Bid on an Office set visit!

Note: the original listing was removed. Click the link below to go to the new listing.

The winner of this auction item and three guests will be given a V.I.P. tour of NBC’s shooting facility in Los Angeles and join the cast and crew for lunch. In addition, the winner will get to watch scenes being filmed for an actual episode.

Having visited the set myself, I guarantee that this will be one of the most exciting days of your life. :)

The auction ends June 15th.

Link: Bid on Office set visit (relisted)

Tipster: Matt


  1. Ha ha Gregmo… my sentiments exactly. This is one of those times in my life when I wish I had about a thousand dollars to blow.

  2. This is going to go for so much… I know it would be so worth it, though.. *sighs* I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out on this bid.

  3. Sounds intriguing. Could be a good experience, and goes for a good cause. *wheels turning*

  4. If only I had the disposable income of a hellish bed ‘n breakfast co-owner.

  5. I’d be glad to go in with you, Kath, or anyone else. I hear they serve a good lunch.

  6. Wasn’t there something about the Office doing well with the really wealthy? This things going to get pricey! :)

  7. I’m thinking it’s ok to reach my maximum limit on my credit card… You can’t take it with you right?

  8. Would a day on the set be worth cancelling a month-long trip to Europe? hmmmmmm.

  9. Thanks, Tanster. You are on the ball! That was my husband’s first question when I just called him.

  10. 19 …

    It’s redeemable between Aug or Sep 07-Mar08 … if that’s any help. :)

  11. Guys! I just had the most funny-awful visualization … couldn’t you see people vying for this for days, only to be outbid at the last second by someone who doesn’t really care about it that much? What I mean is … I keep picturing that scene from “30 Rock,” when Liz and Floyd get outbid by a sheik for their apt, and he throws off the line, “My son will store his motorcycles in here.” :) Sorry, hope that made *some* sense …

  12. Holy cow! 4 hours and it is already up to $810. Too bad no one would pay me for my cellulite. I really am not ready to part with either of my kidneys just yet.

  13. Wholsies, that totally makes sense! HA! Liz and Floyd. That is awesome!

  14. Who needs food money, gas money, house payment,.etc…I’m thinking not me!!!

  15. If I had ANY money I would bid… but already, that is double the amount of money I am going to make this summer… it would like wipe out my entire savings!

  16. *this gal*, my thoughts exactly! Europe or The Office? Europe or The Office? *whimpers like Kevin*

  17. I have a round the world trip booked, leaving mid June with the first stop the US. Maybe I could cancel the rest and make the last stop the NBC studios…. oh the temptation!

  18. I was thinking a Home Equity Line of Credit – wait, I don’t own a home – SHOOT!

    I told my staff I am going to put a coffee can on my desk for donations and I would be holding a bakesale at my desk selling homemade chocolate chip cookies (they’ll be out of the tube so shhh) for $50.00 a piece AND the free candy in my candy dish ain’t so free anymore (you think $10.00 a piece for a mini Twix bar is too much?)

    A boss has to do what a boss has to do!

  19. its a bit over 1500 now. between 4 office fans. thats about 400 dollars. not bad for a “once in an lifetime opp”.

  20. Me and my friends are gonna try to do this! We got money saved up and we are dead serious about goin!! now i just gotta win the bid somehow.

  21. I’m seriously considering bidding for this..but I’m gonna wait til it gets closer to the end. Eeeeeeek! >.

  22. A “ditto that” goes to karly j

    Let’s do it!

    We need to start an Office Invasion Committee.

    We’ll call this mission Operation That’s What She Said.

    So allow me to quote Jerry McGuirre when I say “Who’s comin with me?!?”

  23. This is just a guess but it could be because someone made an outrageous fake bid.

  24. so confuzzled. it says “This item was previously cancelled by e-bay because it was listed for a charity.” i thought nbc was offering this becuz it was for a charity tho. now its not?

  25. “This is just a guess but it could be because someone made an outrageous fake bid.”

    You mean I wasn’t supposed to do that?

  26. Yeah, the best thing for someone who is really interested in bidding is to find 3 other SERIOUS Office fans to bid with, agree on a maximum bid, and then split the winner bid four ways!

    That way 4 die-hard Office fans would get to go, not just one broke fan dragging along 3 friends who could not care less.

    I’m also confused by that statement at the end of the listing about eBay removing it because it was originally listed as a charity. Maybe to be listed that way the organization has to be a true charity (with permits or whatever) and not just some people who are collecting money for a friend in need. Curious…

  27. Good Point about the “charity”, stapler. I’m gonna GUESS thats why they changed it. I don’t know how i’d feel about someone just wanting $$ to fatten their pockets with. I like to think I’m helping someone.

    OOH..and if you’re looking for anyone to ‘join forces’ with for the auction..I AM UP FOR IT! ;) Are you “stapler” on the NBC MBs? ..if so..PM me so we can discuss it! =)

  28. Not to be incredibly whiny, but: why are the bidders pushing it up now? They’ve got 6 days! And they’re upping it themselves, repetitively! Makes it hard for more broke die-hard fans like myself to keep it as a viable dream. Especially since it’s no longer for a charity …

    OK, that was whiny. Sorry about that. Ah well …

  29. Wholesies I agree with you.

    Oh and guys I would love to join the group for the bid too!!

  30. Isn’t there a considerable chance that this auction is a fake? For auctions such as this, an explanation of the exact prizes and explanation of taxes, exact airfare, etc. are usually added. Am I suspicious? Absolutely. Until NBC confirms this prize, I’m going to take the entire auction with a grain of salt.

  31. Sorry, one more post. The auction’s wording is a bit off. It starts of with “their” production, and then it starts using the phrase “our”, as though NBC is promoting this.

  32. It would be awesome if NBC offered an opportunity like this that was not just based on money…like, if they had an essay contest or something and selected a few winners. It’s really cool that they’re offering a set visit, but it would be too bad if the winner of the auction ends up just being some casual Office fan who happens to have deep pockets.

  33. Tanster, please disregard the previous comment i left, as i have more i’d like to add. THANKS! =)

    Sara, I thought the same thing at first. Tanster has already confirmed w/ NBC that its legit. =)

    As for the taxes, I believe that since this is an auction and your purchasing the set-visit as opposed to ‘winning a contest’ there shouldn’t be any taxes imposed. ..but thats just my opinion.. >.

  34. No worries. I thought the exact same thing y’all did, so I immediately contacted NBC, who confirmed that this auction is legit. :)

  35. Whoops, should have said “repeatedly.” Or maybe I should just avoid confusion and say “over and over again” (that’s what she said) :).

    Yay! thanks for investigating, Tanster! Glad to hear it’s still legit – though I do agree with DMD. Still, it’s a wonderful opportunity!

  36. Hello my fellow DunderMifflinites! =)

    If anyone is seriously interested in bidding for the set visit, please let me know. I got to go to the Paleys earlier this year and that was a GREAT experience. When I saw that Tanster and GMMR got to visit the set, I made it one of my ‘life goals’ =P The opportunity is here and I’d really LOVE to give it shot. =) If anyone is interested in co-bidding with me, please let me know. I’m in northern california, so more than likely I’ll be driving to LA for this. If you’re not from california, I’d be more than happy to pick you up from the airport (you can either fly to NorCal (Oakland)and just go on a roadtrip tp SoCal with me or just fly out to SoCal and we can meet there. This is something I’d really LOVE to do and who better so share the experience with, than my fellow office-obsessors? =P send me an email @ [email protected] and we can devise up a plan. If you haven’t already checked, the auction is up to 1500. Let me know! ;)

  37. K –

    I agree with you. Although this contest is a good way to make a few (ahem…thousand?) bucks (even though, as some people have suggested, this contest doesn’t look completely legit), there should be a creative-type contest that allows winners to at least communicate with the cast – like the Skype calls a while back (without the eBay) – if not go for a set visit. But I think right now The Office is in such hot demand (which is a good thing!) that they’re trying to milk it for all it’s worth … if it were a lesser TV show that wasn’t doing so good in the ratings they might consider a contest for people without ridiculous bank accounts. We’ll keep our fingers crossed though … and good luck to any people here who are going to bid!

  38. WOW – almost $4000!!! I love this show, but I also love having a roof over my head, food on my table and a vehicle to drive.

    All that PLUS airfare from the East Coast and accomodations.

    Oh well – maybe a few of them will show up at the Convention and it will only cost me 2 hours worth of gas to see them :)

    Good Luck to those bidding!

  39. Does anyone know if The Office set is part of the NBC tour? I haven’t gone on the tour in over 10 years and it was only The Tonight Show and Days of Our Lives, so it was quite boring.

  40. Penny Elaine:

    The “Office” set is actually in an office park out in Sherman Oaks (not to be confused with the real office they used in Van Nuys), about 5 miles north. They sometimes use an office roof adjacent to the Universal lot to shoot rooftop scenes, like in “Safety Training.” So nope, not on the tour.

    (Had a friend who went on a business call to the office park and found out all this, I’m not a stalker :) )

  41. Bidding has ended. Winning bid: $11,649.52

    Bidder 12, are you here? :-)

  42. Almost 12 grand… impressive. Man, I wish I had that kind of money to blow. (twss)

  43. Bidder 12 here. Yes, I have more money than sense. Things got a little crazy with the bidding but I was dead set on winning it. You only live once and all know. Anyway I will try to represent for the OT with pride! I told Jennie I’d file a full report with pics after it’s over. So expect that some time this fall.

  44. sigh… I tried bidding… and failed. Bidder 12, if you have any problems getting 3 other guests to go with you, I will gladly chip in for one of those passes. Congratulations!!

  45. Does it show up as ‘relisted’ for anyone? The link took me to the first auction, shown as ended. Also, the seller of the first auction did not show any items for sale.

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