The Office: Customer Loyalty, 9.12

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The Office: Customer Loyalty

Writers: Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller
Director: Kelly Cantley

Summary (NBC): Relationships are tested — Dwight tries to prevent Darryl’s move to Athlead. Jim is forced to miss Cece’s first recital when a big investor exits his new company, to Pam’s intense disappointment. Nellie exposes Pete and Erin. And we start to see behind the scenes of the documentary. Guest star: Chris Diamantopoulos.

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In a poll conducted January 24-28, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.14/10

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The Office Customer Loyalty quotes

Pam: Did you send Dwight on a quest for the Holy Grail?

Jim: The Dunder Code!

Angela: Dwight! Down, Dwight! Dwight!

Jim: I’ve been working with her on her move. It’s called the Cece Spin and Kiss. Do you want to see it? It’s kind of like this. It’s pretty cute, right?

Dwight: Jim should call it Stumpany. For Stupid Company.

Jim: Take your worst fear, and multiply it by infinity.

Dwight: I’ll be damned if I’m going to let us lose me.

Kevin: What about the Irish American Cultural Center mural? Potato?

Pam: Who are they going to go with, some nobody like me, or a big name like Tracy Fleeb?

Pam: Yes Jim, I think I know how to point a rectangle at something.

Cece: Press End!

Nellie: I did everything but unzip their pants for them. Oh god, Nellie…

Clark: They got us set with Windows 95. So you’re kind of dreaming here.

Dwight: Customer loyalty. What is it? Can you hold it in your hand? Can you nudge it with your finger? Can you dump it on a woman?

Pam: I’m sorry, I have to go. My daughter’s a ladybug.

Dwight: It can’t be more fun than selling paper and paper products.
Darryl: It can.

Meredith: With slammin’ bods like that, they ain’t playing checkers.

Kevin: Your feelings for Erin? Probably your heart. And a little bit your penis.

Nellie: Most relationships eventually die on their own. But sometimes, they just need a little pillow over the face.

Toby: Not everybody has what we have.

Dwight: I’ll take a burger over a gross Philly cheesesteak any day.

Dwight: Fire in the hole!

Oscar: User error. I hear it happens to other people.

Pam: Only thing better than getting the job. “BEESLY!”

Dwight: Joke’s on you, buddy! They make you come back and clean it up!

Brian: Let’s turn the cameras off. Seriously, guys. Enough. Enough.

Video title: Fire in the Hole — Milkshake vs. Old Dork

Darryl: And… replay.

Darryl: I’m going to miss the paper business.

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  1. Greg Daniels said this is the episode where we’ll find out about the camera crew and why they’re filming! :)

  2. Ever since they followed Jim to Stamford, it’s been hard to explain what the purpose of the documentary was…

  3. Anyone else seriously concerned about the documentary crew being revealed? It seems like a seriously bad (albeit admittedly interesting) idea to me. I’d rather they focus on the characters we know rather than awkwardly introducing a bunch of new ones

  4. @mOSE: Greg Daniels has described the identity of the documentary filmmaker as “a total explosive mind-bender.” Something tells me that not everyone behind the scenes is someone we don’t know…

  5. Whatever the thing with the Documentary is, it’s obviously not going to make perfect sense. Because we can step back from the show and realize there’s no good reason to make a documentary about a paper company for 9 years. The show was using the format and therefore it was always going to be the format. It’s not like whatever is revealed was the grand plan all along.

    As long as it’s clever I’ll be fine with it.

  6. I used to think Jim was behind the documentary — perfect way to screw with everybody. But, since he expressed surprise about the crew still hanging out, now I think we’re heading towards a “Damn it, Michael!”

    @10, Jared: Oh, it doesn’t matter. As soon as kids can walk they can get plopped into little dance classes. Lowest I’ve heard of is four, though, unless they’re hyper-aging Cece for plot reasons (not a good idea, writers).

  7. A “total explosive mind-bender”? They know what the Office fans expect and know how we think, so it doesn’t make sense that it would be someone we’ve not heard of before now. There are only three people who would fit that description: Dwight, Creed or Robert California. My guess would be that Creed hired a documentary crew to follow everyone in the office and film everything they do for some very weird nutty reason that makes sense to nobody but himself.

  8. Eric, very interesting. Think about this: If you go back and view early episodes, Creed is often taking photos of staff members at odd moments and for no apparent reason. And sometimes they are commemorative, like when Michael returned from the Michael Scott Paper Co.

  9. @10, Jared: LOL, I enrolled my daughter in a preschool ballet class at a local rec center, and she had a recital (really cute). She was 4 at the time. I’ve definitely seen classes advertised for kids as young (or, for crying out loud, younger) than CeCe. Mostly, it makes for cute home videos.

  10. I can’t wait to see why a documentary film crew has been following these people’s lives for 9 years. Hopefully, there will be a motive and not just because Creed wanted to film them or something. But do the characters know the reasoning behind the crew? They have adjusted to them being there..

  11. I like the Creed theory but it’s out there a little too much. I’ve been thinking it’ll have something to do with David Brent. I know he was in a couple of episodes two years ago, but I just have the suspicion that Wernham Hogg will be involved.

  12. It’s hard to know if the writers are going to maintain continuity in the answer to the who/what/why of the documentary crew or if the series finale will be sentimental or funny. If they do then the only possible answer is that it was Jim because the “footage” has centered around Jim/Pam all along, and Jim always looks at the camera, interacting with them in a way nobody else did/does, not even Michael. They also followed him to Stamford, and continued filming even after Michael left. Also, s09e01 one of the “crew” said they were following them to see how they turn out which can be taken a number of ways. Final ep guess: elderly but happy Jim & Pam sitting on a couch reminiscing on their lives watching the footage “again”.

  13. @17 Except that Jim sometimes looks like the crew catches him doing things he doesn’t want filmed. The glance up at the camera as he’s lying to Pam about his “stressful” meeting with Dr. J. The look on Jim’s face when he opens his hotel bedroom door (in Florida), and the crew is there taking pictures of Kathy lounging on the bed behind him. It didn’t feel like Jim was in charge of the documentary crew in those moments, for sure.

  14. @lynn – I would argue that the points you raise actually show that he DOES have control over them. There are a number of cases throughout the 9 seasons where he is followed more than the others, interacts more than others, and directs the “crew”. Remember the episode where he visited Pam at her dorm and tricked them to leave? It was also the first time we heard something from the cameraman – that sigh. But of course all of this is just speculation and irrelevant until we find out the real answers over the course of the coming weeks/months :o)

  15. @20 After last night’s episode, I’d really like Meredith to be behind the documentary. Imagine Meredith in charge!

  16. @16: “I’ve been thinking it’ll have something to do with David Brent.”

    Oh my goodness yes yes yes yes make this happen Office writers I would be in love with this idea so very much.

  17. First episode, first scene, Michael introduces the company in front of the sign. This starts the documentary, then he introduces Ryan around. Could it be Ryan?
    Seems like it started when he arrived.

  18. @23, Chris: Could be. Now that we know Ryan’s returning for the finale…could definitely be.

  19. I’ve always wondered if Corporate could be behind it… filming Michael to keep an eye on the branch. It would explain why Wallace and Corporate allowed things to be filmed (like interviews and depositions); however, one would think that Michael could have been fired so many times over things they’d catch.

    The Ryan theory makes sense.

  20. The Scranton Strangler is in charge of the documentary, he used it to distract from his crimes!

  21. I’ve often wondered just who the documentarians were. At one point I thought it was Dunder Mifflin, but then why continue the doc when the company’s going broke? Then I thought it was Sabre in their research to find out which mid-level paper company to take over, but then the doc has continued after their demise. Ryan seems plausible, but why have so many Ryan-less episodes. Given that we have had episodes all about Jim & Pam’s wedding and CeCe’s christening, I guess it really is all about Jim & Pam.

  22. Pre-emptive prediction on the finale: The “documentary” finally starts to air, so we see reactions from all the “cast.” (Hmmm…I wonder if Kelly would comment how different she was from the first episode…)

  23. I’m extremely excited for this episode! If they do start seeing the airing of the episodes, will everyone feel nostalgic about Michael Scott? Will we see behind the scene footage of Michael(although I’d rather see him interacting with the characters now in real time). I desperately want Michael to be the one behind the documentary, he would do something like that. His character was so loving and caring and always wanted to know everyone’s secrets when they wouldn’t tell him, but I doubt it would be.
    I suppose we can only wait and find out.

  24. I doubt it, but for speculation’s sake, it could be Andy. The Office started off with rumors about downsizing either the Scranton Branch or the Stamford branch. Andy could have done it to spy on the other branch, then added Stamford to the documentary when Jim arrived, then continued it when Stamford got shut down when Andy moved to Scranton. This theory could somehow explain why Andy has missed most of Season 9.

  25. Whoever it is, is connected to Jim. When Jim transferred, the crew went with him. They didn’t follow anyone else when they left.

  26. I started dance when I was 2. And wow, the documentary crew NEVER ONCE occurred to me and I have seen every single episode 5 times. They do always follow Jim. But there are moments when they followed Michael, like Michael’s condo, and the trip to drop Holly off… someone Michael and Jim share in common? An old tech support guy? Todd Packer? Ricky Gervais? It seems like Michael would have recognized him on the elevator meeting then. Toby? Wasn’t he the camera man in the lip dub video? Doesn’t explain Costa Rica.

  27. I think Michael has been behind the documentary. He LOVES the attention; he loves Jim and Pam; and he loves movies.

    It would explain why we haven’t heard from him since he left, which is weird considering that everyone in the office was his best friend.

  28. I think the Creed theory has some merit. He’s a total weirdo, so the writers could give him any motive they want to.

    I just don’t remember him taking pictures of the staff, except for the Stamford employee breast feeding…

  29. I’m so looking forward to watch this episode tomorrow (or the day after), so I have to figure out what’s gonna happen there, and who’s behind the documentary all this time, that’s a huge surprise.

  30. Well – I don’t think it’s Michael. Steve just confirmed with the past 21 hours at the Sundance Film Festival that he won’t be returning.

  31. Lot of new writers, writing these episodes this season.
    Kinda wish Vets were all doing the writing but I can’t complain it’s been a pretty good season thus far.

  32. I don’t necessarily believe that Jim is behind the documentary but it is interesting to note that Krasinski and his friends filmed the drive through Scranton in the show’s intro.

  33. Hm, yeah maybe Jim was behind it all along. Joined the company to be an insider for the crew. ( which explains why he was closest with the camera people)…Hated the company but stayed because he liked pam.

  34. If Steve doesn’t return for even a hello hundreds of thousands of Office fans will be so disappointed. What a terrible shame. Really.

  35. How many levels of awesome would it be if we found out that Jennie Tan was involved!!? I’d squeal like a pig in heat if that is any part of the reveal! (can you confirm or deny anything tanster?)

    [from tanster: lol, that would be awesome!]

  36. Oh man…I’m seriously on pins and needles wondering how fans will react to The Office tonight. Tonight changes everything. Ahhhhh!!— Jenna Fischer on twitter

    ….Now i’m intrigued.

  37. Really? That was must see TV? The episode wasn’t funny at all, and it was awful watching jim and pam argue back and forth. There wasn’t even much of a reveal involving the camera crew, other than it showed one of the cameramen. Bad episode

  38. I think the documentary filmmaker is Toby! Didn’t it sound like him when he asked Pam if she was alright?

    He has become a complete weirdo, by the way.

    I don’t believe I have ever missed an episode of the Office, but I still don’t understand exactly what Jim’s new company does.

  39. OMG I really hope they aren’t suggesting that Pam is having an affair with the documentary crew’s sound guy Brian. I’m going to be so SOOOO mad if that is how it ends up. I will be angry with the writers.

  40. Phew for a second I thought they were going to go there and have Pam start kissing the microphone guy!

  41. I expected the camera crew to just be regular people…but I’m confused at a few different things. Mainly-why they stressed to watch it so much, the reveal was not huge at all…unless I missed something. Would have been cooler if they said nothin and we just watched it as a regular episode

  42. this was honestly my favourite episode of the season so far! this was too good of an episode, applause for the writers.

  43. Episode was fantastic, and whoever complains about the Jim and Pam scene has to be out of their mind. That is a classic moment.

  44. I loved this episode.

    “Fire in the Hole” was hilarious.

    The ending scene was tearjerking. I could totally relate to both Jim and Pam’s sides of the argument.

    The appearance of Brian and the camera crew was MINDBLOWING. :O

  45. Obviously the reveal is two fold:
    We never got to see anyone behind the camera now we are introduced to a behind the scenes person. Also it’s revealed that Pam isn’t as happy as she looks when it comes to everything.

  46. It sounds like I’m in the minority so far, but I loved tonight’s epi. I love Jim and Pam, but in my opinion, this epi (and especially the last few minutes) made their relationship more real than it’s been all season. It was nice to see that the camera crew do have hearts. I didn’t infer that there was something between Pam and the sound guy at all… just after 9 years of filming the office, there are friendships and connections.

  47. This episode was flat out amazing. I love how the writers are building drama with Jim and Pam, and Erin and Pete and Andy. Also I like how they are starting to really show it as a documentary, with the talking to the crew, and this episode makes it look like the second half of the season is going to be the best.

  48. Wow… you guys are really shooting down this episode.

    Sure it wasn’t awesomely funny.

    But that was a huge reveal!! They showed someone from the documentary crew. I don’t think Daniels said we would find out who is behind it. But we start to see who is behind it.

    And we did see. Some awesome guy named Brian!!

    And he looked like Chris Diamantopoulos

  49. While I wouldn’t have exactly called the reveal “mindblowing”.. it is very interesting. Everyone expected it to be someone we knew. But if this “Brian” is behind the whole thing.. it opens a lot of things to think about. Why does Brian have such an interest in Jim & Pam? Perhaps he’s interested in Pam. I thought I heard it was someone we already knew. Maybe somehow.. someway.. he’s been mentioned sometime in the last 9 years.. in a vague way?

    I don’t know.. but I’m interested to learn more about the crew and their intentions.

  50. I didn’t see anything suggestive of an affair…. At least not in the first viewing of the episode. On a side note, I will be incredibly sad if Jim and Pam were to separate…

  51. @54 and @55 – The guy they showed was the boom operator and Pam called him Brian. He did not call her by any name.

  52. I think they oversold this one a bit. The camera crew reveal was underwhelming. And the Jim/Pam drama has no stakes, because we all know how it’s going to end.

  53. Here’s what I don’t get: Doesn’t the doc crew have a video of CeCe’s recital? I mean, they were there. And funny enough, since Pam not having a video started that fight, and since the camera crew is now involved in the drama, couldn’t Brian have just said, “Hey, wait a minute, we have footage of the recital!”

  54. My prediction is that Brian is a friend of Pam’s from way back in the day, needed to do a film project, asked if he could film her office, and that’s how they know each other. Pam’s behind the documentary crew (in a round-about way).

    I felt so sick when Jim and Pam were arguing.

  55. I loved the fight scene, I know I’m in the minority, but it was refreshing to see Jim get sassy with Pam.

    Can we also talk about Darryl watching that video at the end? Darryl steals every scene he’s in.

  56. If you loved this episode I don’t think that’s the minority. Most people are just sad about what happened, but I’m pretty positive most of the comments were positive not negative. Filtered Lens gave this episode an A and they are usually harsh.

  57. The reveal went like this: After Jim and Pam’s fight over the phone Pam starts to cry and a voice of the director says “Hey, are you okay?”. It’s a male American voice, but unrecognizable. She shakes her head no, and says “What am I doing wrong, Brian?” looking to her right where we see Brian, the boom operator – a gorgeous hunk of man. He says, “Nothing. You’re doing the best you can.” The director calls to him, he goes over to her and we see that the camera person beside him is a woman. He goes to Pam who is still crying, and says “It’s just a tough situation, alright?” Pam says, “It’s getting tougher. I just didn’t know it was gonna be this hard.” Brian responds, “Let’s turn the cameras off, seriously guys. Enough, enough.” Pam says “Thank you” and the camera shuts off. They seem to be strongly suggesting romance, but I think it’s just that everybody has become good friends after being in their lives for nine years.

  58. Wow!!!! That was intense! I don’t read any spoilers so I didn’t know any of that was coming and boy did it take my breath away.

    Well done, TO creators, well done.

  59. Overall, I wasn’t ecstatic with the episode. The Erin/Pete “drama” was built up and then reset to where it was at the beginning of the episode. Kind of pointless to out them as being flirtatious if it goes nowhere.

    However, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that uncomfortable while watching the show. Jim & Pam’s argument was so real feeling. Kudos.

  60. Personally, I think that this is the defining episode of the season so far, both in terms of style and substance. Of course the crew-reveal was nice, and I thought the ending argument between Jim and Pam was indeed a tearjerker; not to mention, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer were phenomenal, acting-wise.

    I also liked how the office really addressed the relationship between Erin and Pete. Before that, their relationship seemed to honestly be going nowhere. Was she going to grow fond of Pete, or wait until Andy came back…and why did nobody care? It seems more natural and even more ‘like a documentary’ for the office to finally go deeper into that sub-plot.

  61. I liked this episode. I miss the Jam drama and, honestly, it’s refreshing to see that they’re not perfect. I know they’ll end up working it all out. Jim was being a jerk, but he was also exhausted. It’s still no excuse, though, and Jenna did a wonderful job. (I was waiting for something more surprising after the must-see email, but overall the episode really enticed me).

    It sounded like Toby to me, too (asking Pam if she was okay)!

    I am so excited to see how all of this unfolds. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  62. I just don’t know about this. I thought a lot of it was actually pretty great, but I feel like WE as viewers should not be seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff. The film crew would edit that out. It kind of broke the illusion for me. I see why they want to do this, but I don’t think this is the right way to do it.

  63. TERRIBLE episode. Revealing the documentary crew completely ruins the “magic”. Shallow plot lines. Thin jokes. Thank goodness it’s almost over.

  64. I thought it was a solid episode with a great cold open and a very good ending. I didn’t really care either way about the crew guys but the fight was good.

    The disappointment I’m seeing in a lot of posts – this is what happens when you read too much about things and let yourself get hyped up. I had no expectations coming in, no previous knowledge. Only that I hoped it didn’t suck.

  65. ah! jim! pam! and brian! okay, pam and brian are obviously not having an affair. but i am seriously so pumped for the rest of this season. ahhh!
    also, what the heck is up with toby?
    aand i’m super surprised at how into the pete and erin storyline i am. i mean, it’s kind of annoying that they set andy up in seasons 3-7 as this reaally weird but surprisingly sweet guy, and now he’s just done a 180 and is a super oblivious jerk. i mean, remember season 6 when andy really liked erin but was way too awkward to do anything about it, but then they had that “secret” relationship? i mean even last season he kinda fought for her! but anyway, if i ignore all that, i really like erin and pete together and i don’t mind the total jim/pam resemblance at all. :)
    okay that’s it. i love this show so dang much.

  66. So the big reveal was that … there’s a camera crew? Pretty underwhelming given all of the hype beforehand. I’m disappointed.

  67. Literally could not have envisioned that reveal going any better. The jokes in this episode were great, sure, but I think what we’ll all remember was that last scene. Jenna and John did a beautiful job of being realistic, and the way the crew was brought into the scene was very smart. SO well done.
    And to all people saying that Pam will cheat on Jim with Brian…is that not a little presumptuous? Just because he was somewhat attractive doesn’t hint at anything- this crew has been filming them for 9 years, it’s natural that they’d be close after that amount of time. I’ve worked on a TV show set before and it’s quite easy to bond with the people working around you.
    Anyway, bravo John and Jenna and bravo to the writers. I have full confidence that this series will end perfectly. (I also think adding John and Jenna as producers was a great move- no one knows their characters like they do).

  68. Do people seriously think that Pam and the sound guy are having an affair?? They have been filming there for 9 years now they are probably just as good of friends with the crew as their co-workers. I don’t think Greg Daniels will destroy one of the best parts of the office for shock value.

  69. @78 – To me it sounds like “It’s it’s just a tough situation, alright?” He’s repeating the word “it’s” which is common when consoling someone.

  70. Zzzzzz…..anyone who is married knows that couples fight. I completely lost track of the Darryl/Dwight plot line by the end. Know what captured the real essence of this show? Dwight Jr’s explanation of DM’s database program and his reaction to the ridiculously cheap printer. THAT was The Office.

  71. I don’t think Brian called her “Midge”, but get this – a friend tells me that Midge is a common nickname for Morgan – Pam’s middle name. If in fact he is calling her Midge maybe he’s her brother? We know from the wedding episode that she has a sister, and we know that her parents are divorced, but we’ve never heard anything about Pam’s family. I honestly don’t think he called her Midge though, but that it’s just a repeating of the word “it’s”.

  72. I loved The Office tonight. I laughed and I cried. I too felt a vibe between Pam and the camera man. I’m nervous now. If Pam has been cheating on/will cheat on Jim I will be crushed.

  73. Zzzzzz…..anyone who is married knows that couples fight. I completely lost track of the Darryl/Dwight plot line by the end. Know what captured the real essence of this show tonight? Dwight Jr’s explanation of DM’s database program and his reaction to the ridiculously cheap printer. THAT was The Office.

  74. @Nate #62

    You have a good eye. The end credits listed Chris Diamantopoulos. We have our Brian.

  75. How was this a mind blowing reveal?

    A guy named Brian???

    A phone argument between Jim and Pam?

    Why did they promised so much and deliver so little?

  76. Wow…this is one of those episodes that I desperately need to watch again to process all of my feelings about it. Funny? Yes. Intense? Yes. Dramatic? Oh god, yes!

  77. There is no “affair” that some of you speak of. If there was, then why would Pam be asking Brian what she’s doing wrong? It’s obvious that she wants to try and maintain her relationship with Jim by asking Brian what she’s doing wrong in the relationship. Having Pam cheat on Jim would contradict the whole purpose behind her asking the question. So, no, there’s no affair.

  78. The Jim/Pam story line in this was extremely well done. Oh how I’ve missed these two. This was an organic real “fight” that every married person can relate to, and JF and JK pulled it off extremely well. I can see both sides, and honestly have been on both sides.

    After not liking the Nellie character when she first arrived, the writers have finally made her into someone I enjoy watching. Toby was funny creepy, and Creed had a great one liner, just like the old days.

    I thought the Dwight/Darryl story was less funny, and Dwight, after having been on fire for a couple of episodes, fell flat for me here.

  79. Definitely the turning point of the season. Fantastic reveal for the documentary crew after all these years and amazing acting by John and Jenna in the last scene. It felt like old school Office. Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

  80. I’ve been posting a lot tonight so I’ll end it with this one not wanting to dominate the tanster’s boards. A scenario is developing in my mind along the following lines: I am wrong to call “the voice” the director in my summary post because Brian was calling the shots. He’s got to be Pam’s brother. There will be shown to be a connection between Brian and Jim – maybe they went to college together? Pam worked at Dunder-Mifflin before Jim did, and so maybe he knew her beforehand through Brian and took the job to woo Pam. Brian knows how Jim feels and decides it would be a great film project. We didn’t see Brian at the wedding because he’s the film-maker therefore he WAS at the wedding. It’s almost tradition on OfficeTally for fans to imagine how storylines will play out, and maybe mine will prove wrong, but it will be interesting to see how close I am come May. I still feel Jim is involved somehow, some way.

  81. I can’t comprehend people who say this isn’t a big reveal. Showing the documentary crew at all, makes it a big deal. We’ve never EVER seen a person behind the camera. To see them get involved with the cast is pretty substantial.

  82. WOW! WOW! WOW! I was not expecting that. The fighting and tension between P&J, yes, but not the way the camera man reacted to Pam. Toby. Whoa Nellie! Pun intended! Did anyone notice how he was sorta fixated with her neck…Scranton Strangler related??? Creepy/funny, whatever its meaning. I still don’t understand why Darryl went cold on Val. I think we can see the P&J arc: Is it Pam’s turn to leave for Jim’s sake or will Jim once again turn down a dream/better job for his of Pam? Obviously the city mural will play a large role. The last two episodes we’ve seen a different side of Jim. He’s not all good times and charm after all. Call backs a plenty tonight, as well. I believe the Pete/Erin/Andy arc has been laid out just like many here (self included) have thought: it’s the playing out of what would’ve happened if Pam chose Roy. Heady stuff tonight. On the edge of my seat from here on out. The end really is nigh :(.

  83. I wonder if Pam getting the mural job will also be a source of conflict since she will be even more tied to Scranton while working on it…..

  84. What a great episode. That was so intense at the end. I felt like crying with her. Poor Pam. Such a job well done! Can’t wait for the next episode! Oh and I liked meeting the feels so much more realistic.

  85. My favorite part of this episode was the fact that, in the teaser, there was a “flashback” to circa season 2 Jim, with his messy hair, and the lights were a little dimmer. That was a really cute/neat throw back. I could just see Jim doing this prank during the second season and totally forgetting about it.

  86. I watched the camera man reveal with closed captions and Brian says to Pam “Hey, it’s just a tough situation alright…”. So according to closed captioning he said “hey” and not “midge”.

  87. I don’t think this was the whole “reveal” tonight, just the start of the arc that will wrap up the show. Jim/Pam’s future and the documentary will be the 2 dominant themes going forward and will likely be tied together somehow. Showing a cameraman was just the start (although for the record, the cameras, and the people behind them, were much more of a “character” in Season 1 and early Season 2. I think we did even see a sound guy before.

    I said it earlier on this thread, but you really can’t expect every aspect of the documentary storyline to make sense. I’m sure Greg Daniels, while trying to adapt it to American TV and get enough ratings to stay on the air, didn’t have a grand plan all along for how to explain the cameras 9 years later. As long is it’s not totally hokey, or sort of explained in passing, I’ll take it.

  88. I don’t know, that Brian is pretty cute and sensitive to Pam’s feelings. Jimbo better watch out.

  89. I was lukewarm about this episode until the end, and I still think Jim acted a bit out of character, but WOW. I have not always been a fan of Pam over the past few seasons (don’t throw garbage at me!), but Jenna knocked it out of the park. Amazing acting!!

  90. Okay, in my opinion, this show can do no wrong. I love it no matter what.
    I loved the cold open, as always. I loved the flashback to a younger Jim.
    John & Jenna did a great job tonight. It’s nice to see Jim & Pam are not perfect. I honestly don’t believe there’s anything between Pam & Brian. I know Jim & Pam will work it out. They haven’t gone this far for nothing.
    I liked seeing the camera crew. I love Meredith’s wigs! When does Andy come back? And, I really want Michael Scott back for a couple episodes.

  91. As much as I hated seeing Jim & Pam fight, it’s nice to see them have a real marriage, you know? That they aren’t perfect all the time. I loved getting to see them involve the camera crew.. obviously after 9 years of filming all of the characters have probably become just as close to them as to each other. Nice to see the reality to that.

  92. Watching this episode is like going on a road trip thinking I know the route by heart and suddenly wondering if I have taken a wrong turn. The landscape is so unfamiliar and now I’m wondering where this road will take me. Way to shake things up, Office!

  93. LOVED the episode, felt more like old Season 2-3 stuff. Cold open was brilliant, all of the little subplots were reminiscent of when they had 4-5 stories going on instead of just one or two. Toby-Nelly, Nelly-Erin-Pete, Jim-Pam, Darryl-Dwight, lots of good stuff here. WAS slightly disappointed in the big reveal– it would have been so much cooler if it was someone that only us die-hard-seen-every-episode-18-times Tallyheads would have gotten… but not even WE get it, so rather than that they knew this was going to happen for a long time, they must have just decided to do it this season or last, and that disappoints me, I think, most of all. But overall the episode was great- looking forward to next ones!

  94. 68. Josh, exactly! Has Pam gotten so used to the camera crew that she couldn’t think of saying, “Oh, wait! The documentary team that’s been following us around everywhere for the last nine years got Cece’s recital!” But then, that last scene shows how the characters don’t even notice the crew anymore– Jim and Pam both fought on-camera, without saying “Let’s not do this on-camera.”

    Does anybody else notice how cramped the documentary team (just three people) makes the office space?

  95. Reactions seem to be mixed to this episode, although can’t believe people think the Office is shaking it up.

    If anyone thinks the ending of this thing, is going to be anything but Jim and Pam happily married, then you are mistaken.

  96. Great episode! So much heart and so many good laughs. That fight between Pam and Jim at the end was straight out of real life – where, very rarely but so sadly, a conversation starts out happy but somehow goes straight downhill due to massive stress. That scene was SO well acted. Toby and Nellie – bwahaha!!! I loved getting the view of the camera crew! (And especially seeing how much they clearly care about the people they’re filming.) The scene with the uncomfortable customer in the meeting room when everyone was outing Erin and Pete was so awesomely uncomfortable.

  97. Why didn’t Pam ask the documentary crew for footage of Cece’s recital? That’s what I expected. Best performance by Fischer on this show yet.

  98. I can’t believe people are reading so much into the whole Brian/Pam thing! He is not her brother or her lover or anything crazy like that – he was just confronting her, because he’s known her for 9 years now and thinks it’s taking it too far to film someone breaking down. Just like on real reality tv shows, where the cast members often become friends with producers.

    For the people saying that this “ruins” the fact that it’s a documentary – I’ve always thought that the documentary never got to the final editing stages, because it was a failure, was never released, and this is just a rough copy being watched. I think we should give the writers a little bit of credit, and hope that they do it in a way that makes sense.

  99. I think Jim and Pam might separate — NOT break up, but separate. We know she’s going to eventually bring up the New York thing, and we know that Jim’s going to share an apartment with Darryl in Philly. And while they could be doing that to save costs, it seems like a scarily long-term thing to do…

    I hope this happens. I want some gutsy moves on this show, because by the end of the season I’m expecting sitcom-style resets (except for this stupid Pete/Erin/Andy thing, good golly, someone END this already in any way possible) for everyone.

    I also found it weird that for once, the synopsis plainly explains what happens: “D&D do this, Jim does this, Pam reacts, Nellie does this.” You didn’t even need to watch the episode.

    Overall, I suppose I’m just disappointed. Greg Daniels called the documentary breaking down from here on out an “explosive mind-bender” but if it’s a bunch of misc. people coming in to comfort Jim and/or Pam, I can’t find myself caring. More new characters? Not this far in the game.

  100. I was SO happy that we were finally able to see a strain in the Jam relationship – it shows that they are indeed a real couple with real problems and not immune to the struggles that plague the relationships of others. I noticed how quick Dwight was to call Jim and accuse him of disintegrating the office, and it leaves me to wonder how Dwight will end up at the end of the series.

  101. I think actors are referring to this as the beginning of the end, as the documentary crew may get too involved over the next few episodes, and decide to end the production.

  102. While upsetting, I thought the Jim/Pam fight was very realistic. I’m really excited for the rest of the season!

  103. I could totally feel Jim & Pam’s pain in that last scene. Wonderful acting by the two of them!

    On a side note, I had a crazy idea for the final scene of the series: a pre-teen Cece and Philip are watching the “documentary” alongside a gleeful Uncle Michael & Auntie Holly. Michael says something to the effect of, “and that is how your dad met your mother”. There’s a knock at the door, and Holly answers, and in come a beaming Jim & Pam. They all exchange pleasantries, and Jim & Pam thank Michael & Holly for watching the kids. Michael asks, “So how was the art exhibit?” to which Jim simply says, “Beesly knocked it out of the park.” Then Jim & Pam share one of their patented wordless smiles. End credits

  104. @116 I hope you are right but I think they have done a great job of adding realistic tension so that maybe it won’t all work out. I remember that JF interview during S3 or S4 when she said maybe Jim and Pam aren’t soup snakes but a means to point each other to their true loves. The Jim/Pam story line this season has been brilliant story telling. Jim leaving Pam out of things because she does not seem supportive; Pam seeing “Philly Jim” and wondering where that came from and if she still knows him. Classic couple argument last night. Can’t wait for next week.

  105. The more I think on this, the more I wonder if “Customer Loyalty” and the stress of being faithful was any foreshadowing. No, I don’t think Pam will physically cheat on Jim; however, she’s feeling very alone right now. Might she emotionally ‘cheat’? Start being more honest with the filming crew, in particular Brian, than to her husband?

  106. I hope I don’t exceed number of posts :o), but I also wanted to address those who thought the episode wasn’t funny. If we are to believe that this is really a documentary of their lives, it needs to show it. Life isn’t always funny. Sometimes…. it sucks, like it did for both Jim and Pam at the end of this episode.
    Pam so looking forward to hearing “Beesly!” from Jim, contrasted with how her day ended, made me feel so sorry for them. I agree that Jenna knocked this one out of the park.
    I think that as Darryl leaves, and eventually Pam leaves to be with Jim, Dwight will want to leave. I think he’ll still end up on the farm, even if we don’t see it all.

  107. Great episode! The Erin/Pete tension was great, and Nellie’s facial expressions whenever Toby was around were priceless. And the end! – who is this Brian guy? I seriously doubt he’s got a romantic investment with Pam: in fact i thought he looked a bit awkward when comforting her. I think it was just the mere fact that the cameras and camera guys were actually in the room when someone was crying – seriously, when does that actually happen? They’re usually hiding away somewhere when that stuff is going down. All the JAM drama at the end was what spurred a little behind-the scenes glimpse of the boom mic operator, and I thought it was perfectly executed. Well done, Office writers!

  108. An okay episode that was saved by JAM.
    The writers have always made their relationship real…and as a person who travels for work and is away from my family, that scene hit a nerve with me. Bravo Jenna and John.

    As for the camera crew…what will happen next? Should be interesting.
    I can see JAM’s relationship continued to be strained. Maybe the crew shows JAM their courtship (on tape) as a means to show them how good they are together.

    Stay tuned.

  109. As soon as I saw “Brian”, I said hey that’s “Moe” from the three stooges movie, Chris Diamantopoulos, AND the credits confirmed. The credits also confirm that Linda Purl guest starred and Kyle McLaughlin co-starred. I just rewatched and paused several times during the recital scene and I think I saw “Pam’s mom” in the row behind her, but I bet some of her scenes didn’t make the cut. As for Kyle, I didn’t see him at all, unless I missed something? Any one else?

  110. I may switch my username after last night’s episode! I don’t like PhillyJam. I want Scranton Jam and my favorite show to never end:( Simply amazing episode, and I really didn’t think I had to worry about manning up and not crying yet with 14 episodes left, however Jenna Fischer made that impossible. Can’t believe a TV show has such and affect on me, but that is a tribute to the amazing cast and crew of this show.

  111. I’ve always loved when the doc crew has gotten involved, intentionally or not, in the action of the office (like in Fun Run or Branch Wars) but something about this felt off to me and not just because we finally see them. Jenna and John – great acting, great scene. Except I’m with everyone else here in wondering why the fight was over the footage – the doc crew could share their footage (unless by withholding they facilitate the fight they want).

    I don’t think Pam is having an affair. But I definitely got the feeling that Brian is carrying a torch for her. I know there are plenty of episodes left, but if the main motivation for the documentary crew at this point is his crush on Pam I will be sad.

  112. Amazing episode – Jenna was incredible and just about lost it at the Toby/Nellie scenes. And the cold open was fantastic. I would give it an 11 if the poll went to 11.

    P.S. The crew wasn’t filming the recital – they were filming Pam answering her phone during the recital. They wouldn’t have caught any more than she did.

  113. This episode was amazing! I have always and WILL always love this show and think they can do NO wrong! The acting of John/Jenna is perfection…loved the last scene! I was a bit taken back of how “Brian” reacted to her emotions but I’m sure that’s the way we’re supposed to feel… keeping us guessing! I loved this episode!!! I love how “real” pb&j are!! Can’t wait to see what’s NEXT!!! ;)

  114. The thing some people don’t get was that that wasn’t really Brian last night. That was Chris Diamantopoulous, the same guy who played Moe in the 2012 adaption of The Three Stooges. The camerawoman sitting behind him however was an actual crew member.

  115. WOW. This is the most interesting episode of TO I´ve seen in a really really long time. A good prank, funny lines, great subplots, and of course Jim and Pam. Perfection. I also didn´t read anything prior to the episode, so for me the camera crew reveal was pretty big.

  116. I think we could use a person’s reaction to that last scene as a test to see if someone is married. Married folks would all nod their heads and say “Yeah, I’ve had almost that exact argument.” while single folks would say “Pam’s going to cheat with the sound guy!”

  117. Guys, The cameraman was filming Pam when Pan got a call from Robert’s office. Come on!!

  118. #138 Roy’s Mugshot – right on. When that argument was going on my first thought was “been there” and my second was “about time they had a real argument!” I think the mystery to the documentary is going to unravel slowly and you will have had to watch all of the episodes to “get it” at the end. And that is why it was a “must see”. I enjoyed it and I think it’s the journey to an end that is the best experience, not just the end itself, especially if it’s all tied up in a pink bow (just my opinion).

  119. I’m less interested in learning who is behind the documentary than learning why they are showing us the documentary crew at this point in the show. Pam has had other emotional moments, like when she realized she was never going to have a house with a terrace, but the documentary crew never intervened. (Or at least they never showed the crew intervening.) Hopefully they have an interesting explanation for why we’re seeing the crew now.

    Also, Jenna Fischer was fantastic in that last scene.

  120. The fight at the end was perfectly done. Jenna Fischer nailed it with her reaction at the end.

  121. The best review that I’ve seen of Customer Loyalty was on the filtered lens website. I have no vested interest in the site, but I thought that the reviewer had unusual and accurate insights about why those final moments can be a game changer.

    I’d add that if the documentary crew realizes that they have lost objectivity, and therefore any recordings from this point forward might not be as credible, it would be a strong reason to decide to stop filming at this point. To wrap things up.

  122. @ 124! That would be an awesome ending to the show. Great idea, I would love to see something like that. I hope that’s what happens.

  123. #124 MuckMallard I just had to tell you that your ending brought me to tears just reading it! I think that would be a wonderful idea!

  124. I visited the set this season and watched one of the episodes int he editing bay. When I finished, Paul Lieberstein asked what I thought and I told him that the show has been missing Pam and Jim acting like Pam and Jim. He said, “Trust me, you’re going to see that really soon.” Holy crap, he was right! First this horrible fight and now a possible emotional affair with Brian. This is going to get good. What a treat in the last season!

  125. @Roy’s Mugshot, I absolutely agree, 100%! In fact, when Pam asked “Brian, what am I doing wrong?”, I immediately assumed she asked him that because he was someone Jim would confide in as well, that he was close to Jim. I agree with whoever said that they think the documentary crew will become increasingly involved in Jim and Pam’s marital problems until they eventually decide to show them the documentary so that they can relive their relationship. At least, I’m really hoping so! I found last night’s episode absolutely devastating. I felt like I was the one who had the fight all day today!

  126. I didn’t get to see it last night, but with all the hype surrounding it on Facebook and Twitter I couldn’t wait to watch this morning. I have to say I was little underwhelmed. It was a solid episode. But there was nothing that really threw me off guard. Jam fighting was kind of weird, but they are married so it’s not a stretch for something like that to happen. And didn’t we already know we were eventually going to see the camera crew at some point?

    Seeing Meredith in the blonde wig was great though.

  127. If the writers had real courage, they would let Pam have an “adventure” with Brian. They probably won’t, out of fear of fan reaction.

  128. I am really loving the JAM stuff this season. It is perfect and I think they are handling it perfectly. I feel like my life has tracked along with theirs almost exactly (married a guy from work, got pregnant the same time as Pam, etc) and I have literally had the same arguments with my husband. I have no fear that Pam and Jim will break up but this will probably be a stage of their life that they look back on and say, “man. that was hard.” And when Pam was on the phone at the end and she didn’t cry, she just said, “Yep. Okay.” at first I was thinking, “I would totally be balling” and then I realized she was probably trying to hold it together b/c the crew was there. Nice touch.

    Also, during the whole Lice episode, I would not have held it together like she did. Jim has no idea what she is dealing with. For reals.

    My one dream for this season would be that we could see Holly & Michael’s wedding. I wish everyone would fly out to Colorado for that one.

  129. outstanding performance, jenna fischer!!! i cried with pam… so human! i want dwight to throw pepper spray in jim’s eyes for being so rude to her hehe. that look she gave to the camera broke my heart. i don’t like the idea of jim bringing up the new york thing… what’s the point? to show her that he would be more successful without her? i don’t know, but him saying that means that he’s sorry for making that choice.

  130. All this time I thought Pam was gonna say, you picked me over New York now you are picking Philly over me.
    Jim bringing up New York would be so sad to hear on screen. I’m scared….lol Yet….intrigued.

  131. Incredible acting by Jenna. What made this so great? The emotion. Michael took it with him when he left season 7, season 8 had none which made it so bad.. the stakes have finally been raised for Jim and Pam, and we saw it. Incredible emotion that had me clutching at my chest. The doc crew reveal was inevitable, but I almost wish they would have cut the scene when Pam desperately looks up at the camera. The reveal took me out of the moment a bit.

    Also, does anyone else think this would be the perfect time for a call to/from Michael? He would know what to say to Pam.

  132. I haven’t seen anything here yet about Oscar. Oscar’s fall from his facade of always being perched upon the moral high ground has really warped his personality. Or maybe we’re seeing the real Oscar: an insecure human being. The more I think of Toby’s lines to Nellie last night, the more I laugh and cringe. “Lady, you never stop surprising me.” And that look on his face. Icky, ha ha ha! It was as if he was reciting a line from one of the cheap crime novels he’s written/working on. Nellie’s becoming more and more likable. I wish the writers would’ve brought out this side of her sooner. So it seems that we’re starting to see the characters more as they are everyday, their deeper selves (sans Kev and Meredith who’ve become caricatures!). For example: Jim isn’t all charm; Pam isn’t ever-cheery; Oscar is not what he’d always seemed to be; Andy has gone back to being who he was when we first met him at Stamford; and Dwight is more sensitive and sentimental than previously thought. Really shaping up to be a dramatic and thought provoking ending.

  133. I’m gonna chime in here to defend Jim. The guy had possibly the worst day since he started at Athlead and was literally looking forward to one thing to brighten his mood, and she flubbed up that one thing like he was afraid of. No, that in and of itself doesn’t justify anything, but the way she just glossed over it to try and get her “Beesly” was what infuriated him; she didn’t think it was a big deal and it clearly was to him. To me, the most heartbreaking part was her dismissal at the end as she relegated herself to simply saying, “Yup,” over and over, even as he tried to end as positively as possible by saying they’d talk tomorrow. Maybe cos that one hit too close to home.

  134. For everyone bringing up the New York thing… can we remember that Jim picked Pam over New York, but Pam ALSO picked Jim over New York when she went to Pratt. They’ve both made their share of sacrifices.

  135. Which shows you at the end of the day, Pam is the one that is content with Jim and Jim isn’t content with his life, he needed a change.

  136. That scene with Dwight and and Clark made me wonder– did Sabre take all their printers when the company folded?

    [from tanster: the sight (and sound) of that dot matrix printer was one of my favorite moments last night!]

  137. Great cold open and Jim’s S1-S5 hair (remember Kelly calling him a “floppy haired girl”?). Clark’s look into the camera while Dwight waited for the matrix print-out was downright awesome. I hope we keep seeing Meredith in a new wig every week ! Toby definitely creepy. Am becoming more convinced that Nellie is Erin’s mom. Stellar performance by John & Jenna fighting. The guys working with Jim seem irritated at him for not being prepared at their meeting and him on the phone talking with Pam. Makes me wonder if tensions increase, they might just let him go, or Jim might realize the toll the Philly job is taking and leave on his own. As for the camera crew reveal, I think it was very well handled and was actually so emotionally involved with Pam and Jim’s fight, I completely forgot that this episode would begin to introduce us to the crew. It caught me off guard and in a good way. Nicely done.
    @81-How was the magic ruined ? We haven’t seen the crew for 8 1/2 seasons.
    @134-Great catch that the crew was filming Pam on the phone, not the recital.

    It feels like the entire season is the final episode.

  138. When you guys say the “New York thing” are you talking about when Pam went to art school? What about it? Why is it important?

  139. @162 – When Jim decided against taking the NYC corporate job to start dating Pam (which was soon after Pam’s outpouring in “Beach Games”). It wasn’t certain that he had been hired, but he at least removed himself from the candidate list.

  140. so when Pete and Erin created the Facebook page for DM it got a “real like,” someone who also liked Georgia Pacific and Hammermill….

    could that have been Michael Scott using a pseudonym? Wishful thinking on my part.

  141. I’ve always found Toby funny but he’s really thrived in his expanded role this season. He just makes you squirm. I’m sure everyone knows a Toby in their life.

  142. I thought last night’s episode was very good. Being a computer nerd, web developer and IT geek as I am it was funny as hades to learn that the computers in the Annex still run on Windows 95 and use dot matrix printers! That’s also being faithful to continuity because we’ve all heard that dot matrix printer from as far back as episode 1. I don’t think any of us really know how the series is going to end, but we all have our hopes and dreams of how we would LIKE it to end and nobody’s theories are any less valid or unworthy to consider than anyone else’s. A good percentage of fans feel that Jim is involved somehow with the documentary crew, and with this I concur. But Brian … Brian, Brian, Brian … there’s something more there. Jenna was on pins and needles about how the episode would be taken, and that may be something else we need to add to the mix in trying to guess what is going on.

  143. I really liked seeing something happening with JAM for a change. But maybe Pam was overreacting, this stuff goes on in relationships and she was almost like it’s their first ever real argument. Who is “Brian”, the mindblowing mastermind behind the camera? And will Pam fall into his arms? (Answer: no).

    I’m liking the style of various things going on again in the office rather than A/B plot. I felt sorry for Dwight. The Toby thing is just getting weird. I like Nellie being toned down and talking less this season.

    Erin and Pete? I think I have a good idea now how this will all pan out. My preference is for a happy ending with Andy and Erin which would tie up both their stories nicely. I think I would find it hard to rewatch the last 4 seasons again knowing all the contrivances and hoops they put them through go nowhere and Andy just turns into a jerk. I miss the old Andy and Erin.

    I enjoyed it. I hope they can keep it at least this good for the remainder.

  144. I don’t understand the sympathy for the Jim character.

    Sure he was upset that his new business adventure wasn’t going well.

    But what about what he did to Dwight’s new business, in The Garden party, making him look foolish just so he could prank him.

    I love Dwight, Andy, Meredith, Kevin and Oscar and Creed and even Toby.

    For myself Jim has always been a bully.

  145. I really enjoyed this episode with its focus on different kinds of loyalty. So very much has been said about JAM that I don’t feel the need to add my tuppeneth!

    I really enjoyed Clark and the ancient printer. It was a simple joke that made me laugh so much. What is going on with Angela, Oscar and the Senator? It has been weeks now without any kind of comment. Are we to assume that Angela and the Senator are still together? I hope for an update soon! The Andy/Erin/Pete story is being nicely set up for Andy’s return in a few weeks. The demonising of Andy really bothers me though. If you re-watch seasons 6-8 Andy is so sweetly smitten with Erin. The re-casting him as an uncaring “Roy” type pains me greatly. Ho hum.

  146. I don’t think Pam is overreacting. You have to understand that this isn’t how Jim typically is… He usually bends over for Pam and now he’s trying to be more independent. Getting his own job, staying in Philly more, and Pam had great news but she was blasted so much that she couldn’t even tell him. Seems reasonable to cry at that point.

  147. Re: the JAM argument: I think I would’ve told him “You know the best way to make sure you see your little girl’s recital? BE there.” (Asshole) … And maybe “Oh, and it’d be cool if you could be here for lavish productions of “washing everything in the house for lice” too…”

  148. I don’t think Pam is overreacting either. Sure, they’ve fought before. But this time, they are hours away from each other and Jim is obviously too busy to resolve it right away. This is not a typical argument.

  149. I don’t know if this has been posted before, or if it’s been shown in a previous episode and I just didn’t see it. Did anyone notice when they showed Pam painting the mural that she had a picture of everyone making the card tower hanging? Is that what the mural is going to be of?

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