did like Karen, but in the beginning..not as Jims girlfriend. She was so insensitive this episode. Pam as Dwights Secret Assistant to the regional manager was the icing on the cake. Except for the JAM at the end. And actually, the few just conversations or comments between Jim and pam was just like old times and really great.

    I dont even know what I am saying..I am just so Zoppity.

  91. So, I loved the office’s buzz about Pam’s speech. Loved creed’s blog –FAB , biggest laugh of the evening– and his preference for low-swinging boobs

    Hated the cheesy montage of shots of Jim/Karen in NYC, very romantic comedy. Maybe they were trying to set up what he was giving up, but it wasted time.. i wanted to see kevin’s list (deleted scene, maybe?). loved the little moment when he listens to receptionist answer at DM HQ

    I am extremely worried about Michael’s health and sanity next yr. he seems like a character in real jeopardy between Jan and Ryan yikes. Ryan is truly the only unlikeable character on the show. but classically great that the MBA with no real job experience gets the promotion. i think the ryan thing will work out well, but i think the Jan stuff has gone way off the cliff of believable/funny.

    loved all Pam’s TH — this has been jenna’s season. she has been unbelievable and i wish her a speedy recovery.

    So memo to writers for next season: love you. but you’re overusing the word “weird” to describe any awkward romantic situation. you have even andy’s high school girlfriend using it.
    And one more request: let’s see that first date, even tho we’re going to pick up months into Jim/Pam’s relationship

  92. lauren your soo right aww i love the british office and the american one i think i’m going to have an office party and compare but yeah it is alot like it

  93. I just had a thought after reading some of the most recent comments. Someone mentioned a “flashback scene” of how Jim and Pam’s date went. Wouldn’t it be horrible if they did that in the first episode but then say that them dating just didn’t work out? My speculation must stop.

  94. They really made Karen an idiot in this episode. She said Jim looked homeless with his old hair, she called Pam a b*@#h, and since she said that she and Jim can’t go back to Scranton because there is one too many people there I think that she might leave the show. Hopefully she is gone.

  95. I loved it!


    I wonder if Jim will keep his new doo. Not that it isn’t totally cute and handsome, he didn’t seem to keen in wanting a change from his ‘homeless’ haircut. BIG HAIRCUT! Ha…

    Also, I must say that I totally saw Jim coming in during Pam’s talking head after his interview at corporate. I spec’ed that over at TWOP! Ha. It’s so much better seeing it than imagining it.

    Anywho..great stuff. Congrats to the Office writers, producers, cast members, and crew! Here’s to a season well done!

  96. Melora is a brilliant actress. Did you catch how fast her fantasy started spooling out when Michael suggested she might move into his (sold) condo? “I won’t work. I’ll stay at home and wear stretch pants and wait for you to come home!” Stretch pants – the dream of corporate-suited females everywhere.

  97. Sorry, didn’t feel like skimming through the posts…but I bet the reason got the job over Karen, is because he finished his MBA (mentioned by David Wallace)…thus, our man is done with business school.

  98. Dwight was great in this episode. I loved the D/Pam bonding and the sadness in his eyes when he started to set up his old desk.

  99. I love love love this show, this episode particularly, but I still love casino night the most.

    There was so much drama to fit into this episode, I think it wasn’t as funny as casino night.

    Still really, really good though!

  100. OMFG!
    That was amazing. Jim and Pam finally together! I really didn’t think that they would do this. I hope Ryan didn’t really get a job at corporate or does something where he has to come back to Scranton, because I love the Kelly/Ryan relationship–it has to continue on somehow.
    p.s. I hate Karen even more than before.

  101. oh my gosh….

    Jim coming in during Pam’s talking head at the end was so PERFECT! It made me feel like I do whenever I watch the ending of Sixteen Candles – you know, when Jake Ryan picks up Samantha from her sister’s wedding. The cars go by and he’s standing there/sitting on his red porsche waiting for her….swoon!

    And I officially do not like Karen anymore due to the fact that, not only did she badmouth Pam, but she badmouthed Jan AND Michael. That’s where I draw the line. As clueless as Michael is, Jim would NEVER talk crap about him in a mean way.

    Fantastic job on the finale. Just the right amount of everything…

    And check out Creed’s entire blog at Hil-arious!!

  102. Outstanding! Little bit of everything…a good JAM ending…and some questions going into next season. My favorite part was Jenna at the end…the way her eyes welled up when Jim entered the room was just awesome.

    Ryan Michael’s boss? Jan unemployed and moved in? Bring on season 4!

  103. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Wait, BJ’s a writer on the show… and now that her sitcom’s been picked up, does this mean Rashida’s doing double duty? And Jan… what a meltdown!

    Bring on Season Four!

  104. Perfect. Not too much, but enough to make us wish for more. It’s going to be a LONG summer.

  105. I am so happy! Tanster, thank you so much for getting this site up and running in time for tonight. Tonight’s episode was worth suffering through a whole season of Jim and Karen. Jan was hilarious. She is such a train wreck, and I can’t wait to see her unemployed. Isn’t it like Michael to sell his condo on ebay? I was totally estatic when I saw the note to Jim that I grabbed my hubby’s hand yelling, “this is just like UK Office!” I couldn’t even pay attention and I couldn’t read the note and I didn’t see the yogurt lid. WOW!! I knew someone would post what the note said. Thank you. I’m desperate to watch the ending again. Greg Daniels and all the writers are awesome. This is the best show on TV!

  106. I teared up. So simple, so perfect. I would have been disappointed if Jim officer and a gentelman-ed Pam out of the office.

    And Ryan…. I was howling at the TV. “We’re done.”

  107. P.S. How is Ryan qualified for this job by having an MBA alone? HE NEVER MADE A SALE!

  108. Has no one considered that Ryan will now be Michael’s boss? Hilarious! I wonder if Ryan will make Michael pay for all the creepiness Michael subjected him to.


    this episode was PERFECT! So many many good things happened. Ryan getting the job and turning to Kelly and being like, “Kelly, we’re through” was great.

    BUT JIM AND PAM! I mean you could sort of tell it was coming, but the way they did it was nice and understated and sweet and PERFECT!

    My only question…if Ryan got the job and not Karen, is she coming back to Scranton now? dun dun dun

    I don’t care right now, I’m still flipping out. OLD JIM IS BACK HOORAY!!!! :-D

  110. i think jim did leave karen in new york without saying anything…cause they drove in together and he left solo. so…she doesn’t have a ride back. i think he realized that she talks about people behind their backs and that’s not cool. she’s not as sweet as pam is.

  111. That was a great episode!! A lot of LOL moments, a total shocker with Ryan and of course, JAM!!! My husband starting blabbing when they showed Jim driving back and I yelled “shutup!! Don’t you see Jim left NY w/out Karen???”

  112. -sigh-

    Let me just say that that ending made me smile from ear to ear.


  113. Just a quick thought here though:

    Perhaps why the jim/karen montage seemed so out of place was to juxtapose it to the JAM relationship. In doing this, I believe the writers were highlighting why JAM fit together so perfectly as a couple. One of the many great literary devices the writers used to emphasize a theme subtly.

  114. So perfect! I love the way Jim looked at Pam when he said they had a date.

  115. OHMYGOD!!! YESYESYEYES!!!! I cried tears of joy. My heart was pounding from the moment I saw Pam’s letter. Actually, all throughout the epsiode, I was loving Karen and Jim together and I was thinking, “he’s happy with her. he wouldn’t want to give that up for something that hadn’t ever really worked out.” and then i saw her note and i cried a little but not enough that my eyes got blurry and I couldn’t atch the show and that is the BEST THING I HAVE EVER EVER SEEN!!!!!
    yay jim and pam!!!

  116. I think Karen is coming back to Scranton next year. It makes sense. No one expected Ryan to get the job, so Jim came back to Pam assuming Karen got it. Jim and Pam will both be surprised when she returns… I mean think about it. They got rid of the “will they won’t they” so they need something else: a girl war! Maybe the pranks will shift away from Dwight…

  117. Can someone sort of recap the last ten minutes? I was at a concert, and my tape ran out during the last ten minutes! And its so hard to try and ignore thise spoilers! Thanks.

  118. “I’m sorry, what was the question again?”

    That was the show right there.

  119. i forgot to mention how much i love jims new hair. i dont know about the rest of you, but i never wanted to leap through the tv so bad. also, i think jan is pregnant.

  120. I never really liked Karen, but would Jim just leave her there? I keep contemplating this and I think he would break up with her first. Its not like she did or said something horrible in front of him that he took major offense to. I’m also not too sure about Karen coming back to Scranton. I think she’ll still be on the show, but I don’t think she’ll work in the office again. Just my two cents…

  121. Ok…So I have been lurking around these boards since like the Convention but i never posted or anything…but MY GOD jims face when he said Date? It was PERFECTION. Like absolute PERFECTION. It was nervous and exicted and hopeful and happy and everything at the EXACT same time. And Pams grin afterward? My face had that grin for the past hour…now not so much because my cheeks are starting to hurt. But again, Jim saying the word DATE made me fall in love with him 10 times over!

  122. Because Karen orders Pam to make the photocopies of sales reports, pam gets the opportunity to insert Jim’s Office Olympics medal!!! GENIUS

  123. tanster,

    did you pull out the OMFG tag a little early this season. this episode was OMFG!!

  124. karen’s real side was starting to shine through. when she called pam a bitch, i wanted to smack her. i knew that somehow they were going to end it in this episode. and the letter… AWW!!!! the gold medal from office olympics. soo adorable. and i had a feeling that jim was going to walk in or something in the end, and then it happend. i jumped for joy!!! im soo happy they are together. and ryan! i didnt expect him to get the job at all!! and when he ended it with kelly, that was hilarious. dwight was funny as manager. and jan’s boob job…. or boob enhancement. lol. that was funny. i thought she was going to be pregnant.
    but all in all. i loved loved loved this episode. i cant wait until the next season, and best believe the day the season three dvd comes out, i’ll be there! gotta complete my collection.

  125. jennie, i am so happy you got the site up and running
    yay for you
    yay for pam and jim
    yay for life
    I am a little excited about that ending:)

  126. oh and yes rashida jones, who plays karen, the show did get picked up next season on fox. we might see her once in a while, but i doubt it.

  127. HOORAY!! now i can finally go the the spoilers section of this site and read them all!!


    Seriously though, what a great episode.

  129. I figured when they went to that final commercial break, we’d see more of Andy and Dwight (who will be an amazingly formidable force to reckon with in Season 4 because their dynamic is too interesting to ditch from a writers perspective)…but that face that Ryan gives just prior to telling Kelly they are through, just throws it all in the air. I’m still skeptical about Ryan actually being on the phone with David Wallace about Jan’s job…though it does seem likely he’ll be in NYC next year. And just like “Business School,” i’ll bet we see Michael trump Ryan in the end. Just something about the whole experience wins over brains leads me to believe that The Temp will lose his corporate job and be humbled by the likes of Michael.

    Besides that and the whole Jim/Pam thing, what of Michael and Jan? Michael has obviously made a huge mistake. You can see it plain as day on his face as he’s driving back and she’s still completely unravelling…just as she predicted she would in “Cocktails.” Yes, the Jim/Pam thing keeps most people glued and agape (as I was at the end of this one), but Jan and Michael have the most interesting, disturbed, emotionally twisted, one-sided relationship in all of television. What’s even more ironic is that Michael is so much more centered and grounded than Jan could ever be. In all of his short comings as a human, he’s a decent man who just wants the core basics that everyone else wants out of a relationship. Albeit he does go about things differently and has no real self-awareness, his heart is in the right place. I can just see him having a miserable life with Jan crumbling and relying on him. Beyond that, we know he is a decent person and will not allow someone who is in obvious pain to go through what she is going through alone. Season Four will certainly be a growing season for two or three characters.

    Ok..i can’t ignore the fact that Jim comes in…all trim and suited up…like Pam’s proverbial Knight. It wasn’t flashy, over-done, or overly dramatic. Yes, it leaves questions as to whether or not he was an ass and just left Karen, or if there were things we weren’t shown (as we saw in “Gay Witch Hunt” or “Beach Games”). There are too many opened ended danglings which will all be answered with in the first 5 minutes of Season 4. We can just sit here, wait, and let those amazing writers do their jobs. Wow..I have said…way too much..

  130. WOW! Oh my! WOW! Oh my! This was such a truly wonderful episode…not only for the obvious (hallelujah for Jim realizing where he wants to be in 10 yrs, oh yes, with Pam!)but for every single moment- great tv!! Way to go writers!

    I need to go watch it again…

    so when does S4 start?

  131. Haha Tricia (#187) I was just thinking the same thing…

    This episode was very enjoyable.
    Jan has become somewhat psychotic. And I’m not a fan of the Jim haircut, but he made up for it ;)

  132. Please help me!! I had to put my children to bed at 8:00, so I taped the show and the tape ran out early!!!!! Thank goodness it cut off just after “what was the question?” and not before. (As an obsessed, die-hard JAM fan, I fell of the couch) But this means I missed the “ryan getting the job” ending. What Happened??!! Help!!

  133. Not only did I LOVE the episode, (tears) but I am so happy Office Tally is back up! I was like a lost puppy…

    thank you!!!!!

  134. I think Ryan actually got HUNTER’S job, not Jan’s! It makes perfect sense, and no one can dissuade me from this!

    It would also make his “I don’t get coffee anymore” statement ironic.

  135. CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 4! this show is awesome i hope karen and pam get into a fight like jim and roy did this season.

  136. I bet Ryan starts a fire in the NYC kitchen. HA!

    I mean, come on… Ryan is NOT good enough to take Jan’s job. He’s useless at Scranton. I bet he screws up really bad and Michael fixes his mistake. Or something ironic like that.

  137. Wow.

    I’m stunned.

    I missed the first minute or two (I came in towards the end of Pam’s talking head interview at the beginning) because my brother wanted to watch SpongeBob and changed the recording.

    My parents grounded him, and are making him pay for the episode off of iTunes because they are as obsessed as I am.

    Ryan got the job? I SO didn’t see that coming.

    I thought that everyone was mean to Pam. I mean, she poured out her heart, and they MOCKED her for it???

    Karen badmouthing Pam. Y’see, this is why I don’t like her very much as a person. Not just because of Jim and the fact that I’m a diehard Jammer. But she’s just not a very nice person.

    The Jammin’ date proposition seemed a little sudden… I bet that there will be a flashback in the season 4 opener about them. And when we last left Jim at his interview, he found Pam’s yogurt lid (took me a while to figure that out…) What happened?

    How did Jim and Pam’s date go?

    What about Karen?

    What about Kelly?

    Did Michael paint his office?

    Did Jan and Michael move into his (*sold*) condo?

    What did I miss in the first few seconds?

    See, although there’s no cliffie like last season, there are still a lot of questions…

    But I’m satisfied until the end of the summer.

    Three… no, FOUR months???

    Fanfiction, here I come!!!

  138. Part of the loveable most endearing quality of Jim is how he can never stand to see someone be hurt.
    Remember when he sang karaoke with Michael at his house because no one else would?
    When he said he felt sorry for Jan and Karen didnt, I think that spoke volumes to both of their true personalities.

    ps. To the Writers: Thank you for giving us the perfect amount of hope for Jim and Pam without making some sort of unrealistic and out of place makeout scene. It was brilliant. Also…I have been reading all of the message boards for days and days…NO ONE predicted Ryan get the job! NO ONE! It totally shocked me!

  139. Okay here is what i am debating. Are Jim and Pam like DATING now? Or is it like to become friends again? Please let it be dating! It has to be right? He did say “It’s a date then”. Ugh….. September, come quickly!!!!!

  140. okay. let me recall the episode because i remember i had a lot to say.


    that’s all i got. hmm.

  141. I loved this episode… Although it was a little bitter-sweet, because now we have to until September to find out what happens on Jim & Pam’s dinner date, how Jim ended it with Karen (which I’m assuming he did), and how Michael & neurotic Jan’s live-in relationship is going… I don’t know how I’m going to wait for four months!!

  142. what happened in the first 15 minutes? stupid tivo didn’t record it >:O

  143. what we have been waiting for for 2 years is finally here all doubts i had in this show are now gone
    god the wait from now until september will be brutal

  144. I can’t believe it — the look on Pam’s face made me cry too. :)

    Awesome season-ending episode.

  145. Pam’s Yogurt lid/medal to Jim = Tim’s drawing book to Dawn

    Great reference by the writers

  146. wow. wow. wow. i am not going to lie-when i saw the yogurt lid, i KNEW we were all in for a huge shocker. pam nearly broke my heart. every single one of her talking heads was about jim. jenna, i know u arelying still right now, but you are 2 for 2 with AMAZING episodes going into next season. congrats and you deserve an emmy!

    yay for jim being jim again. but i hate the air.

    i officially hate karen. she can leave anytime.

    dwight + andy = best duo ever? black room?

    and did anyone notice that dwight stole michaels worlds greatest boss mug??

  147. Thought: Maybe Karen got the main job and Ryan is going to be the office assistant, to replace Hunter. Remember that exchange between Ryan and Michael when he said he doesn’t “do that stuff anymore” (getting him coffee)? That could have been some great irony. There’s also the possible fun tension of Ryan being Karen’s assistant, what with finding out Ryan asked her out in that email. Final thought: I kind of feel like it’s not certain that Jim and Pam are together. It still seems hazy.

  148. to all of you ryan doubters.. he got an MBA.
    the wonders of business school.

  149. I think Ryan must have gotten Hunter’s job, considering he’s never made a sale… which means he’s now Karen’s assistant… which means…


    I hope they don’t skip the summer months + do real-time again because I REALLY want to see their first few dates.

    Also, Ryan is such an a**hole, haha. I wonder if they’re gonna have him + Karen cut out of the show completely or follow them to NY like in Stamford. I mean, Ryan is TECHNICALLY listed as a main character along w/ Jim, Michael, Pam, and Dwight.

  150. I think it would have been even better if Jim had messed up his hair back to his normal hairstyle before he came to get Pam

  151. Michael sells his condo on eBay – for only 80 percent of market value – before he gets the job. That, more than anything else this season, shows how completely oblivious he is to reality. He’s a perfect match for Jan (who, by the way, looked gorgeous this episode. it must be all those trips to Scottsdale).

  152. What a great episode….I have so so many favorite moments from this season. But Pam’s excitement after Jim’s return beats them all.

    But as for next season…all the crazy possibilities are running through my head….

    #1. Let’s say Ryan got the job…he seems to be gaining confidence by leaps and bounds…let’s say the Jim gives the JAM experiment a try and dumps Karen…what if Ryan asks Karen to move to NY with him? This would provide Rashida a way of staying on the show and would give us plenty of opportunities for great moments..uncomfortableness between Jim-Karen-Pam at Corporate/Office functions and the potential for a catfight between Kelly and Karen (!!!!!!!!!!).

    #2. The possibilities for unemployed/unstable Jan are endless…since she appears to be done with Dunder-Mifflin, what if Michael uses his charm to get her a job with Vance Refridgeration? Or perhaps Michael tries to get Jan a job at DM and tries to hide it from the CFO….or the camera could just follow her around trying her hand at various jobs, or tending to Michael’s condo, or annoying Michael at DM….

    #3 – I think we still may see more of corporate…seems very likely that the documentary crew would do a good follow-up on Ryan…David’s mentioning of terrible HR-rep “Kendall” sounds like a possibility for a new character…

    #4 – New employees at Dunder-Mifflin? With the departures of Ryan, Roy, and possibly Karen, there are bound to be new hires made…

    Anyways, my mind is still rapidly thinking….

  153. I think when Karen is on the couch with Jim and she says “good I’m going to go meet some friends…” That was like the writer’s way of telling us that Karen is going to be fine and that she will find her way.

  154. 209 – dwigt

    how can you not like Jim’s hair??? He is absolutely ADORABLE.

  155. Has anyone seen Toby? Kind of sad looking. Did he jump off a cliff after beach day?

  156. Question:
    How do we know Hunter is leaving?
    Or are you guys just predicting…

    Just wondering if I missed something!

  157. **Zach Mayo** I think you’re exactly correct. If he’s not Hunter’s replacement, I’m sure he’ll be someone’s assistant. The CFO did also mention that they were taking the position into a different direction & maybe he wasn’t just referring to giving Michael not getting the position… Maybe Jan’s not being replaced at all, maybe they’re just eliminating the position altogether. Okay, maybe I’ve completely overthought this…
    Can’t wait till Season 4. Kudos Office writers!

  158. There is no way that Ryan (with his fancy new MBA) is going to be Karen’s assistant. I can see Karen having some other job at corporate though since the whole episode seemed to reinforce for her how much she loves NYC. We’ll see.

  159. So my prediction is the Ryan/Kelly relationship will get even more hilariously dysfunctional…. random booty calls when he’s in from NYC, she will be the thing that cracks the whole MBA-boss professional facade he puts on. i don;t think he can help himself when it comes to kelly.

    we may get a deleted scene that explains a bit more about Jim/Karen and the way it ended… we have a whole summer, NBC will string us along with deleted scenes. they have a lot to fill in

    i am so glad the writers are bringing Pam/Jim together — thanks guys for challenging yourself to keep it interesting.

    one of my fav moments was when Dwight thanked Pam for being helpful as the “secret assistant to the regional manager” — sweet. And thats actually what she does with michael anyway, we know pam secretly runs the office.

    so next season I want to see Pam’s apartment, more about her art, oscar’s experiments with women, more ryan/kelly craziness, more toby-michael conflict, more thoughts from creed’s blog, jam kisses, their first date, jim/karen’s break up (if we haven’t seen it already in a deleted scene), pranks and more andy bernard.

  160. Didn’t anyone else notice that when Jim and Karen were in NYC arguing about whether or not the guy they saw was Lorne Michaels, the guy that immediately walked behind Jim was Lorne!!! How funny! :)

    Jim + Pam FOREVER!!!!

  161. that episode just got better and better. i completely agree that the jim/karen montage was out of place, but hey jam is reunited and it feels so good!

  162. **Zach Mayo** I think you’re exactly correct. If he’s not Hunter’s replacement, I’m sure he’ll be someone’s assistant. The CFO did also mention that they were taking the position into a different direction & maybe he wasn’t just referring to Michael not getting the position… Maybe Jan’s not being replaced at all, maybe they’re just eliminating the position altogether. Okay, maybe I’ve completely overthought this…
    Can’t wait till Season 4. Kudos Office writers!

  163. i agree with everyone- the last line from pam sold the entire episode and season for me.

    writers of the office- BRING IT ON! i can handle anything now!! :)

  164. oh my god. i cried when they finally got together. seriously, tears and all.

  165. Or, maybe Jim did get the job and he’s asking Pam out to tell her the news. Ryan still being the assistant, etc. I just don’t see this as being as great as it seems.

  166. Is there any chance we’ll see the other ending that they were talking about in interviews?

    It would be interesting to see where else they were planning on going with this script.

  167. 217- i just like homeless jim better..i dunno, hes adorable either way.

    best line- “what?!” (kelly)

  168. Just another quick pause to give it up everyone’s favorite web mistress, Tanster. Great job getting the site up and running before the finale, and thanks for the trigger finger that approves all of these comments. Think we can get to 750 this time?

  169. Ryan got Jan’s job. Jim didn’t leave Karen in NYC without talking to her first. (She has friends there, remember?) Karen will not come back to Scranton because she said earlier that she couldn’t with Pam there. Besides that another one of the purposes of the whole NYC montage was to show us that Karen enjoys the city and Jim seems a little lost there. I have always held that this whole Rashida working both shows thing was put out there to throw us off in addition to the whole mulitple endings thing which Greg and BJ have verified now was true but the gist of the endings were the same all along. I have no doubt Karen’s gone. Hallelujah!

  170. This is not going to be popular. After watching the episode again, I am not so sure that the writers won’t pull the rug out from under us concerning Jim and Pam. Yes, we saw Jim’s reaction to the yogurt lid, he did go back without Karen, but we did not see anything else. When he asked Pam to dinner, he was smiling, but after watching it again, I’m not sure it was a “I love you and want to start a relationship with you,” kind of smile. Not like Pam’s. I really don’t want to deflate anyone’s elation, but possibly I need to be reassured. The only “clue”, real clue into Jim’s feelings was the word “date.” Other than that, we really don’t know for sure, no talking heads, nothing. Would he have made such an abrupt decision while in NY. Please tell me I’m wrong and convince me otherwise.

  171. OMG – I really thought they were going to rip my heart out, but they didn’t. I think my husband was about to laugh in my face when he saw me crying, but he managed to keep it to himself.

  172. Oh, and the Jim haircut was a way to finally unveil John’s Leatherheads movie haircut that he’s had since March or so. All the terrible wig comments that have been made lately were because he’s had his hair short all this time.

  173. Comment 225-HamburgerHalpert

    I couldnt agree with you anymore. Rainn Wilson also deserves one for this season, but Jenna definitely sealed the deal.

    I love how the Office writers can be so extremely subtle and add things that foreshadow the future, and then you look back and you are like “oh, thats why they did that”. For example throwing in the whole thing with Michael and Ryan with Mike telling him to go get him coffee and Ryan saying I dont do that anymore. Oh how the tables have turned

  174. I really enjoyed this episode: start to finish.

    There were so many instant classic moments, including Creed’s blog, Kevin’s note-taking, and Stanley rejecting the Schrute buck. The “JAM” stuff was all added bonus and the callbacks to The Alliance and Office Olympics showed that both of them were finally ready for Jim to “come back.” We thought when Jim was at Stamford that the merger would return things to normal, but it wasn’t until the end of the episode that things finally did.

    A lot of clean-up needs to be done in the aftermath of this episode. Karen’s really hurt, I’m sure. Kelly will cry for the next 12 months (unless Cameron Diaz and J.T. get back together, then she’ll be fine). And most importantly, Michael will have to buy-back his condo and re-paint his office.

    Season 4, if it’s not too cheesy with Jim and Pam, is shaping up quite nice.

    BTW, Jennie, do you moderate the comments from us East Coast viewers even though it completely spoils the show for you?

  175. #234

    I had the same thoughts but after reading more posts, I disagree. I think they need to rebuild their friendship and a relationship slowly, which is why Jim didn’t say “Pam, I still love you. Please be the mother of my children” but instead wanted to go on a date, a first date.

  176. the jam stuff at the end was only the icing on the cake – i thought this ep was fantastic! between creed’s “swing low sweet chariot” and the B&B in hell and the discussion of stanley-nickels vs. schrute-bucks and unicorns vs. leprechauns…i think my neighbors heard me laughing.

  177. 234 – I was worried about the same thing, BUT I really don’t think Jim would use the word “date” unless he really meant it. This is Pam he’s talking to, and after Beach Games… I don’t think he would mess with her head like that. I hope! On with the elation!

  178. I thought the Beach day flashback was nicely done and it added to a great Jam episode! I can’t believe KAren called pam a bitch. I didn’t like her much before but that made me think about the best place to bury the body just kidding! With her bad attitude in this episode it was easy to let her go!

  179. you guys are idiots to think that ryan (with his MBA) is taking the assistant position. good lord almighty.

  180. that was an amazing episode! i totally cried at the end because i was so happy! jim came back for pam!!!!!!!!! also was it just me or was karen especially jerky tonight? the homeless man comment was totally inappropriate…i can’t wait til next season

  181. Did anyone else notice that during Pam’s entire final talking head — even before Jim walked in — her eyes were red (like she’d been crying)?

  182. 234:

    that’s the point, right? that it’s sort of up in the air. i’m sure this is exactly what they want. if you KNEW then maybe you wouldn’t be so psyched to tune in right away in septemer (yeah, right) so they had to leave a shadow of a doubt. the truth is, you just never know. (like with Ryan getting the job? Crazy suprising!)

  183. When Pam started her “I’ll be okay if Jim doesn’t come back, I guess” speech, I started crying hysterically like a crazy-person. But I was like, “Jesus, the tone just started feeling like the last bit of the UK Office Christmas Specials, when Tim was making the ‘I’ll be okay’ speech and Dawn came in and kissed him.”

    I definitely think they were going for that. The tone was so similar, it was awesome.

    But anyway, I continued to sob when Jim said “it’s a date.” So happy. I’m just so damned happy!

    AND, I literally screamed when I saw that Ryan got the job! Such a great twist.

  184. Ok tmdunderhead, I think he would make that kind of abrupt decision because maybe he was inspired by Pam’s bold speech on Beach day I think it could be a sign that they are now finally on the same page

  185. A lot went on towards the end that can lead to a lot of speculation. Jim was thinking about pam the whole episode, some parts more obvious then others. like when the secretary at corprate sounded like pam, and other shit too. but in regards to the whole “date” thing, im in the darkness because knowing the office as well as i do, i just cant see them ending the whole tension betweem jim and pam by bringing them together. oh well, cant wait for season 4

  186. I’m so happy. I’ve seen it twice now–and I know it makes me very, very lame but I cannot imagine what I’ll do with myself all summer while waiting for more JAM. I’m taking this way too seriously….

  187. Great episode, but it cannot be that easy. After a tortuous season 3 where the JAM storyline was so disappointing after a great Casino Night,they cannot just be together all of a sudden. My thought is that they have dinner – Jim thinks it is “friendship” thing (how many times did they describe their relationship that way????) and Pam thinks it is more, and then we have more torture in season four. AAhhhrrgghhh! How long until the season premiere??

  188. 234 is right – we have no definitive proof that Pam and Jim are together.

    Thus, there is the potential that Pam and Jim will not get together, that this will not be what we had hoped for. This will be the case if the writers continue to take the show in the direction it has headed for three seasons: continually will-they-won’t-they…

    However, if the writers decide to take the show in a new direction, Jim and Pam together could make a lot of sense. As we saw in season two, they work very well together as a couple, and are very funny. Like in Friends, when it eventually moved away from Ross & Rachel, the Office can move away from Jim and Pam, and they can be together and stay together, and the show will find other avenues for success.

    That is, if the writers have the balls to do it…

  189. wow, what a poorly done episode. contrast this “get-together” of jim and pam (by the way, is this how every season will end?) with casino night. this was trite, drawn out and utterly predictable (in terms of jim and pam, not so much in terms of painting michael’s wall black etc.) casino night was a different story. it was magical, fresh and shocking. this was canned. hope you all are happy.

  190. Jennie, do you moderate the comments from us East Coast viewers even though it completely spoils the show for you?

    Yes. Show is completely spoiled for me every time. The things I do for OT … ;)

  191. why would ryan get the corperate job if he didn’t even make a sale at DM?

  192. by the way, for those of you who don’t know, the cfo’s name “david wallace” is clearly a reference to david foster wallace, the fictionist and author of “brief interviews with hideous men”. wallace is co-producing this in a movie with none other than homeless jim krasinski.

  193. #242

    You do know that they don’t actually film the show in Scranton?

    They film in LA.

  194. Jennie, I’m so glad that Office Tally is back up! :) I misssed my favorite Office fansite

  195. If that’s the case, maybe for season 4 you could find some willing Easterners to moderate for you.

    You deserve it, Jennie!

    I (and I’m sure some others here on this blog) would gladly help you out.

  196. Yeah, just to clarify, I agree with some others that Jim and Pam won’t necessarily jump headlong into a serious relationship, they might take it slow (which would be fine). OR they might not even be together by the time next season starts (which would be a real pisser). But I stand by my opinion that for tonight, for this time and place, YES, Jim was asking Pam on a real date. Where it will lead… well that’s for next season.

  197. 234 – Watching it the many times I have, as I am a complete fangirl, it seemed like he was more shy than anything when he was asking her.

  198. I loved the yogurt lids!!! I think it really made Jim realize he had to go back. It reminded him of how things were. That day was always special for him and Pam putting that there confirmed she felt exactly the same way he did that day. Any one know when it’s gonna be up on YouTube??!! I wanna replay it over and over!!! lol. :)

  199. Excuse my ignorance in such matters, but how in the heck did Jan’s boobs get so big? Can a push-up bra do that alone, or was that some other “stuffing?” I couldn’t take my eyes of them. I can’t blame Michael one bit for his decision. Any female perspectives would appreciated.

  200. “I don’t care if that’s how they consolidated power in Ancient Rome.”

    That was absolutely brilliant. :D

  201. I’m sure I’m repeating things that have been said so far, but…

    Why does everyone think Ryan is getting Hunter’s job? Hunter’s not going anywhere, is he? Did I miss something there?

    Jim didn’t necessarily leave Karen in NYC. He could’ve told her he was going back…. or said he was going back and offered her a ride, which she refused (maybe mad at him, maybe having fun hanging out with her friends?)… or perhaps broke up with her before he left?

    And are he and Pam together (or on their way to together) now? Is that for sure? I mean, I know he used the word “date,” but maybe he wanted to just talk about stuff with the two of them…. or just talk in general…. or break it to her gently that he doesn’t want to get back together (whether or not he’s with Karen)…. or tell her that he got the job in NYC. But I’m hoping, hoping, HOPING that it’s a real, official first date, and that we are officially on our way to some JAM! Someone please convince me that this is the case and that I’m just being too particular in thinking about the other scenarios!!!

    A first date really does seem right for JAM, though. The two of them together is something all of us JAM fans have been waiting for for a while, and a first date seems like the right way to do it. It’s very Jim and Pam. And hopefully this is better than Pam’s first date with Roy! (And Jim’s “first date” with Pam, as he described in the deleted scenes of that episode.)

    OK, this is long enough. I’m sure I’ll come back sooner or later with more to say. :)

  202. I don’t think we will see any more of Karen. Didn’t she make it clear to Jim that she “can’t stay there” in Scranton? I think that Ryan got Jan’s old job (companies ALWAYS go for the degrees) and we will follow his relationship as Michael’s boss in season 4. At this point I don’t even care if Karen is in NYC or not. And Jenna, pick something nice to wear when you pick up your EMMY!

  203. Great episode tonight. Not much more I can say about it that hasn’t been said. It had the great combination of funny, cringe inducing scenes and the touching moments that make this show great. I still can’t believe Jim just left Karen in New York to ask Pam on a “date”. Wow! And Ryan being the new hire and breaking up with Kelly right there and then? Shocking! Michael and Jan should be very fun to watch next season as well as what happens with “JAM” and if Karen comes back how Pam and her will go at it. Should be a great fourth season!

  204. One detail I found funny – the comparatively flat Karen shot in profile while talking to Jim about Jan’s new boobs.

  205. Since when does Ryan have an MBA? He just started business college in Season Two. During the “Fire Drill” he was talking to Michael about just having started taking classes. If he got that MBA in one year, then kudos, he deserves the promotion.

  206. it’s funny to think that, at 10 minutes to midnight in philadelphia, the west coasters are about to get the same thrill that i had three hours ago!! hope they all don’t read these posts early.

  207. Maybe I’m crazy… but did Katy (purse salesgirl) have a cameo in this episode?

    When Karen and Jim were in NY, they were running across the street holding hands, and the camera shot included a red-headed girl hailing a cab.

    Does anyone else think that this was Katy? but maybe I’m just dreaming!

    Wonderful epsisode tonight!

  208. #247 — yep, I did notice that in re-watching it. There was no way she could’ve summoned up tears in the 5 seconds it took for Jim to ask her out and then in the split second she turned to the camera — in real life or in acting, I would think! I’m sure they used some kind of chemical in her eyes for tears as they do sometimes for actors.

    I was, of course, elated at the ending of the episode, but to be honest, I thought Pam’s reaction was a teeny bit hokey. I would love to see what their alternate ending was for this, assuming it involved the way Jim & Pam reconnect. I’m sure the writers had a ton of ideas on how to make it happen.

  209. I’d love to watch the JAM scene again… Youtube anyone? It would be so zoppity!

  210. Tanster….

    I really dont like that the show gets ruined for you every week. Come on over to our side the East Coast. It would be totally worth it

  211. I totally starting tearing up. Haven’t stopped, actually. Wow. Sooooooo happy for Pam!

  212. OMG amazing episode !!! The last scene was sooo touching !!! CLASSIC

    but wut happened with karen ? where did she go ? is Jaren over ?

  213. All I have to say is who knew Michael was the well adjusted one in the relationship? Jan is one troubled, troubled woman. That’s the amazing thing about this show, I actually feel sorry for him and hope he gets out of that relationship. Does Ryan seem like an even bigger ahole since getting the corporate job, what he did to Kelly at the end was just mean. Either way great episode some optimism for Jim and Pam. Although I wonder what happened between Jim and Karen. I loved how during the entire episode Karen and Pam seemed like they were about to throw down the entire episode.

  214. Just throwing in my two cents.

    What a fantastic episode! Ryan got the Job!


    Creed! Swing low sweet chariot, bhah ha ha ha ha ha

    Also, did anyone catch the HR joke when Jim found the note from Pam. David Wallace said to Jim, “Sorry for making you fill out all those HR forms, we have terrible HR person here by the name of Kendal, probably the worst person you will ever meet.” Bhah ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Looking forward to season 4!

  215. I cannot wait until September.

    What’s going to happen with Michael/Jan?
    How the heck did Ryan get the job when he hasn’t made a sale?

    Oh, show.

  216. omg!!! I was squeeling so much. ahhh!!! That was exciting. Pam’s response to Jim asking her out on the date was gold. Perfect!!

  217. Question…what did Jim say about Jan’s boobs when Karen was at his desk? It was just before they changed scenes. He made some comment but I can’t make it out.

  218. Oh…



    I just saw the tag. Wow! Ryan!?! Ooooohhh…..

    I know this is old news for those who have already posted, but I’m a West Coast gal and I’m just now seeing this! Never saw THAT comin’! SO MUCH to look forward to next season. Three months of misery…

  219. Great finale over all. So JAM begins. I wonder if Karen actually does decide to stay?

    But my favorite part of all was at the very end of the show (you know after the final commercial break)when a dark horse is the one who takes over Jan’s position. RYAN “FREAKIN” HOWARD.

    I love this show!!!

  220. 275 said: “And doesn’t putting them together pretty much diminish all the growth that Pam went through over the last few episodes? She seemed to be going her own way, working on personal growth. But now if her and Jim are together and dating, it just seems like she’s back to square one.”

    Well, if they had gotten together before Pam had her personal growth, then yeah, she’d be jumping into another relationship and possibly being back to square one. But she did grow. She can now be happy without Jim, in fact, she was happy this whole episode – and she knew he might be leaving. It was great to see her so happy too (and I mean before the end even)! So, now she knows herself better and can be happy alone, which is a really healthy place to be when starting a new relationship.

    Just my 2 Schrute bucks.

  221. Greetings Office Tallyers,
    From one die hard Office fan to another…..I need your help. I needed to record tonights finale and at the beginning my VCR conked out. To make a long story short, I missed the first couple of minutes. The problem is that tomorrow I am throwing an Office finale party for other people who had to miss tonight! I am wondering if someone can YouTube the first 5 minutes and send it to me? I know that I started recording at a point where Kevin is talking to Jim and Kev walks away and Jim is left smiling, leaning up against a wall. I don’t know if that is legal but I figure this is the best place to start.

    Please email to [email protected]. Thank you in advance for saving my life in more ways than one

  222. OMG! That was AWESOME! I haven’t read all the other posts yet . . going to do that in a minute . . . just had to say WHAT A SHOCKER! I am floored. And thrilled! I didn’t think it was possible to top last year’s finale, but this sure as hell did! YAY!
    P.S. – Tanster, where have you been?! Do you know how much I’ve missed the Tally these past few days?! I was going crazy! But now I’m just in a state of shock and awe . . . Wow

  223. Oh Mike – #267 – I am so tickled there’s a man out there who doesn’t know all of women’s secrets.

    But now, let me me spoil it. They’re called chicken cutlets. Not actually chicken, but a similar size and feel, usually made out of a gel material, slipped into the bra. They can work wonders. Well, if you’re a 32 AA, they can only do so much. But Melora was a pretty average bust size already – maybe a C, I’d guess, which isn’t to difficult to get to that amount of cleavage.

    I feel kind of sacreligious not posting anything about the show. It was good – not as great as Casino night – but very good. The first half I was a little disappointed with, but the second half made up for it.

  224. Great ending to Season 3.

    It hit everything and left some things still open.

    Can’t wait until September.

  225. I just noticed that getting lost in all the JAM and Michael and Jan hoopla was the wonderful job Dwight did tonight ahaha he was a beast when he took over !!!


  226. Wow. I fell out of my chair and started to roll on the ground. I was so happy for Pam!

  227. hey…Now that Ryan’s gone…Jim’ll probably get his old desk back!…just like seasons 1-2.

  228. Anyone else see a Karen/Ryan hook-up? Remember…his email to her…

  229. #267 – are you kidding us?? You bet there was some other stuffing involved… breast implants!

    Did I really just come across a man who’s not familiar with fake boobs? Wonders never cease…

    #242 – Thank you for some common sense. You are absolutely right, Jan’s job is pretty more management and not sales, and although I’m sure the ideal candidate would have a stronger sales background, MBAs have a lot of weight in the corporate world.

    Re: the theory that Ryan is getting Hunter’s job and Karen Jan’s, and then the possibility of a “Raren” thing… interesting, but I really don’t think so. The writers have kind of played out the workplace relationship thing already, and I think they could get a lot more mileage out of a Ryan/Michael rivalry, ie education vs. experience.

    And finally, Tanster, that really is a crime that every episode is spoiled for you. Seriously, you want someone to moderate for the east coast, I’m there… like Dwight Schrute on a pot investigation. ;)

  230. Omgosh. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending!
    I am so amazed at JAM…I think the way they did it was perfect, very realistic, and very sweet. Because really, forget Karen- she was really catty and rude this episode. I for one hope she’s gone for good (although a Pam/Karen physical smackdown would be pretty funny).

    Pretty funny ep…Creed’s blog, everything with Dwight (he was so great in this ep!), Michael’s giving Jan a 2nd chance because of his “maturity” or w/e he called it, Jan’s meltdown, etc.

    And omg…the temp has Jan’s job? Now that was a funny part. But is he really leaving? I’ll miss him…kind of.

    But poor Michael, in a crazy relationship…at least he has one thing keeping him there.

  231. I can’t believe Jim and Pam are FINALLY getting together!!! I loved that scene with the yogurt lids. As a viewer, it brought back all the good memories of the fun times Jim and Pam had together. The moment was amazing.
    I also loved that bit at the end with some bomshell dialogue from Ryan! GREAT SEASON FINALE!

  232. I teared up. Great finale. It was the perfect tie up with Jam.
    I wouldn’t have changed anything other than maybe doing something more with Dwangela… a public announcement maybe? However, I can’t complain at all.
    It was fabulous. Plus John/Jim is crazy handsome with the hair (which I assume was actually for his new movie at the time).

    I was positive someone was going to be preggers… I’m glad I was wrong.
    Oh, and I can’t wait for the Michael/Ryan match up next season. SUCH A GREAT MOVE IN THE STORY!

  233. 293/Jackie – Jim mentioned something about how she could put her coffee cup right there. I forget the exact words because my. mind. is. blown.

  234. Just like the British version. Except they flipped the roles (Tim’s talking head is now Pam’s).

  235. I think that it was a snap decision on Jim’s part. He finally realized what he truly wanted. It’s not like he just totally decided this all at once, it’s been a long long time in the making.

    He DID just leave Karen in NY… otherwise they wouldn’t have shown the car without her in it, and they would have shown the conversation between karen and jim.

    I LOVED the ending with Ryan and Kelly though… awesome!

  236. does this mean…melora hardin really got a boob job? or ..something prop

  237. britishoffice = americanoffice.

    the way they did the jam in the episode was almost identical to how bbc’s version was. the roles were switched though (pam was tim, dawn was jim.)

  238. Tanster – I just meant to say Karen was mean. Sorry. I am so happy right now!! Ryan getting the job! So unexpected, and genius too. I was just thinking that his character was getting stale. Also, way to go online rumors for getting the boob job right. I love this site! But even more, I love JAM!

  239. i loved this entire episode it had so much good about it. The end was absolutly terrific. When jim saw that gold medal from the office olympics i absolutly died that was one of the best things i have ever seen on this show. and when he thought of pam when the receptionist said “dunder mifflin this is grace.” that was awsome. i can not wait for season 4.

  240. I love how the writers always use refer back to other episodes. Jim finally got his date with Pam unlike when they were on the roof and Pam denied it as a “date”. SO GOOD!

  241. On the NBC blog after the show it was definitely implied that there would be a new dynamic between Micahel and Ryan when Season 4 started. I don’t think this would mean he is someone at corporate’s assistant. He has to have gotten Jan’s job.
    Also–Jim would NEVER call something a date to Pam that was not a date. He would know that it would get her hopes up and he would never be that hurtful to her. Both he and Pam have always been shown to be the ones with compassion–even to Dwight and Michael. He certainly would not be that overtly cruel to Pam. I also think he would absolutely break up with Karen before leaving NY. This is our wonderful stand up guy Jim. Cruelty and disrespect for other’s feelings (Dwight excepted) is unthinkable!

  242. I can’t remember exactly but..I dont think the head guy ever said what job Ryan got??? I mean, could it be that he got some other job? Just throwing it out there

  243. 315 Nathan –
    Thought the same thing with the yogurt lid and the drawing of Tim.

  244. Soooo happy w/that finale! What a twist w/Ryan. I knew he never had any true feelings for Kelly.So excited about Pam/Jim.We’ve been deprived of JAM for so long,so glad to have it back.Hope it continues next season.I’m very glad I taped the episode,now I can watch it all summer long.I wish September was starting next Thursday! God,four months?! Again,could not be more pleased w/the episode.Definitely gave me something good to think about as I watched Greys Anatomy-that finale was depressing.

  245. I literally squealed with joy. I love Pam and I know it’s cliched, but I just want her to be happy.

    I just rewatched the clip on, and it was the question ‘where do you see yourself in ten years’ Who would want to be with Karen in ten years. It’s like in the Christmas episode where he talks to Michael about the rebound, how they’re fun but you always miss the one you really care about. And a date is a perfect way to deal with a situation like this.

    I’m a little to obsessed I think-maybe a few month break will do me some good

  246. I just wish itunes was instantaneous. I need to get a DVR for next season. One viewing simply isn’t enough. Best episode of the season, by far. It’s probably sad that I’m wishing my summer away waiting for Season 4…

  247. Please Help! Will someone post what went down in the last clip where ryan gets the job? My tape cut off. I’m suffering here.

  248. Okay, I have 17 pages to catch up on, but here are my thoughts first.

    -I understand why the CFO hired Ryan. Firstly, the job isn’t strictly sales. In fact, Jim’s successful sales record may have worked against him. Even though he’d make an excellent addition to corporate, he brings in a lot of money for the Scranton branch. Ryan finished his MBA? Wow! That’s cool. And when did he interview for this job? Sneaky little bas–never mind.

    -Jim may have removed himself from consideration for the position. After the CFO asked about the “long haul,” we see Jim look down at the yogurt lid. Then the scene ends. We don’t know what happened after that. Did he answer the question? Did he leave? Did he sabotage the interview? Was he offered the position?

    -Did Jim break up with Karen? It doesn’t seem like Jim to leave Karen in New York and ask Pam on a date without ending his relationship with Karen first. Will Karen leave the Scranton branch? She seems more at home in New York. She has friends there.

    -I appreciated Jim’s realization at the end of Beach Games that he hasn’t been himself since the merger.

    Funny scenes:

    -Creed’s MS Word blog. “Too shocking” for the Internet!
    -Wanted to see more Angela, but her vendetta against Kelly is pretty hilarious.
    -Michael asking Hunter to relay a few messages to Jan.
    -Pam: “I’m not gay.”
    -Michael’s eBay feedback score going down.

    I’ll miss this show over the summer. It’s going to be painful. And Pam was true awe-inspiring. I love how forward and truthful she was.

  249. Stacey,
    Im thinking about the episode when Jim and Pam shared a romantic night on the roof and Jim called it a date. Pam was with Roy and naturally agreed to call it a date.

  250. Ok, I literally cried tonight. That was just, wow! So many funny parts but the JAM stuff just ruled for me.

    Did you guys notice Dwight eating the bubble gum chew stuff and spitting in the cup like it was real tobacco? Haha!

  251. RYAN got the job? Shoot. This is why you don’t leave before the credits roll. I had to be called out to the farm today to help out seeding (farm kid here, and with actual grain and not beets), and halfway through, I was told that I had to go help Dave load up in ten minutes. Managed to stick around to Jim asking Pam out for dinner (the low-key approach was absolutely perfect. In true spirit of THE OFFICE.) I assumed that there wouldn’t be an epilogue since last years finale didn’t have one. So as soon as she smile and it cut to black, I was saying “Yes” like Kelly as I ran out the door.

    Oh well, will see it when I download the episode when I get back. Anyways, to the finale.

    I loved the opening of Michael coming on the wrong day for the interview, loved how everyone else was either making fun of Pam’s confession from last week or dismissing it outright. Could understand why Karen called Pam a bitch. Tonight’s ep was the only time I saw a glimpse of KrazyKaren that I never bought into, only now it’s (can’t think of a nickname for a crazy Jann) that’s caught my attention.

    The Michael/Jann plot was the one that really caught my attention. I loved how Michael caved in as soon as she saw the added size. But by the end of the ep, he had the horrified and resigned look on his face as he realizes what he’s created.

    My theory on why Jann suddenly snapped and melted down. The Jann we know has always been in control and dominant. Even when she decided to pursue a relationship with Michael, she was still in control and having things go more or less to her will. Since she can get Michael to dress up as a schoolgirl and allow her to tape them having sex and showing it to her therapist, she assumes that she has him wrapped around her finger. But when Michael decided to break up with her, she finally lost control. Him saying no is the last thing she expected. So if Michael Scott can dump you, then you’ve lost control over everything in your life, which has lead to a downward spiral to rival Britney Spears.

    I kept thinking about the Sorcerer’s Apprentice after this episode. Michael is Mickey, the relationship with Jann is the broom, and the magic is the power that each of them have over each other. The break-up two weeks ago was Mickey taking the axe and hacking it to pieces, thinking he had ended it. That shot of him in the car as she talks about being a full time girlfriend was Mickey being trampled on by the legion of brooms carrying buckets. He’ll be in the whirlpool by September.

    Sorry to go on about that. Dwight going drunk with power and painting Michael’s office black, Creed’s blog, Jann being escorted out and the fact that Hunter is in a band were some other higlights. While the yogurt cup metal pushed him along, I think it was “Dunder Mifflin, this is Grace.” that made him change his mind.

    All in all, great episode

  252. 234 and 239 and others wondering about Jim saying “date” … remember the word “date” has a very specific meaning for Jim and Pam from “The Client”. Jim would not have used this word unless he meant a real, romantic date, not a friendly get together.

    239 – Melora is probably wearing a prosthetic makeup “appliance” that covers her entire front and shoulders, so that you don’t see any seams or lines – those aren’t her actual boobs. BTW, from seeing some red carpet pictures of the lovely Melora, I think IRL she has some modest breast implants.

  253. Honestly? It was starting to bug me a little bit that Pam seemed to be talking about Jim every five minutes in her numerous talking heads (although I never tire of seeing Pam). I mean, talk about laying it on a bit too thick! But thankfully, it all paid off at the end. As nice as the Jim/Pam moment was, I think I was even more in awe of the twist that Ryan got the job. Talk about BRILLIANT.

    And new show or not, I REALLY want Karen back next season. There is too much potential there for it to be frittered away within a 5 minute Jim talking head. Not only would I miss her on a superficial level (read: Rashida is gorgeous), but I think that Karen is a good character that has a place with everyone else in Scranton. I knew everyone here would hate her completely when she gave her “Pam’s a bitch” line, but if (in my case) a guy kept buzzing around my girlfriend and then basically admitted that he liked her, I’d probably have harsh words for him too…so I can understand Karen’s point of view.

    Michael should never break up with Jan either, because every minute those two are on screen together is gold. Jan sure is cracked, but going through a divorce and then dating Michael would probably do that to anyone. I was rolling when Michael said, “I didn’t tell her David” and then hid behind the doorway. There are too many other numerous funny moments to mention…everything in this episode was fantastic.

    And NBC, you MUST give us a high-resolution jpeg of a Schrute Buck. I want the extra 5 minutes of lunch!

  254. maybe jim recommended ryan for the corp. job? jim knows that ryan is miserable with kelly, etc. so i could maybe see this happening?

  255. Bill,
    Your not alone. Come join the geek club. Ive never before cried while watching a T.V. show. I guess theres a 1st time for everything.

  256. “Pam is … kind of a bitch.” I know where Karen’s coming from, but I am so glad Pam didn’t step down. She didn’t lose any of her courage from last week’s episode and it was so amazing.

  257. Great comments…you know, we’ve heard that there’ll be more action and shooting at NYC, at corporate, next year. I don’t think Ryan alone can merit that extra footage…so how about if Karen can’t take the Pam/Jim action and her obvious dumping (as she only moved to Scranton for Jim, as we know), and asks for a transfer…which brings her up to NYC also? Since Women’s Appreciation Day, we know Ryan asked Karen out before….so what are the odds they get together for the latest weird couple?

    Jam, Dwangela….and now Raren?

  258. Why does everyone think Ryan got THE job?

    I actually dont think so. I think he got A job there, but not THE job. Going from intern to sales scrub to Jans job is a bit of a stretch.

    More importantly, the CFO apologizes for their last conversation being a bit ambigious. Ryan didnt drive up to NYC to interview for the job that day, so clearly he is not referring to that set of interviews.

    My prediction is that Ryan got a different job, but not the Jan job.

  259. Loved it! I wouldn’t be sorry to see Ryan go (poor Kelly, though, boy was he a dick!), and just imagine the many visits from Ryan at corporate to Michael in Scranton like there used to be from Jan when it was her job.

    The Jim/Pam thing was excellent. I didn’t mind Karen last episode but boy was she bitchy today. I can only imagine how NYC would be for Karen and Jim if either had gotten the job – Karen would be off with “a bunch of my friends” and Jim would be doing his own thing.

    Great job, guys!

  260. Ok, also, when Dwight started crying, I was crying too from laughter. That was amazing.

    Also, I don’t think that the writers/producers are trying to be coy about it. I’m pretty sure Ryan DID get Jan’s old job. He is not an assistant to anybody. Neither Karen or Jim got the job. But I wonder how they are going to resolve Karen now that Jim and Pam are together. I guess she’ll just quit and move to New York. You know, as much as I’ve disliked her for keeping JAM apart, I really will miss her character.

  261. I totally forgot about Ryan and Karen – now that would be a match made in business school.

  262. Hey Kevin,

    Regarding the MBA business…some schools do offer MBAs in one year. Generally, they’re not really as respected as two-year MBAs…but we’re talking about Dunder Mifflin, who had crackpot Jan in senior management and nutballs (sorry, Michael) as regional managers, and a business plan that Ryan thinks is antiquated and failing! It’s not that hard to impress around ol’ Dunder-Mifflin.

  263. The Schrutte Buck said Motivational TOOL under Dwight’s face. I nearly Died laughing at that on I had to pause the DVR! Anyone else notice that? LOL

    Also just a side note. That Job was Jim’s for the taking he backed off the interview. The CFO was talking about the HR guy and how Jim would hate him up there. Ryan was plan B .

  264. what was the name of that song that Michael played in the beginning on his little tape recorder?

  265. So many commnets, too big a need for sleep!

    This episode was *fantastic*! There was so much to laugh over, enjoy, be shocked by . . . I was thinking there would be some weird twist where Toby either quit or got the job at corporate after being banned from Beach Day. And Pam’s scenes were all great! She is really coming into her own, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it in season 4! Seriously, if Jim had decided to stay in New York, I would have been sort of sad, but still really happy for Pam as she would have hurt but would have dealt with it and moved on.

    And as others have said, it is the whole team — writers, cast, crew — is what makes “The Office” the treat it is to watch each week.

  266. Does anyone know where i can see the episode online tonight? I was working and i missed it… usually download from itunes but it’s not up yet.

  267. #357 – Kelsey::

    It’s “Thank You” by Natalie Merchant.

    And WOW… I’ve been rendered speechless by finale! All I can say is perfect episode in every way.

  268. I believe my words at the end of the finale was you are f-ing me.!!!! God, does anybody know when the premiere is?

    BTW, I switched over to Grey’s an hour later (than you DVR) and it sucked. Thank god for the Office finale or I would have to go to counseling.

    Best wishes to Jenna on a speedy recovery!

  269. Seriously, is it September yet? LOL. This was a great ending to Season 3. I was HOPING for some JAM action and I’m glad we got it. =D Everything else was all very unexpected – Jan’s “breast enhancement” and Ryan getting the job – I LOVED every moment of it. Kudos to the writers!! =D

  270. Yes, definitely it was a “date”. as others have mentioned, the argument over whether rooftop dinner was a date, and then Jim said “it’s not really a date when the girl goes home to her boyfriend” and then in the deleted scenes he talks about going out to lunch with her when he first started and how it turned out it wasn’t a date. So he wouldn’t use that word if he hadn’t broken up with Karen. I’m sure they’ll somehow address this in september. Can’t wait!

    Also, is it any wonder this company is a disaster? Even the CFO is crazy – after Michael says he and Jan are back together, Wallace says that Michael is interviewing for Jan’s job – but they haven’t told Jan yet? That made no sense at all. And he shouldn’t have told Michael he wasn’t getting the job in the reception area in front of Karen and Jim. That whole thing was just wrong.

    So when I was driving home, trying to figure out what I was going to do for 2 hours until the office started, I heard this bravery song on the radio and it cracked me up:

    Whenever I look back
    On the best days of my life
    I think I saw them all on T.V.
    I am so homesick now for
    Someone that I never knew
    I am so homesick now for
    Someplace I will never be

    Sad, but true ;-) And I like Jim’s homeless hair best.

  271. i just watched it again. i think my new favorite part is how David Wallace hates his HR rep too.

  272. corporate/fast track mbas really dont hold jack in the real world…

    its a big joke unless you REALLY have your stuff together, and if you did, you wouldnt respectfully get a ft mba

  273. except for the JAM component, this episode was definitely not one of the funniest. last season’s finale was much better. But I absolutely love Pam’s newfound confidence (JF is a great actress). When Jim asked her out, it was so perfect and such a great cliffhanger for next season! The one funny part was when Michael sold his condo on ebay. The most bizarre part is Jan’s behavior. We are now supposed to believe that Michael is the sane person in this relationship?

    I think the problem with this episode is the lack of subtlety – Karen is a bitch, Jan is crazy, Dwight is mad, etc. there was little nuance.

    anyone have thoughts on Pam helping Dwight in his meeting??

  274. In response to the comments about everyone being mean to Pam after her confession: Oscar was the first one to tease Pam about it in the conference room. Let me remind you that he actually went to her art show and that he was the one who said “honesty and courage are not exactly Pam’s strong points.” That makes it seem like Oscar was just incredibly proud of Pam for being so honest and courageous and was demonstrating this by jabbing her a little bit. I thought it was kind of sweet.

  275. I haven’t seen the episode yet (iTunes is entirely too slow!!), but I’m wondering if it was ever confirmed in the episode that Jan had a boob job or if everyone just assumed she did. If it hasn’t been confirmed that there was a boob job, pregnancy is still a possibility–a probability, even. I know I went from “shrunken chesticles” to rockin’ cleavage literally overnight before I even knew I was pregnant. It would also explain the crazy behavior. Poor men–when their ladies get pregnant they get major boobage to look at(but don’t even think about touching them-OUCH!), but then they have to deal with a hormonal crazy person :)

  276. Karen seemed more excited to see her friends (Stamford is very close to NYC) than to see — or care — what happened with Jim’s interview. Thus, Jim’s leaving her was not a very drastic move. He might have tracked her down. He might have called her. What’s most important is that he’s seen driving back without her, and that he couldn’t concentrate during the interview because of Pam. Karen’s selfish side has really started to show itself, and that would be a turn-off to a guy like Jim. Basically, Jim was on the rebound with Karen the entire time, IMHO.

    Ryan taking an admin assistant job at corporate would be a step down from his current sales slot in Scranton — not something a guy who just got his MBA would be willing to do. Having Ryan be Michael’s boss (the likely scenario) is awesome, and we’d likely see him as much we see Jan. After all, she works in New York, but is in A LOT of episodes. Plus, Kelly would freak out EVERY TIME he checked in.

    This show is stellar. The main characters, the supporting characters, and, most importantly, the writers are unbelieveably fantastic.

    Great episode.

    P.S. — I really like Creed. And Stanley. And Rainn Wilson is devastating in pretty much every episode.

    P.P.S — I’m a 33 year-old married father of one, and I’ve never, ever acted like such a little girl about a TV show before they way I do about The Office. OK. Had to get that off my chest. Hey! How about those Bosox?!?

  277. the last 2 minutes made my life. some sticky jammy goodness…

    ryan= oh my god. I did not see that coming. the way he broke up with kelly and looked at the camera as brillant.

    jan is a psycho…boob job!!

    he looked homeless and that’s why we loved him!

  278. I really enjoyed this episode. I was was just so happy for Pam. I loved the girl session with Michael. And Jenna/Pam’s face at the end. She was bursting with happiness and her eyes welled… it was fantastic. I am also loving the whole Ryan being Michael’s boss thing. It makes me think of “The Fire.” Wow… I wanna see Michael’s face when he finds out! I do feel a bit bad for Karen… Don’t get me wrong, I want Jim and Pam together, but still…

    I don’t know who I’m supposed to tell, but in the quotes it says “Kate” intead of “Meredith.” You guys should fix that.

    Plus… I was not happy with the new haircut. And I thought it was cute when they all teased Pam. Maybe we’ll have more fun moments like that next season.

  279. Fellow Tallymans-
    I got home from my kid’s concert (he was awesome) just in time to see Pam’s final talking head, and then Toby’s unceremonious dumping of Kelly. Pure gold.
    I just snuck over to my neighbors’ (I’m house-sitting) and watched the entire episode on DVR. I’m a 49-year-old man in tears. Pam was so perfect, and Jim… well, the whole damn thing was the best finale an Office fanatic could ask for.
    I go to bed a happy man.
    Tanster, you’re on my list!

  280. #255 said: we have no definitive proof that Pam and Jim are together.

    Uh, were you watching the same show I was? Jim bails on the job and on Karen the first thing he does is ask Pam to dinner and then calls it a date. Then Pam tears up.

    Short of a kiss, that’s as definite as they come.

    Nice to see OT back online.

  281. So…that was fantastic. I agree with everyone who says that JAM was perfectly done – understated, simple and yet enough to make me totally leap off the couch and start screaming. I think my neighbors thought that I had gone into labor or something with all the noise!

    I think that JAM is officially dating – there is no way that Jim would say “date” off-hand after the emotions running between them recently. What I am less convinced about is how long it will last…I’m afraid that we’ll come back in Sept. and get some talking head about “after a few dinners we decided that it would just be too weird and we’re better as friends”.

    In all honestly, I can’t actually believe the writers would do that to us…but, you never know what the execs will want in order to keep the show popular. Although, it could turn into dwight reading me the dictionary for 30 mins and I would still watch. :)

  282. Wow… I’m totally not on board with Karen’s bitchyness. I thought Pam was stepping it up, being a little agressive to make Karen uneasy and Karen was just calling it as she saw it. Sure Pam’s the heroine, but rooting for her doesn’t mean loathing Karen. If some co-worker pulled the lake scene that Pam did, then following it up with the break room scene and “I hope you get the job” a.k.a. please leave, it seems like a natural way to react to think she’s a bitch. Obviously we’re all rooting for Pam, but unless they really step it up and make Karen nasty, I’ll continue to feel bad for her as being in the wrong place at the wrong time with Jim.

    We Can’t forget Ryan’s previous infatuation for Karen, either.

  283. 370-mycapawasdetated: In Michael’s car after being fired, Jan said the pain killers from the surgery were giving her mood swings. In the office she asked David Wallace if she was being fired because of “these” (she grabbed her boobs). She added that Michael likes them.

  284. Amazing episode, I just can’t wait until next season begins… I don’t know if Jim and Pam are dating yet, they kind of left it as a cliff hanger. I’m sure we’ll find out next season. Until then we’ll just have to suffer.

    I also had a few questions: First of all did Jim leave Karen in NYC? Cause he was driving home alone… that seems kinda mean (even though I’m all for Pam) and also Ryan getting the job came out of nowhere. Did he even apply/interview? There was never anything in the episode or the prior episodes that even hinted towards Ryan being considered.

  285. 370-mycapawasdetated

    jan did say at the end that ever since her surgery, her meds have made her erratic..

    so she did have a boob job

  286. ps: I think the title for the ep should have been: “the Jobs”..

    hence, Corporate and Jan

  287. Very good season finale,

    I loved…
    Dwight crying,
    the escalation of Pam and Karen’s feud,
    Creed’s blog,
    “I don’t care if that’s how they consolidated power in ancient Rome.”,
    Dwight’s bed and breakfast in hell,
    “I love fake boobs, often times you find them on strippers”,
    Michael’s weakness in the face of boobs,
    “What’s the ratio of Stanley Nickles to Schrute Bucks?”,
    Pam’s I’m not gay,
    Pam;s note and gold medal (nice callback from Office Olympics,
    and Pam’s smile at the end end was priceless.

    I thought they could have done more with Dwight running the office (It could have been funnier)
    I wasn’t a huge fan of Pam’s cooperation with Dwight . I don’t really know what to make of that.
    I don;t see how they could give Ryan Jan’s job when he hasn’t even made a sale, I hope he gets demoted soon and is stuck back with Kelly.

    Anyway, it was another great season and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

  288. So at this point I’m wondering if there is going to be a real-time lapse between this and next season’s opener like Casino Night/Gay Witch Hunt. Like if 3-4 months will have passed in the show’s world as well.


  289. 384- I don’t think there will be a time lapse, as I think the writers will want to show us the awkwardness/sweetness that will be the beginning of JAM.

    And WOW what an episode. The ending was just too sweet…and poor Karen. I hope we find out what happened to her. I hope Jim was so wrapped up in Pam that he just forgot about her…that would be hilarious. Except that I’d still feel sorry for Karen, she’s not a bad person.

  290. Okay…I don’t know if anyone’s brought this up or not yet, but what if Ryan didn’t get the job? I think it’s possible that at the end, David was on the phone with Karen, and then Ryan was on the phone with Karen who was asking him to come be her assistant. Because why wouldn’t they have hired Karen? And why would they have hired Ryan who hasn’t made a sale? And, plus, Ryan sort of has a ‘thing’ for Karen, so it makes perfect sense that he’d leave Kelly to go to NY and be Karen’s assistant…

    Just a thought…

  291. How do we know that Ryan was not offered a different unmentioned job at corperate? After all he wasn’t there for the interviews for Jan’s job and he’s never made a sale.

    If someone already mentioned this then sorry. And if it was addressed in the last minute of the episode then my bad. But I seem to remember the phone call not being job specific- just about a job with corperate.

  292. i was watching the show, just lounging on my couch… but when jim found the note from pam with the yogurt lid, i sat up straight and was on the edge of my seat. thank you writers of the office. you did not let me down.

    and #349, way to use wikipedia! michael would be proud.

  293. The season ending was brilliant! I am in a very happy Jam place; all is right with the world. Everybody on the show was great – so many great lines – I can hardly wait for S4. This show is so funny with amazingly, brilliant poignant moments!

  294. People keep saying how could they give the job to Ryan when he hasn’t made any sales.

    Maybe Jan’s position doesn’t require you to make sales. What was Jan’s job anyway…does anyone know.

  295. i think ryan is being offered the job as the assistant to who ever gets the job (taking Jan’s assistant’s job).

  296. Pam’s “absolutely i do”. Didn’t Jim said those exact words too? What episode was that?

  297. OMG, best show ever.

    The last 5 seconds were brilliant because it means that Karen is still there, but most importantly, Ryan is Michaels boss??

  298. WOW! They definitely saved the best for last. Every good thing I’ve ever thought about this show was confirmed again.

    Jim’s dinner suggestion to Pam and her reaction at the end literally brought me to tears. Here’s to hoping that her giddy-ness isn’t in vain next season.

  299. What was the name of the song that Michael had on his tape recorder as he was “saying his goodbyes”?

  300. I hope the JAM-fans can take the ending with a grain of salt. JAM is not a done deal as a couple. They’re going on a date, that’s all. One date does not make everlasting love. Granted, they’re much closer to being together than they ever have been, but the writers are leaving open a lot of possibilities with which direction to take this in Season 4.

    I think we all hope JAM is reality eventually, but I don’t want people to get depressed if Season 4 rolls around and Jim and Pam are not yet joined at the hip.

  301. I loved how this episode brought back so many feelings. The medal from Office Olympics came back (I nearly hit my mom when she asked what that foil thing was). Did you notice that during Jim’s flashback to Beach Day, it was very reminiscent of the Booze Cruise, only Pam and Jim finally did what they always should have: they spoke.

    I also loved the nod to the British Office Christmas special. I know a lot of people have pointed out that Pam’s talking head was similar to Tim’s. I also loved that she left Jim a note, the same way Tim left one for Dawn. I was particularly touched by the look on Jim’s face when the receptionist in the New York office did her greeting.

    And for anyone doubting- they are going on a date. Jim wouldn’t have used those words specifically. Season Four will open with Pam and Jim in the beginning stages of a relationship. And I don’t think Jim just left Karen in New York. We didn’t actually see them start their relationship, so why should we see the way it ends?

  302. Wow! I was just hoping Ryan would make a sale before the end of the season. What a schemer. Jim and Pam…so perfect.

    #367 Classic Office the Pam and Dwight scene. Loved it when he thanke her for helping him and being his secret assistant regional manager — I’m sure Pam scored some points with Angela on that one.

  303. Way to deliver, writers and actors! Fantastic season finale!

    I was totally invested, thrilled and satisfied with the overall feel to this episode. It felt like a real office environment, especially in the lunch room. The Pam and Jim arc advancement was fantastic, and the way they made Michael endearing and idiotic at the same time was amazing.

    I feel as though I’ve just read a Harry Potter book; while I’m looking forward to the next instalment, it feels great that I just completed a wonderful journey.

    P.S. Looking forward to Ryan being even more of a dick in Season 4! There are more Ryans out there — good hair, letters after his name, not necessarily qualified to lead — in officeland than anyone cares to think. This is a perfect plot twist.


  304. Jim and Pam are definitely together from now on. Why else would they model the end of last night’s episode after the UK Office finale?

  305. Well, I stand corrected about the boob job not being enough of a storyline. Poor Jan, but Melora Hardin totally rocked in the episode, I love the part when she told Hunter “Good luck with your band. Don’t let them change you.” that was great.

    And Ryan taking Jan’s job (although in the real world unlikely) is going to be great for next season. :-)

  306. #267

    I realize Jan the character had a boob job, my question was has Melora Hardin the actress had a boob job, or was that some creative stuffing? I’ve seen previous pictures of Ms. Hardin, and “those” were a new phenomenon last night. If all it takes is a special bra to do that, she ought to get sponsorship money for the episode. In the words of Teri Hatcher on Sienfeld…”They’re Spectacular.”

  307. Good season finale. It felt so jam packed full of different stuff, which was amazing, no filler! Thoughts: Jan imploding like a dying star. Wow. I feel sorry for her,(disappointed by dumb boob job storyline) but I think I feel sorrier for Michael now having to deal with “stretch pants Jan.”
    Dwight, Angela, Andy fun stuff, I hope we see more of their escapades next year. Go Pam! Stood up, dealt with the fall out from everyone, showed aggressiveness for Dwight (even if it was just for play).
    Jim. Hate the haircut, you look like you’re 12, bad decision. Leaving NY without Karen, excellent decision.
    Karen. Wow. She was ‘kind of a b—-‘ to Pam. Goodbye, I hope.
    Ryan. Also, ‘kind of a b—-.’ Another MBA? Has he finished school already? I give the writers kudos for completely stunning me and my husband though. Poor Kelly, but not really. She’s shallow, she’ll be over it by next week. Although they have been together for 2 years. So, go to the mall, binge a little and you’ll be fine Kelly.
    Can’t wait to read Creed’s new blog. “Swing low, sweet chariots.” Swing low!

  308. I read a comment somewhere in the 386 comments that “the show could end now and they would be happy.” NOT ME! I am PRAYING that this doesn’t ruin the show. I’ve been rooting for JAM from the very beginning, but now I’m scare to death that this will kill the show. I know the writers are brilliant and will figure something out. We need that tension. Maybe it will come from Michael and Jan now, but in a different way.

  309. What was written on the note that Pam left for Jim? My tv is tiny and I couldn’t make it out.

  310. Did anyone notice David’s little quip about his own HR guy and how he’s the only guy in the office he hates?

  311. I had a very warm feeling at the end of the episode – the first half made me feel very wary and I started to despair, especially Pam’s “Jim said I’d always mean a lot to him…”

    I am so glad I won’t have to be anxious all summer! Just beautifully done, and I was not at all expecting Ryan to get the job. I don’t think it matters that he’s never made a sale. Weirder things happen in the business world. I just hope Jan got a huge severance package.

    My favorite line was Jan’s to Hunter: “Good luck with your band.” That was a choice, multi-layered piece of brilliance!

    375 Aaron:
    “…unless they really step it up and make Karen nasty…”
    My feeling is that Karen’s natural nastiness was thrown into relief in this episode. From Jim’s forced haircut, to the name-calling (“bitch,” “nuts”), to the “you’re coming with me to NY after I get the job”, and last but not least to her delight in Jan’s misfortune (laughing at Jan’s breakdown and refusing to express sympathy for her).

    All of this grotesque, nasty behavior, like the pointed marginalizing of Pam in last week’s episode, is for a quick plot purpose: in this case, it’s meant to let us feel OK about Jim finally coming to his senses and dumping her.

    Why some viewers have mixed feelings about Karen can be traced to a couple of reasons: One, RJ is an inexperienced actress with little dramatic capability or range, and she unfortunately doesn’t always project the character’s point of view clearly.

    Take last week’s close-up of her as she listened to Pam’s “coal walk” speech….what was Karen feeling? Was she bored? Angry? Outraged? Resigned? Hard to tell. Many commented here about it, and there was no consensus. We don’t know what the character was supposed to be feeling because no particular emotion or combination of emotions was strongly projected. Contrast the effect of this scene with some of Steve Carrel’s reaction shots, or Jenna’s or John’s. (I have no doubt that RJ is a delightful and lovely person in real life, however.)

    Two, you could also say that the development of the Karen character was misleading. Was she “strong” and “assertive” as she appeared to be when she was introduced? Or was she “controlling” and “cold” after all? Arguably, sometimes that’s how one’s perception of someone might evolve in real life: the person you thought was just assertive and direct turns out to be, after you know him/her better, arrogant and tactless.

    In any case, there were clues all along regarding the nature of Karen’s True Soul: the attempt to remove Pam’s art-exhibit announcement, the interrupting of Jim as he congratulated Pam on her art-contest win, the subjecting of Jim to a dreadful 5 nights of a withering “talking it out”, the slighting of Phyllis, ordering Jim to “sell paper” in lieu of listening to his feelings.

    373, Hot Dog Fingers: Beautiful post.

    One last thing: I loved hearing Pam yell!

  312. So I have a theory that may be dumb…

    Jim only had one talking head in this episode, talking about his haircut.

    My theory is that Jim knew all along that he was not going to take the job and that he and Karen were through. He never really gave Karen an answer about what would happen about moving, etc. He paid extra attention to Pam all day in the office. He suggested that Karen leave before his interview.

    I also think that Pam kinda sorta knew he would come back for her…

  313. I don’t know if this has already been mentioned, since I only read through about 350 posts, but do you really think that Kelly and Ryan are over? She said they were “awesome, no awful” in women’s appreciation, but remember that deleted scene where Kelly “forgets” to take her birth control? I don’t think they are really big enough characters to have a pregnancy, honestly, but it is something I got to thinking about last night…

  314. Hey All,

    Its pretty clear that Karen is all but gone from the show. We’ll probably get– thru deleted scenes or in flashback at the beginning of next season — some explanation of how she & Jim ended & how she left scranton

    Rashida is full time on another show. Maybe she gets some small role at corporate and we see her occasionally, but thats about all. i don’t think there will be a major ryan/karen storyline. if you were in love with jim (or thought you were), would you settle for ryan?

    i am really torn about whether or not they’ll pick up the story immediately — so much thats potentially juicy ryan telling office about the promotion, the first date, jan’s unravelling etc. Its almost too much to flashback on. But they’ve been pretty consistent about jumping forward and keeping it “real time”. Hmmmm…

  315. Do you think there is any way the writers are playing with us and Pam, and that Jim didn’t mean that they were going on a real date?

  316. Ah, is there a rank higher than “love it” cause that show totally rocked!!! It was absolutely squeal worthy!!

  317. Wow. Amazingly surprising. But it was so perfectly set-up and played out even better than I could have imagined. The clues were there all along, but as we are all such over-analyzers of course we thought they were misleading us. It was a wonderful distraction.

    Pam was Tim, Jim was Dawn — brilliant. I really did feel like Pam would have been okay. But I know that smile and felt as giddy as she did. The scene after her speech summed up the entire season. Simple, connected, and not far-fetched. No over-the-top gestures, just a believable connection between two people who long for more. A renewed belief in character development and in the goodness of a slow love. I think it will be real-time in September — that’s only a bit over 4 months away. It took these characters over 3 years (and probably longer than that, but not sure how long they have both worked there) to just admit they both have feelings — I don’t think the writers will give us a neat and tidy happy ending, but I don’t think they’ll have them not be dating either, I think in order for the show to move forward they have to move forward too.

    Ryan — loved that he got the job! What a secret!!

    Michael and Jan — he’s screwed. Now all she has are the boobs. I can’t wait to see what they are going to do with this…

    Dwangela — brilliant! I’m so glad they are keeping that nugget of sublime sexual repression hidden. That would have ruined their secret — I would miss all those secret Angela smiles. Address it next season, let Jim and Pam have some fun with it…

    Oh I’m so glad to have some resolution and some great ponderings this summer — a wonderful balance those writers gave us!

  318. I don’t know why people don’t believe Ryan got Jan’s job. So Ryan hasn’t made a sale. So what. Jan was not a salesperson. Her job was more management oriented. It is very possible that Ryan has enough management training to achieve the position. Sometimes positions are offered to younger applicants because of their fresh take and more updated education regarding the corporate world. It is totally possible.

    Also, It is possible that Jim was offered the job and turned it down. We didn’t see everything. Ryan might have been second on the list.

  319. I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! Best one ever!

    I’ll get to JAM in a moment.

    I loved Dwight and Pam in this episode. The way she stood up for him in the conference room was so great. I started to feel bad for him when things starting going awry, but then Pam swooped in and helped him out. Their little scene at the end made almost made me tear up. So sweet. I love seeing Dwight’s vulnerable side.

    I was actually STUNNED at Jan’s boob job. At first I was just thinking, “Wow. She’s got a low cut shirt on. She’s trying to real Michael in.” Then they zoomed in on her chest and my jaw dropped. For the first time during an episode I was absolutely speechless. Then I laughed. Hehe.

    I LOVED that Ryan got the job. I can so see him going behind the scenes on interviews to get that job. He DID go to business school and he DOES seem a little ruthless, but that’s what I love about him. You can’t say he’s a hypocrite. He has never lied about who he is. He never made a sale, but I think a leadership role would be better for him. I CAN’T WAIT to see him in action as Michael’s boss. Go Ryan!!! (Maybe he’ll hook up with Karen).

    Yes, I feel for Karen….but not too much. Heheh. She DID say she had friends in NY. So she’s not completely high and dry. I did think it was sweet of her to be so immediately forgiving of Pam, though (at least until Pam didn’t apologize).

    Ok…JAM. I was so crazy happy after that scene, but not in an jump up and down and scream kind of way. I just sat on the couch and sobbed for about five minutes off and on. I felt like such a girly girl, but who cares? That was just so great. So well done. So NOT forced. Just wonderful. I LOVED the yogurt lid and I really loved the fact that Pam was being so sweet about everything. She just wanted Jim to be happy.

    See folks? Good karma reaps good rewards.

    I’m so thrilled. I can’t wait ’til next season.

  320. I don’t think they are playing with us. Jim is too smart not to realize he said “it’s a date” He wanted Pam to know it was a date. He realized how awful it was thinking about spending the next 5-10-however many years away from her, and it just snapped into place for him. He could have just said “ok, see you then” or something like that but no, he knows what he said. Man I love Jim Halpert

  321. I like how the writers set up Toby for the promotion.
    Michael’s treatment of him in ‘Business School’. Then in ‘Beach Games”, they reverted to calling him “Temp”. And Michael, upon his return from Corporate, demands that Toby fetch him coffee.

    The payback’s gonna be a bitch.

  322. It was fun in the second season but I’m sorry, after last night’s episode I’m done with this show.
    God, I hate this show now. I used to LOVE it.

    But the Jim and Pam thing? It just totally ruined the show. The part at the beach last week made me physically uncomfortable. “The Office” is a comedy about the office place. It’s not “Moonlighting.” It’s not “Ed.” It’s not about unrequited love. It’s just not the same show anymore. Everyone looks bored and all the humor is forced.

    Be honestly, doesn’t it seem that they’ve totally run out of ideas? It’s just the same jokes over and over. Is there anyone else (whose entire existence isn’t ruled by whether Jim and Pam get together) who feels this way?

    I mean Puh-leeze! Jim looks down and sees a note from Pam that says “Remember us when you’re famous” and an Office Olympics medal? What is this? A Hallmark card commercial? Instead of Jim driving all that way and saying “Are you free for dinner?”, it should have been “You’re a clingy, crazy freak. You and I are done.” That would have been great.

    I know I’m in the minority but this show is done for me. It hasn’t been funny in a long time and next season is not going to be any better. I’ll be surprised if it comes back for a fifth season. Everyone is doing movies and with thirty episodes (some “supersized”) for the forth season, they should have plenty of episodes for syndication.

    “Why didn’t any of you come to my art show?”

    That was embarrassing. I can’t be the only person who honestly feels this way.

    I wish everyone luck with their lives. This is a great, fantastic website for a television program with a lot of talent on it. The people who post on here are very supportive. Tanster does a great job with this website. It’s excellent. It’s just that there’s no reason for me to come on this website again.


  323. For those of you thinking that Ryan got offered a different job at corporate, I beg to differ. Even though we love the JAM, the great twist of the episode was this moment. Ryan as Michael’s boss sets up a whole new dynamic for next season that will trump any other scenario in awkwardness.

    Ryan got the job because he has an MBA, as David mentions in the call. I think it’s a clever little jab at how degrees seem to be more relevant nowadays than actual experience. Ryan epitomizes this, with his lack of sales ability.

  324. You Jammers…, “yogurt lid of love?” cool guy. I think the writers dont really handle the whole love situation realistically. If you dated someone for over 6 months,like jim and karen, then there has to be something there, and its not really that easy to just brush it off like that. ya dump and move on, just wouldnt happen. But they’ll do whatever it takes to get ratings and to appease to appease everyone who loves the whole jim/pam story arch, even though that really doesnt make the show at all

  325. 2 things upon rewatching.

    1. Wallace was talking about how much he hates the HR guy at the office in NY (No one like HR, poor Tobys of the world)

    2. Maybe Karen DOES get the job, and uses Ryan to act in her place because she doesnt want to see Jim. Ryan is Assistant to the Corporate Manager.

  326. Only have time for a short observation right now, but if Melora doesn’t get an Emmy nod for her performance in this episode and in Cocktails (the car scenes especially), something’s just not right! She amazes me with her ability to switch emotions and just make it seem real and believable. Favorite line of the night: “I could wear stretch pants and wait for you to come home at 5:15!” She was so excited about that prospect, but it put fear into the heart of Michael!

  327. Last nights finale was excellent! I haven’t had time to read all of the posts so sorry if I am repeating, here are a couple of my thoughts:
    Karen starts to date Ryan because he now has a “real job” and is suddenly more attractive then he was before, yet Karen still has to work with Kelly back in Scranton.
    Jan has to do something for work she is not the type to sit at home and wear “stretch pants” I think it would be hilarious if next season she is the manager of the Hooters restaurant that Michael always likes to go to.
    How funny is the first meeting going to be when Ryan comes back to Scranton have a meeting with Michael.

  328. You have Merideth credited as Kate in the quotes. You’re selling out, tanster – too chummy with the stars! ;)

  329. To answer Andrea #408 –

    I think the note said:

    “Remember us when you’re famous – Pam”

    And to rachel #410-

    I agree with everything you said about Karen, but not Rashida. I think Rashida has done a great job. Normally, it would be so easy to hate a character like Karen who swoops in and steals the love interest away from his destined mate, but RJ has done such a wonderful job at making Karen somewhat likeable. Even though Karen does seem a bit controlling and tactless, she also has a vulnerability that is not easy to scoff at and (besides the writers) I think we have Rashida to thank for that.

    Sorry, I just had to give Rashida her props. I liked the rest of what you had to say.

  330. 356 – Paul halpert

    I agree on Ryan being Plan B. Ryan has always been everyone’s Plan B (except Kelly’s). Traveling Salesmen, he was Stanley’s second choice after ‘pass’. Beach Games, he was Dwight’s second choice after he couldn’t choose Michael.

    Jim was obviously the top choice by Wallace (&Grommit). They played basketball together in Cocktails, and he is aware of how “awesome” Jim is.

    Ryan interviewed for the job a few days BEFORE Michael, Jim, and Karen, hence Wallace referring to their converstion “the other day”, and the tag of the episode supposedly occurring before Michael came back, since Ryan said he didn’t get coffee for people anymore because he had gotten his new job that day (while Michael was traveling back most likely).

    Also, it doesn’t matter that Ryan never has had a sale, as working for corporate is not a ‘Sales’ job. He is a manager OF salespeople. An MBA can be achieved in a year or two depending on the school. I’m more surprised in that: he must have just received his degree (Spring terms usually end this month), they never formally acknowledged it on the show (likely to throw us off on him getting the job), and I can’t believe D-M would hire an unproven person to the job (although hiring Jan and promoting Michael to Regional Manager reflects there terrible hiring practices).

    Lastly, what will a trillion Stanley nickels buy be? ONE Shrute Buck? I also will accept snakes, but not black pepper ones? Maybe a “Jim is Awesome” Dundie? I’d like to know if there is a ‘conversion chart’ out there for these currencies.

  331. 411 – The Yogurt Lid Of Love:

    I think you are definitely on the right track. Hopefully, more of Jim’s thought process will be revealed in next season’s first episode, or even on the S3 dvds. It kind of seemed unnatural the way he just left NYC without Karen. I’m sure there were some deleted talking heads from Jim, as well as moments from his interview with Wallace.

    Also, Pam did seem to have a knowing optimism. Maybe more was said on the beach than we what we saw.

  332. Those who think Ryan will be Michael’s boss are mistaken I think. Remember that New York decided to take the “job in a different direction.” I’m guessing they downsized the job and the salary.

    The Pam-Jim storyline can be stretched out over season 4, just as it was in season 3. Jam is far from a done deal.

    I didn’t find Rachel that off-putting in the last episode. She did appear more aggressive in New York than she had in Scranton and tried to call more of the shots with Jim, which he definitely didn’t like. But she wasn’t a bitch, I didn’t think. As for her calling Jen “nuts,” well that conconclusion was unkind but not vicious imo.

    Dwight showed that he appreciates Pam’s intelligence and capabilities by making her his “secret assistant regional manager.” I think that was a significant plot device. Say what you will about Dwight (and there’s lots to say!) he is often shrewd about business, unlike Ryan.

    I love Pam’s character. There’s never been anyone quite like her on TV that I can remember. She is so endearing.

  333. Regarding rachael (2)’s comment (410):

    -“Take last week’s close-up of her as she listened to Pam’s “coal walk” speech….what was Karen feeling? Was she bored? Angry? Outraged? Resigned? Hard to tell.”

    I didn’t have a hard time deciphering that look… I read it as “Excuse me? After all these late night talks with Jim – all the work I’ve put into him – and me being cordial with you, and now you’re pulling this? I didn’t think you had it in you, but I can play, too. Game on, sister.”

    -“Two, you could also say that the development of the Karen character was misleading. Was she “strong” and “assertive” as she appeared to be when she was introduced? Or was she “controlling” and “cold” after all?”

    Again, I disagree that there was unintentional ambiguity as a result of poor acting. I believe they made Karen a multi-layered character and that she represents many women in the workplace today – confident, knows what she wants, but concerned that her assertiveness will come across as bitchiness. So she is experiencing a constant ongoing struggle to always do the right thing. I think her attempt to take Pam’s art show announcement down was more a sign of her insecurity than of any bitchiness. Her talk with Jim about not being able to stay together at Scranton was just efficiency and trying to stave off real heartbreak, not controlling. I think Karen is as multi-layered as any other character on the show.

    Let me know what you think… I love debating the writer’s intentions on this show!

  334. Re: 408

    The note said: “Jim– don’t forget us all when you’re famous. Pam.”

    And the inclusion of the yogurt lid gold medal from Office Olympics was the perfect touch to bring Jim to his senses.

  335. 414 –
    If they are we will band together, kidnap the writers and start the torture until they promise to keep them together.

  336. Rashida’s new show on Fox is a midseason replacement next season, so it gives plenty of time for her to continue as Karen on The Office for at least the first half of the season (if not in a more limited role beyond that, depending on the show not being cancelled. Given Fox’s cancel trigger-happiness, I have no doubt there is a high chance of this occurring [Whatever happened to Drive? And don’t even get me started on Arrested Development])

    I would have suspect the ‘possibility’ of a Ryan/Karen relationship, since they did reference his email to her in “Women’s Appreciation”, and Karen seems to always goes for the low hanging fruit (guy closest to her in terms of distance) since Jim sat in front of her and he did most of the work starting that relationship (which Ryan may do, if he does really like her, and he has probabaly learned from his last ‘convenient’ relationship with Kelly)

  337. With the note from Pam, the last speech from Pam about how her life was going to be OK and the sudden appearance from Jim that was very cool how they mirrored the ending on the last part of the UK version.

  338. It was surprising that Ryan got the job, but only because he was not shown to be in the running. In ‘Business School’ Ryan did a case study of Dunder Mifflin and it’s competition in the paper distribution market. He likely would have some ideals about how they could compete with Staples, Office Depot, etc. Since the job is to oversee 4 branch offices and not to directly sell paper it makes some sense to give the job to someone with an MBA – plus David appears to have an MBA so he would consider that to be important.

    It was great to see Pam and Jim get together finally, especially in mirroring Dawn and Tim in the British version. I gotta admit I missed the connection completely but now it’s totally obvious. And as someone pointed out, it was nice payback that Pam slipped the note to Jim after Karen asked her to make copies of their sales reports.

    Creed gets more disturbing every week – and I love it.

  339. “It’s a date,” doesn’t always mean that you are going on a “date” with someone…and it doesn’t in this case either. Sorry, but you all are still gonna have to wait a while for Jim and Pam to “get together” for real.

  340. The Office is the only show currently on TV that I will not miss. This episode was great, if for no other reason than the amazing twist at the end. I had anticiapted a Michael meltdown costing him the position and Jim throwing the interview to go back to Scranton, but I was pretty sure that Karen would get it, especially after seeing how at home she was in New York. Those sneaky writers! I know that the actress playing Karen was in a pilot for another sitcom, which was a strong indication that she will not be back and given how much comedy Michael’s interactions with authority provide, I guess they could not give her the job if she was leaving the show. At any rate giving the job to Ryan is brilliant and I cannot wait to see how he treats Michael after all of the ridiculuous comments and requests Michael has directed towards him during his time at Scranton.

    I am predicting some serious flashbacks in the season opener – what happened in the latter parts of Jim’s interview, what was Ryan’s interview like, what happened between Jim and Karen. I honestly half expected Jim to just get up and leave the reception area without interviewing after Karen went to have lunch with her friends. His displeasure with their relationship was very apparent throughout the episode.

    Unlike most of the people on here, I am not completely sold on Jim and Pam officially becoming a couple. Part of what made the show so addicting was wondering if they would ever get together. I wonder, if they do become an official couple, will Toby’s crush on Pam will play a role in the upcoming season??

    By the way, if any of you have not checked out Creed’s blog on, I strongly suggest you do. It is strange and hilarious – just what you would expect from the twisted mind of Creed.

  341. Oh my gosh. I am such a huge office fan and I was sooo blown away last night! I think Rashida Jones is gone from the show. YAY for Pam and Jim. Also, Andy Bernard… SO happy he had a big part, I am a huge fan of AB.
    Cant wait for next season!!

    Enough in last night’s episode that I won’t be dying over the summer, but a lot left to keep me excited for next season (as if I wouldn’t have been anyway…)

  343. #393, Pam’s “Absolutely I do” was said in exactly the same tone as Jim’s “Absolutely I do” in “The Alliance”, when Dwight asks him under his breath “Do you want to form an alliance?” That was a pretty hilarious touch, I thought.

    For all who doubt Ryan being qualified for THE JOB, he has been attending business school for at least two years (beginning of season 2 (or earlier)-end of season 3), and, as we saw in “Business School”, he insightfully realizes a number of the company’s weaknesses. If he came into an interview with David Wallace, and laid out a list of those shortcomings, and ways to address them, he would have likely been a very impressive candidate. While Jim was probably David Wallace’s first pick, given his obviously likeable demeanor, and management potential, Jim clearly told Wallace that he could not take the job now, or something like that.

  344. So illogical, Karen’s so much realer than pam. If someone said all that stuff to your, ya know, significant other, in front of 15 other people, you’d call them a b**** too. Andy rules. that’s my two cents, because this site isnt an office forum its a JAM love fest and its creepy. The Show is meant to be funny not make you cry. Learn to appreciate the black office and the devil bed and breakfast.

  345. Meadowlight-
    I think you’re wrong in your interpretation of Wallace’s statement, and your take on Ryan’s position.
    Wallace told Michael that he was taking “a different direction” than Michael, a softened way to tell him that he wasn’t getting the job.
    I don’t now how you can interpret anything but that Ryan got the job. In retrospect, the writers spent most of the season setting that up. He will be Michael’s boss next season.
    I also noticed in “Women’s Appreciation” that, when Michael made his list of pros and cons concerning Jan, he mentioned TWICE that she had small “chesticles” (did I get that right, Tanster?).
    I still poo-pooed you guys that bet on the boob job. Danged if you guys didn’t nail it! (TWSS)

  346. Brian #422 – Dramatic much? Let us indulge ourselves!

    In fact, the show was FOUNDED on unrequited love; yes, it is about “the office,” but you’re oversimplifying. I would go nuts with a show just about Michael’s antics. THAT is what would be unrealistic.

    Jim and Pam’s relationship humanizes everything and brings in the audience’s perspective. Can you really imagine watching the show with just Michael, Dwight and the rest of everyone’s insane behavior without something to bring it down to earth?

    I fully agree that JAM should not be the center of every episode, but it should certainly remain a central plot, as it has been since episode 1.

  347. I don’t think Jim was asking Pam out on an official date.I know several people have brought up the episode of The Client,when Pam and Jim were debating as to what constitutes as a date.But when he said ,”then it’s a date”,I don’t think he was thinking back to that time.It’s really just a saying.I’ve been know to say it as well.I don’t think he’ going to ask her out quite that quickly.He definitely has feelings for Pam,and vica versa,but I do believe they will take it very slowly.Both have been hurt by the other,so both will move w/caution.

  348. So many good lines in this episode…

    Meredith: I would never do that. Waste of money. In my experience, guys are way more attracted to the back of you than the front.

    That’s so bad. I love it!

  349. Well, I’m in HR (please don’t throw garbage at me) and how we do it here is you don’t start filling out HR paperwork until the job has been offered and then accepted. So maybe Jim accepted the job at first and then changed his mind. I’ll have to go back and rewatch, but Wallace may have offered Jim the job before he asked for the sales reports as an afterthought and the yogurt lid fell out. But, again, I need to rewatch.

    Karen and Pam both stepped up the b*tch factor, and I thought that was awesome. I agree that they could have done more with Pam accepting the “secret” position, because it just wasn’t that funny to me. Not nearly as funny as The Alliance.

    But, I love it when finales leave you with more questions than answers!

  350. I totally missed Wallace talking about the HR guy at corporate, I was so engrossed in Jim and his first reaction to Pam’s note (so he definitely missed that comment, too).

    I don’t think Jim and Pam are an official couple yet, either, but I know that Jim has never used the word “date” lightly. He knows what he said, and I think that in itself shows a lot–the timing is finally right for Jim and Pam.

    I used to want Karen completely out of the picture, but now that I’ve seen how the writers handled Jim coming to his senses and leaving Karen behind in New York, I’d like to see her reaction and how she might interact with Pam and Jim now.

    Also, I LOVE how we see Jim and Pam at the beach talking about how he hasn’t really come back and then we literally see him coming back from New York. And this time, he’s alone.

  351. Interesting episode. I’m glad they’ve (for the most part) reconciled the Jim and Pam romance. Hopefully we can move on now and concentrate on other plot lines.

    Ryan’s phone call at the end was hilarious. I don’t think any of us expected that.

    I think it’s funny to see all the comments rationalizing how it would make sense for the corporate office to hire Ryan. IT’S A TV SHOW! Do you really think the writers base the show on reality? Come on. It makes absolutely no sense for them to hire Ryan. I work in HR doing hiring for my company and continually turn down MBA’s just out of school because they have no experience. MBA’s aren’t rare; a company as big as Dunder-Mifflin supposedly is (corporate office in downtown Manhattan) isn’t going to be impressed just because some kid has an MBA. The writers put it in there because it’s a brilliant twist that no one was expecting. It will also lead to some great plot possibilities in season 4, as “The Temp” is now Michael’s boss. Smart move.

    They did leave the whole Karen thing dangling though, didn’t they? I also sorely missed the presence of Toby.

  352. Oh yeah, funniest moments:

    Dwight crying after getting Michael’s letter.

    Karen – There’s one too many people in Scranton for us to be happy.
    Jim – (after a beat) Kevin.

    Creed’s blog and Ryan’s description: “Even for the internet it’s…pretty shocking.” and “I wanted to protect the world from Creed’s brain.”

    How serious Kevin took Jim’s assignment to compare Karen and Pam and get back to him. (We never saw his results! Hopefully it’s a deleted scene.)

    Don’t you want a Schrute buck?

  353. I’ve tried to read a few pages back, sorry if this is a repeat – but am I the only one that is disappointed that Ryan dumped Kelly like that? I always thought that Ryan didn’t want to admit how much Kelly was growing on him, but that they did have a sweet relationship (when he kisses her on the nose after her NetFlix rant? so cute). I thought it seemed a little out of character for him to do that after all the small scenes that set a different tone for their relationship over the past season.

  354. Okay, I have not read through all 400+ comments (yet!), so forgive me if this has already been discussed, but upon rewatching the episode I became aware of something. When Pam is talking in the beginning about how she was not embarrased about her speech, she said, “It needed to be said, and I said it. And it only took me three years to summon the courage.”

    My DH has insisted that Pam’s speech at the beach (love that that rhymes!) was only about her friendship with Jim, and that there was no way she was saying that she cared about Jim in any other way. I disagreed, but I think this comment from Pam just puts the final nail in that coffin. What has Pam been needing to say for THREE years? Certainly not that she missed Jim’s friendship, since she only really lost that about one year ago. Seems to me that three years is just about right on target for when Pam may have started having feelings for Jim, and THAT’S what she has been needing to say.

    Back to my DVR!

  355. First of all, what a remarkable episode. Brilliant turns by everyone in the cast, particularly Jenna Fischer and Melora Hardin.

    A couple of things that people have brought up that I kind of wanted to comment on…

    1) Ryan getting the job. I am totally not surprised, and I think the writers tried to telegraph it a little through Phyllis’ line about Michael not being qualified for his job. My experience with corporate america has taught me that it would not be abnormal for the guy who’s never made a sale to get the job based on an advanced business degree and a firm grasp of corporate lingo in the interview. Ryan has proven that despite his total inability to sell anything, he knows how to speak business school. Wallace went in a different direction – the direction of youth and education. I think that Jim was probably their first choice (note that David Wallace says that he originally left the interview with Ryan on a “note of uncertainty”) but I think he turned the job down. Which brings me to

    2) The slow but sure wearing down of Jim Halpert. Beach Day shook Jim. But remember, Pam said nothing explicit about being in love with him. She missed his friendship, she missed him, and again they said more in silence than they did in words. I think that his evening in NYC was an attempt to see if his relationship with Karen was worth keeping. But Karen (who I actually do like) is sort of tactless and empathy is not her strong suit. She was reeling from Beach Day too and responding by being insecure and trying too hard. But the moment she really screwed up was when Jim said he felt bad for Jan and she said she didn’t. That threw their differences into stark relief. And he told her she could leave if she wanted and she leapt at the chance rather than understanding that he really wanted her to stay for moral support but was just being nice. Karen leaves, and Jim hears the receptionist do the Dunder Mifflin greeting and he starts to think about Pam. He starts to think about how she would have felt bad for Jan too, and would have stayed with him. Then he goes into the interview and finds the yogurt lid and note. The yogurt lid is Pam putting herself out there in a way that she didn’t do with her “I miss your friendship” speech. I don’t think Jim left without telling Karen – it would be completely out of character. But I do think that we may see him telling her and/or breaking up with her in flashback next season. The request for a date (and yes, given how loaded that word is for them, I think he means it) was understated and perfect, and Jenna Fischer’s response was radiant. Which brings me to

    3) Relax. This show is not going to die if Jim and Pam date. I trust the writers of this show to take their relationship slowly and handle it well. I also think that it may be the best thing they could do – Jim and Pam as partners in crime. With the drama out of the way, they can have occasional sweet moments, and even occasional arguments/couple issues, but mainly focus on pranking Dwight, taking care of Michael, and all the other things they are so good at. The important part is that we’re going to have old Jim back, completely back, from Stamford. And I don’t think Karen will leave right away – there will definitely be some tension there for a while.

    Ok, kind of a book, but tell me what you think.

    (unrelated – the two best lines of the night – “Swing low, sweet chariots” AND “I don’t care if that’s how they consolidated power in ancient Rome”)

  356. Wallace “taking the job in a different direction” was just a polite way of saying that Michael wasn’t going to get the job. Some of you are reading WAY too much into that comment. 10,000-to-1 odds that Ryan got the Jan’s job, M. Night Shyamalan is not on the writing staff for The Office so twists like him getting a different job are doubtful. Also, some have said Ryan got Hunter’s job…Hunter didn’t quit and he’s just an assistant, meaning he would still have to get coffee for people (negating his quote to Michael about “Not doing that anymore”)

  357. I still haven’t seen this episode. I’m going to lose my mind if iTunes doesn’t put it up soon!

  358. RE #382:

    I totally missed the reference in the title to Jan’s “job”, “boob job” that is! I must have been tired last night. Great catch!

  359. I loved this episode. It resolved all the weirdness that was Season 3. Season 4 can’t get here fast enough.

  360. are you all crazy. of course it’s a real date why in the world would he have come all the way back immediately if not to act on his feelings. He loves her..plain and simple.

  361. Did anyone else sense that Dwight may have a little bit a crush on Pam after he thanked her for her help when he was manager for a day? It would be quite hilarious if he does, considering Angela has a secret crush on Roy (It’s a RAM thing). Also, Pam is Angela’s “closest” friend in the office, since she is the only one (Angela knows about) that knows about Dwight/Angela.

  362. Disabled Guy, in this case, I think most will agree that is indeed a “date.” The build-up throughout the entire episode, with the climax being Jim seeing the yogurt medal from Office Olympics and then rushing back to Scranton to interrupt Pam’s TH — well, if it was just a friends-only hang out, I doubt the writers would have shown all that, let alone have him rush back from NYC just to plan a hang-out that could have been arranged over the phone.

    And if you recall the S2 episode 7 “The Client,” that word “date” has a lot of meaning, so I don’t think Jim would use it if he didn’t truly mean it. And that would be a horrible move on the writer’s part to have the last minute of the finale being Pam’s teary and overjoyed reaction if they were just planning on it being a repeat of S1 + 2.

  363. I love the shoutout from the writers to us superfans. A casual viewer would never get the yogurt lid on the note reference. They know we would know. Flonkanen!!! Woohoo!

    I thought the episode was subtle and sweet, of course minus the Michael/Jan scenes.

    Of course Ryan got Jan’s job. He’s not going to be an assistant. He’s not going to get anyone coffee anymore. He’s a sleeze, but I don’t see any spectacular asshattery in his interviewing without telling the Office (except Kelly- he should have told her.) Jim wouldn’t have told that he was interviewing, except Michael pushed him into it at the coal walk. What a pitch perfect ending! That glance Ryan gave the camera just before the cut- awesome! I hope Kelly haunts him.

    I don’t see Karen’s “Pam is kind of a bitch” comment as an indication of an awful personality. If someone had been trolling after my reluctant boyfriend, I’d be pissed off too. Pam’s “I hope you get the job” comment to Karen was kind of bitchy, given the Pamfession. Karen isn’t feeling secure in her relationship with Jim and rather than take it out on Jim, her boyfriend, she directs it at the person she sees as a threat.

    Jim would never have just left Karen in NYC by herself. He’s not that kind of guy- we know that. She had told him that there was nothing for them in Scranton because there was one too many people there. She’s not going back. She was talking about her moving to NYC if he got the job and wanted him to tell her that he’d be moving with her should she get the job. She was having lunch with friends, meaning that she has a support system in the city. She told Jim that she was not going to be going back to Scranton. She gave him an ultimatum, one that he chose not to take her up on. He went home. To Pam.

    Jim chose the phrase, “It’s a date,” purposely. He had lunch with her when he first started and since he discovered she was with Roy, it wasn’t a date. Then the grilled cheese on the roof wasn’t a date because she was going home to her boyfriend. “It’s a date,” in this circumstance is most certainly a DATE.

    I really really hope that the writers don’t start up three months from now- we definitely need to see the Jim/Pam relationship from the start. I don’t want to see flashbacks or talking heads about “what it WAS like.” I want to see it happen.

  364. Can someone tell me Andy’s exact response to Dwight asking him what the capital of Maine was?

  365. Rumple (post 433): Interesting. And I like your thoughtful tone.

    While I agree that the genuine but buried emotion of someone like a “Karen” is insecurity, her behavior, as a defense, is a bit aggressive and unfeeling.

    For example, if she were really aware of what her own feelings are and able to communicate them in a genuine way, she might say to a Jim, “I’m afraid that if I get this job, we will separate. I don’t want that to happen. I want us both to succeed, and I want us to remain together. I’m scared. ” Or something like that. To aggressively demand on the other hand that the partner behave in a certain way reflects her insecurity, yes; but the point is that one can’t negotiate a healthy relationship simply by making undue demands on an intimate partner. I just don’t think that “efficiency” plays a meaningful part in intimacy. True intimacy requires steady sharing of feelings & the mutual processing of conflict. So in effect, instead of deepening their bond, Karen ends up alienating Jim.

    I think your point on the struggle of contemporary women to strike a balance between assertiveness and whatever else it is we are expected to be is well taken. But I think the Karen character reacts superficially to this struggle in that her behavior is based on all the fallacies of the “struggle.”

    I see your point about that RJ reaction shot in “Beach Games” — but fact is, there was a lot of discussion here about what it meant, which I think that ultimately reflects a wide confusion about what the actress was trying to communicate, despite individuals feeling certainty about a particular opinion or other.

    If you compare this Beach shot with her other reaction shots, I think you’ll find that they are all rather the same — that’s what I mean about a lack of emotional range. Other actors on the show are more skilled at showing a variety of emotions in those close-up reaction shots. Her eyes, for example, don’t tell us much in the way of depth of feeling; and her delivery is uniform, regardless of the situation, which I believe obscures the intentions the writers might have had for this character.

    But maybe you can convince me otherwise. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.

  366. 459 – Toby from HR

    I too wanted to see the results of Kevin’s comparison on Pam/Karen. I have to assume that they did not include his results, and other scenes, like Jim turning down the job, etc. Because it would have given away the ending TOO soon and they needed to build up the will he/won’t he more. I’m hopeful, though, that they will have these scenes either as deleted scenes on or on dvd, or maybe if they do a “New-peat” of this episode (pre-4th season premiere). I thought it was said that Kevin would play a major role in Jim/Pam’s outcome so I wonder if he reported his results (by phone) before Jim went in to interview, or while Jim was waiting when Karen was interviewing.

  367. Remember how we were all buzzing about the pictures of Jim and Karen in New York? It seems that I was wrong, they actually were filming them.

  368. btw in the second to last quote where it says “shot him done” done is supposed to be “down”, I think.

  369. I agree with the many who think a 4 month timeline jump in the story line to next season would be a little weird, but it is how they set the show up based on S2-S3, though they did not acknowledge a time skip for S1-S2 so who knows. I think they could do an accelerated time shift, where they pick up where they left off S3 but each episode is a 2+ week jump from the previous episode until they catch up to “real time”. One of the few flaws in the show is this real-time aspect, because we never get to see the Office in a summer season setting (it would provide more holiday party opportunites for Michael with Memorial Day/4th of July/etc.). Also, I think it would be interesting seeing Pam/Jim’s relationship develop over these longer holiday weekends (vacations?). ‘Summer’ would make taping easier as California-as-Scranton is easier to pull off in summer, than fake snowy/cold conditions for winter. Just an idea. After all, how many Christmas episodes can we have (even though BOTH have been great/classic!)?

  370. 471 – Spicy Curry

    I’ll try my best to be EXACT, but Andy’s initial response went like this:

    “Montpelier…Vermont, which is close to Ithaca, New York, which is where I went to Cornell.”

    That’s the best I can remember, I forget the rest of their back and forth where Dwight says “enough of the Cornell talk” and then Andy then refers to descriptions of Cornell without saying ‘Cornell’

  371. I loved last night’s episode! I am so happy that Pam and Jim are going on a date and that they may start to really try a relationship!!!

    I don’t understand all of the Karen hate on here, though. I know she’s not our FNB, but I can see where she’s coming from on a lot of things. If I were in her shoes, I’d probably be really threatened by Pam, too. I can see where she’d call her a bitch.

    And I really, really don’t have a problem with Karen going to lunch with her friends in the city. If I’m visiting a place where I have friends that I (presumably) haven’t seen in awhile and they want to get together for lunch, I’m going. She wasn’t going to sit in on Jim’s interview; she obviously planned on heading back to Scranton with him. They would have had plenty of time to rehash everything on that drive. I think it’s way healthier for a relationship to be able to spend time apart rather than being constantly together when you don’t have to be!

    Ends up being a moot point in the plot overall, but I just wish people would be a little less harsh on Lady Filipelli.

  372. I already posted it on other boards but….Jan Levinson=Kitty Sanchez from AD??

  373. Ryan is a perfect choice for Jan’s position. Now Michael is really going to be in for it after all the times he’s made Ryan run around for him, going to Boston Market looking for yams, or getting coffee or whatever else. Plus, that makes the whole Business School episode more siginificant. Ryan is with the times, he knows what he’s doing. Michael doesn’t. And that is why DM Scranton will be the graveyard for his bones.

  374. While the gushing about the great FNB moments is well-deserved, on second viewing the night belongs at least equally to Jim (and JK’s performance). Wow, after seeing Pam’s note you could see and hear him utterly lose faith in what he was saying about the “energy” of NYC (such a generic comment) and liking its buildings (ha!) It was like his engine of self-deception was sputtering out and dying. I loved how he couldn’t stop holding and looking at the note. There was a re-centering going on there for Jim and it was played so well. We all know what his answer was to where he sees himself in 10 years.

    My funniest:

    -Michael’s boob-related secret messages to Jan via Hunter
    -Stanley’s unicorns and leprechauns
    -Dwight crying for joy after being called an “a-wipe,”
    and then co-owning a B&B with Satan

    As for the paranoia about whether Jim and Pam are “officially together, bf/gf”: come on folks! Now that they’re being honest with each other (see this episode and Beach Day and flashbacks), with no more obstacles (Jim probably said something as simple and meaningful as “I’m sorry, I’ve got to go back to Scranton” to Karen), we KNOW beautiful things will happen for them, never mind the particulars (though I’m sure the particulars will be great). I mean, you all watch the same show, right? You’ve seen these two together when they’re not holding back, right?

    Very excited for season 4, with Ryan as Michael’s boss, Jan at home in stretch pants, and Michael giving horrible sex advice to Pam since he realizes she has probably never been with anyone but Roy (my prediction).

  375. Am I the only one that wants to see Kevin’s results on his Pam/Karen comparison for Jim?

  376. After last night’s awesome-most episode in the history of scripted TV, who cares about numbers, right? But still, on the business end of things, based on fast nationals courtesy of TravisYanan of PIFeedback:

    Last night’s “The Job” was watched by 7.891 million viewers, with a 3.8/12 in the key adults 18-49 demo. The performance by “The Office” in the 18-49 demo is the highest in the 8-9 pm timeslot (yes, you read that right, we OWNED the timeslot…albeit in the absence of “Survivor”) and also the highest amongst all NBC shows for the night. A good, solid ratings performance to round out the season. Bring on Grey’s and CSI next season!

    On a personal note, Pam’s final TH had me in tears, and when Jim walked in….OMG. This episode will live in my heart forever. Thanks to the cast, crew and writers of “The Office” for this wonderful season in general, and the pitch-perfect finale in particular. Awesome!

  377. Then Its a Date — I like your idea about running time continuous, within the series, so we could see summer events in the office. and i never thought about season 1 as a potential precedent for it, but you’re right. would they be ballsy enough to deprive us of footage of that first date?? i don’t want a months-later when harry-met-sally-style TH about their first date, but that would be in character for the show. flashbacks make me uncomfortable in this show. but to start where they left it, and literally show us the first date, they’d need to pick up literally hours after this episode ended… jim is taking pam out that night

    I figure the writers are just now probably drafting out the first half of next season so the more we talk about this maybe we can influence a bit??

    so does anyone think toby somehow tipped ryan off/recommended him for the corporate position? toby has been miserable in Kryan land and would have the inside track on hiring etc.

    i think we are going to get to know the HR dud (kendall?) in corporate next season. how funny will that be

  378. all I have to say is that if Ryan becomes Michael Scott’s boss, next season is going to be an absolute classic. in fact, it’ll be like back to the old days before Michael and Jan were romantically involved – they were always butting heads over something. and this will be like that. I can’t wait.

    of course, there’s a million other things to talk about with this episode – namely Pam/Jim, and “The Job” (involving Jan, a vacation, and her boobs – I think you know what I’m referring to) – but I don’t have the time!

  379. UNSHUN – I definitely do. I hope it’s a deleted scene. It bothered me that it was just left out there.

  380. OK, I have to get off these boards, but this is too fun and some things beg responses:

    Yes, UNSHUN… I am praying (and I think I’m right) they shot a scene involving the specifics of Kevin’s list. I’ll bet 10 green jelly beans we’ll get it as a deleted scene Its gonna be great.

    And YEPPERS … I LOVE the idea of Michael’s horrible, tackless sex advice and tactless prying into Pam/Jim’s relationship. Will jim put a stop to the endless michael/boob references? I have also NO IDEA how people can think Pam/Jim aren’t going on a real date. Its a date, a date, a date.

  381. did anyone else catch when David Wallace was slamming the HR guy Kendall who required the sales figures…”He’s probably the only guy in the office that you won’t like.”

    I guess David has his own personal Toby.

  382. Re: #459 (hiring Ryan not reality):

    My take on this is that DM is a company having a hard time attracting and retaining good talent. It’s a company on it’s way down, not growing. Educated, talented, intelligent professionals (remember Josh?) are going to be looking elsewhere to continue their climb up the corporate ladder.

    Management chose to limit their pool to those already within the company, knowing full well they weren’t going to attract someone qualified who would look at the job as anything more than a stepping stone. Wallace even said they wanted someone for the long haul, looking out at the 10 year mark. So, who were their choices? The branch managers, who we know from previous episodes were Michael, Josh (gone), the heavyset guy (who I assume is competent but doesn’t have as much time with the company as Michael and has always appeared lackluster), and the idiot-guy who didn’t bring his branch’s performance stats to the first meeting with Wallace. So, those being easily eliminated, who’s left? Jim, Karen, Ryan, and maybe some other lower level person. Jim’s out, Karen I just don’t see as someone with enough experience or education to make the cut, Ryan has the education but lacks experience, and any other lower level person probably doesn’t have the education that Ryan has.

    Clearly Ryan is the way to go. He has the education and they can groom him however they want. I think he sees DM as a stepping stone, but heck, you can fake that in an interview, and he’s coniving enough to do it. As for him not having ever made a sale disqualifying him, I don’t see that. He’s not going to have to make sales in his new position, and besides, I don’t think he put a whole lot of effort into sales anyway. I think he was still just hiding out in that job, knowing he could just sit back and collect a paycheck and focus on school.

  383. This episode was AMAZING. There were so many hilarious little things: the ratio of Schrute bucks to Stanley nickels, Jim and Dwight’s convo about the hell motel, Oscar teasing Pam in the breakroom, Kevin’s list of who’s hotter, the Michael/Jan stuff, Michael telling Pam that Meredith’s an alternate, Angela’s power-hungry glee, Dwight’s reign of terror and Pam’s role in it, Creed’s blog, and more I’m probably forgetting.

    But, as a major JAM fan, I can’t even tell you how much joy I got even just from Pam’s continued honesty and boldness. Declaring she was not embarrassed, that she’d been meaning to say these things for a long time, being snarky to Karen, openly complimenting Jim’s haircut, slipping Jim the yogurt lid medal (great callback, writers)….so proud of you, Pam! Pam’s final TH about never getting the timing right with Jim…..I got chills! Pam finally talking about their romantic relationship openly….and then the glee on her face when Jim says it’s a date. Season 3, which I think was terrific, was heartwrenching on the JAM front, but it was completely worth it! It will be tough to wait out the summer, but I’m very satisfied.

    Does anyone know when Ssn 3 comes out on DVD? I have every episode on my DVR or Itunes, but I can’t wait for the extras and everything.

  384. Now that the season finale is over the long wait begins for the release of the DVD. I hope (and expect) that the DVD will contain commentary on this episode. I always like the actors’ take on these shows.

    On a serious note, I was freaked out to hear about Jenna’s accident and it’s great to hear that she will be okay.

  385. Dying Star, #489

    Good analysis on Ryan’s hiring. I’ll add that I think it’s fitting and pretty damn funny that he got the job based mainly on the fact that he has an MBA. It’s a comedic slap in the face to corporations, which, in the management hierarchy, tend to be more like “clubs,” hiring cronies rather than truly talented people.

  386. I know, I can’t wait for the Season 3 DVD either. Sadly though, I think Ricky Gervais said in the blog on NBC that it will be released in September. :(

    I think that’s way too long to wait, but they’re going to do it right before the Season 4 premiere.

  387. How awesome will it be to see Ryan crack down on Michael? SO AWESOME. Mike needs to worry about his job a bit now, I think.

  388. Is there some way to make an official request for MORE CREED? I want an episode to be just about him. I would love to see where he lives or what he does. funniest most underused character on telelvision!

  389. I’m really not worried at all about whether the show will still be interesting if Jim and Pam are dating. Of course it will be interesting! It’s “The Office”! :)

    I can’t believe that we have been crying out for the writers to just put them together already, and then they take a baby step in that direction and we all start to worry that the show is going to get bad. Nope, nope, nope, I just don’t believe it. That was one of the best endings to a tv show in um, forever, so I’m pretty sure that the writers will be just fine with this storyline.

    And, I would just like to say that Creed is officially my favorite character. Sure, a boob job is the (one) thing that offends him :)

  390. 478-sweepthelegs

    That was exactly what I was thinking when I saw Jan had a boob job. But Jan must have had a better surgeon since her’s weren’t going in different directions, like Kitty’s.

    “She showed her knobs in a steakhouse”
    “That’s why you don’t promise crazy a baby”

  391. Thank you, apster #454, for your rebuttal against Brian #422. He WAS being dramatic and he was bringing me down. And yeah, God forbid any of us be happy about this episode. You’re right, as much as some anti-Jammers don’t want to admit it, Jim and Pam have been the heart of this show and were so on the UK version, as well. Well put.

    To “Like a Carpenter who buils stairs” #463. Perfect speech. Right on.

    #459….I missed Toby, too, in this one.

  392. anyone who knocks karen’s behavior is delusional. you’re allowing your love of pam and jim to unfairly smear karen. if my co-worker openly admitted to loving my boyfriend, i would be hurt and threatened, especially if we had a cordial relationship. i mean, all is fair in love and war and pam can’t help her feelings but she CAN help her actions. she could’ve pulled jim aside and told him instead of putting karen in an awkward situation in front of the entire office. but, pam felt she just needed to get it off her her chest, so i can understand that. also, karen calling pam a “bitch” in response was normal especially if pam wasn’t sorry about how she handled the situation. you so-called “JAMMERS” are too much for me. i thank god everyday you guys aren’t in the writing room or you would’ve ran this show into the ground a long time ago.

    the only problem is that karen is in a different place than jim. she is more assertive, know what she wants and wants to move upward whereas jim is happy with the guy he is. it’s weird because before he said he would kill himself if he turned his job into a career and alas, that’s what he seems to be doing. he only took the promotion in new york not out of wanting to move upward but wanting to move away from pam. that’s one aspect of him that i have issues with. the same for pam. i don’t understand how she could be happy being just a receptionist for so long. i hope in season 4, the writers explore pam moving up the ladder in dunder-mifflin or looking for a job elsewhere.

  393. maybe the best episode ever–the plot was great but there were still tons of funny parts

    Dwight’s bed-and-breakfast from hell
    Creed’s blog
    Kevin figuring out who’s hottest

    I know I’m forgetting a lot of good ones. Such a great episode!

  394. hi everyone …

    this is absolutely the most unimportant point to make, but what car was jim driving? i don’t think that was his corolla. my thoughts:

    a. it’s a rental
    b. it’s karen’s car (if that’s the case that’s really, really mean! but oh, well =p)
    c. did karen persuade him to get a new car, too??

    go PAM!!!!

  395. After the totally out of the blue fabulous Ryan plot twist can anyone think that the writers won’t be brilliant and handle the Jim and Pam get together thing in the greatest possible way. I had my doubts but these writers have a gift. They can do exactly the opposite of what a sitcom ususally does, make is completely plausible, and have us asking why we didn’t think of that! Can’t say I did not have my doubts. The Ryan twist has put them to rest.
    Also–I am a total JAM fan but I like Karen too. I don’t think her character was shown to be a b**** at all. She had a right to be mad at Pam. She is funny, fun and smart. But she isn’t right for Jim.

  396. For the naysayers who believe that Jim and Pam getting together ruins the sexual tension, I will repeat some of what I said midseason about this same topic. Jim and Pam together may be better then any sexual tension of them being apart. They had reached a point where it was either commit or get out (i.e. Scrubs later last night proves my point, JD and Eliot back together is the stupidest idea ever, and I used to be a big fan of the show until that) After the 3rd season or so of Scrubs they ended that relationship drama between those 2 characters and had them be good friends, which worked great. now 3 years later they get together again? Lame-slash-cheesy.

    Jim and Pam reached this same crossroads last night. It was either put the characters together and build from there, or keep them seperate and have them remain good friends.

    Putting them together allows us to see the development of their relationship (dating, engagement, marriage, maybe even children if the show goes to 10+ seasons) This show is based in reality (documentary) so they couldn’t keep the 2 in “will they/won’t they” status forever. Plus, Jim/Pam is an underscore to the show, it is not the core of the show, as that is Michael and the results of his crazy ideas. Every character on this show is what makes it great, not just 2.

    Our U.S. version is a much longer series than the British version, so while Tim/Dawn getting together was the send-off for them, it is just the beginning for ours (as we spread ’12+special’ episodes out into 53), as now there are no parallels left between the two series. It’s all uncharted territory from here on out (Well, Michael has yet to tell Packer off so maybe not completely uncharted territory).

    I’ve rambled on enough, so I’m off my soapbox and waiting to get done with work for the day and go home and download this episode which is up on itunes now. Because, “Home is where the Hardest!”

  397. on the live blog last nite they said season 3 will be out in september. they are compiling all the deleted scenes and extra stuff now.

    I am so excited! I too have all episodes on DVR but can’t wait to see the deleteds.

  398. 490-Josh

    I believe it was BJ Novak who said on the chat on last night that Season 3 would come out on DVD the week of or before the Season 4 premiere. SO look for it sometime in mid-September

  399. have only had time to read a few comments but it looks like people are wondering if we’ll see footage of the first jam date. although i would love to, i don’t see why we would. the cameras do get out of the office but only for whole office events (dundees, beach day, etc.). i don’t think it’d be realistic if the cameras were there. but oh, i will daydream about how cute a jim halpert date would be.

  400. Now that the show has finally put Jim and Pam together, what will the series finale try to accomplish? The only logical landmark would be them getting married, but there has to be some conflict along the way. I can imagine there being a season 5 to answer these questions. Also Michael Scott has to get fired to keep it in sync with the British version.

  401. To the anti-Jim/Pam-storyline people:

    Obviously the writers of “The Office” care about that storyline as well, or they would have made it clear by now that Jim and Pam will NEVER be together. They seem to really protect that storyline and try really hard to keep it innocent.

    Yeah, maybe some people get a little crazy about it, but for the average watcher, it’s an important piece of the “Office” puzzle. I don’t think we should be put down for that.

  402. A “season’s best” effort by the office and the show has spawned a few “Lostesque” style mysteries for summer rumination.

    1. What happened at the end of Jim’s Wallace interview.

    a. Did he get an offer and refuse it.
    b. Did he mid-interview withdraw consideration
    c. Did he simply not get the job

    2. What happened before Jim’s solo trip back to Scranton?

    a. Did he ditch Karen?
    b. Did they have a talk?

    3. Did Ryan get Jan’s job or another position that he was interviewing for?

    4. Did Karen get a position at Corporate?
    a. Was it Jan’s

    5. If there was but one job up for grabs, Jan’s and Michael did actually get the job why would he think that he could appoint his successor when Jim was already the number 2?

    a. Why would Dwight, Michael or Jim think this was a plausible succession plan?

    6. Are Jan and Michael really back together?
    a. Michael was giving Jan the look that Jan surely gave him in the past. Does he bail from this trainwreck after a few squeezes?

    I do think that Jim and Pam are going on a “date date”.

    I also think with the successes the actors are having in their careers, there can be only one more season of the Office. Pam and Jim are the motor that runs the show. A year of hijinks followed by running off and away from Dunder Mifflin or a wedding would be a great way to end things in ’08.

    There are always reunion specials.

  403. 398: I still think there is no guarantee about the Jim/Pam status when the show resumes in September. There are lots of directions the show can head based on the “date.” There is still a chance some JAM fans won’t be entirely happy.

    But the best hope for JAM fans is not the argument over the word “date” from “The Client”, but the parallels of the end of last nights episode and the end of the UK Office’s Christmas special. (Youtube link: ). The note and token for Jim/Dawn (art set and yogurt lid) plus the Pam/Tim talking heads both had the theme of “I’m going to be OK.” Then Tim and Dawn made out and headed off into the sunset.

    As much as I expressed doubt in 398, I think that parallel may be the biggest clue that last night was an indication that the Jim/Pam thing is on it’s way to being reality.

    However, if Jim/Pam is to be reality, I don’t believe the show has to be “over.” However, it has to be a very slow fire that burns as their relationship evolves. There has to be some tension between them, or some obstacle that their relationship isn’t perfect.

    And the relationship has to be based on the magic of Season 2. If Jim turns into Ross Gellar, I may go crazy.

  404. j9 (comment#492) –
    where’ve ya been homie – Jim drives a saab wagon now. they showed it in the traveling salesman episode. I guess he decided to trade up from the corolla when he got promoted to number 2

  405. A little late but I just wanted to add that I, like, um, everybody, LOVED IT. All of it. Every little thing.

    Also, is it possible for a 24 year old guy to outright cry during a television show? You bet I did when I saw that gold medal.

    I can die now. ;)

  406. One line that made me really laughed out loud didn’t make it to the Favorite Quotes. Someone says that they don’t think Michael will get the corporate job because he’s not qualified, and Phyllis replies, “Well, he wasn’t qualified for this job, and he got it anyway.” — or something to that effect. Just so funny! Can you say “Peter Principle”?

    And I think it’s hilarious that Ryan is now Michael’s manager.

  407. 478 and 481 – yes, Jan’s line “say goodbye to these!” is very reminiscent of Kitty from Arrested Development. Great shows think alike!

  408. Do you agree with me that the show is about (ignore the fact that JAM is on our minds 90% of the time The Office is on our minds)
    60% Michael
    20% Jim/Pam
    10% Dwight
    10% the rest

    How might this change?
    I think it will be fun with Ryan as Michael’s boss, but the focus is on Michael plenty enough and I could see his role becoming even greater.
    Because where can the Jim/Pam storyline go from here? They’re perfect for each other and if there’s a relationship that could go absolutely perfectly perfect, it would be theirs.
    So, will the show become even more about Michael? And would this be a good thing?

  409. Wow, The Office actually beat Ugly Betty in ratings last night and was first in its time slot. That’s awesome!

  410. did anyone else notice (or mention) that when David Wallace (CFO) was interviewing Jim. he was telling Jim about how much he dislikes the HR guy at the New York corporate office (during the scene where Jim is reading Pam’s note)

  411. #511–re: the camera only out of office for “whole office” events.

    We did see the camera go to Michael’s condo (only Michael and Dwight), follow Jim and Pam shopping for Kevin at the drugstore, and Pam and Roy talking at the diner after Roy was fired. I’m sure there are more instances that I’m not remembering, but my point is that there is a chance we will see the date. Not sure how likely that is, but I for one would like to see it! I can just picture the nervous glee!

  412. in response to #511-

    the cameras were there when pam talked to roy.

    i enjoyed the episode last night. i thought it was great how when ryan told kelly that they were done, she reacted and sounded angered as opposed to sounding upset.

    i really hope we get to see some jim/pam “date date” footage as well.

  413. does anyone know when the episodes are typically posted on iTunes? i didn’t get to watch the episode last night due to my travel schedule, and i am DYING. the nbc clip of jim-and-pam can only hold me over so long!

  414. 511-b

    “i don’t see why we would. the cameras do get out of the office but only for whole office events (dundees, beach day, etc.).”

    They’ve gone out of the office for events not directly tied to the office or work. Pam’s double date with Kelly and Ryan, Pam’s art show, Jim’s party, the Diwali celebration, Phyllis’ wedding, the night they all went out drinking, etc. None of these were work-related events, the only ties they have is that they involved people working at Dunder-Mifflin.

  415. I think I know how season 4 will start out….
    turns out that Jim didn’t really ask Pam out on a date. he was just pulling a prank on her and he’s still with karen

    I’m ready – you can proceed with the stone throwing

  416. ahh, thank you so much tanster! my boss thanks you too for the soon-to-be-completely-unproductive afternoon that follows. :)

  417. #463–Carpenter:

    You wanted feedback on your comments, and I think you were spot on! I agree with everything you had to say!

  418. Anyone notice last night after Jim and Karen were arguing whether or not they saw Loren Michaels the person that briefly crossed the screen before the commercial?
    I could have sworn it was Will Ferrell, I’m sure it wasn’t since it hasn’t been commented on yet, but if someone with TiVo/DVR could check it would be appreciated. Would be a great cameo

  419. In regards to those pics of Jim and Karen in New York, wasn’t there one with Toby in it? I wonder what he was doing there, and that might explain why he wasn’t in last night’s episode. Wallace did say he didn’t like the HR guy at corporate…hm?

  420. #519…I’m sure this is being nitpicky but, when did Jim get a Subaru Outback? Maybe I missed something? He DID drive a Corolla back when he was dating the purse girl because he jokingly pointed out to her as she was getting in that it was a “very nice car, a Corolla”…

  421. I swear if the writers screw the next season up I am going to be a very angry person. I’ve watched the talking head clip way to much today and I am convinced that this is one of the best season finale’s I have ever seen for a show. It totally trumps season 2.

  422. PamBamBoBam –
    Toby was one of the writer of this episode (the other was cousin mose)
    the writers are brought on during filming for their input on how scenes should be shot. I’m sure that’s why Toby was there

  423. Toby was in the episode: In the part where Pam addresses Karen about her speech at the beach, he was sitting in the background. Other than that, I didn’t really notice him at all.

  424. This is why we need an hour long Office each week! Let’s start the campaign for Season 5 to be an hour!!!!

  425. I think those who say that Jim and Pam getting together in S4 will mark the doom of this show are so shortsighted. Give the writers some credit.

    This isn’t some run-of-the-mill 3-camera laugh track sitcom. It’s different. It’s ground-breaking (at least here in America.)

    They aren’t doing things the Friends way, but The Office way. The writers know we care and while they aren’t writing for us, they do care about what we think. This is something out of the American sitcom ordinary.

  426. dying Star –
    nice throw, but really it almost seems to good to be true. last summer the writers teases us with the kiss from Casino Night. I dreamt all summer of an upcoming season of JAM. and instead of JAM they gave us country crock.

    I’m afraid that they’re teasing us again….

  427. favorite parts of this episode:

    Obviously the Jam scene, so perfect and beautiful (and seeing the yogurt lid really got me)

    -Pam as Dwight’s “Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager”, esp the scene where he winked at her haha

    -Creed saying he blogged Pam’s confession from beach day
    -Ryan’s breakup with Kelly
    -Michael’s goodbye song
    -Dwight and Andy painting the walls
    -Jan was amazing in this episode

    Great episode overall.

  428. Corporate Booty,

    I was just kiddin’ with the stone! You could be right, I too hoped for them to get together after last season’s cliffhanger.

    If the writers did that again, though, I think I would have a really hard time not thinking “shark”. They really risk losing their core fan base if they did that. I think all the twists are going to come from Jan and Michael and the absolute train wreck their relationship is, and how the writers are going to bring that around to making sense again.

  429. Sharon # 533
    It’s a Saab, not a Subaru. He’s had it all season, just fyi.


    If you could label the show in terms of a genre, what would it be? Because to me, it’s not just a comedy.

    Dramady? Not really.
    Romantic Comedy? Sorta.

    I’m asking cuz when I try to explain to non-viewers that it’s not your ordinary comedy, I have a loss for words.

  431. #223 + FEAR!

    Looking back over the episode, the guy who comes out from behind of Jim is NOT Lorne Michaels. It is quick, but you can tell that it is not him.

  432. I do not believe that Jim broke it off with Karen yet, because i am sure the cameras would have caught such an event. This is why I believe that Karen will be back next season and that will be a great way to keep the Jam relationship interesting and a way not to ruin the show. If Karen is there it causes a conflict and drama, but we will still have our wonderful Jam.

    Another possiblity is that Karen also got a job in corperate. There are many reasons why I think this is possible. She confessed that she is not made for Scranton, which I believe is a big sign that she would not want to go back, expecially if there is Jam. I also think that Karen being back in New York made her realize that she really wants to be there (and Jim never promised that he would move with her). I do not think that Ryan interviewd for the same job as the rest, because i dont think that the cameras would miss another interview. So it is a great possiblity that Karen got the job.

    My big question is WILL JIM MOVE TO HIS OLD DESK?

  433. Dying Star – WORD! – I agree with you. and I deserved that rock

    to those who think Jim’s dinner invite is not a date –
    how is this even an issue? of course Jim asked Pam out on a date. lets really think about this. Jim leaves his interview at NY, does not go to Karen, drives all the way back to Scranton, interrupts Pams interview (talking head) to ask Pam out to a simple dinner.. are we also forgetting that he specifically said to pam “its a date”. also Jim is now aware of how Pam feels about him. if he wasn’t interested in her romantically, why would he lead her on?

    this brings me back to an episode from last season (the title escapes me). where Jim thinks that he and Pam had their first date – but Pam doesn’t think its a date.

  434. #533 – someone before mentioned Jim not having his Corolla and you thought it was a Subaru Outback… from what I noticed a few episodes back, the Sales Call episode, I thought it was a silver Saab 93 hatchback he was driving… I recognized it because my boyfriend has the non-hatchback version. Unless I’m wrong too, but that’s what I gathered from the few seconds it was on screen. Anyone else know for sure what it is?

  435. Hey, I wonder – now that Ryan is working for corporate, do you think they’ll be shooting corporate scenes too? That would mean more of the sexiness that is David Wallace!

  436. I definitely think that Jim did ask Pam out ON A DATE. Jim would not use that word loosely around Pam, they have never had that kind of relationship. It wasn’t even necessary for him to say “it’s a date” after she agreed to go. I think he just put it in there to let Pam know, hey, I dumped Karen, and I want to be with you. :)

  437. Ok. Jim still loves Pam! How is this even an issue? Didn’t we all see him say he left cause he didn’t want to be here? He came back but never came back? Remember the “rebound” comment at Christmas?
    Did anyone else notice how harsh Karen seemed throughout?-with the Jan incident, butting in when Jim and Pam were talking, her comment about Pam, correcting Jim about Lorne. He left her in NY!
    Besides, Rashida got a job with Fox next season; “Rules of Starting Over.” It says right on the Fox website that her appearance on the Office will be slim if not nonexistant due to her new committed role. So I’ll be tuning in to Jim and Pam next season. I hope the writers don’t fail me now!

  438. Everyone needs to read #463 (Like a Carpenter Who Builds Stairs). It is absolutely right-on is every possibly way. Great post!

  439. I think we all are just shocked that we got what we were waiting for!

    This season has been filled with ups and downs and TONS of angst. I think we all thought it would continue into S4, but I finally feel like I KNOW that won’t happen, its awesome!

  440. has anyone mentioned that Jim going back to pam was ultimately karen’s fault
    it seemed that the turning point for Jim was seeing the note Pam left (plus yogurt lids from the Office Olympics). it was karen’s fault that Pam was able to leave that note for Jim. She was trying to be mean to Pam by having her make extra copies of her and Jims sales numbers, but Pam slipped the note in Jims copies. if Karen did not do that Jim would have never received the note from Pam

    Karen doomed herself like Anakin Skywalker did in The Revenge of The Sith

  441. prob already was mentioned. But I LOVE the fact that michael sold his house on ebay for 80% of what he paid. classic

  442. I’m fairly certain that Jim broke up with Karen and didn’t just abandon her in NYC, but it wouldn’t have made sense to show this in the episode. There had to be some tension/uncertainty when they showed him in the car alone – where was he going? had he accepted the job? – for the payoff of him walking into Pam’s TH. If we knew *for sure* that he’d broken up with Karen, that moment wouldn’t have had the same wonderful emotional impact. I’m sure we will get more of an explanation at the beginning of next season.

    Also, BJ Novak (haha, almost typed BJ Ryan, I have baseball on the brain) said in the NBC blog that Ryan does, in fact, get Jan’s job.

  443. I had low expectations for this episode, since I didn’t think they could top the previous season finale, considering how good that was. My initial reaction to the episode was that it was kind of so-so. All the Dwight in charge stuff seemed too much like The Coup redux, which was one of my least favorite episodes of the season. And unlike most episodes, I didn’t have the urge to watch it again right away. But after watching it a couple more times, I think this is probably the best episode of the season. That might change, though, depending on how they resolve the unanswered questions in season 4(e.g., What happened to Karen? Are Jim and Pam really going to be dating now or are they just going to be friends or something? And perhaps most importantly, who came out on top in Kevin’s calculation of who was better between Pam and Karen?).

    Two other things: Am I remembering incorrectly or weren’t Martin Freeman, Lucy Davis, and Mackenzie Crook supposed to guest star in an episode at some point this season? And wasn’t the documentary supposed to start airing in the show’s universe this season? I thought Greg Daniels or someone said that in an interview before the season started. I’m glad it didn’t, though, as I think it makes a lot more sense in-show that it wouldn’t air until they were done shooting, as it probably costs next to nothing to film and as soon as it started airing there would be total havoc, including that Scranton would be overrun by fans going goo-ga over Jim and Pam.

    There were a ton of great quotations in this episode, but here are my favorites:

    8. Michael: “Why is my office black?”
    Dwight: “To intimidate my subordinates.”

    7. Creed: “I find it offensive. Au naturel, baby. That’s how I like ’em. Swing low, sweet chariots.”

    6. Pam: “Maybe one day I’ll find my own Karen. But that is a, um… You know, not… a man. A man version. But, uh, until then, I can hold my head up. I’m not gay.”

    5. Creed: “I remember. I blogged the whole thing. Check it out.”
    Ryan: “Last year, Creed asked me how to set up a blog. Wanting to protect the world from being exposed to Creed’s brain, I opened up a Word document on his computer and put an address at the top. I’ve read some of it. Even for the intranet, it’s… pretty shocking.”

    4. Dwight: “Now, let us discuss precipitation. Stanley, when rainfall occurs, does it usually fall in a liquid, solid, or gaseous state?”
    Stanley: “Liquid.”
    Dwight: “Very good. You have earned one Schrute buck.”
    Stanley: “I don’t want it.”
    Dwight: “Then you have been deducted 50 Schrute bucks.”
    Stanley: “Make it 100.”
    Dwight: “Don’t you want to earn Schrute bucks?”
    Stanley: “No. In fact, I’ll give you a billion Stanley nickels if you never talk to me again.”
    Dwight: “What’s the ratio of Stanley nickels to Schrute bucks?”
    Stanley: “The same as the ratio between unicorns and leprachauns.”

    3. David: “Oh, hey, do you have your quarterly numbers?”
    Jim: “Yes, absolutely.”
    David: “And that questionnaire?”
    Jim: “Yep.”
    David: “Sorry to make you fill that thing out.”
    Jim: “Oh, no, absolutely.”
    David: “Stupid HR formality. We have this very irritating HR guy here. He’s probably the only person you’re not going to like. Kendall… ugh.”

    2. Michael: “David, I did not tell her.”

    1. Pam: “I haven’t heard anything. But I bet Jim got the job. I mean, why wouldn’t he? He’s totally qualified, and smart. Everyone loves him. And if he never comes back again, that’s okay. We’re friends, and I’m sure we’ll stay friends. We just, we never got the timing right, you know? I shot him down, and then he did the same to me and…. But you know what, it’s okay. I’m totally fine. Everything is going to be totally…”
    Jim: “Pam… sorry. Are you free for dinner tonight?”
    Pam: “Yes.”
    Jim: “Alright. Then it’s a date.”
    Pam: “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

  444. 551-J

    Car guy here to set ya straight on Jim’s car. Jim had a 98-02 generation red corolla in Season 1, then they upgraded him to the current gen Corolla (same color too) in season 2. Jim’s car now is a silver Saab 9-2X (aka A rebadged Subaru Impreza/WRX wagon) which if you go back and look, will see is actually Toby’s car from “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” (look at end of episode in montage when Michael is singing his song). All they did was put Connecticut license plates on it to make it Jim’s. In Traveling Salesmen you can see that Phyllis is now driving/owns Jim’s red Corolla. Someone on the production crew was asleep at the wheel (no pun intended) when monitoring the continuity of the cars. Thanks for noticing the cars though, I always feel like I’m the only one that notices these details, and it always drives me nuts seeing Jim drive the wrong car, plus I loved that he had the same car as me (in the first season), but oh well.

    I’m still waiting for an episode where Michael gets a new company car, as he has had his Sebring for all three seasons and corporate leased vehicles have a 2-3 year turnover. But I wonder how they can top the ‘Sebring’ and all the jokes used with it so far? Come on writers, you can do it!

  445. #462

    I agree but want to add to your second point by saying that Jim also say Michael withdraw his application because of his girlfriend (even though Wallace already said that Michael would not be hired). Michael still withdraws his name to save face). Whatever else Jim thinks of Michael I think Jim respects Michael’s loyalty and honour. Jim’s comment about Michael and Josh in Branch Closing is a good example of that.

    I think I know the show far to well.

    I also think that Jim wanted to make it clear that it was a date because in the deleted scenes of The Client Jim says that he had lunch with Pam but she never considered it a date. He says it’s both his best and worst date ever. He also hints to Pam that their supper on the roof of the building was like a date and she shoots him down.

  446. #549 – I bet you are right about Jim not breaking up with Karen. That would be a pretty good way to keep it “interesting” between Jim and Pam.
    Although…Jim doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy that would do that to Karen. Hmmmm

  447. So.

    I Loved it.

    !!!!! This was the highlight of the Season, it was a very excellent ending. We have some mystery with Ryan’s storyline, some excitement with the Jan/Michael storyline, and finally some relief with the Jim/Pam storyline. It was great, I mean, Season 3 of the Office was evidently very different from Season 2, but mostly in a good way, I think. Season 2 evolved the humor of the show, and Season 3 evolved the characters of the show. Suddenly, The Office has become very real again- it triggers real emotion while at the same time bringing fourth some excellent lines.

  448. I can’t see Jim cheating on Karen when he’s with Pam. It’s got to be a clean break. I hope/bet he and Pam decide to “keep it slow” so it won’t be awkward, and Karen will find a new job.

  449. I loved loved loved the ending (Pam and Jim and Ryan vs. Kelly). I have been trying to put myself in Karen’s place all season. The “Karen haters” (me included) have made her into a bitch. When it all comes down to it, she’s not. In this episode, she was definitely a bitch. She had reason. Pam basically professed her love for Jim in front of everybody. But, when it all comes down to it, NONE of this would have happened if Karen stopped dating Jim right after he said that he still has feelings for Pam. Honestly, that would have been enough for me and any self-respecting woman. So she’s not really a bitch. She’s just stupid.

    I have fully enjoyed this season even with all of the ups and downs (mostly downs) of the Jim and Pam saga. They ended it perfectly considering how much of bland Karen we had to endure.

  450. Corporate Booty (#549):

    Thanks! :-) I knew you had to be joking! I mean, they would really be making Jim a jerk with no way back. And I think that if what some people are saying is true, that Jim just ditched Karen in NY, or came back to Scranton without her, but is still with her, well, he’s a jerk in either of those scenarios, too. Someone said it well just a few comments ago, that we’re all just surprised that Jim and Pam are actually going to get together! I think we need to take at face value the word “date”, as well as understand that these two people don’t make decisions like this lightly (how long did they pine for each other secretly?).

    And I think the episode you’re thinking of was “The Client”, the one where Jim made Pam a dinner of grilled cheese and they are it on the roof. Jim mentioned there was dinner, by candlelight, a show (Dwight’s uncle’s fireworks–best line of that episode–“my uncle bought me some fireworks”!) and dancing. Pam shot him down–“swaying isn’t dancing”. That was a great episode, too!

  451. I honestly still don’t see Jim and Pam getting together yet. I think it’s simply going to be one of those “I miss your friendship” things. Then things will sort of get back to where they were in seasons 1 and 2. Just my thoughts.

  452. christine’s comment about Karen being bland made me think of an observation I made in this episode. When Pam and Jim are talking about Jan’s new boobs, Jim has a big and genuine smile on his face. When Karen comes over to cut their conversation off, he continues to joke with Karen, but he’s not smiling like he did with Pam. I just don’t think she has that “something” that Pam has. She’s bland.

    One other thing about Karen. She may have reason to be upset about what’s going on with Jim and Pam, but she did set herself up for it. She has known since Christmas that Jim still has feelings for Pam. Was she thinking that would all just go away? Her only hope was to get Jim out of Scranton. And you know, just because she felt threatened by Pam does not in any way justify her bitchy behavior. She could have handled the whole situation with more grace, if you ask me. She’s the one who called Pam a bitch when all Pam did was apologize to her.

  453. After watching the episode again, I have a new theory… Ryan isn’t talking to David Wallace at the end… he is talking to Karen. I think Karen was dumped by Jim, and now has called Ryan to see if he is interested in going out.

    All Ryan says into the phone is “I’m excited too, O.K, bye.” So I think he is talking to Karen who said “I just broke up with Jim, would be interested in going out?” We learned a couple weeks ago that Ryan was interested “hooking up” with Karen, and now she is going to give him the opportunity.

    I think it is all an editing trick, and the David Wallace side of the conversation is him talking to someone else about the job.

  454. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but I really loved how Wallace hates the corporate HR guy just as much as Michael hates Toby.


  455. Did anyone notice how much Karen is trying to have Pam’s kind of humor? It just seems like several times she has a “Pam-like” reaction to things.
    It Bugged me!

  456. I don’t know if this was mentioned, but did anyone else absolutely DIE laughing at the horrified faces of the group when Dwight yelled “Ready to work?”

  457. In response to 571:

    I really don’t think that was Karen on the phone with Ryan. For one thing, just the way he says “I’m excited too” makes me think that he’s not talking about going out, but more about accepting a job. Also, I don’t think it’s in the nature of the editors to try and trick viewers like that, especially in a “documentary.”

  458. I had to wait to watch this episode until just now. It’s always a family thing, and my dad was busy yesterday. So everyone: I’m just now feeling what you all felt yesterday.


  459. For those who don’t think that Ryan got Jan’s job, B.J. has written on both NBC’s blog and his own blog that, in a nutshell, Ryan is going to be Michael’s boss.

  460. # 578-
    Became VERY nervous about Rashida Jones’ new show not being picked-had to do some research,just read in an article about Fox’s new season,The Rules for Starting Over will be a midseason replacement. Sooo- we’ll probably have more angst in the new season w/JAM.AHHH!Oh well,all will turn out ok in the end I’m sure.Just think of The Office as a very long movie.With alot of great comedy mixed in.

  461. Wow–I loved this episode, BEST of the series! Gotta love the JAM packed action. ;) Did anyone notice when Jan was leaving the NY office, her box was filled with bongo drums and it looked like other items from Sandals, Jamaica!

    Some of my favorite moments:

    – Dwight’s dramatic tears to his promotion Michael flattered at first and then just downright disgusted him.

    – Stanley’s billion nickels and his unicorns to leprechauns ratio.

    – Everyone teasing Pam in the break room and Creed saying he blogged the whole thing!

    – Before Jan left Michael’s office, he reopened the blinds. I guess they didn’t want anyone to see their X-rated action.

    – The joke shared between Jim and Pam when they noticed Jan’s boob job.

    – Jan’s angry glare while cursing the CFO as she was leaving.

    – Jim perking up when he heard,”Dunder Mifflin, this is Grace.”

    – Michael mentioning how the rest of the managers are total morons. Then calling Pam right after to tell her that he forgot when the interview was, drove to NY accidentally and will be 3 hours late!

    – Michael telling Jan that they should run away to Jamaica, live in a bungalow and that she could pay off his debt.

    – Jim interrupting Pam’s talking head to ask her out on a date!!!!

  462. Jim wouldn’t ask Pam out on a date if he “just missed their friendship” or “hadn’t broken up with Karen.”

    A date is a date is a date.

    I hope.

  463. “Jim doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy that would do that to Karen.”

    I wouldn’t say that. Remember the hot girl? Jim dated her for a little while to take his mind off Pam. Ultimately though on the “Booze Cruise” he broke up with her right straight out. No speach about we’re not working out, it was just a “I don’t know why I brought you with me. Let’s break up.”

    So I can believe Jim would do it again. But I think Karen and him had a closer relationship, so I can’t really see him doing it to Karen. It’d be more of a closer break-up. The question though is has he already done it? Because I can’t see Jim cheating on anyone. Even Karen. So he had to have broken up with Karen before coming back and asking Pam out.

  464. I love the fact that Dwight is chewing Big League Chew which is not tobacco but gum. I hope people got the joke, that Dwight is such a moron that he is really chewing pieces of gum.hahaha

  465. I have to say I have never felt more sympathy for Michael than last night’s episode. I figured going in he wouldn’t get the job, although the idea of Michael at the corporate office is not without its comic possibilities. But Jan is clearly not a stable woman and it is not healthy for him to be in that relationship. The sad thing was that on his drive home he realized it with that frightened stare into the camera, unfortunately he is just not strong enough to say no. I have to disagree with Tori, I don’t think that her relationship with Michael lead to her downward spiral. Starting in season 1 she had a very carefully constructed facade of collectedness and calm but you could see that underneath it she clearly had issues, over the last two seasons she has become more unstable. The way Michael said, I am going nowhere was just the right delivery of pathos.

  466. I think it’s pretty obvious that Jim and Karen had a talk before he left. They showed bits and pieces of Jim and Pam’s beach talk in ‘The Job.’ My guess is that they’ll show bits and pieces of the break-up scene involving Jim and Karen in the season opener.

    Jim was acting like a bitter wounded puppy this whole season but, wouldn’t leave Karen waiting for him at a hotel. Come on…

    It’s pretty clear that he realized that the only reason he loved Scranton and Dunder Mifflin for that matter was Pam. He’s not corporate anyhow, regardless of Pam. He’d be content to sit at his desk as long as good ole Pammy was his main squeeze. Anyone who thinks differently doesn’t get their relationship. Whether or not Jim and Pam STAY together during the 4th season is irrelevant. They will END UP together in the series finale. There’s just no other way to end the show.

    My guess is that they will date during season 4. Problems will arise but they will get through it. Also, they won’t be getting married anytime soon. It shall be a fun ride anyhow!

  467. I also realized that the CFO hates his HR guy too, as if every boss hates HR.hahaha,great writing.

  468. You know… if Karen were to stay in the office for a bit while she looks for a new job it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. It would create a brilliant transition in that it would force Pam and Jim to keep things under wraps for a while so as to consider Karen’s feelings (though after this episode, I don’t know how much either of them consider Karen’s feelings.)

  469. I just noticed a glaring oversight in this episode.

    When Dwight slaps his name onto Michael’s office door, it’s crooked as hell. Dwight would not stand for this. It would have been more true to his character for him to line it up perfectly straight, perhaps having marked the appropriate spot beforehand with the aid of a level.

  470. 591: It would be a glaring oversight if it was Adrien Monk, not Dwight.

    I wonder if Karen will get a DUI and try to win Jim back? I want to see that mugshot.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but SOME people in offices do have normal relationships. I think if the writers are as creative and awesome as we think they are, they’ll be able to show a normal, developing relationship between Jim and Pam. And that would be groundbreaking.

  471. what’s that song michael played on the voice recorder when he was leaving for the interview?

  472. Okay, here is one thought I had: I dont know if someone already mentionned it but, how do you feel about Karen leaving Jim before his interview, just to meet friends? I’m sorry but when I would be in the same situation as her, I would stay and show him how much he means to me, no? Also, she leaves the office very unromantically, not like a girlfriend.
    So my speculation is that they already broke up the night before, after she told Jim that she could not stay in Scranton because of Pam.
    I think that Karen will be back for some episodes next season, and we will see some interesting scenes between the three of them.
    And besides, I really hope that Pam will improve her style, just a bit, I know its part of her character but even so.

  473. Now that Ryan is going to be working at corporate, I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of quirks go on there. David Wallace for a moment expressed his distaste for his own HR rep, that could be a small glimpse into the quirks of the corporate office. And that got me thinking, Ryan as great as it is for him to be at corporate, from what we’ve seen in the series, even when he has a good thing going, its never really that good. Examples: Ryan starts as a temp, gets promoted, but realizes he still a mid level employee, he gets a girl, but its Kelly who drives him crazy, he brings his boss to class to get a good grade, its blow up in his face and gets banished to back with Kelly, he goes on a sales call with the top salesman, and it turns into bizarre right of passage and still can’t make a sale. So I think this time around corporate won’t be the promised land he migh expect. And perhaps what might derail him could be two words and one letter. Todd F. Packer. I’m basing this on the assumption that Packer being the traveling sales rep, probably reports to corporate, and possibly even to Jan. He always referred to her as the “ice queen” which I’m sure with Packer being the Chauvinist that he is, their relationship was adversarial at best, but indicates they had a working relationship. But now, Jan is replaced by Ryan and I can picture Packer putting Ryan through hell. I can’t see Ryan being authoritative. Perhaps Wallace needs Ryan to wrangle Packer in, because Jan just couldn’t handle it. Maybe we will see Michael ask Packer to screw with Ryan out of spite. Total BFFs. Ryan may be Michael’s boss, but he very well could still be Packer’s “little bitch.”

    Finally, Dwight and Andy, an unstoppable team that competes against other teams.

  474. So here’s my take on the subtext of the Beach scene

    Jim: The real reason I left scranton is wanted to be….[looks at Pam] not here.
    [The real reason I left is I wanted to be more. Not here, stuck in the same place of friendship]
    Pam: I know
    {I know you left me because of me]
    Jim: And although I came back, I’ve never felt that I have … come back
    [I came back, but I haven’t gotten over the hurt. I haven’t been able to be myself around you. I haven’t been able to make a comeback]
    Pam: Well, I wish you would
    [i wish you’d come back to me. I’m ready for more]

  475. I think Jim and Pam would be great as a couple! They could still work around with Karen secretly getting jealous of Jim and Pam together. Or Jim and Pam could be trying to keep it a secret, and Michael find out and blurt it out to the entire office. It will be just like Season 2, Jim and Pam will be playing pranks, only they will be a couple. There may not be as much angst between the 2, but if Rashida Jones comes back, well that will be enough for me.

    I personally think Jim didn’t tell Karen. What was he supposed to tell her? Jim is just that kind of person that avoids arguing with everybody. He probably thought “Since I’m backing out, and Michael backed out, Karen will get the job.” But UH-OH! Look who was wrong…

  476. WOW! Almost 600 comments! I like what #597 said in their subtext. That’s pretty good. I said in a comment before that I hoped Jim would choose Pam because of their friendship, and he did. Jim and Karen just didn’t have it as far as friendships go. They weren’t “real” with each other. When David Wallace asked Jim what he enjoyed most about the Scranton branch, he said the friendships, which came from the yogurt lid note and his memory of Pam. That was great for the writers to include that. It was a big surprise that only true Office fans would get. Jim and Karen were together for 6 months, but Jim and Pam go back about 3 years. Please don’t insult the writers in saying that the show wouldn’t be good if Jim and Pam got together. They’ve done a great job so far, and I have faith in them to make it interesting with Jim and Pam in a relationship. This episode did what I hoped it would do, which is leave me with a nice thought of Jim and Pam during the summer. I can’t wait for September.

  477. #578 – What? Fox announced that “The Rules” would be picked up for 13 episodes. It’s on their website, and it’s in the news.

    Sure, maybe it won’t be a permanent thing, but I think it’s pretty clear that Jim is done with Karen, no?

  478. #598–re: What was he supposed to tell her?

    He was supposed to tell her (and I believe that he did, we just didn’t see it) that he is sorry, but he can’t see her anymore. That his feelings for Pam are still strong, and he wants to pursue a relationship with her back in Scranton.

    If Jim just left Karen in NY without a word, either by just outright ditching her or by going back to Scranton without breaking up with her first, then he is just a jerk. He’s not one for confrontation, true, but that doesn’t make him mean. This is another instance where if this is what actually happened, I will find it hard to watch the show anymore. If they make Jim out to be an insensitive jerk, then again, they’ve moved into soap opera territory and I lost my taste for that kind of show a long time ago. It’s just not what I want to watch.

  479. #594 Amy —

    Great idea! After downloading the episode and watching the end a few more times, I noticed that Jim and Karen weren’t really acting very romantic at corporate that morning, but I assumed that was because kissing and holding hands and such stuff is just inappropriate in that setting. For example, Karen just says “good luck Halpert” and walks away instead of cuddling up to him or anything like that. But…I really like the scenario that perhaps they broke up the night before. This would explain their body language, Karen’s eagerness to go meet friends instead of waiting for Jim, AND (most importantly) Jim’s ability to leave NYC immediately in order to head back to Scranton to be with Pam.

  480. #601–I agree with you Yogurt Lid (love your name!), Karen is history. And if she doesn’t quit after Jim cuts her loose, or at least transfer to another branch, she really doesn’t have much self-respect. If they have her stick around purposely to try to get Jim back, wow, we would have to believe she is truly out of touch with reality and she wouldn’t be a very believable character. Even though she stayed with Jim and tried to make things work (when they clearly weren’t working) for far too long, I think this time she’s going to “get it”.

    AT the most, I think we may see her for a few episodes while she’s still working in Scranton but looking for a new job. That’s if the show doesn’t “skip” the summer. If it does and we get a series of flashbacks, I’m sure we’ll see at least a TH of Karen talking about the breakup and what she did afterwards.

  481. I heard that Karen actually got the job and she the one who was actually talking to Ryan at the end.

  482. I just read some of the most recent post and the idea of Karen and Jim breaking up before the interview is pretty interesting speculation. I never thought of that. Looking back now I guess they weren’t acting lovey dovey that morning and Karen did seem like she just wanted to be with friends instead.

  483. As I was watching this woderful final episode, it suddenly struck me what the key nagging difference between Karen and Pam is. Pam cares about people, while Karen does not. The thing is, Jim cares about people also. They all have fun with the amazing situations, but Jim and Pam actually care about the people around them. The moment of revelation for me was as Jan stormed out, Jim expressed a little concern, and Karen expressed derision. Then I started remembering many such similar situations. To me, it’s a key insight into understaning why Jim and Pam work, and Jim and Karen eventually won’t.

  484. Even though “The Rules of Starting Over” is a midseason replacement, they’ll start filming at the same time as “The Office.” Episodes need to be ready in case the show needs to step in early, in the case of a Fall show that begins disastrously and needs to be canceled in, like, two episodes. So, the chances of Rashida Jones coming back to “The Office” are nil. After all, Ryan got Jan’s job and Karen wanted to hightail it out of Scranton even *before* Jim asked Pam out on a date. They’ve written her out of the show. Pretty obvious to me.

  485. @ 593: The song was Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant. Slowed down a bit, it sounds ;)

    I’m a bit late to the comment party but GO TEAM PAM!

  486. The whole thing is that they never SAID that Karen and Jim split(Rashida Jones is supposed to be back next season from what I heard) and Jim only invited Pam to dinner, not a date(Even though he said, it’s a date, friends say that stuff all the time when making an appointment) He could tell her how it went. I think that Ryan got the job and now gets to be Michaels boss. What woulda been better is if Toby got the job.


  487. Did anyone else hear what Dave Wallace was saying when Jim found Pam’s note? He was talking about the HR guy, and how he’s the only guy there that Jim will probably not like. He also said: “Ken. Eck!”

    I guess Wallace is a lot more like Michael that we thought.

  488. I just had a daydream that season 4 ended with Jim proposing to Pam. How awesome would that be.

  489. I like how Jim left Karen in nyc. haha… I actually liked Karen(not for Jim obviously) up untill she called Pam a bitch. I was like awww hell to the no… Pam’s my girl.

    …I’m not gay. lol.

  490. So I’ve just rewatched the Jim and Pam scene for the 6th time at least, and I love how Jim says “it’s a date” with a nervous little tap on the doorframe. It’s very endearing. …I’m not gay.

    Also, Jenna Fischer, wow! I watched her face before, and her eyes are fine. But when she turns back she is tearing up and madly blushing. Blushing! That takes talent. I love this show and its wonderful cast!

  491. I hope they continue doing tidbits/storylines about Pam’s art. You can tell that’s one of her passions (besides Jim of course).

    Hey Big Haircut. Oh, Andy.

  492. This is the one I don’t understand (I think the numbers got messed up):
    “I heard that Karen actually got the job and she the one who was actually talking to Ryan at the end.”

  493. Just in case I confused anyone, I was referring to Pam Pam Thank You M’am’s subtext comment #596. Thanks Tanster, for the reminder. I forgot about keeping the comments at a minimum. We definitely have a lot to say.

  494. I think Pam is under the impression that Jim is done with Karen. I don’t care if they’re engaged or whatnot in the final episode, I just want them to be a happy couple like Tim and Dawn.

    Karen “fighting” for Jim would be as pathetic as Roy’s attempt. “Your sales calls are the prettiest sales calls of all the sales calls.”

  495. Anyone notice that while Jim is looking at the yogurt lid/comment, David is talking about an irritable HR guy there named Kendall. Hopefully , he will be introduced next year.

  496. I just re-watched the Pam/Jim scene and I would hope that they could somehow change Jenna’s nomination for the Emmy. I think she was submitted for “the coup”, which she was great in. But she played such a wide range of emotions in “the job”. Anyway, she is a fantastic actress that I feel is under rated.

  497. I really really hope that Jim and Pam are going to have a new beginning next season. It would really really upset me if that ending with them was a rotten trick. They belong together, I felt really happy when Jim asked Pam out and her reaction. Please, please don’t take this away from us Office fans!!! Is it time for next season yet? Boy, it is going to be a very long summer……
    PS the finale was great!!!

  498. Absoutely agree with those of you who said Jenna deserves an Emmy for the Job. That last scene alone was freaking amazing. Her face was just incredible and the delivery on “I’m sorry what was the question”…omgoodness. So, so good.

  499. Do you think the writers ever read these things to see what fans are thinking and try to throw them off?

    Some speculate that Jim and Pam being together will ruin the show. I heartily disagree. I do think, however, that keeping them apart would ruin everything. Jim and Pam are the anchor of reality in this show. For them not to get together would wreck that.

    Now that they are together we can get back to what made season two so great.

  500. This was the most disappointing episode ever! Karen is way hotter than Pam, and Pam is plain, boring, and weird. the whole monologue at the beach was plain weird…and then she fails to acknowledge that. Karen is right. Pam’s a bitch. Also, for all you who like Pam, there will be no fun flirting between Jim and Pam, so the show will be boring…
    Oh well. the Office Rocks!

  501. Lloyd – Mmm, okay. Many would disagree, but to each his own.

    I think I need a support group for the summer without The Office!

  502. Lloyd…you are shunned.

    Loved the finale. It was smart to have Jim ask Pam out on a date rather than have them making out, etc. They need to build that friendship back up and starting with a simple date is how it’s done.

    I think that Pam is more attractive than Karen, at best it’s even. However, Pam wins easily on all of the other things like being caring, warm, friendly, positive, etc. Karen lacks most of those things. She is like some annoying, spoiled sorority chick. Jim chose wisely.

  503. I just want to comment on the parts with David Wallace, specifically the interviews. I thought during Karen’s, as she finished up her “five year plan”, the actor did a really good job of showing absolute disinterest in her as a candidate. Second, when he asked him, “so..long haul, where do you see yourself in ten years”, I really thought that was just really natural (which made the scene more effective).

  504. hi! Thought you guys might like to know the final (not fast nationals) ratings numbers for Thursday’s episode, courtesy of Travis Yanan of PIFeedback. “The Job” scored the following:

    – 7.881 million viewers
    – 3.9/12 A18-49

    “The Office” won the 8-9 pm timeslot in terms of adults 18-49 (yay!), and is also the highest rated NBC show in the demo for Thursday. This is, without saying, an impressive performance by our little show on the last Thursday of May Sweeps (which runs till next Wednesday). Again, I have to reiterate how amazingly well “The Office” performs in the key demo when its overall viewership is less than 8 million. That said, I do sincerely hope more viewers tune in next season.

    On a personal note, Kevin Malone, I like you man, but I’m in total agreement with #629 NJ Branch there. Jim Halpert, you chose well, and you chose good. Welcome back Big Tuna.

  505. Good episode. Great Season. But I have been left wondering all season…Jim never leave PA his whole life (except for a 6th grade trip to NYC), then goes to AUSTRALIA to escape Pam’s wedding, and we never hear about it or see a photo on his desk all season long. Did he cancel the trip? What happened? I know it’s something most people probably forgot, but with each episode, I’ve been waiting for closure on this lapse in continuity. Still waiting…

  506. According to Toby/Paul on Jim never went to Austrailia.

  507. I finally saw the actual end with Ryan getting the job over the phone. “Who was that?” “No one. You and I are done.” “What?”

    I knew Ryan was a bit of a dick, but now he’s just an asshole. Didn’t even miss a beat. Someone’s obviously been watching Neil LaBute and “Glengarry Glen Ross”

    I wonder what Ryan’s revenge on Michael and Dwight will be like.

  508. Actually reginaroadie, I think that while Ryan will be the boss next year he will still command no respect whatsoever, which has been par for the course for his character. I’ll bet there will be an episode where Michael has to pull Ryan’s ass out of the fire in front of a client, because the two consistent things about their characters is that Michael is a great salesman and Ryan sucks at it.

  509. I believe Jim didn’t go to Australia but rather transferred to Stamford branch and that is why he wasn’t around for Pam’s wedding (or as it ended up no wedding)

  510. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and thought I’d bounce it off some other Office fans…. Do you think it’s possible that Ryan and Karen got corporate jobs and they might get together? I have thought since the beginning, when Ryan and Jim had the desk discussion that Ryan would be a rival to Jim…then in the bathroom when they talked about Ryan hitting on Karen, I got more suspicious….anyone……..I’ll give a billion Stanley Nickels to anyone who answers

  511. I think the Ryan/Karen interchange on Women’s Appreciation wasn’t foreshadowing Kryan, but reminding us that Ryan is still a total jerk, without scruples, always looking for a way out with Kelly.

    i think we are going to get some of Pam/Jim’s first date, but in flashback (unfortunately). they are literally going out what amounts to a few hrs after the finale ended, so i don’t think they can pick up that closely in season 4 (wish they would, so much immediate drama with Ryan/Kelly, Michael, etc.). Also, will they keep jim’s new hair?

  512. Re: #606: Jim and Karen breaking up before the interviews.

    I don’t see this at all. Jim and Karen weren’t lovey-dovey because the corporate office isn’t the place for that kind of behavior. Karen leaving Jim to go hang with her friends is just another indication that Jim and Karen are all wrong for each other (she’s just not that nice—Jim felt sorry for Jan and Karen said “Don’t”—not very compassionate). Besides, Jim didn’t make his decision about Pam until Wallace asked him where he saw himself in 10 years. I’m not sure why some people think that there are going to be all these soap-opera-style twists. The writers have never done that before (and if they do, I won’t be watching anymore). Also, some have spec’d that Jim didn’t break up with Karen at all (and that he only came back to tell Pam how his interview went, as friends). Just because we didn’t see Jim breaking up with Karen after his interview doesn’t mean he didn’t do it (in fact, if he didn’t, he’s a huge jerk and Pam deserves better).

    Hopefully I made it under the word count this time (sorry, Tanster). :-)

  513. I was so emotionally affected by this episode that I started googling and found this site — what a joy to find it and to read all these insightful comments. Thanks.

    And my comment: The Pam-and-Jim-getting-together storyarc was so beautifully written, so subtle, so true; I love how the writers made the characters earn this, ya know? It renews my faith in network TV (which I almost never watch).

  514. I think Jim had to have broke up with Karen somehow. There is no way she would let him drive back alone to ask Pam out, even for a “friends” dinner. It would have to be OVER for Jim to have that type of freedom which indicates that they must be broken up…besides it was pretty obvious at points during the show that he’s over the relationship with Karen

  515. RixChick: well said. I see three options here:

    1. Jim broke up with Karen, allowing him to drive back alone.

    2. Jim ditched Karen in NY, not saying anything to her (this makes him a jerk, I’m sorry).

    3. Jim lied to Karen about why he wanted to go back to Scranton alone (again, jerk).

    Okay, maybe 4. Jim is totally happy with Karen, and told her he was coming back to tell Pam that he has no feelings for her at all anymore. He asked Pam if she was free for dinner, and called it a date, knowing full well how she feels about him. (How horrible would he be if he did that?)

    I guess I just don’t get why there has to be a hidden meaning or plot twist for everything in this episode. Maybe I’m naive, but I’m taking what the writers gave us at face value.

  516. my biggest question: in season 4 will we get our old “homeless” jim back? i liked his hair, and pam does too.

  517. my predictions for what we’ll see/won’t see in the S4 premiere:
    Talking heads about the Jim/Karen break-up. Except for Michael and Jan, or things that take place at the office/large group events, it would be kind of jerky to let the camera crew film a break up. I think there will be a flashback scene of the whole office undergoing an earthquake that starts when Ryan told Kelly they were done, and gradually her screaming alerts the rest of the office and they all find out what happened – in the meantime, Jim and Pam sneak away for their first date (unless Pam wanted to go home first to run a comb thru that hair ;-) With all the nervous tension between those two, I don’t think they would want the camera crew on their first date. Though it will be sad for us.

    If there is no time shift, I would expect to see Karen for a few more episodes while she looks for another job or arranges for a transfer. I would think filming for her new show wouldn’t have to start until later in the fall.


  518. Did anyone else mention that Jim was all teary on his way back? Why would that happen?

  519. “Did anyone else mention that Jim was all teary on his way back? Why would that happen?
    645 | iHaveA_Dundie”

    Excellent point!

  520. I just have to ask (I know I’m posting a lot, sorry), did anyone else laugh out loud when Dwight read his congratulatory letter from Michael?

    “Congratulations, A-wipe. Don’t screw the pooch.”

    Rainn’s delivery of that line cracked me up. I know we’re all focused on Jim and Pam, for good reason, but there was so much about this episode that I loved. How about Andy’s line, “Look where I am now”, while he’s washing out Dwight’s (Michael’s) “World’s Best Boss” mug (which was filled with Dwight’s Big League Chew spit)! And Meredith’s line about guys being “way more attracted to the back of you than to the front”–um, I think that’s just you, Meredith! Maybe if your boobs were as nice as Jan’s… :-) And don’t get me started on Jan! I just love her character, and can’t wait to see her next season in her stretch pants, sitting on Michael’s couch smoking, waiting for him to come home at 5:15!

  521. Yea, I agree with Dying Star. We’ve waited nearly 3 years for this JAM thing to happen, and I don’t think the writers would lead us on with some twist awaiting us at the first episode of season 4. They wouldn’t build up to something for nothing.

  522. Anyone else think it was super funny when Kevin was answering Dwight’s questions at his lecture about paper? I liked how he had to think really hard to come up with the answer and still wasn’t sure. “T-trees…” “F-forest?” It was priceless when Oscar turned around to look at Kevin.

  523. Watched the episode for about the 10th time. I love what the writers have done with Pam. She is so sweet but confident, so funny and honest and so totally cute. Here’s what I will miss if she and Jim date next season: Hurt glances from across the room. Jenna’s facial expressions are a killer. Season 4 finale: Jam wedding?

  524. One more thing about my love for Pam (and her alter ego Jenna Fischer): I like her having so many talking heads. I love the awkward moments (I’m not gay), her introspection (It only took me three years to summon the courage), and her genuine sweetness (I’m sorry, what was the question?).

    Never has a frumpy sweater and drab hair looked so sexy! I love you Pam!

  525. Did anyone else see the parallel to the British Office X-mas Special when Dawn and Tim finally get together? Dawn is riding away in a cab to go back to the US and she opens a present from Tim… (it’s a paint set) and there’s a note inside that says “Don’t forget your dreams” or something like that. She goes back to the office and kisses him and woohoo, they are together. So now we have Jim getting a note from Pam, which says “don’t forget us…” and that’s the turning point for him to go back and ask her out. How cool is that? Based on that, I don’t think this can be a plot twist.

  526. Creed’s Thoughts: yes, I thought Kevin was pretty funny in the lecture scenes too! Also, when he said, “Yes!” after Jim gives him the assignment to decide who is hotter, Karen or Pam. And when he gets all hot thinking about Karen in her pantsuits. And of course, his thoughts on fake boobs! I’m never disappointed when Kevin speaks!

  527. I dunno if anyone mentioned this, but here’s a funny thing I just noticed: When Jim is looking at the note Pam slipped into his quarterlies, David Wallace talks about the HR guy who works in the New York office. Apparently nobody likes “Kendall” in HR, and he will probably be the only person Jim wouldn’t get along with if he were to take the job. Wallace expresses great disdain for this man and his policies, almost as if they were mortal enemies….

    Sound a little bit like Toby? Even the names are similar… sexually ambiguous and slightly unusual.

  528. Watched it again today — During Pam’s final talking head, it cuts to Jim in his interview, post Wallace’s “where do you see yourself in ten years” question.

    What is that look on Jim’s face? It’s kind of a “yeah, I’m sorry, but that’s my answer” look, but I just can’t decide. Normally I think I’m pretty good at reading Jim’s looks, but I’m confused.

    Anyone else notice this? Thoughts?

  529. Hey, does anyone know the name of the song that’s playing on the recorder when Michael is saying his goodbye to the office people??

  530. In agreement with Samuel L. Chang (post #650), especially on Pam being sweet and confident. I was happy for Pam when she found her voice in “Beach Games”, but was worried where the writers would take her henceforth. I mean, too often on TV, it’s easy to associate confidence with über-assertiveness and overt outspoken-ness, but that’s not who Pam is. We’ve only had the finale to go by, but I loved how, in “The Job”, the writers followed “Beach Games” by showing that, while Pam was clearly more confident, she remains the sweet, compassionate, down-to-earth girl that the audience knows and love. Her quiet introspection and gentle demeanor are strengths in their own rights, in her thoughtful support of Michael and her mature acceptance of the way things were with Jim, and being totally at peace with it. Her genuine wish of wanting what’s best for Jim and for him to be happy, even if it meant him moving away and them being just platonic friends, requires a big heart and selflessness that would be beyond most. Props to the writers and Jenna for showing Pam’s newfound confidence and quiet strength while remaining true to Pam’s character.

  531. The song is “Kind and Generous” by Natalie Merchant.

    I think the look on Jim’s face is a mix of “Why am I still sitting here and not back in Scranton already?” and “Wow, I finally know what [who] I want to be doing in 10 years!”

  532. I merely want to say that I’m somewhat stunned over the affect The Office has had on me. Maybe some of you know the feeling?

    I recently finished watching the complete three seasons, (had just watched it sporadically earlier) for seven days running. And now I wish I had waited.

    It’s like everything else is a little less important, much to my surprise.
    During the week I’ve increasingly experienced some odd thoughts, like um, “Wonder what Dwight is up to”, and finishing off peoples sentences with “that’s what she said” [almost always in my mind], but mostly about leaving work early to get home and continue were I left off.
    I actually had a day off. Needed to know. Couldn’t wait.

    And now I find myself still needing to know. The end of the summer can’t arrive fast enough. Which is also an odd thought since I have looked forward to it since the end of the last one.

    Anyway, greets from Sweden.

  533. A couple of people have mentioned a deleted clip (season 1?) where Jim talks about how he & Pam went to lunch and he thought it was a date until he discovered she was engaged… Probably one moment of The Office I haven’t seen..

    Does anyone know where to find this clip? Tanster, can you post (pretty please, when you have a moment?)

  534. Sweet Pea (post#653) I believe Tim’s note to Dawn said “Never Give Up!”. It was a set of oil paints that she wanted earlier in the series. The note was written on a copy of the very good sketch she did of Tim. She cries and comes back to the party and they kiss.

  535. Can I just say how rare it is these days to find such a great tv show? The best part of this episode was Pam’s reaction to Jim asking her out…”What was the question?” – and how unbelieveable happy she looked! Jenna Fisher did such a good job! Equal to the amazing job John did at the end of the Casino Night episode last season!

  536. For Pam Pam Thank You M’am #660?
    In The Client S2, Jim and Pam eat grilled cheese sandwiches on the roof and he recalls the prior evening’s events that made him think of it as a date. He said in a TH it’s not a date when the girl goes home to her fiance. In a heartbreaking deleted scene of The Client, Jim talked about his lunch date about 2 years ago with someone and they hit it off, but she was in love with someone else. He doesn’t say Pam, but we know it is her. He said it was his best and worst first date. Wow! That was 2 years ago that he was smitten in S2, and now S3 and he is still in love with her. S4 is going to be goooood.
    Hope this helped.

  537. Pam, Pam (#660), I’m almost positive that the deleted scene with Jim talking about lunch with Pam is on the Season 2 DVD, from “The Client”. That episode is the one where Pam and Jim have their “date” on the roof when Michael and Jan are out at Chili’s trying to get the big paper deal from Lackawanna County.

  538. Re Pam, Pam Thank You Ma’am (post 660): The scene you are referring to is a deleted scene from the season 2 episode The Client. It’s on the DVD. Everyone in the office shares their worst first dates, and Jim does as well.

  539. #660 Pam, Pam, Thank You M’am —

    I think you can find the deleted scene that everyone is talking about on youtube…just do some creative searching with “office” and “deleted scenes” and you’ll eventually find it.

    I never really understood why they left that scene out. It was really touching and JK’s acting was incredible.

  540. I am daily reader of this website, and a sometimes poster, but I just want to say that I loved this episode of the office. It was pretty funny as always. I don’t think I’ve ever been affected by a show this much. The characters are so funny, and so real. I love the Jim and Pam love story, it so sweet and innocent, and I don’t think that putting them together in this last episode will kill the show. It will be interesting to see what the writers have in store for S4 for their characters and for the rest of the cast. I just got hooked on the show in February, and I’m kind of depressed that I’ll have to wait until September to enjoy new episodes of the show, and for the release of S3 on dvd. It probably sounds kind of corny, but I feel like I’ve lost a good friend for short period of time in my life. Thank God for reruns and S1 and S2 on dvd to get me through the next couple of months.

  541. Got it off You Tube… “the Client, deleted scenes” thank you so much for the tips Callan, Pamcasso, Yankee Swap, WB-Native!

    Such a sweet scene! Also, how hilarious is the egg yolk diet bit from Michael? Him scooping the yolk with the mellon baller?

  542. Wow. Great episode. Love the sort of anti-climactic ending to the Jim/Pam storyline this year. It was so perfect and so them.

    I haven’t taken the time to read all 650+ comments but I have to say that this episode really made me dislike Karen, which is a shame, because I honestly liked her a lot. I mean, calling Pam a bitch? That made me jaw drop.

    Personally, I would have rather seen Jim choose Pam over Karen solely because he loves her and realizes they belong together, rather than because Karen’s being a catty bitch (I know that wasn’t the only reason, but they really brought that nasty side of Karen out in this episode). Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    But, it seems that Jim and Pam have found their way back to each other and I guess that’s good enough for me…

  543. Big Turkey, 655

    I think the look on Jim’s face is one of those “real” documentary moments. Wallace is describing the job to him and Jim is just listening. If it happened after he saw Pam’s note he’s probably lost in thought about what to do. Either way, I think the in-universe doc crew liked the look and decided to impose it over Pam’s final speech to show the parallels of how they’re both reacting to (possibly) not seeing each other ever again.

  544. 671 | phyllis*farm — “Either way, I think the in-universe doc crew liked the look and decided to impose it over Pam’s final speech to show the parallels of how they’re both reacting to (possibly) not seeing each other ever again.”

    Wow, great observation!! Thanks!

    I love Office Tally for this very reason… :)

  545. #671 phyllis*farm — Yeah, I agree with Big Turkey, excellent observation.

    #653 Sweet Pea — The “never give up” note that Tim gives to Dawn definitely parallels the “don’t forget us when you’re famous” note that Pam leaves for Jim in this episode. I’m sure that’s not coincidental. Also, in “Booze Cruise” Michael tells Jim to “never, ever give up” in his pursuit of Pam (“BFD…engaged ain’t married”) and it’s clear that this makes a big impression on Jim at the moment.

  546. Re #670: I did think Jim chose Pam not because of Karen showing her true colors, but because he realized he truly loves Pam, all along. He didn’t see Karen calling Pam the B word in front of the doc crew (totally uncalled for, Karen), nor did he see Karen gleefully smiling in Wallace’s office during Jan’s full-blown meltdown. He has always loved Pam, but set up this defensive wall to protect himself from getting hurt. Pam’s “Beach Games” speech weakened the foundations of those protective walls, and the events that transpired during the day just brought all those walls down, e.g. hearing the receptionist at corporate answer the phone, hearing David Wallace say that this job is for the long haul (and therefore would take him from Pam forever), and finally, the yogurt lid, which is (quoting from Booze Cruise Recaps) “the best kind of subtle reminder, for him and for us, of where they started and what they’ve shared. What they’ve kept. Of their friendship, and how much they just truly enjoy each other”. Jim didn’t choose Pam because Karen lost it. Jim chose Pam because it has always been Pam, for him, all along.

  547. People here say that they could understand Karen calling Pam a B, but, IMO, I don’t. If I found out that my boyfriend had feelings for another woman, and that the other woman had dropped hints as well that she had feelings for him, I would have had the good grace to step down. Even if the other girl didn’t like my boyfriend, I still would leave.

    Maybe it’s the Scottish in me, but I don’t want to be second best. And Karen should’ve ended a long time ago, only she continued to push Jim to be someone else to make up for his lack of love.

  548. 676-Mikaylee

    I completely agree. I lost all respect for Karen when she chose to stay with someone who straight up told her they had feelings for someone else. And not only did she stay with jim, she deliberately went out of her way to find ways to sabatoge jim/pam’s relationship (art show flyer!) in order for him to get closer to her. Honey if your that gorgeous and you have to work that hard to get someone to notice you more, take a hint. In the words of Kelly ” he’s just not that into you”

  549. May I just say that I have been trying to surf the web and I have nothing to do now that there are no more Office episodes. It seems as if life has lost all importance…..

    …that’s kind of pathetic isn’t it.

  550. I just saw a scene from sexual harrassment with Jan in it, and I am dissapointed at how the writers took a female character, one of the strongest and most forward females on tv, and turned her into an enhance bimbo who wants to stay home and wear stretch pants.

    What happened to all of the good female role models?

  551. I’m not a big Karen lover but I think some of us are being a little tough on her. She moved all the way to Scranton to be with Jim (at his encouragement) and when she finds out about his feelings for Pam she initiates a series of conversations with him to figure out how much of a threat this is. I doubt she had any idea at first how strong Pam and Jim’s friendship was or how much meaning that one kiss held for them. And, let’s not forget that Jim and Pam totally downplayed the importance of all of that to her as a result of their own denial…which further contributed to Karen being in the dark.

  552. Regarding Ryans possible position. Seems rather obvious, or am I missing something?

    BJ: “We are already hard at work writing the next season, which will be a very exciting one. Especially for Ryan, of course, who has risen quickly from temp to sexually-harassed salesman… to Michael’s boss.”


  553. That’s what she said #679
    Try not to be disappointment with Jan’s evolving character. She was a strong newly divorced executive woman and she focused on her job, but as she developed a relationship with Michael she changed. I think falling in love with Michael would make any woman change. Not so much for the better either. Michael once thought he’d be happy in a relationship with Jan, but the tables turned and now he hopes the boob job makes a difference. Love is a mystery.

  554. I happen to love the fact that Jan went the “dying star” route (haha–hence the name! I just knew when she said it that she would be walking down that path, and I couldn’t wait to see it)!

    I happen to think her strength was a facade, masking a sad and insecure person. Look at what she said in her dying star speech: “I am taking a calculated risk. What’s the upside? I overcome my nausea, fall deeply in love, babies, normalcy, no more self-loathing. Downside, I date Michael Scott publicly and collapse into myself like a dying star.”

    “…no more self-loathing…” Telling, no? And she was looking forward to “normalcy”, obviously she didn’t feel “normal”. I think it’s very interesting to see the walls come tumbling down. She’s a multi-dimensional character, unlike some of our other beloved office folks (ie, Creed, Meredith, even Kevin). While I love them and think they are very funny, I enjoy the character development of someone like Jan much more.

  555. I had mixed feelings about Jan’s character development as well — with the concern being more whether her batsh*t craziness was out of tone with this show (and being more like something you’d see on Arrested Developement — a great show, but one with a very distinct feel from The Office).

    On the other hand, I can see the “newly revealed” aspects of Jan as providing an explanation for why uptight, corporate Jan would’ve turned to Michael in the first place — a development which at the time seemed really surprising and, for me, hard to buy.

    And I did love the Dying Star speech. Is there a woman alive who hasn’t wondered why on earth she she can’t stop herself from being with someone wrong?

  556. #659 – I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I feel I am unhealthily obsessed with The Office. But really, how could I NOT be obsessed. It’s amazing!

    And I think I’ve realized something about Karen vs. Pam. Karen had this “gleeful smile” on her face when Jan was self-destructing in front of the CFO. Then she told Jim to not feel sorry for Jan when he expressed sympathy. That’s not cool! She did not feel for someone who was in a bad way.
    Pam on the other hand is a very caring person. She made a speech to cheer Michael up at the end of Grief Conseling. She let Angela discretely know that Dwight was ok after his injury, and she reached out to Karen in Benihana Christmas after Angela was mean to her. What a kind heart! That is one big reason she is perfect for Jim. (Remember Jim trying to cheer up Andy in product recall?)
    Karen you’re cool and all, but I’m sorry, it all worked out for the best.

  557. Karen/Stamford/Bitterness really brought out the mean in Jim. (Can’t even fist bump Flenderson? Jerk.) He only really began to come back in Product Recall. I’m looking forward to a happy Jim/Pam filled Season 4.

  558. Re #687: BenA

    Excellently put! In total agreement with you. I would also add to your excellent examples, Jim going up to stand by Michael’s side during “Email Surveillance” to sing karaoke with him, to bail Michael out of an embarassing situation, and also Pam sacrificing her own happiness to help Jim in his problem with Karen in “Back from Vacation”. Pam and Jim truly are similar in that they both have a big heart and are sensitive to other people’s feelings.

  559. Bales is right on point in comment 674. The reminders of Pam were all around, and the yogurt lid was the topper.

  560. Did anyone else notice that at the end when Dwigt puts the bobblehead of himself back on his desk it seems to be looking down, like it’s sad that Michael is back?

  561. #686:

    I can accept the idea that Jan is emotionally unstable, not as together as she appeared…I think that’s been clear for a while. But it’s too much of a stretch for me to believe she was slacking off at work, spending all her time shopping, etc. Based on her character development for most of the show, she always took her job very seriously. When David Wallace said she had been erratic “for the past two years,” that didn’t ring true for me. After all, the last time we saw Jan at work was in “The Negotiation,” where she dealt responsibly with Michael’s asking for a raise despite his immature behavior.

  562. Re #695: Good pickup! I rewatched the episode for the umpteenth time and noticed it too! Good work by director Ken Kwapis on the choice of camera angle on the bobble-head to use that as a surrogate for how Dwight must be feeling. Awww Dwight…your quest for absolute power in the paper industry will be successful one day…..until then, like Pam (your former secret assistant to the regional manager), you can hold your head up :)

  563. Jans fall from grace– I would think Josh leaving company for Staples instead of leading merged offices was a huge defeat for Jan. Any Executive would have been in trouble for a mess up like that.

  564. 700 posts for the episode! Is this a record, tanster? Anyway, it’s been mentioned countless times in this comments thread, but it bears repeating. Awesome, awesome finale to the season, with a pitch-perfect last few minutes, and yay for Pam and Jim! :)

  565. So I love how Jim is nervous, excited and shy after asking Pam out “then its a date” …all the pretense and humor stripped away. Very different than the slick, glib Jim we see with other women (remember how smooth he was stepping in and asking Katy out in Hot Girl? Then we cut to see Michael’s talking head about the key to being a ladies man is not letting anyone know you are one) Jim’s also been fairly glib with Karen (there are one too many people in Scranton… you mean Kevin?)

    Anyway, my brain spinning away, with too many more weeks to wait to S4.

  566. # 696-
    I agree with you that Wallace’s “this has been coming for 2 years” comment seemed a little out there. There have been indications that she’s got some personal issues but I’ve never gotten the feeling that those issues have bled into her work. Makes me wonder why Wallace didn’t take the opportunity to let her go in S2 when Michael told everyone they were sleeping together

  567. #699–

    Good point, smartone, but Wallace didn’t mention it. Also, that was earlier this season so it still doesn’t fit the “two years” timeframe.

  568. #698– Check previous officetally posts… Tanster’s kept us in the loop, and there is a link in the comments for a Stanley nickel!

    #701 — Your observaiton of Jim’s behavior made my heart jump again with excitement. It’s weird how it never gets old… (twss)

  569. On another note, I really want to design a t-shirt at with the Stanley Nickel on the front, the Schrute Buck on the back.
    A co-worker of my husband used to work for a guy named Duffy who handed out Duffy Dollars for a job well done. How funny is that?

  570. So, has anyone commented on Dwight chewing Big League Chew gum and spitting into Michael’s World’s Best Boss coffee mug?…

  571. Re: #701 Pam, Pam, Thank You M’am —

    My husband and I are in a friendly dispute over the comment that Jim seems relatively nervous and shy when he’s asking Pam out on a date. I think the main reason why he lingers on the word “then” is because he realizes that he’s finally about to announce, out loud for all the world to hear, the event that he’s been waiting so long and so impatiently for: an actual, NOT-“just friends” evening alone with Pam outside of the office. My husband, on the other hand, believes that Jim’s hesitancy comes mostly from his awareness of the camera…that, in fact, Jim would have been his normal confident self and probably would have said much more if the documentary crew hadn’t been so clearly filming every single moment of the exchange (in Casino Night and Beach Games, the camera is behind bushes or otherwise a bit hidden).

    So, what do you the rest of you think?

  572. #707- Pam-casso

    I think it’s awesome that you and your husband discuss this so intensely… I need someone who’s as into this show as I am!! (but that’s why I come to officetally :))

    Anyway, onto the subject at hand…. I think it might be both. I think he’s nervous because he’s not only announcing to Pam that it’s a date, but also to the camera. But I tend to agree with you more, because even in Casino Night, before the big ‘I love you’, he seemed nervous because he kept sort of pausing and stammering until he blurted it out. The biggie, though, is that he took SO long to tell Pam how he felt. He’s only confident with women that aren’t that important to him, it seems. The purse girls of the world…

    And I love the fact that he was nervous, whatever the reason for it…

  573. Re #701, 707, 708. I agree with you folks! Jim’s tense body language, lowered tone of voice, and hesitation in the form of “erm”, are all fairly clear indications of his nervousness. Why would he be nervous if it was just a platonic get-together? He’s probably anxious because it was an important moment for him, he doesn’t want to mess it up, and he’s afraid of rejection. Maybe the camera crew might have played some part in his reticence, but he could have waited until Pam’s interview was over. The fact he didn’t, suggests that the role of the camera crew was limited, at best. It’s always easy to be the bystander in these situations (haha!), so I can say that Jim’s nervousness and Pam’s stunned “yes” was so, so very cute :)

    And anyway, according to Chick’s Law, the more important a girl is to a guy, the more nervous a guy will be in asking her out to dinner. So this proves our point. Okay….that’s completely not what Chick’s Law is, but I thought I’d just throw that in there for prima facie effect :)

  574. I think Jim’s nervousness stemmed from the fact that he was finally going to get what he wanted. Unlike in Casino Night where he knew there was a very real chance she would deny him, he absolutely knew her feelings now. He knew this was the final step of the journey and all he had to do was take it. And sometimes that can be the hardest one. Especially with an interviewer, camera operator, and boom guy watching.

    And Chick’s Law? Nail on the head, my friend. Nail on the head…

  575. I just noticed that there were 13 people who voted “hated it” on the poll. Question:: Who are these people and where do they come from???

  576. #711 Big Turkey —

    Answer: Irrelevent. According to OT math, those 13 people who voted for “hated it” add up to 0% of the voting population.

  577. FREAKIN AWESOME…I just got back from a 2-week vacation and finally my wife and I were able to fire up the TiVO for “The Office” and LOST season finales.

    I’m not going to read through 700+ responses but holy craap Jim/Pam fans must have been going nuts.

    I guess we’re too late to the party but count us as another “Loved it” rating. My favorite part was probably Ryan’s acceptance of the new position…hilarious.

  578. Hi 30% Frontal Attack! It’s never too late to join the party! At least, I still have this wide, silly grin on my face and tears in my eyes whenever I think back to those wonderful last few minutes of the episode for Jim and Pam. And yes, the Ryan twist was absolutely terrific. Who saw it coming? Plus it opens up so many great story potentials for next season. Year 4 with our favorite Dunder-Mifflin folks can’t come soon enough!

  579. Ryan getting Jan’s job is totally believable. If he interviewed well enough and has an MBA he could get the job. The sales department and the corporate heads don’t necessarily correlate. Two different parts of the equation.

  580. Over at tanster’s Weekend Tally there’s an article about “beta males” that specifically says that Jim turned down a corporate promotion in the S3 finale. From the context of the comment it seems to come from one of the show’s writers. The thing is, though, in the finale we don’t actually see the job being offered to him…what we see is him more-or-less sabotaging his own chances by being distracted by Pam’s yogurt lid note and giving too-honest answers to the CFO’s questions. So, does this mean we’re supposed to assume that Jim was David Wallace’s first choice, and that Ryan only got the offer because Jim decided to stay in Scranton for Pam? Or, did I miss something?

  581. (Sorry about my last two attempts at posting-didn’t realize they were so badly typed)

    Great episode –but two things rubbed me wrong. As overjoyed as I am that Jim returned for Pam–I wonder how he left Karen high and dry without a ride home in NY. I also do not understand how David Wallace could have asked Karen what she thought about Michael “off the record” during an interview–that seemed very unprofessional to me.

  582. This is just my two cents about the Ryan/job discussion.

    I have a degree in business and at least at my college, it was stressed to students that if they were interested in pursuing an MBA after graduation, it would be best if they got a few years’ worth of work experience before entering the MBA program. The rationale was that the MBA program is based in real-world experience and it would be to our detriment to enter the program without first entering the workplace. Also, we were told that employers aren’t really interested in people who have a bunch of advanced degrees but no significant work experience.

    Maybe I’m overanalyzing this… but it just seems unlikely that Ryan would be the most qualified candidate (especially before Karen) for the job at corporate. He has been in the junior sales associate position for less than a year, and while he has an MBA, he has never made a sale. Ryan just seems like an unqualified candidate.

    Yeah, I need to spend more time studying and less time contemplating plot points of The Office.

  583. Just because Ryan has never made a sale doesn’t make him unequipped for the corporate job. Some people are just not salesmen (myself included) but that doesn’t mean they can’t succeed and excel in a higher-up position. Maybe corporate (and Wallace himself) want somebody fresh that they can mold into their ideal employee.

    And of the interviews we saw David probably wasn’t thrilled with Jim’s lack of commitment, Michael’s lack of intelligence, and Karen’s lack of, well…a penis.

    Now, I know that’s just sexist speculation on my part, but it is entirely possible. Maybe’s he’s afraid of “another Jan” regardless of how unfair that is.

    Whatever the case may be, MAN, do I love dissecting this show with you peeps!

  584. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a flashback at the beginning of S4 and we actually see Wallace offer the position to Jim (or Jim mentions it in a headshot).

    This is me guessing here, but I would imagine in S4 that we’ll see less of Jim’s advancement and more of Pam wanting to be more than a receptionist. Jim is over-qualified for his current position and eventually will have to move on, but it’s time for Pam to blossom.

    About Ryan: I think his promotion is believable given the immediate need and the competition. I also have my MBA and doors open as a result of education + experience. Considering we know his sharp, often dry persona, his drama-free, straight-forward interview was probably refreshing.

    (Talk about over-analyzing, LOL)

  585. #723 30% Frontal Attack —

    According to the “beta males” article, Jim was offered the job and turned it down. So, if that article can be believed, I think you’re prediction of either a flashback or a talking head could be pretty right-on.

    I have to admit that I want Jim to have been David Wallace’s first choice because it adds to the Pam-Jim romance storyline for Jim to have turned down a lucrative promotion to stay in Scranton. But, the writers have already linked Jim’s status in the corporate hierarchy with his geographic location vis-a-vis Pam twice before. First, in “Halloween,” when he decided not to go for a job in Maryland that paid much more and put him in proximity of soft shell crab (Jim’s favorite food). Then, went he wanted to get away from Pam, he accepted a promotion to the Stamford branch. So, I suppose I also want something a little fresher in this case.

    So, do I qualify for the “over-analyzer’s club” yet?? :-)

  586. I think Jim was offered the job. When Pam has her last TH they go to Jim who has a slight smirk on and is nodding his head in agreement. I think Wallace offered it and Jim declined after seeing the yogurt lid and realizing that not only the next ten years, but the next fifty years of his life should be spent with Pam. My prediction is that the show is going to go on for 6 seasons (3 more). I think the writers are going to slowly have Jim and Pam get together. Finale of Season 5: Jim proposes to Pam on a rooftop candlelight dinner with his famous grilled cheese sandwich. Series Finale: Jim and Pam’s wedding… Any thoughts?

  587. I just wanted to gush that “The Job” is, as of 1 o’clock p.m. PST on Monday, June 4, STILL number 1 on the iTunes Store’s “Top TV Episodes” list.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  588. About the Ryan getting the job argument…at first I was shocked that he got the job. My initial reaction was that there was no way that someone who has been in the company only a year would get Jan’s job, who was a corporate manager. Whether or not he was qualified, it was obvious at the end of the episode that he was given the job because he was the only one left to choose from. It seemed clear that Jim should have gotten the job, but that he turned it down. Perhaps Wallace’s question in the interview to Karen about Michael was a test. It showed that she did not support her boss and that she was not really a “team player.” We have to assume that no one else interviewed, and therefore Ryan was the only one left.

    It also would not have made sense for Karen to get the job, because as far as I know she will still be part of the show next year, and she needs to be the thorn in Jim and Pam’s relationship (if there is one), because the writers most likely will not have Jim and Pam have their happily ever after so early in the show.

  589. I actually don’t think Jim was offered the job. Besides the fact that Wallace liked him a lot before the interview, there really is no evidence for that. In fact, I’m confident, from what they showed, that Jim was not offered the job because he messed up the interview after being distracted by Pam’s note. I don’t think he meant to either; he just had his mind somewhere else. I’m sure Ryan gave a great interview the day before, and with his degree, Wallace felt he was the most qualified.

    Needless to say, I’m very excited for next season. I think the new Ryan-Michael dynamic has the potential to be some of the funniest stuff they’ve done. And that’s saying something. I also can’t wait to find out what happened with Jim and Karen in NY before he went back to Scranton.

  590. I think Wallace had the intention of giving him the job. He says when Jim is reading the note from Pam that the only person he is not going to like is Kendal, as if Jim would be working there with them. You can’t be sure whether Jim declined prior to Wallace asking or not.

  591. Has anyone considered that the job Ryan accepted was not the job at corporate, but a position elsewhere and it was set up to make us think he’d secretly applied? In my opinion, he got a job elsewhere and Karin was offered the position at corporate.

  592. No, by the producers own mouth, it is certain that Ryan now has Jan’s old job. He will be Michael’s boss next season. They are not THAT deceptive; the last scene was exactly what one would take it to be. Wallace telling Ryan he got Jan’s job.

  593. yes, 30% frontal attack, jam fans are going crazy. i can say that i myself am. in terms of season 4, this is what i think is going to happen:
    1) Karen comes back and gives jam a hard time, but then gives up and hopes them the best (she has to leave the show in real life anyways so that she can go work on her new show)
    2) Dwangela or Jichael will get pregnant (I personally want it to be dwangela, because you’d NEVER expect it from someone as strict and tightass as her)
    3) ryan will, well, make problems for michael. i don’t think that he will become extremely arrogant, but i do think that he’ll make michael feel like an idiot. i dont know…i need help elaborating on this one
    4) jam will have a solid relationship throughout the season. . .so far i think that the show has been very focused on reality, NOT romance, because if it was focused on romance than jam would have been together much earlier. personally, i need some relief from all the jam stress in seasons 2 and 3 aand let some romance kick in. reality can strike dwangela or jichael, but i really want more romance with jam. in other words, i think that the stressful reality of romance should shift away from jam and toward dwangela or jichael.

    well yeah that just me. . . i CANT WAIT!!!

  594. Okay, I have had one question from the season finale, where Pam refers to herself and Jim, and how they never got the timing right. She says he rejected her and then he did the same back.

    When did HE reject HER? There isn’t anything big that sticks out in my mind, except for in “The Merger” where she asks him out for coffee, and he says no. Let me know if I missed something! This has been bugging me!

  595. I love how pam sounds exactly like jim when she is going along with dwight. She is amazing

  596. Re: #734. I think Pam was referring to “Beach Games”, when her speech effectively amounted to her declaration of her true feelings for Jim. When Jim said to her that her friendship would always mean a lot to him (as alluded to in the finale by Pam), I took it as Jim saying “I can’t be with you right now”, which Pam would definitely have picked up, seeing how she’s always sensitive and perceptive to underlying meanings behind words. I don’t think Pam expected Jim to become her boyfriend as a result of her speech (and she said so as much, in the stutter “I’m not…” during her speech). Making the speech was more for herself; the “rejection” by Jim was expected, and what she hoped for was just that things won’t be weird between them, that she could have her friend back.

  597. Actually, I do think Pam was referring to The Merger when she said “He did the same to me.” She asked him to coffee, which for Pam who had just gotten out of a 9 year relationship, that was a big step. Him saying he couldn’t, and then telling her later that he was seeing someone, was definitely a turn-down.

  598. Okay, thanks bales and BenA. It was probably a combination of the two. Yay Jam!

  599. BenA: I think you’re right. “The Merger” is a much stronger case of Jim rejecting Pam than “Beach Games”. Haha, my short attention span means I didn’t bother to look at anything beyond the last two episodes. Thanks for the correction, and thanks also to PamBamBoBam for bringing this up.

  600. Just watched “Beach Games” and “The Job” again and had a thought. Maybe Toby had something to do with Ryan getting the job at corporate. Toby hated listening to Ryan and Kelly all day, he doesn’t like Michael and then Michael wouldn’t let him go to the beach. Maybe that was the last straw and the letter Toby was mailing when he was left alone in the office was a recommendation letter for Ryan. If Ryan got the job, Toby wouldn’t have to listen to Ryan and Kelly anymore and he would get back at Michael in a big way!

  601. I think that they might have some kind of thing where Pam is leaving for her date all excited or somehow they could get hidden cameras into the restaurant or whatever, because they cameras sometimes are personal.

  602. You know, I think the primary aim of that scene of Toby in Beach Games was just to show the empty office; Toby is having a boring time while everyone else is out having fun at the beach. I don’t really think there was anything to the letter Toby had; it was probably just a prop. I would be surprised if Toby helped Ryan get the job.

    Oh, and Jen, I would also love to see footage of that date too, but something tells me they’ll just skip ahead to “real time,” as in September, and explain it in a talking head.

  603. I don’t think Jim and Pam will ever officially get together and if they do it will be rocky/won’t last. The anticipation and tension of the two of them getting together will be so much more interesting than if they actually were. Its the same reason why scully and whats-his-face never stayed together on Xfiles…. and I kind of like karen. She likes jim for all the same reasons as pam…but she was upfront about it.

  604. i don’t think they’ll show the date, and i don’t think they’ll last either. i think pam will do a talking head about how they decided to “take it slow” or just “remain friends”, especially if karen is still there. i think maybe karen will leave but will have to stay till the end of the quarter (aka october), adding extra tension. but i think they will get together either at the end of this season or in the 5th; the tension makes the show and i’m glad we’re seeing something new with jam (just as long as karen’s gone, i’m happy!)

  605. I’m sad to admit it, but I’m inclide to agree with Sara. Look at the Netflix teaser – “Jim and Pam navigating a tentative romance.” Tension keeps the show fresh. My guess is that Jim and Pam decide to take things slow, but can’t quite make it over the next hurdle (whatever that is).

    That said, I predict that we should brace ourselves for a Jam prank “rein of terror” on Dwight & Andy as Jim and Pam try to find a balance in their relationship.

  606. Well its obviously not going to be a happily ever after scenerio in only season 4. But I think they’ll be dating, just taking it fairly slow. Pretty much the same situation as season 2, but without Roy.

  607. i really don’t think that when the show starts in september jim or pam will do a talking head explaining why they decided to “just be friends”. that would be two real seasons of build-up for nothing! and i think angela will get pregnant… can’t wait till season 4! go jam!

  608. Taylor — I don’t think that S4 will start with a Jim or Pam talking head saying that they decided to take it slow. Instead, I think we will see a lot of ackward moments between the two of them as they try to balance work and relationship time (esp. with Karen still around). My guess is that this ackwardness will carry on for a good amount of the season. I don’t think we’ll get a “just friends” talking head, but instead there will be an unsaid/alluded to cooling off period.

  609. To me, the first show doesn’t need a recap of Jim and Pam’s blossoming relationship. I would love to see Pam working on her art, and how it has changed from “motel art” to something amazing since she started becoming more honest with herself.

    I would also love for the cold open to be Kelly going nuclear in a talking head about Ryan.

  610. I seriously doubt that Jim would dump karen and straight out ask Pam to go on a date if they weren’t going to date in S4. I think S4 is going to at least take place a month after, and they will be dating for that amount of time.

    R.I.P Karen… you had a good run :)

  611. ok change of mind in lieu of recent spoilers – jim & pam are going out but are trying to keep it under wraps because karen is still there. they ARE taking it slow though. i mean, they have been waiting 3+ years to do this. i don’t think they would want to ruin it, and i also think that they have yet to figure out a lot of things with each other (romantically, i mean). regardless of that, they’re taking a “step up”. that’s enough jammy goodness for me!

    kelly’s definitely going haywire. i bet she’ll like, stalk ryan at corporate or something. and i doubt angela will get pregnant; that would just be weird. but that’s what they’re relationship ship is all about … i think jan will be the one getting knocked up. can you imagine that? oh goodness season 4, premier already!

  612. “Why is my office black?”
    “To intimidate my subordinates.”

    gotta love Dwight

  613. I know this aired ten-weeks ago, but having just discovered this site need to comment:

    1. moved with Jim when Stamford closed after only knowing him for A MONTH (!)
    2. insisted on moving with Jim to New York
    3. was often forceful and pushy
    4. made Jim feel he needed to change himself for her
    5. called Pam a bitch – in the office – to the crew
    6. pranks with her weren’t as fun or funny (note the dinner party prank)
    7. said Pam was ‘in the way’ and that he needed to abandon her for them
    8. laughed at Jan’s implosion

    Conclusion? Jim’s Christmas party acknowledgment of his ‘rebound’ relationship with Karen was not quite as ‘fun’ as he initially thought it’d be and realized she was not for him, and leaving her was best. Considering the realism in the writing a healthy guy would run from such a relationship once seen.

  614. My friends at blockbuster were able to rent the last disc of season 3 before it comes out. and the blooper reel is hilarious. But one thing we do know through a deleted scene is that Jan did move into Michael’s condo.

  615. the first episode of season 4 will take place two months after the last episode of season 3. at least from what i heard. but its gonna be greaat! i cant wait!

  616. Did anyone notice in the deleted scenes of The Job that when Michael is talking about his apartment in Jamaica, Queens, he says his roommate is a “B.J. Chokalingham”? That of course refers to B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling’s real last name.

  617. hi Callan, I didn’t know that. Great pickup! Writers put in references like these all the time. So cool that you saw it, and thanks so much for sharing!

  618. #745:

    And don’t forget that Karen wanted to keep escalating the “party wars” in ‘Benihana Christmas’. It was Pam who reconciled the office family by reachking out to Angela.

    Karen was beautiful and smart. But she was also cold and hard – and totally inappropriate for Jim.

  619. Can anyone help me out, here? I’ve only recently discovered this marvelous show, and am trying to catch up on over three seasons of fairly complex relationship history.

    In her TH near the end of ‘The Job’, when Pam is trying to convince the camera crew that she’s fine with Jim leaving, she says that she shot him down and later he did the same to her. Now, I know when she rejected him (in the flashback scene in ‘Gay Witch Hunt’). But when did Jim reject her? Or was it implied by his relationship with Karen?

  620. Who needs a quote, when Pam’s face spoke volumes at the end of Season 3? Seeing her elated and tearing up at the same time is priceless.

    Bravo Jenna!!!!

  621. “Jim didn’t choose Pam because Karen lost it. Jim chose Pam because it has always been Pam, for him, all along.”

    This strikes me as exactly right. He never cared as much for Karen as he did for Pam. As he told Michael in “Benihana Christmas” (in an ellipitical way), she was a rebound girl while he thought about the one who broke his heart. For me the telling detail that doomed Karen was that he never told her about him and Pam! If she really was the one they would have discussed that even before moving back to Scranton. Karen tried to hold onto him with the five late night talks, but she never stood a chance.

  622. “I find it offensive. Au naturalle, baby. That’s how I like ’em. Swing low, sweet chariots.”

    Without a doubt, my all time favorite Creed quote.

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