1. that was funny, but jeez… bit of a downer!! it made me sad :[ i don’t like it when the office makes me sad. but OMG THAT WEDDING PROMO AT THE END…. I CRIED.

  2. Best episode in a LONG while! I laughed out loud alot and uncontrollably often. The best scene was the next to last, with the mugs and the great camaraderie. Much better than that episode where Jim changes the birthday celebrations.

    Also, Jim’s office is a new construction, yes? Pretty official.

  3. Wow, definitely one of my favorites since season 3, definitely on the level of those classic episodes. All gauges were firing tonight, really re-established my love for the office.

  4. not as funny as the first two this season but still good. dwight’s speech to rally the troops was fantastic.

  5. Best episode of the season. Had a mix of season one realism and pessimism and season four and five craziness. Different, but good. This whole entire season has been different, but really good. I loved season five but this is better.

  6. I agree that this was one of my least favorite episodes of the series. Everyone was so negative and it just didn’t feel like comedy. But the wedding promo at the end, OMG UNBELIEVABLE. I almost lost it. Can’t wait.

  7. I liked it…And I like that they built a new office for Jim…But my mom is convinced that it’s always been there.

    As much as I am against the JAM wedding, I really did like that wedding promo. It made me happy :)

  8. ugh. not good.

    i went into it thinking ‘okay, this will be another ‘story-arc’ episode, where this conflict will be resolved with a shift in the co-manager situation’.

    not ONLY did they leave it unresolved, but it was just upsetting and the Dwight thing was maybe mildly amusing. despite a few cute lines, least favorite episode in a while.

  9. What a depressing episode!
    Step down Jim! Jerk Jim is back!

    Definitely one of the worst episodes EVER.

  10. I appreciate the writers moving towards more office-related storylines as opposed to the relationship stories from seasons 4 and 5 but come on. It needs to have a lot more laughs than that.

  11. I liked the episode. I know it wasn’t the funniest or the best episode ever, but I thought it was great. And, yeah, I cried watching the wedding promo !!

  12. I’m really not liking the new interactions between characters. It seems like the new episodes haven’t really explored the other characters (we have hardly seen Erin and Andy!).

    I was more sad this episode than happy I think!

    I really, really hope they find their groove!

  13. That wedding promo at the end had me in tears. Oh wow…wow. I cannot wait for next week.
    But besides that making my day, this episode was really good, it felt very real. Not lovin’ Jim’s office though

  14. I agree with ThirstySchruteBaby. This episode was simply awful. Pointless arguments polluted its majority. They could have simply shown the last three minutes and it would’ve sufficed. So far this co-manager plot line is doing nothing but creating unnecessary confusion.

    I’m really hoping this wedding episode will be a step in the right direction.

  15. After seeing that promo for next week, i don’t even remember what this episode was about.

  16. I didn’t like how it felt kind of unresolved. I was waiting for them to say they’d give everyone a small bonus and Jim and Pam to make up or something.

    But I love the awkward part where Jim ‘rewinds’ and Michael goes “good one!” or something like that.
    Plus that promo for the wedding at the end was so sweet when he says “I knew I was waiting for my wife.”

  17. With the exception of a few scenes (notably Michael’s gift to Jim), I didn’t enjoy this episode too much. However, that promo at the end made up for the whole thing. Instant, projectile tears. Still tearing up ten minutes later, just thinking about it. Next week can’t come soon enough; I’ve never anticipated bawling my eyes out so eagerly in my life!

  18. I’d like to remind people who think this episode was too “depressing” to go watch season 1 and 2, this was just realistic, so happy the writers are keeping the stories “office” related. And this story line just made sense, workers would be confused over two bosses and would be angry over getting screwed out of a raise. This was the best episode in a long while.

  19. I thought it was okay, definitely not my favorite. As for the wedding promo, did anyone else notice that Kevin has HAIR???

  20. Hey you guys, the wedding promo that aired at the end of the episode — is it a new one from what we’ve already seen?

  21. Yes, Tanster, it is definitely new! With actual spoiler footage…!

    [from tanster: oh boy oh boy oh boy! can’t wait to see it!]

  22. tanster- it’s NEW! LOTS of new footage! AMAZING!

    and fearedandloved i did see the hair!

  23. Nope, the promo was new footage of Jim’s toast at their rehearsal. I bawled my freaking eyes out at Pam’s face at the end. Then went back and rewatched it and bawled again. I cannot WAIT.

  24. #8 It came from WB Jones Construction. :)

    Good episode not great. “What does a bean mean!?” LOL!

    The promo got me all emotional and excited.

  25. I didn’t like it very much. I mean, I know that Jim is being kind of a jerk, but it made me sad that they were all yelling at him and even Pam was a bit upset! :(

    On the flipside, the promo almost brought me to tears. October 8th, please come quickly!!!

  26. Good episode. I did find it weird seeing Jim not near Pam after so many years. A bit of a bumpy start for the team of Jim and Michael but I was glad to see them coming together in the end. Hopefully it gets easier for them when tough decisions come around.

  27. Worst episode ever! And what was up with Pam literally buying into Ryan’s scheme at the end?!? She gave him $50, and went behind Jim’s back to do it! This show was great when it was realistic. This entire episode had Jim as a zany, retarded jerk. Pam is apparently turning into Ryan’s second Kelly. But it’s ok because there was a wedding promo at the end? JAM needs to make a comeback. Their storylines revolve around romance and/or tension- no more fun, no more pranks.

  28. I don’t think this was the best episode (they’re saving that for next week) but I think it was realistic and necessary. It was more of a move-along-the-plot kind of episode. Although Jim’s new office kept throwing me off… I’m so used to the normal layout that it kept catching me off guard! What used to be there–filing cabinets?

  29. I felt like they had trouble getting laughs out of this storyline while still keeping it realistic. But in the end, I do prefer that they at least maintained their dignity instead of just making it stupid and wacky, even if I didn’t laugh as much as last week. I’d rather not laugh a lot than be saying to myself “this is so stupid”. There were still some laughs and the ending was really nice.

  30. So apparently I’m in the minority but I really liked this episode. It’s gonna be awhile before I get used to Jim’s new office though :P.

    Unfortunately, I missed the new promo :(. I went out to the kitchen to get a snack and I come back to see the end of Jim toasting Pam. Gah! I can’t believe I missed it. Hopefully it’ll be posted on the internet soon *crosses fingers*.

    [from tanster: posted now on officetally front page. :) ]

  31. I figure people won’t rate this show as high…not many huge laughs but a solid move along the plot episode introducing conflict that can be blown off later with bigger comedy. (like Michael Scott Paper Company storyline last year) Not a great individual episode compared to others, but solid and obviously next week is the key episode anyways in terms of the early season.

  32. While not the most hilarious, this episode holds up to the legacy of the British Office. Quality character writing. An episode like this distinguishes the Office from being something more than just another sitcom.

  33. This was a really good episode! It was depressing watching Jim be so bossy and mean to Michael, but that was kind of expected. Oscar really nailed the thoughts a lot of fans had last week about it not being realistic for there to be two managers-hence the negative tone of the episode. This episode is almost a book end to the conversation between Michael and Jim after Jim made everyone mad by having one universal birthday party. In that episode, Michael basically said he’s made all the mistakes as manager and hinted Jim would too. Tonight Jim made everyone unhappy again but Michael saved the day with the mug. Michael seemed relieved to share the burden with someone and now appreciates Jim is there to share the hard parts of the job. Hopefully Jim might now see why Michael does what he does sometimes and that Michael has some redeeming management skills. I think the depressing aspect of the show will now fade away.

  34. Best episode in Season 6 so far!
    I love the analogies Dwight made with history, like “Kevin Jefferson was distracted by a butterfly.” And the whole pro and con list thing. And “What does a bean mean??”

    the only bad part was that they ended it weakly!!

  35. I can’t believe how many people are commenting on the promo at the end and not the episode they just watched! Come on people! Quit trying to limit this show to only cutesy Jim and Pam stuff. Also, regarding this episode being “depressing”… This show started out as a show about awkward, mistake-prone, grumpy people working in an office. That’s what it is. This episode brought back the original formula and I personally LOVED IT.

  36. Maybe my least favorite episode of the show ever.

    I know television isn’t reality, but I can’t fathom that Jim would be so dumb as to only give raises to the salespeople and go ahead and announce it to everyone at once. That wouldn’t happen, anywhere. After that, the entire thing just dragged.

    Oh well. Not every episode will be amazing. Just a blip in the grand scheme of things. I want to see more of the secondary characters — more Andy, please.

  37. So, apparently the comment font is all screwy…fyi OfficeTally people. But this episode was absolutely GREAT. Truly a classic Office episode from before the show became a lovefest.

    Speaking of which, the wedding episode looks like it won’t disappoint.

  38. Let’s play Jim for a minute:

    Pro’s, Moved the plot forward well, Jim really grew in this episode (no longer the clean can-do-no-wrong chap, being the boss means conflict), some new classic funny Office lines, I think a VERY well written episode – the best so far this season.

    Cons: To me, there were several scenes that really looked acted and not natural, a darker comedy not typical in the standard offering.

    Conclusion: Forget strategic thinking and go with the gut – good show (8)!

    ps – the staff talking heads, why was Creed standing? It was weird that the camera was exaggerating him above everyone like he was some sort of religious leader and the staff was his flock.

  39. Great episode! Did you see that awesome The Office wedding promo when The Office ended?

  40. It began with me hating the episode, and ending with me feeling much, much better about everything. I’m still not sure this co-manager thing was such a great idea, but maybe it will work out.
    Side note – I miss independent Pam we saw in season three. Why can’t she be funny by herself anymore? Also, I would really like the chance to flesh out Ellie’s character more. Erin only gets a couple of small lines in each episode and I really don’t feel like she’s a strong part of the cast yet because she’s such a miniscule part of each episode. I think Toby was the only one less noticeable. I want to see more Erin!

    Otherwise, a solid 7 out of ten. Pretty good. My favorite line: Jim… James … Jimothy?

  41. Now THAT was a funny episode!!!!

    I didn’t like the premiere, but last week and this week was awesome!!!

    And the promo at the end! Awww!!!!

  42. I thought this was a good, solid episode. I don’t know about other people, but I’ve worked at places where sales staff were treated very differently than everyone else. But I think the thing was that Jim was frustrated with Michael, and instead of making a well thought out decision, he acted rashly. It was hilarious watching him “rewind” and the look on Pam’s face – priceless. I thought the whole message – about people being willing to grumble but not actually take any action, was very true of places I’ve worked. Oh, and the Creed and Meredith exchange was fantastic!

  43. What’s the wedding promo people are talking about? My OFFICE ended with Pam’s talking head and went right into COMMUNITY. Oh no.

    One of my least favorite episodes of the entire series. You can’t win ’em all I guess.

  44. Three things:
    Where did Jim’s office come from?!
    I think the group talking head was my favorite part of tonight’s show.
    Is it weird that Jim was making me sort of uncomfortable? He was all… bossy….

  45. This episode was just too far from reality. Funny, sure. But just way off base. Jim can’t possibly be so inept as to give salespeople (who earn commissions!) raises and no one else and then announce it! Come on! Sure, in S4 he showed iffy managerial skills with the whole birthday celebration snafu, but this displayed him as a worse manager than Michael. To which I say, really? Come on! The best part was Pam falling for Ryan’s scam.

  46. FYI — The song in the wedding promo at the end of tonight’s episode was Daniel Powter “Love You Lately”

  47. An okay episode to me. Small thing but I almost choked when Michael called Jim ‘Jimithy’

  48. Great episode, I just don’t think I like “serious” Jim. “What does the bean mean?” I loved Kevin getting loud. Best parts, everyone had parts and Michael giving Jim a World’s Best Boss mug w/ Gin. One week to go, stock up your tissues now!

  49. Surprisingly… realistic. Just the way Jim handled things, and the emotions he went through were exactly what I’d expect from him in this new situation.

  50. This episode was great! Season 6 has been doing a really good job so far of keeping that classic ‘Office’ feel.

  51. Please tell me someone will get a screen shot of Pam’s expression after she says the bit about “Mrs. Pam Halpert”. Adorable.

    Not gonna lie, whenever they panned over to Jim’s new office, all I could do was think “Wait, what was there before? What was THERE?”

  52. The best and funniest episode so far this season. The cold open was classic. It also focused on one of my favorite dynamics: Jim/Michael.

    The wedding promo was also lovely. I cannot wait for next week!

  53. I have to admit, I always get an icky feeling in my tummy during episodes, when Jim is struggling with work eg. Dinner Party

    Some good one-liners, I need to re-watch it to appreciate them all :)

    It was a good episode, as always, but not one of my favourites.

    Anyway, I’m off to buy stock in Kleenex because…. next week people! It’s happening!!!!!!

  54. Very good episode. It was well-written, well-acted and funny. I can’t understand why there has been so much negative feedback for this episode. I thought it was great. Had a Season 1 or 2 feel to it. P.S. We need more Erin!!!

  55. hahaha. Is it sad that in one shot of Jim in his office, I saw the ultrasound of the baby taped to the picture frame, I squealed?

  56. By far the worst so far. The episode had little humor and no plot resolution at all. We never found out who got the raises! It just ended abruptly. Though it was a necessary episode, it could have been a whole lot better. Michael giving Jim the mug at the end was pretty great however. 6/10

  57. I liked the beginning part of the show with the dialogue between Michael and Jim but it all spiraled downhill for me after Jim announced his pay raise idea to the staff.

  58. This episode made me feel kind of uncomfortable, but I see why it was needed to move the plot of the general season along. I know Jim has grown as a character and he isn’t quite that same guy who used to put staplers in Jell-o, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss him.

    Also, I really need more Andy in my life. So all in all, I give the episode a 7.

    In other news, that preview for next week’s episode made me tear up…I’m going to be a total mess next week!

  59. I was so surprised by this episode…it just made my top five.
    I actually really like it when Jim and Michael come together like that. It was funny, but not unrealistic, and some of the remarks made made me laugh so hard I seriously had tears in my eyes. “WHAT DOES THE BEAN MEAN?”
    So funny.

    Great, great episode. I didn’t think Jim would be a great co-manager…but he’s actually got some good ideas. He’s smarter, and better qualified for the job than I realized.

    And, come on, Jim was NOT being bossy or mean at all. He was just being smart, being practical. Jim’s not mean or bossy at all by nature.

    Best moment: “OMG! Mrs. Pam Halpert!”
    Jenna’s so cute. (:

  60. Jim’s new office used to be the annex. I’ll have to watch again and look more closely, though, because I don’t remember seeing where they placed Toby, Kelly and Ryan.

    I definitely think Jim is experiencing a learning curve here, making him at times even less effective than Michael. I’m still not sure about this plotline, but I really thought it was nice how Michael acknowledged that he appreciates not having to carry all the burden. I think (or hope) it will smooth over after the honeymoon.

  61. I actually quite enjoyed this episode. I loved the beginning with Dwight and Jim. The picture of Toby on the table made me laugh out loud. Just wish they would have had some closure on the whole raise thing. Other than that, good not great episode. More like a season 2 episode. Which is always a good thing.

  62. This feels like part two of Survivor Man (the part that takes place inside the office). The first half of the episode had me feeling like Jim was the new Toby. The second half of the episode was great because of the Michael/Jim dynamic. Michael giving Jim the mug with booze was great and symbolic of camaraderie between the two.

    It seems that the focus of this season will be the growth and transition of Jim from being the prankster that everyone loves to leader that everyone has a complaint about. The episode was solid but not the funniest. My favorite parts were the group talking head, Mrs. Pam Halpert, and all parts where Dwight is trying to start an office revolution to overthrow Jim.

  63. I think, it was probably a good episode, but I’ve been waiting for the wedding for so long it just… died.

    I didn’t like how Pam saw the beans and was like, “…Jim?”
    It made me sad inside. D:

    …Plus, Jim really needs to just get a frame for the ultrasound already. I mean, tape is cute, but…

    Favorite scene: Definitely Pam staring at the doughnut.

  64. Favorite moments:
    1) Jimothy – so funny I nearly choked
    2) heart on
    3) Michael’s drawing of Toby’s face
    4) Michael giving Jim a World’s Best Boss mug

  65. Disappointing. When the highlight of the episode is the commercial for the next episode, you’re in trouble. I loved the cold open, “Jimothy,” “Mrs. Pam Halpert” and “I made it bigger so you could see it.” Didn’t like Pam hinting that she didn’t want anyone from the office to come to her wedding last week but this week trying to squeeze money out of them, too much anger with no resolution, everyone came across as a little mean-spirited. I didn’t outright hate it, but it was a big letdown after the last two weeks. I have no doubt this will be the lowest rated episode this year, just like next week’s will no doubt be the highest rated episode this year.

  66. What do you guys think Kelly had in her bags? When she walked in and Jim was announcing the raises, she had some gift bags in her hands and put them down.

    I thought for sure they were presents for Jim and Pam’s wedding, but she didn’t mention anything about them. Maybe it’ll be a deleted scene :-)

  67. I enjoyed this episode, i even sorta, kinda appreciated how they left the end open.

    i don’t actually think anybody was being unrealistic, personally.

  68. I’m sorry…I have bad hearing. I rewound 4 times and still didn’t catch it. What did Michael say was in the coffee cup?

    I love old Dwight so this episode had it for me. I hate when Jim is Michael-cringe-worthy but he’s a rookie manager so that is to be expected.

  69. Jim was way better when he didn’t care about his job and all he wanted to do was pull pranks on Dwight.

  70. I’m sorry but this episode was awful. It wasn’t funny & no resolution to the raise dilemma. I think next week will make up for this week’s episode :)

  71. My favorite episode of the season. It was laugh out loud funny (I’m looking at you Creed). The cold opening was hilarious too.

    I really don’t understand why everyone is calling this episode “depressing”, other than the fact that Jim was kind of a bad guy in it.

    Like others have pointed out, the first two seasons had some pretty dark/negative moments, and there’s not one character on the show that isn’t flawed, including Jim. That’s what makes me love them so much, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  72. So Jim’s office is where Creed’s desk used to be – that back corner. So either they made a new cluster of Creed, Ryan and Meredith or Creed took Ryan’s spot so Ryan is back in the annex (aka BJ is in the writing room)…

    That’s my theory…

  73. i was so happy they mentioned Crate and Barrel! I work there! anyhoo.. i believe that jim’s office is right where creed/devin worked. hope that helps!

  74. It looks like the Meredith and Creed desk-clumps were moved closer to accounting and Jim’s office magically appeared where Creed’s desk used to be.

  75. tanster, i think it’s where creed/devon’s desks are on the blueprints. creed is now at ryan’s old desk. and they built an office for jim in a recession apparently?

  76. I loved this episode. Granted, it had a bit of an unsolved ending, but I think it was a great “funny episode” to showcase Jim adjusting to sharing a management position with Michael, as well as Michael’s childish reactions to Jim’s attempt at being a civilized manager.

    The Office is great because it has that balance of serious episodes like The Meeting, followed by episodes like this one.

  77. Gotta say I loved this one. Nothing brings people closer together than being everyone’s common enemies!

    Pam talking about needing to lose weight and then biting into a donut was so true to life that I think I saw it happen today in my own office break room.

    I can’t quite figure out where Jim’s office is. Andy used to be in that back corner so I think he has that spot walled off plus a bit off Creed’s space since Meredith and Creed face each other and have less room.

  78. Tanster, I’ve been looking at these blueprints for a pathetically long time and I can’t seem to figure out what’s going on here!

    This clip clearly shows its geography: link

    On another note, this year the Office promo-makers are borrowing a lot from third season Jim/Pam promos- take a look: link

  79. Tanster, Jim’s new office has a window and a column, so I guess, in the blue prints, it would be located where Creed and Devin used to sit. Creed now sits next to Meredith(Hey why haven’t we ever… we have), where Ryan used to sit. Ryan is somewhere in the annex. I don’t know how to upload pictures here, so I uploaded it to officetally’s the facebook page.

  80. Maybe I’m the only one, but I have enjoyed the feel of this season. More of the awkwardness is back and that’s a good thing. I’m actually scared for the wedding episode. It’ll no doubt get good ratings being the wedding episode.

    The Jim/Pam relationship has always been a main point, but it’s a documentary about an office and the relationships in it. However, I was worried when they started dating and the writers played that off well so I have faith.

    Maybe the last few episode had a darker tone so that they could go out and give the mainstream wedding episode that everyone is clamoring for. I’m hoping for a good one!

  81. I feel the same way about this episode as I did about Conflict Resolution- fighting and arguing for a straight half hour just makes me uncomfortable and sad. It had its funny moments (Jimothy) but it was one of two episodes I didn’t like. I’m sure next week will make up for it though!

  82. Very good episode. Took me 10 Minutes to figure out they turned an office into where Devon/Martin Nash sat. I liked it, but I think I still like Gossip the best out of these three so far. That’s going to change next week however lol

  83. I think it was a great episode and had good development. This is starting to feel like the old office where the emphasis is on the office workings and is very awkward. Personally the only thing I didn’t like was that the episode sort of didn’t have an ending but I don’t mind that. Also, all the story lines worked really well, like one of my favorite moments was Phyllis talking to Pam about the wedding. Kelly saying ‘what about ryan’s car?’ has me in stitches. Really great episode.

  84. I am surprised there are any good reviews for this episode. I have never been so disappointed. I think it is the worst episode they ever made in any season. I don’t think there was one time I laughed or even cracked a smile and I love the Office. The funniest show on TV. Like everyone else, I couldn’t figure out where jim’s office was located and surprised no one mentioned it either throughout the whole episode.

    To the lady wondering what Michael put in Jim’s cup, he said Gin.

  85. I think the thing that bugs me the most about this story arc is Michael’s anger/jealousy/resentment toward Jim because in actuality, this is Michael’s fault. If he just kept his mouth shut, he’d be in a higher managerial position, while Jim would be the Regional Manager. There would be no need for sharing responsibilities or competition. It’s annoying.

    And also, if Charles Miner comes back this season, I wonder what he’ll say about Jim’s new position?

  86. Loved Pam’s talking head with Kevin’s check. I admit I got a little misty-eyed.

    I’ve read a lot of comments about Jim being jerky, but I have to disagree. I think that he is trying to step up, be more mature… BE A BOSS.

    Now Dwight on the other hand, he annoyed the crap out of me in this episode. He just seemed too over the top.

    Btw, what ended up being the decision about the raises???

  87. Predictable episode, with some really funny lines (especially Kelly).

    Jim gets knocked down a peg or two after being promoted showing he has alot to learn being a manager.

    Too bad there was not a better “challenge” than how to distribute the bonus money.

    Here, eager Jim pulls a Michael Scott and blurts out his solution angering the Office.

    Predictable that Jim gets knocked down a peg after being promoted. The writers like showing Jim not succeeding, which is effective in spots.

    What might have been more interesting is showing Jim make the correct decision about bonuses, and the dynamic that happens with Michael.

  88. I liked this episode for all the reasons others didn’t: dark humor, unresolved conflict, Jim as a bad guy. Felt very old school (even if I hated Kelly’s talking head) and that’s awesome. Plus, not all conflicts get resolved by 5 o’clock, even if 1.5% to everyone seems pretty bloody obvious.

    Yes, Jim’s office is definitely where Creed and Devon used to sit.

    Love the new banner!

    [from tanster: thanks! courtesy of Awesome Allison.]

  89. Regarding Jim’s missteps in this episode:

    We don’t cheer the sun for coming up every morning, because it doesn’t have to overcome any obstacles to do so. We don’t cheer as much for the sports stars with the best equipment and sponsors as we do for the struggling underdogs. In other words, if everything were easy for Jim and he never made any mistakes, his eventual successes (which I’m sure will come) wouldn’t be all that impressive. I’m going to give the writers the benefit of the doubt and trust that this episode was just part of a MUCH larger arc.

  90. Didn’t care for it for two main reasons:

    1. Giving everyone an equal raise would be the obvious solution to nearly anyone, especially Jim. The rest of that “difficult decision” made Jim look as inept as Michael.

    2. Pam has enough manners to know that asking for money as a wedding gift is the most egregious of etiquette sins.

    But the pie chart was perfection.

  91. the funniest was when michael was making fun of jim. i seriously could not stop laughing. crusty eyes. when he mentioned his pores i lost it.

    also it was great that dwight failed miserably at getting his peers to uprise against jim.

  92. I want money for my wedding too – does that make me a bad person? (And can I “accidentally” forward this comment thread to everyone I know, so they will know I want money?) P.S. The cheque scene with Kevin and Pam was awesome.

    Love the new banner, Tanster!

  93. Really bummed about this episode after a good start. I sincerely hope somehow Jim decides he wants to be in sales again because man, this is not a good dynamic at all. It’s just not funny. Hoping the wedding episode redeems the season next week. I have high hopes!

  94. I think it started off being really funny so I loved the beginning, but I didn’t care for the second half. But a lot of my complaints about this episode have been mentioned here already so I won’t repeat them. I did think it was uncouth, however, for Jim to give Pam a raise while Pam is begging for money instead of gifts. That’s tacky. And anyway, everybody gets money at their wedding, and everybody should accept whatever gifts are given to them!

  95. @106: Technically when Michael and Jim were doing the bean activity to give people raises Pam didn’t have any and Jim whispered to her that he didn’t want to be biased, so she was only going to get a raise in the first plan to give it to the salespeople I believe.

    I liked this episode better on second viewing. Michael’s annoyance is so funny. Oscar’s talking head about two presidents and the popes is hysterical.

  96. @101: Totally agree. Jim has to struggle, if it comes to easy, he isn’t as likeable a character. Also this episode had conflict between Michael and Jim but a coming together at the end with Michael seeing that with Jim helping him out at least he’s not alone and Jim seeing that Michael’s job isn’t always easy and that it’s tough to play the role of the bad guy.

    Also Michael mocking Jim with his nerd voice was HILARIOUS!

    [from tanster: i LOVE Michael’s nerd voice! one of my favorite scenes.]

  97. well, gotta say, pretty disappointed about last night’s episode.

    just felt pretty cliche. felt like all those clap-tracked, cheesy sitcoms where the writers don’t respect their audiences. where it’s “oh no! the boss is coming over for dinner!” and then, after 5 or 6 tired jokes, everything is back to normal.

    at this point, david wallace has become a terribly irresponsible & ineffective CFO, jim has become a floundering employee who is suddenly bereft of good ideas or skills and the entire dynamic of the staff in the office is so disrespectful, so uncivil, so unfriendly, that all realism that the show should have is lost in a sea of one-liners and innuendo.

    honestly, after last night’s episode, the scranton branch is at a place where no actual work can be done and no one has any sort of working relationship together.

    writers of the office: you can do better!

  98. Why would Jim want to give EVERYONE a raise? Creed doesn’t do any work. Meredith spends most of her time drunk. Ryan’s a temp. Angela’s already admitted that they don’t need 3 accountants and should only have 2. The receptionist hasn’t been there long. Kelly’s job isn’t really the kind of position that GETS raises. The sales staff have all been there the longest (especially Phyllis and Stanley, with the exception of Pam) are the ones who work the hardest generally, and are the ones who bring money to a struggling company in a recession.

  99. I thought this episode was definitely the weakest of season 6 so far. Compared to the last few seasons, though, it really brought out that discomfort from earlier Office episodes which I think has been missing lately. I am really liking this season so far and there have already been some great moments in just 3 episodes.

    And I loved the group talking head.

    Meredith: I am so mad at his company right now.

    Dwight: (Through the side of his mouth)…and Jim.

  100. Did not like this episode at all. What happened to “Cool Jim? He’s been replaced by “Mean Boss Jim”. The co-manager storyline is stupid. Excessive bickering in a half hour show does not make for enjoyable TV.

  101. I think this episode is so underrated! Michael’s annoyance at Jim is just brilliant. His nerd voice is great, and mocking of Jim not being able to handle the job. I don’t see why people are complaining about Jim, he seemed to act reasonably in this episode, he’s trying to mature and move up the ladder to support him and Pam. (Although he says Michael isn’t good with tough unpopular decisions and then goes back on his decision when people complain?)

    Also hand-drawn Toby saying “I’m an idiot!” was greeeeeeeeeat!!!!

    [from tanster: omg, i didn’t even notice that! will have to go back and look.]

  102. I think Kelly’s shopping bags didn’t mean anything. But it was a great gag showing her going shopping during work time.

  103. I don’t care for the “two bosses” idea. I think it upsets that balance of the office and is too awkward, even for this show that celebrates awkwardness. I don’t like Jim being so stern with Michael. I hope the writers can find a storyline that will make Michael the sole boss again, but provide a position for Jim that would contain enough credibility for the viewers to understand why he would stay in the Scanton office with the added responsibilities of a mortgage and a baby on the way.

  104. I’m so surprised there are so many negative reviews of this episode. I thought it was one of the funniest episodes and very much in the style of early episodes. The cold open with Jim taking Dwight’s info for the report was awesome. Jim is finally seeing why Michael acts so crazy (if you had employees like the ones in the Office, you’d go crazy too.) Jim tried acting like a mature boss leveling logically with his staff, but realized that doesn’t work. There is no logic in the Office. And I loved that Meredith was complaining about not getting a raise while she had solitaire on her PC.
    Rating the employees with Boston baked beans was brilliant. It seemed so logical to Jim and Michael, but when the rest of the office found out they were insulted and confused. WHAT DO THE BEANS MEAN?

  105. I actually thought this was an excellent episode. I think everyone is too hung up on Jim “being out-of-character”. The Office has been leading up to Jim taking his job more seriously for years (it started when he was #2 after he came back to Scranton, continued in season 4 when he tried harder to get Ryan off his back, was a focal point of the Charles Minor era, and has only developed more with the upcoming marriage). These first few episodes have been feeling more like seasons 1 and 2, which I think is a good thing. The comedy is funnier when it is true-to-life. Jim showing some flaws is real.

  106. I was expecting to come on here and see how much everyone LOVED this episode. I’m shocked to see so many bad reviews. I have been watching the old British office, and this season feels more like the roots of the show. Writers please keep up the dark tense humor.

  107. Wow, people, I thought the episode was kind of weak, but NOT the worst ever. Take a second look – the Kevin “What does a bean mean” was freaking hilarious.

    Not uncouth for Pam to ask for money, esp. when gifts aren’t feasibly usable for Jam. But, yes, I thought the office cast was being over-the-top acerbic toward a much more logical, sensible “Boss Jim”. Majorly uncool. And the “two bosses” thing DOESN’T work.

  108. This episode was great, here we [and Jim as well] got to see the office from Michael’s perspective, just like in the episode Survivor Man. I like it when things get turned on Jim, I get a lot of people have a crush on the guy but he needs to screw up and look silly. Like when Charles/Stringer Bell came aboard, the whole two way petting zoo incident, that cracked me up.

  109. I thought this episode was hilarious! You have to realize that the whole point of “The Office” is to show ordinary, every day things happening at the office.
    That’s what makes it so funny … the stupid little things that happen, because we can all relate to them. I think some people are putting too much emphasis on the strengths and weaknesses of the characters.
    If you watch the British version, that’s all they do, and that’s what made it so hysterical.
    I love that they are going back to the vibe of seasons 1 and 2. I thought they were creating too much drama in the later seasons, which is good when used sparingly. I have to admit, the Jim Pam / Dwight Angela Andy / Michael Jan Carol Holly romances were the best!
    Anyway, I wish the British version was still on, but I hope the American version keeps going strong … we can’t over think it people! Just enjoy!

  110. Pretty good episode. Certainly wasn’t a lot of laughs but I love the subtle humor this show provides. Loved the Creed-Meredith line.

  111. I would give this episode a 5/10. Necessary story-arc, but unfunny. Similar to how I felt last week. Not funny (with the exception of the Jimothy thing and the bean thing with Kevin who is never, ever not funny to me) and more importantly, I thought Jim looked like a jerk. There’s a difference between taking your job more seriously and acting like a prick (Charles Minor?). It also apparently made him stupid because no boss in the history of ever would announce to the whole staff who in the office is getting raises and who isn’t. Even if it’s reasonable to only give the sales staff raises, you would NEVER tell the rest of the office that! Raises are almost always confidential!

  112. the strength in the office is the tense, realistic situations one finds in a workplace. those were things that were highlighted in seasons 1 & 2 especially.

    however, i don’t see how we can see this episode as realistic at all.

    in reality, most of the staff would’ve been fired by now for conduct. in reality david wallace would NEVER have made the decision to implement 2 co-managers. david wallace has apparently forgotten all that michael has done. in The Deposition michael was never going to be considered for a higher promotion…suddenly in this season he is. michael caused a HUGE situation regarding the golden ticket, infuriating the CFO, but apparently that was forgotten as well. michael showed more irresponsibility in announcing the Buffalo branch was closing at the company picnic. again, seems like wallace forgot because suddenly he highly values michael’s opinion whether to promote jim or not.

    the writers seem to be following other predictable sitcom conventions at the expense of this very smart, very unique comedy & cast.

    i love the office, but this episode wasn’t realistic humor…it was generic, tired, regurgitated jokes that we’ve seen a million times. and the office is better than that.

  113. I’m surprised so many are AGAINST the episode. I thought it was one of the strongest ones in quite some time. Props to Jennifer Celotta for her writing and directing.

    Even if you don’t like it, I think calling it the worst episode ever is a stretch and a bit harsh. I was on the fence about last week’s show, but worst episode ever? Nah. Maybe I’m biased, but The Office never has an episode deserving of that title, even if it’s a weak episode.

    As a wrestling fan, I loved the reference Dwight made to it at the beginning. I also love the Horton Hears a Who reference Michael made as well. Clever!

    I loved the ep from start to finish: Dwight going back and forth between Michael and Jim in the cold open, Michael and Jim’s argument, Michael’s nerd voice, Dwight’s speech, the group talking head, Jim confronting the office on the raise and him backing out after the backlash, the new ways of acknowledging the camera, etc.

    I’m glad Rainn stood out more. Been feeling that he’s been pushed in the background as of late.

  114. Re 119: “Not uncouth for Pam to ask for money, esp. when gifts aren’t feasibly usable for Jam.”

    Yes it is. Absolutely positively. A wedding is not a reason to hit people up for money. Pam would know that. So would Angela. Meredith wouldn’t; she would ask for the money. Phyllis, perhaps.

  115. For me, the salvation of this episode was the Creed/Meredith interaction. I don’t like the 2 bosses storyline and hope it goes away soon. However, I do think it is fine that Jim is showing more initiative in his work. If he remained the Jim of season 2 forever, everyone would be saying how his character is unrealistic and doesn’t progress.

  116. Great episode. Kevin’s “What does a bean mean?”
    question to Michael was hilarious!

  117. RE: 127. I have to agree with 119. Before the episode even aired I heard two women talking about how it was better to ask and receive money as a wedding gift then registered for other things. And I was very tempted to tell them that it was going to happen on a future episode of The Office. I think it shows that the writers really are trying to be realistic, and it does seem like women today are asking for money because of the times. And while this episode wasn’t one of my favorites, I still think it is pretty good and no where near the bottom of my least favorite list.

  118. It was dark and unsettling and unresolved and I really liked it. The focus on Jim’s career struggles is something I’ve been wanting since the first season. One of my favorite moments was Pam’s expression when Jim was bombing with his ‘back-off-and-rewind’ bit. It was the perfect mix of sympathy and embarrassment and loyalty.

  119. It was an okay episode, although I like the little rivalry between jim and michael. I also liked the rewind bit, because he was nervous it seemed to me that there’s a little michael scott growing in jim. I would like to see Michael teach jim things about being a boss, like in the survivor man episode. I left this episode feeling like michael should have thought jim how to handle the situation (thus showing his experience)

  120. Well, there’s 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Worst episode in a long while, and that’s saying something since The Office has been in a virtual free-fall since Season 3. These days, I really only watch it out of habit…and to see what kind of train wreck will ensue. I’m rarely disappointed.

  121. I did not like this episode AT ALL – Jim turning into a total jerk because he is a co-manager was just ridiculous. I felt uncomfortable watching it and I watch the show for entertainment. Just an opinion about this episode – You can’t hit a homerun every time you go to bat.

    Overall, still love The Office :)

  122. Hold the phone–the “two boss” thing has gone on for one week. We’ve witnessed ONE episode of it thus far, and I doubt it will be touched on much with the wedding next week and the honeymoon after. Just give it more than an episode’s chance.

  123. I don’t know how I feel about the episode. A part of me didn’t like it because we never found out how the situation was resolved. But the other part of me says that this show has been on for SIX seasons now. The writers can’t have every episode just be fun around the office with no plot lines or character development. Some episodes, like this one, is a growing episode for the characters. I liked seeing Jim be authoritative and not just barely get by. He’s growing up. I like that.

  124. I’m not sure if anyone has touched on this here or not, but with Jim’s promotion to Co-manager, does that mean that Dwight is now exclusively in charge of the Party Planning Committee?

  125. Although Michael was trying to label himself as above Jim, it still didn’t feel right to me that Jim started listing Michael’s weaknesses. Jim just got his new position, and it did seem like he was bossing Michael around/trying to control him. I liked that Oscar called Jim out in front of everyone. I am frustrated with Pam’s character…why would she hate the picture of herself with “frizzy hair”? That is when Jim fell in love with her. Also she seems dissatisfied/touchy instead of sweet&spunky

  126. This episode was necessary. They had to introduce the relationship between Jimothy and Michael, and how that affects the dynamic of the office. And it had to be done before all the craziness of the wedding. I don’t think the writers meant for Jim to be a jerk, and JKras wasn’t trying to be – he was trying to show that Jim is a smarter and more logical boss than Michael, so together, they can create a pretty good combo of imaginative and realistic.

    Question: Where did Jim’s magical office come from? I like it, but has it always been there and just not in the camera angles? Wouldn’t Charles Miner have used that instead of the conference room, if it had existed before? It just seems like it poofed into existence behind Stanley.

  127. Nothing good about this episode, at all. By far the worst one in a long time. I agree with 134, I’m starting to just watch the show out of habit. I just bought seasons 2 and 3, and the difference between this season and earlier seasons is tremendous. The writers need to step up their game, or the office won’t be on much longer, :(

  128. Jim wasn’t being a jerk. He knows he has to try and establish himself as a boss figure with people he’s worked with as an equal, and he missed an opportunity to really establish it when Oscar got on his case about the raises. So he could have come off far worse, because if it was me, I would have promptly cut off Oscar and said, “You’re crossing the line right now. If you have a problem with the decision, you can come talk to me privately in my office about it, and maybe we can come up with something together that will be fair to everybody. But what you’re doing right now, I won’t tolerate it.” Of course if that happens, you lose the awkward tension of Jim trying to back off.

    I can also understand why he was that way with Michael, because he knows how Michael can be, and that sometimes you have to be firm with him to make sure there’s no mistaking what’s supposed to be going on.

  129. I suggest everyone go rewatch the first few seasons if they actually think this is a bad episode.

  130. 143:

    “The writers need to step up their game, or the office won’t be on much longer, :( ”

    Based on what? You not liking an episode doesn’t mean everyone else will just stop watching, leading to terrible ratings. You’ll notice that a lot of people like this season so far.

    142: No, it hasn’t been there. They added 2 walls in the corner behind Creed.

  131. This was probably one of my favorite Jim episodes. This episode showed that Jim has a lot of potential to become a good boss but he also has much to learn. I think everything he said about Michael was spot on and he was actually treating Michael very well. I felt bad for Jim and Michael they were in a lose-lose-lose situation. No matter what they did people would have complained. Giving raises to your money-makers and giving merit-based raises were two reasonable ideas. I found Jim really trying to do a good job sweet and charming…and a little sexy. I loved his pro and cons lists. I felt the episode was resolved because it wasn’t about the raises; it was about the new dynamic of the Jim/Michael relationship.

    My second favorite part of this episode: “Mrs Pamela Halpert”

  132. A few things:
    @119, 127 – people ask for money at weddings all the time – hence the dollar dance, etc. You just have to do it in an appropriate way (or register at a place where you can return everything for groceries, like Target)!

    Also, it was cute the way that both Michael and Jim started to understand and value each other a little more.

  133. I had to watch this episode twice just to be sure I took everything in. After the second time around, I really enjoyed it. I know that people were upset for the majority of the episode, but that is what The Office thrived on in its early seasons. There were a lot of tense moments that reminded me of past episodes (anyone watch ‘Health Care’ lately?) I think that Jim and Michael will be able to find a really good balance once they figure each other out a little more. I just hope that Jim remains the one that is constantly pushing for more productive action in the office.

    I loved the Mrs. Pam Halpert scene!

    Anyway, I think that this is going to be an interesting season for all of us Office fans, but so far I’m really loving it. :)

  134. I wasn’t a fan of this episode, but this was still better than at least 75% of season 5. The worst episode of all time was Lecture Circuit Pt. 2. And remember Prince Family Paper? Or Baby Shower? Or (UGH!) Stress Relief? Or Company Picnic?

    While this one wasn’t necessarily good, it certainly wasn’t as bad as some of the other episodes out there. This is definitely an improvement, and I’m hoping it’ll keep picking up.

  135. I liked it and I agree with poster #46. Jim and Pam just aren’t so “young” anymore. It reminded me of seeing people and even myself try new things and grow up a little. Sometimes it’s not so pretty or graceful.

  136. Not one of the best….but being a huge fan of a little show that I like to call the hills, loved the reference to the Heidi-LC rivalry. Although I would like to point out that maybe to make it better she should have said spencer and lc….i always took kelly to be a hills fan!

  137. It’s weird because I hated seasons 4 & 5 soooo much, while I thought the preceding seasons were all hysterical. I think that they’ve started to regain some of their magic. Granted, they’ll probably never be the same, but this was a step in the right direction.

  138. 146- Obviously it’s not just this episode, this entire season has been a disappointment to me and a lot of other people I have talked to about this. I watched this episode with 4 or 5 friends and each of us laughed out loud once or twice. This season is incredibly weak, so far. I have hope though, this is still my favorite show in the world, (:

  139. Great episode, continuing the greatness of season 5. (Just so you know I thought season 4 was quite sub-par).

  140. When I first watched it on TV, I thought it was an okay episode, not bad not great. But when I re-watched it, I was laughing so many times. I advise people to go rewatch the episode. I gave it a second chance, and I’m very glad I did.

  141. Where did Jim’s office come from??!!

    I never noticed that extra room, in the previous episodes. I read through most of the comments to see if anyone had any info on Jim’s office.

    Tanster Help!

  142. I just loved this episode, I loved the tension in it, and the absence of romance. I don’t care that much for the so-called JAM couple – I think the OFFICE would not suffer from the absence of that lovely love story, but I guess it’s good for the feminine audience (no I’m not misogynist!).
    I don’t understand the low rating (6.90). Steve Carell is still a genius.
    But I want more Toby and Andy (my favorite).

    (sorry for my english – I’m a french bastard;-)

  143. 158:

    It hasn’t been there in the past. They moved Creed closer to Meredith and threw up 2 small walls to make an office in the corner.

  144. I really think people should re-watch this episode. Ok it is not the best ever, but is far, far, far from the worst ever. I think it’s actually a pretty strong episode.

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