The Weekend Tally

A pretty short one this weekend.

Tipsters: John, Nick, Aimee

Oh. There is one more thing.

The Office. Get your drama on.


  1. Masi Oka! I love that guy (even more now) working with Steve, Jenna, and David Anders (my favorite Alias baddie) lucky guy!!!

  2. Ooh! Mysterious.

    That stencil graffitti was great. Do you know how hard it is to cut a stencil like that out? Wow.

  3. It’s cool that Masi Oka is an “Office” geek! More “Office” mentions! Come on, other shows, our little show has mentioned you guys so many times…some suggestions:

    Jack: Why can’t I find someone to love me? I just want have a relationship like Jim and Pam
    Chloe: Sometimes, Jack, you just have to realize that you’re a Karen…erm, a man version.

    Hiro: If I close my eyes really hard and focus, maybe my “power” will come back
    Ando: That’s what she said.

    Jack: We’re rescued! We’re getting off this island! Are you all excited?
    Lostaways: YES!!!!!
    Jack: *Very* excited?
    Lostaways: Erm, yes
    Jack: *Extremely* excited?
    Jack: Ok, just very excited. That’s fine with me

    Okay, not very funny :) But just to get the conversation started: what are some other ways for “The Office” to be mentioned in other shows?

  4. I was at the Rock Hall on Thursday and I saw Rainn’s bus! I didn’t see Rainn though.

  5. John’s in the most recent In Touch magazine (has Brad and Angelina on the cover). The article is called “I want to fall in love.” Pretty much a compilation of recent interviews from this summer.

  6. can someone tell me what the caption is on the pic of Kelly? I’m on my phone and I can’t read it.

  7. Can’t wait until tomorrow, then! :)
    Anyway, I wish I had known about Rainn being in Cleveland this weekend! I would’ve begged my dad to drive there. haha! I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened though. One state away from me, dang it! That seems to happen a lot! First Kate in IL, now Rainn in OH., and then B.J.’s gonna be in IL soon. *sighs* What’s wrong w/ Indianapolis??! (I used to live in, IL., dang it!)

  8. Not Office related but SARK IN HEROES?! Yes please! Especially if he’s not using that dodgy Brit accent he had in Alias (although he was great in it I always used to snigger at the way he used to say ‘authorities’. Classic.)

  9. Hey Susan(10) – Where and when is BJ going to be Illinois? I doubt I’ll be there (I’m currently in WA, but in the process of moving back to IL) but I was just curious!
    That Dwight and Jim graffiti is so awesome! Yay for vandalism!!!
    Oh, and…My drama is officially on! WHAT’S up?!!!

  10. Haha _Bales, that was hilarious. I love the Lost reference. You cracked me up!

    Oooooh I’m on the edge of my seat until tomorrow Tanster.

  11. I remember Steve’s interview in Fade In magazine, when he mentioned that he’s a bigger fan of people making him laugh than he is making other people laugh. Knowing that makes me excited for Masi’s success in making Steve laugh.

    Your cliffhanger has left me intrigued!

  12. Ungrateful Beeyotch Hotline Operator- B.J. is going to be in Chicago, IL Sept. 22nd at Northwestern University. :)

  13. Oooh, so not fair, Tanster! Not fair at all. For once I’m excited for a Monday! Wait, it’s not Varsity Blues, is it?

  14. I live in Cleveland and I most absolutely would called off work and gone to the Rock Hall had I known about this. Maybe I’ll just sob silently about it later.

  15. Could someone from “The Office” please come to Dallas-Fort Worth? How much would it take to get BJ to do standup at the university where I work?

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