TV Guide’s Dream Emmy Ballot

TV Guide’s 5th Annual Dream Emmy Ballot is the TVG staff’s Emmy wish list. Since I’m a TVG magazine subscriber, I got my issue ahead of the official announcement (which I think is Thursday).

The Office received two nods:

  • Lead Comedy Actor: Steve Carell (“the height of arrogance … undeniably brilliant”)
  • Supporting Comedy Actor: John Krasinski (“The Office’s secret weapon”)

Yay Steve and John!

But, uh, where is our nomination for Best Comedy?! The nominees that were chosen: Arrested Development, Entourage, Everybody Hates Chris, My Name is Earl, and Scrubs.

We was robbed!

Okay. Must. Calm. Down. This isn’t real, after all!


Okay, in the online version of the dream ballot, Michael Ausiello says:

… the arrivals of Earl and Chris (not to mention the emergence of The Office, which would have been our sixth nominee) boded uproariously well for the future of the genre.

I feel a little better now.

You can view the full dream ballot here.


  1. I feel horrible that The Office wasn’t nominated for Best Comedy. I haven’t seen Entourage and I’ve only heard good things about Arrested Development and Scrubs so no problem there. I also haven’t seen Everybody Hates Chris, but I have seen My Name is Earl. The show is funny (Earl) but I think The Office is by far better. It definitely should have been nominated.

    About Steve and John’s nomination, I am so happy! Plain White Jim has a point though. Rainn and Jenna would have been great nominations, but any actor on The Office would have been great. Everyone on the show is awesome. I think the reason John got the nomination was because of the season finale; you saw both his comedic side and dramatic side, but the same could be said for Jenna, so you can’t really win in this argument. I’m still happy though ^_^

  2. yay john!! he deserves it! that damn tear still rips my heart out. now if only he can get the real nom too, that would be awesome!

  3. I’ve never seen Entourage or Scrubs, but everything I’ve heard suggests that they are quite good. I only saw the first season of Arrested Development, and that was on DVD, but I loved it. My Name Is Earl is worthy, and Everybody Hates Chris is the ultimate dark horse and the most surprisingly great comedy out there. So I can’t say I’m too distraught about the best comedy non-nomination. My guess is that AD is the sentimental last-season favorite.

    I’ve commented before on my opinions of John and Steve vs. Rainn and Jenna. Steve would be the only one getting consideration for lead, so I’m glad that he’s “nominated.” I don’t care too much for the other omissions and maintain my selfish notion that if Jenna and/or Rainn are not nominated, John should not be either.

  4. PWJ, I totally agree that if JK is nominated, so should RW and JF.

    That is why The Office must get a Best Comedy nom (the real one, that is) — that is the one award that celebrates the entire cast. There is no ensemble stronger than The Office’s!

  5. Scrubs used to be a great show but this season it was actually embarrassing to watch. The other 4 shows I agree with, but take out Scrubs and put in The Office!

  6. I cannot (and will not) take any ballot – dream or otherwise – seriously when it has omitted Jenna Fischer. This is a serious, catastrophic offense; it’s [jim]UNforgivable[/jim].

    There is no John Krasinski without Jenna Fischer, and I stand by that. How can you imagine a Jim/Pam dynamic without the AMAZING Pam? Casino Night would not have BEEN without her breathtaking performance, and the show’s humor and sensitivity would be incomplete without her deadpan reactions.

  7. I’ve seen all of the shows in the best comedy section except for Arrested Development.

    I can defintely say that Office is so much better than Scrup this season and better than Everybody Hates Chris.

    I assume that some critics or joutnalists out there still think that Office is just a remake of British show. I also thought like that before I started to watch second season. I think it might take a little while to get rid of this sort of prejudice.

    I am so disappointed that Pam wasn’t nominated for the supporting actress.

  8. Entourage is not funny…it’s entertaining i guess, but i’ve never laughed out loud at anything on the show. Plus, most of the main characters-with the exception of Jeremy Piven-have any natural talent for comedy. It’s the most overrated show on HBO, if not TV in general. Then again, I’m a girl and a lot of guys i know really like it, so maybe i just don’t get it. All the other noms I agree with…

  9. According to various ebay offerings — and if you can’t trust ebay, who can you trust? :) — the two episodes sent to Emmy voters “for their consideration” were Christmas Party and Booze Cruise. So our favorite 27 seconds of TV history is officially out there in voters hands!

  10. Nice scoop, Lion — those are definitely two of the best episodes!

    Thanks! :)

    Update: Okay, I had to go looking for myself. Here is one of the links that Lion speaks of.

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