1. Um omg Jan!!! Wow. Was not expecting that in a million years!! Pam’s reaction was priceless!:’)

  2. Gasp !!

    What part could Jan possibly play now ? Is she looking for Michael ? Might he be Astrid’s father ?

    Thursday night can’t come quickly enough !!

  3. So… is Jan the woman Dwight’s trying to sell to?

    I miss Jan. Not super crazy Jan, but Jan from the earlier seasons.

  4. This is the best news ever! She is one of my all time favorite characters! And I just saw Melora Hardin in “wedding band” on TBS. She was great in that.

  5. Got chills watching this promo! Not only is Melora beautiful, her acting as this eccentric intelligent mess of a Jan Levinson Gould, minus the Gould, is just so brilliant the way she plays this character. THANK YOU WRITERS for bringing her back for the last season. Only two more characters that must come back, Todd Packer and what’s that other guys name,,,,, oh yeah, MICHAEL SCARN, Michael G Scott, Michael J. Fox, pleeease come back Steve!

  6. I was just sitting here thinking not 10 minutes ago if Jan was gonna come back since this is the last season. I wonder if Kevin is actually the daddy.

  7. It’s nice to see that they’re bringing Jan back for the final season. I always thought that Season 1 – 3 Jan was a great character, greatly played by Melora. It’s too bad the writers took her to such a crazy place. Go Jan!

  8. The line where I totally bought Jan’s character was this final line from her meeting with Michael, trying to get him to buckle down and make a tough decision in “Healthcare”:

    “I am doing it right now. To you.”

    Melora Hardin nailed it as a real professional manager trying to deal with a frustratingly inept employee without completely losing it. Admittedly, she sure lost it later.

  9. I’m happy that Melora Hardin gets to take her final bow as Jan (assuming reasonably that this will be her only S9 appearance) but I really hope they don’t use her cameo as a means to show just what a bunch of losers the show clearly regards the office regulars as, which was the problem with “Roy’s Wedding” because it was used to show how great the formerly slovenly and stupid Roy was doing and how limp Jim and Pam’s lives were–as well as what a good potential husband Roy would be compared to lying-about-the-job offer Jim (and the deleted scene with Pam and Roy’s parents was even worse, they basically told her Roy’s life was great due to him never marrying her).

  10. We’ve had: David (who’s recurrent), Roy, his brother Kenny, the Senator (also recurrent), Bob Vance, Walter Jr. and now we’re having Jan. I hope we also have Karen, Packer, a little more of Ryan and Kelly, Pam’s mom, Jim’s brothers, Dwight’s cousin Mose, Hank, the rest of Jim and Pam’s family, Andy’s parents (although divorced), but most importantly, Michael and Holly. And I don’t know if Jo Bennett, Deangelo Vickers, Charles Miner or Robert California will be back too.

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