Welcome back, The Office cast and staff!

As NBC.com reports, The Office cast and staff return to work today to film the remainder of Season 6.

Welcome back, everybody!

UPDATE: NBC.com confirms that the episode being filmed this week will air on February 4th, is written by Jen Celotta, and marks John Krasinski’s directorial debut on ‘The Office’!


  1. Wonder how many people, like myself, are at this moment changing their Facebook status, MySpace status, Twitter, etc. to “rather be going back to work at Dunder-Mifflin” :P

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  2. Yay. Back to work for everyone (so long holiday break) Welcome back Everyone :)

  3. So that means John’s directing this week, right? I’m pretty sure he said he would be doing the first episode back. So exciting!

  4. So John’s directing? THAT’S FANTASTIC! I was just wondering this morning if he’d ever get the chance to do so considering what he does outside of The Office. I was greatly impressed with Steve’s directorial debut on the show last season and I expect nothing less from John! And Jen Celotta in the writer’s chair makes me even more excited!

    And we have exactly a month to wait. It’ll feel like forever but the payoff will be so sweet!

  5. AWESOME. John K. is great (an opinion which I’m sure many here share). I got “Away We Go” for Christmas and can’t wait to watch it. I am definitely excited to see his directorial debut.

  6. It’s about time. They’ve been talking about having Krasinski direct an episode someday. Finally.

  7. How exciting! I wonder how John’s first day as director went. Something tells me there was a lot of good-natured teasing going on. ;) I cannot wait to see this episode!

  8. Very exciting! Could JKras be directing the birth episode? My guess is the birth will be 2/11, but one can dream!

  9. I’m so excited John is directing the latest episode. I hope his first day went well. And I agree with Kenna (#11), that there must have been a lost of friendly teasing! I can’t wait to see the final product. Does anyone know how long (over average) it takes to film and finish the final product of an episode. For example if they’re filming for say all of this week, then there will be two weeks to edit and finalize the episode. Just curious. Happy New Year everybody!

  10. I agree #14… wouldn’t it be cool for John to direct the epi that his character becomes a father? The birth of a baby, and the introduction (or birth) of John’s directorial debut on The Office.

  11. Steve did a great job last year. I hope John does as well as Steve, that will be hard though. TWSS.

  12. I am very excited to see John direct an episode! I would like to see him write an episode. Every time I see him in an interview, he’s hilarious without even trying.

    #9- Away We Go is incredible. I absolutely loved it!

  13. Here’s to the rest of Season 6….and MANY more? Actually, does anyone know how many seasons they are planning on?

  14. So excited that John Krasinski is directing. Maybe he’ll even write one someday. :) I’m dying for Steve Carell to write another one.

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