Vote for The Office in the People’s Choice Awards!

UPDATE: voting ends today, December 8, 11:59PM EST!

peoples-choiceVote for The Office in the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2010. You can vote as often as you like, so LET’S GET THESE AWARDS! The show airs January 6th, 2010.

Please vote in the following categories:

  • Favorite TV Comedy: The Office
  • Favorite TV Comedy Actor: Steve Carell

Link: Vote here (remember you can vote multiple times!)

P.S. Thanks to everyone who voted in the nominating round — let’s keep it going!

Yes, I know I’m a dork for posting this, but here is the most efficient way to vote:

FirefoxScreenSnapz004STEP 1:

FirefoxScreenSnapz005STEP 2:

FirefoxScreenSnapz006STEP 3:

FirefoxScreenSnapz007STEP 4:

Repeat steps 1-4 over and over again! I’ve actually entered a trance-like rhythm doing this. (That’s what she said.)

One more tip: before you start, scroll down the page until all four clickable pieces are on your screen. That way you won’t have to scroll up and down.


  1. You better believe I’ll be voting like it’s my second job! If only I could get paid for it … hehe. We can do this!

  2. Noooooooooooooo!!! I voted like crazy for Miss Jenna. What happened?!? *sobs*

    [from tanster: i know. it sucks. :( ]

  3. Woah 30 Rock wasn’t nominated! Now we really better win!

    [from tanster: i noticed that, too. let’s TAKE THIS ONE!]

  4. The fact that we can vote as many times as we want is kind of a test of the show’s obsessive fanship. And, as we all prove daily, no one knows how to obsess like an Office fan.

    Obsess away, people! We can do this!

    [from tanster: nicely said. LET’S DO THIS!]

  5. I’m glad 30 Rock didn’t get in but I think HIMYM and TBBT will give it a run for its money. And looking at the females in comedy, Jenna totally should have been there. Eva? Please. Even America is meh. Last season’s UB wasn’t great at all. I do think Amy, Aly and Tina are well deserved of it though.

  6. Hooray for 30 Rock not being in the Best Comedy category! We may even win this time!

    I am disappointed that John and Jenna didn’t get nominated. I hate seeing them being left out!

    Oh, and vote for “The Hangover” as Best Comedy Movie!!

  7. I voted for Jenna (and John) like mad… so sad they didn’t make it. Oh well, they won in my heart. That matters, right??

  8. Come on guys!!!! Let’s rally behind Steve, he was robbed of his Emmy, he should at least win this award.

  9. I’m actually disappointed 30 Rock isn’t nominated. It is clearly a better show than Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives and definitely better than Two and a Half Men! The Office deserves this one. The other shows are so unfunny.

  10. Voted! All I can say is thank goodness Twilight isn’t in any of the same categories as The Office. Those Twi-Hards give new meaning to the word obsessive!

  11. The Hangover is also nominated for best movie. If we all work together we can cause a big “upset” at people’s choice awards by voting for The Hangover in best movie category. Are you with me?

  12. I spent part of my lunch hour voting repeatedly for “The Office” and Steve Carell. Maybe that could be an idea for a future episode… ;)

    [from tanster: awesome! thanks for helping! :) ]

  13. I voted for The Hangover…Go Ed Helms! B.J Novak is in Inglourious Basterds, let’s show him some love too!

  14. This is awesome. Remember, though, this ain’t the Emmys, it’s the People’s Choice. So frankly, it is our duty to take over the voting and show them what the best show is. Let’s do this!!

    [from tanster: that is exactly right, abbey. we can make this happen! keep voting!]

  15. Repeatedly clicking on The Office and Steve’s face makes for a surprisingly therapeutic study break.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  16. Voted! And yes people, vote for The Hangover and Inglourious Basterds in their respected categories. We want an Office sweep!

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