1. I’m excited, but I’ve watched each of these episodes 10 times before on iTunes. I suppose too much is never enough with this show.

  2. I just want to say that I LOVE the quote randomizer. I click on it a buncha times every time I want to put a new quote up at MySpace. :)

  3. I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait for season 3 to come out on DVD..i hope TARGET messes up again and i get it for 15$!!

  4. yay!! i missed all of this season up until the christmas episode, so i’m glad i get to see these!!

  5. Bryant,
    Tell me more about your Target experience. We should have stock in that place. My wife is there several times a week!

  6. First time ever watching in HD, and it’s kind of making me sick! It’s SOOO intense!

  7. Sorry I just noticed that it says at 10:00 and 10:30… I got so anxious because I was waiting for them to be back to back…

  8. It was nice to get all these episodes in one night since I was unable to start watching this season until the Convict episode.

    One thing I did notice (which people have probably mentioned who have been watching all along) is that Karen was more attractive in Stamford than she is in Scranton- I don’t know her hair, wardrobe, makeup- something.

    Anyway I was thinking maybe we’re seeing her from Jim’s perspective. She was- and is still pretty- but now that he is working with Pam again, Karen isn’t as attractive as she seemed in Stamford.

    Don’t say it, too much time on my hands.

  9. Did they cut a scene out of Grief Counseling? I seem to remember Michael giving the bird mouth to mouth resuscitation when he first brings him into the kitchen, but the scene started last night with him pouring water down its throat. Did I make this up?

  10. I agree threec. When Karen came to Scranton my first thought was how she looked a lot different. Less makeup? I thought that her hair was very Pam-ish. Then later on I thought that maybe I was remembering her differently, but after watching these episodes last night, I guess I was correct the first time.

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