The Thursday Tally

Geez, disappear for a coupla days, and I end up with a severe case of ONB — Office News Buildup. ;)

  • Webisode #3 (“Meredith”) of The Accountants is playing at
  • Also at, vote for your favorite Office episode!
  • New blogs have been posted by Kevin, Brian, and Dwight.
  • Jenna and seven other ladies appear in the August “naked issue” of Jane Magazine, auctioning off their clothes for Read more about it here; bid for Jenna’s dress (a size 2!) here. Thanks to Brian for being the first to send me this tip!
  • The Office gang goes back to work this coming Monday, July 24, pushed out from the original date of July 18th; Angela emailed me to confirm this. (Thanks, Angela!)
  • Tonight’s episode is a rerun of The Carpet. Oh poo.
  • Finally, a press release has been posted by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, confirming that there will be a blooper reel on the Season 2 DVD! Read the full release here.

Update, 10pm PT: Rainn is on Jay Leno tonight! (Thanks, Barry)


  1. basketball? oh shoot.

    sorry tanster, i would have let you do that but i know you are busy.

  2. Near as I can tell, they scrapped basketball and plan to run The Carpet, but even the TV listings in my newspaper listed both episodes on one part of the page and only The Carpet on another part of the page.

    Excuse me, I have to back to giggling at “Tonight’s episode is a rerun of The Carpet. Oh poo.”

  3. I thought we were going to be watching “Basketball” tonight. That’s what they say over at

  4. So let me get this straight… this is appearing in a WOMEN’S INTEREST magazine??? Are you kidding me? There seem to be some demographic mixups here. That’s all I have to say about that.

  5. I was gone from the 13th-20th and am also I’m experiencing massive amounts of ONB, which will take me hours to sort through. ~Happily sorting~

  6. Yeah, the most voted episode’s gonna be played in August! My guess is it’s gonna be Casino Night. But I voted for The Dundies and The Allience. *crosses fingers*

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