1. is it just me or is NBC making the office cast appear in every dang place imaginable, no matter how random and out of place? yeah it’s nice to see them, ha ha, but it’s sort of getting to me. i’m just waiting for michael and gang to promote cheetos or something, ya know? for f-s sake.

  2. is there any way someone could post that on youtube for us mac users…in this day and age you’d think websites woudl be more open minded

  3. i agree with alex. I hope this is the end for awhile. I don’t want them to get too exploited because then it is downhill from there. I like how it is a popular but still and underground show in a way.

  4. I third that. I guess since they won an Emmy NBC is going crazy to promote the show…they ARE everywhere now! It is a good thing though, but it gets to a certain point like alex said.

  5. O.K., well, if they do start a Lays campaign, I vote that Nick write their scripts! Bravo! Good stuff.

  6. I don’t think it’s that “random and out of place”…a bunch of different NBC shows have been making similar “Welcome Meredith Veira” spots that ran in the weeks before her debut on Today.

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