Update from ‘Watch with Kristin’

E! Online’s ‘Watch with Kristin’ has posted both an article and a video —

The article includes some thoughts from Executive Producer Greg Daniels about The Office fandom:

We asked show runner Greg Daniels if he keeps up with the boards, and he said, “It influences our storylines a little bit, in that I love how passionate they are …”

The video is a collection of Kristin’s best set visits. There are clips of her Office set visit at both the beginning and end of the video.

Link: Bite-Size Morsels of Grey’s, Heroes, The Office, Smallville and More!


  1. LOL She got a nose bleed. I didn’t even notice she was in that Heroes episode. Wow.

  2. I love Kristin. She’s always supported the show with sincerity and it really comes through in her pieces on the show.

  3. In the interview, Greg brings up a great point about Steve Carell. He really is the heart of the show! JAM certainly is delicious, but the kind of challenge that Steve Carell has to perform every week to BE Michael Scott (from what I can tell from interviews and what others say about him, the character he plays is the furthest thing from who Steve Carell actually is) is quite something to behold, and he deserves more credit than we JAM-hungry fans often give.

    Of course, its so difficult to give credit where credit is due when the best cast ever.

    I’ve been a huge Carell fan since he was on the Daily Show. He’s the whole reason I ever started watching The Office in the first place.

  4. Greg Daniels is spot on. Steve Carell is the central figure in the show. While I too am a fan of office romances, the comedy and originality of The Office is what keeps me around. Steve is often overlooked because of JAM and Dwight’s eccentric behavior, but he consistently delivers the best lines and is the most talented actor on the program.

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