Welcome back, The Office staff!

The Office cast, writers, and crew return to set today to start filming Season 8.

Welcome back!

Here’s a photo from last week.

The Office’s Craig Robinson posted this photo last week with the caption “1st table read Season 8!”


  1. I’m trying to figure out who everyone is… is that Rainn in the left hand side? Paul, Ed, Brian, ? in hat (John?), Zach, BJ, and Mindy (!!) That is exciting. :o)

  2. That looks like James Spader in the orange-ish shirt and glasses sitting in the back, away from the table.

  3. @Bad Idea Jeans
    sounds about right lol
    wonder who’s between Rainn and Paul though, maybe Jenna

  4. I think you nailed all of the pictures. It looks like they are having a great time. I am positive that the person between Rainn and Paul is James Spader; he almost always wears some type of Fedora and a jacket. Glad they are back at work and it won’t be long until the season begins.

  5. Mindy brings a little class to the obviously boisterous frat table reading environment.

  6. IS that Rainn on the left? It sort of looks like David Denman! Could it be possible?

  7. Looks like everyone is having a good time! I see that Zach Woods is in the room, so Gabe possibly returned from Florida. And everyone looks so happy! I am positive this will be a great year!

  8. Hey!
    with Gabe still on the show (but was moved to florida)
    and spader on the show full time (but also in corporate)
    Maybe they will show the corporate office sometimes!

  9. Love them! Oh to be a fly on the wall in that room. Hand over the mouth, one of John’s signature moves. Love it.

    Pretty sure that’s Spader in the back in orange. Jenna is probably on the far right out of sight.

    Let the countdown begin.

  10. First thoughts:
    *If that’s Dwight, he sure as hell LOOKS like David Denham now.
    *2nd view makes it much clearer where JohnK is.
    *I think that’s Creed next to Spader.
    *Damn, Gabe’s back. I was hoping he was gone for good.
    *Every pic of anything anywhere should have Mindy in it!

  11. @butters, I don’t THINK it’s Jenna, simply because that person doesn’t look VERY pregnant, as Jenna currently is. :o) Maybe Angela?

  12. Wow, this photo really has me wishing for September and the return of my favorite show! Now that James Spader has joined I will also get to see one of my very favorite actors at the same time…win-win for me.

    Being a long time Spader fan I don’t think the person in orange is James Spader. He does have the right kind of glasses and smile, but the hairline is wrong. Spader’s hair is really receding, plus he tends to keep his hair longer unless he absolutely needs it cut for a role. My guess is Spader is the person in the grey jacket. I have seen pics of him in a jacket that same shade of grey and always wearing a white shirt with it.

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