Welcome home, Jenna!

Jenna Fischer has finally returned home to California after spending nearly three weeks in New York following her accident.

James Gunn, Jenna’s husband, writes in his MySpace blog:

Jenna is much better. There’s marked improvement every few days. She’s walking around fairly normally, and she can get in and out of bed on her own.

In honor of Jenna’s return home, here’s a little extra Rewind this week — a listing of tidbits you may have missed the first time around:

  • The Girl’s Guide to Summer (2003): Jenna Fischer appeared in this video entry for the Instant Films Festival in 2003.
    Video | Behind the scenes
  • Nonhuman Resources (2004, NSFW): Jenna stars as an adorable witch.
  • 10 Things You Don’t Know About Women (2006, NSFW): Jenna penned this article for Esquire magazine, which was then turned into a video starring many of The Office staff.
    Video | Article | Comment by film maker (see comment by Preston)

And a few bits of new news:

  • Cupcake Courier hits the big time! One of Jenna’s favorite products (and created by her cousin-in-law) is featured in the Summer issue of O at Home magazine, pages 11 and 26!
    Magazine scans | Jenna’s original MySpace blog | Cupcakecourier.com
  • Rover Rescue: Jenna’s fans have now donated more than $2,100 in her honor to Rover Rescue. One fan even sponsored a dog (Gretel) as a get well gift!

Welcome home, Jenna! Continued best wishes on a speedy recovery …

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Jenna Fischer Cupcake Courier

Jenna Fischer Cupcake Courier


  1. Welcome home, Jenna! Here’s to your continued recovery.

    I received a Cupcake Courier as a gift not too long ago, and I love it. I’m a cupcake nut, and using just the stacked tiers makes for a funky-looking centerpiece.

  2. I love watching that “10 Things…” heheheheeh

    “Wait, maybe not Lindsey Lohan.” hehehe

  3. woohoo!!! glad to hear jenna’s better.

    i love my cupcake courier- i’ve bought three so far. they’re the best shower gift EVER!

  4. Very glad to hear that Jenna is back home in LA and is getting better! Get well soon, Jenna!

  5. That’s great news that Jenna is making good progress in her recovery.

    That Nonhuman Resources video was really funny. Somehow I missed it the first time around, so thanks for posting the link again.

  6. Jennifer Gunn makes the cupcake thing?

    As in relation to Jenna’s husband, James Gunn?


  7. i’m so happy that jenna is back home and on the mend! that’s so great! i hope she gets feeling better soon!

  8. i’m really glad jenna is getting better. i think she is a beautiful woman and an amazing actress

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