1. ummm that was the best piece of television i have seen this summer. i love john krasinski

  2. Why am I so obsessed – its sick actually – I am married to a wonderful (very handsome man) and I have a huge celebrity crush – YIKES!!

  3. What a charming fellow. So dapper. (Wow…I just aged, like, 50 years with that language). Heheh.

    Thanks, Tanster, for giving me something to do at work.

  4. i think i finally saw mindy kaling in this movie- in the hbo behind the scenes, she’s the wife of john’s friend joel, right?

  5. I always enjoy the interviews with members of The Office cast. For some reason in the IESB interview I was reminded of how young a guy John K. really is. He deserves every bit of his success, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him grow as an actor–he strikes me as a Tom Hanks type who will be able to do both great comedy and drama. John also seems to have that down-to-earth quality that you don’t see too often in Hollywood (actually, all The Office actors seem to possess that demeanor).

    And thanks to Tanster for giving us fun stuff to look forward to over the summer!!

  6. “Dear Jesus! Potato skins down!” I love Brian Baumgartner so much. I cannot wait until this comes out.

  7. I’m sorry, but I’m going to say this every day until some day it might come true…I’d climb him like a tree!


    And yeah, I’m happily married with kids. And yes, my list is the same as Phyllis’s.

  8. Omg thank you tanster for posting these!…Seriously, I can’t wait for this movie! I’m completely in love with John its not even funny lol

  9. its funny how he looks so much better in a different role. I never understood why so many people would swoon over him when watching The Office, but seeing him in something else….i’m starting to see the light lol

  10. I agree with Heath. I am a newly married woman to a handsome and wonderful man, yet I always find myself swooning at anything and everything John Krasinski.

  11. nv – you are right that is Mindy Kaling!! Finally some proof that she is in the movie :)

  12. brad and angelina are my favorite and when john was talking about them adopting him i laughed so hard, not cause it was funny, just because that’s all my favorite people -minus steve carell- in one boat. man. god stuff.

    “actually, i just bet myself in poker, and he won, so…”

  13. The way Mindy delivered her lines was absolutely hilarious.

    And John was nice to look at.

  14. Thanks for posting the making of License to Wed Tanster. I don’t have HBO, so I wouldn’t get to see it otherwise.
    I have the biggest crush on John Krasinski, and I can’t wait until this movie comes out!

  15. Can I get a ‘whoop whoop’ for JKras? I mean, c’mon.. how much more AWESOME can he get?

  16. at first i was like, yay!! more JKras goodness! then i was like, boo.. now i know how the movie ends.. oh well, i’m still watching. and i think i really need to, what with all my crazy friends getting married this year. they’re insane.

  17. The HBO behind the scenes was awesome. Now i am beyond a doubt that even if the movie gets terrible reviews (which i doubt they will be that bad) I am going. John Krasinski is just to freaking adorable in every shot that is seen. Seriously. SO adorable.

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