1. That ABSOLUTELY should have been left in!! “Why in the hell…?” I heart Stanley.

  2. I think I know why this scene was deleted. The NBC “suits” were reportedly upset that the Dunder-Mifflin crew would be watching “Glee,” a Fox network show; why would they ALSO want to plug NCIS on CBS?

  3. Stanley’s a man after my own heart! I watch NCIS live and catch Glee later online. By myself!

  4. Agree the Stanley TH should have been left in. So Stanley. I don’t see what the big deal is with a reference to NCIS. NCIS is already a hugely established show. Aren’t there like 37 different versions of it? Or is that CSI? Same difference.

    If NBC is upset with this episode “plugging” Glee, why? The Office has always alluded to pop culture. Doubt it’s going to lead to a ratings boost for Glee, or a siphoning off of NBC’s Tuesday night audience. What’s even on NBC on Tuesday anyway? I’ve never watched Glee and don’t intend to now. I just watched this episode in the same way Phyllis did, “Who’s Glee?” Enjoyed it just the same.

  5. I’m liking Stanley as the cynic/critic of youth-oriented pop-culture. (Vampire stuff and now Glee) It fits his character well and I pretty much agree with him.

    Although I wasn’t sure I got the “alone” part as I was thinking of his daughter. However seeing as she was 14 in “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” I guess she would be 19 now. How time flies!

  6. I think this has been the second deleted scene where NCIS was mentioned – wasn’t the first from the third season when Pam pretends to take a call to get out of Michael explaining an episode of NCIS he watched?

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