1. I love when Office cast members are on Conan since Conan himself is a huge fan

  2. Steve = lovee. Thanks for the clips, I can’t wait to see him on late night, or Jkras on the Today show.
    PS: who is Regis’ son-in-law? Am I missing something?

  3. What is with John Krasinski’s style lately?? He keeps wearing those gross cardigans buttoned up over a t-shirt. He wore practically the same thing to the MTV Movie Awards that he wore on the Today show.

  4. you are amazing…thank you so much! i had the night shift at the hospital and forgot to set my tivo. thank you!

  5. Another cardigan vest! At first I didn’t care for it, but at least he pulls himself together and dresses appropriately. Oh who am I kidding — that man can wear anything (or preferably nothing!) — I’d climb him like a tree.

  6. Question – why at the beginning were they very demure and Steve said “ya, tough day” or something like that…. has something happened?

  7. What’s up with those ladies standing behind John & Mandy? One looks like a body builder and the other looks like she can’t stop giggling. I think I’d probably be back there scoping out John.

  8. Maybe John’s latest dress sense is a hint that Jim and Pam will wear matching cardigans to work next season :)

  9. 13: Kristin-Claudia Cohen (their entertainment reporter) just died and during the opening they talked about her and showed a kind of memorial to her. It made it a little awkward to transfer to funny stuff right away.

  10. I just wanted to say thanks to ddker and tanster and anyone who uploads these clips, it’s so nice to come to office tally and be able to watch them all. Can you imagine the amount of interviews Steve has to do and how many of the same questions he has to answer? Good thing he’s so brilliant and interesting to watch. Can’t wait for Conan tonight!

  11. #12 Kristen —

    I caught the beginning of Regis and Kelly this morning, and what Steve said was in reference to their long-time entertainment correspondent, Claudia Cohen, passing away from a six-year battle with cancer. Her funeral was yesterday, and the majority of the beginning of the program was the duo talking about the memorial and Regis’s speech at it.

    If you’re not sure who Claudia Cohen is, she’s the lady who always covered the Oscars and did movie reviews for Live with Regis and Kelly.

  12. Can’t wait for Steve on Conan – it’s ALWAYS hilarious every time he’s on there. :D

  13. Sorry for the multiple posts, but just watched the Today Show clip…

    I don’t know what fans are thinking, but the only word that pops into my mind about JKras and his outfit is dapper…

  14. John is seriously tall. That last shot of him made me crack up…he’s like towering over that crowd. And Steve was adorable as always on R&K. He’s such a sweet, humble man.

  15. I agree about John. I know both him and Mandy are tall and both towered in comparison to Meredith and Matt, but that pull away shot looked like John was a giant. LOL.

  16. Steve is wearing the same suit from his Regis & Kelly appearance. Anyone notice this?

  17. Yah I noticed that as well, he wears basically the same suit in the interviews Ive seen him in.

  18. He’s probably wearing the same suit because both interviews were shot on the same day.

  19. LOVE. STEVE. Epsecially when he’s with Conan because they’re both hilarious, and they just feed off of each other’s “funny juices.” ha ha.

  20. John seems to love that cardigan. He wears it all the time. But that’s ok, he looks great in it.

  21. Steves interviews with Conan are always the funniest, and this one was no different :)

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