‘The Office’ writers to live blog April 10

SPOILER WARNING! Blog and comments posted here may contain spoilers.

The Office’s Executive Producer Greg Daniels and the writing staff blogged live after ‘Dinner Party’ aired on the East Coast.

It’s hilarious!

Link: Greg Daniels and Writers Live Blog


  1. Just an oddball question, but do you see Kevin ever getting married to Stacy? If you ever do another Dundies episode, he could get ‘World’s Longest Engagement’…

  2. We all know that the actors from the show get noticed. But have you as writers ever gotten noticed on the street (or sidewalk .. if that’s how you roll)?

    -that was my question. I hope they answer it!(:

  3. Assuming the writers read some of the fan comments after an episode airs, are they often surprised by scenes or storylines that get criticized by many fans – or do they expect it?

  4. My question:

    I heard several of you say that Dinner Party was the funniest table read ever. That was pre-strike. Was it still that hilarious to come back to after all that time, or had some of the novelty worn off?

  5. The show doesn’t exactly have a plot yet in the episodes before the strike, do you guys have a plan to make a plot in the next few episodes that is to be resolved in the finale?

  6. Haha great, I am going to end up staying up until like 12:30 AM to read this (EST). SO worth it though :)

  7. Do the writers play an active role in the filming of their episode? In other words, do you convey to the actors how you envisioned the delivery of the lines, or do you mainly leave it up to them and the director?

  8. My life has changed a LOT in the 5 months since the last episode…I’ve been waiting for this sooo looong. Tonight is needed in the worst way! Good news is…9 MORE HOURS!!!!!!!!! 30 minutes of bliss.

  9. I asked three questions and I hope at least one these gets answered. *keeping fingers crossed*

    What is the biggest challenge in writing Jim and Pam’s storyline?

    What strategies do the writer’s use to keep Jim and Pam’s storyline realistic and free of sitcom cliché?

    Was Jim and Pam’s kiss in Money originally in the script? I know the stairwell scene between Dwight and Jim differed from the script in that it became a much more powerful scene than originally intended. Was the kiss added in as a result of the changes in the stairwell scene? What about the follow-up talking heads where Jim says he’s “in love with Italian food.” Was that originally in the script or a result of the changed scene?

  10. As for anyone wondering why I was Krista AND Hannah, I was on my friend’s computer (who just happens to be named Krista) and since I already had a question, she wanted me to write one for her. Just to clear that up; I’m Hannah. :)

  11. i’m sorry, but a lot of the things they’re posting about have NOTHING to do with the show. Come on writers!! I mean seriously, the simpsons? We invented beets?

  12. I went back and forth between reading the live blog, and then checking the comments on Officetally– Thursday nights are right again! :)

  13. This might be a dumb question, but in the live blogs they mentioned “tags”. Can anyone tell me what “tags” are?


  14. #20: A “tag” is the last bit of the show, shown usually over credits. Just a snippet that usually doesn’t have much to do with the main plotline, but something funny to leave you hanging on to.

  15. A “tag” is the tiny coda to an episode they’ll show at the very end, usually (if I remember correctly for the Office) after a commercial break. It’s the opposite-end equivalent of a cold open, and usually shorter.

  16. I think a tag is the last short clip that runs near or during the credits — like Andy signing Rainbow Connection at the end of one episode or Andy’s Kit Kat Bar end scene.

  17. A tag is the small bit they play after the final act. Its: cold open — episode — tag.

  18. Q: Is posting on a blog the best way to break into the entertainment industry?
    A: Not really. If you post a really funny Two and a Half Men spec it could work.


  19. April 10, 09:58 PM
    Mr. Schubart!!

    So nice of you to blog in. Mr. Schubart was my history teacher in high school. You were a great teacher and very supportive, but do you remember when you told me I would never live-blog? My fingers just weren’t fast enough and my internet connection was too slow? Well, look at me now!

    Look at him live blog, now!! haha that one was hilarious. they’re so witty, it’s amazing :)

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