1. what the heck will i do on Thursdays til September?!?!?! :( I just bought the book, “Then We Came To An End”…its somewhat Officeish, from what the reviews I’ve read have said. …but What will I do after that? *le sigh*

    can’t wait til 8, though! ;)

  2. Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost over. I don’t wanna wait until Septemberrrr!

  3. I can’t watch The Office until Monday, if not Tuesday and I will be literally hurting myself so as not to spoil myself (which I always do, but am really not going to).
    The reason I am not making any sense is, can you [Tanster] make a copy of the trasncript available later for us international fans.
    I would love to hear what BJ and Greg Daniels have to say.
    THANKS. Happy Office Thursday!

  4. wow..i looked at the nbc blog a couple minutes ago and there were less than 100 comments, and now there are like 225

  5. I can’t get a comment in…it keeps timing out.


    *hugs* Great finale!!!

  6. The glow on Pam’s face after Jim asked her out was worth every minute I waited this year.

    We love you Pammy… and get well quickly.

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