NBC All-Star Live Blog tonight

Office photos from tonight’s event

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NBC is hosting its first annual All-Star Live Blog tonight at 6pm PT. Cast members from The Office are expected to stop by.

And I’ve been told: “If we fill it with Office questions, then I expect more of them will want to join in on the fun!”

This is a call to action, Tallyheads — submit those questions!

Link: NBC All-Star Live Blog


  1. Wohoo! So far, all but one of the questions are for The Office. Office fans are AWE-SOME!

  2. Very cool! Naturally I can’t think of a good question. But good for those who can. =)

  3. I was laughing out loud looking at the comments. They’re almost all Office questions! Never question the dedication of Office fanatics. :) I almost feel bad for the other shows. Almost. :)

  4. love it, left my comment…I can’t wait to see who shows up. I love it, 90% Office comments. awesome.

  5. Can someone help me out – one of the questions posted references Jim’s sister. When was she mentioned in the show?

    Is it wrong that as I was reading the questions, I got to one for the cast of Las Vegas and was like, “Wait, why are you posting a question for them on an Office blog?”

  6. Oh my god! I hope the people running the blog actually have people from the Office to answer the questions, because there are like 3 for the other shows (I counted 2 or 3 FNL and 1 for Las Vegas).

    I love our fandom. (c:

    (Oh, and I love the creative user names over there!)

  7. LEW, yeah I noticed that someone mentioned his sister too and I was confused. I don’t remember them ever saying anything about any of Jim or Pam’s siblings.

  8. This is so cool! I hope lots of them actually get answered by our Office folk.
    (Nice q’s, CrazyGringa and Kath!)

  9. Yay! Everyone loves the Office. I do feel kind of sorry for the people from the other shows though…oh well, the Office rocks!

  10. Finally thought of a question!

    How hilarious that it’s mostly Office fans asking them. I hope someone actually comes by to answer some of them. =P

  11. I left my question, albeit under another alias. I’m loving all the Office representation too. That’s so awesome. Hopefully we here in Canada will be able to observe the live blog as it happens.

  12. I love how fans of The Office are actually obsessed with it! I was the same with the british one originally and now its like a second coming!

  13. LEW and CrazyGinga, the question might be referring to “Larissa Halpert” which Jim mentioned in S2. It was never revealed what relation she was but most assumed it was Jim’s sister or mom.

  14. sorano916- ah, ok. I guess I always assumed that was his mom. I must have misread the question posted because I thought it asked about his mom and sister hence causing my confusion.

  15. I kind of feel sorry for all of the other shows/actors who are going to get on there expecting to see some questions about them and their shows… and then they see that for every one question about them, there are 20 for The Office. Well, I guess we’re sending NBC a message loud and clear – WE WANT MORE OFFICE!! ha ha. Can’t wait to see who replies!

  16. hahaha, love the amount of office q’s, thought one up just to add to the number.

    p.s. we really do need to hear from Kevin’s fiance.

  17. Yay, got my question in! I would pay to see the looks on all the NBC peoples faces when they find the majority of the question are from us Dunder-Mifflinites! That is so awesome! Raise the roof!

  18. This might be a really dumb question . . . but is this “Live Blog” something that we will be able to see as it’s happening, simply by going to NBC.com? I don’t want to miss it! Thanks.

  19. Wow I just went over there and there are so many Office questions. I need to find a new question to ask because all of you asked so many of the ones I had! Sounds like fun though!

  20. I just added a couple questions from our dear friend Karen Fillipelli (pg. 16 i think).

  21. I’m really excited for their responses. I wonder why no one else from other fandoms have asked many questions. We speak volumes people! Go Office Fans!

  22. The Live Blog is starting and Oscar and Leslie (Stanley) are making their way down the red carpet and hopefully to chat!

  23. Just looking at the early pictures posted…the weather looks absolutely perfect! Soooo jealous…

  24. Over at the blog, there is a red carpet picture posted and I believe we have our first Office sightings here.

  25. Shawn Kat, there were plenty of questions asked. It’s just that there were really no answers by anyone. (Although one guy from Heroes answered some questions for Heroes fans.) Brian Baumgartner did sit down and type this apparently “Yo peeps. What up? I am here at the Beverly Hilton celebrating what I hope is another great year for nbc and The Office. Be good. Keep watching. Talk to you all soon.” And they have a picture up of him typing it out.

  26. Yeah, I think that was a bit misleading. NBC is all about the misleading. We actually thought we were going to get our questions answered. I feel so duped.

  27. I asked about the convention in October. Kate & Oscar both mentioned something about it. So I’ll take that as a plus.

  28. I was disappointed, too, to see that very few of our questions were answered. But, even the woman doing the blogging admitted/apologized at the end for not getting more substantive responses. Honestly, they did tell us up front that this was the first time they were going to do this and they also didn’t promise that anyone specific would participate. Personally, I don’t think they were being knowingly misleading, like they are for example in their carefully crafted episode promos. Rather, in this case I think they were just a bit too optimistic about their potential to get cast members to sit down and really pay attention to the blogging. It seems like the event was a bit of circus and all anyone had the ablity to do in that environment was stop for a moment to say hello.

    Those of us who posted questions did not waste our time, however! We seriously represented, and I’m so glad. I don’t think NBC needed another opportunity to see how dedicated Office fandom can be, but I’m sure this news will get back to the writers, producers, cast, and crew of the show and I’m sure they will appreciate our continued support.

  29. So I waited all day to have my questions answered, and hardly anything was said at all. What a bust…

  30. NBC feels ya, peeps. Just got an email from them that says “We’ve kept everyone’s questions so we can use them for upcoming interviews we’re hoping to do closer to Fall Premiere week. So it wasn’t all in vain!”

  31. That would be fantastic of NBC, as there were many great questions I’d love to see answered!

    So Tanster, are you going to be up at 5:40 a.m. tomorrow to get the Emmy low-down? ;)

  32. Tanster, I figured it was “a given” – I wonder if you ever sleep? :) But we so appreciate all you do!

  33. Creed answered my question!

    Creed is here now too!
    Creed responds to Jon’s question about 1-hour episodes, with help from his castmates.

    “we already shoot an hour as it is. when all is said and done with commercials the show is 20 minutes so we have plenty of material each week for an hour.”

    He also says to keep reading his weekly blog, it’ll have updates all summer long!
    (photo to come)

  34. I had to laugh when I saw the pictures and the first one of Kate was from behind.

  35. I can’t find my question in the comments anymore but I asked if the cast was excited about possibly becoming the first hour long sitcom or if they were worried it would interfere with other projects.

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