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May 24, 2011

  • Who Should Be Manager?
    Review candidate resumes: Darryl Philbin | Andy Bernard | Dwight Schrute
  • Game: The Office Season 7 Trivia Game
    Test your knowledge of the show this season.
  • Game: Who’s Right for Erin?
    Take a quiz to find out if it should be Andy or Gabe.
  • Emails: Michael’s Inbox
    Read emails that Michael’s former co-workers have sent him since he left.
  • Photos: Creed’s Management Skills
    Creed shares his insight on what it takes to be a manager.

April 22, 2011

  • Game: Send a Dundie
    Create a personalized e-Dundie that you can email, download, and share!
  • Wallpaper: Dundie Wallpaper
    Download for free!
  • Photos: Who Wore It Best?
    Dunder Mifflin staffers have impersonated many of their co-workers over the years. Vote for your favorite!
  • Newsletter: Dunder Mifflin Scranton newsletter
    Kelly’s take on Charlie Sheen, Darryl’s warehouse rules, and Meredith’s in the mood for love.
  • Game: Michael Scott: Finish the Quote
    The faster you click the right answer, the more points you score!
  • Tribute page: Michael Scott: World’s Best Boss
    Video, photos, and more of Michael’s greatest moments.

March 1, 2011

Subtle Sexuality Wallpaper

February 13, 2011

  • Game: Erin’s Treasure Hunt
    Look for clues in Gabe’s Valentine’s Day treasure hunt for Erin!
  • Game: Valentine’s Day Trivia
    How well do you know The Office love trivia?
  • Photos: More photos of the episode ‘PDA’

January 31, 2011

November 14, 2010


  1. Wow! They set the date for Nov. 26, 2009?!?! I guess they won’t be getting married this season if at all!

  2. Has anyone else noticed that the date on Andy and Angela’s Save the Date is Thanksgiving 2009?

  3. iTunes isn’t working on my computer. Can someone please tell me what song’s Michael has on his Road Trip Mix? It’s been driving me crazy! Thanks!

  4. #11-here are the songs on Michael’s playlist:

    1. Life is a Highway-Tom Cochrane
    2. I’m Like a Bird-Nelly Furtado
    3. She Drives Me Crazy-Fine Young Cannibals
    4. Gonna Fly Now (them from “Rocky”)
    5. Everybody Have Fun Tonight-Wang Chung
    6. Sussudio-Phil Collins
    7. Higher Love-Steve Winwood
    8. Hey Ya!-OutKast
    9. Broken Wings-Mr. Mister
    10. Ghostbusters-Ray Parker Jr.
    11. Whoomp! There it is!-Tag Team (He says he knows all the words to that one)
    12. Cruisin-Huey Lewis and the News

  5. Casting Amy Ryan was Ryan Koh’s idea? Ok, he just got more awesome in my book then!

  6. All hail the Mighty Tanster! Thanks for asking NBC to put that montage online because it’s amazing! I think NBC likes somebody… ;)

  7. I can’t wait to see the new shirt designs!!

    The new shirt I have wanted so far (I already have a Vance Refrigeration one) is the Princess Unicorn one (which is great).

    I hope the new shirt doesn’t say ‘Dunder Mifflin’ on them! That’s been my pet peeve with ‘The Office’ merchandising. For example, all the new mugs with everyone’s faces have the DM logo on the back, which is frustrating…in fact, so does the ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug, now that I think about it.

  8. I am definitely gonna enter this contest! But is anyone else having trouble downloading the Photoshop file?

  9. UNSHUN, I am having the same problem. I click on the download link and all it does is open an empty page. No downloading. I wondered if it was just my browser, but clearly, I’m not the only one having this problem.

  10. someone please make a shirt with Mose, fearfully looking out a window and into a storm…ever since Jim asked “Does Mose have nightmares?” and Dwight replied “Oh, yes. Ever since the storm…” that has been my favorite line! and who doesn’t love Mose?!

  11. Lol, I think that’s a great idea Will. I will probably try that one since I will enter this contest.

  12. Tanster, thank you for alerting NBC!

    Now, when I click on the link, it does take me to the download site. However, when I click on the “download” button, it takes me to the “404 NOT FOUND” page.


  13. “And I——–E I————– E I———- Do—- O——– O—— O—–O–O!”
    haha oh wow. If this wedding happens (which I don’t think it will), it is going to be very interesting.

    Also, the princess unicorn ad at the bottom of the newsletter is great. “Buy one for your child and guarantee their social acceptance.” Beautifully said.

  14. Grrr…yet another awesome contest I can’t enter cause I’m Canadian. Curse you, War of 1812! :D

  15. Tanster gets it done once again! When you need something taken care of, just ask Tanster. You’re like the Mafia.

    It’d be cool if the Tallyheads shared their graphic here on Officetally if they submitted a design.

  16. Does anyone know if MS Paint is officially excluded from the T-Shirt Contest? It’s definitely not in the ‘official rules’. I don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator, but I made one on paint and submitted it anyway as a JPG file, but it’s not showing up.

    I e-mailed NBC about it, however they don’t respond to individual e-mails, which is exactly what they told me in their response… Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback :D


  17. @ CarlyAndOnePenny

    I’ve seen multiple entries that weren’t made with Photoshop or Illustrator. Heck, I even saw one that was printed out, colored and had a photo taken of it. So it seems like they are posting every submission. The problem is that if you win they need the original Photoshop or Illustrator format that the picture was done in. And if you don’t have one I don’t think you can win.

  18. Rainn Wilson confirmed he was the only cast member using Twitter, so this Kelly one (in addition to the John and Jenna ones that popped up) is probably just a fan thing.

  19. I always love the newsletters. The items Michael is selling are hilarious! Love his old globe and Crocs

  20. Thanks for adding “P&R” to the Annex, Tanster. I think we’ll all be getting some use out of that page come April! Also: is it possible for a TV show’s fan site to have a spin-off? :)

    [from tanster: an excellent question. :) i’m struggling a little bit with how to best cover p&r … ]

  21. I’ve been trying for a while now to put the word of the day widget on my myspace, and it never works.

  22. Thank you, Dwight. Using your handy guidelines I shall now refer to myself as such:

    phyllis*farm – slacker*anarchist*marijuana-addict

    It’s just a shame this didn’t come out before New Boss aired; though seeing the show reference the email I received earlier might’ve caused an Awesome Overload Head ‘Splosion.

  23. 52, TheOfficeNBC-

    Oh, I get it in my email. But it didn’t come out before New Boss aired, where Jim references Dwight’s dress code memo.

    Don’t you dare question my knowledge or lack of devotion, good sir/madame/other. ;)

  24. Hahaha those Swine Flu bits with Oscar and Kevin are just too funny! I love how they manage to work in current events into the Office without having it be too overbearing…

  25. the JAM poll on is on my 18th birthday! That’s so awesome.

  26. HAHA Michael’s top 10 list is actually top 11. I’d love to see his robot dance & Will Ferrell/George Bush impressions.

  27. In the cast’s favorite Michael moments video, when Mindy & BJ are talking, I LURVED seeing Jenna in the back ground chompin’ away at some cake, noticing the camera, and moving along with her snack/conversation! A-Dorable:D

  28. To answer my own question, I think the answer is pretty obvious. It seems to be official due to the exchange of responses between the accounts.

    Anywho, I am so looking forward to the fight. Ryan’s snarky response is hilarious.

  29. If you ever want to confirm whether a Twitter account is real or fake (whether it’s an actor or a character Twitter), check the following list for @theofficenbc. We only follow real accounts. Official Twitter accounts are also promoted on The Office website, either on the homepage or in the Exclusives menu. Finally, if it’s posted on OfficeTally, you know that tanster always checks with us that these are the real deal before posting.

    [from tanster: that is correct — i always confirm with, and i only list legit accounts. :)]

  30. Hey tanster, question.

    Which was YOUR favorite Michael moment?

    just wanna know.

    thanks! =)

  31. Is anyone besides me beyond annoyed that “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.” is listed as a Dwight quote?!

  32. I just love the image of Michael singing along to Wicked and knowing all the words–they should include that in an episode!

  33. That newsletter was full of win. Oscar’s rant made my day and then some.

    I’ll go with ya, Erin. ;)

  34. After reading Erin’s column in the Dunder Mifflin newsletter, I really felt badly for her! Maybe Andy would be willing to include her in his frisbee golf foursome? Of course, I would be more than happy to catch a baseball game with her, except that I am no where near Scranton and Erin isn’t a real person. ;)

  35. I want to join Andy’s folf team but I’m not sure if I qualify. *sigh*
    Also, if Michael’s interested in a Wicked duet, I’ll sing Glinda’s part if he sings Elphaba’s.

  36. I made a video very similar to the Michael 100 episodes in 30 seconds one, except I used Pam instead of Michael. I wonder if they got the idea from me…
    Check it out – it’s on YouTube, entitled “Pam Beesly’s Talking Heads, Seasons 1-4” (yes, I know it is a bit out of date).

  37. I’m having such a hard time trying to pick my favorite JAM moment!!! They are all so good!!

  38. Crossword puzzle could be formatted better, with the clues and puzzle fitting on the same screen.

    What is a word Kelly says a lot?

  39. Kelly’s favorite word took me a while to figure out…haha don’t know why because it’s so easy…but watch your spelling too!!!

  40. I could not figure out who Michael’s best friend was, and when I found out, I felt a bit stupid!

  41. just missing two now…michael’s best friend and corporate nemesis charles! i bet these are really easy and i’m overthinking them now.

  42. I only have one missing… Does anyone know the name of the head of corporate hr is? I think I also may be over thinking this as well!

  43. I had to look up the name of the corporate HR guy. He’s not even “credited” according to IMDB.

  44. I’m confused. What’s “I just have to say it once”? When does Jim say that, and what is he talking about? What is ANGELA talking about??!!

  45. #78, How High I can fly. I believe, Angela is refering to when Jim says, “I needed you to know, once” when in the parking lot. My quote is missing something too,

  46. 78|

    I could be wrong, but I think Angela was referring to the scene in Casino Night in which one of Jim’s lines was, “I just needed you to know…once.”

  47. How High I Can Fly– Angela was talking about this scene, toward the end of Casino Night

    Jim: I’m in love with you.
    Pam: What?
    Jim: I’m really sorry if that’s weird for you to hear but I need you to hear it… Probably not good timing, I know that I just…
    Pam: What are you doing? What do you expect me to say to that?
    Jim: I just needed you to know. Once.

  48. How High I Can Fly, I think Angela is referring to Casino Night, when Jim says “I just needed you to know… once” after he tells Pam that he’s in love with her.

  49. I got thrown by “Michael’s best friend” too. I was thinking of the scene in “Michael’s Birthday” where he says: “My best friend since kindergarten: Elliot”. But, it isn’t Elliot: it’s the person he described as his “total BFF” in “The Carpet”.

  50. for the corporate hr name, watch the episode “the job”
    David Wallace mentions him when talking to jim in new york. ;)

  51. It’s taking me forever to finish the crossword puzzle because I’m stuck on Kelly’s favorite word and the movie Monday answer. Help!

  52. Hey Tracy from PA:
    I’m not sure if I’m allowed, but I think Kelly’s favourite word is “Awesome” and Monday’s movie is “Varsity Blues”.

  53. I only have two left in the crossword: Michael and Dwight’s music video and a favorite of Stanley’s. Why can’t I think of these? Anyone want to help me out?

  54. Dwight & Michael’s music video i believe is Lazy Scranton…

    I have them all filled out but something must be wrong. Who is 18 across, the “hot girl” I thought it was katy but that doesn’t fit.

  55. Michael and Dwight’s video is “Lazy Scranton”
    Hot girl is “Katie”
    A favourite of Stanley’s is “Pretzel Day”

  56. Corporate HR guy is Kendall from the episode where everyone interviews for the corporate job.

  57. Thank you SchruteBeets. Your answers helped me complete the puzzle but I must have something wrong because it’s not congratulating me. Is Jim’s brother Pete? That’s the only one I’m questioning.

  58. I love Jenna’s coat in that clip!

    I don’t understand how the “Booze Cruise” scene didn’t even make it to the top five. It is very subtle, so I see how it could get lost in all the other “big” moments. But I still think it’s the greatest. <3

  59. is anyone else having trouble typing in an answer for 19 down, michael’s jamaican resort? i have all the answers in, except it won’t let me fill in that one answer.

  60. Hey people!! is anyone else having trouble typing in an answer for 45 across, Jim’s former flame?

  61. Michael’s Jamaican resort is like a summer shoe with straps/thongs. But can anyone please give me a clue as to the name of his best friend? Am stumped.

  62. Michael’s Jamaican resort is “Sandals” and his best friend is Packer… I think…

  63. I’m almost finished with the puzzle but I’m stuck on 3 answers.

    12 across…Michael’s name for Secret Santa. I just can’t remember!

    38 down…Kapoor family holiday.


    45 across…Jim’s former flame. I refuse to believe he had any flames before Pam. ;P

  64. Okay so I figured them all out but Karen doesn’t fit in 45 across. To make it fit it would be “Karan” and that’s not right! HELP.

  65. anna, 43 down is the plural of man. that should make 45 fit. and i agree with you, jim HAS no old flames before pam!

  66. Well obviously I have something wrong because it’s not giving me the congrats message. Is both 27 and 32 ryan?

  67. what is 38 down!?
    The kapoor family holiday!

    -kari- no they are both not ryan..27 down-think of the most recent receptionist!

  68. does anyone know what 18 across is? the “Hot girl”. I put Katy but that doesn’t fit because it’s one letter short. gaahh! this is the last one too! haha
    can anybody help?

  69. it is katy. check the spelling of your entries. for example, i spelled #1 down incorrectly.

  70. Has anyone figured out how to get Katy to fit into 18 across? I’ve tried Katie, and it didn’t work.

  71. I got it, it all fits:
    18 across – katie
    20 across – bigtuna
    15 down – rabies

  72. I loved Michael’s section in the newsletter. As someone who’s played that “game” before, I could totally relate- it’s frustrating when you don’t know the pattern haha.

  73. Creed confusing his life with Brooks from The Shawhshank Redemption is, to quote Kelly, ah-mazing!

  74. I’m stuck on Kelly’s favorite word, which is the only one left to finish – I tried ‘awesome’ but I don’t think it would let me move on. Please help, thx!

  75. i can’t believe pam’s charlie chaplin costume didn’t make it into the top 5! WHAT THE F***?!

  76. I went to go vote for the best non-Jim and Pam romantic moment and reading the options totally made me miss Angela and Dwight together! Hahaha am I the only one who had that reaction?

    p.s. I can’t choose which to vote for either…

  77. So what is the verdict with the “katie”/”katy” for 18 across? is there an extra letter to add in after katy?? or?

  78. ‘Broke’ isn’t a choice for the best episode, but ‘Product Recall’ is. Come on.

  79. Product Recall for S3?!?!? Dinner Party and not Chair Model for S4? And only Stress Relief for S5? It’s like bizarro Office.

  80. That slider puzzle is CRAZY hard! I usually am pretty good at stuff like that because I’m a loser, but with a video playing it became super distracting…I really just wanted to watch the scene!

  81. ‘The Injury’ and ‘Broke’ are tied for number one in the whole series. Go ‘The Injury!’ Dwight getting a concussion was the best story-line in TV history.

  82. “The Injury” was so great. The cast picked some great episodes. But why oh why do we not get to hear John K’s input?

  83. WOW, is all I have to say about the DMI “office anagrams” so far I have all of the easy ones and one moderate(not going to say how long it took me haha)…this is gonna be hard (twss)!

  84. I was able to figure them all out, but it did take me awhile, and I went on their forums to get a few hints since I was stuck on a few of them. I just had to do a lot of thinking to get some of them on my own!

  85. I wonder if by “people” Pam means Michael, because that sounds like something he would do.

  86. For any Tallyheads who feel like giving the “Find the Mallard” game a try, know that you are in for major frustration. Each mallard is tied to ONE pixel, and to get each one to appear, you have to click on the exact pixel. It’s maddening.

  87. Re: 136, actually no, the mallards are hidden behind groups of pixels. The first few rooms are easier, with a large area representing the mallard, and the later rooms get harder with fewer pixels. Lots of us over at DMI have found them all!

  88. Red, I guess I just couldn’t find the right groups of pixels. :-)

    I played the first couple of rooms for a long time and got nothing. It was very frustrating and seemed to be a harder-than-necessary game. Just my opinion. :-)

  89. How do I unlock Dwight’s blog? I type in Beet and it does not open. What should I type in?

  90. I like the advent calendar:The Office 12 days of Christmas but I am having a problem with it. I click on the 3rd day with Angela and it has no story like days 1 and 2 have. Am I the only one with this problem?

  91. 141- I am having the same problem, and today Stanley doesn’t have a story either, just Phyllis and Andy….

  92. I figured out the problem. The pictures are added each day but the stories don’t come until the assigned date like day 6 will be open tomorrow but the story won’t be posted until Dec. 17.

  93. I laughed so hard on Michael Scott’s article ‘cuz I am a Filipino and I can relate to what he was talking about friendster and such :)) That was a popular social networking site back home and before facebook, I was all over friendster :))

  94. I love the idea of NBC putting together a Jim and Pam special on their site. I do NOT love the ads!! My goodness, every time I click on “the kiss” or “friends” I get a pop up with an ad for a financial firm that I refuse to say the name of now because they have annoyed me. Sorry, end of gripe. I just hate when something with a great concept is ruined because I’m tired of being advertised to.

  95. I’ve finished the crossword puzzle and nothing happened, i was expecting something to happen, i’m not sure what…


  96. i love the “parenthood project” thing… some of their answers cracked me up:

    angela: “this morning, isabel said “good morning” to me… and her big bird doll.”

    leslie’s was very stanley-esque

    and of course, creed was… well… creed.

  97. Tanster, any chance you could use your massive clout with NBC to get them to edit that plot description in “The Make-up”? It’s egregious.

    [from tanster: what should it be instead?]

  98. @150 Roy’s Mugshot – I completely agree! A few glaring mistakes in that plot description:

    1) Pam did not call off her wedding “just as news that the Stamford branch is closing” (and that’s not my poorly structured sentence – it’s theirs!)

    2) “Jim and Karen eventually end their relationship and both compete for a job at the Corporate offices”. That makes it sounds like they broke up BEFORE they went to NY.

    3) “When Jim gets denied the position, he returns to Scranton…” He was not denied; he withdrew his name.

  99. Nice job Tanster. The new version is much improved.

    [from tanster: NBC totally reads your comments. thanks NBC! :) ]

  100. haha i like how in the most recent newsletter Kelly makes a reference to the Hangover! It’s like a cross over with Ed Helms lol

  101. I figured that was Jenna with her real niece, but it’s bothering me how different that baby looks from the other ones they use. I mean they all look so different from each other, there is 4 distinctly different babies. I guess they can’t really do much about it though

  102. That’s the real Cecelia? AW! Cuteness squared. Now Jenna’s sister needs to have another baby who can play the child of Dwight and Angela. It will have to be a very unique baby.

    [from tanster: that is indeed the real cecelia. super cute, right?]

  103. Ellie is SO sweet but it feels like Angela is cheating on Jenna. LOL

    Great new vid.

  104. hahaha that’s so cute that ellie wants ted danson. i kinda see why… lol

  105. as sad as i am to see the baby blog go… the picture is hilarious (and is the real cecelia again)

  106. I love these extensions of The Office universe! Are they written by the show’s writing staff or by NBC?

  107. One of the guys in the banner on the Sabre website looks like Cole from Scrubs last season.

  108. Lionel Frankenstein, all character-driven features on The Office website (Sabre, Halpert Baby Blog, Schrute Space, Kelly/Ryan/Erin tweets, etc.) are written by the show’s writing staff.

    [from tanster: thank you, NBC! :) ]

  109. anyone with half a brain knows that Holly and Michael are soul mates.
    Molly? Hichael?

  110. It is a no contest. Who does Michael consider the love of his life? Not Jan and not Carol, but Holly. It is obvious that he still loves her after all this time, and the last time they saw each other it looked like she loves him too. They’re soulmates!!!

  111. Wow– The Office fanisode– I have never wished that my friends were as obsessed with The Office as I am so much as I do in this moment. This would so happen if we never had to grow beyond dorm life!

    [from tanster: i’m excited to see Tallyheads participate in this!]

  112. I’m excited for the fanisode, but I wonder how it’ll be constructed, like is it only the first 85 signups are allowed to do this, and if you’re #86, you’re out; or is it the best entry of each segment chosen for the fanisode; or is it something else?

  113. I love how in the last Angela/Ellie video, Ellie was like, “I THOUGHT I knew everyone from watching them” and Angela makes that joke about how Ellie had a shrine to the cast members in her closet. I always felt like if I met one of The Office cast, I’d be like, “HEY!” and reach out for a hug, and then realize that they don’t know who I am. Glad to know even cast members felt the same. :)

  114. i am absolutely loving oscar’s grammar tutorial. i’m a grammar/spelling snob, myself (although i don’t capitalize proper nouns or beginnings of sentences. go figure.)

    nauseous =/= nauseated has always bugged me!

  115. When did we learn Jim’s middle name??? I guessed correctly, but I don’t ever remember hearing/seeing it.

  116. A bunch of those photos look like they may be from “Counseling” rather than “Nepotism”. Especially the ones of Pam with Gabe, Oscar, Meredith and Angela. She appears to be gathering signatures, perhaps for change in job title.

  117. I feel like all the premiere photos are from a different episode. Did they use any of the scenes that they took pictures of? Other than Dwight and his water backpack.

  118. @ sarah

    I think they got a little mixed up. I think the pics with Pam is from the next episode, counseling.

  119. Wow. Ryan and I have a lot in common. We both hate Katy Perry and love Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. Wow.

  120. I love how Ryan never really wanted to have a “thing” at the office. I think i can safely say he has one now… Being a hipster.

  121. That Boss voting thing on NBC is rigged…Tate was unfunny and would get the show cancelled in one season.

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