The Office Wrap Party: Parade

My report of The Office Wrap Party parade, May 4, 2013.

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I rode with the cast to the starting point of the parade. One by one, each cast member exited our bus to get into their awaiting parade vehicle.

Originally, John and Jenna were supposed to ride in separate parade cars. John nixed that idea immediately, saying to Jenna, “we’re definitely doing this together,” and Jenna instantly agreed. I mean, how could they not?

While they were waiting their turn to exit the bus, John decided to make a quick dash out into the street to surprise waiting fans. I think Jenna and Rainn followed him out. The fans went CRAZY. Some of them, I think, went into shock. ;)

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  1. Yes, I was standing at the place where they were getting into their cars. John and Rainn ran out of that limo bus and Jenna was taking photos of John with a group of people (I think the people who were holding the parade banners). He kind of just discreetly snuck behind them and they flipped out. They were screaming afterwards. “He touched my arm! He touched my arm.” I thought some of them might pass out. It was an awesome moment to see.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  2. I was in the crowd of people waiting for them to come by and since I’m from Boston, I was wearing a “B” hat. John pointed at me from his car and said, “Nice hat.” I went catatonic after that.

  3. I am now making my jealous face. I will have to be satisfied with these photos until I kidnap all of the Office cast and put them in a giant diorama.

    Awesome stuff, Tanster!

  4. Parade highlights for me, in no order:

    1) Andy Buckley being more amped than any of the cokeheads I went to college with. They need to bottle his energy and sell it at the NBC Experience Store for final exams. Also, that was the only time I’ve ever been involved in a “Suck It!” chant not directed at a ref.

    2) Paul Lieberstein holding up the entire parade — in the best way possible — to make sure every single person who wanted an autograph, handshake, or picture got one. He seemed to genuinely love the moment, and it was fun to watch. (Also, I *need* the “Beets” hat.)

    3) JAM.

    4) Creed being Creed.

    5) Matt Sohn riding with Phyllis, and Phil Shea with…shoot, I can’t remember now. Either way, yay for crew inclusion!

    6) Being a foot away from Greg Daniels (and not working up the courage to yell “YOU’RE MY COMEDY-WRITING HERO” at him like a crazed moron until he had already gone by, but whatever).

    7) Kate Flannery looking great and trying to wave at or make eye contact with each person individually, which was very classy.

    8) Being surrounded by people who understand. :)

  5. I LOVED the “suck it” hoodie. And when “Toby” went by, my boyfriend yelled, “toby, you suck!” and i yelled “you’re a thief of joy!”. got caught in the moment, i guess.
    and oscar was so cool to have jumped out of his car and interacting with everyone rather than ride thru. he looked so happy. they all did. it was a wonderful day :)

  6. Tanster, I got the best picture of you during the parade, while I was trying to take pictures of Jenna and John, and you must have walked right in front of me without me noticing. Later on, I realized I had the best shot of your face! LOL!

    [ from tanster: lol, sorry for ruining your shot. ;) ]

  7. I LOVE so much hearing about John making the decision that he and Jenna were riding together and her just agreeing. Those two were just ADORABLE together all day. I have NO doubt that they have a VERY tight bond that will last. Then again, they were in this together from the start to the end. The way they talk about each other just makes me melt and makes me smile! The parade was INSANE! LOVE hearing about John rushing out to interract with the fans. I’ve been disappointed in the past several years in what has seemed like John not doing much for fans of The Office so it’s wonderful to see that for the time in Scranton he was absolutely committed! Great to hearing these things from someone behind the scenes. :)

    I was wondering Tanster if there is an email address that I could contact you at. I’ve tried the contact button at the bottom of the page and it says email client is not properly installed or something. I’d really appreciate if there is a way to contact you if you could share it with me. Thank you so much!

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