1. So much happened. I need to process it all tonight and then re-watch it on NBC.com tomorrow.
    Not a bad day.

  2. Oh my goodness…words cannot describe how utterly happy I am. Pure gold. Everyone involved in making this episode is an absolute genius! Thank you so much for such an awesome episode!

  3. “Just hold it in your mouth if you can’t swallow…”

    Such a great season opener. If there is a way to make Holly stay, I will do anything to make it happen. She is Michael’s perfect match in every way. I would hate to see him have a woman who would accept him in every way and let her go because of Jan. Clinically insane Jan. Ugh. Please Office. Make it happen.

    “I just couldn’t wait.”

    My heart soars with the eagle’s nest right now. Thank you Office writers! Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. This was simply amazing…. not my favorite episode but it brings a smile to my face just knowing that The Office is back!

  5. Simply amazing for a season opener. Love the development of the background characters. Hated the return of Ryan, though, lol. I felt sooo bad for Andy for the first time ever and it’s only gonna be a matter of time before Pam creates another triangle for herself. The season 2 storyline seems to be repeating itself. Hmmmmm…….

  6. Thanks Gene & Lee for a great episode. Well worth the wait. Everything about it was perfect – except what’s the deal with Meredith’s face in the beginning of the episode? I hope there’s a deleted scene to address that. Awesome job guys.

  7. I loved it! But what was with Meredith’s face in the beginning? It was like sun burn but raised and I kept waiting for it to be mentioned. Also, when Jim was eating lunch with Holly and Michael in the break room I’m pretty sure Michael didn’t have a goatee and then later on he did again. Ryan the temp! And JAM made me cry! Definitely a great start to the new season.

  8. Just solid, solid writing. After all the hype of the big proposal, it ended up being spontaneous in the middle of the afternoon, in the pouring rain – at a gas station no less. Brilliant.

    Also real quick – Dwight kicking the birthday cake while saying “Happy Birthday Stanley” was easily the funniest moment of many.

  9. Did anyone else notice when Jim gets down on one knee to propose, Pam asks “What are you doing”? It was like a call-back to the Casino Night moment when Jim tells her he loves her and she asks “What are you doing”? I thought that was cute, not sure if it was planned, just a neat reference to the first time he tells her he loves her, to asking her to marry him!!

  10. YES FINALLY A PROPOSAL. IT MADE MY ENTIRE LIFE. and I’m not even exaggerating…well maybe a little.

  11. the highlights for me….

    dwight leaving phyllis

    and of course the big one.. Pam and Jim’s engagement.

    I gave a dwight fist pump when i saw it..i’m pumped

  12. I don’t even know how I feel about the episode as a whole because of that splendid proposal! It was totally unexpected for me, so that made it so much better. Worth the wait!

    also, best line: “Cryogenics. Beer me five.”

  13. Best. Episode. Ever! I can’t believe they got engaged in the first episode! When I saw the rain I knew it, and i ran around the living room screaming! JAM forever!!

    And how about Angela and Dwight!

  14. I KNEW Toby wasn’t really gone! YES! And Ryan back as a temp = GENIUS. The Office is back, folks. :)

  15. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I can not stop smiling. This episode has just skyrocketed to the top of my list. The season is off to an amazing start!

  16. way too much was jammed into this episode! i guess the writers were trying to resolve all of the situations left at the season finale, but I feel like a lot of it was forced, like there was check-list of what all needed to be accomplished. There was just something different about the presentation of this first episode, and i can only hope that it starts looking like the office i know and love as the season progresses!

  17. Woo Hoo! Great episode all around (not just b/c of Jam’s engagement though I was very happy about it)!

  18. I am so happy that Jim proposed and Pam accepted. I was right that Ryan would end up as the receptionist. I felt so bad for Holly. Poor Toby, hasn’t even seen the beach.

    I can’t wait to rewatch it and catch it all.

  19. I don’t even know where to start with this episode…it was great and funny and wonderful and heart wrenching all at once! How can they pack so much into one premiere?

  20. My thoughts…

    – Amy Ryan needs to stay

    – Ryan at the Receptionist desk made me fall out of my chair, literally! ha ha ha ha ha!

    – Fantastic Episode, explain to me why 30 Rock won the Emmy for best comedy, again….

    – Poor Toby

  21. Wow. What a season 5 opener. that was all it was hyped to be and more! excited to see where next week takes us… awesome writing and plotline!!!

  22. Great season opener. My favorite part had to be the Oscar/Holly interaction and of course the ending in the rain. So simple and sweet…just made it that much more realistic! :)

  23. Fantastic episode 9.6/10. Loved everything about it, the awkwardness was great between holly and oscar

  24. Am I the first? This show is awesome. I had an idea the proposal was going to happen when the camera angle was wide at the gas station with the pouring rain…I told my friend He’s gonna do it now…and she was like OMG NO…and she started screaming happily when he did it!
    Can’t wait to see more.

  25. OH. MY. GOD. Ohmygod!!! I just can’t believe it. I am so incredibly happy right now!! I laughed, I CRIED!!, I clapped and I jumped up and down. BEST episode ever. Incredible. Amazing. PERFECT. Thank you SO much, writers, and cast and crew for that wonderful episode.

    I love this show so much and I am so excited for every Thursday!!! Bravo!!!

  26. That made me smile! I loved the rain. I love how he just did it. Nothing fancy… no fireworks. And I really loved how he was practically giddy when he went back to work.

  27. Excellent premiere! Observations: Jim’s proposal was perfect; even better than if it had happened how we expected. Angela is just plain awful for juggling those men. I wanted to kick Michael for not taking initiative. And now, we wait…

  28. Great episode!

    Am I the only one who noticed that during the lunch scene(Michael, Holly, Jim at the lunch table), Michael had no goatee? He had it for a few scenes before that, and a few scenes after that.

  29. I don’t know what to say – this was SO worth waiting for! Brava and Bravo to EVERYONE involved – THANK YOU SO MUCH for the appetizer of what I am hoping will be the best season yet!

    Jim’s face when he returned from the proposal and the way he was saying “hi” to everyone and all that – so real and SO wonderful!

    God, I love this show! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

  30. “…THAT’s how I sleep at night.” Favourite line, hands down.

    There were a lot of laugh out loud moments of this episode, although my boyfriend and I agreed that it felt a little…unfamiliar. I think that’s the right word. There was a lot of info shoved into this premiere, but I’m not complaining :)

    Do you think Dwight played ‘Little Drummer Boy’ as his mood music on his little stereo?

    Must re-watch now!

  31. that episode was good good good. Jim and Pam are engaged!!!! there are just no words to express my joy.

    and how about michael racing down the stairs?? and kelly passing out?? there was some serious laughter in my living room tonight.

  32. though so much about this episode was amazing, I can’t help but think… I guess the guy in the JAM fanvid will actually sleep tonight…

    words can’t describe.

  33. Oh boy, what a great episode! Tears and laughs. I just love how the writers are so good at giving us a bit of what we want and crave but never indulge us- they always stay true to the characters and make sure that solid story and character development comes first. Great season opener.

  34. holy canoli, did that premiere just happen?! what a way to open the season! so much emotion and realness, I really thought Kelly bit the dust when she fell off the scale, and Ryan loves her! oh yeah and the whole jim proposing thing, not that that’s a big deal. KIDDING

  35. #21– I did the same thing, haha! I was laying on my stomach and then got up on my knees going “Oh my god..oh my god” then jumped off my bed! Haha!

  36. I loved this episode! I thought the whole thing was really funny… I was laughing out loud the whole time. And I was at home by myself! And then of course that spontaneous proposal in the rain. So awesome. I was almost expecting Pam to not show up or something horrible. But it was a happy day. Oh, and Dwight kicking the cheesecake? Hilarious.

  37. Angela is such a little hussy! She used to think the color green was whorish. Now she’s sleeping with Dwight and making wedding plans with Andy! The Jim/Pam proposal scene made me scream with joy. Sigh… the Office is finally back!

  38. That. Was. Awesome.

    I think the best SP yet!! Not just the JAM part (though I didn’t mind it at all), but all of the characters were in fine form. ALL OF THEM

    Welcome back best show on TV!!

  39. This was the hands down best season premiere of the show. Kelly was in prime form and I think this was the funniest that Dwight has ever been. well done!

  40. Soooo happy right now. It finally happened and it was perfect. This totally made like my whole year.

    And Holly finding out that Kevin wasn’t mentally challenged: Horribly awkward and wonderfully funny.

    I loved seeing Jim come back at the end all soaked and smiling. So, so worth the wait.

  41. Phenomenal. They just need to keep it at this pace all season- no angst, no unnecessary stretching, no Survivorman type episodes- and they’ll be golden.

  42. i thought i was gonna die when kevin said “do you think i’m retarded?”

    and i was sure i was going to be able to predict when JAM was going to happen, it surprised me so much!

    so what do you think will happen with angela?

  43. For Phyllis…we don’t think your jugs are what people see when they look at you. Actually, the way you move and your expressions are really great!

  44. This Episode was fantastic! I still can’t get over the fact that jIm proposed to Pam…wow! My favorite part was Angela answering how she sleeps at night… classic. I can tell this season is going to be so good!

  45. @52 (Adambz)

    I noticed it didn’t look the same in a couple of scenes. Sometimes it was closer to his mouth and sometimes it was farther. I figured it was just my imagination, but if what you said is true, maybe not…

  46. What an amazing episode.. definitely in my top 5 episodes ever. I am definitely going to watch this one over and over again.. I loved it!

  47. Well, well, well. It’s about time.

    #28 – I COMPLETELY agree. The whole episode felt forced and rushed. But there were still some GREAT moments. “Beer me five” was awesome.

  48. I know there were so many great and wonderful things about this episode, but the only thing I can think of is that Pam & Jim are finally, finally engaged. We’ve waited so long for this and wow, I totally didn’t expect it!! It was beautiful though, and I will go to sleep with a smile on my face!

  49. I totally called this one. John K. was throwing us a curveball with all his “Jim is going to struggle with whether he still wants to propose” talk in the interviews.

  50. rice-a-ronnie! hahaha. i felt like i remembered why i fell in love with this show as i watched it tonight! :)

  51. That was Dawesome! I loved every minute. Our tv started to flip out right as the show started so my friends and I ran to the apartment across the hall and invaded their office party. It was totally worth it.
    When I saw the rain I knew it was going to be good. My friends and I ate a celebratory popsicle after the proposal…it was worth the wait!
    “That wasn’t a tapeworm”~Creed

  52. I see a few people mentioned that they can’t wait for next week. There is no office next week, VP debate.

  53. Number 52 – I did notice that! I couldn’t believe there was such a slip up when the Office editors are so meticulous.

    Other than that, GREAT OPENER! It was funny and endearing, all the way from Stanley’s private weight loss to the big proposal in the rain. And let’s not forget, “She got an ass that just DON’T QUIT!”

    One question though – what was with Meredith’s face at the beginning of the episode? It was burned and blistered . . .

  54. Great episode! Loved Jim’s jab at Ryan, Michael seeking advice from Jim, Holly finding out about Kevin not being “mentally challenged.” The pager.

    Good stuff.

  55. Did anyone else notice how trendy Pam has suddenly become? She looked super cute when she was at Pratt. Her artistic side is coming out–I love it!

  56. Great episode. I, too, liked the original opening.
    My favorites:
    Kevin’s “retardation” exposed.
    Ryan’s demotion.
    Dwangela and their “paging system”.
    Pam via webcam.
    and the perfect ending…a surprise proposal in the rain. I guess all Jim needed was 10 days without Pam.

  57. Adambz –
    I think the reason Michael had no goatee a few scenes later is cuz they were jumping from week to week in the show, and Michael was just trying to copy Ryan. So one week, he’d have it, shave it, have it, etc.

  58. Honestly, not the best episode ever in my opinion, but it automatically ranks waaayyy up there because of the JAM proposal!!! And the hilarious Ryan/Kelly business – and Creed. There were a lot of things I didn’t like – but like I said, automatic win.

  59. I loved it!!!!! Just a great episode from my favorite TV show!!!! I looked forward to nearly every week. With my birthday coming up, I asked for Season 4 on DVD. But every moment of this hour long episode was priceless. Absolutely priceless!!!!

    This one will be remembered as one of the best episodes of The Office!!!!

  60. I agree with most of the comments; this SP was The [kind of] Office we fell in love with.

    I would even go so far as to say that I had a better good feeling throughout this episode than I did during ANY in season 4. Season 4 had its moments, but I actually felt like a lot of it was tedious. This is a great start–excellent pacing, humor, better entertainment, like seasons 2 and 3.

  61. I also thought it was HILARIOUS when Holly was screaming at Angela!

    “NO, YOU WON’T TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT!!”(something like that)

  62. What was on the computer screen from Pam? I had to watch on a stupid fuzzy tv because of stupid baseball game.

  63. I see the future. Season 5 survivor poll: 1. Weight Loss – Jammers will invade the voting much like the people did to Spore on Amazon.

  64. I loved Dwight hammering the peach (was it a peach?) into the slot in the vending machine then all the fruit getting flies as the weeks went by–hehehe!!!
    Pam’s ADORABLE “What up, 212?” and “Can you give me back to Jim now?”

    Oh my gosh…so many favorite moments and classic scenes…

  65. 1. Loved Jim’s proposal at a gas station in the rain. Now THAT’s romance, people!
    2. I’m definitely waiting for a deleted scene that explains the second degree burns on Meredith’s face.
    3. I was really hoping Michael would be smart enough to buy the tickets from Holly and then turn around and ASK HER to go to the concert with him. Love her!
    4. Loved the way, at the beginning, when Michael missed a perfect TWSS moment, and Jim looks at him and asks, “Nothing?”
    5. The Holly/Kevin awkward moment was so funny.
    Great episode writers! It was worth the wait!

  66. I don’t think I can possibly express my love for that episode. My only issue with it was that the editing seemed choppy at first, but I only noticed that at the beginning.

    Remember when, after “Chair Model,” everyone was like “OMG PAM GAVE JIM A WEIRD LOOK SHE ISN’T GOING TO SAY YES”? SO glad “everyone” was wrong. ;)

  67. What a way to kick off the season. This episode was awesome all around. It definitely felt like a season 2 episode.

    I was so happy to see Jim finally propose to Pam. The look of surprise on her face was just priceless. Also, is it just me or did Pam get even cuter? I didn’t think that was possible.

    Oh Michael, why did you have to rip up those tickets? Will he ever get it right?

    All I have to say about Angela is: looks like someone took the slow train from Philly.

  68. This episode made me SO happy! Not just because of Jim and Pam getting engaged, but this just felt like The Office again! I liked season 4, but it didn’t have that same feeling as the rest of the seasons! And I’m really glad that they won’t be dragging out a Jim and Pam engagement.

  69. Hey office, it’s your friend Seth here. Just want to give a little advice on your show. Remember back in season 2? The charm of everything? Remember how in season 3 and 4 you just kept getting bigger and bigger and more outlandish? Yeah? You remember? Well now that the season 5 premiere has come and gone I just have one teensy little recommendation…REEL IT BACK IN! Bring it back to season 2 and none of this Pam is chatting to the camera on a freaking computer BS! Go back to what made your show the best thing on TV. The heart of it all. Or else you’ll never get an emmy again.

  70. Angela is a dirty dirty girl. I love it! Andy and his “fairy tale” wedding” are doomed, just like poor Toby in that hospital bed in Costa Rica. Fantastic start to season 5. I heard from Entertainment Weekly that dark skies may have a silver lining and, sure enough, there it was with Jim on one knee proposing to Pam. Awesome. Michael Klump was pretty hilarious too. And, I supposed, Dwight will shave his goatee next…

  71. I might have missed this on a previous comment… but did anyone else notice Meredith’s burned/disfigured face? Was that explained at all?

  72. A++ episode!

    How come the next episode, “Business Ethics” is scheduled to be aired on the 9th of October? Are we not getting anything on Thursday the 2nd?!?

  73. I was totally yapping about the whole Michael goatee mix up! I knew I wasn’t missing things. He completely grew that thing back when he was playing Michael Klump, haha – oh well – the show was still amazing. It doesn’t have to be funny period to be so clever and witty. I’m so happy it’s back. I so love Michael more than words and I can’t wait to see where they go with him and Holly. It’s finally good to have some decent TV back on TV! haha.

  74. Fantastic episode…well worth the wait. Dwight was classic, Michael coming through in the clutch turning a horrible meeting into a meaningful one (Kelly) and of course Pam and Jim! Great work and a real pleasure to watch!

  75. When I was watching this episode, I was amazed at how AWESOME it was! This exceeded my expectations!

    YAY JIM AND PAM!!! I cried when he proposed!

    I’m pretty bummed they ended the Holly/Kevin thing already. That should’ve played out much longer I think.

    What was up with Meredith’s face? I want to see the Deleted Scenes already!

    YAY writers of The Office! They rock my socks!

  76. YES!! my daughter’s 18, i’m 43 ~ and we’re BOTH in love with jim! kinda twisted, but LOVE him! did anyone else LOVE the kissing scene after he proposed and she said YES?! SO sweet, can’t wait to watch it again. what was up with Ryan’s “I never really processed 9/11” excuse to Kelly for the breakup? wow..didn’t see THAT coming, funny but way out of the comfort zone…

  77. I thought they really hit this one out of the park.

    Great episode. Better than most others. I hope this is the feel for the rest of this season.

  78. Wow I really really enjoyed it! Jim proposing was the nicest surprise ever!! I actually sat up (I was laying on the couch) and like starting excitedly bouncing around. A little different as far as the way they filmed it and the way it felt, but all in all a good episode!

  79. They need to seriously realize what a documentary is. Every season it gets more and more over produced it’s becoming sad. It’s so cinematic now, the shots are so laid out. I hope they look back to season 1 and 2 and realize what makes a documentary a documentary.

  80. Yes, can we get a writer to explain to us why Meredith’s face was all “sunburned” during the first few scenes?
    I’m assuming it was a storyline that was cut for time but it’s odd how they let that slip.

  81. AMAZING!I bet there are a lot of deleted scenes tho.Like others said, it looked different.Some of it seemed a bit rushed and I think they should of addressed Meredith’s face.And the goatee thing was very noticeable. But the proposal made it worth it. :)

  82. My living room erupted in screams when Jim proposed! After the “Pam doesn’t want a long engagement” and the mild flirtation with the guy in her class, I was afraid of a whole season of “will they or won’t they.” The unexpected and somewhat prosaic proposal (no fireworks, no big occasion) was pitch-perfect! Thanks, writers, after tonight we now know we can trust you with the future of these characters we’ve grown to love so much!

    Few people have commented about the cute little chicken thing Michael and Holly did for the camera! That was adorable and showed how much fun they could have together if Jan wasn’t in the picture. Grr.

    So many other great moments–Phyllis’ “death march”, that horrible moment when Holly blurts out that Kevin is mentally challenged, Kelly’s line “I look amazing!” Ryan’s humbling encounter with his former co-workers, and POOR TOBY! I haven’t been this in love with a show since The Munsters.

  83. This was like an ‘old school’ Office episode, fantastic all around – and thank you for our happy ending!!! I fell in love with the show and the cast all over again.

  84. A++++++ I even liked a bit of the herky,jerkiness of the “documentary film crew.” All time prediction…the final episode of The Office (may it be many, many years in the future) will have to be the actual documentary this “film crew” made.

  85. I was really hyping myself up for this episode by going back and watching all four seasons back to back. It was worth the wait.

    Is it just me or does Andy look like he’s put on a ton of weight? Or maybe it’s just the slightly longer hair? Either way he looked considerably older….

  86. I kinda got the feeling it wasn’t a real goatee on michael…like he just got one of those fake mustache kits and would sometimes forget to wear it. And then when Ryan shaved, he stopped wearing it. I’m not sure Michael even could grow a goatee

  87. Aside from the obvious (JAM!), I really, really liked this episode. Yes, it had a different vibe and probably look to it but I thought that it worked. It’s a new season and change is always good.

    There were so many funny moments and I cannot wait to rewatch it again because I am sure that I probably missed some great lines from laughing.

    And I will admit it, I shed a few tears of joy and happiness when the proposal happened…. finally.

    Great episode overall and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.

  88. I honestly was not expecting a proposal in the season premiere I thought they’d drag it out. Ryan having to be back in Scranton is a far greater punishment than prison.

  89. THANK YOU, Office writers, for an AMAZING episode! Jim and Pam are FINALLY engaged and I can finally have a restful night’s sleep (j/k.. sort of)!

    But one question:

    Meredith’s face?

  90. I redact my favorite line, my true favorite line is: “What is wrong with these people, they have no willpower, I once went 28 years without having sex … then again for 7 years.”

  91. They better have that Dwight computer picture up on the ‘Net within 24 hours or I will Shrute my pants!

  92. So amazing…totally worth the wait! I’ve heard rumors that there might be an actor’s strike sometime this year because their contract will expire–and I’m SO hoping that’s not accurate! We can’t have another season cut short!!

    It’s going to be a great season…

  93. This episode gave me the feeling of Season 2 again! The way scenes were shot and just the humor, in my opinion, reminded me of my favorite season.

  94. This really did feel like a first or second season episode. I really loved it, especially the JAMness. It not only completed my life but was the best birthday present ever.

  95. “Hold it in you mouth if you can’t swallow” ………………………. “Really?”

    I don’t know if I can handle Michael not saying “That’s what she said.” Even though it is implied.

    “Do you think I’m Retarded?” AWESOME but Holly thinking Kevin is retarded should have lasted a lot longer.

    Stupid VP Debate I don’t know if I can wait two weeks.


    “Halpert comes through in the Clutch”

    It’s going to be an AWESOME OFFICE YEAR

  96. Lovedddd it
    Michael looked like an Italian Chief with his goatee haha
    What was up with Meridith’s face in the beginning of the episode???
    It looked blistered and red????

  97. Gotta say I came into this opener with low expectations after a somewhat disappointing season 4, but this episode definitely redeemed the past season and I hope the rest of season 5 is just as good.

  98. Can anyone tell me what Michael’s quote was about showing restraint? It was something about how he hadn’t had sex for 28 years but I can’t remember the whole thing!

  99. Amazing. Just … wow. What an episode. It was the perfect combination of resolution and continued anticipation, and of humor and heart. Lee and Gene, I bow at your feet.

  100. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! MY DVR STOPPED 7 MINUTES BEFORE THE END. WHAT HAPPENED!?!?! Right after Holly said we only have 8 lbs to lose.

  101. this was amazing. so hilarious and the jam proposal made me cry and scream and laugh. That was pure jam and pure romance.

  102. To 64: Andy’s hair did a funny shift between bang lengths. I think at times he moved it aside, but it definitely is getting longer.

  103. I am stunned. That was so much more than I expected. So much more. The Office is truly different from any show I’ve ever watched. I could go on for a few paragraphs about my favorite moments…

    The 3 month wait…SO MUCH MORE worth it than I expected.

    holy cow. Thursdays are amazing again.

    I cannot wait.

  104. I was sooooo happy and excited!! I did a little dance when she said yes and they kissed! Go Jam!!!

  105. epic!! holly and michael are awesome together! jim and pam, not usually THAT big of a fan of theirs, but god! that was amazing!

  106. I really liked this episode, but the part about toby was so horrible. I hope he will end up OK, but I doubt it.

  107. 115-I’m betting a deleted scene will come explaining Meredith’s face, she seems to be left out alot-Did she even have a line?

  108. Oh, such joy in my heart to see Jim propose – and to see Pam say yes! I got engaged in the rain (and yes, still married 6 years later) so I think it’s so cute that my favorite couple did too! Way to go, Jim!! He was just so freakin’ cute with that smile when he got back, too.
    I’m sure there might be some rough times ahead as they do the long-distance thing, but she wants a short engagement, right? So what do you all think – wedding for the season finale?

  109. Great episode! I died laughing when Holly called Kevin mentally challenged and how everyone in the office just hated Ronnie (anyone wanna dance?). Gotta love the Jam engagement too. That said, the lack of continuity with Michael mysteriously shaving does bother me a little. You’d think the editors would pick up on it. Best line in the episode: Fire-d guy!

  110. so you guys know, there will be no episode airing next week due to the vice presidential debate. Of course there will still be a 1 hour episode of Earl. lame.

  111. OMG YES! YES YES YES YES! THEY TOTALLY HAD US FOOLED WITH ALL THOSE INTERVIEWS!! I basically died on the couch. My roommates might judge me a little bit. But that’s alright :) <3

    Also…poor Kelly and Toby.

    Great season premiere!

  112. On the whole goatee fiasco everyone’s talking about, remember, this is a “documentary.” And in documentaries and what not, stuff is shot, then placed in different parts of the story to further a certain angle they’re trying to establish.

    Or maybe, the crew could’ve had extra time for the “documentary” and just threw in a different scene for the audience.

    Think about it in terms like that, and not just a goof.

  113. FANTASTIC EPISODE. Everything was awesome, not only because of Jim and Pam but everything. I was worried it would be kind of a downer episode, but it was the complete office. LOVED IT.

  114. OMG, what a premiere. So many great moments from the entire cast. Can’t wait to rewatch this.

    Jim/Pam is not the entire show. But everyone, CAN WE PLEASE ALL CELEBRATE!? We’ve waited for this for years.
    Meeting halfway. In the rain. And Jim proposes because he just can’t wait any longer. Oh, my heart. I am so ecstatic.

  115. I’m gonna guess that Meredith went to the beach, got a tad tipsy, feel asleep face up on the sand, and that’s how she got all those blistery looking things.

  116. Meredeth’s face was not messed up in the first weigh in scene. Then the next week is was totally messed up then it gradually got better.
    Loved it!!!!

  117. I disagree with seth- I think that this episode was the first in about a year to feel like the office. I wasn’t straining to laugh, much like I did during a lot of season 4. I didn’t feel like they were dragging us around anymore. The characters we love are growing and I think this season is going to be amazing! This episode had so much heart and the smart humor that I grew to love during seasons 1-3. Welcome back, the Office!

  118. Oh.My.Gawd.
    Just bursting with hyperness right now.
    I would’ve jumped out of my chair and done a happydance when Jim proposed, but my parents were watching with me, so… awkward.
    I believe I’m in a state of shock.

  119. Fantastic episode. I loved nearly every bit of it, especially the proposal. I had completely forgotten about that.

    A few things I didn’t particularly like.

    *Michael buying the tickets from Holly and then ripping them. I don’t understand why he did that or why the writers chose it this way. They have such great chemistry!

    *Poor Tobey. Why does he have such bad luck! In a hospital for 5 weeks!

    *Didn’t like the whole fat Michael bit.

  120. I just watched it with a whole bunch of college freshman. I can honestly say everyone loved it. Up until the last Toby scene. =( Everyone kind of died after that.

  121. Great, great episode!!

    Did anyone notice that Pam’s screen name was ‘Receptionitis’? Genius.

  122. There was a different feel to that episode. But I liked it! And almost all the characters had a chance to shine, which was fantastic. And the proposal completely caught me off guard and had me jumping on my couch, grinning like crazy! I suspect I wasn’t the only one… :)

  123. Seeing Jim and Pam finally make it official was the perfect way to start the season! I was afraid the writers would draw it out for as along as possible, but instead they had Jim just step up to the plate and do it! And I really loved that Kelly rejected Ryan after he had treated her so badly for SUCH a long time. And that allusion to Roy and Pam’s engagement was hilarious! For a while I was sweating it out, worried that Pam’s Art School friend would be competition for Jim, but the episode ended in the perfect way. 10 out of 10!

  124. So many fantastic things…so many. One that certainly stood out to me was when Jim goes to visit Pam and tricks the cameraman out of the room. The click of the lock, then the sigh = perfect.

  125. Oh, John Krasinski, how you misled me! And how is it possible that I love you even more for it? Fantastic! And in the rain, to boot! The episode, as a whole, felt a bit disjointed to me…but maybe it was because I was too excited to actually focus. A second viewing is absolutely necessary.

  126. Beyond excellent. After the “unevenness” of the strike-shortened season, this show roared back with a home run. Thursday night is fun again!!!

  127. What a perfect 10, A+++ of an episode! There were so many great moments, too many to mention. This was so worth the wait. I laughed so hard at Kelly’s talking head about her diet (Dr. Burroughs Master Cleanse!! Ha ha ha I did that once!)

  128. I really enjoyed this episode, but I completely agree with Seth (113). I have been saying that S2 is the golden season for so long!!!

  129. Greatest SP since The Dundies! Wow. I am so happy. I am so deliriously happy that The Office Writers love their fans and gave them the perfect surprise proposal, genuine and simple, just like Jim & Pam! They don’t need fireworks or other shenanigans. Honestly, I cried more than I did during Titanic, or even the finale of Friends..! Loved the cramming of 8 weeks into 1 ep, so much going on! Top Faves: Michael’s impressive ways of winning over his soul-dork Holly; Holly’s interactions with Oscar and Kevin; Stanley working out at his desk; Michael taking Pam “virtually” around the office; Pam’s webcam talking head; Toby; and of course, RYAN, boy am I glad to have him back, cannot wait to see what will happen with Kelly, although I’m glad she got her well-deserved retribution moment! Least Faves: no explanation for Meredith’s face; Ryan’s creepy little black book; Andy’s haircut; and Dwangela’s naughtiness. I am so pumped for this season, but it’s too bad we have to wait 2 more weeks until Business Ethics. Ah well, by then we’ll have plenty of time to pause-rewind-analyze the SP online!

  130. I loved how Jim came back for weigh-in all smiles. I loved it when Michael ripped up the tickets. I loved seeing Dwangela hooking it up. This is going to be a great season! I’m so glad that the cast is so good at LYING! lol Oh, and I think Angela’s pregnant with Dwight’s baby…

  131. Great episode it was good that the proposal didn’t drag on throughout the season like i thought it would… poor toby

  132. to 148:
    Michael says something along the lines of how he waited 28 years to have sex, and then he waited 7 more years until he did it again!

    Since we’re on the topic, Angela hasn’t seen her fiance naked, but is shamelessly getting jiggy with her ex-boyfriend, right after discussing wedding plans with her fiance! This was not in my ep top faves as we felt really sorry for Andy, especially after his speech about spending the rest of their lives together (that’s when Angela didn’t meet up with Dwight, guess she felt somewhat guilty!!)

  133. Best birthday present I could ask for, seeing the Jim and Pam proposal, I SO did not see that coming… amazing, perfect, hilarious episode, I loved it!

  134. I can’t believe Dwight told Jim “well played”! Dwight ACKNOWLEDGED that Jim was playing him. Amazing.

  135. Nothing to add really that hasn’t already been said, but Pam’s laptop talking was brilliant. I love how they continue to play with the conventions of the documentary, like with the camera man being shut out of Pam’s dorm and sighing. It’s good that the writers are taking into account the developing relationship between the characters and the off-screen documentarians. A+++

  136. The entire episode I was cracking up and worrying about Pam and Jim. Ryan’s return was enjoyable as well as Toby’s accident leading to a possible return. I’m reassured that the writers want to keep the original cast (+ Andy).

    However for once I’m really disappointed with the Office. We have waited four years to see Jim propose to Pam and they jammed it into the last 5 minutes of the show while dismissing the flow and tension of the episode. I know what kind of emotional angle they were going for (with Pam’s new friend and Jim going forever without seeing her), but they should have built it up for another episode or two.

  137. Is anyone else wondering what is going to happen with Pam’s new “friend”? They can’t make it that easy for Jim & Pam. I am so glad Jim didn’t tell the office about the engagememt. Dwangy is getting super funny and there are so many ways they can go with it. I hope they make it last. Jan wasn’t in it enough.
    I don’t know what you were watching last year, I thought that season 4 was awesome! Am I the only one?

  138. #178, Oh, gosh, I’d almost forgotten about that. My folks and I found the sigh hilarious. I just loveloveloved that… I’m a sucker for any kind of Jam.
    Poor Jim, though, when we found out that they had been interrupted.

  139. Wow, that was quite a jam-packed episode (no pun intended). I know we complained last year about the slow pace of the hour-longs, but that was almost too much to process! I will definitely need to rewatch (more than once :)) to catch everything. I am kicking myself for reading that Ausiello spoiler about the proposal in the rain, although I didn’t think it would be in the premier. No more spoilers for me. And I just have to say it, even though I am a huge Dwangela fan — poor Andy! I feel so bad for the guy!

  140. Don’t know if anyone has commented on this yet, but does anyone understand why Pam was taking a class about fungus and mold?

  141. YAY! my heart dropped when Jim proposed. I really hope this stays solid, no JAM problems. Jim already had to suffer for 3 season before he got his lady.


  142. i thought this was excellent. it started out good, not great, but i think that was just getting used to the week by week format. i am actually so impressed it felt so true to the office despite the fact that the format of the show was drastically different.
    i love this show and have enjoyed all the seasons but season 2 is definitely a classic. i feel like this episode took the same level of risk and more developed characters and humor we have been seeing over the past couple seasons and infused that with the classic feeling of season 2. excellent season premiere, definitely the best since the dundies, maybe the best of all.

  143. I’m glad people are finally admitting that season 4 sucked! It really did! I’m liking this season so far… my favorite is Holly, i’m glad they’re finally getting somebody for Michael who actually fits Michael really well.

  144. I am surprised that no one has commented on this yet. The cause of Meredith’s face being all blistered and red is probably from the spray that Dwight sprays on all of the food when Stanley says he is going to take the dumplings home to his wife. If I am not mistaken I am pretty sure she was right in the line of fire and probably had an allergic reaction to it.

  145. First off, Ryan becoming the receptionist…nailed it!

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but did anyone else notice the continuity error with Michael’s goatee? He had it, then didn’t have it when they were in the break room and Jim was talking about who he’d sit with at lunch, then had it back again when he was talking to Ryan about it. Or maybe I’m mixing up scenes, I’ll have to wait and rewatch to see if I saw that right.

  146. Before Jim asked Pam to switch to IM, their conversation seemed so strained, and just I don’t know, forced. I totally was not expecting the proposal. Not until he got down on his knee did I clue in. OmG, I have watched it 3 times already. A friend of mine wanted to watch it with me, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate it while I tried to control my emotions, so I secretly watched it on the early feed before she came over. And I do not feel even a little bit guilty. Still, I cried each time I watched it. Best episode in a long time. I have waited so long to feel this away about this show again. THANK YOU!

  147. #148 Mary – “I once went 28 years without having sex, and then again for 7 years.” (Something to that effect)

  148. Great episode!! Congratulations to Jim & Pam (oh, they’re not a real couple?) This was the office true to what it is — everyone had a part of the story line and it was great fun!! I’m beyond happy that Jim proposed and Pam said yes. Thank you, writers!!

  149. Suuuuuch a great episode! & so much better than the weirdness that was the end of Season 4…loved everything about tonight’s!
    Highlights include Andy’s little “Ayyooo!” after Angela gives him a kiss, Michael making fun of Ronnie, the facial hair, Dwight dropping Phyllis off in a remote location … etc etc etc.

  150. Wow. I have to say that proposal TOTALLY took my by surprise!!! I was thinking Christmas-time or something- not right out of the gate!! I’m THRILLED but it caught me so by surprise it was almost anti-climactic. I just can’t believe it! Had me fooled for sure. When I saw the rain coming down I was like, “No… it CAN’T be already- is it???” And then there it was! I think I need to go watch it a few more times for it to sink in- seriously. I feel like I’ll wake up tomorrow and think I dreamt it.

    The whole thing had a very different vibe due to the format. It felt like I was watching a different show. Wasn’t necessarily a bad thing- it’s nice for them to change it up but I’ll be happy when we go back to normal time. The quick cuts and the editing for each week made everything feel choppy and rushed. Like they were trying to cram too much into one episode. I think after a second viewing I’ll appreciate it more- it just threw me off because I’m used to the regular vibe. Overall, fantastic job writers!

  151. What a perfect day! My Los Angeles Dodgers are the N.L. West champs and The Office premiered and rocked! I loved the episode! I can’t wait to see it again! Thanks again, Tanmonster, for all that you do! :)

  152. That. was. perfect.
    For all the people that thought they could never get the season 2 feel back..there you go.

  153. Hey Tanster…as S5 gets started, just wanted to say that we love this site and all you do. You rock and thanks for the frequent updates!

  154. Okay, so before I even begin to read all of the comments (which I’m sure are great!) I have to say – somewhere during the middle of the show I thought, “This feels like home.” It just felt right; it was just going back to where ‘The Office’ started from – my world is normal again.

    Secondly – Oh. My. Gravy. So, when Jim was on the phone with Pam and Dwight was yelling with his goatee (which, by the way, I think makes one Mr. Schrute look rather handsome. I don’t know why – is that weird, haha?) and then Jim told Pam to go to “IM”, at first I was confused. I thought he wanted her to do the computer face thing – and I TOTALLY thought he was going to propose to her right there just like that. But then he didn’t. But then he did. At a rest stop. Just, aaw. He’s SO in love with Italian food…

    Other favorites – Computer Pam talking head. Awesome. And Ryan’s a temp again!?!?!? And is he totally in love with Kelly? Or just lonely? Or secret option C? Loved the 9/11 comment, too.

  155. amazingly wonderful episode. yet another episode that made my cry with joy, no other show on television can do that to me. I am so excited for this season!!!

  156. Even if the series ended now I’d be happy, that’s how FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC this episode was!

  157. I am still tingling from JAM, but I forgot to post that I hope that the season keeps this same tone. I liked that they were in the office, but it wasn’t just everyone sitting around. I also liked that they are keeping the broad comedy more realistic than in season 4. After being kind of let down last season, I never expected such a home run.

    Also, maybe Angela needs that sex addict hotline?

  158. Yeah, what was up with Meredith’s blistered face? And Pam taking a class on funghi? I noticed that, too. Also, why did she leave for NYC from the office – I mean, sure, that makes it convenient for us to see her off, but.. Just thought of this right now, too – no goodbye party for Pam?? That seems very un-Michaelesque.

    But, still that’s just nit-picking. Great episode, Gene and Lee! Keep ’em comin’! And ‘The Office’ totally should have won “Best Comedy.”

  159. i also love how andy had to put his tie on the outside of his garbage bag while they were trying to sweat out some weight. omg, those cornell boys.

  160. This episode was awesome and amazing and hillarious!
    But, I am a huge Dwangela fan, and I’m not sure what to make of it in this episode…

  161. Well… he got us. Congrats John Krasinski… your whole “Jim has to get some courage back” bit worked like a charm. If it wasn’t for that one Emmy interview that mentioned a rumor about a proposal in the rain…I would have been taken completely by surprise. I really liked the fact that the proposal was so simple. It kept it much more realistic… which is the point. Well done writers! Great episode.

  162. Great episode!!! I was so worried about Halpert Lite ruining things, that the proposal completely knocked me over. It was the perfect ending to a great episode.

  163. Did anyone notice Holly’s name plate on her desk? Her real name is Hollis “Holly” P. Flax.

    Loved the wicka wicka wicka whaaat rap…. Michael & Holly remind me of little kids playing with each other after school…. and that yoga scene between them was cute =)

  164. Loved it so much that my husband looked at me funny when I screamed.. I have screencaps of the proposal if anyone wants ’em. Office yeah!

  165. What an episode! Definitely didn’t expect the proposal right away…but then again, remember the whole Jim and Pam deciding to just be friends?

    Angela the trollop…Ryan’s enemy list…I know it’s cliche, and it’s cliche that I’m saying it’s cliche, but yes: THE OFFICE IS BACK!

    I’m starting to think Holly’s (sadly inevitable) exit will be ugly. We don’t know everything about her yet. Funny that she and Oscar hit it off so well. Remember how he said he was thinking about seeing girls again @ the beach?

  166. As for Meredith’s face my guess is a plotline that got deleted. As for Pam in a science class, either it didn’t matter what class it was supposed to be it was supposed to be boring and fungi is boring. Or it was a required class.

  167. So glad The Office is back!!! Something struck me as odd though, and I’m surprised no one else mentioned it. Ryan was arrested and fired from his job with corporate, and went back to working for the temp agency. Do you really think corporate would approve of Michael rehiring him? I know they need a way to get him back on the show, but I thought it was a little far-fetched…

    Aside from that, I thought it was great. Laughed out loud several times :)

  168. Amazing. Simply the best thing on television. 5 years! It took 5 years for it to finally happen. Can you believe all of us invested 5 yrs to this one moment of pure delight in the moment of Jim and Pam? Makes me happy, and smile. The rain, the atmosphere’s lack of sparkle compared to Andy’s proposal environment with music and fireworks. It made it more special because it was just them. Sacred moment for just the two! :D

    Oh, and ripping up Counting Crows tix must be sacrilegious somehow. Never tear up CC tix. :)

  169. I thought it was magnificent. (and I never use that word)

    I agree with tuna tuna tuna, I think this has been the best premier since ‘The Dundies’. It felt a lot more like a proper documentary – like the way they filmed the proposal. I can’t wait for the rest of the season!

    p.s I was not liking Angela or Dwight in this episode! Poor Andy :(

  170. I love the Office, don’t get me wrong! Love love love love! But this ep was sorta so frantic.. all over the place. I forgive them! I double forgive them for the JAM proposal. :) But, I hope they get back to regular Office eps soon.

    If they don’t, and just keep giving us what they gave us today, my life is still way complete. :)

  171. looooved it!

    i totally wasn’t expecting the proposal, even when they were both standing in the rain,loved, loved, loved it!!

    whole episode was amazing though, i think almost every character made me laugh out loud at one point or another.

  172. What an episode! i was taken by surprise with the JAM proposal:)
    Also, HOLLY, omg, such a great character for Michael… all in all, great start to a new season.

  173. The forecast for where I am today? TORRENTIAL RAIN!! I’m going to be thinking about The Office aaallll day! I’m going to be walking around with this huge grin on my face!

    I loved this episode! Definitely watching it again tonight. Did anyone else think it was so sweet when Ryan stood up and said “She’s perfect”? Maybe just because they never used to really talk about their relationship (except arguing) in the office.

    Jim and Pam!! YAY! I loved how when Jim came back, he was smiling and super friendly with everyone. I think he talked with Meredith! Willingly!

    Loved the ep!

  174. Wonderful episode! Holly = best addition since Andy and I do hope they sign her for more episodes.

    Not sure what to make of Angela/Dwight, but I love Kelly 2.0.

    Regarding the funghi in Pam’s class, I thought they were talking about the Altamira cave paintings in Spain, which is usually the first piece of artwork shown in Art History 101 or something like that. They were probably talking about moisture deteriorating the quality of the paintings, but yeah, so strange.

  175. Great episode. I love Holly, an amazing addition to the cast.

    I am pretty sure the thing with Meredith’s face was an allergy to the bug spray Dwight aimed at her during the “last meal”.

  176. I was very pleased with this episode. “Fun Run” didn’t really do it for me the first time around last year and made me weary of where the season was going. “Weight Loss” on the other hand has me very excited about what’s to come.

    Favorite Quote: “Andy Bernard doesn’t lose contests. He wins them. Or he quits because they are unfair.”

  177. I had to re-watch this episode to really absorb it. I wasn’t that thrilled with the new “feel” and all of the choppy, rushed elements. I was a big fan of the hour longs in season 4 (which I thought was great season). I just felt like the writers sold out a little in this episode. Kind of a kitchen sink feeling for me. Maybe there were just too many story lines to keep it tight. I love Holly and Michael, but to have three (three and a half if you count dwight) romances all going at once left no time for me to breathe. I also would have liked a little more build up for the JAM moment (like in Casino Night…tension, waiting, surprise).

    Things I loved: Ryan is back! Kelly is my all time favorite. I want her to be my best friend, she is so much awesome.

  178. I was waiting for Phyllis’ big moment to lord her Dwangela knowledge over Angela – “and make it generic.” Priceless!

    And the Andy/Angela moments were great, too. Very sweet. I sense Andy reverting to the pre-anger management days! It’s a dealbreaker!

  179. This was a great beginning to the season. They modified what went wrong with Season 4 and, if it holds, will get things back to the magic that led me to love the show in the first place.

  180. Everybody has pretty much covered everything, so I will refrain from repeating too much…. But I loved Pam’s screenname, “Receptionitis15”. But for me, Stanley the Manly killed it with the fist pump at the end. Amazing!

    …However, I would like to see the deleted scenes that explains Meredith’s face. I wish they would have kept in just 10 seconds that explained it.

  181. After months, of no Office I was trying to savor each minute. The episode was jam packed, kinda like Goodbye Toby. Thank God for the Jam proposal. I loved it. I think it did knock Pam’s socks off like Jim promised. I agree a Pam send off party would have been good. Dwangela/Andy storyline was okay. Phyllis was fabulous. Great show!

  182. Well DONE writers!! AMAZING episode…LOVED the proposal and everything about it!! :) Y’all are GREAT!! Keep up the good work!!!

  183. Great episode with so many great quotes and story lines. I liked Angela’s “THAT’S how I sleep at night” the best!

    I had a big smile on my face when I saw how happy Jim was when he came back for the final weigh-in.

    I am so excited for the upcoming season!

  184. “Beer me five” was great! I love Jim’s subtle comments. Okay so the romantic in me was very excited about the proposal (although the gas station Jim??). The skeptic in me wonders when it will go south. I do have hope that they will marry off PB&J and then focus on Michael/Holly. I can’t believe he tore up the tickets. It was a good episode, I enjoyed it! I was also surprised there wasn’t a going away party for Pam. Ryan came back too fast. . .

  185. I haven’t read all 12 pages of comments… but it seems like everyone is falling over themselves with how great this episode was. So I almost hate to say that I wasn’t all that impressed! For one, I’m not at all happy that Ryan is the new temp receptionist. Yes, it makes sense that Michael would want to hire him, but it does *not* make sense to me that Ryan would want to come back. I also really hope they have a point where David Wallace finds out and makes Michael fire him. There’s *no* way that corporate would be ok with hiring a guy who was fired AND arrested for fraud.

    But yes, I’m happy about the engagement and wasn’t all that surprised that it happened in the first episode of the season. I just really hope they get married quick and it isn’t all dragged out.

    All of that said, I clearly need to watch this episode again a few times. Maybe it’ll grow on me (like Fun Run, which i didn’t like a whole lot on first viewing but am now quite fond of).

    Clearly I’m a super fan ;)

  186. Good episode with a great ending! I loved Ryan’s list of people who have wronged him, and Kelly’s adventures in dieting. The thing about the fungi: I think the guy was talking about a painting or other art suffering damage from not being kept in proper storage conditions. That may be crazy…I’d have to watch again to see.

  187. I loved this episode, particularly Andy. Also, the proposal was great…we were warned we wouldn’t see it coming.

  188. unlike over half of the episodes last season, this one did not suck! in fact the only reason my husband and i ended up getting season 4 is because we got some rewards bucks from best buy so we didn’t have to spend our own money on it…and this is coming from some one who owns the other three seasons and has watched them multiple, multiple times.

    so glad to see the office back on its “A” game.

  189. Great Great episode..but is it just me or does anyone else get a funny feeling that they are going to do something funky with that Mad Men guy at Pam’s school? I hope not, but we’ll see.

    Stanley: fighting the power…awesome
    Kevin:..”wait, back up. Do you think I’m retarded?” classic

    As awesome as Holly is, something is missing from Michael without Toby. Imagine the insults and the blame he would have nailed Toby with this whole episode.

    Loved it…glad to see everyone else did too

  190. ahhh! OH my golly that was the best episode EVER!! I love Jim and Pam with my whole heart. And Dwight was just golden in this episode. I can’t believe Ryan…just can’t believe it. and Andy?? “so, I’ve made 4 non-refundable deposits…” oh bless his heart.
    SO great!! awesome way to start the best part of my life! A++
    …and now off to my real life. dang.

  191. Fantastic episode, it took me a while to get used to the fast cuts but once I did I really liked it, there were so many gems in this episode! obviously the Jam proposal which I had no clue about, I was just like “NO WAY!!”. Also one bit that made me shout at the screen was when Michael ripped up the counting crows tickets! that was classic Michael Scott lol I love Holly, didn’t think she would find out Kevin isn’t retarded this early on! Also love that Ryan is back. I don’t like Pam’s new friend I get the feeling he is going to be trouble. Oh and didn’t expect to see Toby again! I could write an essay about this episode, but generally just loved it and can’t wait for the next one =D

  192. Still on a high today – watched last night three times and I’ve never done that (no, not for the proposal, although it was beautifully done). There was just so much going on, each time I watched I heard a new little line or saw a new reaction. Phyllis’ talking head almost made me cry. And the ending, with Stanley, was wonderful. So many fantastic little moments.

  193. Very good episode. Other than The Dundies this is definitely my favorite opener.

    First, the unignorables: the contest was only six weeks if the initial weigh-in is 6.30 and the final is on 8.11. Michael’s beard is gone for one scene then back. But that’s it.

    I very much enjoyed everything else, even if Dwight’s half-beard hit too close to home. :D The multi-week format really worked in this context. I even liked that Meredith’s burned face (if that’s what it was) wasn’t explained cos not everything in a documentary subject’s life is. The proposal caught me by total surprise in an awesome way. Oscar + Holly = win. Dwight kicking the cake was a literal laugh out loud moment leading into the break.

    Best little moment: Jim watching the Phillies while waiting out Pam.
    Funniest moment: Kelly and Jim’s reactions when Michael nuzzles her chest.

    The Office is back and all is right.

  194. wow, I can’t remember the last time there’s been so much agreement about the greatness of an episode! I’ll jump on the bandwagon, and I just want to say I REALLY hope Holly is not here for a limited time. She’s the first potential girlfriend who doesn’t look down on or pity Michael, and it’s so sweet to see that they’re both equally excited about each other.

  195. greatness! the whole episode was great – i was glad that stanley, phyllis, and kelly had more on-screen time!
    and of course the rain, the proposal… who wouldn’t want to be proposed in the rain at a gas station?!

    so happy my fave show is back and so grateful for officetally.com!


  196. Yeah Pam and Jim! Poor Andy. Please, may we please have some more of Michael and Holly rapping?

  197. To: Dean, way back on comment #37

    30 rock won the best comedy emmy b/c it really was the better comedy last year. even bestweekever.tv stopped recapping the office a few episodes into season 4 and started covering 30 rock instead. BUT, judging from this episode the office might be able to give 30 rock a run for their money.

    p.s. can we all try to pretend season 4 didn’t happen?

  198. The episode seemed a little slow at first, but I’m so happy the office is back. And I loved the proposal!

    2 things:
    1 – Did anyone catch at the beginning when Dwight said something like – “last bite of the donut, if you can’t swallow it just hold it in your mouth” Jim was sooo waiting for a That’s what she said from Michael

    2 – I was also wondering about Meredith’s face blisters. The spray all over the food is the most plausible asnwer so far.

  199. Pavlov-I noticed the ‘mystery goatee’ problem too. It was GONE when he was in the break room and then back again for the next scene. Not sure what was up with that–it was pretty obvious.

    What a WONDERFUL episode. Anytime Andy talks about “Here Comes Treble” I just lose it. His hair was hilarious too. And Ronnie??? OMG How mean was Michael to her! hahahaha LOVED IT ALL

  200. I rewatched this episode and loved it even more the second time. The best season premiere ever. I can’t decide what non Jam part I liked the best. It is a toss up between Holly/Michael rapping and the whole Kelly diet story. All of it was just perfection.

    Also, I was wondering…Tanster, do you know how many episodes Rich Sommer will appear? I was getting a little nervous with his Pam flirting last night, until Jim dropped that knee!! Thanks!

  201. Congrats to the cast, crew, and writers for an amazing season opener! They have set the bar high – and I look forward to seeing how high it can go… That’s what she said!

  202. REST STOPS ROCK!! Jim’s sweet vulnerability towards Pam is so palpable I love it. Ladies out there we should all be loved like that. My Office is back!! Life is good.

    P.S.Shame on Dwight for giving into Angela’s scheme. As Angela would say…. sometimes you just need to grow a pair!

  203. It probably sounds cliche, and it’s probably cliche to say it’s cliche, but yes! The Office is BACK!

    One of the best episodes ever, not dark, not going for cheap laughs either. I just hope Pam’s engagement to Jim means we don’t need to worry about them…anyone else see the dude in her class ALMOST put his arm around her when he wanted to show her his picture?

  204. Yay Pam and Jim!

    I was very pleased with the episode except for one thing. I really, really wanted Ryan to be in prison. I thought that could have been tremendously funny, getting interviews from him from there.

  205. I guess I completely disagree with people who think the tone and pacing felt weird in this. I kept thinking to myself that it felt like Season 2. I loved every minute of it… even before the proposal.

    Well, no, the Toby thing was a total downer. But the REST of the episode. Amazing.

    Oscar? Kelly? The tension with Dwight and Jim when he’s on the phone with Pam? You could cut that with a knife… so well done. Angela!? So many emotions… how sweet was she with Andy? That one time… And Holly!!

    There’s always some JAM backlash when they have a big moment and steal the focus, but the show was pretty pitch-perfect even before the rain.


  206. LOVED IT! My favorite episode to date. I was at the gym the first half and probably looked like a loon laughing out loud, I couldn’t help it. I’m so happy about the JAM proposal. I hope they don’t mess it up. I can’t take anymore JAM distractions.

  207. Wow. Just… wow. I agree with the comment that said, “This feels like home.” 10++++!

  208. I too noticed the error with Michael’s goatee, how did that get past editing? Also in regards to Ryan coming back, after a conviction wouldn’t he never be allowed to work for DM again?

  209. Okay I could literally talk for hours about last night (that’s what she said)
    but I will sum it down to this:
    Favorite talking head:
    Jim: “I don’t really know Ronnie. But I have a feeling I will get to know her very well over the next few years, and eventually declare my love for her.” Cracked me up.

    I’m actually STILL crying believe it or not – every time I replay the proposal in my head…. it was absolutely PERFECT….. i just get goosebumps and tear up all over again.

    I fully expect youtube to be full of new fan videos with that proposal at the end of some exceptionally cheesy romantic song. I’m guessing 15 in the first week.

    ::APPLAUDS the writers: Best season opener since The Dundies. Keep em coming….. I can’t wait for all the weddings. :)

  210. Gosh! I’m just so impressed with this episode… in every way. I feel like all of the subtle jokes are coming back strong. Thank goodness! Keeping things IN the office is important and they are doing a good job of it so far.

    JAM moments were just perfect. What a great way to fake us all out and make us believe that they were actually growing a part and then give us the moment we’ve all been waiting for. I can hear wedding bells for the season finale!

    Kevin/Holly was probably my other favorite moment. I knew it was going to come out eventually that Kevin isn’t actually mentally retarded. Poor Holly… she’s getting picked on. Kinda like… Michael!?

    THANK YOU for a great episode

  211. What a great start to Season 5! Well worth the wait! I had to record it and watched it around 1:30 this morning. I lost count of the LOL moments and when Jim proposed to Pam I shouted, “Yes, yes, oh yes!” Hope I didn’t wake up my apartment neighbors. If I did they probably thought something else was going on…

  212. Overall a great episode. However, Dwight & Angela used to be two of my favorites but after this episode and the finale last year I can’t help but hate them. I hope Andy finds out and lays Dwight out.

  213. SOOOOO happy JAM is finally engaged! That gave me goosebumps…so completely and utterly romantic! I love Holly and wish she would stay on the show permanently. She’s such a great addition to the cast. As always, everyone else was brilliant, the story line was great. I’m happy Angela and Dwight are still in love.

    One question though…wtf was up with Meredith’s face? Everytime they were on the scale she looked like she had scars on her face…or a chemical peel gone bad. Any thoughts?

  214. I honestly don’t see how anyone thought this was a great episode. It just wasn’t funny. If it didn’t have the Jim Pam proposal I’m sure a lot more people would not have liked it. Yes the drama is good for the show but this is supposed to be a comedy. If I’m not laughing its not a good episode no matter how much it does for the storyline.

  215. Welcome back! last night was tv gold. I left my Office watching party with a smile on my face and it has yet to go away! The balance of outlandish comedy with sweet, tender moments is the reason why this is the best show on tv! Great way to start off season 5!

    Props to all the actors for last night, I felt everyone was really used well!

    Jim and Pam are engaged!!!- I will never get tired of saying that! I know the debate has already begun on whether or not this will last, etc but I refuse to believe the writers would do that. They will stick to what is realistic- of course they’ll have ups and downs (who doesn’t) but I think this is it- for good! I don’t think they’ll go the way of Ross & Rachel (will they/won’t they until the end of the series).

  216. One question: now that Ryan is back in Scranton, who is Michael’s boss at Corporate? I would love it if Karen took the job… but maybe that would be weird.

  217. Oh, I forgot! The Sigh of Defeat (yes, capital letters) when the doc crew is tricked by Jim in Pam’s room. Brilliant! I loved how Pam kinda looked at Jim to say, “Come on, boy, do your thing. Get rid of em.”

  218. Is there some sort of fund that we could start so we can keep Amy Adams full time?

    Now how do I get a portable Pam…

  219. I absolutely loved this episode, even if Jam didn’t get engaged I still would’ve loved it but that made it much better!!!! Only, I can’t believe that on your quotes up there that you didn’t include the camera man’s “sigh” when Jim locked him out of the dorm room!! That was the moment that I laughed the most!

  220. A fairly good episode, although I had kinda spoiled the proposal for myself with Ausiello’s rain thing. Good stories for all the characters, and a great way to start the season. Here’s hoping season 5 is as good as season 2.

  221. Was Meredith in the way when Dwight sprayed all the food in the beginning? Maybe her skin reacted poorly with the spray?

  222. #201 wrote, “Don’t know if anyone has commented on this yet, but does anyone understand why Pam was taking a class about fungus and mold?”

    I believe she was taking an art history class. The professor was taking about mold and fungi growing in caves after air conditioning was installed.

    I would guess that the prof was talking about the cave paintings in Lascaux,France. The following website talks about mold problems after the first AC was installed: link

  223. Ryan and Kelly and Darryl! I am so happy about that storyline.
    “She’s perfect.”
    I think the tertiary characters always have the funniest story lines.
    The whole Pam and Jim thing is played out. It’s only a cute distraction from the real comedy.

  224. My favorite line:
    Ryan: She’s perfect in every way.
    Meredeth: I like her nails.
    Michael: Be more specific (to Ryan)
    Meredeth: I like her FINGER nails.
    Oh my goodness! Sooo funny!

  225. last night’s episode was one of the most heartwarming episodes ever. michael getting everyone to tell kelly what they like about her, andy telling angela that he’d marry her in a snowstorm, hurricane, tsunami…actually that was kinda sad. but compared to the dark, depressing season 4, this was pure giddy for both male and females alike. good way to start the season

  226. Just to reiterate what everyone else is saying, I absolutely loved this episode. Dwight spraying the bug spray on the food, Angela being sweet to Andy, Michael being a total idiot…oh so many things I could go on forever. I loved the interaction with Holly and Oscar and I am still trying to figure Ryan out. Is he for real with Kelly or just trying to put her name on “the list”? And of course, the proposal was perfect…I don’t think we would have wanted it any other way! I cannot wait for more!

  227. Worst Office episode ever? Probably. It was all over the place, no coherence. I didn’t like the shaky camera effect in most scenes. Dewight was way out of character….I hope the rest of the season is not this bad.

  228. Loved it! I thought the format was great – a fantastic way to fit eight weeks into an hour without seeming like things are forced! Brilliant!

    One thing about Pam’s class on fungi…when she saw the topic, she realized she was in the wrong class and tried to leave, but the prof made her stay, so I think that explains it…

  229. I am a big Office fan, but thought that was a disappointing episode. The Holly/Michael storyline is too silly (even for Michael) and dedicating so much time to it made the episode drag. I’ve never cared for Ryan, but even his return was a welcome (and more entertaining) break from Holly and Michael.

  230. Such a perfectly perfect episode. Made me all warm and fuzzy. As for Mer’s face, not sure if anyone else has brought this up, but I thought Meredith’s ‘scars’ were residual marks from the raccoon incident in “Goodbye, Toby” cuz doesn’t she get all clawed up? And then it’s only a little while later that the Weight Loss Challenge begins, right, since it’s still summer? I could be totally off of course, and I’m guessing there’s maybe a deleted scene from this one that explains it all. Just some thoughts.

  231. This episode was a spectacular return to form for the show. Hilarious, moving, and chock full of honest and satisfying character development.

    I am more invested in this show’s story and characters than most drama series with life or death stakes. Best writing on the air, bar none.

    Please don’t get rid of Holly!

  232. I loved Kelly, as usual. The funniest line of the night, in my opinion is…during Kelly’s “mini dietary intervention”…”I hate this tapeworm living inside me”.

  233. I loved the talking head scene where Angela is describing her bedtime ritual (i.e. reading, lights out by 8:30, etc) and then says “and that’s how I sleep at night.” Awesome! I also can’t wait to find out what happens next re: Michael and Holly. A great way to set-up the next season.

  234. Oh wow! I had a horrendous day yesterday, but this made it so much better! I loved that we got to see what happened over the summer since I was a huge fan of the summer vacation clips from last year! I have to say that something about it really reminded me of the first season, which I was a little unsure of at first, but I ended up loving it toward the end. Unfortunaley, some of my students who are fans disagree, but they are all 11-13 year old boys, so that may explain. Not enough Jim and Dwight shenanigans I guess.

  235. “Is there some sort of fund that we could start so we can keep Amy Adams full time?”

    That’s not Amy Adams. It’s Amy Ryan. Amy Adams is the girl from Enchanted who played Jim’s girlfriend in season 2.

  236. First, SO glad The Office is back! And a pretty awesome beginning to the season too – I did think the episode felt a little disjointed, what with jumping from week to week. BUT it set up a lot, and I’m excited for what’s to come. A couple of ?’s – how is Pam an RA when she’s a new student who’s there for 3 months? No mention of Meredith’s (sun?) burn? And, finally, an exclamation – I LITERALLY got goosebumps when Jim proposed! Very exciting, I was not expecting that in the first ep back!

  237. anyone know the significance of the numbers in Pam & Jim’s screen names (yes i noticed it in rewatching it!) ? Receptionitis15 and JIM9334

  238. Very excellent premier. The intro to each week reminded me of Law & Order.

    Does anyone know if next Thursday’s episode is going to be new?

  239. l watched 10 minutes of the show
    l had to stop and come here to say:

  240. Ryan saying he never processed 9/11 was the best line of the episode. I can see the writers laughing when they wrote that one.

  241. After the purgatory of Season 3 and the hell of Season 4…it’s nice to have a little glimpse of heaven again!

  242. I’d probably give the episode (minus one part) about a 3.. it was so disjointed, and the best lines were only funny-ish.

    Annnd then, the proposal. I replayed it 5 times. I love Jim even more.

  243. Thought that the episode was alright…could have been a whole lot better. This show has way too much drama now (with all of these relationships, love triangles, etc.)- wish that it would just go back to office-life and pranks-galore. It seems like the show’s title will soon be changed to “Scranton 18510” (i.e. Beverly Hills 90210).

  244. I thought this episode was funny, and it was great to see what happened during the summer. But, am I the only one that thinks that Jim and Pam won’t make it?

  245. Very good episode! While I wasn’t laughing out loud like I have at some episodes, i was genuinely entertained for a full hour – my favorite full hour yet.

    Favorite line? Angela, hands down. “And that’s how I sleep at night.”

  246. didn’t read through all of these, but did anyone not notice stanley’s secret past as a black panther? the picture? the fist raised at the end? hilarious

  247. I have been a long time fan, but I’m having mixed feelings about the show lately. The episodes last season as well as last night’s premiere just don’t seem to have the same coherence or flow as they did in season 2, in which I thought every episode was amazing. There used to be a perfect balance of comedy and drama. I feel like the comedic level has dropped a bit.

  248. This may have been posted here already, but the “ASCII Dwight” picture can be printed out from nbc.com


    Mine is already up on my cubicle wall :-)

    Fantastic episode that I can’t wait to watch again tonight. And tomorrow. And Sunday…

  249. I really didn’t find this episode that good. People have to realize (and maybe the writers do too) that this show’s central theme is comedy- not drama. There weren’t many big laughs last night, and I bet a lot of people wouldn’t have liked it if JAM didn’t get engaged. The episode was all over the place and didn’t deliver big laughs. Simple as that.

  250. After letting last night sink in a bit… I realized that one of the first things I noticed about the proposal scene was that Jim’s car looked different. Looked more like a camry than the saab. I know this is completely trivial considering how awesome that scene was. I just tend to dwell on little details like that (toby’s wall when he was escorted out of the office last season…drove me crazy) …anyone else notice?

  251. I wish Jan would get out of the picture. She is such a downer. I love Holly and think she brings out the best in Michael!

  252. come on, dwight kicking stanley’s cake was hilarious, same with angela’s “and that’s how i sleep at night”

  253. Ok, I absolutely loved this episode. I loved everything about it. It was so fast-paced, and there were a million different plotlines going on at once! And Jim and Pam are getting married!!!

  254. I need my iTunes fix! You can download the episode on amazon.com (not on unbox, thankfully), but you can’t download it yet on iTunes… Hurry!!!

  255. I loved this episode!

    One of my favorite parts:
    Jim: I don’t really know Ronny to well but i have a feeling i will get to know her very well over the next few years, and eventually declare my love for her.

  256. People keep talking about the fungus class but wasn’t it “Expressive Typography in New Media?”

    Loved the part w/ Michael ripping up the Counting Crows tickets. When Holly showed him the tickets I thought, “What dumb thing is Michael going to do now?” Reminded me of the end of Dumb and Dumber.

  257. Oh wow did anyone notice Holly’s nameplate says “Hollis P. Flax” Hollis! Hehe..I never knew that. And I’m sure someone already noticed this so…sorry! :p

  258. I thought this episode was too rushed and over-edited. I miss the awkward silences and pauses in the show. It was like an episode of beat the clock or something.

    I loved Ryan’s return! A bit unrealistic though. If you are fired for a company and arrested like that, there’s no way they’d let you back on the property, even as a temp. But I love him trying to redeem himself and apologizing to everyone! Awesome!

    I can’t believe Michael didn’t just invite himself to the concert with Holly. What an idiot to rip up the tickets. I’m like, what the??

    And was Mindy Kaling trying not to laugh when Michael had her stand up on the chair? It looked like she was covering up a laugh – we know how easy she breaks character in the blooper reels! I bet we’ll see that scene in the gag reel.

  259. I agree with #337, it is Expressive Typography in New Media.

    Could someone please explain where they are getting fungus class from?

  260. 327, i have to disagree. it was a plot heavy episode, but it was really funny too! A lot of them were in top form this episode! Almost every line Andy delivered cracked me up, and Angela’s facial expressions and her talking head were perfect. Jim, too, delivered awesome lines.

    of course the best part of the episode was the jam proposal, but to me, that was simply the cherry on top!

    Another thing to mention is that my favorite episode of last season was “Money” and that wasn’t a barrel full of laughs either, but it was one of the best season 4 episodes.

  261. Really enjoyed this episode like the vast majority of you! One thing that’s driving me crazy re Jim’s proposal to Pam: After Jim is down on one knee and has asked her to marry him and Pam is starting to smile and nod her head, Jim says something before he’s sure she’s saying yes. Is it “OK?” I just can’t catch it. . .

    Looking forward to a great season!

  262. @HowDareYou

    That’s a 2008 (redesigned) Saab 9-3 Aero Sport Sedan… seems Jim closing that big deal last season got him out of the Saabaru!

  263. Thanks, Diahern! The fact I couldn’t hear that one little word was quite distressing to me. . . Just had to get the full effect, ‘ya know?? Thanks again. . .

  264. I am THRILLED for this season…so many GREAT story lines and OF COURSE…Jim/Pam getting engaged…I can’t wait until they starting talking wedding plans!! I love that Jim said “I just can’t wait”!! They did a tremendous job acting!!! AWESOMENESS :)

  265. Awesome episode…no lulls in this one! Just have to ask…was Jim’s “putting up some shelves” line a reference to an old Three’s Company episode? Seems like kind of a stretch, but Jim gives a little peek at the camera at he says it. I remember Mr. Roper talking to Jack about Mrs. Roper always wanting sex, but Roper used the euphemism “putting up some shelves”…and yes I think this proves I have watched at least 20,000 hours of TV in my life so far… :) Great to have the Office back…could we ask the candidates to suspend their campaigns next Thursday? heh heh

  266. I loved what they did with Ryan also. I also like how he said it was because he was in his mid 20s.

  267. 349- Interesting about the “Three’s Company” thing. Maybe a stretch, but the way he said it and the look he gave to the camera also made me think it implied more. But since it didn’t make sense I shrugged it off. I’m going with the literal “putting up some shelves”, especially since the reference would be lost on the majority of people- but I think it’s possible that the writers were having a little joke of their own…

  268. Overall, good episode. To me, it didn’t really feel right because of how fast paced it was. It’s a special case, though, since the episode was covering so much time. But pretty good. JAM proposal – incredible! And my favorite line of the night was Dwight’s Michael Klump imitation, “I sit I sit I sit on you!”

    And while it ended with one of the best scenes (Kelly standing on the chair), I thought there was nothing funny about Kelly’s story line. Frankly, it was kind of scary. She was practically developing an eating disorder, and in this day and age that’s not something to be taken lightly.

  269. Easily the best episode in some time for me!!!! Kudos on some great writing that totally surprised me and to the outstanding cast… by the way, how much does Amy Ryan rock???

  270. So a lot of people are complaing about the drama and how it’s not like season 2, but the show is supposed to be “real” so of course things are going to change. – Also people are saying that the episode seemed disjointed and too fast paced, but i remember when they announced that they were gonna be showing the summer everyone was so excited. So why is there complaining?

  271. anybody notice meredith’s face? it was all weird – like it was burnt or something – towards the beginning of the episode when they all first got weighed. and then she was back to normal… but they didn’t say anything about it.
    anybody know anything about that?

  272. I can’t believe it! I have to admit, Jim kind of went crazy when it came to proposing at a gas station or rest stop. But it’s so cool! I have a big feeling something will cause a huge fight between them. Why else would the writers put the proposal so soon in the season?

  273. #350….I immediately thought of the Arrested Development line too from Tobias re: 9/11

    ya Jim and Pam!!!

  274. Regarding Pam’s classes: The “funghi” class is a different one from Expressive Typography. Different instructors. I’m sure she’s taking more than one class.

    I LOVED this episode. I LOVE this show!

  275. Normally Office episodes appeared on iTunes no later than 2 p.m. central time. What’s the hold up?

  276. re: the whole fungus/class confusion thing

    pam was shown in 2 different classes. the typography class was the first one, with the female teacher who overslept and made pam sit back down after she realized it was the wrong class and tried to leave. the second one was with a bearded male teacher and rich sommer showing her the little cartoon he made. in THAT class the prof was talking about the fungus in caves so the second class was likely an art history overview (you always have to take that class at art school, trust me, i have my undergrad and mfa in art!) and he was no doubt talking about cave paintings.

  277. does anyone have a screenshot of jim and pam in the rain….i reallllly want that to be my new wallpaper….sighhhhh<33 (gas stations are so much more romantic than fireworks, andy bernard…)

  278. So what was up with Meredith’s face? I imagine some sort of passing out in the sun;vodka in hand? The funniest part is there is really no need to explain what happened to her. She’s Meredith!

  279. #342- the “fungus” class is the class Pam & the guy are sitting in as he draws the cartoon of the professor. The professor keeps talking about fungus.

  280. My wife and I have been watching season two and three all summer (including deleted scenes). We have to say that we were very disappointed last night. It seemed scattered, with no continuity and no classic office moments (where’s my oprah moment?). It was such a stark comparison to seasons two and three, which we had just been watching the night before. Just think about some of those episodes……Casino Night, Dundees, Drug Testing and so on. Very different flavor last night. Here’s hoping it gets better.

  281. Does anybody else think that it’s adorable how high Jim’s voice gets when asks Pam to marry him?

    Also, John Krasinski is almost as tall as Jenna Fischer even when he’s kneeling. haha I think that’s funny.

  282. About Meredith’s face- my mom and I were discussing this, and she had an interesting theory. Could it have been a reaction to Dwight spraying all the bug spray? She said it looks like he sprayed it in her face at one point…

  283. Anyone else catch this?

    Dwight: Okay, everyone, one more bite of eclair. Hold it in your mouth if you can’t swallow.
    Jim (to Michael): Really? Nothing? Really?

    Best line in the episode (in my opinion) and I haven’t seen it mentioned yet.

  284. Does any one know what TV show Toby was watching at the end? It looked like it was some version of The Office.

  285. I liked the premier. Love is a little too strong. I loved how Phyllis became the party planner because she caught Dwight and Angela.

    One of the things I love about The Office that I hope never goes away is that NOTHING is off limits and that includes topics like eating disorders.

  286. On my millionth viewing of the proposal/last two minutes, I noticed that after Darryl reads the weight, Michael says, “This was a good day…” and the camera cuts to Jim nodding…. reminds me of Diversity Day and a few other eps where that comment was made in regards to JAM moments. Awwww. :-)

  287. It feels like there should be some epic, cheesy soundtrack to go along with the proposal, but it’s so good because there isn’t. I could watch this a million times and not get tired of it…

  288. I thought this episode was fantastic! It was so well directed and written, and it just flowed so well. There were so many small moments–Andy’s Here Comes Treble mates’ nicknames were hysterical! I love the fact that Andy has dreamed of his wedding forever (with Find a Suitable Partner clearly nowhere on the list). Jan striding in and demanding copies, and then getting her feet rubbed told me all I needed to know about where she’s at (bleh!). Holly and Michael play so well off each other with their shared major dorkiness. This was a great ensemble-shining episode and I can’t wait to see what’s up next!

  289. I loved the part when Pam tried to leave the class, but the teacher made her sit back down and she was too shy to say no. It shows us that she still is kind of her old self. :)

  290. 381- Michelle, I agree. I really liked that part, too. It was very subtle and I sort of held my breath to see what her response would be. Pam has grown but it’s still a process for her. That’s what I love about her character. It would be unrealistic for her to be super-confidant overnight.

  291. To anyone who doesn’t really like Dwight/Angela right now- You guys are on Boner Champ’s side? Seriously?

  292. It’s official, I’m in love with Amy Ryan! :D
    Why she won’t be a regular is beyond me, she is perfect for Michael, and for the show.

    Pretty awesome episode all around! So many things I loved that probably have been mentioned already.

    I didn’t see it on TV, so just checking if there wasn’t a cold open this time. Anyone?

  293. Wait, does anyone remember season four when Jim asked Pam to move it but she said not until she’s engaged? Well…she’s engaged now!

  294. Yesh- I can actually see how you would say that although this episode was risk that you have to appreciate…the vignettes, the summer separated into acts changed the normal flow.

  295. Why she won’t be a regular is beyond me, she is perfect for Michael, and for the show.

    Wait, is that official?! WHY WON’T SHE BE A REGULAR?!?! SHE’S AWESOME!

  296. I LOVE Michael’s freak out after he says he and Kelly are the only ones who have or almost have passed out. HAHAH!!!

  297. Ok, sorry. Another thing I love…and I’m probably weird for thinking about this, but whatevs!

    I love that when Jim gets back for the final weigh-in Michael says “this is a good day” about them losing weight because Jim had just proposed and Pam said “it’s a good day” when she confessed her feelings about Jim and their whole situation. I don’t know if that was intentional but I love how the writers do things like that. It really adds so much more depth and meaning to the fans who know the ins & outs of the show and appreciate little connections like that! :p

  298. Just an amazing episode, all around. It’s too bad that we have to wait two more weeks for another one.

  299. The iPhone site is cool but doesn’t work well. I’m on wifi and it takes a long time to buffer and I think the video quality is low. But still a great idea and thank you NBC for doing it.

  300. I find it really wierd how much everyone loves Holly. I mean, she was the new *HR* rep, came in on her *first day* and immediately *hit on her boss*. That’s just utterly ridiculous and completely unprofessional especially considering it’s her job to keep an eye on that sort of thing.

    Good episode though, there’s hope for the show yet if they would just return to the mockumentary roots rather than making it a melodrama. And as long as Holly leaves.

  301. This is not a spoiler, I’m just speculating here…. wondering how long the JAM engagement’s going to last… since The Office gets the post-Super Bowl slot, maybe we’ll see a wedding then? Thoughts?

  302. Question:

    Why is there no Office ep. next week?!? International viewer here… is it an American holiday or something?
    I haven’t read all the comments so not sure if this has been addressed.

    All I know is, if I don’t get my Office episode next week I might die.

  303. Finally, though I’m not sure why they waited until the middle of the night, but iTunes has Season 5 for sale now.

  304. Probably my favourite season premier episode ever. Bravo to the writers! They really did an outstanding job, then again they always do amazing :)
    I can’t express how happy and excited I am about the JAM engagement!!!! That scene made my “not so great” week all better :D Well that and Dwight hammering fruit into the vending machine.

    I really think this episode has set the tone for the entire season. Humour, romance and goatees….it’s going to be a great season!

  305. For the first time in my life, I *almost* like Andy and Angela together…. After watching the deleted scenes of season four, and then this episode, I can see how gosh darn sweet Andy is to her sometimes. And that scene where he tells her about his Cornell buddies is just too cute. She actually looks like she’s starting to love him, just a little bit. I’m still a Dwangela fan, but Andy’s coming up and really impressing me lately. I love seeing this new depth to Angela–she’s my favorite character by far.

  306. .. that was the funniest episode of the office i’ve ever seen in my life.

    e-.. everyone was hilarious, everything was hilarious, RYAN COMING BACK AND MICHAEL’S DAVID BRENT-ISH GOATEE.




    i am so so so amazed. seriously that blew my expectations of this season out of the water.

    goddamnit beer me five.

  307. Mel from Mordor: You probably didn’t see some of the earlier comments that mentioned the U.S. Vice Presidential debate that is scheduled next Thursday evening and will pre-empt all regular programming.

    I’m so happy with the S4 premiere that I think I will be able to manage for another week. Thank you Lee and Gene for a great episode!

  308. Any episode where Michael is running out of the office in a hurry is amazing, like in Grief Counseling when he runs out looking for the bird Toby killed. So hilarious! This episode was fantastic!

  309. This episode was the best EVER! It was so well written, some of the best things I’ve ever seen on the office were on it.I am now more sympathetic towards Andy and Angela, even though I’m a Dwangela fan. And I’ve never been so jealous of pam in my life. And Dwight’s line of “You’re dripping on me” made me laugh so hard.

  310. AMAZING episode. Oh man, it totally went above and beyond. I love how pretty much EVERY single character of the cast was featured, one way or another (especially Oscar!)

    JAM proposal was so sweet. Ryan becoming the new receptionist is hilarious. And I love Holly more and more. I am officially PUMPED FOR SEASON 5!

  311. I’m thrilled about the engagement (which took only 52 seconds), but disappointed that we didn’t get to see Jim slip the ring on her finger and seal it with a kiss. That additional few seconds would have made it complete. Actually, as Jim leaps up to kiss her, the ring seems to disappear. At least I can’t see it.
    But at least we got to see the main thing – he finally asked, and she said yes!

  312. I’ve just realized that, after a second viewing, Ryan was terminated from Dunder-Mifflin but was hired again at the temp agency, where Michael found him.

    So it makes sense for Ryan to come back because Dunder-Mifflin never will see who the temp agency sent.

    Personal mystery solved!

  313. What are the words of the poem that Michael wrote for Pam (besides “seagulls”)?

    That’s what I wanted to ask Gene Stupnitsky, thanks.

  314. I don’t know about anybody else, but I couldn’t help but smile seeing the quote random-nizer at its best again!

  315. “hey wet tuna.” favorite line in the episode… wow what an amazing episode. i think it is now my favorite! i would just like to say that the whole proposing in the rain is sooooo cute! well done gene and lee. :)
    also, i hope we see a JAM wedding! :)

  316. to Dana #375 — I could be wrong but I think Toby was watching an episode of “Entourage.” How amazing — remember how Michael made them all watch episodes of Entourage in (I think) S2! Great job, writers!

  317. Just wanted to mention.. I have a 1,000 year old church near me in Hawaii! Come on over Andy and Angela!

  318. #397- The Presidential Debate is next Thursday, so no Office next week :( I think the debate should be moved to Friday…

    Yep, best episode EVER! I can’t wait for the Jam wedding!

  319. when jim got down on his knee and pam said “what are you doing?”, i seriously thought she was going to say no! but then a grin came onto her face and she said yes. i would really like a JAM wedding this season! (maybe even a bachelor party for jim?!?!) :)

  320. I thought that Pam was absolutely adorable in this episode. She was cracking me up with her 2-1-2 hand signals, going to the wrong class on the first day of art school, web-cam/laptop conferencing with everyone back in Scranton and she was so cute when she was waving and clapping her hands, plus her excitement over making new friends. And now she and Jim are finally engaged! YAY!

  321. I think I have watched this episode 9 times already. The writing and editing were so spot on. This episode was crafted so well it borders on brilliance. I have not enjoyed television this much since arrested development was cancelled. This show and the cast and crew are seriously on top of their game. Lord, beer me strength.

  322. Thanks for clearing that up, Muffy and Pamcasso!

    I wish the debate could be shifted too, I mean c’mon, priorities…. ;)

    Oh, and I know it’s only the first, but from this episode alone I’m already seeing another SAG award for best ensemble comedy, three years in a row! Stuff the Emmys, bring on the SAGs:-)

  323. I love the Michael-Ryan-Dwight dynamic in this episode. It was so reminiscent of Season 2, especially the “Fire-d Guy” comment from Kevin.

    But I wonder what will happen to Ryan when Pam comes back from NY, if she does?

  324. #418: Michael Klump was a reference to the movie character Sherman Klump played by Eddie Murphy in a fat suit in The Nutty Professor I and II.

  325. Relating to the questions on Meredith’s face, I believe it had to do with the spray she got on her face of whatever Dwight was spraying all of the food with. (Was it pepper spray?)

  326. Everyone who I polled that watched this had different opinions. My friend, my other friend, and I all though it was AWESOME! Loved the proposal, obviously, but Holly was great. My dad, however, hated it. He likes the more slapstick stuff, and could care less about JAM.

  327. I love Holly! I hope Jim stays firm in his advice to Michael’s pursuit of Holly, and I hope Michael listens.

  328. You would think that Dwight would be nicer to Phyllis since she caught him and Angela last season. Maybe it was more important to Angela to keep their relationship a secret, but it still mattered to him, obviously.

  329. Also, I am really dying to see where they will take Ryan and Kelly. He does seem to want her back and while she did turn him down, later she’s looking at him while making out with Darryl. Fun times. 10 days really is too long.

  330. Overall I give the episode a 7.5 out of 10. Although, I loved the proposal and several scenes throughout, I found it to be quite disappointing at times. I think a majority of my problems were the result of just sloppy editing, but I’m sure the watching the deleted scenes will help explain some of them.

    Here are few of the problems I had with it:
    1. Never explained why Meredith’s face looked like she had second degree burns all over it.
    2. Poor editing regarding Michael’s goatee.
    3. Weight loss premise dragged on too long.
    4. Andy/Angela/Dwight love triangle got old the second time Angela paged Dwight.
    5. Not sure why they chose to introduce Pam’s classmate, (possible last hurdle), and have Jim propose in the same episode.

    Scenes that I did like:
    1. Holly and Oscar talking about homosexuality.
    2. The way they used the laptop to show Pam’s confessional.
    3. How they found a way to bring Michael back to The Office.
    4. Jim calling out Ryan about his court ordered community service.
    5. The proposal. Especially the way it was shot.

  331. someone has probably already mentioned this, but what the heck…

    I just re-watched this episode and noticed Creed dividing up rice like it was cocaine. Hilarious.

  332. great great episode.

    did anyone else notice how pam went from being an insecure, timid woman to ra of an entire college dorm floor? what a transformation!

  333. I predict whenever the series ends Pam will be at corporate and Jim will be “Top Dog” at D.M. Scranton. Like Jan and Michael once were….

  334. gosh i hope not! i hope that pam is a graphic artist in philly with jim, who is working as a sportswriter. or something less perfect but more along those lines.

  335. #442 “Can anyone tell me what A.G.D. means or 2-1-2?”

    “A g.d.” to be precise. “G.D.” means “God-damn.” (is that OfficeTally appropriate? At least in this context? I try not to say that too often in real life if that helps make my case.)

    212 is the area code for New York City.

  336. What can I say? I loved loved loved this show, but I was a little concerned for Meredith. What was going on? Of course when Jim was on his knee and asking Pam to marry him, I almost could not believe my eyes!! After all the years of waiting for this to happen, I could not believe it! What a wonderful way to end the first show of the season, it was beautiful. I give this show a 10!!

  337. Meredith’s face got a dosage of the Raid that Dwight sprayed on the food.

    Her skin is apparently very sensitive. All that drinking maybe??

  338. Has anyone realized how perfectly the song Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s fits Jim and Pam now? So awesome…

  339. Dwight doesn’t care if Phyllis spills the beans about him and Angela, he is proud! You saw the way he looked at the camera when it spotted them coming out of “they shouldn’t be in there!” room. Plus, he could totally take Andy in a fight. “Kyyyaa!”

  340. I think it’s strange/inconsistent how Dwight changes season to season. He can be so mean (this episode), but then can almost appear human (season finale, season 3 w/ Pam).

  341. I love Amy Ryan’s voice..and her laugh. It reminds me of Holly Hunter. Not the same at all, I know…I just think their voices are unique and awesome!

  342. I loved this episode. I think it was the best of all season 4, actually. I would give it a 9. On my scale, Seasons 2& 3 are “10”s, and season 1 is a “9”, and season 4 is an “8”. So, good start.

  343. LOVED the episode – for the obvious Pam/Jim stuff, but also for the great storylines for Kelly and Ryan, Dwight and Angela. Although, I did start to feel a little bad for Andy. Angela is COLD. CAn’t wait until next week!!

  344. I loved “Weight Loss.” I’m really starting to like Holly, I also wish something would happen with her and Michael, they’re both really childish and it’s PERFECT! I almost like them as much as Jim and Pam, no wait scratch that, I like Jim and Pam WAY better than Holly and Michael. JIM AND PAM ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!! When he proposed to her at the gas station, I was not expecting that at all but I loved it!
    Things that I liked:
    -Jim and Pam getting engaged
    -every scene with Jim and Pam
    -Pam going to the wrong class
    -Creed giving Kelly the tapeworm
    -Kelly passing out
    -Michel in a fat suit and a goatee
    -Michael buying concert tickets from Holly then ripping them up!
    -Holly and Angela arguing about “mentally retarded” Kevin

  345. love HOLLY! oh my gosh she is the best and perfect for michael! and love that the whole ryan kelly drama is back and that PB & j are finally engaged AWESOME! 10**********

  346. What is the multi-colored thing Pam has on her desk? It looks like maybe a memo holder, she has it in the box when she’s leaving. I really want one…

  347. This, looking back, is one of the most incredible episodes of the series. In my top 10. Michael,Jim,Pam, Holly, Ryan and Kelly were hilarious. Incredible start to a decent season.


  348. I’m watching the deleted scenes for the first time, and I wish the scene where David Wallace chewed Ryan out over the phone to the point where Ryan cries stayed. Might be my favorite Ryan scene ever.

  349. One of the funniest (and buried) lines came from Michael called a meeting regarding Dwight abandoning Phyllis:

    “Let’s all clap at Phyllis”.

    I love Michael’s insensitive sensitivity.

  350. Found a funny hiccup… Just watched this for the first time in a while. The clip with Jim eating lunch with Holly and Michael shows Michael with a shaved face, but the timeline is when he’s supposed to have his goatee like Ryan!! Sorry if this was noticed before.. Enjoy!

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