Tomorrow’s episode of The Office is must-see TV

I just received an email from The Office producers that reads:

Hi Jennie

I know the episode summary says “we start to see behind the scenes” but I wanted to let you know how really good tomorrow’s episode is!

You have been great about letting the OfficeTally fans know what’s going on at The Office, but they really should watch tomorrow night! I think they will be sorry if they don’t.

So, watch tomorrow night!

I have never received an email about an episode before, so I think this is a big deal. So excited!

More from The Office cast.


  1. from philippines with love!!!
    As much as it’s inevitable, this Beginning of the End episode is painfully exciting. Bawl fest again. I was actually crying at last week’s episode. i don’t know why but Pam’s scene with Darryl and Jim was just bittersweet. sigh:)

  2. Of course I KNOW the show is ending, but just reading the words “the beginning of the end” makes me teary eyed. I’m going to be a mess every Thursday night leading up to the finale!!

  3. I haven’t been so excited for an episode of the office since… I can’t remember! Can’t wait!

  4. Tanster, just wondering if you are as excited/anxious about tonight?

    [from tanster: super duper excited! can’t wait to see all of your comments after the episode airs!]

  5. I, too, am excited, but also a little scared. Those of us who have been fans from way back in the early days when MySpace was still big probably have a lot more emotionally invested in the show. I hope it’s a FUN reveal and not a sad, bad, or foreboding reveal (in other words, hopefully they aren’t going to break JAM up)… then again, maybe we are just going to see David Brent? ;)

  6. I am so EXCITED!! I can hardly wait until 9pm!!! :) It’s been the highlight of my WEEK!! ;)

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